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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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described as an adult male. he was transported to the hospital but later announced dead. the cause is still under investigation. the sheriff's office is asking for witnesses or anyone with information to call them at the number on the screen. >> in tonight's man responsible for the shooting behind bars. had calls for shots fired him brinkley lane about 5:15 last night. police say a perimeter was set up and eventually 20- year-old cesar craig jones was arrested here? booked at the washoe county jail on several charges. luckily no one was injured. >> fortunately, a and to the volatile week on wall street. local experts say they are hearing from a lot of nervous investors. we spoke with a few of those experts today and we are here to share with this on your side report.
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>> i spoke with several experts today and they are all saying the same thing pretty much, and that is now is not the time to panic. amidst the smiles it was a white knuckle day, with the dow jones down 391 points, to. 39 percent closing just above the 16,000 level. cheap oil and china's volatile markets are said to be some of the culprits. some of the experts i spoke with was mike bosworth. he said he had been hearing from investors and advisors, and they are asking him lots of questions. he said unless you need the money right now or in the next five years, you do have time to make up for losses. he tells folks it is probably
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>> bosma says you can expect to see a string of disappointing fourth-quarter earnings reports coming out of the u.s. and he thinks we are going to see more volatility in the short-term. he said if you are really worried about this doc market ups and downs, investing in you. 's. time now for our web poll question, have you change your investments that investments based on the current stock market conditions. there is plenty of time to vote on this poll question and you will find it on the homepage of >> here's a quick peek outside and madison corney joins us with a first check on the forecast. madison, for the next seven
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snow? >> that's absolutely right. here's what we are really talking about this hour, this avalanche warning in effect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for the tahoe basin and parts of the sierra. very dangerous backcountry conditions if you are headed to the area this weekend, keep that in mind. it expires 7:00 a.m. tomorrow but we will keep you posted in case it has extended. reno is sitting at 40 degrees, partly cloudy skies, winds from the north about 5 miles per hour expected to pick up with the next system making its way in. right now we are seeing a system hitting the california coast as rain but late tonight it will hit the sierra turning to snow, then possibly causing more slick driving conditions tomorrow morning on the valley floor. as you see on the 24 hour day planner, by 4:00 a.m. we expect a written -- mix of rain and snow through about 11:00 a.m., dan things clear up with some sunshine, and an above average height tomorrow.
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of slick road conditions possible in your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. truckee meadows had been getting blasted with winter snow and it had been causing some slick roads in the area for sure. emily priscilla spoke with a driving instructor about how to avoid losing control of your car over dangerous ice. >> reporter: the roads are slippery in the morning so follow these safety tips to prevent yourself from getting into a rack. three important thing to keep in mind when driving on ice: gentle breaks: two, dental stealing: and three,spacing. >> what i notice as an highway, is spacing is the biggest issue. the nevada handbook set to maintain four second-best three to four seconds when you are going 65. >> reporter: in order to tell how many seconds are between each vehicle, pick a marker on
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>> when they hit that landmark, you count 1-1000,2-1000, 3-1000, to your car. >> reporter: he said the majority of accidents on the freeway are because of that. he also said to be calm when you start to swerve. >> when they try to overcome at, they end up flipping the car. it's serious injury or death. >> reporter: if you notice you lose control, let go of the gas pedal, let the car slowed down on its own own. also turned the steering wheel toward this end out to avoid control. >> reporter: maintain spacing, especially on slick and wet roads, and be responsible. >> reporter: in reno, emily pacillo, news 4. >> sellers also says he teaches students how to correct themselves by sliding by taking them into icy parking lots. he said the number one way to
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experience it firsthand. >> happening around nevada, the governor appointed his two nevada commissioncybersecurity committee today. the cybersecurity committee is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the commission on homeland security, nevada cybersecurity risk, threat. miss, statewide cybersecurity plans, and cyber related training and exercise. the commission was createdin 2003 by the legislature in response to the terror attacks. hutchinson said he is honored to be part of the commission and cybersecurity is one of the greatest threats nevada in space . friends and -- fish donated food to venture -- meuse less than fortunate. families were required to sign an insurance sheet certify their household income did not exceed federal property guidelines.
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and chicken legs. regardless of the economy's growth, it is still very hard for some families to make ends meet. >> we obviously -- times are still difficult, even though they say the economy is getting better, individuals are still having a hard time. we may have people employed but they are employed for less so it is still troubled to be able to make ends meet. >> it food donation happened on the third friday of every month. they are always exiting donations and as always looking for people to volunteer at their carson city location. >> also today spanish springs high school received a check for $5000. take a listen: [clapping] speech and the check was provided to the school by blackstone state development. school officials say we live in a tight community and it is important to support everyone.
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have new members who come into the community and want to give back, and this is a great way for them to give back, especially to the high school, and make sure that the kids have what they need for good education. >> and the funds will be used to support test fees for students at the school and also to support the needs of children in transition. great to see. >> still ahead on news 4 naifeh tonight, some firefighters headed to the border to buy powerball tickets, but should they have gone out of state while they were on the clock? i'll tell you what i found out
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>> more wet weather will move . from the ask joe file, a question about how to use of government resources and powerball. a you were called to say he noticed the truckee meadows fire truck and crew at the convenience store in hallelujah junction on wednesday, that they are the big powerball drawing. he wants to know where the firefighters buying tickets, and if so were they allowed to ride the rig up there for that purpose. >> here's a picture of the truck, the one that was spotted
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the state line in california. i checked with truckee meadows fire chief and he said yes, it is true the three-person crew did try to hallelujah junction to buy the tickets. legend 18 is based out of cold spring's, not too far from hallelujah junction but again across the state line. the chief told him someone called him as well so he is aware of the situation and said it is definitely not acceptable . he spoke to his crew and did reprimand one of the firefighters who bought lottery tickets that day. they were on the clock when this happened. the chief said he appreciates the public letting him know about this and he is confident it happen again. by the way, none of the firefighters won the powerball jackpot take if they had, that might have opened up a whole new can of worms. the three tickets were sold in southern california, florida,
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viewer for standing in the question and to achieve more for helping us out. if you have questions about a particular issue or anything you see, just send me an e-mail to just put ask joe the subject line and i will do my best to track down the answers. shelby, back to you. >> today a local man is celebrating his 100th birthday, alicia degennaro joins us at our social center. alicia, this man played a pretty big role in u.s. history? >> one of josef's biggest achievements is his involvement in designing the first fighter jet for the army. friends and family gathered at his regular coffee shop today to celebrate not only his century long life but also his many accomplishments over the past 100 years. [ [singing]. >> josef sits in the same seat at the same coffee shop every week but this friday was a
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>> this was never a goal to reach 100, it just happened. >> reporter: every day he shows up at spilled coffee and wine to share his passion: wayne. >> i find a lot of people are interested in the same airplanes that i either worked on or was interested in. >> reporter: joe worked on designs for many aircraft during his 35 year career at lockheed martin, including the army's first fighter jet use during world war ii. >> he is knowledgeable. when a gentleman walked in with a part, held it in hands and said, do you know what this is and does it look in the bottom and these are the numbers that are on it. i was so in shock that the whole room went quiet. >> reporter: and his history with planes is just one of his accomplishments. >> he brings a lot of white to this place, at 100 years old to bring that much light is incredible.
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his life outdoors, hiking mt. whitney seven times, most recently when he was 75. >> i did the whole trailer one summer. >> reporter: he said having lived 100 years gives him a unique perspective of the world. >> i think people are spoiled. >> reporter: joe says he bought his first car in 1938. >> 800 $30 for a chevy coupe. >> reporter: he can remember gas prices below a quarter a gallon, and i asked joe what gets him out of bed every morning after 100 years. >> having to get to the bathroom fast estimation point. >> as you can tell, he definitely still has his sense of humor and he is quite humble. he does not think turning 100 is an accomplishment at all. and i have a message for you, shelby: i asked him why he watches news for, every day and here is his response: of
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sheehan. >> oh, yeah? what the like about her? >> everything. >> pretty cute. if you are interested in stopping by, they are therefrom 1:00 o'clock to 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. let me tell you, he is a want of knowledge. >> i think i'm going to have to make a stop by there and meet joe. all right, thanks so much, olivia, what a nice story, and congratulations to joe. >> we have a look at the forecast with a holiday weekend on tap. people are excited about the holiday but they might see rain or snow depending on whether. >> reporter: today's daytime high was just the degree below average but we are going to see much warmer temperatures this weekend, into the lower 50s for reno. but that mesa to where the precipitation we see during the day is definitely going to be rain rather than snow. he was another thing, a avalanche warning remaining in effect
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tomorrow morning for the tahoe basin and parts of the sierra. and again it expired at 7:00 a.m. but very dangerous conditions in the backcountry this weekend. outside of renal sitting at 40 degrees with winds out of the north about 5 miles per hour and relative humidity at 60 percent. around the lake we drop below freezing, below 20 for truckee and south lake tahoe. and we are seeing the beginning of a system hitting the california coast that will eventually make its way to the sierra and turned to snow tonight. as we put futurecast in motion, you see cloud cover until about 11 a clock and it to a.m. there is snow all over the sierra, up to 6 inches on the sierra crest and spreading over into far western nevada tomorrow. we have a mix of rain and snow showers expected across the state as well. the bulk of the storm looks to move in between 4:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. as far as affecting the valley floors.
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average for this time of year and the rain snow mix is possible after 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and lasting until about 11:00 a.m., and rain for the rest of the day on the reno/sparks valley floor with an average high hitting 51 degrees and winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. eastern nevada could see want to 2 inches of snow to relation with daytime highs in the mid to upper 30s and the trend overnight is 20s and 30s for the most part but rounding cooler to about 17 tonight but much warmer daytime highs across the region, dayton topping out about 50, carson city 49. and wins in carson city looking to gust upwards of 40 miles per hour. all around the lake tonight 17 degrees in truckee and tomorrow daytime highs in the upper 30s to go lower 40s, south lake tahoe topping and about 43 degrees. susanville above freezing a 31 and topping out at 43 with a mix of rain and snow possible
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conditions. on the valley floor we have above average overnight lows and mid 30s for most part. galena will drop to freezing and have a much greater chance to see more snow rather than rain. on extended forecast, we have a chance for rain or snow every day on the forecast, and we are looking at those daytime highs in the 40s all week long for a carson city and south lake tahoe. a look at the extended forecast for reno and we are looking at rain tomorrow and cloudy conditions on sunday but still a chance for precipitation every single day, and another storm making its way monday night into tuesday but much warmer daytime highs in the upper 40s to go lower 50s. meteorologist kathy wilson headed up to mt. rose to check in the snow condition today and had this report. >> the sierra avalanche center has issued a
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what that means is avalanche conditions exist on all slopes facing all cardinal directions, anything greater than 30 degrees for both natural and human cause avalanches. yesterday we saw some avalanche activity, one event with three riders in the back county. being careful in the back county tonight into tomorrow morning. a do want to make it clear that the ski reports -- resorts are making upper mitigation strategies to avoid avalanches, using dynamite to clear away will snow and are following all safety procedures. this warning is in effect until saturday morning at 7:00 a.m., and involves both human, natural and remotely triggered avalanches for the tahoe basin. i'm meteorologist kathy wilson reporting. >> coming up after the break the cdc said that one in every five
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are bullied but what . >> welcome back everyone, the cds says says one of five kids had been bullied at school in the past 12 morris, and nearly many -- as many report bullying online. >> they say the only way to fight bullying and win is starting in a conversation. here this week's family 411. >> it was just a lot from a lot of different people. it ranged from small insults to, "go kill yourself. ." >> i was always the guy that tried to deal with it. i change my personality so much trying to fit in.
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not easy for no and felicity. their high school play brought out a lot of feelings for them. >> it takes a lot of guts to go on stage and to be vulnerable and to put joseph out there in a very serious moment. >> reporter: the play in the bully collection, real stories from several playwrights pick these actors have their own real-life stories. >> i watched her sit in her bedroom and cry for hours over it and it's one of the most part making things you can go through. >> reporter: it's why this group of drama team -- students told their teacher they need this. >> remember, projection, energy . >> reporter: some scenes are funny, others are all too real. >> all the students admitted they would just stand by and witness a bullying and not to anything about it. they say this play has made them realize
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>> it happens in a lot of ways, a lot of places, and it can be stopped. >> reporter: the issue hits home for their teacher too, picture was surprised when her students told her they had experienced the trauma of bullying themselves. >> it shocked me. some kids put on a very good front. a kid you might look at and think to yourself, while, they have it all together, sometimes it's that kid that's having the most. >> reporter: even though the play behind them, the kids were a bracelet with the play's to take it beyond the stage stage. >> i do think that every school needs to start a conversation, whether it is through fine arts in a play or their counselors. >> what i got from this play is
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every word you speak, it has an effect on somebody. >> reporter: these teens say they will carry on their message in their own actions. they hope the message won't come too late. >> you can catch family 411 every friday night right here on news 4 nightly. >> anything that a power's kids like that, more power to a. >> i think it's a good lesson for everyone. everything you say and do has an impact on someone. it's important to keep that in mind when you are out and about. political analysts are saying donald trump really stood his
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debate . the search continues for 12 crew members onboard two marine helicopter that collided overhold whitey late last night . the helicopters collided
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the coast of a lot who. is helicopter had a crew of six from a marine base in hawaii. was the sun came up search crews spotted a debris area spanning about 2 miles. the coast guard has helicopters on scene and is coordinating with navy and air force aircraft in that search. several suspects are now in custody after a shooting that left seven people dead indent -- in the indonesian capital yesterday. ellison star has more from the terror alert desk in washington tonight. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm ellison starling picked three people are in custody for a deadly terrorist attack in jakarta indonesia and now we are learning details about the allegedmastermind. isis is claiming responsibility for the bond that were detonated at a starbucks while gunmen attacked the police
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two people were killed, 24 others were hurt. investigators believe the person who ordered the attack is an indonesian man living in syria. also new video shows a u.s. airstrike on a building in iraq that contained a large building of money isis was using to pay for its operations. that building was in mall so and officials hope that targeting the terror group's finances will affect how it functions overall. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling . >> turning to political news, donald trump love him or hate him, he is leading the pack of gop candidates and what's again he held his own in last night's gop debate. >> reporter: is the estimable donald trump stoppable? national correspondent jeff barnes sat down with them to analysts to get some into tonight. >> reporter: four months he has spoken his mind. >> i will build a great, great wall.
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>> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists. >> reporter: with the caucus just two is awake, donald trump is still maintaining his gop lead in most political polls. with thursday debate under his belt and no damage done in his performance, analysts believe the trump bubble will not be bursting anytime soon. >> based on history one would think trump had not -- would not have endured as long as he has. >> i don't think we were wrong about donald trump, i think we were wrong about his voters. >> reporter: experts layout two main scenarios that could still hurt trump. one is at the field shrink, the large number of undecided voters will gravitate to the other gop candidates, and then level the playing field. or the scores of trump followers will stay home on election day.
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droves, they might not take it question. trump is clearly savvy in the debate arena. >> reporter: and thursday debate, senator ted cruz questions trump's town of new york city and its values for being too progressive. trump was ready, citing 911. >> we rebuilt downtown manhattan, and everybody in the world watched, and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers. and i have to tell you that was a very insulting state and that ted made. >> reporter: experts say trump has survived every gaffe that would have brought down other candidates. >> you call woman you don't like that takes? >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barne reporting. >> while, who have thought trump surviving his outlandish remarks. it is the result of a media not doing its job over a politician who is just exceptionally savvy. >>
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republican -- congress or joe hack from district three in las vegas. we asked him about the debate and he said, i feel like all the candidates were able to talk about issues that were important to them and how they plan to attack them if they are lucky enough to receive the nomination. >> i think it show that we have -- are fortunate to have a series of individual that would make a great president, and be interesting to see how the early caucus states turn out, and what alternately happens as we go to the convention in july, and who the nominee will be. >> reporter: , -- congressman hack will rafer reads senate seat and the primary is injured. >> changed the nevada firearms coalition is holding a contest for voters to choose which license plate design they would like to see created at the dmv. you're looking at the four options on your screen. the president of the nevada firearms coalition, on turner, says a personalized license plate is a perfect way for
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of the second amendment. interested voters can visit the website at the bottom of the screen but the deadline is sunday midnight. the winning design will be presented to the dmv for creation. the process to get a license with the dmv requires a $5000 grant so the nfc is also asking that you make a donation as part of your vote as well. those of you who love amazon but haven't got amazon
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this weekend. . in consumer news walmart announced a plan to close 269 stores worldwide starting the end of this month. 154 of those stores are in the u.s., and most will be smaller format walmart express stores. walmart plan to focus on supercenters, neighborhood markets and e-commerce instead. this follows their pledge late last year to view its 11,000 all plus stores worldwide in order to position its business better long-term. 10,000 walmart employees in the u.s. will be affected by the closings but the hoppity -- company hopes many can be placed at other stores. almost all the stores are -- that are being closer within 10 miles of another walmart.
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closing, and that is in las vegas. >> google has a new feature in the maps app that can help your daily commute. the new feature , called driving mode, google can give you estimated driving times, traffic updates, nearby gas prices and fastest routes to familiar places, all without entering an address. 's features your home and work addresses if you enter them and your recent research destinations. if you typically drive home after work, google will win number that and you the fastest route home automatically. amazon's popular prime service is on sale for $73 this weekend. the promotion to celebrate the company winning two golden globe awards for moz art and in the jungle. they plan to allow everyone to stream the first and second season of the series for free all weekend long. moz art in the jungle is a comedic drama that pulls the
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classical music scene. prime, which offers two day shipping and video streaming for free, normally costs $99 a year the price is good through 1159 p.m. sunday night and no later. >> coming up a former wolfpack football star is having the time of his life with the broncos and having a great season. we will sit down with brandon
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>> and a week with . >> welcome back, here is a current look at conditions in reno, 40 degrees with hartley curry and winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. we are definitely going to see winds picking up with the next winter storm system moving it. across the region, already down
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nevada. the california coast still sitting in the mid-50s tonight. another big story for the region is an avalanche warning in effect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, so very dangerous backcountry conditions for the tahoe basin and parts of sierra. if you have plans out there this weekend, keep that in mind mind. on live doppler radar we are watching the california coast which is seeing the system hit the coast right now, and in a couple hours we will start to by 2:00 a.m. the sierrawill have moderate snowfall sitting over it, and we are looking to see 6 inches of snow along the sierra crest. otherwise this is a week winter storm system and they highs are going to increase to the upper 40s and lower 50s across the region so a lot of this will turn to rein in the daytime hours. tonight in reno sparks down to
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so possibly similar conditions of what we woke up with today with slick conditions. we're looking to see light winds overnight but they will pick up tomorrow. we are looking to see winds gusting to 35 miles per hour through reno and sparks with the daytime high hitting 51 degrees. in the early morning hours with those around freezing some -- temperatures, then we will see daytime highs warm things up. as we head west at the fallon and hawthorne, ma very warm, low 50s for daytime highs and overnight lows tonight 20s and 30s, other than round mountain, dipping to 17 degrees. definitely going to see rain and hawthorne and fallon. the eight and at 34 and topping it 50 tomorrow. carson city at 49 and gusting wind conditions upwards of 40 miles per hour.
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and slow -- snow. overnight lows will dip down into the 20s. susanville dipping below freezing a 31, nixon at 34 and daytime highs hitting 40s for sutcliffe, nixon and spanish rings tomorrow for the very tonight we are at above average lows across the area and looking at freezing for galena at 32, or the mid-30s elsewhere so 44 tonight in virginia city and really warming up tomorrow. again there is a chance for rain or snow every single day on your seven-day forecast across the region. we are going to see the bulk of this system tomorrow, tomorrow morning and lingering throughout the day, and monday we are going to see another system make its way in but the one tomorrow definitely considered week by sierra standards. 80 percent chance for rain on the valley floors tomorrow but the foothills could see a bit of snow a kamila should by
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>> bryan is in now with sports and i know what i am doing this weekend. >> watching all that playoff football. >> right. and one of those games has a good dose of the silver and blue. >> plenty of wolfpack nation in one of the games going to be represented on sunday in the mile high city. three former wolfpack players in denver with the steelers, brandon marshall has emerged as a captain for the broncos. jeana georgia spent the day in the mile high city. >> reporter: while most players are at the broncos headquarters debating whether manning is ready to start against the steelers, i'm here digging up story that matter to fans in northern nevada. they are three former pack players of the squad today i caught up with ran the marshall, a leader and the defense with 102 tackles on the season so far. here's what he had to say about his nfl experience. >> it has been quite a ride from my first year, not exactly
6:38 pm
career in the nfl. i just kept working and kept pushing. i believed in myself and right now i'm doing pretty well. i'm definitely blessed and i'm extremely happy. >> i don't know if brandon started the season as one of our big leaders on defense but i can say he is there now.'s play and his actions, the way he handles himself, he's come a long way. >> reporter: being a restricted free agent coming up., how good do you feel about your future with the broncos? >> i feel really good definitely. i try not to focus on that right now. the coach said that's a distraction. i think i have a big future with the broncos pick is on as i work hard, keep making plays, i definitely will be her. >> reporter: he said in practice write down his d balls
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he doesn't think there's anyway the broncos can lose this game even if antonio brown were to play. from the broncos had quiz, i'm jeana georgi back to you. >> virgil green and kyle roberts also with the broncos and we will hear from both of them in the next couple days speech and with the hiring of chip kelly as the head of the 49ers, we wanted to see what you thought that move would do for the future of colin kaepernick. i postevent water whether this will happen. overwhelming results. 82 percent say yes he will, 18 percent say no. thank you very much for taking part in our poll. >> from a wolfpack football and baseball star chris singleton iterates featured guest after his career in silver and blue he went ahead and played half a dozen seasons in major league
6:40 pm
baseball tonight. he told us it's good to be back in the launch his pro career. >> it's nice to come back and invest in the program and be able to allow these people who have supported players like me, and some of them directly, me them to celebrate my accomplishments. everything that i've been able to accomplish in life has been a product of the investment that people have made in my life. >> always a big night. all the proceeds from the annual baseball dinner will go directly to the university of nevada baseball program. >> shaping up to be a busy night of high school basketball. for tonight's edition of hometown hoops, here they are: join us for all the highlights
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>> we were talking during this segment but rendon marshall got cut with the first-team he was on and now he is having some success. >> jacksonville jaguars, what
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>> . >> coming up tonight as we were talking about we have a lot of basketball action on tap picketts friday, and you know what that means, time for hometown hoops. tune into news 4 for highlights all over the region, scores and everything coming up tonight at 11. >> and before we go tonight, fast food giant kfc is whipping up some chicken with a little kick called nashville hot chicken. they will roll out the item next monday. it pays homage to a popular local specialty in nashville. the kentucky-based fast food chain will offer the spicy chicken at all of its stores. it is the fourth chicken flavor kfc has added to its menu in its 86 year history so this is a big deal, everybody. >> a co-op. >> and someone likes pickles with their fried chicken, i guess.
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