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tv   News 4--- Today  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:59am PST

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have a great thursday.3 (bill)>> an investigation is underway this morning.. into a shooting near a local high school.. what we know so far. 3 ((sot: i see every single day when someone steps into my office, my premimum is too high and my benefits are too low))(samantha)>> a healthcare deadline is just around the corner... news 4 is on your side to get an expert's advice about the affordable care act. 3 (bill)and... the presidential candidates are on the campaign trail in new hampshire and iowa... all except one.. who is in las vegas... these stories and more.. coming up on this thursday, january 21, 2015. 3 ((male voice: you're watching news 4 today on your side in high definition.)) 3 (bill)3 >> good morning and thank you for choosing us to start your day. i'm bill frankmore.(sam)
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3 (samantha)>> we begin this 3 morning.. with an investigation is under way following what officials believe could be the work of officials say two u-haul trucks were lit on fire and three were damaged early this morning at the u-haul on south virgina street. no suspects have been identified yet.the investigation remains in its early stages.we'll update you when we learn more. 3 (bill)>> now to an update on a story we brought you last night as breaking news... reno police have identified as many as three people who may be involved in a shooting. it happened around 7- 45 at a vacant apartment building in the area of patton and tripp drive... police tell news 4 that the men reportedly stole personal items from the victim.. who possibly knows at
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that victim was taken to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. 3 (bill)>> reno police say it is too soon to tell if this incident is drug or gang related... as the investigation is still in its early stages. 3 (samantha)>> > two people were hospitalized last night after a home invasion in sparks.. and this morning... police are looking for three suspects.police tell news 4 that the men broke into a home in the 22 hundred block of 18th street just before eight o'clock.the suspects,armed with handguns.. reportedly ordered the man and woman inside onto the floor.police say the male victim was struck in the head by one of the suspects.the female victim, who is pregnant, is being treated for pregnancy- related stress. 3 (samantha)>> police have reports of a dark car, possibly a four-door sedan... leaving the area. two of the suspects are described as wearing black clothing, including hooded sweatshirts. the third is reportedly wearing all gray clothing, including a gray hooded sweatshirt.anyone with information is asked to contact sparks police or secret witness. 3 (bill)>> part of the washoe county sheriff's office was
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... after someone dropped off a package containing an unknown substance. sheriff's spokesman bob harmon tells news four that hazmat teams have concluded that the substance was harmless. investigators say the package was delivered just before five last night ... when someone came in looking for assistance. harmon says the man who received the package... did not know what to do with it... so he brought it to the police.the package was isolated and reno fire and hazmat teams were brought in to assess the situation.the scene is now clear and the facility is operating normally. 3 (samantha)>> and happening this month... the washoe county sheriff's office citizen corps is offering emergency prepardness and response training. the community emergency response team offers information on several topics.. including how to help save lives and reduce trauma in the event of an emergency,.training is free and runs from 6 in the evening until 9.if you can't make it today... there are five other days to check it out. 3 (bill and samantha)>>let's take a quick look outside...
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3 (bill, samantha)3 >> we'll toss it over to pressure will bring dry conditions through today. the region friday and saturday with a period of moderate to heavy snow in the sierra and a mix of rain and snow for the lower valleys. early next week, drier weather returns with near average
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3 (samantha)3 >> the first stop of the u.s. grand prix will be held today through sunday at mammoth mountain in california... snowboarders and freeskiiers
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slopestyle competition...the event wil feature local olympians david wise and maddie bowman... you can watch the halfpipe skiing and snowboarding finals right here on nbc... 3 (bill)>> also going on today.. the incline village recreation center, in collaboration with "easel and wine"... will be hosting a winter series of cultural art workshops.the series, which kicks off today... will feature a monthly wine tasting, a signature appetizer from a local vendor and inspiration from local artists in creating your own masterpiece. the schedule is as follows:the artist-inspired workshop runs from 6 to 8 this evening... the fee is 94 dollars ...., or 75 dollars for participants with a rec. center membership. space is limited and pre- reserve your spot, visit the incline village recreation center or call 775-832-1310. 3 (samantha)>> >> an important deadline is here in less than two weeks. you have until january 31-st to sign up for health care under the affordable care act or face what could be a substantial penalty this year. news 4's terri hendry has some advice from an exper.. in this morning's "on your side" report... 3 ((if you miss that deadline to
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you'll feel the penalty pinch when you file your income tax return this year. we spoke with matt law who's a broker with nevada health benefits. he says that's not the only pain some might feel--- trying to buy health insurance online and by yourself.sot: why does that make you laugh? insurance is just complex. i wake up i read the news everyday, i have to have daily meetings with the other brokers in my officer just to keep up.we found a slew of bogus websites, not authorized by nevada's health exchange to sell health insurance in nevada and that is not the only challenge we discovered. sot: trying to figure out what plans and prices are actually real online.he says right now in nevada, there's only one website where you can purchase healthcare online and that's the federal website healthcare. gov but that too can presents its own set of challenges. sot: i've heard a lot of misinformation from healthcare. govlaw says many find they can't speak to one person and every time they
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they get a different person who may offer contradictory information, confusing paper work or rejections of applications without explanation. sot: trying to figure out why one department said one thing is impossible if the call center can't email them which the call center has very limited functionality contacting these other departments that process the actual paperwork.that's why brokers like law are offered free of charge to customers. sot: being an outside consultant i'm not embedded in the insurance company. i work with every insurance company. i can navigate all the markets and basically assess what is best for them. he says the most common question he receives is really not surprising. sot: i see every single day when someone steps into my office, my premimum is too high and my benefits are too low.)) 3 (samantha)>> that was terri hendry reporting for us this morning... you might find this surprising, but "matt law" says health insurance really isn't about access to health care but providing a safety net. he says the number one reason for bankruptcy in this country is medical bills. if you want to find a
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help you meet the deadline visit nevada's silver state exchange website or visit my news 4 dot com. 3 (bill)>> university of nevada drone program officials are expanding their partnership with nasa.the two agencies teamed up more than a year ago.. working together at the reno air races and in developing those at the u-n-r naasic center... or the drone program.... are building a lab at the reno-stead airport where nevada and nasa officials will test new u-a-v systems.the nevada drone program works with the local business community and does k through 12 outreach... introducing school children to the drone industry. 3 ((... twelve outreach)) 3 (bill)3 >> the new center is called center officials expect the
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and running next month. 3 swoosh sound 3 (samantha)>> 2015 was a year for the record books.. weather- wise... >> it will go down as the hottest year in modern memory. we'll tell you what caused that record- breaking heat... after the break. 3 (bill)>> plus.. will the contoversy over hillary clinton's use of her personal account for government emails... continue to have an impact on her presidential campaign.. we will have an investigative report from washington... 3 (((alex)>> the all new my- news-four-dot-com is your one stop shop for local sports. here's how it works. our new website has a much more streamlined look -- showing you instantly the information you're looking for.(take svr8) from our homepage, my news four dot com...if you navigate to the sports tab--- you'll see everything we have to offer. it's not just the latest in sports stories-- the new my news four dot com is your place to back the pack...and check out our special behind the scenes look at wolf pack all access. our athlete of the week
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most talented young players across northern nevada. also check out sports insiders news four's weekly radio show with myself and sports director bryan samudio. it's the only place you need to go for everything in local sports... my news four dot com. alex margulies , news four. ))
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3 **stinger music**3 >> making national news.. .hillary clinton's emails on her personal server when she was secretary of state contained intelligence from the u- s government's most *secretive* programs.(bill)>> that's according to a letter from a top inspector general to lawmakers last week. national correspondent jeff barnd talks to experts about that sensitive information and what it *may* mean for hillary clinton's campaign. 3 ((this letter from the
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inspector general to top lawmakers on the hill last weeka& as reported first by fox news a& states mrs. clinton had e-mails about special access programs or s.a.p.s while secretary of state on her personal server. sap's are often intelligence gathering programs run by the pentagon and cia./sot/shaffer - 1:54 that's how secret these documents are .. there's nothing more secret this is it. this is as severe as it gets regarding the critical protection of information." 2:02/bridge/ intelligence sources close to this case told me s.a.p.s are *so* sensitive, certain intellegence community officialsa& actually had to request additional access *above* top secreta& to even look at the documents which were on mrs clinton's server. /vo/ secretary clinton has repeatedly said her use of the server was permitted by state department rules and e-mails were not classified at the time./graphic/ clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon pointed the finger to partisan politicsa& "it is alarming that the intelligence community ig, working with
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continues to selectively leak materialsa& to hurt hillary clinton's presidential campaign." (source: fox news 1/19/16)/vo/ with less than 2 weeks before the primary and caucus season a&. and with mrs. clinton in a tight race with senator bernie sanders, pundits say the gop smells blood in the water./sot/pathe ftp dcbroll -2:00 "we've already seen marco rubio up with an ad in iowa and south carolina attacking her on her national security credibility." 2:09 /sot/you tube rubio: :00 "hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the united ates. someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander in chief":09/sot/mccain ftp politics :56 "this is really very very serious and obviously could impact secretary clinton's presidential ambitionsa& but ill leave that to the american people. 1:07/vo/ in washington, im jeff barnd)) 3 (samantha)>> the inspector- general started investigating clinton's e-mails at the request of g-o-p lawmakers last year.
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it over to forecaster madison corney. 3 (madison)high pressure will bring dry conditions through today. the next system will impact the region friday and saturday with a period of moderate to heavy snow in the sierra and a mix of rain and snow for the lower valleys. early next week, drier weather returns with near average
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3 (madison)3 >> it looks like last year's high temperatures were one for the record books.2015 was officially the hottest year we've seen so far.that's according to both the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and nasa.the two have been keeping record of the average temperatures
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say last year was more than 20- percent warmer than 2014-- the *previous hottest year. 3 swoosh sound3 3 (bill)>> mother nature doesn't care who you are... when she is about to let the snow fly....>> even the president.. where mister obama's motorcade.. had trouble during the east coast storm. 3 (samantha)>> plus.. .. we are on the campaign trail.. where reaction is coming in this morning... to sarah palin's endorsement.of donald trump. 3 (madison)>> and here's a look at your flight delays this
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3 >> in politics... just days
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democrats and republicans are focused on: bernie sanders. (samantha)>> tracie potts has the latest developments... from washington. 3 decision 2016 swoosh sound 3 (( (sot: donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate :00-:07)"can you believe this? this guy is a wack job, he's a wacko, he's beating hillary clinton!""even donald trump's talking about bernie sanders. the latest polls show sanders up by 27 percent in new hampshire... and within striking distance - just two points behind hillary clinton - in iowa.clinton's team says they're not worried... but she's pushing back... especially on healthcare:(sot: hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate :24-:29)"you know, it's kinda like we're in a vigorous agreement - but we're not exactly seeing eye to eye." here's bill clinton on sanders: (sot: fmr. president bill clinton/ no super :32-:40)"the real issue is who can win the election, who is prepared to do the job and who can make real change." ted cruz on sanders and national security:(sot: ted cruz/ (r) presidential candidate :44-:48) "bernie sanders
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to vote on this issue at all." republicans seem more than ready to take on the number two democrat:(sot: joel benenson/ clinton strategist :53-:56)"they are trying to prop up bernie sanders and they would rather run against him."lower tier candidates are taking aim at cruz - on immigration:(sot: chris christie/ (r) presidential candidate 1:01-1:06)"ted's all over the place on this so i can't characterize everybody else's position, it would give me whiplash."political attacks in every direction... just days before iowa votes. (--- reporter live tag ---)all the candidates are in iowa or new hampshire today except donald trump. he's in las vegas. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. )) 3 (bill)>> thanks, tracie.. now we go to kerry sanders.. who is in new hampshire.. with a preview of what is coming up a bit later.. on the today show. 3 ((kerry sandersjoining donald trump on the campaign stump, sarah palin, who gets the crowd going and then it turns silent when she talks about a very personal story. we'll have that story coming up on today, now back to you.)) 3 (samantha)>> even the president of the united states isn't immune to the headache brought by driving in snowy
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a motorcade from andrews air force base in the white house during the bad weather last night. usually traffic is cleared out for a president... but that could not be done on a snowy night in d -c. so a drive that normally takes 25 minutes... took about an hour and ten minutes.the motorcade passed several accidents along the way as the presidential vehicles slid across slick roads.the president arrived at the white house safely. 3 swoosh sound 3 (bill)3 >> he is a student who goes above and beyond...>> when we come back.. we will introduce you to this month's "class act" award winner. 3 3
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trailing music bed> 3 >> sheep show is back in town... a sneak peek at this
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3 (bill)>> plus.. traveling to and from the airport st got easier for some people...why the airport believes having uber is good for the economy. 3 (samantha)>> and... the last time it happened was ten years ago... we'll tell you the best time.. to see five planets lined up.. these stories and more.. coming up on this thursday, january 21, 2015. 3 ((male voice: you're watching news 4 today on your side in high definition.)) 3 (sam)>> good morning 3 and thank you for choosing us to start your day. i'm
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3 (samantha)3 >> we begin this half hour.. with a story news 4 has been following for some time.. uber in northern of yesterday... uber drivers can pick up people landing at the reno-tahoe international airport. uber has been in northern nevada since september... but in the past four months... uber drivers have been allowed only to drop people at the airport.the airport's c-e-o says it's taken officials this long to come to an agreement with uber... to make sure the ridesharing service is following the same regulations taxis have to follow.those include a tracking system that lets the airport know when either an uber driver or a taxi driver enters the pick-up area... and then a one dollar charge each time a driver uses the airport for uber spokeswoman believes it's a good business decision. 3 (("with the snow that we've had this year and really the economic prosperity that we're seeing in our region, i think there's a lot of business for all different transportation providers."))
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drivers do *not have to get a permit to pick people up... instead ....uber has to pay 10 dollars per driver who wants to use the airport for business ... the same price taxi drivers have to pay for the device that lets them operate at the still have to use the uber app to request a driver.... and wait a few minutes for them to come pick you up. 3 (bill)>> state auditors say las vegas-area cabs are overcharging customers by 47- million dollars a year. auditors in the governor's finance office say the 3-dollar credit card processing fee is excessive and should be no more than 90 cents.they also criticized the authority for approving taxi rate hikes even though gas prices are going down, saying it's a windfall for cab companies but takes money out of the rest of the economy.the audit recommends abolishing the nevada taxicab authority, which regulates only clark county cabs. 3 (bill and samantha)>>let's take a quick look outside... current conditions and skycam
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toss it 3 over to forecaster madison corney ...high pressure will bring dry conditions through today. the next system will impact the region friday and saturday with a period of moderate to heavy snow in the sierra and a mix of rain and snow for the lower valleys. early next week, drier weather
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3 >> (samantha)3 >> before the sun came up yesterday morning..., you could see five planets in the sky .... if you were awake. but don't worry if you missed'll be a morning routine for the next few weeks. from now until the end of february... the planets closest to earth: mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, and saturn will be visible in the early morning sky. the last time we could see these five planets
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years ago."dan ruby"... director at the fleischmann planetarium at the university of nevada says the planets aren't aligned..., but rather, they're at the point in their orbits where the planets are on the same side of the sun at the same time. because our solar system is on a plane- it looks like they are in a line. the planets are so bright, you can see them with your naked eye. 3 (( so you don't need to go anywhere but your backyard, anywhere with a clear view of the eastern sky. about 45 minutes before sunrise, will let you see all the visible planets right now, but we do have a lot of great locations in northern nevada. you drive a few minutes in any direction outside of reno city lights, we're able to see a lot more. )) 3 (samantha)>> dan ruby recommends binoculars to see mercury. that planet a little tougher to spot because it is so close to the sun. if you snap any photos, we'd love to page. 3 (bill)>> now to this month's class act award winner.. who proves a good deed can be even more effective with a little planning and preperation.
5:29 am
applause ))3 meet trevor barnes.. the 8th grader at deppoali middle school found out that his father's company was doing a food drive for the northern nevada food bank.. and he wanted to help. trevor did much more than that though.. he printed out flyers.. delivered them to his neighbors.. made phone calls.. and then went door to door collecting food.when all was said and done. trevor collected 6 boxes of food weighing more than 100 pounds. 3 (( " ")) 3 (bill)if you know of a class act ....we'd love to hear about them.. just send us an
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here on vassar street. 3 (samantha)>> the premier mountain hunting expo is back in town... and outdoor enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to the next three days. news 4's alex cannito is live with a sneak peek of this sheep show. 3 (alex - live) 3 january 21st 10am to 5pm january 22nd 10am to 5pm january 23rd 9am to 5pm attendees entered in floor credit drawingsthursday - 5 winners, 1 thousand dollars friday - 2 winners, 25 hundred dollarssaturday - 1 nner, 5 thousand dollars15 dollars
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3 (alex - live)reporting live, 3 alex cannito. back to you. 3 swoosh sound 3 (bill)>> still ahead.. we'll introduce you to a new feature on news 4 today...>> we are
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stories of cause and giving... our first installment .. after the break.
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3 (samantha)3 >> each week we're partnering with chideo dot com .. to bring you new stories about causeand giving. (bill)>> this week the chideo causewire takes a look at an innovative new video game...that tells one family's touching story. 3 ( how can someone explain what it's like to be the parent of a child with cancer? ryan and amy green believe that they've conveyed some of that experience in a video game, created in memory of their late son, joel.0:18 to 0:20 gfx ryan green (joel's father)sot "somebody told me that it felt like a diary. i think that interactive media is a way inwhich i can create a world, and ask you, a player, to live in it, and ask
5:34 am
called "that dragon, cancer", launched in january on what would have beenjoel's seventh birthday. it's meant as a tribute, and as an immersive way for others tounderstand the journey.sot "...because, you're there. you're inside of my head, you're outside of my head, you'reholding my son. and you've felt that helplessness just like i've felt that helplessness."0:48 to 0:54 gfx thatdragoncancer. commonline retailer "razer cortex" will donate all of it's proceeds from the game to cancercharities.learn more at thatdragoncancerdottoo.0:54 to 1:00 gfx marita cheng (robogals, cofounder)sot "engineering is so cool. you get to change the world by building things."1:00 to 1:02 courtesy gfx saxton speakers bureau (youtube)1:02 to 1:07 courtesy gfx anz asia pacific (youtube)marita cheng was one of just five girls in her engineering class. determined to inspireothers, she started "robogals" with the hope of steering more girls to towardengineering. 1:07 to 1:12 courtesy gfx nvi flinders (youtube)sot "i thought, this could actually work. we could actually see more women inengineering through this."now an international organization, "robogals" is fueling young women's passion for engineering. members are anticipating their first conference of the year in new yorkcity next week.1:20 to 1:24 gfx robogals.orggirls can engineer a new future at robogalsdotorg...and that's your chideo causewire. ))
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if you have 3 a facebook account, be sure to "like" krnv news 4!become a fan of our own facebook page and be a part of the discussion.
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3 (bill)3 >> hoards of catholic faithful gathered on the streets of spain yesterday,... to pelt the devil with turnips. yes... turnips.according to local folklore, the targeted devil was a cattle thief.on saint sebastian day, local residents are chosen to dress up in fiberglass armor, a colorful suit, and a horned devil mask. villagers are then encouraged to punish them with a barrage of vegetables.some nine-thousand turnips, about 40-thousand pounds worth, were expected to be thrown this year.
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toss it over to 3 forecaster madison corney. 3 (madison)high pressure will bring dry conditions through today. the next system will impact the region friday and saturday with a period of moderate to heavy snow in the sierra and a mix of rain and snow for the lower valleys. early next week, drier weather returns with near average temperatures.
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3 men's basketball team was trying to sweep the wyoming
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last time nevada beat the pokes at home?franklin delano roosevelt was president and the heavyweight champion of the world was joe louis...the year was 1938...pick things up in the first half, cameron oliver with the 15 footer from straight away...he had 19 in the ballgame but didn't play most of the second half after being handed two technicals minutes apart...move to the second now, tyron criswell to his left, he knocks down the jumper, he had 19 in the ballgame and we're tied at the three minute mark, marqueze coleman trying to take over...driving in the paint, through the contact and he scores, nevada up a point... 30 seconds later, the kickout to d-j fenner...and the junior knocks down the three ball, wolf pack up by four and feeling it...then with 20 seconds to go, it would be the seattle native once again... d-j fenner for three, one more time...nevada scraps out a big win at wyoming, it will be the wolf pack and the
5:40 am
night at lawlor events center...the rebs are 12-7 overall after a win at utah state on tuesday...tipoff is set for 7:00...for ticket information log on to nevada wolf or call 348-pack...back at home the lady pack welcomed wyoming... coach albright still 2 games away from win 500...could her team get her one step closer? lets go first quarter nyasha lesure driving and the kiss off the glass...that ties it 14 all..then its lesure down low, she draws the double team but finds morningrose tobey for the layin...nevada up by drive down the court halie bergman with the jumper drifting to her right... nothing but net... nevada gets jane albright the 499th win of her career, with a chance at 500 against unlv in vegas saturday night...68-65 is the final...the san francisco 49ers made it official today by introducing new head coach chip kelly to the public... flanked by niners c-e-o jed york and g-m trent baalke, the
5:41 am
posed for pictures...the 49ers have a lot of work to do to right the ship in santa clara...kelly takes over a 5-11 team that has holes on both sides of the football and a major question at quarterback...kelly told reporters that he understands the history and tradition that comes with the red and gold...kelly: again, very humbled and very honored to be here, and excited to get to know everybody that's associated with them and especially the faithful. i mean really excited about that. the fan base here, we had an opportunity to play here last year, just what struck about the great fan base they have here in san francisco and can't wait to get the question still remains, do the 49ers now keep former nevada quarterback colin kaepernick? chip kelly is well known for running a fast paced, read option offense...and he has found success in the past with a quarterback that can run... look that up in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of kap...chip kelly stayed on the p-c side when asked about the quarterback position today... kelly: obviously kap is an extremely talented football player and you need to have a
5:42 am
was also impressed in the film that i watched in terms of how blaine (gabbert) played this year also. so i think statistics will bear out you probably need two quarterbacks in this league with the injury rate that quarterbacks have, so i think both of those players made this an attractive situation." we will know kap's future by april 1st at the latest...that's when his 11.9 million dollar salary for 20-16 is guaranteed... we'll see what happens...the wolf pack football team has announced that jonathan himebauch will take over as new offensive line coach...the former usc player spent the last two years in the canadian football league...he's also
5:43 am
ranks at wake 3 >> sheep show is back in
5:44 am
year's event coming up... 3 (samantha) outdoor enthuse -- enthuse gists, listen up. we will give you a behind the scenes look in a couple of minutes. a shooting overnight near the area of trip driver leaves one person hospitalized. we're going to have details on what took place and where the current inceleste grace now stands. >> two people have been hospitalized after a home invasion turns violent. we're going to take a look at what happened and how the victims are doing. these stories and much more straight ahead on this thursday, january 21s, 201 s. >> you're watching news 4 today on your side. in high definition. my bad, 2016. not 2015 >> 215 days in, you would think i would get it. >> we have a storm headed our way.
5:45 am
bring as much as three feet of snow to the higher elevations in the sierra, we're going to be checking not with madison courteney. in just a couple of minutes. first in your news this morning, an investigation is underway foiling what officials believer could be the work of arsonists. and two trucks were hit on fire and three were damaged on the uhall. no suspects have been identified yesterday. the investigation remains in its early stages. we'll give you updates as soon as we learn more. >> reno police have identified as many as three suspects that may be involved in a shooting. it happened around 7:45. police tell news for the suspect stole personal items from the i victim who knows one of the suspects. reno police say it is too soon to see if the incident
5:46 am
they added the public is not at risk during the search. hospitalized in sparks after a home invasion. you police say the men broke into the home in the 2200 block just before 8:00 last night. the um suspects ordered the man and woman inside on to the floor. the male victim was hoyt in the head by one of the suspects. the female victim who is pregnant is being treated for pregnancy-related stress. police have reports of a dark car, possibly a four- door sedan leaving the area. two of the suspects described as wearing black clothing included hooded sweetshirts. the third reportedly wearing all grey clothing. if you have information, please contact a witness or sparks police. part o. washoe county sheriff's office was shout done -- shut down after someone dropped off a package containing an unknown substance. the sheriff tells news 4 that
5:47 am
concluded that substance was harmless. the package was delivered just before 5:00 when a man came in looking for assistance. the man received the package and did not know what to do so he brought it to the station. the package was isolated in reno fire and hazmat teams were brought in to assess. the scene is now clear and the facility is operating normal live. a man tried to lure a young girl in dayton. officials say the girl fortunately ran away and no physical contact between the two occurred. the person of interest is described as a white male in his 30s about 5' 69 ininches tall with a thin build and short spiked wear. he was wearing dark-colored jeans a why shirt and reading glasses. if you have any information, 322-4900. the washoe county sheriff office is offering emergency preparedness and response training today. the community emergency response team offers information on how to help save
5:48 am
trauma. training is free and runs until 6:00 until 9:00. you can't make it. five other days on our screen. >> and let's take a peak outside. and a pretty decent e. what has been a terrific snow pack this time of year. >> you are absolutely right. you are looking at one to two feet and at the highest elevations, possibly three feet. with the winter storm watch. >> it sounds like the snow levels are dropping. >> they are dropping. at first we were thinking. and early saturday morning. you're going to wake up there. >> and here is a look at current temperatures across the region. twenty-one degrees right now. reno sitting in the mid 30s.
5:49 am
reno also seeing partly cloudy skies early this morning with those winds out of the west/northwest at five miles per hour. here is that storm watch we are talking about. one to two feet of snow possible above 5500 feet. the winter storm watch will fake effect at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and remain in effect through saturday afternoon. so this storm is going to stick around for a while. and on satellite and radar today, we are only worrying about partly cloudy skies and light winds as high pressure does sit over the region. today in reno and sparks another above average daytime high at 54 degrees expected. tonight, we'll see thoseover -- overnight lows above average at 38 degrees. carson city looking to top out in the lower 50s. and south lake tahoe the upper 40s u. and elco pretty cold above freezing at 34-degree with that overnight low dipping down to 12 degrees. we're going to take a closer look at this storm track that is hitting on friday. through your saturday and your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
5:50 am
>> sounds good. thanks, madison. the first stop is going to be held today through sunday at mammoth. snowborders and free skiers are going to be competing in style competition. slopestyle competition. have watch the skiing and snowboarding finals right here on nbc. it's now 6:06 on your thursday morning. california aseities -- assisted suicide law is expected to go in effect in several months. under the new law, the medical association has issued guidelines to doctors on writing prescriptions for lethal doses and medication for terminally ill patients. the 15-page guide outlines the complicated legal and medical steps that physicians must take. it also says theres can list the cause of death they feel is most accurate including the underlying terminal illness. the act does not take effect until 90 days after the end of the special legislation you -- legislative session this year on healthcare.
5:51 am
date has not yet been set. instead of going to the doctor's office and sitting down with your physician, why not go for a walk instead? reknowned regional medical center walk with a doc program lets people gather, chat, and then walk with the doctor. they can ask health-related questions along the way and get their exercise in as well. i assault with a deadly weapon it in the newspaper and my whole family says we have got to do this. it has been a lot of fun. >> the program started back in november and is moving its location from virginia lake to ace's ballpark in february. doctors also wanted to emphasize you do not need to be a patient of a remoaned -- reknowned doctor in order to participate. it is open to the public. an important deadline is coming up on january 31 social security. that is when you have to sign up for healthcare under the affordable care act. if you don't, expertussis i don't you may feel the pinch when you file your income tax return this year. we spoke with an expert who
5:52 am
penalty will rise from $95 to 695 just this year. you might want to talk to an insurance broker. they can help you chose the right policy for you. >> we're going to guide you from enrollment through the end of the policy. >> for a list of licensed reputable insurance brokers, visit the nevada sill administer -- silver state e change or our website at at carson city, a proposed ballot to gradually raise nevada's minimum wage to $13 can move forward. the nevada appeal is reporting district judge james wilson cited with minimum wage hike supporters yesterday and ruled that the piece language doesn't need to be changed. opposition lawyers say they are not sure whether they'll appeal. nevada's minimum wage right now is 8:25 an hour.
5:53 am
employer offers health insurance. and $9.25 an hour rate. and increase by 75 cents each year until it reaches $13 an hour in 2024. backers must gather more than 55,000 signatures to put the proposal on november's ballot. a former nevada state senator is in the running for a washoe county commission seat. washington announced his bid for washoe county district four. the area that includes sparks and spanish springs. there is a lot overlap be his former senate district which he served from 19956 to 2009. since then, he has served as a deputy director for the northern authority. news 4 spoke to washington about the economic experience he hopes to bring to the table. >> well, we want to offer experience. we want to offer leadership. we want to be able so in-- to insure them that we maintain the qualmty of life we
5:54 am
we also want them to know that the infrastructure is going to be held intact and weir going to be able to sub stain the growth in the future. >> now, while serving as a republican state senator, a campaign spokesperson says washington was an advocate for education reform and educating our work whyen force. ten minutes after your hour on your thursday. if you love the outo -- great outdoors, a three-day convention and sporting expoe is back in town. one you won't want to miss. pretty school stuff conscious cool stuff. joining us live with a sneak peak of the sheep show. hey alex. >> good morning, bill. take a look at some of the sheep that are over here. some pretty cool stuff. and they are here for the largest convention of its good morning. >> it's good to be here. show. 10:00 today. the show is open to the public. admission is only $15. it's really something for everyone. we have sheep as you can see, but
5:55 am
all over the world. so come on down to the reno sparks convention center to the sheep foundation convention. >> now, this event is being held in reno for nearly 30 years now u. for people, maybe, that haven't heard of it yet or haven't had the chance to come down and check it out, what exactly is the sheep show? >> we raise money for wild sheep conservation. we raise about $6 million at this three-day show. last year, we put 4.3 million back into wild sheep and other wildlife conservations. it's a great sell ration -- celebration of the ow doors and great celebration of hunting and fishing and photography. when it -- what it is all about is conservation of wild sheep. >>reporter: fifteen. >> you $5 off. >> we have partners here in the reno sparks area.
5:56 am
and four credit drawings for up to 5000 that. use a # thousand credit to get some taxidermy or a $5000 credit to put a deposit. coming up in 30 minutes, we're going to tell you what new things you can expect to see at this year's sheep show. reporting live, back to you. the incline village reck row -- recreation center will be hosting a winter series of cultural art workshops. the series will feature a monthly wine tasting. a signature you appetizer and inspiration from you local artists. the artist-inspired workshop is
5:57 am
the fee is $95 or $75 for participating a rec center membership. preregistration is required. top preserve your spot, village the incline village recreation center or call 832-1310. hoverboards may have been a popular gift this holiday season, but they were the source of a lot of controversy. how one
5:58 am
their customers face. good morning. i'm kimberly wade here at nevada humane society. this giant guy. i've got to tell you he is a staff favorite. he sees people right now behind the camera that he wants to go say hello to. this big guy is seven years old. he's in that happy middle age stance be he is energetic. he can relax. he is happy go lucky. he would be best in an
5:59 am
loves to go on long walks but he and curl up. heydeys is available here at the nevada humane society in reno. bring the whole family down if you have younger kids and if you have other dogs that we can make sure any dog you chose is the right fit for you. we hope to see you soon. >> you cinnamon bun. release has been circulating for three month. >> cookies re-- in stores. rereleasing red velvet oreos just in time for valentine's day. good stuff u. says they are going to offer refunds to anybody who bought hoverboards on their website. the move comes amidst growing concerns that the two- wheeled balance boards are not safe you -- are not safe and
6:00 am
the consumer product safety commission is investigating more than three dozen instances of hoverboards either smoking or bursting into flames. experts are also urging users to wear safety gear as some falls can be pretty serious. the cpsc welcomed amazon's decision to offer refunds and called on other retail torse do the same. despite the decision, amazon sells hoverboards on their website. many will be getting a payraise. every walmart and sam's club employee hired for the start of the year will soon earn at least $10 an hour. more than a million received to pay hike starting yesterday. it comes nine months after walmart increase paid for half million workers at least to nine bucks an hour. walmart says the latest round of hikes means the average hourly rage of full- time employees is just over $13 an hour.
6:01 am
are nothing more than a publicity stunt. that is going to continue into today. but then, we're going to have a good storm headed our way. madison. in eastern nevada, the ink is l digittings are you noon degrees. and now, also take a look at our reno almanac for yesterday. and you 56. we're sit right in between our average and the record high. the record high was 65 degreece set back in 1950. we're looking at more above average daytime highs today as well. now, we have a winter storm watch that is going to take effect at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and remain in effect through saturday. right now, it's in the western most part of the sierra and it's into far western nevada.
6:02 am
two feet of snow possible ayou above 5500 feet. today, with e are looking at high pressure sitting over the west coast. partly cloudy skies and light winds across the area. and this is future cast into tomorrow morning. 9:30 a.m., we are going to see rainfall through california. you snow and you can see through the day, we continue to see that rain right behind this snowfall along the sierra and spilling over into far western nevada. we could see four to eight inches at lake level and town three in the foothills. we are looking at the 40s for daytime highs. and slightly cooler at incline. >> partly cloudy skies is going to be the trend across the region with above average highs for carson city. overnight lows will dip back down into the mid 30s for most of the region. some places down into the 20s. and then along in the lower 50s.
6:03 am
topping out at 49 degrees. taking a look at the reno sparks valley floor, upper host and lower 50s and then virginia city topping out at 48 degrees today. here is a look at that extended forecast and a closer look at that storm rolling in on your friday and into your saturday morning. even some somehowers lingering through sunday morning, but of course with this system, we're also expecting some high winds which could roll in along the sierra as soon as tonight. over to you guys. all right. madison, thank you u. still to come, a first for the nfl. the first female full-time assistant coach has been hired.
6:04 am
are welcome back, everyone. the showborder at the center of an online video sensation could be facing criminal charges after he was caught on take with an avalanche. and was wearing a personal video camera friday when he boarded down a steep
6:05 am
resort in california. the video shows him being buried under the cascading snow of the avalanche, fighting his way back into the surface. and marveling in his experience were several friends, one of who recorded the incident in a separate video. wednesday, that he was a very active avalanche area which has been closed to the public since 2010. he triggered the avalanche and put himself and his friend's ski approximate patrol and the skiing public at risk. >> that is scarery. >> that is scary. there you can see. >> when he gets out of this, he's all smiles like wow, that was awesome. sweet video. i think i'm going to post it. not thinking of others who are in danger because of that. a landmark for women in professional sports. this is great. a first for the national football league is the buffalo bills have hired cathryn smith as a full-time special teams coach. >> she is the first full-time female assistant coach in the history
6:06 am
an announcement, head coach rex ryan says smith has worked with the team on a part-time basis for seven years. >> that's right. ryan -- smith's knowledge and commitment in earning the promotion. so we have seen much more of this in professional sports. i think it all began with female referees in the nba. now we have them in the nfl as well. you becky hammond is coaching in the nba. >> do you think there will ever will be a female head coach? female president first or female head coach? >> i don't know. i thought you were
6:07 am
of a you can catch it all at this year's sheep show. this year's event and how you can check it out coming up in a couple of minutes. >> we are talking about a big deadline coming up in healthcare and what actions you can take to save money. these stories and a lot more on your thursday, january 21 social security, 2016. you're watching news 4 today on your side in high definition. up. welcome to the last half hour. first half hour, and i'm. >> a lot to talk about including a storm that could bring as much as three feet of snow to the highest elevations. we have madison in for tim and she's going to have more on that. we begin with a developing story as reno police have identified as many as three suspects they
6:08 am
it happened about 7:45 at a vacant apartment complex in the area of patent and chip drive. the suspect stole personal items from the victim who knows once of those suspects. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say it is too soon to tell if this incident is drug or gang-related. the public is not at risk during this search. an important deadline on january 31s when you have to sign up for healthcare under the affordable care act. if you don't, experts say you may feel the pinch when you failure income tax return this year. we spoke with a local expert who says the minimum penalty will rise from i $95 to 695 this year. broker matt law says with that short time frame, you may want to contact an insurance broker. brokers work at no charge to the customer. they can help you wade through a complicated maize to determine the right insurance for you.
6:09 am
through the entire process from enrollment through the end of the policy. >> for a list of licensed reputable insurance brokers, visit the nevada silver exchange or our website at a carson city judge says a ballot measure to raise nevada's minimum wage to $13 an hour can move forward. a nevada appeal reports james wilson cited with minimum wage hikes supporters and ruled the petition language doesn't need to be changed. opposition lawyers say they are not sure whether they will appeal yet. nevada's minimum wage is $8.25 an hour or 7 collar 25 an hour if an employer offers health insurance. the pleasure would create a single $9.25 an hour rate in late 2018 and increase it by 75 cents each year until it reaches 13- dollar in 2024. backers must gather more than 55,000 signatures to put the -- proposal on the ballot in november.
6:10 am
is back in town. outdoor enthuse justs have a lot to look forward to the next three days. news 4 is live be a sneak peak of this year's sheep show. hi alex. >> hey. good morning, sam. it's an incredible set-up they have over here at the reno sparks convention for. -- center. it's for the sheep show. talk a little bit more about this event. >> good morning. >> and we have something really for everyone. we have primarily north american outfitters here at the sheep show, we have folks from all over the world. we have outfitters from europe, asia, the south pacific, south america, pakistan, turkey, mongolia. you can get an absolute international flair here. >> it goes to show that hunting is an international sport. people who love the outdoors it's not just in one part of the world but something that happens all over. let's talk a little bit more and what specifically can people expect when they
6:11 am
>> it's a three-day event open to the public. we have hunting trips that you can buy but there is really something for everyone. we have equipment here, booms, backpacks, clothing, optics, firearms. absolutely incredible taxidermy displays. >> sheep bucks. how can people get sheep bucks and use it to buy all the great stuff you were talking about? >> we do four credit drawings and for your paid at mission, you are entered into a thousand dollar credit drawing on thursday. today, we give five of those. on friday, we give two $20. those are sheep bucks. you can use those dollars with our exhibiters here at the sheep show. >> it costs $50 to get in. get $5 off your admission price. we'll have the information.
6:12 am
make sure you you com in and check us out. we're going to have more. reporting live, back to you u. all right. thank you, alex. coming up, we're going to tell you why olympic skiers and snowborders are making their way to a nearby mountain and where you can watch all their incredible action live.
6:13 am
watching news 4 today welcome back, everybody. the first stop of the u.s. grand prix will be held today through sunday at mammoth mountain down south of here. snowborders and skiers will compete in slope-style competition. the event will feature local olympians, david wise and bow man. watch the skiing and snowboarding finals right here on news 4. also going on today, the incline village recreational will be hosting a winter series of cultural art workshops. the series
6:14 am
signature appetizer from a local venator and -- vendor and inspiration creating your own masterpiece. the schedule is as follows. the artist-inspired workshop from 6:00 until 8:00 this evening. space is limited to make sure you call ahead or preregister. to register for a spot, visit the incline village recreation or call 832-1310. we have been talking about this for a couple of days now u. it's almost here. first, let's enjoy a beautiful thursday before we talk about the storm a little bit. yeah. it's a cool morning. we had our morning lows drop to right back around average for this time of year. >> your mic is off. >> i had a buddy call me and see if i wanted to play golf today. that just seemed weird. >> interesting. >> think about it. this is the only day. >> you can hear me? >> we can hear you now. >> it is a cold morning. we have those average lows. average lows are going to warm back up again tonight and then
6:15 am
>> do you want to play golf today? >> i am not very good at golf. >> it doesn't matter. neither am i. current temperatures. we're at 21. twenty-three in south lake tahoe. in the mid post for reno. still below freezing in dayton and silver springs at 30 degrees. we have those winds out of the west/northwest at five miles per hour. relative hue mity -- humidity at 64%. we're going to continue to see partly cloudy skies throughout the day today. here is a look at the winter storm watch that we are going to see take effect tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. and remain in effect thereupon saturday afternoon. one to two feet of snow is possible aabove a5500 feet. we are going to see this storm system spill over into far western nevada. on satellite and radar today, we have high pressure sitting over the west coast, so we are just going to see partly cloudy skies and light winds across the region. here is a look for reno and sparks today topping out at 54 degrees. comparison city
6:16 am
south lake tahoe the upper 40s and pretty cool just aabove freezing today at 34 degrees. again, overnight lows tonight for far western nevada are going to be above average and then around the lake right around average tonight. we'll look at that storm track and your seven-day forecast in just a couple of minutes. let's see how your thursday morning commute is doing so far. good morning to you, trooper duncan. >> good thursday morning to you guys. a little break in the weather. there are no controls over any of our mountain passes this morning and for all of our local highways that i are all crash and incident- free. a smooth commute guys, so far today. as we just heard, possibly a very large storm come in through the weekend. if you have any travel plans, be prepared. large travel delays and highway closures can take place during extreme weather conditions like we are expecting this upcoming storm. to plan ahead. take extra clothing, blankets, give yourself plenty of extra time h. let people know what rule you are taking. you
6:17 am
hours a day. for the most up-to-date highway conditions throughout the state. keep those seat belts on, cell phones off. be safe and take care. back to you. all right. and coming up as the east coast braces for their first major winter storm of the year. d.c. commuters are already feeling the effect.
6:18 am
after the break. how about that? the opening bell from a new angle. sixty-four had. starting out a little better after it was miserable
6:19 am
were up about 30 points. nas-- stories making your financial headlines. and freddie mac will and the projections for rising years are alarming. this comes in response to a in you report in the labor agency projecting the number of unemployed people will increase by nearly 2.3 million this year. the un has been raising the need for new jobs at the world economic forum in switzerland. according to the international labor organizations report, the increase of job seekers in 2015 occurred mainly in e merging and developing countries. >> general motors in shanghai. a bid to push further into the automobile market.
6:20 am
anticorruption campaign under chinese president has given rise to worries over the outlook for sales of luxury foods in the country. the president gm china says despite this china sill remained full of growth and pointed to double digit growth for the cadillac brant last year. dow jones up 20 points. nasdaq up one. let's toss it over to madison. she's in for tim and she's got what is this? the last final good hooking 50- degree day of the week? >> no, it's not. we still are going to make it into the 50s on your friday. we are looking at rain tomorrow. gentlemen i storm making its way in. 35 degrees. partly cloudy skies and winds at about five miles per hour. yesterday we reached a daytime high of 56. we are sitting right in between the average ifer this time of year and the record high which is
6:21 am
above average at 37. this morning, we were closer to average for this time of year. we're going to see those overnight lows warm back up tonight. here is a look at the winter storm watch that is going to take effect at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and remain in effect through saturday afternoon. this storm system is going to stick around ifer a little while with one to two feet of snow possible above 55 feet. satellite and radar. we are looking at cloud cover today and light winds across the region. futurecast has a whole different story. friday morning we are going to see quite a bit of rainfall through northern california and snow hits the sierra throughout the day. this is friday at 8:00 tomorrow night. we have snow in the sierra spilling over into farm western nevada. the bulk of this storm hitting late friday night and early saturday morning. and then again lasting throughout the day on saturday. so if you will traveling over the passes, it is not recommended and if you have to, then take those tire chains. make sure you have snow tires and be prepared for travel
6:22 am
e are looking at daytime highs in the mid to upper 40s with winds out of the southeast at five to ten mimes per hour. as we head out to carson city, we're looking at daytime highs in the lower 50s across the board and overnight lows into the 30s. all actually above freezing for that area tonight. valley floor looking to top out in the upper host to lower east. here is a quick look for carson city and south lake tahoe where you can see that storm friday and saturday and linger into the early morning hours on sunday. i have another story for you. here we go. and winter weather expected to cause issues in the north eastern u.s. is already causing problems for commuters in washington d.c.-is video from last night's evening commute. rain and then freezing temperatures cause a thin sheet of ice on area roads. many found themselves stuck in their cars or sliding off the road. that made for exceptionally long evening commutes for many people.
6:23 am
much relief in today's weather forecast. meteorologists are calling for more ice and up to two feet of snow in the next 36 hours. that is the east coast. but we will see the storm very soon. back over to you guys. >> the president had some travel trouble yesterday trying to get around. and international news this morning, today, afghanistan's acting defense minister visited victims of yesterday's suicide attack that targeted the country's biggest media organization. speaking after visiting the emergency hospital, the minister called on afghanistan's regional partners to unite in fighting extremeim manye and terrorism. seven people were killed in yesterday's attack on a bus. owns the country's most popular television station. and a production company. now, the bus was taking employees home from the company's office in central cabul.
6:24 am
and bars in search for suspected criminals as spokesman for police say that police searched four locations last night following raids in the previous evening. the spokesperson added the police did not rule out any connection with the new year's eve violence. they were no immediate reports about arrests being made, but police could be seen escorting at least one man in handkuhns. a topic of discussion. how to influx the people. germany's vice chancellor say countries taking not migrants need to be more realistic about the challenges they face. the key to successful migration is integration. more than a million people reached shores last year. eight agencies expect a similar
6:25 am
the former pharmaceutical ceo. remember this guy? well, he says he has a date with congress on wednesday. he tweeted out a photo and subpoena asking him to testify before the house committee and oversight committee. oversight reform on january 26th. questioned about the prescription drug market. and grained notoriety when his company raised the price of a drug by am some 5000%. he's embroiled in a federal criminal case for alleged securities fraud. it's not clear whether his attorney will allow him to attend the congressional hearing. we'll keep you posted. madison, over to you u. before we go, here is a look at flight delays across the country. things are running
6:26 am
stay we'll send it over in just a second, but first is a preview. first what is happening at the annual reno sheep show. and steve is here to show you how you can make a delicious latino flair. and off to a great start this year. and we're going to have more from them coming up in less than five minutes. guys? >> all right, melissa,
6:27 am
i almost messed up on that. a final look at your forecast here. e. another quiet day today. above average on friday. the storm is going to be rolling in. rain showers on your friday. one to two feet. possibly three at the highest elevations. >> terrific stuff. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. thed to show is next here on
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