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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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on a three week protest led by rancher ammon bundy. >> disturbing details emerging about the inmates who escaped from an orange county jail way crimes they are accused of committing. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. good evening i'm madison corney. a traffic accident has shut down 4th street west of keystone avenue we have a crew on scene. right now it appears that a vehicle crash brought down a tree and power lines in the area. of course we will be checking back in on this scene throughout our newscast and
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it becomes available, but right now first responders working on that scene and have not been able to confirm things with us. so right now just relying on the crew there and again we will be checking back in there just in a few minutes. developing news out of oregon tonight where rancher ammon bundy was arrested one person was killed after an exchange of gunfire. law enforcement officers clashed with mill ish militia members. >>reporter: ammon bundy has been arrested along with four others according to a statement from the fbi. fbi confirmed on tuesday it and the oregon state police started statement calls to bring custody a number of individuals associated with the armed occupation. during the arrest the fbi says shots were fired. one person was killed and
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federal probable cause arrest. the other person suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. ammon bundy and others started protesting rancher convicted of arson. it turned into the occupation of the wildlife refuge on january 2nd. they were angry over what they call government overreach on federal lands. as the occupation stretched on residents demanded it come to an end. >> it's time for you to go home. >> ammon bundy is the son of controversial rancher cry convenient bundy involved in a 2014 stand off with the government over grazing rights. >> 8 arrests have been made and law enforcement sources are telling cnn the man killed was a figurehead for the occupation. we'll bring you updates on that as they become available. teachers and students of a reno charter school facing
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financial trouble have renewed hope. what compromise was made with washoe county school officials to ensure rain shadow charter remains open. >>reporter: when faced with the possibility of -- rain shadow called for help. >> i felt they were going to come to us. i can see they genuinely cared. >>reporter: on tuesday the board of trustees had an answer the school will stay open on its current charter ending june 30th and will start its renewal process to demonstrate its february. it was a compromise that brought tears of joy finishing the school year means it will work on a tight budget with only $7,500 of wiggle room. many at the small school of about a hundred students will rain shadow.
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a family. >> breaking up a family is is hard. it is painful. >>reporter: this move avoids uprooting students mid school year or closing the school all together. >> this gives us incentive and new life to continue on with what we were working on and that's going to be more sustainable in the future. >>reporter: there is still much work to keep rain shadow afloat. trustee has been talking to a donor who may throw the school a lifeline. >> fingers crossed that they will follow all the protocols and continue with individuals in the community and we'll create a win, win for our kids. >> the principal says a quarter of the school's bucket goes to renting the building should the schools come up with
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solvent the chart he may be renewed. washoe county school district officials say they maintained favorable credit ratings from standard and poor's rating service. what does that mean for the district as a whole and taxpayers. the officer for the school district says it's good news. >> we were issuing our first rollover bonds in order to issue to have standard poor's come in analyze your finances the school district's finances as well as looking at the local economy to see what things look like in washoe county. so those ratings are used to -- when we get the favorable reports we got it allows us to get lower interest rates so when we issue debt we don't have to pay as much it's a good thing for the taxpayers. >> though the credit ratings were good analysts did express concern about long term capital funding needs for the school district.
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district and state level to address that issue. switching gears a beautiful week so far and even warmer daytime highs on the way. let's check in with collin jackson with a first look at our forecast tonight. hey collin. >> you know what a little warmer then we get the rain back in time for the weekend. doppler radar not finding much of anything interesting. off shore we have clouds on the way this cloud pattern coming from the southern part of the pacific. when we pull out the next storm is coming from the westnd and it will pack a punch low pressure system out to the west will bring in snow levels that will drop 4,000 and track of this one is come coming right through our area. temperatures are cold again we're already at freezing. carson city and 28 up . here's your planner for tomorrow morning 30 by 7:00 mid 40s for noon. 50s by 2:00 and 4:00 more cold we are weather and wet weather
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>> thanks so much collin. new tonight we know the identity of a man killed in an officer involved shooting near meadow wood mall monday night. sparks police identified him as 38-year-old sergio alvarado- morales. it started with a traffic traffic incident involving four possibly five vehicles. he was involved in the crash but they are not sure what led up to the collision. they also confirmed alvarado m was armed with a knife intending to harm himself. one officer tried to subdue him work. investigators say when a deadly. they haven't released certain details including how many shots were fired. >> it's not being secret it's about protecting the integrity of the investigation. >> we wouldn't release their names. >> this is an ongoing
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if you have any information you can call secret witness at 322- 4900. they want to know what led up to this crash and if there was a fifth car involved. they want to know more about alvarado morales. sparks list are investigating the shooting. detectives say the officers involved routine paid administrative leave pending outcome of the investigation. reno police have new leads related to several residential detectives have identified michael henn white male 5'10". if you know anything about his whereabouts you're asked to call secret witness. again that number 322-4900. the three inmates who escaped a southern california jail is now in its fifth day dangerous they are. orange county sheriff's
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attacking a man pouring bleach on him torturing him with a blowtorch. now the bail jumped 50,000 per fugitive they raised the reward to $200,000 total. the prosecutor handling the terrifying torture case of escapee wonders why this ex-con with history of escape and his fellow fugitives with gang affiliations were not isolated. >> i'm not in charge of the jail i don't want to second guess what they do but it's disconcerting to learn they were with all these other hard ended criminals who could collaborate and conspire to escape. >> orange county officials say there are now up to 250 law enforcement officers searching for the three fugitives. dramatic foot an has emerged showing the moments at least 40 inmates from a brazilian prison following an explosion through an external wall on saturday.
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newspaper a video shows a man entering the compound shortly sends inmates running and tumbling before many turned back. gunfire was reported during the escape killing two inmates. an investigation is underway into the circumstances of that explosion and escape. still ahead on news 4 at 11:00 a police car is engulfed by a massive wave it's caught on
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and .
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news 4's van 2 has arrived on the scene of the traffic crash. >>reporter: at least 500 customers are without power according to n v energy that's because of this crash behind me. from the looks of it you can tell it was a pretty bad one you can see that vehicle right there battalion chief from the reno fire department tells us the person driving that car drove through a telephone pole and it landed on its roof. the driver of this car had to be extricated. that person has been transported to renowned. fourth street where this is happening is closed beginning west of keystone. i'm not sure exactly from this vantage point where it closes on the other end but if you are driving around this area it's beef to avoid it. power is out for at least 500 customers as you can see the
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that person has now been transported to the hospital. reporting live on west 4th and keystone news 4. thanks so much for that. republican presidential candidate jeb bush says he's the only canadian dat with a western land policy that respects western ideas. he spoke to elko residents he received applause from the crowd saying the u.s. department of the interior should move its headquarters from the nation's capitol to the west. he made his appeal before nevada republicans head to the caucuses. he said other republican daughter are better talkers than him but argued he was the contender with a plan. wow. take a look at this torrential rain caused major waves on chile's pacific coast on monday the video shows a moment
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on its side. people nearby began to help the person trapped inside that vehicle as crashing waves continued to pummel the car. all right. collin over to you. >> guess what at storm. it's almost getting to the mid part of the week might as well talking about the next storm. it's going to move on in starting friday night into saturday and sunday. the high today was 50. average is 47. the low this morning was crisp. it was 26. elko only got to 28 for a high. that's pretty cold. and in sacramento the high there was 61, which is pretty good. we sit at 36 at 11:00. it is about 2 degrees warmer than last night at this time. winds zero means dead calm. so other numbers are already down to the mid 20s for south lake tahoe and truckee. most locations outside right now in the reno surrounding area 3 the to 35. but
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we have high clouds streaming in from this part of the pacific. coming our way. get ready for more rain and perhaps more snow than we had last time around in tahoe last weekend it was 6 to 10 inches. we could see more probably a foot in many spots. future clouds and radar passing tomorrow. you'll see the sun you'll see the clouds and the mountains to the east. the west as well. then we get the rainfall in our area by early friday morning and it kind of lingers through 10:00 a.m. you'll see there's not a lot of snow piling up this is the warm part of the storm. the cold part arrives on saturday especially saturday or sunday. 29 the overnight low still cold and we'll be around 30 by 8:00 when you're ushering the kids off to school. partly cloudy and light winds. 55 will be the high tomorrow above average too much coffey. winds southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies.
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you live in the northeastern section of the state. it will be cold. 9, 4, 2 for overnight lows. 15 in west wendover. battle mountain 15 years highs in the mid 30s. lovelovelock 20. carson city 28. men deny about 26 as well. topaz 25. highs in the low 50s. a little warmer than it was today. kings beach 29. glen brook 25, 15 in south lake tahoe. to the north 32 at nixon and highs will be in the low 50s pretty much all the way across the board there on wednesday. and on the valley floor sun valley 52. golden valley 50. cold springs 50. overnight lows upper 20s to 30 degrees. here are is the 7-day forecast rain chances start friday,
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the mountains you've got more snow on the way isn't that exciting? another foot would be great. if you're going to ski get out there sunday. it shouldn't be as windy but saturday will be a potential mess. for us a rainfall chances go with a hundred percent on saturday what do you think about that. >> i'll take it collin.
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the wolfpack . wolfpack men's basketball
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game against san diego state with momentum after betting unlv on saturday how would all that energy stand up against a domestic innocent aztec team. cooper in three-point land he pulls up for the swish. 21-20 nevada. last game the pack went 00 of 9 from behind the arc. d. j. center hits the triple as well after that they get back in transition. but marquis goalie swipes the rock and gets the and one bucket. the next free throw pack up by 4. tyrone chris well he likes likes one-on-one clam takes the power dribble muscles in 2. nevada ahead by 4. coleman takes a shot but misses it he grabs his own rebound finishes what he starts and the pack lead by 7 points at the half.
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its groundal der swats the san diego shot attempt lines say drewer warns him with alley- oop. by the latter minutes of the game the pack was down by 2 points. coleman went one for 2 in the end san diego state won 57 to 54. alex margulies watched hough it played out has this report. >>reporter: this is guest definitely going to be a tough one to wall low. both teams shot abysmally under 30% for the wolf mark. 28-point #% san diego state. you hold the as tells to 15 field goals in the entire game very friday frustrating the they have take team felt like they had this game won. a couple minutes left to play but san diego state went on the furious raltyly at the end. >> absolutely we let it slip away.
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whole game until the end. gave it away. they grinded it out. they played better than us in game. >> everybody knew that this was going to be a challenge coming into it. san diego state has won 10 consecutive games in the mountain west going back to last season and certainly this is going to be a game the wolfpack will have a hard time for getting we see if they can get back on track. they will hit the road play at utah state on saturday. reporting with the wolfpack, alex margulies. this wolfpack driver is on fire for the fourth time and 9th time in her career christa palmer was named mountain west diver of the week. the car soon city native water honored for her efforts in leading undefeated nevada past
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place finish on the spring word. it marks 3 years of competing on the board for palmer. future can't be any brighter for the mountain west diver of the year. >> there's just a lot of opportunity here now to the next level. i'll continue until my body can't take it anymore. i really enjoy the sport and i love doing it. i have fun with it and every a great coach that can really take me to the top level. so, i'm just going to give it my all. >> that was a short snippet from a feature on pal near that ran this weekend on wolf pack all access you can click on the sports page. we aren't in baseball season let but one player is getting early recognize next. christian as to look mountain west preseason pitcher of the year. a native of reno was named the mountain west pitcher of the year last season first season
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the left-handed pitcher post 8- 2 record with 2.8 er and he tied for the league lead in total wins before being alleged as the mountain west top pitcher. the wolfpack opens up the 2016
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with a four game . welcome back everyone this thursday marks 30 years of the explosion of the challenger in 1986. family members of the crew members lost use the tragedy as by creating the challenger learning center there are more than 45 challenger learning centers across the globe but the first one in the silver state is now open. students from across the region can come to sparks high school to have a hand on experience interpreting data to complete a mission. >> there is the flight director station at police control where students can community with the astronauts on the pace craft. emily how's it going. >> it's going great we're portion experiments right here on the spacecraft as we're heading to mars. >> she's always betting creative in the field. the center isn't limited to students in the region. you can head over to
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sign up and when the public missions will be taking place. collin jackson joins with us final look at the forecast. >> tomorrow is not looking bad. a chance of rain on friday late in the day. hundred percent good chance on saturday. >> i think we're good. >> it could turn possibly to snow late saturday into sunday on the valley floor. last time around the foothills got some snow but not much fell in the city, but this time might be different. we're only at tuesday so give us a break. we're going to see if we can get a little more on it by thursday. >> that hundred percent chance looks good but friday a warm system 5 # degrees. >> not bad.
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