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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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a race against the clock. find out coming up. news 4 at 4 starts now. thanks for joining us. i am joe hart. >> i am shelby sheehan. let's get your afternoon forecast with collin. pretty warm temperatures on tap, too. >> we could set some records in some areas. highs promising to be 60-64 degrees tomorrow. that's warm this time of year. big south wind starting tomorrow afternoon and the changes will arrive. take a look at a where we're starting off with our forecast. we are live from one. many webcams can access. this is a sugar bowl. people enjoying a slushy mix. also how about squaw? how about other areas that are
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maybe another foot by the time all is said and done. doppler radar right now scanning for a hope of rain and not much. well offshore. that storm system to the west means business and it's going to be a messy community on 80 and 50 and 35 starting saturday afternoon. we are at 54. carson city at 50. here is your evening plan. we will stay in the upper 40s by six. 39 by nine. this is a little warmer than last night. get ready for big changes in the seven-day forecast. that's coming up next. back to you. >> thanks. topping our news this afternoon a settlement has been reached between the city of reno and the truckee meadows fire protection district over fire services. it puts to rest any and all claims between the city of reno and truckee headed owes about a breach from agreements that stem from a lawsuit in december of 2014. more specifically, the city of reno has dismissed claims
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indirect cost from truckee meadows, and truckee meadows dismissed their counterclaims for damaged property and equipment. so a new era of cooperation moving forward madison corney was at the city council meeting as the agreement was made and spoke with city officials and fire chiefs. she will have more coming up tonight on news 4 at 5 and 6. a pilot landed in reno today after smoke was detected in the cockpit. the air force dc air 10 tanker landed safely this afternoon at the reno tahoe international airport. according to a airport spokesperson, they met the aircraft when it landed. no injuries were reported. it's unclear whether there was smoke in the cockpit or where it might have come from. the plane was out of travis air force base in california and landed in reno. smoke filled the sky after a
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police say a shed caught fire at a home on tomahawk way near golden valley. the blaze was larger than normal due to materials packed inside the shed. officials say no injuries are reported and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a carson city judge has overturned a nevada assemblyman's dui conviction from last year. judge wilson found that a blood test was not admissible as evidence against democratic lawmaker richard carrillo. the crime lab technician testified she did not control all stages of the blood test that found him above the legal limit. deputies say carrillo was found asleep in the driver's seat of his car after leaving a bar near the capitol during the legislative session. he michigan's governor rick snyder is assembling a panel of
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michigan's water problems. today the governor announced the appointment of a special task force. that panel will look at ways to implement long-term solutions. terry henry spoke with water experts at the truckee meadows water authority. on news 4 at 5, they share their thoughts on what's happening in flint and whether something similar could possibly happen here. the city of reno could soon be reimbursed for what it costs to refilter the water in virginia lake. water comes in from the northside and used to be filter on the southern end will create lake. more than $100,000 was spent by the city on the new system. today the council can approve a donation from a company building homes near virginia to lake to cover the costs. a total of $116,000. donald trump is stealing the headlines yet again. this time for what he is promising not to do, and that is
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republican presidential debate. the move may escalate trump's feud with fox news that has been simmering for months. the network refused to back down on trump's call to replace moderator megyn kelly. trump will instead hold an event in iowa to raise money for wound veterans. time for our web poll question. do you think that donald trump made the right decision in bowing out of the fox news debate tomorrow? there is plenty of time to vote. the web poll is on our facebook page and we will have updated results through our newscasts tonight. nevada's unemployment numbers are out and the las vegas metropolitan area saw the highest growth in employment adding more than 18,000 jobs during the last year. last december las vegas' unemployment rate dropped to 6% while the reno-sparks area went down to 5.5%. carson city's unemployment rate
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reno experiences some mild job growth last month adding 1,100 jobs while carson city went up slightly adding 100 jobs in december. if you haven't signed up foreign exchange health coverage in 2016 yet you have four more days to enroll or you could face some hefty fines. the deadline is sunday at midnight. but insurance experts say you should get online as soon as possible because the website tends to get bogged down as the deadline nears. if you miss that cut-off, you will have to pay the penalty for not having insurance as nearly $700 or 2.5% of your taxable income. a local insurance broker says it's not smart to be without healthcare. >> insurance is a gamble. it's based on risk. you don't know what's gonna happen. you can always plan for the scheduled doctor visits you have with your favorite providers, but no one can planor the what if emergency scenarios. >> some people say the gamble is worth the risk.
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fee because they say it's cheaper than paying for insurance every month we will have more on that and some tips for people planning to enroll in the next few days at five. well, a mosquito-borne virus has spread to 21 countries in the americas that is causing birth defects in brazil. the zika virus, these mosquitoes carry the virus if it bites person already infected with zika. international travel will help spread the virus quickly and the cdc has issued a travel alert warning pregnant women to go to those countries. tune in tonight at five as we speak to local experts about the likelihood of it spreading to silver state. police are looking for two men they say robbed a gas station in parks last night. according to sparks police two men entered the mcdarren mart on east greg street before midnight. one of them pointed a gun at a clerk and told her to get on the ground as the other man took
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the suspects left and were last seen running south. the first suspect in the case described as white or hispanic a -- the other suspects had to be a white or hispanic male wearing dark blue clothing with a black beanie cap and white tennis shoes and also had a handgun. if you have information contact the sparks police department at 353-2225 or call secret witness at 322-4900. and coming up we are going back to the future thanks to one iconic car company. we have it how -- how much you are going to need to spend to get your own delorean. >> tumors can be scary, especially ones that aren't well known. leslie carlson has more on denying [ inaudible ] tumors in this wellness wednesday. we will have more on that coming
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outside it's another beautiful day.
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then welcome back everyone. an iconic car gears up to come back. the delorean known as the time machine in back to the future. the doors open up, not out. the current company owners have been gunning for a chance to get back in action after idling for decades. the plan is to replicate 1992 deloreans. the money crash is coming to
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coffee beans are at the lowest point in two years. coffee [ inaudible ] starbucks serves to customers has fallen by about a third in just this year. officials in brazil forecast coffee -- [ inaudible ] led to the drop in prices. no one expects latte prices would come down. waking up can be especially difficult on a cold winter mornings. with the right alarm you won't have it for better or worse. mike has three apps sure to get you out the bed. >> reporter: alarmi brags of being the most alarming app. it lives up to the name. it won't shut off with a snooze button. instead you have to take a picture of a room and register it. then you have to get up and take a picture and it has to match or the alarm will keep going off.
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simply shake your phone a set number of times. it's 1.99. mimicker gets you up by forcing you to mimic an action to shut your alarm off like taking a selfie with a certain facial expression. it won't shut off for the door until that sachs completed. the app is free for android. and wake and shake is described as annoying but good by some users. exactly what many are looking for in an alarm. the developers say wake and shake is merciless. the only way to shut it off is by shaking your phone like crazy. there aren't any other ways to shut it off. it can be cut mized with different alarms and levels of intensity. 99 cents for ios. well, would you like more information about all of this? no problem. head over to my pc mike tech blog.
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bend lin for nbc news. >> colin, he has the details on the forecast. that would be a terrible way to wake up? >> yeah. with snow where you don't expect it, right? we have these great webcams to show you. i keep adding more. i will step out of the way. this is the north star mount pluto cam. the day is done. look at the setting sun. isn't that gorgeous? get ready at elevations like this for maybe 12 inches of snow as this system gets ready to come in. a few high clouds from the south. that is it. we hit 55 today. tomorrow atop 60 most spots. the low this morning 30. 27 was the high. cold in northeastern nevada and what else? winnemucca 34. it was cold and it continues to be cold in the east and that will be the trend. 54 right now. winds are dead calm. wind advisories and high wind watches are up and that's in effect starting tomorrow night
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gusts to 40, 50 miles per hour, maybe more south in advance of the storm. south lake tahoe 45. truckee 52. a warm overnight as we get the warm air in first. there is truckee. south lake's at 45. most locations upper 40s to 50 degrees. winds are flat. another calm night in store. a few high clouds will start moving on in and then we get busy with this weather system. it's going to be stronger than last weekend's. maybe we had some snow. it was a little messy friday night over i-80 and then we had a dusting in the foothills around reno. i think we will see some on the valley floor this time around. here is the scene friday night morning 9 a.m. rain in the tahoe region and quite heavy at times. please drive carefully. friday at 11 p.m. the not much in reno, but points west a rain-snow mix and it turns to snow definitely overnight and we are stopping the clock here early in the morning as early as
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if you have plans on saturday. try to leave town, that model will change as we get closer. 48 hours away. it's an indication that things will get cold and nasty and windy over 80. 60 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. winds picking up at 15 to 25 miles per hour late in the day and above average definitely. we may set some records. elko down to 8. are you kidding me? 37 the high. 45 battle mountain. sliding down to the southwest, southeast, i should say, bridgeport in california 25. fallon 60. hawthorne 62. carson city 35. you can see where it will be warm everywhere. a lot of 60s popping up on the map. so how about the lake? highs in the upper 40s to 50. overnight lows most places below freezing and the winds pick up
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in the day. southwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour. rain in the susanville area late in the day with a southwest wind at 15 to 25 miles per hour. all right. how about cold spring down to 30. overnight lows similar. highs in the upper 50s to 60 with southwest winds that will be gusty. here are the numbers. how about that? rain for carson city. a rain-snow mix late saturday. percentages are high. lingers to monday. lake tahoe snow starting early saturday lasting through sunday, monday, and tuesday. reno-sparks get ready for a wet and wild weekend. drive carefully, please. stay with us. >> thanks, collin. [ inaudible ] or facial paralysis in is some cases. melissa carlson sits down with a doctor to break down what to know about certain kinds of benign tumors.
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most common time of brain tumor. a benign intracranial. tell me what that is. >> it's a tumor that's in the brain that is not malignant or is has no potential to spread outside of the brain. the reason we worry about them is sometimes they can grow big enough to cause problems. it's a delicate tight space up in there. so they can cause permanent or irreversible symptoms sometimes. >> things can happen. >> correct. >> i think of a brain tumor and you think you are going to have to shave off my hair, open up my skull. get this there. is that always the option? >> some tumors are treated best with surgery. a lot of times we can use cyber knife radio surgery to treat them as well.
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how is it that it's becoming is guys. >> it's a non-invasive way of treating the tumors. very precise. we minimize the amount of radiation to the normal surrounding tissues. it's a quick little [ inaudible ] side effects. >> faster recovery time? >> yes. >> awesome. what is the response? >> excellent. people love this treatment because they can get it done in five treatments or less and be done and not have to recover from a surgery. >> awesome for people who rural areas who can't spend weeks down here. love that. doctor, thank you for being with us. you can find more information on this on our website and facebook page as well. >> thanks, melissa. for more information head to reno cyber knife you dot-com. a major beer company has
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birth of a company icon. why the foul pays homage to the team. here is a look at the
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we will be right back. and time now for our news 4 web poll question. do you think donald trump made the right decision in bowing out of the fox news debate tomorrow? here is a look at the early results. 52% say yes. 48% say no. you find the web poll on our facebook page. we will have updated results
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yesterday we wanted to know have you started your tax filing process yet. after 24 hours 33% say yes. 67% say you're putting it off. well, coming up at five, despite dead issues, the ballpark is set to get upgrades. coming up at five, we will show you what to expect to see in the coming years. and then tonight at six, two people were killed and three others injured when a shooting took place at a homeless camp in washington. coming up we will show you why authorities believe this incident was not random. all right. the budweiser clydesdale family welcomed its newest member mack. his name is in honor of its clydesdales being the most mack fro of all. the tag line proudly macro beer. anheuser-busch announced he was born in boonsville, missouri. mom and baby are happy and healthy.
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there. he is a cute little guy. the ranch is home to more than 160 clydesdales. the company said mack will live there and learn the ins and outs of being a budweiser clydesdale. who knows. maybe we will see him a commercial? >> even the babies, those horses are so large. >> yeah. strong the way they are built. >> have you seen one in person ever, the big ones? >> yes. look at dinosaur. they are massive. i didn't think they would be that tall. >> you need a ladder -- people don't ride them? >> i don't think so. they just pull -- >> they pull. >> the budweiser sleigh. big changes. today was nice. highs mid 50s. tomorrow close to 60. live at mammoth village. it's gonna be snow. overall rainfall chances that start late, late friday and then last through the weekend.
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thanks. >> judge judy: she found you and the boyfriend in what she considered a compromising position. >> announcer: revenge
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>> i saw her by the car. >> judge judy: well,
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