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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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it's you and me, baby there ain't nothin' wrong with that we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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florence, you're the maid, and you're just sitting there reading. i'm the employer, and i'm doing the dusting. do you notice anything wrong? missed a spot. what? mrs. jefferson,my standards are high. if you're doin' my work,do it right. florence, if you're cooking dinner tonight, better hurry. there's only six hours left to burn it. don't forget you promisedto take ralph to lunch. oh, no.
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tell him i looked at florence, and i'm at the hospital having my toes uncurled. why don't you tell ralph mr. jefferson donatedhis body to science and theystamped it "reject." ralph has beenlooking forward to this. it's his own special day. you mean his own special invention. whoever heard of national doorman's day? it's right thereon the calendar. who gave us the calendar? it was a christmas gift... from ralph. i got nothing in common with him. i don't answer doors. [doorbell rings] i'll get it. out of my way. what's wrong? it's tom.
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tom only wants to talk about his work. he never asks what i do. what do you do? i work atthe help center. don't you do that, weez? yes, george,for the last five years. i thought i remembered that. see, we communicate. louise,i'm so frustrated. i've tried telling tomabout my new project. but it's a wonderful project. i know, but tomdoesn't seem interested. he only talks aboutthat silly bookhe's working on, the miracle of snoring. you think you got problems? i'm having lunch with ralph for national doorman's day. is this nationaldoorman's day? on our calendar,it's next month.
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you're going, george. helen, let's have a cup of coffee. i can't, louise.i'm running late. by the way, if tom asks, i'm at the help center working on that project he's not interested in. who cares? oh, george, your tie is loose. can you believe how she acted? she deserves willis. george,this is serious. helen's my best friend. i can't remember whenshe's been so upset. florence, did you hear what helen said? i was in the kitchenminding my own business. well, listen, george-- but if mr. willisdon't start
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their marriageis all over. weren't you minding your own business? i was till i heardthe juicy part. i ain't neverbeen married, but-- you never will be, if there's a god. there's a god,all right. you're howhe celebratesapril fool's day. anyway,i do know when a man stopspaying attentionto his wife, it's all over. you think so? my daddy used to say when a man stopspaying attentionto his wife, it's all over. [doorbell rings] florence, that's the doorbell. somebody must have pushed it. hello, mrs. jefferson.
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greetings, mr. jefferson, sir. i've been looking forward to this. ralph, i can't celebratenational doorman's day. why not? 'cause i don't want to. george, take him to lunch. ok, ok. i thought we might try this little french restaurant. it's perfect for national doorman's day. how many calendarsdid you give out? one for each tenant. about 365. so this is how the other half lives. i hope we get a table. leave it to me. two for lunch. do you havea reservation? no.
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but you don't know who i am. and i don't care to. monsieur ralph! will you requireyour usual table? may we, alfonse? i'm sure the senatorwon't mind moving. you've been herebefore? now that you mention it, last summer, the doorman's union held their annual clambake here. your tableis ready. merci. il a l'air beaucoup de plus grand personne. what was that about? alfonse thinks you're a tv star. i love it when you say, "the plane, boss,
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bon appetit. i really appreciate this, sir. dining with you here is the thrill of a lifetime. ooh, my! what's the matter? we have a situation at table four, right behind you. uhh! it's helen willis. that's not tom willis. she was going to the help center. looks like she's getting her help somewhere else. she said willis wasn't paying enoughattention to her. she's actuallyhaving an affair. and it had to happen
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she was with another man. you know what's even worse? ralph is loaded. forget ralph. i want to hear about helen-- i mean that other situation. yeah, me, too. florence, this is private. mind going to the kitchen? uh-uh. then i'd have tostrain to hear. i don't wantto miss any dirt. weezy, she's two-timin' him. uh, george, this isn't the place to discuss greta and heinrich's problems. greta and heinrich? we were just talking about them. is heinrich fat? uh-huh. oh. i just can't believe
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i saw it myself. i can't believe she'd do it. greta's my best friend. well, what's his name is my best friend. nobody's making a monkey out of my best friend. i got to tell him what's happening. i'll leave soy'all can talk freely. thank you. if heinrich don't pay more attention to what greta's doing at that help center, the willis' marriage is all over. weez, i got to tell heinrich. greta's makin' a fool out of him. we can usetheir real names now. i got to tell tom helen's foolin' around.
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they're meeting at the restaurant again tomorrow. they could be going for some perfectlyinnocent reason. uh-uh, weez. they had champagne. suppose this is true, which i don't believe, it's none ofour business. promise meyou won't tell him. ok, i promise i won't tell him. i'll show him. table for two. withouta reservation, i cannotaccommodate you. can you accommodate me for $10? no. $20?
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the plane, boss, the plane! right this way,please. i have a very specialtable for you. thank you. bon appetit. same to you. this isa fancy restaurant. why have we come? it's a good place to eat. besides, i have something to show you. boy, will you see something. i don't understand,george. you will, willis. you will. take a look around. i can't tear my eyesaway from this menu. have you triedthe bouillabaisse? look around the restaurant.
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helen? i'll have togo say hello after we order. notice anything strange? they don't haveprime ribs in the hungryman's cut. will you listen to me? i'm explaining about your wife. when the cat's away, the mice will play. what? there'll be a hot time tonight. i beg your pardon? your wife is cheating on you! what are youtalking about? helen wouldn'tcheat on me.she loves me. besides, what reasoncould she have? she said you weren't paying attention to her. helen knowsi've been busy.
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oh, there must besome other explanation. why would she wantanother man? take a good look at that guy. now take a look at yourself. she's leaving me!what should i do? if it was my wife, i'd beat the guy up. you're right.push has come to shove. i'm not giving upwithout a fight. tell the waiteri'll have the bouillabaise. hello, helen. tom!what a surprise. i'll bet it is. i'd like you to meet-- i'll deal with you later, woman. you, sir. stand up.
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then we'll duke it out sitting down. who is this man? usually he's my husband tom. tom, this is carl davis. i know what's going on. what are you talking about? i'll be waiting for you outside. if you're a man, you'll be there. george, i've changed my mind. order me a steak. rare. i have to apologize. that'sa strange man. i've never seen tom act like that before. i can't understand what's come over him. now i understand what's come over him. well, well, well. you got caught with your hand
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you cheap bigolo. that's gigolo. he admits it! george, what's going on? as if you didn't know. how could you? your husband's not the world's best-looking guy. lord knows he's not the thinnest. but he's a decent and loyal man. what you got to say? george, i've been helping carl set up the marriage counseling program at the help center. we just came here to celebrate. oh. you're a marriage counselor? yep. why don't you counsel this woman's husband? he's a hothead, jumping to conclusions. i tried to tell him, "nothing's going on between them." you think he listened? no.
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he won't make a fool out of me. we got to talk. carl, i've never been so embarrassed. tom would never do that on his own. what aboutthat other guy? let's just say every day's a full moon for george. i've got to settle this. if he thinkswe're having an affair, let's notdisappoint him. what? i'm very attracted to you.i want you. for what? now thati've met tom, i know you're readyfor an affair. what are you talking about? i'm a marriagecounselor. you said tom wasn't payingenough attention to you.
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i am? let's not kid ourselves. there's a nice hotelnearby. i do my best counselingunder the sheets. what do you say? man, you touch me and you're history! look who's here. mr. egg-on-my-face. george explained the whole thing. but, tom-- no, no. i was wrong. i made a fool of myself. please, carl, go right ahead with your plans. i love what you're planning with my wife. you do? tom-- i work late tuesdays, so you two can use the apartment. hey, thanks, pal. i know i haven't paid much attention
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but i want to know everything about what you two do. once you're settled in, i want some pictures. he wanted to take me to a hotel. well, fine. let me make up for the way i behaved. let me pay for the hotel room. this man made a pass at me. fine, fine. say what? baby, you blew it. you made a pass at my wife? i sure did, man. well, that's it. you'd better stand up this time, because i want you to fall a long way. if you can't take care of her, someone else has to. get up. tom, don't. he's not worth it. put 'em up.
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look, i'm an emotional wreck. let's just say we've had it out and you've won, ok? well i-- let it go, tom. well, all right, but-- all right. it's over. now get out of here. all right, all right. baby, if you change your mind-- oh, tom,you're wonderful. i was so scaredhe'd hurt you. not as scared as i was. helen, i'll make a promise. from now on, your interests are mine. ok.
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the diabetes solution kit. i urge you to try this all-natural, done-for-you program so you can finally live independent of drugs and insulin shots.
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boy, the way glenn miller played songs that made the hit parade guys like us we had it made those were the days and you knew where you were then girls were girls and men were men mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again didn't need no welfare state everybody pulled his weight gee, our old lasalle ran great
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