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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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[jeannie singing in foreign dialect] good morning, master. how are you feeling this morning? uh, to tell the truth, i'm not-- here is your breakfast. all of your favorite dishes. oh. well, uh, jeannie, thanks a lot-- look... i don't-- miss atom bomb and miss galaxy are in town. i'm not gonna get involved. honestly, you don't have to-- i have pressed your dinner jacket, and you and major healey are going to take them out tonight. and i am going to stay in my bottle, so that i will not accidentally cause you any trouble. hm. i do not want anything to spoil this evening for you. wh-- uh, what made you change your mind? oh, i have not changed my mind. all i want is for you to be happy. that is all i have ever wanted. oh. they are such beautiful girls. oh. you will have a wonderful time tonight. well, i will get back into my bottle. enjoy your breakfast, master. i will see you tomorrow. hold it. hold it? yeah, i want to discuss this.
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oh, well. discuss what, master? oh, uh, breakfast in bed. uh-- uh, you wanting me to go out with miss atom bomb. uh, you staying in your bottle and not bothering me all day. and being so terribly nice about everything. that's what i want to discuss. oh, well, of course, master. why? uh, why? uh, when you start repeating everything i say, i know that i'm in trouble. now, what's going on? uh, going on? jeannie. [giggling] well, i mean-- i mean, well-- well, what could be going on? i don't know. that's what i want to find out. find out? let's see. now, i, um-- i know it's not my birthday. and it's certainly not your birthday... no. but it's some kind of a special day, isn't it? [chuckling] well, it... a very little day. uh-huh. now, look-- oh, well, it-- it is, uh...haji's day. [laughing] oh. i see. now we're getting somewhere. where are we getting?
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master of all the genies. oh, i see. i see. and on haji's birthday, you act especially nice. [gasps] you guessed it, master. have a wonderful time. i will see you tomorrow. yeah-- hold it. why do i keep feeling like there's something more? oh. i cannot imagine, master. [chuckles] but there is. well...yes, but it-- it-- it is such a tiny little thing, i did not even want to bother you with it. [laughs] bother me. [laughs] well... this will amuse you. yeah, amuse me. go ahead. well... each year on haji's birthday... all the masters who are unhappy with their genies are able to send them away for good. [both laughing]
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jeannie, let me get something straight. if i send you away, you have to go? well, i know it is ridiculous, but-- but i can? [laughs] well, i--
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no. no, of course not. yeah, what time do i have to let you know? you have until midnight. midnight. oh, but do not even think about it, master. i'll be good. i will grant your every wish. and i will stay in my bottle and not get you into any trouble. you may go out with all the beautiful girls you want to... okay. ...and there is no-- okay. you mean it is all right? no. i mean, i want to think about it. oh, you wish to think about it? i mean, uh, how often does haji have a birthday? do you mean, you can get rid of jeannie if you want to... [snaps] ...just like that? yeah... [snaps] ...just like that. i only have until midnight. oh, she wasn't going to tell me, you know. i had to drag it out. oh, if she hadn't been so nice to me, i wouldn't have gotten suspicious. hm. well, uh, what are you, uh-- what are you gonna do?
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i think i'm gonna have to send her away. well, why would you want to do a thing like that? roger, i don't want to do that, but i don't have any choice. ever since i've met her, i've been in trouble. boy, am i gonna miss her. so am i. well, she can't help being the way she is. oh, i know that. she's a-- she's a warm-hearted... beautiful, impetuous, troublemaker. that's what she is: a troublemaker. hello, master. hi, jeannie. how many times have i told you not to pop in in public places? oh, nobody is looking. yeah. jeannie: good morning, major healey. roger: good morning, jea-- jeannie. get a chair. get a chair. get a chair, get a chair-- i got a chair. get a chair. get a chair. i am sorry to bother you, master,
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and i thought you might need it. well, thank you, jeannie. you shouldn't have troubled. oh, nothing is too much trouble for you, master. anytime, anyplace. there aren't too many genies who feel that way. and my only wish is to make you happy. i know you do, jeannie. and-- and you've been wonderful, and we've had a great year. but i've come to a decision, and i think i-- i-i-i had better go home and see if you left anything else. oh, jeannie-- jea-- boy, oh, boy. how could you do it? do what? make her leave? well, roger, i can't let her go on running my life. well, when does she ever run your life? wha-- what kind of a memory do you have? do you remember the time, uh... when she, uh-- she thought i looked tired, and i needed a rest? she made every day sunday. i remember i-- i-- i walked into the living room one day... and i... do you-- do you know what kind of chaos this could create? i only know that you have been working too hard, and it is not good for you. now-- jeannie--
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this is for your own good. it is going to remain sunday until you have rested. hm. it will give you a chance to do all those things you enjoy. i'm not gonna enjoy anything, and i'm not gonna let you do this. i'm gonna put my foot down-- [elephant trumpets] [roars] jeannie! try it on. no. jeannie, will you stop fooling around. i'm telling you for the last time-- jeannie! jea-- ohh! [spits] jeannie! you remember that? yeah, i'd forgotten that. it was pretty funny. [both laugh]
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that wasn't very funny. master? oh, jeannie, what are you doing here? well, i-- oh, i'm s-- i'm sorry. what are you doing, anyway? what are you--? oh! yeah. say, what have you done to yourself? well, i-- i thought you might prefer me with dark hair. no, i like you just the way you were. oh, did you, master? yeah. thank you! i will go tell haji. uh, no, that's not what i had in mind. oh boy, it's pitiful. she'd do anything to please you. well, do you think i'm gonna enjoy sending her away? it's just, i-- i can't take a chance on keeping her. well, if you send her back to the haji, you'll never see her again, ever. yeah, that's right. why don't you give her another chance anyway? she said she wouldn't get you into any more trouble. well, it's not only me. you remember the things she's done to you? hey, she's never done anything to me. roger, do you remember the time i got hit on the head and got amnesia? oh, yeah. and i-- i forgot who jeannie was. and i fell in love with her? yeah. she wanted to marry you. yeah, and you threatened to tell me that she was a genie. yeah, she was mad. whew, boy.
10:12 am
yeah. woo. [squawking] yeah. get away. get away from here. get away. [yells indistinctly] oh, boy. i got sunburn, frostbite, and a case of the bends all in the same day. yeah. and that was just one of jeannie's average days. yeah. oh. jeannie. well, now that you're here, i'd-- oh. now, you look lovely. [giggles] oh, thank you, master. i was hoping that it would please you. it pleases me. yes. well, i, uh-- i know it's not midnight yet, but, uh... i feel i ought to tell you anyhow. jeannie, i'm afraid i'm gonna have to send you back. she's, uh, really hard to pin down, isn't she? well, don't worry. she'll go back. this time i have the haji on my side. oh, good evening, master. hello, jeannie. glad you're here. i want to talk to you.
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whoa. oh, jeannie, what do you think you're doing? oh. i want you to be comfortable, master. [laughs] listen... ah-- uh-- [coughing, sneezing] [wheezing] those feathers... [stammers] this time, you're not going to get away with this. [harp music playing] [coughs] oh, i-- i-- uh, good evening. uh-- oh, very nice. ver-- very nice. jeannie, this is not gonna work this time. [coughing] [wheezing] what--? jeannie, i don't smoke. and i certainly wouldn't smoke a hookah if i did. [coughing] i am sorry, master. do you know what i have decided to do? what? i have decided to bring you all the treasures of the world.
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hey-- no. the rubies of the rajahs? no. the diamonds of the--? no. well, where would you like to start? i'd like to start with getting rid of all of this. oh, but i thought you'd enjoy-- now. ah. [coughs] oh, uh... this one too, huh. i'm terribly sorry, miss. it was very nice. oh, that's better. [chuckling] oh, jeannie, i am feeling... now the hammock. oh. yeah. thank you. [screams] oh! oh. master, i am sorry. it's all right. forget it. it's-- it's okay. oh, i do not know what to do. i-- i cannot seem to please you. no. you-- you please me very much. do i? yes, yes. if, uh-- if i ever wanted a genie in the whole wide world, you'd be the genie i'd want. oh, thank you, mas-- but i don't want a genie. oh, not even a genie who will not give you any trouble.
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and comfortable? [scoffs] comfortable? y-- you remember the-- what happened the last time you tried to make me comfortable? huh? [screams] ah-- oh! [yells indistinctly] jeannie! [creatures roaring] i can't hold on any... [croaks] [screams] and ever since i found you, my whole life has been like that. i-- i-- i go from disaster to disaster.
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as of midnight tonight, i'm gonna be free as a... jeannie? jeannie! all right, jeannie, i see you in there. you might as well start packing. as of midnight tonight,
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hey dad! how 'bout this one? what's it rated? t
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hey. try this one. and i think your dad will go for it. for more info, there's a rating search app. and you can set parental controls at home alright thanks. i'll check that out. let's see if you can beat your old man at this one. game on. let's do this! [female narrator] check the ratings. because some games are for kids. some aren't. visit esrb dot org. tony: come out, jeannie. [sighs] would you please come out? oh. now, don't be blue. oh, i'm sorry, master. you are gonna be nice and sensible about this, aren't you? no, master. that's a good girl. ye-- oh, yes you are. but it is so unfair. i make one teeny little mistake-- yeah, but you keep doing them over and over again. i-- i'm sorry. i can't have you interfering in my life any longer.
10:19 am
oh, master. someone has been telling you terrible tales. i would never do that. would you? of course not. oh, if there's anything i cannot stand, it-it-- it... it's an interfering genie. [sighs] yes, that's exactly the way i feel about it, jeannie. good! then there is no problem. i will be right back, mas-- uh-uh-- oh, i'm not through yet. you are not through yet? no, no. i know you don't mean to interfere. oh, no. but you do. oh. when have i ever interfered in your life? uh-- do-- do you remember the night i had a date with an old friend of mine? uh...charlie-- charlie suzie. there we were... good evening, master. you did not tell me you were going out tonight. oh, didn't i? mm. well, it must've slipped my mind. oh. you are all dressed up.
10:20 am
where are we going tonight, master? uh, we are not going anywhere. i have a date tonight with an old friend of mine from chicago. jeannie, what do you think you're doing? you have been working much too hard lately, master. it would be better if you stayed home and rested. well, i-- i'll decide that. now, i'm going out... and, uh-- this jealousy of yours is ridiculous. oh, well, i am not jealous, master. who is this girlfriend? she's-- uh, he's a very old school chum of mine from ohio. uh...yes. we went to school together, and... well, he's in town now, and he's sick, and, well, i'm gonna go and visit the poor guy. ah, what is her name? suzie... charlie suzie. oh, master. thou art not dealing with a stupid genie. you will stay home tonight. no, i'm not. i promised i'd visit him, and visit him i'm going to. now, give me my clothes.
10:21 am
all right. then i'll go and get dressed myself. you can make me late, but you can't keep me here. this is not a jail, you know. [snickers] jeannie. jeannie, let me out of here! now, that wasn't very nice, was it? well, i-- i-i thought it would amuse you. did you? yes. well, it didn't. you know why it didn't? because you-- you made me break my date. ah. but i let you keep it the next night, do you remember? oh, yes, i remember. you see? and everything turned out fine. i will go tell haji that you-- no. no? do you remember what happened when you let me keep the date? well...not exactly. well, let me refresh your memory. i was there with joan... to us. i'll drink to that. [coughs] [chuckles] jea--
10:22 am
i thought she looked better that way. i think you see what i mean, jeannie. it, uh-- it won't work. it just won't work. your mind is made up then? yes. yes, it is. [sighs] well, i... i will miss you, master. i'll miss you too. i am yours until midnight. i-i would like to do something for you. oh, no. nothing, thank you. oh, please. it will make me so happy. no, really. i want you to look nice for miss galaxy. oh. well, thank you very much, jeannie. i better be getting along. will you be here when i get back? if you return before midnight. [clears throat] uh, jeannie... yes? i, uh... i just wanted to thank you for everything. oh. would you... kiss me goodbye?
10:23 am
[door opens, closes] [sighs] goodbye, master. [traditional japanese music playing] tony...what's it like to go into orbit? oh, yes-- yes... uh, roger, what time is it? ro-- uh, what time is it? i got 9:30. what's the matter with you? you keep asking me what time is it. i think my watch has stopped. that's right. nine-thirty. don't worry. i don't have to be back until february. [laughing] oh, yes. you know... tony, i've been thinking a lot about you lately. uh, why-- why don't we do that. i don't think you've heard a word i've said. oh, i'm sorry, ann. if you've got a problem, maybe i could help you with it. the only person who could help me is me. more hot sake? how could you let me do that?
10:24 am
how could i let you do what? fine friend you turned out to be. well...i must have been out of my mind. i can't go on without her. you mean you've changed your mind? yeah. i'm gonna stop her. i wish i knew what everybody was talking about? it can't be 9:30-- uh, pardon me. could you tell me what time it is, please? mm. it's, uh, one minute past midnight. [sighs] here's to the best genie a master ever had.
10:25 am
you can't have jeannie back. there's, um, been some kind of a mistake. something went wrong with my watch. now, it's up to me to decide if i want to send her back. and i've decided i do not want to send her back. are you listening? all right, i'll tell you what i'll do. i'll fight you for her. but i warn you, i'm trained in unarmed combat. thanks, jeannie. [laughing] jeannie. jeannie. you escaped! no, master. how did you get away from the haji? i did not go to haji. yeah-- but you-- but you said that at midnight, you had to-- yes, master. midnight, haji's time. midnight, haji's time. well, i, uh-- i set your watches back. you set our watches back? well, i did not think you wanted me to go, really. and-- and-- and anyway, it-- it is too late now. oh ye-- too late-- too late, yes. uh... uh, that is, until next year. yes. do you mind very much?
10:26 am
oh, i am glad. yeah, but you remember, you're gonna keep your promises. you're gonna stay in your bottle and not interfere in my life. oh, that is right, master. welcome home. oh. thank you, master. [both laugh] okay, now, back in the bottle. oh, where are you going? oh, well, i'm going back to the tokyo house. i have a date, remember? and you are going back there? yeah, sure. good night. jeannie! wait. jeannie, what do you think you're doing? it is past midnight, master, and you should be in bed. you have a hard day tomorrow, and you should be fresh. sleep well. well-- oh. i will see you in the morning. jeannie, now, you cut this out.
10:27 am
[ ] good morning, major healey. hi, jeannie. uh, where's tony? he asked me to pick him up. oh, he overslept. would you like a cup of coffee while you're waiting? no, i'm in a hurry. i-- why? well, friday is general peterson's 10th anniversary as a general, and, uh, well, dr. bellows wants to put on this show. and i have to find somebody to take charge of the entertainment committee. oh, major nelson is very good at being in charge of things. well, it's not a matter of that. you gotta know somebody that's in show business. you gotta have somebody that has a big act. he doesn't know anybody in show business at all. i will help him. well, you co-- no. oh, no. oh, no. he doesn't like you helping him. don't do it. how would it look if some other master's genie was in charge? yeah, i see what you mean. no! no, no. oh, no. oh, no. he would enjoy himself. forget-- not me. no. he may not think so, but he would enjoy himself a great-- that's out. major healey, if major nelson is not put in charge, i can promise you that on the night of general peterson's party, there will be a terrible hurricane. [ ]
10:28 am
and a tidal wave. general peterson's party? and a typhoon. and we'll all be sitting around having cocktails? hm. well, i guess that's it. ha-ha-ha. i guess we found the new head of our committee. [laughs] oh. and, shh, not a word to major nelson. yeah, not a word. shh. yeah, not a word. oh, boy. guess i'll be-- oh, hi, roge. i'm sorry. i overslept. do you know something? huh, what? you should've stayed in bed.
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[ ] frankly, major healey, i would never have thought of major nelson for this. ah, well, frankly, neither did i, sir. it just came to me out of the blue. do you think he can get a top entertainer for friday evening? well, if he can't, he knows someone who can. uh, he's really quite anxious to head the committee, though. oh, strange. he never said a word to me about it.
10:32 am
but he'll come up with someone great. ah, major nelson. yes. i just want to express my appreciation. your appreciation, sir? for volunteering to take charge of general peterson's party. i haven't had a chance to tell you that-- for volunteering to take--? uh, major healey told me how anxious you are to do it. oh, major healey told you that, did he? thanks. we were considering using some of the amateur talent around here, but with all the people in show business you know, that won't be necessary, will it? people in show business i-- i told you he's modest. ha-ha-ha. i don't know one single person in the entertainment-- that's right. most of them are married. well, it's in your hands now, major nelson. this is one of the most important evenings in general peterson's life. oh, and, uh, may i just say one thing? yes, sir. don't let me down. [ ] yes, sir. [ ] why? well, if you're not the head of the entertainment committee
10:33 am
a hurricane, a tidal wave and a typhoon. jeannie. jeannie did that? not so loud. shh. don't get her mad, now. wh-why would she make you do that? why? how would it look if some other genie's master got the job? i mean, all you have to do is get a great entertainer. oh, sure. i don't know anybody in the entertainment field. i just told-- yeah, but jeannie does. yeah, i'm sure she does. i can just see her now. uh, uh, shakespeare will come out and introduce sarah bernhardt, and then ben hur will do a little chariot race. yeah, yeah. wait a minute. then after ben hur, maybe some gladiators. why did you do this to me? well, i-- i thought you might like to do something nice for general peterson. oh, i would. i would. but i don't know anything about entertainment. oh, well, i can get you cleopatra's dancing girls. huh? they are the most-- no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i would like to help you-- believe me, you've done enough. really. well, what will you do? i'll go to miami. you're going to run away? no. i'm gonna go to miami
10:34 am
in hotels and nightclubs. maybe i can persuade one of them to come up to the space center. oh, you are brilliant, master. [whistles] here we are. do you see anyone you know? no. but i see somebody i'd like to have. ah, he'd never do it. who would never do it? one of the greatest entertainers in the world. sammy davis jr. oh. is he better than ben hur? [ ] oh, are you ready for bed, master? oh, yeah-- it is so early. oh, e-early? oh, no, it's 10:00. ten o'clock? yeah. why, i thought it was only 8:00. my hourglass must be slow. mm-hm. [laughing] yeah, probably. well, i've had a pretty hard day. i'm--
10:35 am
good night. [yawns] good night, master. good night. [ ] hello. heh. good night. good night, master. [yawns] [ ] all right, testing, testing. one, two, three. ah, there it goes. now, guys, if we can take it one more time, i got the tape recorder-- sam. we've been rehearsing for three hours. i know you're the boss, but you're gonna kill yourself. george, if i gotta go, will you let it be in the key of g. okay? let's sing. sammy, he's right. if you don't rest, you're gonna have a nervous breakdown.
10:36 am
do me a favor and take care of the money. let me take care of the arrangements. come on, once again, huh, george? nice and light, now. [doorbell rings] [scatting] [playing soft jazz music] yeah. can i help you? uh, yeah, i'd like to speak to mr. davis, please. sure. one moment. the girl from ipanema goes walking and when she passes each time she passes i go-- now, oh, oh, oh. can i help you? it's not happening. oh, yes, i'd like to speak to mr. davis. no, i'm sorry. he's rehearsing. perhaps i could help you. i'm his manager. oh, yes, certainly, um-- well, i'd like to speak to him about the possibility of doing a performance at, uh, cape kennedy. general peterson is celebrating his 10th year as a general. oh, sammy loves to do benefits. oh, good, good. that's good. but this is not exactly a benefit. it more or less falls under the heading of "saving my life." what night is it? oh, it's, uh, friday night. uh, friday night. i could send a car down for him. oh, i'm afraid sammy couldn't get away. he does two shows a night here. oh, well. then maybe i could send a jet. mister. mister--
10:37 am
uh, until when? well, let's see. sammy's first free day is, uh, may 15th. may 15th? a year from may 15th. he's booked solid. oh, i see. sammy: oh, oh, oh. well, thank you. it was worth a try. i'm sorry. yeah. well, who shall i tell him called? oh, uh, the late major anthony nelson. [laughs] sammy: one time. here we go. one, two, three, four. [band playing soft jazz music] tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from ipanema goes walking and when she passes each time she passes i go, "ahhh" when she walks it's like the samba that sways so cool and swings so gentle that when she passes each time she passes i go, "ahhh" but i watch her so gladly
10:38 am
gee, i would give my heart gladly but each day when she walks to the sea she looks straight ahead not at me tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from ipanema goes walking and when she passes i smile but she doesn't see she ain't looking at me [scatting] she ain't looking at me [scats] she ain't looking at me it's not me that she will ever see ah well, it ain't the monkees, but it'll have to do. hey, john and michael, why don't you go get some coffee in the kitchen. i know it took a long time, but you see? practice makes perfect. okay, sam. oh, look, sam. yeah? you will try to get a little sleep before the show tonight? sure, i'll take a nap. don't worry about it. and you go in the kitchen and eat, 'cause you need it. hey, guess who was just here to see you. sapphire and her mama. you're close. oh.
10:39 am
the astronaut? mm-hm. well, where is he? oh, he-- he left. i told him you were rehearsing. oh, come on, jim. you're puttin' me on, man. if that cat's not too busy to go to the moon for me, then i'm certainly not too busy to stop a rehearsal and see him. well-- now, find him for me, will you? [sighs] thank you, jim. it was your goof. [ ] look at you. just look at you. you should be ashamed of yourself. your master is exhausted. and do you know why he is exhausted? because he is worried. and why is he worried? because i cannot get sammy davis jr. for him. you must do something about that. [sighs] right. well, i can't get over that. hah. how about that, huh? gee, i've met the queen of england, the president of the united states,
10:40 am
--astronaut. oh, i-- i've heard of nervous breakdowns,
10:41 am
a-are you the mr. sammy davis jr.? well, i-- i was a few minutes ago. i'm not feeling well now. oh, there's nothing to be worried about. oh. my master is very anxious to meet you. your master? mm-hm. excuse me, please. oh, and it looked so real too. master! oh, master! oh, master, i have some wonderful news-- news for you... [gasps] he tricked me. oh.
10:42 am
hah, well, don't you worry about that, ma'am. i-- i'm a little gone myself. well, it was-- it was nice meeting you. i'm having a nervous-- --breakdown. i'm sorry, sam. i couldn't catch major nelson. jim, george, piano. i'm back. back where? you know something? you're right. i've been working much too hard. you know the copa date? break it. break it? listen to me. when i start to see harem girls and disappearing masters, then it's time for me to take a rest. now, you find me a sanitarium in the country somewhere where it's nothing but trees around, right? dig? do that! sammy, you're booked. jim, would you do me a favor and just do it! okay. dr. mallard ought to be able to tell us where to go. yeah, i guess so. how long do you wanna stay? oh, i don't know. three months. three months? all right, make it a month. you couldn't sit still for a month. you know something, you're right.
10:43 am
jim. jim, hold on. now, let's not get carried away, see? let's not put it too far out in the country. maybe we could find a little place that has a combo and a little dance floor, huh? a sanitarium with a combo and a dance floor? sure, and on top of the roof, maybe a discotheque, where the chicks are doing the monkey and the boogaloo. boo-boo-ga-la-loo hey, go-go girls? dance hall? that sounds like the copa to me, fellas. hey, you know somethin'? george is right. he's absolutely right. hang up the phone. we'll keep the copa date. [scoffs] can you imagine a man--? [chuckles] it is rather amusing, believe me. i saw a harem girl, disappearing master. [ ] [magic boings] ah! all right, i'm sorry. i'm sorry, jeannie. why did you sneak away, master? well, i, uh... i had some personal business to take care of. through the window? yeah, well--
10:44 am
i had to meet a man-- [in unison] sammy davis jr. well, how did you know? well, i-i-i just told you. he-- he was here. oh, no, he couldn't have been here. i just left him in miami. you--? you didn't bring him here? now, tell me you didn't. please, say you didn't bring him here. well, how did i know you were going to sneak out the window? would you like me to blink him back, master? no, no. it wouldn't do any good anyway. he has two performances a night. what will you do, master? well, i'll just have to get somebody else. he's not the only entertainer in the world, you know. well, he may not be the only entertainer in the world, but he's certainly the greatest. yeah, roger, it's-- it's not the entertainment that's the important thing. it's the-- the spirit of the occasion that counts. [door opens] hello, tony, roger. sir. general. dr. bellows told me what you're doing, and i just want you to know how much i appreciate it. oh, it's my pleasure, sir. well, this has got to be a great show. uh, yes, roger and i were just talking about the entertainment, weren't we? well, it's not the entertainment that's important, tony.
10:45 am
yes. well, to think that the men would care enough to do a thing like this. well, that's the most important thing, sir. ha-ha. you couldn't have done anything that would make me happier. i first saw him the same day i got my first star. eh, saw who, sir? sammy davis jr. that's a day i'll never forget. we went to see his show that night. and when dr. bellows told me that you'd arranged to have him sing a number for me friday night, it really brought a lump to my throat. ahem. i'm a little choked up myself, sir. i'll never forget this, tony. i can hardly wait till friday night. [ ] this could break general peterson's heart. oh, master, why do you not think before you get into these things. uh, yeah, yeah. i know. why do we not talk to mr. sammy davis. ah, beca-- i told you, jeannie. he does two shows a night. he's a very busy man. when he's up on stage-- and i didn't even-- i-- i came-- [laughing]
10:46 am
it's happening again. you're major nelson? [laughing] yeah, that's right. don't worry about it, major. we're both cracking up at the same time. we're sharing the same nervous breakdown. oh, no, you are not having a nervous breakdown. i will tell you-- i'll tell him. i'll tell him. please, sit. yes. ahem. now, mr. davis, uh, this is not gonna be easy. ah, i-- i'll tell you what. let me help you. it's a-- it's a time machine, right? no, no. it's not a time machine. no, it's-- ah, you both are putting me on? putting you--? oh, no, no. i'm not putting you on. i-- eh, well, i tell you-- i tell you what, major. suppose you don't even mention it to me. don't tell me what it is because it would only make me, see, so nervous i'd go out of my mind. i don't have to tell you how top-secret this is. oh. my lips are sealed. good. [laughs] who is she? oh, i'm his-- my assistant. nothing's too good for our boys in the service.
10:47 am
oh, that's-- very good. master... yes. as long as you have him here, why don't you tell him about the party. about the what? the party. oh, yes, yes. uh, ah, general peterson is having a little celebration friday. uh-huh. he's a very big fan of yours, mr. davis. oh, well, thank you very much. well, we were wondering if you could do-- maybe give a little performance for us. maybe a little number? oh, i spoke to jim about that, and we tried to work it out, but unfortunately, it can't be done. well, i figured it out. we could have a jet pick you up and-- major, i would love to. i really mean i'd love to be there, but unfortunately-- well, let me put it this way. if i could, i would. would you really? yes, of course. i think i can arrange it. now-- now, wait a minute. don't get involved. now, jeannie. now, please. see? what are you doing here? my lips are sealed. sounds great. [ ]
10:48 am
you're definitely an 83. thank you. you're really great. thank you so much. and now, ladies and gentlemen, the management takes great pleasure and definite pride-- --to introduce to you all here at cape kennedy one of america's greatest entertainers-- --mr. sammy davis jr.! yeah! [indistinct dialogue] thank you. thank you very, very much. uh, general, major, ladies and gentlemen, may i simply say what a tremendous thrill it is to have the privilege of at least trying to entertain you this evening. thank you very, very much. sammy: fellas. look out, george. ha-ha-ha-ha [playing upbeat jazz] that old black magic has me in its spell that old black magic that you weave so well those icy fingers
10:49 am
same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine same old tingle that i feel inside then that elevator starts its ride down and down and down i go round and round and cha-cha-cha like a leaf that's caught in the tide i should stay away what can i do? i hear your name and i'm aflame aflame with such a burning desire that only your kiss can put out the fire you're the lover you're the lover you're the lover i have waited for you're the girl you're the one you're the chick that i was created for and every time your lips meet mine down i go all around i go like a leaf a leaf that's caught in the tide i should stay away what can i do? i hear your name zelda schwartz, and i'm aflame aflame with such a burning desire that only your kiss kiss, kiss, kiss can put out that fire 'cause you're the lover lover, lover that i have waited for
10:50 am
you're the mate that i was created for and every time your lips meet mine oh, down and down and down i go round and round and round i go in the spin man, do i dig that spin i'm in be-bo-be-bop-uh-oh that old black magic called "you're a dirty robber" old black magic called "hoo-ha, stay in the car" old black magic called you four men go that way i'll take the buckboard into town. under that old black magic called love i can't tell you how i enjoyed your sensational performance. we're certainly happy the hotel gave you the night off. it was sure certainly nice of them. ha-ha. i can't tell you how much i appreciate this. sammy: well, thank you, general. peterson: i said it the first time and i'll say it again. when you're up on that stage, you do the work of two people.
10:51 am
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get this free calculator just for requesting a quote. in the general's life. oh, i am pleased that i was able to help you, master. yeah, well, after all, who got me into the situation in the first place? [doorbell rings] ah, hey, stay out of sight, will you? just-- just stay there. huh? oh, hi, sammy. hi, tony. well, we were just talking about how wonderful you were last night. well, i'm glad you enjoyed it. i really appreciate what you did for us. then would you mind doing a little favor for me? anything. anything at all? oh, sure, anything. [chuckles] get rid of him. that old black magic has me in its spell ooh-ooh that old black magic that you weave so well
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