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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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well, we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lot of tryin' that hill get up just to now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothin' wrong with that we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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no more cryin' there we are goin' to see thking oh, lordy no more cryin' there we are goin' to see the king let me tell you,children no more cryin' there we are goin' to see the king hallelujah hallelujah we're goin' to see the king hallelujah
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we're going to see the king oh, florence,that was wonderful. do you really think so? i know good music. i've heard lionel sing. i miss good music. but you're just fantastic. with this audience, we should practice here more often. one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel. hold on to your apples, girls, we got a worm alert. mr. jefferson, don't tell us you weren't even listening.
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1:15. george-- what, weez? oh, they finished. why do you do this whenever florence'sgroup sings? i thought that was king kong gettin' a tooth pulled. you should getthat cavity filled. what cavity? the one between your ears. why don't you admit florence's groupis good? i want them to sing at jessica's baptism. really? sure. what a beautiful idea! it's a terrible idea. they have to sing inside a church. it's embarrassing. god's going to be there. jenny wantsflorence to sing. yeah? well, i don't. end of discussion. end of everything. my word is final.
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definitely. good. be there at 9:30 that morning. don't forget your engagement up in transylvania. to howl at the moon. thanks for invitin' us. we had a good time. thanks for letting us sing at the baptism. tell your handsome husband i'm looking forward to seeing him. lionel's in japan. his company picked him to study japanese advancements in computers. you know who to thank for lionel's brilliant mind. thank you, mrs. jefferson. aren't you going to open the door? if it opens to an elevator shaft.
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that was the rudest thing i ever saw. yeah, they're going to ruin jessica's baptism. i asked them,remember? lionel asked me to make sure jessica's baptism was first-class. the lord don't care about money. remember, it's easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. a camel can't pass through no needle. his hump would get caught. i know you're proudof your granddaughter, but please, try not toget carried away. i appreciate the work you've done,
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with cave women singing, you got a lock on simple. george, i believejenny has madeher decision. what about me? can't i do nothin'? they're repairin' the windows, and we can't see our hymn books. you could stand on the windowsill so the sun could bounce off your head. [doorbell rings] jenny, it's your daughter and her baptism. don't blame me ifwhen florence starts singing, jessica thinks she's being punished. tom, that was embarrassing. what's so embarrassing about consumer awareness? they always let you test drive new c cs. we were atthe delicatessen! could you call a truce? i want to show you my dress. you should have seen him.
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than he was all over the ham. willis, try to throw food out of your mind. what? jenny invited florence's group to sing at jessica's baptism. i want somebody special. what do you think? pimento loaf. i knew i forgotsomething. what's a partywithout pimento loaf? willis, jessica's my granddaughter. she deserves the best. jessica'smy granddaughter, too. all right. out of pity, she deserves the best. what should i say? you want meto tell you to hireandrae crouch? who? look, florencewill be fine. wait. ain't andrae crouch a gospel singer? the best. he's the kind of person i'm looking for.
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because i'm george jefferson. i'm tom willis.pleased to meet you. why would he sing? i don't know. what do you know about him? well, he'san ordained minister. i thought he was a baptist minister. george,do yourself a favor. go with florence. i'm gettin' crouch. i'm gettingpimento loaf. tell helen i went back. where's he stayin'? i read they gave him a party at the plaza. i'll bet they had pimento loaf. i got to find mea singin' minister. you'll never get him. i'll get him. sure, pimento head.
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i'm sure he'll want to talk to me. my name?
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hi, george. i bought some new shoes-- why did you take the painting down? well...
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it might helpflorence's cooking if she sawreal food. but i don't understand. a new bible, too? sure. what was wrong with our old one? that thing was20 years old. new stuff must havehappened since then. i got a specialclient comin' over. show helenyour new shoes. i wanted to show them to you. i know, weezy, but just the other day,helen was saying, "louise never shows meher new shoes first." show heryour new shoes first. but-- make a day of it.
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hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah [doorbell rings] now it's time forour punk music hour. we'll listen tostep on my tongue. reverend jefferson? yes. i'm andrae crouch. let meturn this thing off. thank you. those darnedkids of mine. i don't know how theyget their homework done. you have quite a nice home. like i always say,
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than a rich manto squeeze into a camel. according to your phone message, you had a vision last night. i was lying in bed when suddenly the roomgot real cold and dark. has that everhappened to you? yes, many times. what do you do? pay my electric bill. you don't understand.this was different. this angel guy says i should getin touch with you because the next baby'sbaptism you sing at is destined for greatness. let me see. an angel appeared unto you in your bedroom, told you not to be afraid, and then asked you
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you lyin' your socks off. hey, i got to leave. you see, sunday ismy granddaughter's baptism. you just got tosing for her. this is her picture. aw, she's cute. she's a big fanof yours. her first words were, "andrae crouchis a good singer." this is important to you, huh? ok, as a favor to a fellow man of the cloth. you madelots of people happy. i'll call the hoteland leave the information. there's just one more thing. if ever you're lyin' in bed and an angel really does appear,
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i can't believeandrae crouch is baptizingour granddaughter. i hope florencewasn't hurt. she was at first, but i got ralph to take her on a long drive. i know a lot of youare surprised to see me here. i was caught off guard myself.
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yeah! i want us to rejoice because a baptism is a presentation of another soul to the lord. amen! here, here! i would not be here today were it not for the efforts of a very special man. amen! a kind man. amen! a considerate man. the reverend george jefferson. say what? would you mind sayin' a few words? let everybody look at you.
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reverend jefferson, everybody. say a few words to the congregation. um... hi. as i look outover the congregation, i am reminded ofthat old parable about the rich camel that tried toget into needle heaven. i won'tbore you with that. i tell you what. why don't wetake this moment
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ralph was going to get us here on time? "use my vanso you can ride in comfort." if we weren't in church,i'd dust you. is something wrong? ralph tried to take us to canada. did you have a nice trip? lovely, until we hit the moose. there's andrae crouch. why's he here? he's going to sing. with us? no. jenny said-- you already killed a moose. let these people live. don't worry aboutthese people.
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very inspiring. what do you do at your easter service? sack out on the pews? let me tell you-- i know. you're not a real reverend. you knew? um-hmm. then whydid you come? any man that will go to these lengths for his granddaughter must love her very much. i like to sing where there's a lot of love. amen. and thank you. at this time, the reverend crouch has agreed to bless us by singing a song. ladies and gentlemen,
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can't nobody do me like jesus can't nobody do me like the lord no, they can't can't nobody do me like jesus because he's my friend sing it all with me can't nobody like jesus do me can't nobody can't nobody do me like the lord can't nobody do me like jesus he's my friend he's my friend let me tell youwhat he did i came to jesus just as i was i was weary
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and my heart was so sad i found i found in him a sweet old restin' place and he has made me glad can't nobody can't nobody do me like jesus can't nobody do me like the lord can't nobody nobody can do me like jesus he's my friend he's my brother, man can't nobody do me like jesus i said can't nobody can't nobody do me like the lord oh, can't nobody oooh, do me like jesus he's my friend
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my he's my bridge over troubled waters he's my friend he's my joy in the midst of sorrow he's my friend i said he's he's my oooh i can lean on him he's my closest friend i said can't nobody do me like jesus can't nobody do me like the lord can't nobody do me like jesus i said can't nobody do me like jesus can't nobody do me like the lord can't nobody
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he's my friend captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. captions copyright 1982t.a.t. communications company
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movin' on up
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