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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a horse is a horse, of course, of course and no one can talk to a horse, of course that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous mister ed honey, everybody's left the theater. we can't stay here all night. i wish i could have caught the great mordini before he left. i'm still trying to figure out how he raised that elephant into the air. i'm only an amateur magician, but i know all the principles of magic. okay. let's see you whistle and make our car appear. honey, i'm tired. carol, i'm going to try to duplicate that trick. know where we can pick up a used elephant real cheap? who says it has to be an elephant?
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lever off. (grunting) there. ah. it should be all set. oh, come on, now, ed. you can't possibly get hurt. all i do is attach this hook, see, to the ring back here on the back of your harness. then i press the lever on the motor, it pulls the cable, and the cable raises you a few feet off the ground. mister ed: i don't hear a word you say. oh. this cable is strong enough to hold two horses. then get the other one. this one is going to mexico. ed! adios, amigo. ed, you can't get hurt. it's simple. you simply attach it in the back like that, and that's all there is to it. nothing can happen. carol: wilbur. i'm in my office, honey. come in. i want to show you something. whoa. wait, wait. ed, what are you doing? ed, hold on to that lever!
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what would you like for breakfast? two eggs over easy, and get me down. wilbur. you come down from there this minute. what? what are you doing up there? well, i was trying the levitation trick on ed, and then something went wrong. wilbur, come down from there before you get hurt. honey, would you push that lever over there, please? (grunt) oh, wilbur, i can't. it's stuck. well, then you better get help. call somebody. oh. roger! come over here quick! maybe if you opened your belt.
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roger: what's... huh? kay: wilbur! aren't you a little old to be playing peter pan? what's he doing up there? oh, he's trying some magic trick. oh, roger, please do something. for your sake, my dear, i hope he's carrying flight insurance. when you've stopped being a wise guy, would you mind pushing that lever and getting me down? never a dull moment with this boy. here we go. hey, it's stuck. aah! wilbur, are you all right? for heaven's sake, you can't fly that way. how do you get this thing off? you could have lowered me a little more gently. i'm sorry, wilbur, but you're the first man i've brought back from outer space. wilbur, you are the world's worst magician. (laughing) yeah? well, i'm going to figure out this levitation trick if it's the last thing i do. i have a feeling it will be.
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the great mordini finishes his last show. what for? you know how much i want to learn this trick. if he finds out i'm an amateur magician, he might just tell me. sometime i wish you'd taken up a different hobby. next thing, he'll be trying to saw me in half. that's a pretty good idea. then i could claim you as two dependants. oh, honestly, wilbur. oh, come on, doll. hey, how about you two joining us for breakfast? oh, no, thanks. addison and i have to go to the house and finish our argument. oh, what are you two fighting about this time? i want to buy a little dog. kay, i told you i will not have one of those hairy little creatures running around my house. oh, look at him, carol. isn't he a little doll? oh, a chihuahua. he's ridiculous. he should be arrested for impersonating a mouse. oh, now, addison, be reasonable. chihuahuas are considered very chic this year. then you should get another one and wear them as earrings. you should be proud to own him. he's a genuine blue blood, with a pedigree from mexico.
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that thing is so small, i'm afraid i'll step on him. oh, where's the man on the flying trapeze? he's been gone all afternoon. he's been gone longer than that. boy, he's way out. mr. mordini? anybody here? (knocking) mr. mordini?
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zelda! i... i thought it was you. yeah, we thought it was you. what's going on here? look, this is all my fault. may i introduce myself? my name is wilbur post. i... i'm a magician, too. i just dropped by here to tell you how much i enjoyed your act. and my wife. and your wife. no. no. you see, actually,
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and, you see, your wife, she had no idea... i mean, she thought that i was you, and, of course, you couldn't blame her for... did you have a nice audience tonight? (knock on door) yes? man: long distance telephone call. see who that is. so... you're a magician, are you? w... well, no, not actually. you see, actually, i'm an architect. (chuckle) although i have dabbled in the art of, uh, prestidigitation. heh heh heh. oh, you have a nice touch. uh, just a little rusty. i think that elephant levitation of yours is the finest trick that i've ever seen. you're too kind. it's, uh, very clever, the way you've concealed those pulleys. pulleys? oh, just kidding. they don't use pulleys anymore, do they?
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concealed hydraulic lifts? mirrors? actually, i use a thin elephant, and then i inflate him with helium. of course, i don't believe in levitation at all. i suppose you think i've got a nerve trying to get you to reveal your best trick. mm-hmm, mm-hmm. i mean, it isn't as if i'm trying to steal your gimmick. i was thinking of using a horse. oh, good, good. then my elephant will be able to sleep tonight. i was in my barn all morning, trying to figure out how do you do that trick. let's face it, i know enough about magic to realize that levitation is strictly an illusion. i mean, you can't actually levitate anybody. i suppose you're right. of course i'm... oh, no. do you still think it's an illusion?
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zelda: darling. that call was from our agent. he wants us in new york tomorrow to set that european tour. fine. we'll take a plane. see if you can get us reservations. okay. oh. but where can we leave bongo? yes. what about that elephant? did you say you had a barn? yes. my dear fellow magician, can you see it in your heart to take our elephant for just a few days? oh, no. when i return, i might be willing to show you my levitation trick. what do you say? my horse doesn't know it, but he's about to take in a boarder.
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(trumpeting) ed, look what i've got. you can't let this boy out of the house. i want you to say hello to bongo. he's going to be spending a couple of days with us. not me. when i want to rent out space, i'll advertise in the paper. don't you start getting temperamental. i promised the great mordini that i'd watch his elephant till he got back from new york and i want you to be nice to bongo. well, just tell schnozzola to stay out of my way. (phone rings) excuse me, bongo. hello. yes, kay. oh, really? well, look, i'll be right over and fix it for you. okay. bye-bye. i got to go, ed. it's an emergency. i want you to take care of bongo.
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(growling) (bark) down, boy. down. b... boy, down. (growling) down, girl? i... i like dogs. i... i'm... i'm very fond of dogs. i... (growling) help! take it easy, rog. now that's a boy. come on. there. kay, i come home and find myself attacked by this ferocious, slobbering beast. what are you trying to do, kill me? take it easy, rog. i sent you back with one dog today. only because you said it was so small you might step on it. now you bring one here that steps on me. i'm sorry. he must have thought you were a stranger. if h stays here, maybe i will be. are you threatening to leave me? make up your mind, kay. will it be me or that hound? (growling)
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he gets a bath. i have to run through the sprinklers. stop being so childish. you're wasting your time. what he needs is a paint job. what you need is a muzzle over your mouth. hey, bongo, me tarzan. (tarzan yell) (trumpeting) now look, ed, bongo... (tarzan yell) (trumpeting) (mister ed laughing) carol, help! carol! i'd better flee the scene of the crime. help! help! help! oh, no. what trick are you doing now? i was washing the elephant. wilbur, how could you let that magician talk you into minding his elephant? i told you. he promised he would teach me his levitation trick when he gets back. so far, the only thing that's been lifted around here is you. honey, would you mind picking up that ladder? i don't want to hang around here all day.
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honestly, i don't know how you get involved in these things. honey, it's only going to be for a couple of days. now let's not argue. but an elephant! honey, let's not quarrel. look what happened to the addisons over a silly little thing like getting a pet. poor kay. she just feels awful. i feel sorrier for roger. poor guy, rattling around all alone in some motel. but they do love each other, and they belong together. honey, why don't you go have a talk with him? well, maybe i will if it'll do any good. rog, i, uh, i saw kay this morning. and she's heartbroken. she is? oh, rog, you can't live alone like this. i mean, you do love her, don't you?
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then forget your pride. make up with her. never. this should be defrosted by now. (bongo trumpets) (trumpets) stop fooling around. i want to get some sleep. (growling)
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what are you doing? and i told you to leave this door open. with you around, i need plenty of fresh air. okay, now stay away from me, you clown. i was only kidding. uhh! can't you take a joke? oof! oh, that does it. let's go outside and settle this like gentlemen. oof! get off my toes! wilbur! help! wild elephant stampede! oh, get away from me! get him off of me, wilbur! ohh! come on here.
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come on. be a good boy now. you shouldn't frighten ed. who's frightened? what happened, ed? oh, he won't let me sleep. i turned the light off, he turns it on. would you rather sleep outside, ed? anything's better than this. okay. i'll get your blanket for you. come on, ed. hey. what happened to your foot? twinkletoes just stepped on it. i'd like to sue him for every peanut he's got.
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he won't get away with this. do i get my blanket back, or do i call the cops? (sputtering) that does it. operator, get me the police. riot squad. for heaven's sake, what's going on here? that big crook in there rolled me for my blanket. oh, stop acting like a baby. then he tried to drown me. oh, he's just being playful.
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mister ed: i don't see you laughing. i see what you mean. that big ape goes now, or i go. okay. i'll put him in addison's garage, and he can spend the night there. come on, bongo. come on. come on. (ring) yes, doll? kay, i'm coming home. oh, doll, that's wonderful. i've been waiting for your call. and, sweetheart, if you want some little pet, it's all right with me. oh, i'm glad you said that, lover, because i've found the cutest little thing.
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(kissing) you can't live with them, and you can't live without them. (vocalizing) anything wrong? we saw the light. no. everything's wonderful. my doll is coming home. oh, i'm so happy, kay. (car drives up) oh, there's addison now. i should have left the light on the garage. (vocalizing) the garage. oh, no! oh, no! a little pet, huh? kay, if i have to walk that on a leash every night, we are through. but...
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no, it was such fun having him. everybody loved the little pet. that's wonderful. i'm so glad. we can't thank you enough for taking care of our bongo. i should be thanking you for showing me the trick. i never would have learned otherwise. glad to return the favor, but remember, you promised to tell no one how it was done. oh, no. i won't even tell my horse. oh, i'm glad to hear that your mister ed and our bongo got along so well together. oh, ed's very fond of him. very, very fond. (trumpeting)
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