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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lot of tryin' that hill get up just to now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothin' wrong with that we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie hello. i'm jerry mathers. i was the beaver in "leave it to beaver."
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hey, weez. how was your day? i bought something i've always wanted. i won't hanga laughingmoose head here. that's your loss. but you'll like this. it's real classy. a bottle of wine. we'll have itwith dinner. with dinner? where's your couth?
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$500? why that's-- that's 10 laughingmoose heads. why did youpay that much? it's a classy thing to do. it will pay for itself the first party we have here. i'll whip out this wine, and our guestswill start whispering. "ooh, jefferson'sgot class. "that jeffersonknows his grapes. talking about bucks--whoo!" you forgot one. "that jackass paid $500 for that stuff." they won't know how muchthe jackass paid for it. it's bad manners to brag. what if someone asks the price? i'll say,"if you got to ask,
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it's nonstop. "ralph, do this. do that." i'm sick of it. don't you likeyour work? yeah, but the people i work for nauseate me. i like my bosses. i consider myselfpart of the family. ha, ha, ha, ha. ha, ha, ha, ha, what? nothing, if that fantasy helps you. it's true. that's why i bought themthese doughnuts. oh, florence, florence. there are two kinds of people in this world-- employers and dirt. i've had enough. i should tell these rich so-and-sos what i think of them. the jeffersons, my favorite tenants. thanks for bringing upthe cleaning.
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hey, right. weez, hang these up. i'm sweating from carrying that ton of clothing. but knowing it's yours, it felt like half that. then how abouthalf a tip? mr. jefferson, "half a tip." that's it, ralph. thank you. i brought some doughnuts. oh, thank you, florence. here's a glazed one for you because you're so sweet, a french chocolate for me because i'm ooh-la-la. for you, here's a little one
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[doorbell] come in! hi, everybody. see, helen. i told you i smelled doughnuts. sit down and join us. oh, i'm sorry. florence just came from the bakery. i bought a dozen assorted for you. thank you, florence. for me? for us. thank you, florence.that was thoughtful. i like doing little things for nice people. then get mesome coffee. i also do nice things for little people. tom! i was just sniffing, sweetheart. florence isin the kitchen. so what's the plan? what plan?
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we're having a surprise party for florence tonight. a surprise party? does she knowabout it? what's the specialoccasion? none. we just think she should have a special day. she's already got one--halloween. anyway, jenny's upstairs right now, finishing the cake, so-- weezy, did you knowabout this? how comenobody told me? because you can't keep a secret, george. what do you mean? remember the time you saidyou were working late and we went to seethe female mud wrestlers? i kept thata secret, didn't i? i'll explain it later, dear. you certainly will. louise, rememberwhat you said
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all right, george. you can keep a secret. as long asthat's understood. how can we get you two upstairs, but stall florence so we can all hide? any ideas? what y'allwhispering about? helen? tom? george? weez? well, i knowall your names. i was justwondering why you werewhispering. let me handle this, ok? the willises invited us to a dinner party tonight for their special friends. what should i wear? nothing. you ain't invited.
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very smooth, george. florence, he didn't mean that. that's right. you're invited. well, what time?now? no! we'll go up now. the meal should be ready in about an hour so you can come up and serve us. serve? you wouldn't mind, would you? you can join us for dessert. oh, sure. thanks. great. oh, boy, you'll be serving prime rib. we'll see you upstairs then. in about an hour, ok? ok. i'll be there.
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i really want to show you something. karen o.: 1, 2, ready, go l-o-v-e it's a mystery all is love is love ow! ooh ooh... [howling]
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and now, for $1,000 anda trip for two to hawaii, name a famous rudolph. uh...hitler. [doorbell] hello, florence. i overlooked some of the dry cleaning, so i rushed it right up here. he ain't home, ralph. actually,i took my time. i couldn't accepta gratuity from a fellow worker, but i wouldn'twant to insult you. well, thanks for your trouble, ralph.
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somethinggot you down? i just found outthe willises and jeffersons don't think of meas anything but a maid. ah, that's rough. listen. take this back. a dime?i gave you a quarter. this way, both of us will have something to feel good about. how did you come to the realization that you're dirt? the willises are havinga dinner party for some of theirspecial friends. let me guess. florence johnston wasn't on the guest list. bingo. ah, i'm sorry, florence, but welcome to the club.
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i was less than nothing. it was my second day here. i opened the door for mr. whitendale and said, "lovely day, isn't it?" he said, "how could that possibly matter to you?" what happened to mehurt worse. i got snubbed by peoplei thought were friends. the willises did it, but the jeffersonsjust stood there. they didn't say a word. i tried to warn you. but you had to learn yourself that employers can't be friends. yeah, my friendsare eating prime rib, and i'm eatingmrs. o'riley'sfrozen fish parts. i love her pork parts. they evenasked me to serve, then i couldstay for dessert.
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those heartless, unfeeling... if it's cake, save me a piece. i ain't going up. they can have theirdinner party without me. yeah. who needs them? florence, i think this occasion calls for a toast. hat? to your awakening. maybe you're dirt, but at least you know it. what have we got to drink? is wine ok? perfect. i don't know, ralph. that belongsto mr. jefferson. he'll never miss it. besides, you bought him some doughnuts. i'd say you're even.
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well, let me say this. you can always tell a $20 bottle of wine. how? it's $15 better than this one. to you, florence. no. to me and you. to all the peopledoing the dirty jobs for peopleeating prime rib. to the unappreciated. to the mishundershood. what? i didn't understand you. i said,"to the mishunderstood." yeah, to the common man, the underdog, the pheasants and the towndrodden.
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how could i beso wrong? i just wishthere was a way i could showthem people just how hurt i am. tell them. i don't know. tell them. you think so? tell them! all right, i will. it's your decision.'s my decision. and i have decided to march upand tell them people that i've been pushed too far. beautifully put,florence. as a fellowworking person, let me open that door for you. it would be an honor. thank you.
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give them a pieceof your mind. right, ralph. wonder who'll be the new maid. jenny, you did a beautiful job with the cake. i wanted it to be perfect. it looks so good, it's a shame to eat it. no, it is not! i see what i want. you guys get the "we." i'll eat "love you florence." oh, tom,just calm down. take offthat silly hat. come on, helen. this hat is fun. i love its sound. [plop] take off your belt. i like the sound your belly makes hitting the floor. what can i say?
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helen, it was really nice of you to do this for florence. we just wantedher to know how much weappreciate her. jenny even designedan outfit for her. i hope she likes it. i think she'll look beautiful in it. oh, does itcover her face? no. back tothe drawing board. listen, when florence rings the bell, i'll turn out the lights. then we can all yell "surprise!" what do you say? i saywhere's florence? a prime rib'sdrying up in the oven. daddy's getting that look. george, go find out what's keeping florence. i knowwhat's keeping her. preservatives.
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good evening. florence. sorry i'm late. florence! oh, no. yes, 'tis i. so sorry to disappoint you. we hoped you'd ring the bell so we could hide. you people don't even have the decency to be subtle. if you'll sit down, i've got something to get off my chest. i hopeit ain't hair. go ahead, put me down. that's all you've ever done. florence, you're drunk. sure, i'm drunk, on the outside.
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i'm blotto. [telephone rings] i'll get it. why have i been drinking? because i'm hurt. i realize i'm just an employee, but i've got feelings. feelings whoa whoa whoa feelings whoa whoa whoa feelings and you're going to hear how i feel. ralph said he feels the same way as me. that was ralph. he said don't listen to florence, she's drunk. florence, what'sall this about? this is about it's about time i told you people off. so here it goes.
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and you and you and you and you. all of you. you people are the best, and i love you. why don't you like me? florence, there's something we should tell you. you don't have to tell me nothing. tonight told me everything i need to know. look at that cake. yeah, just look at it. "we love you, florence." why couldn't that cake be for me? huh?
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[plop] what's going on here? it's a surprise party for you. for me? why? well, like the cake says, we love you. but i thought-- i mean-- thank you. thank you. oh, florence. after the way i've behaved, i feel-- hungry? silly. seeing how y'all feel about me makes me feel-- hungry? no. warm inside. ooh, that could be hunger. let's eat.
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no wine for me, thanks. i've had enough wine. what wine? oh, me and ralph drank that bottle on the bar. what's wrong with you? it was just $5.00 wine. it cost $500, fool! $500? you're the fool! captions copyright 1982 t.a.t. communications company captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc.
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boy, the way glenn miller played songs that made the hit parade
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those were the days
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