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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the nightblooming cereus is more delicate than you might think. oh, well i'll be very careful, mr. timberlake. your plant is in very tender hands. there we are. and now, tonight, when i photograph its nocturnal bloom against this dark background, it'll stand out in bold relief. oh, exquisite composition, george. oh, well, thank you, mr. timberlake. i know you won't fail the garden club. oh, assuredly not, sir. now, remember, george, if you get the photograph to mr. krinkie by 9:00 am, he'll give us a full page of publicity in tomorrow's paper. you may tell the members of the garden club, mr. timberlake, that george wilson will be alert and vigilant. now, tonight, when this shy flower feels the darkness and slowly unfolds its rare beauty to the unappreciative night, i shall be here with flashbulb and camera ready to preserve it for posterity.
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oh, you mean-- that's right. oh, me? oh, mr. timberlake. a member of the judging committee. oh my. [music] here's your nerve medicine, george. oh, thank you, martha. yes, i'll need it to calm down. this is the most exciting project. i'm sure it is. well, it means a lot to the garden club. of course it does. and you notice, my dear, i'm leaving nothing to chance. i'm using two cameras. you always were thorough. well, that's the mark of a successful photographer. so, if everything goes smoothly and something doesn't come out of-- dennis: hi, mr. wilson. --left field. hello, dennis. dennis, now, don't you come any nearer. you stand right where you are. okay, mr. wilson. you can take my picture? no.
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i do wanna take. are you just gonna take a picture of that old thing? old thing? good gravy. it's not an old thing, dennis. it's a very rare plant that only blooms at night. it's called a nightblooming cereus. why doesn't it bloom in the daytime? because it blooms at night. what time tonight does it bloom? oh, good grief. whenever it takes the notion to, dennis. what are you gonna do with the picture like that? well, if mr. wilson gets a good picture, mr. krinkie has promised to put it in the paper tomorrow and give the garden club some publicity. i sure hope you get a good one, mr. wilson. boy, this makes a swell wigwam if you cover these poles. oh, dennis. now, great scott, stop jiggling my tripod and come out from there. sure, mr. wilson. george, i have to start dinner. you talk to dennis. well, we'll have a very short conversation.
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and then come back again one day next month? but i haven't asked you what i came over to ask you. well, all right. what do you want to know? mr. wilson, i bet you were a boy scout when you were a boy. mr. wilson: well, yes. well, how did you know? something just told me you'd know all about it. well, i dare say i still bear the stamp. i was an eagle scout. oh, my chest was just covered with merit badges. boy, you must've had a gillion badges. but how did you win enough to cover so much? by doing what every good scout is supposed to do. why, i even learned to build a fire without matches. boy, building a fire without matches. we even cooked our food without any kitchen utensils. what'd you cook it in? whatever was handy. we were very resourceful. oh, my troop called themselves the seal patrol. did you call each other by making like a seal?
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why, every member would come on the double whenever you heard another member go like this. [makes sounds] boy, you'd make a swell seal, mr. wilson. do it again, will you? oh. that's enough. now, you run along home. okay, mr. wilson. i'm gonna start training to be a cub scout. well, you go home and start. would you be den mother for our wild cub patrol? den mother-- no. i thought scouts were supposed to help people. well, yeah, that's true, my boy. it's just that-- well, i'm keyed up at the moment. maybe we can discuss scouting another time. we can? oh, boy. swell. thanks, mr. wilson. you're a real good scout.
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gonna do a little barbecuing, dad? oh, yeah. with mom away angrandma gone for the night, i thought we'd have steaks. you sure like to cookout, don't you, dad? there's nothing like getting next to nature, son. my food always tastes better when it's cooked out of doors in a simple fashion the way the pioneers used to do it in the good old days. just like scouts? well, yes, sort of. our forefathers used to live and work out of doors why, they very often slept out under the stars. they did? yeah. ey were rugged, healthy men, the kind that took to build this country of ours. our civilization makes us too soft. well, imagine that. yeah, you know, there was a time when men used to cook over fires that were made without even a match. they were pretty smart in the good old days, huh, dad? yeah, we can learn a lot from them. well, why don't we throw this old portable barbecue away and do like the pioneers? why, we could even camp out here tonight
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we have beds, dennis. those old beds are what makes us soft and you said i could train to be a boy scout, huh, dad? well, yes, i guess, but-- oh, you could show me how to cook those steaks over fire started without any matches and i could get all kinds of good scout training. but dennis-- all we have to do is just what you said. you had a real good idea, huh, dad? all right. there's a book in the living room on the shelf that tells how the pioneers and the indians used to do things. do you wanna get it? boy, there was nothing dopey about those pioneers, huh, dad? yeah. i think i'm the one who's dopey. for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer
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you sure did a good job of making that fire starter. it creates friction the way it's supposed to. i did it just the way the book said. what if i run over and get mr. wilson? he says he used to start fires without matches. good thinking, son. after all, if he can do it, we should share this happy occasion. go, boy, go. this the last bottle of your nerve medicine, dear. don't take too much. all right, martha. excuse me, mr. wilson. oh, what is it now, dennis? could you come over a minute and show dad and me how to get our campfire started the way you said?
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since i was a boy scout, dennis. and besides, it takes a lot of preparation. oh, we've got all the preparations. well, as you see, i'm very busy. but dad's getting no place and i'm starved. well, mrs. wilson will give you something to eat in the kitchen. but we've got plenty to eat. we just can't get it cooked. dear, why don't you go and help them? well, if it'll help get rid of a-- okay, dennis. oh, martha, now, you keep your eye on that plant and you call out if the slightest thing happens. i won't take my eyes off of it. oh, great scott. dennis, don't touch it. i was only trying to help it along. well, the best way to do that is to go into your yard. come on. watch the plant. well, having a little trouble getting things started, mitchell? it was a little trouble before, mr. wilson. now, it's just plain torture. mr. wilson will do it, dad.
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mr. wilson, be my guest. well, even an experienced woodsman has to have workable basic equipment. did you make this gadget, mitchell? oh, i did it by the book. it works. it works well, only it won't start a fire. oh, well, of course, there's a knack to it. oh, by the way, do you know how to cook the steaks once i get the fire going? oh, i have my own ideas, but i'm open to suggestions. oh, well, it's very simple. now, you and dennis go cut a couple of fork sticks about two feet long. then you skewer the steaks onto the forks and hold them over the flame and turn them till they're done evenly. all right. now, go, cut the forks. oh, all right. dennis. i wanna watch you start the fire. well, dennis, now, if you wanna train to be a boy scout, now, the first thing, one of the first things
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mr. mitchell: come on, dennis. okay. [music] mitchell, dennis. well, i came, i saw, i conquered. i can't believe it. boy, you sure did that in a hurry, mr. wilson. oh, it's very simple. well, now, to get back to my cameras. mr. wilson's gonna take a picture of a cereus that only blooms at night. oh, i hope you get a good picture,
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well, i hope too if i don't have too many interruptions. thanks a lot, mr. wilson. oh, i'm glad to oblige, my boy, this once. dennis: mr. wilson's a regular pioneer dennis: like in the good old days, huh, dad? he sure is and he's got good workable basic equipment. sleepin' under the stars is a sure neat way to sleep, huh, dad? well, i can take it or leave it. wait till i tommy about us cookin' on fork sticks. all right. but you don't have to tell him everything. you mean that part about your stick cooking before the steak did? i did, got it too close to the fire. that's okay. i bet a lot of the pioneers dropped their steaks in the ashes in the good old days. --was a popular color, charcoal gray. i think i ought to call our patrol over training to be scouts. well, what's wrong with the wild cubs?
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mr. wilson's patrol was called the seals. hey, i never thought of seals as being particularly noisy. you should watch, mr. wilson. [makes sound] i see what you mean. what about grizzly bears? [makes sounds] gee, you sure are a good growler, dad. how about a lion?
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to help preserve our environment.
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i boosted tourism in my farm community by by painting 55 barn quilts. i got involved. i enjoy gardening and love delivering a fresh supply of produce and flowers to a local shelter. i got involved. young volunteers have a winning spirit that we think is worth celebrating. middle and high school students: ask your school principal about applying for a prudential spirit of community award. volunteer! i really want to show you something. karen o.: 1, 2, ready, go l-o-v-e it's a mystery all is love is love ow! ooh ooh... [howling]
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mr. mitchell: [makes sounds] oh, martha, i hope this cereus isn't one that's allergic to noise. maybe that's why it isn't blooming. oh george, whoever heard of such a thing? i'm going into the house, son, and get my old sleeping bag. heck, we're gonna sleep in the tent, aren't we? my feet'll stick out and it's colder tonight than i thought it was gonna be.
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say, what don't i borrow mr. wilson's sleeping bag? then we can be twins. yeah, maybe you better do that. okay. oh.
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sounds like mr. wilson is asleep too. wake up, mr. wilson. your cereus is blooming. wake up quick so you can take its picture. [music] dad. hurry, dad. huh? what is it? what's the matter? mr. wilson's cereus is blooming and i can't wake him up. well, what time is it? it's 5:00. it's almost daybreak. hurry, dad. dennis.
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it's stuck tight. oh, for pete's sake. look, i'll get my camera and take a picture for mr. wilson. keep trying, dad. [music] [music] hey, mr. wilson. wake up. you've got to take the picture. i guess it's no use. mr. mitchell: dennis, where are you? okay, dad. jeepers, dad. i imagine you've gotta cut open the zip. can't you wake up mr. wilson? heck, no. he's as stubborn a sleeper i ever saw in my whole life. we can't let him miss taking his picture. mr. wilson, wake up. wake up, mr. wilson.
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snap out of it, mr. wilson. wake up, mr. wilson. it's daybreak. wake up, mr. wilson. oh. oh, mitchell. well, i must've dozed off. several hours ago. oh, good grief. oh. here we go, mr. wilson. oh, good gracious. up, wilson. oh, thank you, mitchell, for waking me in time. i helped too. oh, well, thank you, dennis. out of the way. great scott, it's closed. oh, whatever will i tell mr. timberlake? just tell him that while you were asleep-- dennis, don't even think it. i was just gonna tell you that-- dennis, i think we'd better go home. yes, mitchell. and i've got to go and then think of what i am going to say to mr. timberlake. but, dad, i took the picture myself on this. oh, i'm sorry, son.
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mr. wilson has to have a professional picture. jeepers.
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for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. [doorbell chiming] oh, mr. timberlake. george, i just couldn't resist being on hand when you got your copy of the evening paper. oh, what a day. what a day. oh, well, maybe we better go inside and sit down. is something wrong? you look pale. oh, i almost rather cut off my retirement pay than have to tell you this. what? the sad fact s i didn't get a picture of the night-blooming cereus. george. well, it was evidently a late bloomer and so while i was waiting, i dozed off.
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oh, i'm afraid the garden club will regard this as catastrophic. well, it really wasn't entirely my fault. you see, the little boy who lives next door, dennis, kept running in and out all day making me extremely nervous, you see. the members aren't going to like this, george. well, i kept on taking my nerve medicine to calm me down and, well, i overdid it. i'm sorry, george, but i am afraid that i'll have to take the plant to another photographer. oh, now, mr.timberlake. let me have another chance tonight. and if dennis sets foot on my property, i'll-- dennis: mr. wilson. hey, mr. wilson. hi, mr. timberlake. hello, dennis. dennis, don't you have anything better to do than come over here? the paperboy, mr. wilson, he's coming up the block. well, never mind the paper, dennis. but it's the paper with the picture in it. what picture? the one i took for mr. wilson last night when i couldn't wake him up. dennis, do you mean that you took a picture and the newspaper has it? dennis, if this is your idea of a joke-- george, if this is true, it's miraculous.
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oh, dennis, go home. jeepers, can i even wait until you see it? mr. krinkie said it was so good, he's gonna put it in the paper today. mr. krinkie said that? he sure did. i took my camera to him early this morning and he developed the picture. so, is it okay if i stay? well, of course, it is, my boy. you just make yourself right at home. my, isn't he a fine boy, mr. timberlake? he, certainly is and resourceful. i did it for good old mr. wilson. pretty soon now, we can talk about you being den mother for our wild cubs, huh, mr. wilson? well, dennis, if your picture makes the paper, i'll be right in the middle of your den. so will i. i'll be den father. geez, thanks. mr. mitchell: oh, hi, mr. wilson and mr. timberlake. mr. timberlake: hi. mitchell, dennis tells me the night-blooming cereus is in the paper. it sure is.
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well, then, let's take a look at it. you and the garden club got quite a spread. i'm delighted. may i? well, let's take a look at it. oh, george, this is priceless. mr. timberlake: you may never get to be on the judging committee of the garden club but you sure could model for mattress ads. cereus poses but photographer dozes. great scott. [applause] [music]
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- [voiceover] "leave it to beaver" (whimsical orchestral music) starring barbara billingsley, (whimsical orchestral music) hugh beaumont, (whimsical orchestral music) tony dow, (whimsical orchestral music) and jerry mathers
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