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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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u're wearing one.
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i got a boneto pick. which bone?
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look at this hairballi got out of the drain. actually, i prefer the dry look. how doesmr. jefferson do it? he's losing more hairthan he ever sprouted. [doorbell rings] george is very worried about losing his hair. he ought tobe worried. it must be a disasterhappening on his head 'cause his hairsure is evacuating. hi, louise, florence. hi, helen.i'll get ready. the way things are at the help center, i'm in no hurry. i know what you mean. we'll have coffee first. ok. sounds goodto me. i want you to get us coffee. ok,in a second.
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it's been murder the last six months. with reagan in office, there's not enough money for social programs. i think you gota hairball problem. beg your pardon? day after day,i'm in the bathroom digging outmr. jefferson's hairballs. there's a new oneevery day. some days i wonderif it's all worth it. yeah. so? thoughi don't like it, i still domy hairballing 'cause lord knowsyou won't do it for me. safe bet. exactly. nobody's going to doyour job for you, either. i know, but lately we've had so many setbacks. you're doing your best. you're trying,and that's more
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hello, girls. i hate when men call women girls. george, whydo you do that? 'cause i know you ain't a boy. it's nice to have you home, george. can we put thatto a vote? why aren't you two working? we decided to take the whole day off. we're big businessmen, right? at least i'm a big businessman. he's extra large. me and willis are past that time clock stage. we're financial maggots. that's magnate,george. although,in your case, both pronunciationsapply. let's go out together. i'd ask you along, florence, but you're not wearing enough make-up,
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accordingto this mirror, my make-uplooks fine. well, you coming with us? we're due atthe help center. yeah. the help center has nice hard walls, perfect for banging your head against. what do you mean? well, we don'tseem to be helpingvery many people. just change the sign to the not much help center. george, it's not funny. lately, our work there is one big headache. then quit. you don't needno headaches. you're marriedto me. i thought you enjoyed it. yes, but we're notseeing enough results. then quit. if the help center is too difficult, maybe you should find something else.
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we won't quit just becauseit's not easy. so what if younever help anybody? the important thing isgetting out of the house, showing offyour diamonds, and killing the day. when i married george,it was till death do us part. let's leave before us do part. what are you doing? we lost the neighborhoodcrime watch program. but why? that program didn't require any money. but it required people. everybody liked the idea, but nobody attendedthe meetings. they were afraidif they left home, they'd be ripped off.
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and already it's beena horrendous day. i think we've reachedthe you-know-what stage. oh, no, helen. not that. i hate to resort to it, but we have tomake it somehow. all right. i'll get the stuff. good. havin' fun? oh, hello. come in. come in. you see, it's been a depressing day, so we just broke down and got out the old chips.
5:39 pm's an allergy. this time of year, i always break outin black eyes. here, sit down. i'm helen, and this is louise. what's your name? would you liketo tell us who did thisto you? nobody. i fell down. what did you do? land on someone's fist? you're so hip. you're a prostitute,aren't you? well, hey, another genius. my guess is,you were roughed up by either your johnor your pimp. wow! technical terms. i bet you never missed a single episode of barreta.
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we're hereto help you, and that's the nameof that tune. here. drink this, linda. it's maggie. good. now we know your name. congratulations. that's one for you. maggie, you'reyoung and pretty. let us help youfind another job. the help centerhas a program-- secretarial school for ex-junkies, ex-cons, and ex-hookers, right? yeah, but youcan learn-- how to type, take shorthand, and make good coffee. and gee, i'll make $300 a week. that's right. i make $300 a day, sweetheart, tax free. how much do you keep? we're asking you
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about what youcould be doing-- i didn't come in here for a sermon. then why areyou here? i came in to get some ice for my eye. we don't have any ice. yesterday,our refrigeratorwas stolen. well, thanks so much for all your help. maggie, i know we come off a little preachy, but we've worked here for five years with people who have had all kinds of problems. we'd like to think we know what we're doing. [crunch] you rich do-goodersdon't know nothing. you leaveyour fancy homes
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to dabble inother people's misery. you want meto pour my heart out so you can run homeand tell your husbands about the poor littlewretch you saved. you just findsomebody else. damn. louise, i don'tthink potato chips will do itthis time. well, not these, anyway. let's get the hellout of here and findthe nearest bar. i'll propose a toast. to what?
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this place looksa little rough. how rough could it be? it's called mom's. besides, look. there's a security guard at the bar. yeah. i guesswe'll be safe. i'm mom.
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you're mom? oh, yes. there it is in red,white, and blue. mom? could we see a menu? oh, my. how quaint. gee, i can't make up my mind. everything looks so good. what do you want? a vodka gimlet on the rocks with a twist, please. i'm in the mood for a freshbanana daiquiri. two beers. perfect. perfect.
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"roses are red,violets are blue, "take offyour clothes and-- oh, my god! oh, my god! isn't that impossible? not accordingto that diagram. how much do we owe you? i'm going to keep the change. please do. please do.
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well, it's just that i'm so tired of getting a cold shoulder from the government, the city, and even people we try to help. well, along the way, we have hadsome successes. but they've been so few and so far between. what are you thinking, louise? about maggie. a young girllike that, living a lifelike that. i wanted tohelp her so much, but i couldn'tget through. she got to me, too. so much so that here i am sitting in a place where the menu's carved on a man named mom. helen, maybeit is us. maybe we'renot qualified
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what do you mean? maybe we'retoo far removed. i used to thinki could relate to these peoples'problems becausei was raised in a neighborhoodlike this. now i'm just a visitor. so? what's the answer? i don't know. to relateto these people, do we have tomove into the ghetto, give up our jewelryand our nice clothes? no! no! maybe george is right. hi, sugar. where the hellyou been? i've-- save it. give me, give me,give me. sugar, i don't have nothing for you.
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what have youbeen doing? not making me any money,that's for sure. i've been walkin' around doin' some thinking. what makes you thinkyou can think? walking is fine, butthinking's my job. i'm thinking you'dbetter get out and bring mesome money. i've been thinking that i'd like to go back to cincinnati. what? i want to go home. home, baby?you are home. you see, now? you had to goand try to think. now you got yourselfall turned around. i'll have tostraighten you out like i didthis morning. in the car. i don't want to. there seems to be a disagreement.
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baby, move. he doesn't care to hear it. well, he'll hear it, anyway. maggie, don't worry. it'll be ok. he's through pushing you around. lady, stay outof my business. i'll put you outon the streets, too. look, we're not afraid of you. baby, don't yougo crazy on me. i'm all you got. you were nothingwhen i found you. you want tobe nothing again? how can youhurt me like this?
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you got a great way of showing it. no, sugar. i'm going home. the only placeyou're going is in the car. don't you strike her! if you think i won'tgo through you to get what's mine,you're crazy. mister, if you want her, you'll have to go through both of us. won't he, helen? helen? right, louise.
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we did it, helen.we stared him down. well, not quite, louise. look. hey, i don't allow no trouble in here. besides, i got a daughter. maggie,are you all right? i don't know. but i'll tell you one thing. you two ladies are really... crazy. well, right now, we're sending youback to cincinnati. helen,let's get our coats. right. helen. you can let goof my arm now.
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you still want toquit the help center? why? i think we do a pretty good job. i hope i'll alwaysremember this feeling. because it'sthe small victories that makes up forall the big losses. amen. listen, you really stuck your necks out for me and, well, you know, i appreciate it. oh, it's ok, maggie. thank you. thank you.
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e way glenn miller played songs that made the hit parade guys like us we had it made those were the days and you knew where you were then girls were girls and men were men mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again didn't need no welfare state everybody pulled his weight gee, our old lasalle ran great
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