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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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here's the paper, george. it just came. well, it's about time. what does he say? what does krinkie say about me? well, i haven't found anything yet, dear. oh, is this it? "taxpayers meet in protest at city hall." that's it. martha, i don't mind telling you i saved that whole meeting yesterday single handed. good for you. read it to me. i certainly will. yes, yes. "group of irate citizens and so on so on so--oh, a large meeting protested to the city assessor." oh, here we are. "in the midst of a plea by marvin quigley, prominent merchant-- oh, mr. quigley was there? "--the loud speaker system suddenly went dead "and the assessor immediately moved to adjourn the meeting." oh, fine. you didn't let him. "however, it was quickly discovered "that the microphone chord was loose "and one of those present plugged it in again. quigley resumed his attack on higher--" one of those present? hmm?
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just says, "one of those present plugged it in again." is that what you did, dear? just plugged in the microphone? well, martha, i saved that whole meeting. if it hadn't been for me, if i hadn't found the trouble right away, everybody would've gone home. i'm sorry, dear. honestly, now, this is a sample of the kind of recognition i get in this town. why, for two cents, i'd cancel my subscription to this crazy thing. oh, now, dear. well, by golly, i would, too, martha, if i weren't paid up in advance. hi, mr. wilson. hi, mrs. wilson. i have a swell idea, mr. wilson. let's you and me go-- dennis, i'm in no mood for any of your swell ideas. martha, i'm going upstairs and lie down a while. is he sick, mrs. wilson? no, dennis. he's just a little upset today because he didn't get his name in the paper. that's too bad. well, i better be goin' now. tell mr. wilson i'll leave my kite in your tree until he feels more like climbin'.
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hello, tommy. it's nice to see you again. it's nice to have you back home, mrs. mitchell. i missed you a lot. thank you. nobody can bake cookies as good as these. they sure can't. what have you got there? it's tommy's new printing set. you just draw a picture and you press it down on this stuff here and the pictures comes off on it. see? well, isn't that nice? oh, you can have a lot of fun with that. but i already drew all the pictures i know. i know some swell pictures, tommy. i'll draw a horse. you can do lots of things besides draw pictures with this. it says, "hand bills, calling cards, personal stationary." "print your own newspaper," it says. hey, that's a swell idea, tommy. we'll be reporters and have our own newspaper like mr. krinkie.
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you know any news? we'll do just like reporters do. we'll go around to everybody and ask 'em stuff. that's how you get news. yeah. we can ask ms. cathcart if she's got any news about mr. dorfman. she's always talkin' about mr. dorfman. and how about mrs. elkins? mr. wilson says she knows everything about everybody. oh, now, wait a minute, boys. i don't think you'd better bother mrs. elkins or ms. cathcart. they might not like it. jeepers, mom. everybody likes their name in the paper. no, not everybody. you better skip them. gee, how are we gonna get any news? say, i know who likes his name in the paper, good ol' mr. wilson. he felt real bad today because it wasn't in. okay. let's go get some news on him. swell. and we'll make a whole newspaper about mr. wilson, and we'll call it the mr. wilson news. we'll follow him around today and put down everything he does
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only we gotta be real careful that he doesn't know what we're doing or that'll spoil our surprise. come on, let's get started. [music] hi, mr. wilson. hi, mr. wilson. you're having a drink of water? yes, i'm having a drink of water. what you doin', setting out flowers, mr. wilson? no, dennis. i'm knitting a sweater. with a trowel? oh, he's just joking, tommy. he makes jokes like that lots of times. what he's really doing is setting out flowers, aren't you, mr. wilson? well, i'm trying to. now, why don't you, boys, go somewhere else and let me work? okay, tommy. let's go some place else. here, right over here. all right, dennis.
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i don't even wanna talk to you, you hear? yes, sir. i wonder if he wants to talk to me. no, i don't. i don't wanna talk to anybody. don't bother him now, tommy. [phone ringing] i'll get it. hello? yes, he's here, but he doesn't wanna talk to anybody right now. goodbye. dennis. oh, heaven's sakes, who was that? i didn't tell you to answer my phone, dennis. now, who was that? i didn't ask him. oh. i was expecting a call from my taxman. all right. that does it. now, go on home, both of you. but mr. wilson-- home. honestly, those kids. oh. you both have a perfect driving record. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup...
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hi. did you get any more news on him yet? no, i went over and rang the doorbell
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but mrs. wilson said he was resting. [music] george, wait till you see what i found in the attic. oh, well i'll be darned, our old college annual. well, i haven't seen this in years. oh my goodness, there are people in here i haven't thought of in ages. look at that picture, remember him, bill hooper? yes. he and i used to room together. he came from up in new york somewhere, didn't he? sure, buffalo. buffalo bill, we all call him. jeepers, i didn't know mr. wilson went to school with buffalo bill. me either. that's news, all right. oh, oh, now, there's the picture i've been looking for, us going to the big thanksgiving day game. you remember? i'll never forget it. i was so impressed when you showed up
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i wonder whatever happened to that old coat of mine, anyway. well, as i remember, we gave it to the scrap drive during the war. well, that was rather a sad ending for a coat that used to walk across the campus with its arm around your shoulder. it deserved a better fate. yes. it represented romance to both of us, didn't it? you know, martha, i'd give a lot mr. wilson: to have that old coat of mine back again. you would? just how much would you give? oh, i'd give $20 anyway. hey, that's news. it sure is, boy. $20 for coat. would you really like to have that coat back? why, certainly. well, every well-dressed man has to have a raccoon coat in his wardrobe, or two or three. why, a fellow can't have too many raccoon coats, you know that. you're right, dear. he needs one for every day and one to wear on sunday.
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when i'm greasing the car. and one to wear when you drive me to the station when i move out. oh, hello, mr. krinkie. well, hello, boys. here's a copy of our newspaper for you. another newspaper. well, i don't know if this town's big enough for two papers. you, boys, don't want to run me out of business, do you? oh, no, sir. we won't do that. this is just a special paper. the mr. wilson news. ooh, that's an interesting name. it's all about mr. wilson. yeah, i had a hunch it might be. "mr. wilson got up early today and he set out some flowers." oh, that's a scoop, all right. we followed him around and asked him questions and spied on him just like reporters. "mr. wilson will give $20 for a raccoon coat like he had in college." he will, huh? did he tell you, boys, that himself? no, sir. he told mrs. wilson, though. that's how we found out. well, i'm glad to see george wilson
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left in him. thanks, boys. [music] hmm. that's a nice human interest story. this will look good in my paper. [music] oh, no, not again. what is it, dear? oh, it's one of those confounded advertising folders. i just wish they'd stop cluttering up our house with them. [music] oh, listen to this. mr. wilson not only made dennis' paper, he made the front page of the chronicle. really? what is it? it's the raccoon coat story. "local resident yearns for raccoon coat. "the spirit of the roaring '20s still lives in george wilson "of 625 elm street. "mr. wilson is looking for one of the raccoon coats, "which were a symbol of flaming youth
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and is willing to pay $20 for a fine specimen." oh, i'm amazed at him. i never dreamed he was so sentimental. he must've meant it if he bothered to give krinkie this story, too. oh, he didn't tell mr. krinkie, dad. mr. krinkie got the news from my newspaper. oh? sure. he said it was real interesting, so he put it in his newspaper, too. isn't that swell? well, i don't know. i suppose. you're sure that's what mr. wilson said, are you, son? i mean, he did say-- sure, mom asked me that last night. that's exactly what he said. me and tommy both heard him. imagine wilson trying to recapture his flaming youth. [laughter] well, if i had a raccoon coat, i'd certainly sell it to him. i'm goin' over to see good ol' mr. wilson now. i wanna ask him how he liked my newspaper. all right, dear, but don't stay too long.
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you wanna put the paper in the house, george? oh, that thing. after the way, krinkie neglected me yesterday; i ought to throw this into the trash can. dennis: hi, mrs. wilson. good morning, dennis. you're all dressed up. are you going somewhere? just a little trip to the city. we'll be home around 4:00 if anyone asks for us. dennis, we're in a hurry now so if you'll excuse us-- i just want to ask you how you like the mr. wilson news, mr. wilson. the what? the newspaper me and tommy printed all about you. didn't you get it? i put it under your door yesterday just before dinner. oh, the newspaper. yes, it was fine, fine, dennis. i enjoyed it very much. come on, martha. mrs. wilson said you like to get your name in the papers so it's the only name we put in ours.
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mr. krinkie saw it and said-- oh, dennis, don't even mention his name. i'm sure you're twice the newspaperman that krinkie is. gee, thanks. see you later. yeah, undoubtedly. [music] there's nobody home, mister. are you sure, sonny? the paper said the fellow who lived here was in the market for a raccoon coat. is that what that is? yep. when will somebody be home? they said 4:00 this afternoon. well, 20 bucks is 20 bucks. but i sure hate to haul this thing back over here again. it's kind of embarrassing the way people laugh at it. why do they laugh? i think it's a swell coat, myself. yeah, i thought so too back in the old days. yes, sir, classiest job on the campus. i know mr. wilson would like it. this could be the one he wears to church. huh? say, they always leave the patio door open. i'll run around and let you in
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and he'll pay you for it later. well, i guess that'll be all right. oh, sure. he's real anxious to get one. [music] well, thank you, sonny. just put it down anywhere, mister. okay. now, i better leave my name and phone number so have you got some paper around here some place? there's a pad on the desk. oh, fine. [doorbell ringing] oh, boy, another one. come on in. is your father the man who wants a raccoon coat? no, sir, but he's my best friend. you can leave the coat with me. he's not home now. oh, it looks like he already bought one. that's okay, mister. he wants all the raccoon coats he can get. mr. wilson says a fellow can't have too many raccoon coats. hey, you think this is on the level? well, sure. he put the story in the paper, didn't he? he's gotta be a character. oh, just stick your name and number in the pocket of your coat.
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won't you, sonny? i sure will. is this where i can sell a raccoon coat? oh, boy, another one. jeepers, this is really mr. wilson's lucky day. [music] hi, mr. wilson. hi, mrs. wilson. boy, wait till you see the big surprise i got for you. you have a surprise for me? the best one you ever had. it's in the house. go on, open the door. yes, george. let's see what it is. somehow, i don't feel too eager. isn't it great, mr. wilson? why, it's not real. why, they're raccoon coats. well, where in the world did these come from? from all over town. men kept bringing 'em and bringing 'em
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but why? 'cause you said a fellow can't have too many raccoon coats. but i guess this is almost too many. now, when did i say a thing like that, dennis? yesterday in your patio. i remember, george; we were looking at the college annual. and me and tommy heard you and put it in our newspaper. then mr. krinkie dennis: put it in his newspaper too. but, dennis-- they're all yours, mr. wilson, for only $20 a piece dennis: like you said. $20? the men left their names and phone numbers. you just call them and they'll come right over and collect. [music] great scott. whicone would you wear to church, mr. wilson? martha, quick, my nerve medicine. [music] oh, it's the same thing over and over and over.
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his mangy old fur. what a mess. and i'm awfully sorry about this, mr. wilson, so is dennis. well, he should. turning my home into a raccoon's den. oh, here we go again. hello. who? you what? you wouldn't dare. another one? that was krinkie. he says the story has caused a lot of comment and he wants to send a photographer over here and take a picture of me and my raccoon coat with my arm around your shoulder. and he's going to call it sheik wilson and his sheba. well, go ahead. snicker your heads off. this is george wilson's bitterest hour.
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hello, i'd like to talk to mr. wilson. come in. thank you. wow, what a collection. well, who are you? and if you're from krinkie's newspaper-- oh, no, sir. i just wanted to ask you about a raccoon coat. you see, my dad showed me his old one-- why, now, this is the limit. well, you could just march right back and tell your dad that he'll never sell his repulsive rug with sleeves to me. i don't wanna sell dad's; i wanna buy one for myself. to tell you, i'm sick and tired of being made the butt-- you wanna buy? yes sir. some of the fellows at school read about the coats and we thought they'd be real cool. oh, i doubt that son. they're really quite heavy. leave this to me, martha. young man, if you want a coat so badly, why don't you take your father's? well, it's too small for me. my kid brother's taking it. oh, i see.
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oh, you don't? but i think a sale can be arranged, however. now, you see, each garment has the owners name in the pocket. now, all you do is pick out a coat and get in touch with the proper party. now, we're getting somewhere. mrs. wilson: george, this young man wants to buy a coat too. oh, hello, fred. oh, splendid, splendid. well, what do you say, fred? oh, hi, chuck. you beat me to it, huh? yeah, i already got the pick of the litter. oh, well there are plenty here left. just examine the merchandise, fred. oh, try this one on. that's fine. yeah. oh, beautiful. now, be sure again to get in touch with the rightful owners, now won't you, boys? gee, thanks a lot, mr. wilson. this is great. fine, fine. bye, mrs. wilson. goodbye. i got me a good one here. oh, yes, that's a dandy. we'll see you later. bye.
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the owners can sell their coats and you're out of trouble. well, it's certainly a load off my shoulders, martha. and the boys look so cute in them. yes, they did. i wonder if--oh, no. it'd be silly if i had kept one for myself, wouldn't it?
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6:00, zero hour. good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is your hometown reporter. leading off this evening with a story of a new fad that is now the rage of the younger set. earlier this afternoon, we took our film cameras to the high school campus.
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here at city high. and it's being worn by many of the leading bmoc; big men on campus, including chuck long, captain of the basketball team and frosty dennison, president of the senior class. responsible for this revival of interest of raccoon coats is a prominent local citizen who still has the heart of a boy. mr. krinkie: who knows, these days may become known as the roaring '60s. it's so; the man we have to thank for it is mr. george wilson. mr. wilson, congratulations. thank you, sir. the next story concerns a decision made today by our mayor who says that he definitely is going to run a fifth term. who cares about the mayor, anyway? oh, boy, you're famous, mr. wilson. shouldn't you thank dennis for making you famous? oh, i intend to, martha. dennis, as a result of your newspaper, i have received all the public acclaim mr. wilson: any man could hope for. i thank you.
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i like to do things for you. the newscaster made one point that's certainly true, mr. wilson; you are a young man at heart. i do think some of the things we had when i was young certainly don't deserve to be forgotten. for instance, you remember that fine old sports car: the stutz bearcat. sure. no, i'm afraid i don't. what a car, eh, martha? you look so dashing in yours. by golly, i'd give $100 to have another one just like it. i'll be home later, mom. where are you going, dear? down to see mr. krinkie. you'll have all the stutz bearcats you want, mr. wilson. dennis. dennis. [music]
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- [voiceover] leave it to beaver. starring barbara billingsley, hugh beaumont,
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and jerry mathers as the beaver. - you spying on the neighbors again? - no, i'm watching for beaver to come home from dancing school. - oh, i guess that is an important homecoming. - it certainly is. do you know for the past two years he's talked his way out of attending almost half the classes with one excuse or another? he'll probably come home with a new alibi today. - i think the last time he had some story about the flower decorations giving him an allergy. (laughter) - and the time before he said the waltzes gave him a charlie horse. (laughter) - well you know i think the basic trouble is an allergy. boys his age are just naturally allergic to little girls. (laughter) here he comes. i suppose we'll hear some new reason now why he should abandon the social graces. - dear, if he's very upset let's not be too hard on him. - yeah. - well beaver, did you have a good time with all your nice little friends at dancing school?


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