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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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to a deluxe apartment in the sky mo-ooh-vin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lotta tryin' just to get up that hill now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothin' wrong with that well, we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky mo-ooh-vin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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hello. i'm jerry mathers. i was the beaver in "leave it to beaver." a few years later, i was a type 2 diabetic. but i'm not anymore. diabetes causes neuropathy, blindness, and amputation. at its worst, it can kill you. today i want you to have a look at an amazing breakthrough that has stopped diabetes in its tracks for over 200,000 people just like you and me. now you can do the same thing, because it's all spelled out in a very special system called the diabetes solution kit. i urge you to try this all-natural, done-for-you program so you can finally live independent of drugs and insulin shots.
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[doorbell rings] florence! [doorbell rings] florence! [doorbell rings] florence!
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i can't hear that doorbell. don't fell for it. you're a genius. the news isall over town. let me tell you why. genius isself-explanatory. explain itto the ladies. it's so rare to find someone with brains and humility. thank you, helen. i'm still looking for that person. george gave me a stock tip, and guess what. you need a loan. hardly. that stock shot up. i sold it yesterday and made $3,000. oh! did you come down here to share your profits? well, it'll bea little difficult. helen's wearing it.
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oh, thank you, florence. child, if that ever becomes a hand-me-down, i'm down. it does looksensationalon you, helen. i can almost forget those animals that died so you can wear it. i'm glad you like it. i must find a way to make some money without working. you have-- this job. we're going out on the town. have look gorgeous. thank you. see you later. bye-bye. whenever helen puts on her coat, she'll think of you. i sure will.
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i'm so gladyou could help tom. if you're not careful, helping peoplecould become a habit. not a chance. mr. jefferson, how about taking a shot at helping me? i'd love to, buti've never beento medical school. can we please be serious? when it comes to high finance, you got a knack for making money. yes, i do. but i don't. yes, you don't. give me advice like you gave mr. willis. if i give everyone advice, the world would be rich and i'd be like everybody else. not exactly,george. i'll still be smarter than them. that's not whati had in mind. better looking?
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see... oh... it's for my church. they need new windows. tell themyou don't do windows. the church needs money. help me get in the market. how much moneyyou got? $400. that's enough toget in the supermarket. i knew you wouldn't help me. i'll find an investment on my own. florence,are you sure you want to talkabout investment? it's so chancy. now, you have $400 niceand safe in the bank. it earns a steadysix percent thatyou depend on.
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you would be riskinga sure $24 a year... you've got to help this woman. with $400? how much do i need? at least two grand. does that money have to come from just me? what do youhave in mind? maybe the other maids will pitch in. you mean a consortium? yeah, a consortium. what's a consortium? that's when a group of investors forms one stock portfolio. you'll try to help us? sure. thank you, mr. jefferson. ain't that great? i helped willisand florence. anything i can dofor you? oh, i married you.that's enough. although the stock market
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the potential for a sizable return is there, if we do our homework and use sound financial judgment. any questions? i have a question. what is the stock market? i was goingto ask that. so this is your consortium, florence? well, weeach got $400. money without brains is better than the other way around. let me address the question-- the excellent question--posed by emma. "what is the stock market?" let me see how to put this. have you been outside? sure. i was out there yesterday. good, good. i'm sure you've noticed that, not only are there people, cars, and buses,
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i'm with you. he makes a lot of sense. good. these businesses don't always use their own money. they get small amounts from people. you get a stock certificate saying you own part of a company. we get our own office? no. if the company makes money, your stocks go up, and you make money. oh, all right! any other questions? do you havethe correct time? 4:15. can i continue now? nobody has to add any bleach? thank you, mr. jefferson.
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after scanning the dow and considering the political climate, and, of course, taking into account my own personal genius, i have decided on a company called t.z.i. they make the guidance systems for the r-2 supersonic missile. they also make chocolate milk. we'll buy the stocks. we'll chart the progress by meeting here every thursday at 12:30. that's when ryan's hope comes on. how about 1:00? no. all my children. what time is the news? 5:00. 5:00. we'll meet at 5:00. perfect.perfect. ok. then it's all settled. girls, we shouldgive my boss,mr. jefferson,
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don't spoil him. thank you, ladies. you, too. and i love your attitude. what will we get? rich? i can't hear you. rich!rich! r! r! r!r! i! i!i! i! c! c! c!c! h! h!h! h! give me your money! it's been a week. what's he been telling you? i miss my money. i know, emma. he said no business will be discussed except at thursday's meetings. everybody,here he comes! the foxof wall street! ladies! ladies! hi, mr. jefferson.
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yeah. ok. now, as you can see, t.z.i. appears to have upside-penetrated the symmetrical triangle. if this is correct, i believe that the trend should continue upward through the end of the month. any questions? yes? what youtalkin' about? shall i put it simply? yes.yes. yes. ok. in simpler terms, that means...
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i've shined your shoes, darned your socks, and ironed your shoelaces. anything else while i'm still below your ankles? sorry, but weezie has dibs on my feet.
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for what you're doing? four times less than lucy, three more than emma, but who's counting? [doorbell rings] if you're comfortable, i'll put your shoes here and answer the doorbell. thank you, i'm along. i can't believe this. hi, emma. is he in? is he thinking? can i watch? ok, but don't disturb him. ok. this is where he reads the financial pages. oh, and... this is his calculator. this is the phone he uses
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oh, and this is his wife. what is it? i just brought mr. jefferson a little present. it's a thinking cap. that's what daddy called it. mama said it was a shame he wasn't wearing it when that speeding bus hit him. thank you. i'll wear itin good health. and in heavy traffic. you ready, florence? where youtwo going? to the travel agency. she's going to georgia for her mama's 75th birthday party. i couldn't afford it if it hadn't beenfor mr. jefferson. have i thanked youfor what you've done? two times less than florence,
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come on, emma. i appreciate what you're doing. i'm three up on you, emma! ain't that great? emma's visitingher mother. i have to admit what you're doing is nice. your attitude is thoroughly nauseating, but what you're doing is nice. beautifully put, weez. and you helped get them in the stock market. i'm thinking aboutgetting them out. why? i thought the market was going up steadily. it's just likeblood pressure. one day it's up, and the next,it's kablooey. their stock's going to kablooey? we're at a crossroadsright now. we're either headingfor a major upswing or we're heading--
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down the toilet. play it safe. sell the stock. emma needs the moneyto see her mother. otherwise, she couldn'tspread my legendthroughout georgia. i must go to the help center. i've got to tellthe stockbroker to sell. bye, george. you wanted meto sell. i meant, so long, george. hello, miss davis. is lou in? it's george jefferson. jefferson cleaners,seven locations, one near you. huh? there isn't? then move. put lou on, will you? lou, i want you to do something for me. dump my t.z.i. sell all of it. i know it's a wise move.
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you agree i should sell the stock? don't sell it. you haven't ever been right. george, great news! i see in the paper that t.z.i. plunged. the bottom fell out. you sold just in time. is something wrong? florence gone yet? yes, she's downstairs with the consortium waiting for you. oh. can we meet up here? the nerve of those women using our board room to do their wash! you don't have to go to the meeting. the meeting came to you. how about that? i can watch you tell them the good news personally.
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you ain'ta member ofthe consortium. i'm married to george. surely you can make an exception. no. uh-uh. uh-uh. well! i'll bein my room. we know you've got good news. first, we've got something for you. enough. what's the fox of wall street got to tell us today? when you go tofast food standsto get burgers, what do youhave to drink? root beer. cola. scotch on the rocks. i carry my own. did you notice nobodymentioned chocolate milk? what does that mean?
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nobody's buyingchocolate milk. how about them missiles? did you buyone lately? no. see? mr. jefferson, could "kablooey" mean something good? not a chance. there goes my trip to see mama. my first vacation in years. and my miniskirt and cowboy boots. ladies, i'mreally sorry. you did the best you could for us. i disappointed you. oh, well. wait. there'sone more thing. you telling that "son of a sharecropper" story again? no stories.this is business, ok? as you know, t.z.i. was headingway up, up, up, up, right? yeah. they don't call me
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so i said to myself,"fox, you know, whatever goes upmust come down." i sold itbefore it dropped. so? we got outbefore it went under. i have herea $1,000 check for each one of you. woo! woo! woo! [telephone rings] get that, weez! mama, here i come. i've got to hug him! not yet, child. he's still writing. woo! a miniskirt for me and matching hot pants for my old man! woo! what's our next investment, fox? the fox thinks weought to lay low. well, how soon, then?
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girls, let's go celebrate. you want to join us? being afinancial geniusis tiring work. you go ahead. mr. jefferson, are you tearing up? a little. this really touched you, didn't it? deeper than you know. i'll make a donation on them stained glass church windows in your name. burn a candlefor t.z.i. what's going on? we each made $1,000 in the stock market. you did? thanks to your husband. i've said a lot of things about you-- and they still apply-- but if i had bought stock in you yesterday, i'd be rich today.
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what are youstaring at? a wonderful man. i just got luckyin the stock market. your broker just called. he was sorry that you lost so much. oh. you didn't sell after all. you took the whole loss yourself and paid them personally. weez,the reason-- you don't have to explain being nice. feels good, doesn't it? yeah, butit's strange. oh, i'm just so proud of you.
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p played songs that made the hit parade guys like us we had it made those were the days and you knew where you were then girls were girls and men were men mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again didn't need no welfare state everybody pulled his weight gee, our old lasalle ran great


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