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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous mister ed la cucaracha, la cucaracha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha la cucaracha, ala di, di, di... whee! ed. nobody home. you and that silly boomerang. i told you not to disturb me. you're working too hard, wilbur. let's have some fun. i can't. this is the most important assignment i ever had. if mr. foster likes these sketches, i could become an executive in his company. even an executive takes a coffee break. but not a boomerang break.
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and i'm going to get rid of this thing. ed: hey! that's mine! (ed chuckling) that's not so funny. hey! you've lost your sense of humor. oh, daddy? i am not your daddy. oh, will you buy me a kite? a kite? yeah, every kid has a kite. you're not a kid. i'm only 8 years old. ed, i have very important work to do. -oh... oh... -please. (ed sobbing) i want a kite. (pounding on door) look, will you lay off those crocodile tears?
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who never had a kite. okay, okay. i'll phone the toy store and get you a kite.
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l l with mr. foster, i also recommended that his construction firm hire wilbur as their head architect. oh, roger, you're so thoughtful and kind and generous. oh, nonsense. anyone would have done the same thing... that is, if they happened to be kind, generous, and thoughtful. -and modest. -of course i'm modest. only when you're filling out your income tax. well, maybe if you'd stop filling out your wardrobe closet, i wouldn't have to cut corners. hi, hi, kay. oh, wilbur. how are you coming with the foster sketches? i just finished them. and with all due modesty, i must say, i think they're great. good. i asked him if he'd mind stopping by around lunchtime. well, then i'd better hurry. i've got an errand to do before he gets here. going to stop by the bank and get a larger safe deposit box?
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toy store? did he say toy store? that's what the man said. carol, i'm worried. oh, roger, there's nothing to worry about. you know wilbur. that's why i'm worried. i've got too much at stake to have mr. foster think wilbur is some kind of a kook. wilbur is not a kook. he's a level-headed executive with both feet on the ground and if he wants to go to a toy store, then... why would a grown man want to go to a toy store? sure, mr. foster, i'm sure that you and wilbur post will hit it off great. you know, he's a wonderful architect. fine, fine, what time is it? uh, 10 minutes to 12. 10 minutes to 12? where does the time go? a man hasn't got time to do anything. something wrong, mr. foster? i've got a little headache, yes. have you had your lunch? this is my lunch. well, when wilbur post joins your firm, he'll take a great deal of pressure off you. you know, he's a very industrious young man. that's all he ever thinks of, work, work, work. all right, now what? now then, tie a string taut
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wilbur: between ends of cross stick. yeah, boy. (laughing) that's what i call a good job. ed: yeah. oh, that is a beautiful tail. you flatterer. i'm talking about the tail on the kite. oh. look, ed, we better be getting back home, huh? but we haven't even flown my kite yet. i'm sorry, but i wasted so much time assembling the kite, and i don't want to be late for my appointment with mr. foster. aw, let's fly my kite first. after i talk to mr. foster, we'll come back. oh. i promise. business before pleasure. yeah, you promised me pleasure, then you give me the business. that's very good. you're treating me like a dog. -(knocking at door) -come in. wilbur, this is mr. foster.
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i know, i know. now let me see those sketches. uh, yes, yes. well, what are you going to do, stand around and hold us up all day? well, i thought you... stay by my car in case i get any phone calls. go ahead. yes, now, this sketch here... yes, i know. i can see. don't tell me. you know, more people waste time talking than doing. i'll get you some water with that. water? i've got more important things to do than waste my time waiting for water. -plow horse? -no. -race horse? -no. well, what does he do? nothing. he's just a pet. pet? waste of time. you realize, carol, if wilbur gets this job, it could mean security for both of you for the rest of your lives. yes, it would be kind of nice to be able to buy some of the things i've only dreamed about. well, that's one nice thing about money, carol. it turns dreams into reality. (phone ringing)
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no, it's coming from out there. oh, mr. foster. i've got to answer his car. oh, sure, good architect. lots of imagination. you're hired. well, thank you, mr. foster. what time do you want me to report to work tomorrow? tomorrow? what's the matter with today? well, mr. foster... you one of those 9:00 to 5:00 guys? no, no, no, but i... (stammering) well, stop stammering. you're eating into my working day. well, that's what i mean, the day is half over. i mean, it's after 12:00. oh, you're one of those clock watchers, are you? now let me... after 12:00? well, wouldn't it be more convenient if i came to work say tomorrow or after the weekend? weekend? well, you don't work on weekends, do you? no, of course not, we have meetings at my house on saturdays and sundays, though. every saturday and sunday? we meet in my play room. you have a play room? lovely atmosphere, everything a man could want. dictating machines, electric typewriters, electronic computers...
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they're a waste of time. mr. foster, i don't... i don't think this job is going to work out. post, i had you sized up right from the start. you're the same as all the rest of them, no ambition, no initiative, no drive. and no pills. why, now we'll be able to afford a swimming pool. or something lavish. carol, have you seen those darling new bathing suits they're advertising for $8.95? yes, i have. well, i know where we can get them for $15.00. that phone call was from foster's attorney. mr. foster! mr. foster, i have some great news. your attorney just called on your car phone and said he checked my real estate and has the papers all ready for our housing development. your housing development. i'm not going into any deal with anyone stupid enough to recommend wilbur post. but, mr. foster.
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what happened? carol, i have a feeling someone just pulled the plug out of your swimming pool. oh! hi, everybody. nobody's high, we're low. wilbur, mr. foster just left. carol, if you're thinking what i think you're thinking, well, i don't know where you learned that kind of language. wilbur, what happened? all these years you've been waiting for your ship to come in. the ship? wilbur, whatever your differences are with mr. foster, couldn't you patch them up? wilbur, how could you? mr. foster is a very import... and my, my real estate... are you... and if you ever speak to me again, i'll never speak to you again. -what do you think of that? -but, roger... forget it. i'm not speaking to you.
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honey, look, this mr. foster, he's an impossible man. oh, well wilbur, i'd never want you to be unhappy. he wanted me to work night and day, even weekends. and i think a man should devote some time to his family. oh, now you make me proud that you turned him down. he'd have a man working like a horse, and i don't believe even a horse should work like a horse. besides, he was nasty to ed. is that horse what you meant by your family? no, carol. i might have known that mr. ed would have something to do with this. -but, honey. -we'll not discuss it.
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honey? look, honey, they say you shouldn't stay mad at anybody for more than 12 hours, and it's now 11 hours and 58 minutes. time to make up. aww, sweetie, that's it. i knew you'd forgive me.
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still mad, huh? wilbur? if i was talking to you, i would say you owe an obligation to your friends. to say nothing of your friend's wife. wilbur, foster likes your work. he likes it very much. i've been pleading with him, and i've got him to the point where an apology from you would smooth things over. well, i want to be fair. wilbur, don't look upon me as a neighbor. look upon me as a brother. or even a father. wilbur, if you don't rake it in while you're young,
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i can see it now. i am on the golf course. a little raggedy old man approaches me and he pleads to carry my golf bag for a few pennies. and do you know who that little raggedy old man is, wilbur? me? exactly. and do you know the moral of the story? yeah, nobody wants a 70-year-old caddy. well, maybe you don't mind being poor, but you might think of your poor little wife taking in floors to wash. i guess i'd better think it over. bless you, son. thank you. would you do something for me? what? water my flowers, dad. great. i'll call foster and get him to come over. you really did it, doll! thank you, my de... ed, i don't know what to do. if i don't apologize to mr. foster, i'll feel i'm letting carol down. and if i do apologize to him and get the job,
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ed, what would you do if instead of being a horse, you were a human being? i'd grow two more legs and a tail. i don't blame you. even if i do apologize, he may tell me to go jump in a lake. i wish he'd tell you to go fly a kite. (ed clears throat) ed, you just made yourself a deal.
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i only have two legs. well, give it to me. some of us are luckier. where can wilbur be? i don't know. well, i hope he gets here by 3:30 so he can apologize to foster. yes, and time is so valuable to mr. foster. if wilbur is one minute late, -he might dock him a week's pay. -(vehicle approaches) that must be my breadwinner now. -(car door closes) -or should i say cake winner? well, mr. foster, you're... you're early. what kind of a nut did you recommend? that man's crazy. crazy, well, why... i was driving by the park, and here's my future head architect and what do you suppose he's doing? what?
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well, wilbur wouldn't be flying a kite. well, of course not. they've already invented electricity. oh, you must be mistaken. flying a kite in a park? oh, no, no, no, no, no, you're... you're wrong. crazy mixed up people. oh, i hate to spoil your fun, ed, but we've got to get going. i've got an appointment at 3:30 with mr. foster. turn down that creep, wilbur. i can't. let's go, ed. oh, wilbur... oh! i lost my kite. don't worry, ed. we'll get it. oh, i want my kite! we'll get it, ed. let's go. oh, i want my kite! carol: wilbur, wilbur! where are you going? i'm chasing our kite. oh, of all the places for your kite to land.
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i don't think this branch is gonna hold. think positive, wilbur. is my kite all right? well, thanks to you, ed, i'm late seeing mr. foster. i don't know how i'll be able to face him. oh, wilbur, never mind that. what would you do if you had to face a live lion? i'd just play dead. start playing. i have to... (lion roaring) ed, that's a lion. ed: that's what the sign says. it also says do not feed the lion. remember that, wilbur.
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ed, i'm scared. don't be afraid of animals, wilbur. we're your four-footed friends. their feet may be friendly, but what about those teeth? (roaring) just act nonchalant. nonchalant. (whistling) walk slower. he'll hear your knees knocking. ed, ed! ed, get somebody. you know i don't talk to anybody but you. (roaring)
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ed: oh! he's got my coat! ed: let him keep it. phone somebody! i don't have a dime. -(cloth rips) -aah! oh, ed, ed, do something. all right. i'll see what i can do. don't go away! don't be sore at me. i see all your pictures. ed, ed, do something! get away! get away!
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come back here! come back here! (lion roaring) oh, excuse me. take it easy. you can have the pants. you keep the pants. they may fit. i don't know. have no fear, little eddie's here. ed, ed, do something, ed. (snarl)
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here's a ladder, wilbur. the rest is up to you. hurry! just in time, ed. i didn't have much more to lose. hurry, wilbur. step right down on my back. (roaring) wilbur! wilbur! what were you doing in there? and in your shorts? well, i was just trying to stay ahead of the lion. what? it's a long story, honey, and i... mr. foster, i want to talk to you about that job. you get that man away from me. no, honey, i don't want you working for that man. but security? there's no real security unless you're happy, and i don't see how you can be happy working for him. honey, every man should have a wife just like you. i agree.
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say, mr. lion, aren't you glad you're in there instead of out here with all those goofy humans? (roaring)
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. now step 3. oh, wilbur, you know, carol's a wonderful woman to tell you to turn down that job. i got the greatest little wife in the world. i agree. in fact, i like her so much, i'm gonna tell you something. what? you ought to devote almost as much time to her as you do to me. all right, i will. (laughs) kidding. a horse is a horse, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllo. i'm mister ed.
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and no one can talk to a horse, of course that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous mister ed ahem. my birthday. i hope wilbur remembers. yeah, 9 years old, and not a wrinkle. heh, heh, heh. you handsome devil. -(laughing) -(door closes) good morning, ed. good morning, buddy-boy, buddy-buddy, buddy. what are you feeling so chipper about today? i always feel chipper this day of the year. well, what's special about today? well, i'll give you a hint. it's the 28th. the 28th. mmm-hmm. of course, that's an anniversary. atta boy. sadie hawkins day. no, wilbur, it's got to do with a certain animal. a certain animal, huh? yeah.


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