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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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and there ain't no nothing we can't love each other through what would we do, baby without us
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what do you got there? i've got a teddy bear, two rattles, a cuddle bunny,
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you can play for five minutes... and then you got to go night-night. alex, we're just getting an inventory of the baby toys so we'll know what we need to buy. what's that, dad? this is the mobile that used to hang over your crib. we experimented with many things before finding the one symbol that calmed you down. turn it on, dad. continental telegraph up three points... to 25 cents. cintram corporation, down 14. it still works. when you've finished your nap, look through that catalogue. we're trying to pick out a new crib.
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we're going with that one. you're going with"the snooze-a-lot"? what's wrong with this"inky-binky-beddy-bye"? i don't know... that one scares me a little. it looks like a bear to put together. more food for mom? i know. it's getting ridiculous. this is the fourth meal she's eaten in two hours. be a little understanding, mal. the doctor wants her off her feet, and she's channeling all her energies into eating. is scott here yet? no. we saidwe'd call you. [bell tinkles] coming! that's mom again. she's getting a little demanding. hurry and take that. you don't wantto miss scott. he's your goofy friend, not mine. he wasn't goofy,mallory. he just had glasses,and braces, and big ears.
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what's all this? it's equipmentfrom the sportsscott and i played. i'll let him pick. scott's here for a college interview. there's no time for the decathlon. i know he'llwant to play. we were the first two kidsoutside every morning and the last inevery night. that was five years ago. scott's 17 now. people slow down as they get older. their bones start to deteriorate with each passing year. look at dad. thanks, coach. [doorbell rings] he's here! scott, it's good to see you! how are you? great. look at you! hello, scott. welcome back. thanks, mr. keaton. hey, scotty. hey, alex. how's it going? ah, king of the hill.
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you haven't changed a bit, alex. what'll it be, scott? baseball, soccer, tennis... greco-roman wrestling? what do you mean? i thought we'd play sports like old times. oh, sure.sounds like fu you two have a good time. hi... scott? hi, mallory. boy, have you changed! well, you've changed, too. you grew intoyour ears, and... you look good, too. scott, what are you waiting for? let's hold off on that soccer, ok, jennifer? good idea. let's just sit on the lawn and talk about old times. yeah, sure. go and start without me. ok.
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ya da da da hey! you're goig to lovepasta alex. i hope it's better than pancakes alex, alex. mom says she can smell pasta alex, alex, from all the way upstairs. yeah, well,it travels well, dad. hey, what's all this? things to show scott-- our old picturesand stuff. he didn'tsee them yesterday. [bell tinkles] should i take thisup to mom, dad? no, i'll do it. she denies it, but she enjoys being waited on by her husband. they all do, dad. they saythings have changed, but they're happiestbarefoot and pregnant. [bell tinkles] coming, elyse! [bang bang bang] sounds serious. this won't be enough.
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jennifer, the garlic bread and the antipasto. and mallory, the watermelon. that ought to hold her for a while. ah...ya da da da da da da ya da da da da da hey hey, alex. hey, scotty. what, are you cooking? you bet-a you life! hey, where's-- where's mallory? i don't know. she's upstairs or something. are you up for tomorrow's interview? yeah. i'm pretty excited. listen, let me give you some tips, ok? i am, uh... well, hey, i'm kind of a legend at that college, so slip my name into the conversation as much as you can. oh, uh... why don't you take this with you? this is a pictureof you, alex. yeah. you know, you can keep that. thanks.
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17 years old now? i don't know. she's in her teens. i know that. oh, another thing. you want to be serious, but not overly serious. they like you to be a good student, but fun-loving, like me. so, is anybody seeingmallory on a regular basis? yeah. i am, and i've had all i can take. your mom really lovedthe pasta alex, alex. i've never seen anyoneeat that fast. it was incredible. i was afraid to put my hands near her mouth. hi, jennifer...mallory, mr. keaton. i was giving scott some tips for his interview. i'll give you the opposite advice i gave alex before his interview-- just be yourself. ok. dinner, she's served. great. i can't tell you how hungry i am. i love a man with a healthy appetite.
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[bell rings] [bang bang bang] i guess she's still hungry. i'll take her some more pasta alex, alex. what's all this stuff? just some pictures from when we were kids. any pictures of you, mallory? i don't think so. hey, wait a second. look. there's mallory. no, that's us dressed for halloween as miss piggy and kermit the frog. no, in back. look. that's mallory's foot. scott, i was just thinking-- the indians are playing saturday. do you want to go? oh, sure. mallory, we have lots of catching up to do. this picture of your foot sparks memories. yes, do you have two tickets left for tonight's indians game? you have 35,000? well, i only need two.
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my name is jennifer keaton. thank you. bye. any sign of scott? no, i haven't seen him. tonight we're watching the indians play in a double-header against the seattle mariners. whoa! the clashof the titans. i'm going to go look for old pennants. call me when scott comes. [banging on door] wait a minute. coming. whoa! hey, dad! i'll give you a hand with this. what have you got in here, a new tie? it's the crib. roll up your sleeves.we've got work to do. we? it's been ages since webuilt anything together. you can assemble somefurniture, can't you? of course i can. all right. it's justthat you'd be surprised at how many guys can'tassemble a simple kit. you're looking at a guy who can, dad.
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uh-huh. ah! yeah. there we go. elyse! mom! mom! honey! hi! [knock on door] i'll get it. hi, scott. how did your interview go? pretty well, i think. i tried to mentionalex a few times. i hope that isn't held against you. have you eaten? no. how about dinner?
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i really want to show you something. karen o.: 1, 2, ready, go l-o-v-e it's a mystery
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is love ow! ooh ooh... [howling] announcer: for great play ideas, visit what happenedto your baseball game? rained out. oh. it's not raining. i have a problem, alex. jennifer,you're 11 years old. you got a roofover your head. you're fed every day. you don't pay taxes. what kind of problemcould you possibly have? the baseball game wasn't rained out. scott took mallory out to dinner instead. oh.
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how could you forget about something like that? scott and i were best friends. he never used to like mallory at all. now it's the opposite. what has mallory got that i don't? let's put itthis way, jen. a 17-year-old guywill tend to have different tastesin girls thanan 11-year-old guy. it's only natural. at this pointin his life, scott isinterested in girlswho are more...soft. when did this happen to scott? why did he have to change? well, it's nature, jen. through noneof our own doing, mallory justhappens to have that certainintangible qualitythat attracts boys-- boys who are helplessvictims to the hormones... coursing throughtheir veins.
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can we put a stop to this? it's too late, jen. it's all overfor scott... and his kind. it's not fair, alex. yeah. there's nothing you can do about it, jen. my advice to you is enjoy being a child for as long as you can. i know i did. it was the best two weeks of my life. mallory, it's really nicebeing here with you. grazie, grazie. that's terrific. whendid you learn italian?
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scott handley's table, please. if you willfollow me, signora. jennifer! good evening, scott. i thought i'd join you. mallory! how nice to see you! hi, jen. why are youdressed this way? i'm a woman of many moods. young and playful one moment, sophisticated and deadly serious the next. hey, uh, jennifer, this is a table for two. i'm sure you can make room for your sister. scott, what do you recommend?
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was very much to my liking. shall i go for it again? is this a joke? i'm deadly serious. pizza with bologna or not? jen, we already ordered. mallory, scott needs his strength. he has mormons coursing through his veins. what? there will be no baseball talk tonight, scott. you know what i mean? all right, come here a minute. you're making a spectacle of yourself. we ought to take you home now. i don't need you to. jennifer, stop-- are you ok, little girl? i'm fine. i'm not a little girl. waiter, my bike.
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well, alex, what do you think? isn't she a beauty? she is a beauty, dad, although i'd feela little better about her if we'd used allthe parts she came with. how many are left? she came with22 nuts, 22 bolts. we used six nutsand seven bolts. that's not good. jennifer, wherehave you been? i was upstairs playing dress up in my room, and i heard mrs. olpeck pulling up next door. so i wanted to say hi. i haven't seen her for such a long time. i leaned out my window and called to her. i leaned out some more and fell out. i'm coming back in now. good night.
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you don'tbelieve me, do you? if you'll excuse me,i'd like to talk to mom. i'm sorry. your mom's asleep. you can talk to me. it's not the same. dad, if you'llexcuse us, she needs me right now. i'll take dad. try to bea good brother, and they spit on you. well, what's going on? i made a mistake tonight, dad. what did you do? i walked in on mallory and scott's date. i made such a fool out of myself. sometimes it just happens. i wanted scott to like me so much. i thought if he saw me in this dress, he'd leave mallory.
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come on, come on. you cry. that's good. i love you.what does scott know? he knows he doesn't want to be with me. maybe you're too youngfor a romance with scott. i don't want a romance. i want things to go back like they used to be. i'm afraidthat can't happen. you and scott hada very special relationship when you were younger. things change. i'm so confused, dad. how am i supposed to act? sometimes i feel really grown up, and sometimes i feel like a baby. that's what's greatabout being 11. you get to actany way you want. do that at my age,they put you away. how did this happen to scott?
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you grew up, too, jen. you're growing upright now. hi, jen. hi, dad. hi, mallory. um, can i be alone with jen, dad? we have some things to talk about. ok. no problem. i was just aboutto go into the kitchen and get mesome trail mix. love that trail mix. hi. i guess i made a big fool of myself. no, you didn't. hey,i didn't notice anything. i'm sorry. i shouldn't have barged in on your date. no, come on. i'm sorry. i should've beenmore sensitiveto the way you feel.
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i should've invitedyou to come. i may only be 11, but i know how manypeople make a good date. mallory? huh? what does it feel liketo go out with boys? is it as fun as playingsoccer with them? it's a different kind of fun. just give yourself a little time. you're getting there. i guess so. lately i've feltlike we weren'tfriends anymore. we don't spend timetogether like we used to. come on. we'll always be friends. we're growing up, and our interests are changing. you know? yeah. i'm notso crazy about it, though. want to go tothe cleveland indiansgame tomorrow?
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maybe we'll goto the movies. ok. hey, you know something? with any luck, we'llhave a baby sister soon, and it will startall over again. that will be fun, jen. hi, baby. hi, little sister. we havea present for you. nice going, dad.
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public performance of captions prohibited without permission ofnational captioning institute bernie sanders: "it looks like nevada is ready to lead the country in a political revolution."
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things for hillary! raaaaahhh!!!!!" with less than 24 hours before nevada's democratic caucus... bernie sanders and former president bill clinton were both in northern nevada - trying to get their message out to supporters. campaign 20-16 coverage tops channel 2 news at 6:30. the campaigning has been fast and furious in the silver state ahead of tomorrow's caucus. good evening i'm kristen remington. and i'm landon miller, thanks for joining us tonight. hillary clinton supporters crowded into the hillary headquarters to hear a last minute push for votes there. erin breen was at that event and she joins us live in the newsroom tonight. erin, was it a big day there today?!? that it was landon. what would you do if you were running for president and the polls were too close for comfort and you needed to be in las vegas? you'd call in the big guns for reno...and hillary clinton's case. that was her husband. ----raaah--- bill clinton still draws a crowd. in fact the hillary headquarters


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