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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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five starts now. the nevada gop presidential caucuses tomorrow. the remaining candidates are making their way through northern nevada earlier this week. we're live at the republican headquarters with a look at was in town. >> reporter: the nevada caucus is the first in the west and donald trump is looking for his third straight win. he has a healthy double-digit lead in front of his competitors ted cruz, marco rubio, type case it tran9 and bernie sanders. ted cruz his campaign is facing controversy over a foss tran9 false add aimed at marco rubio. he misquoted marco rubio said amount tran9 remarks. this week john kasich is the
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in the silver state. ben carson stopped in northern nevada yesterday telling news 4 he is not dropping out even south carolina. now, for those of you planning on attending a rally, tonight, crews will be in reno rally with the nevada atty. gen. atty. gen. that starts at 7 o'clock. tomorrow ted cruz will make several stops in northern nevada. you to check my news for more information. donald trump will also host a rally at the nugget casino it tran9 rose ballroom before heading back to las vegas. they are bitty getting those precincts ready. for a list of caucus locations, you can visit my news for those details. nevada's next up in the in a part -- republican race for the white house.
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he has a strong lead in the polls ahead of tomorrow nights caucuses. right now marco rubio in ted cruz are battling it out in second place. ryan moore has the story tonight from washington. >>we're just going one to another. >> reporter: donald trump is hoping a third straight win will give him insurmountable momentum next week as the gop primary race goes nationwide. >>right now he is leading intent on a 14 states, tell me to stop them? >> this is going to be a three- man race with marco rubio, ted cruz and donald trump. it is a fight that is getting more personal. >>every single day something comes out of the ted cruz campaign that is deceptive and troop. >>ted cruz acknowledged the video about marco rubio was
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manager to resign. >> this was a grave area of judgment. >>ted cruz questions marco rubio is ability to win. >>there are only two of us who have won a state so far, me and donald trump. >>super tuesday could prove decisive with nearly 600 delegates up for grabs including those in virginia were john kasich is being forced to clarify this statement about women supporting him back in the 1970s. >>we just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door to put yard signs up for me all the way back when things were different. >>and things will be different with super tuesday looming as a potential game changer in the gop race. with the jeb bush out of the race, ted cruz and marco rubio are trying to win his supporters if not an endorsement from bush himself.
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few surprises following the caucus on saturday. terri hendry joins us with more on that front. the first surprise was the turnout? >> you are absolutely right. we saw long lines in talk of higher-than-expected turnout. statewide, an estimated 80,000 registered democrat it -- democrats showed up. that is down from the record highs back in 2008. that is not the only twist. >> paper ballots. cheaters. >>there were drama -- was drama at some caucus sites including this dispute after the paper ballots failed to match the headcounts. >>we have gone through training, they said this was the unicorn case you wouldn't see. >>you have to be here for your vote to count. we had to go by headcounts. >>that role helped hillary clinton making some bernie sanders supporters not happy. >>they will take up with the
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needs to be done. we have done our job, we have written our numbers down and we have gone on with life. >>the director says caucuses by nature are chaotic but the tallying rule she says are simple and straightforward. despite disputes, she is confident saturday's tallies will stand. >>so, they are not disputed? >> nobody disputed anything. not that i know of. >>the community college professor says bernie sanders did well in northern nevada, but it was clark county that made hillary clinton the winner in the silver state. >>unfortunately, 70% of the democratic voters regard by county -- reside in clark county . >> another surprise, lower-than- expected turnout of the latino vote even though immigration is a big topic by the gop candidates. >>i think by 2016 it may suggest that in spite of issues that you bring them, we may not see a high level of participation. >>now, that will be interesting
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democrats are hoping to capture the latino vote but so far they say that has not happened and there may be some big disconnect there. we will keep watching that. the northern nevada community is remembering nevada senator. debbie smith who passed away yesterday after a battle with brain cancer. she was first elected to the state assembly in 2000 and in 2001 a seat in this -- assembly -- won a seat in the assembly in 2012. she was an advocate for nevada's public education system and she deeply supported working families. smith's passion for her work didn't go unnoticed. >> in our society, some people carry your heart and she did that. it was very special. we will talk about things, she
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we're going to miss her. >> her family says a public memorial service is being held this sunday at sparks high school beginning at new -- noon. the family also asked for flowers to be made intonation to support brain cancer research -- donation to support brain cancer research. for more information had to our website, . the man charged in the death of a 2-year-old boy 5 years ago took the stand in his own defense. he is charged with murder in the death of thomas o'connell a silver springs. he has been in jail the last path -- past 5 years . the case went to trial once but the judge declared a mistrial. insist he did not injure the little boy. the boys mother testified that the suspect told her the little boy fell in the kitchen while he was caring for him. the toddler died 2 days later. summit renal police are investigating a crash that killed a man. police say 2 vehicles were
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a roadway -- road rage incident. one of the driver stopped his vehicle and got out chasing the other vehicle on foot. that is when an unrelated car hit the man in the roadway. officials say the victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition but later died . >>police have identified a woman who died in a car crash last writing evening. 55-year-old mentally -- melanie lawson was driving southbound when she drifted onto the left shoulder. she overcorrected and spun across the lanes before hitting a concrete wall. according to nevada highway patrol, she was taken to a hospital where she died. >>in elementary school was vandalized over the weekend. the suspects broke a window and snuck in destroying some property. paint was splattered all over the walls and murals that were painted are now destroyed because of the vandalism.
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how secure the school is. >>it is frustrating that there isn't a little bit more security . t makes you feel like there should be more with a lot of events that have gone on around our country. it does leave -- it leaves me unsettled a little bit . >>school police are investigating the situation. for any information, contact secret witness at 322-4900. the highly debated no child left behind law is being replaced. coming up, we will introduce you to the every child succeeds act.
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off into the pacific about welcome back. has big news in education that you might not know about. the no child left behind act is no more. it has been replaced with a federal mandate called the every student succeeds act. as part of our nevada's tomorrow today coverage, we have been looking into this to figure out how this will impact education in nevada. >>no child left behind became law in 2001. after 15 years, educators and lawmakers knew it was time for a change. in december, the president signed the every student succeeds bipartisan law. i talked to state and district officials to find out what it was about. when it kicks into full gear, the every student succeeds act will give every state a lot more decision-making power when it comes to elementary and secondary education. >>it is characterized as
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>>interim state superintendent says the act gives districts and the state the opportunity to crack education standards specific to this overstates needs. a recent example was the action taken by the governor to cope with our teacher shortage. >> the governor signed emergency regulations which allow us to offer provisional licenses to teachers who would have otherwise not been able to be certified. >>there will still be a five- star ranking system but how traditional and alternative schools are measured will be a little bit different. >>the state wants to take a more holistic look when it comes to measuring success including student surveys. >>we will take a look at our star ratings. we can add what we think is the right thing to do, other measures they just academic success. there are soft skills, if you will, that do contribute to student success and learning
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county deputy superintendent says she is excited about the possibilities with every student 50 -- succeeds. >>we know our communities the best. we know what type of assessments, the curriculums, and then we can match that with what the state expectations are going to be. >>when students or schools are underperforming instead of federal consequences being headed down, more proactive steps will be taken to boost of those groups. >>support will be put into place and the districts and the state will be working together so that we can map those programs to what actually fits with our students needs. >>some parts of no child left behind are not being left behind . >>we still have the assessments . we still have teacher evaluations and principal evaluations. we had the accountability measures, the graduation rates. all of those are still within the every student succeeds act.
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carrying those out, not in a punitive measure. >>this process to transition away from the no child left behind act will take a few years. the existing plan expires in august 2016. a transition year will be the 2016, 17 school year when the state will submit all of its specific plans for the federal government approval . by the 2017, 18 school year every student succeeds should be full effect. interim superintendent believes recent education reform by state lawmakers is going to make this new program powerful. >>i think families will want to know their position as well. with the work in 2013, recent investments and accountability in the reform and 50, i think we are really letter t -- t'd up nicely. >> foundation is hosting a conference on the impact and opportunities when it comes to every student succeeds.
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experts from around the west at the nugget for the event. we will be sure to cover this for you so you can hear more about the direction schools are headed. >>students over the u&r now have a brand-new building they will all be put into one 78,000 square foot space. now in the new building, the writing center, mass. center, tuner center -- tutor center, veterans and military centers and more. it also includes 2 smart classrooms. 14 student collaboration rooms as well and don't forget a deli on top of it all. >>the building also offers the evening hours which is meant to better accommodate student schedules on campus. >>time to check in with colin . it is monday, but boy a beautiful day.
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too? we're live as sugar bowl with the setting sun in the west. that is a gorgeous picture. more snow on saturday but it will not be allowed.-- a lot. we are going to up the percentages so we can give you totals were talking about. we are crystal clear. this was the weekend pattern. storms are still brewing in the pacific . the problem is, can we get them in the door? this will come sliding through the door but will not amount to much just yet. hopefully, we can get a better handle on it once we get closer to it. 59 was our high. average highs were around 53. overnight lows will dip just below freezing. we will then start to warm up in the afternoon to get you above the freezing mark in the morning as well so the kids don't have to bundle up as much.
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sacramento, 72. 70 in monterey. very warm in southern california. high-pressure will start again giving us another return to spring. we have low 50s to the east of us. so, we are about the same as yesterday. we will be about the same tomorrow and then we will step on the heap pedal. we have northeast winds for now. that is a little different. then they will swing easterly. that will bring in a dryer mass. for tomorrow, we have not much of it at all. then there it is sharing a part and not giving us much of a chance of anything. we are guaranteeing a few clouds to come through but that will be about it. that will last through tuesday and wednesday. it will not be a cooling mechanism. the 7-day forecast has temperatures almost 20 degrees above average.
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minute. we had 43 for high in west wendover. battle mountain will be in the almost 50 degree range. highs for tuesday, low 50s and overnight lows mid-20s for spots. it will still be crisp for the morning. truckee will be the coldest as usual, 14. 27 for glenbrook and 49 for south lake tahoe. 52 sutcliffe. susanville only 48. portola will go to 52 with mostly sunny skies. reno sparks area, mid-to upper 20s on the way and then low to mid 50s for highs. the seven-day numbers: it is going to get warm again. upper 60s to 70s for carson city by friday. then we will cold front a little bit with passing clouds. tahoe there's a chance of light snow as we get you toward saturday morning, but it doesn't last long. reno sparks, mid-60s, upper
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now records but it will be close. >> pretty nice temperatures. thank you. stomach the michigan man accused of going on a shooting spree leaving 6 people dead appeared in court today. jason dalton is charged with 6 counts of murder and was denied bail. the prosecutor said he admitted his involvement in the shootings . police believe he shot a people in an apartment complex, restaurant and car dealership in kalamazoo saturday night. they believe he was also servicing customers as a driver just the night before the deadly ambush. no motive have been determine -- has been determine and there was no connection between the suspect in the victims. stomach a gun maker is expected to ask a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by 10 sandy hook families. they lost a loved one in the mass shooting at the newtown elementary school. the 10th plaintiff is a teacher who was shot multiple times but
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the suit claims the bushmaster ar rifle used by the gunman should not have been available to the public because it is a military weapon to dangerous for civilian use. the maker has said it is protected by federal law shielding gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over criminal use of
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we will be right back. ahead for us tonight, a driver is charged and 6 random murders. new details emerge about the hours before and after the rampage. we will tell you about the video that may have provoked ted cruz to get rid of his spokesman and we will tell you why some laminate flooring from lumber liquidators is higher
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we're back with final check on the forecast. not a bad monday out there. >>this was a good monday. temperatures were easy to deal with and we will get warm as we go. upper 60s to 70s by thursday and friday. a week system is in by the weekend that gives us a chance of snow in tahoe at 30 percent. >>we are still watching that. that could change a little bit; right?>> that could. coming up in my ask joe segment tonight, do you know are your caucus location is or how to find it? one of our viewers out that today. he said he made phone calls but hasn't been able to find where
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i will have answers for yo breaking news tonight. an uber driver is charged with murder and prosecutors say he admittedize the gunman who went on a vicious rampage, killing people between picking up frightened passengers. breaking news in the race for president. a major shake-up in the ted cruz campaign. a top aide fired. tonight, is donald trump unstoppable? cosby's wife forced to testify as her husband's accusers take him to court. what did she know? cancer risk from floors in so many
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country, the cdc says the toxic danger is worse than were first reported. and 106 years old with moves better than most teens. tonight we talk to the woman so excited at the white house, she broke out her dance moves with the president. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. uber says tonight there were no red flags, no warnings about the michigan driver who was formalally charged this afternoon with the murders of six people while he was on the job in the kalamazoo area on saturday night. a father and the son are among the dead. two other people were wounded in the bizarre and apparently random shooting spree that, according to the prosecutor, james dalton has admitted to. but there is still no answer as to why. nbc's blake mccoy was at today's arraignment


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