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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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white house began with 17 candidates. on the eve of the republican caucus only 5 are left standing. members are preparing for a record year. >> we have a lot of exciting candidates bringing a lot of people out. >> party officials reported an 8 percent voter turnout. the chairman of the republican party says everything will be different this time around. >> this will be the most organized caucus. in 2012 we had 11 locations. now we have 28. >> each caucus site will report results via cell phone. >> they will take a picture for
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myself, the secretary of the state and the party. >> democrats can register at the door. if you are a republican you had to register by the 13th. >> if you have not registered but you want to be party of the party, you can cast a provisional ballot. bring your i.d. and yourself. that's it. >> to find your location, go to the home page of my news >> the republican presidential candidates are hitting the silver state ahead of the caucus. ted cruz wrapped up a rally at the boy and girls club for about a thousand.
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consistent conservative. speakingspeaking directly to nevadans in the room that there was a proposed wheelers tax. protestors outside of the rally say public lands need to stay public and not be privatized. nevada takes center stage. the stars are lining up for the super tuesday bonanza. >> it is one after another. >> donald trump is hoping for a third straight win to give him insurmountable win. >> he is winning 14 states.
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>> marco rubio narrowly beating te cruz. >> something comes out every day. >> the latest in a series of dirty tricks. the communications director. >> it is a grave error i judgment. >> there are two of us who have won a state. me and donald trump. >> with a hundred delegates up for grabs. kasich talked about women supporting him. >> we have an army of people, and men women leaving their kitchens to go door to door all the way back when things were different.
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with super tuesday looming as a game changer in the gop race. nbc news washington. >> here is a list of the candidate visits. ted cruz making his way to fernly. donald trump at the nugget in sparks. go to my news 4 and the tab at the top of the page. one twist is the turnout. democrats are down from the high in 2008 of 120,000 participants. another twist is the latino vote. the population shows up in fewer numbers than expected. election coverage to weather.
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>> let's take a little break. colin, what do we have in store? >> highs around 70. >> wow. >> that is well above average. >> feels like spring. >> we have hit a couple of springs. and winter. now we will take a break. there is a little snow left around the edge of the lake. not a huge chance but 30 percent saturday morning. that is what we have going on there. until then we just stay dry. look at central texas. it is being lit up.
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more after the break. stay with us. all right. a woman missing out of zephyr cove, officials found her car near inspiration point over emerald bay. recent snowfall is slowing the search process. according to authorities, melanie lawson drifted into the left shoulder. according to nevada highway patrol she was taken to a hospital where she later died. on tonight's crime watch. a police chase spanned from
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it all came to an end where one suspect was taken into custody by troopers. they are trying to find a second suspect. they believe that person went into the grand sierra resort. they have not found him. if you have information in this case, call secret witness at 322-4900. >> the owner of a growing local brewery after being arrested, he is advertising beer canning equipment. someone in canada agreed to purchase the equipment and made $45,000 in payments. officials say he never sent the
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arrangement for it to be shipped. it is a value of $3,500 or more. officials found more theft or fraud victims. call 283-7852. vandals snuck in destroying property. murals at school and other items may not be fixed. >> the carpet can't be extracted. the pigment will not be removed easily if at all. >> police are investigating the
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if you have information. call 322-4900, secret witness. 13 bald eagles turn up dead on a maryland farm. what is happening. a tool to protect you from fraud, how it could be a game changer when it comes to your
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>> if you know anyone
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officials say a 16-year-old has helicopter crash. she and family members visiting from canada crashed in the water after a tour. federal agencies are continuing to investigate the cause of that crash. a michigan man is mourning the death of his wife and sister. may were among victims killed by an uber driver who gunned down 6 people. nye says he and his family are trying to cope with the loss. >> we were married for 40 years. we do not have capital pushment in michigan. they can put him in a cell and leave him in there for eternity
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>> before the arraignment detectives had probably cause that he took people's lives. there is no clear motive. he is charged with 6 counts of murder and being held without bail. balletbald eagles found dead in maryland, 13 eagles were discovered dead. they had no sign of external trauma. one theory is poisoning. the finding is historic for the state. killing, harming or destroying bald eagles is punishable by a
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master card wants to use selfies to prevent fraud. >> you could use a selfie that would be safer than using a password. if you wanted to use it, download your identity check app. your face or finger print would know it is you using the money not a scammer. master card makes you blink to make sure you take the pic as you shop. they are looking for new ways to prevent fraud. if you have an hsbc account you can use your heart beat or scans of your eyes.
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protecting on line shoppers from fraud. >> all right. time now for the full forecast with chief meteorologist colin. >> much warmer. we were in the 50s. gorgeous. thanks, melissa for sending that in. we appreciate that. high pressure building, strengthening. the low is being ejected toward unalaska. that is a town.
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it is a mess. when you see pink. that is a problem. 59 was our high. we will be around 32 tonight. 72 in monterey. the southern part of that part of the world is warmer. down to 27, wow. 23 truckee and south lake. we are below freezing in spots. this storm system doesn't do much for us. it is pretty quiet. we have passing clouds and a little wednesday. thursday and friday once this goes through we start to heat up. 60s to 70s and a few places will break a record.
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around 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's the number in blue. is that average? yes. it will be similar to today. 40s and 50s and upper 20s for lows. just below freezing, but it will not stay ttt way for long. truckee will drop off to 14. south lake almost 50. all right. 50s for highs. 48 in susanville. 52 in nixon. for us we have nice numbers once we get around the freezing point around 10:00 a.m. and low and mid-50s tomorrow. east winds 5 to 10. gorgeous weather.
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thursday, friday carson city 60s to 70. increasing clouds for south lake tahoe. reno sparks it will be nice and warm. 69 to 70 degrees. that's warm and then we have no chance of rain here. hopefully that changes. it could flip flop. >> we hope it flip flops. >> i'm not ready for the air conditioner in the car. >> thanks, colin. gianna has more in sports.
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player go and made a reno big horns are hosting a school day game. students will be bussed to see the game. truckee bagel will provide bagels and cream cheese. it starts as low as $4. there is finally a deal
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the 12 year veteran was traded to portland. they cut jason thompson. golden state faced off against the atlanta hawks. hawks make a come back. golden state up by 1. in it is 4th it is close. lightning speed by stef curry. worwarriors take the game 102- 92. following a tweet that said woods condition had worsened was mark steinburg is
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he said woods is continuing his rehab. he hasn't won since 2013 due to his back. the daytona 500 is in the books. the great american race has a new winner, denny hamlin edged out truex in a photo finish, .01 of a second. first winner for owner joe gibs since 1993. >> such a proud moment for me to win for the gibbs family. we all want to win for the family. this is what they do. they don't have other businesses. this is what they do. they have committed everything
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it's great to see a family organization like this win the biggest race of the year. >> the nascar tour heads to atlanta. it will be hard to top what happened sunday at daytona. john cena, doing a little live shot. unknowingly walked by the 12 time world champion. he even got a little whip of a pony tail in his face. >> i have to admit a guilty pleasure where this. i only know who john cena is because of total divas. >> it is a popular show. >> was she supposed to interview him? >> no.
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she was in the zone going to a racer. john cena is huge. >> sometimes you are in the zone. >> how do you get your hair to hit him? >> i think our hair has hit people. >> true. >> thanks. >> stay with us. we will be back to wrap things
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forecast. welcome back. colin jackson is back. >> here we go. >> acting like you didn't like me. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. let's leave that for the commercials. temperatures in the upper 50s. 70 to 72 friday. that means lake tahoe will likely hit 60. that's skiing in the slush. >> pretty warm. you need sun block too. >> do you ever ski in shorts? >> no. >> it's okay. just don't fall. >> not possible for me. >> that's what i have got for you.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taron egerton and hugh jackman. audra mcdonald. musical guest daryl hall and john oates. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 422, we're back! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ]


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