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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 24, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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longer. >> no more! my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. mad money starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to mad money. want to make friends, just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertn, but to teach you. the industrials. those big fat ugly ducklings that have gone unloved are looking pretty darn good and while they pause today given the market wide pullback, dow's singing 189 points. nasdaq dropping 1.47%. it's worth asking if this might
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old smokestack. let me set the scene. conventional wisdom has been if oil goes higher, it's a good day for the market and if oil goes lower, sell, sell, sell. it's a bad one. so, it went down two bucks. got hammered. we saw the urgency of that formula writ large today because we learned jpmorgan has $44 billion in oil and gas exposure. that's $44 billion in oil and gas exposure. kind of like making it the exxon of banking with hopefully exxon's discipline. oddly given the plumeting price of oil, only $15 million in loan loss reserves. even though 19 billion is loan portfolios. say firms with junk bond status. >> boo.
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exploration production companies. the wos f the worst when it comes to who is paying anybody back. jpmorgan said the energy company could cost them. hey. 20 billion. but to me, having lived tlau low loss sickle i can only say give me a break. i'm not buying it. oil retreats hard here, they could double that number and i wouldn't believe it. sorry. i didn't like anything about this discussion. yeah, reported a little more than a month ago. why didn't they say something then? not like oil was flying in january. it was low. being hopeful. i'm not -- jamie diamond just plunked down 26 mill to buy five shares. got enough cash. oil goes much lower from here.
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this oil and gas exputs a new swin. before you freak autoout and say, wow, all under reserve, it is a really big bank. it's got billions and billions of dollars in goods and we're not watching the death of oil. if oil stays down, there won't be a lot more to fault, so a lot of banks just taking losses. >> the house of pain. >> not just these three, but they're all a lot of oil and gas companies that can manage to pay their bills back if oil stays above 30, but not 20. if it goes down ten like in 1986, these bank stocks are going to be the worst places to be after the oil and gas companies themselves. as many if not most of the independents will not be able to survive in in this country at ten bucks. >> i don't care what jpmorgan studied, believe me.
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consumer, just a little better taste. upsize the price. couldn't have hurt home depot, either, which gave you a monster beat. more on that later. before that quarter judging from the reaction, clearly was not disastrous at all. so, oil and gas going lower a is mixed blessing. remember have to start with europe all the time? it's what's pertinent, okay? so, i have to go there, but if i didn't, i wouldn't be giving you an accurate depiction of what's driving the market. the financials will always be spoken in the same breath as the oils. jpmorgan gave you its rosy read of a very unrosy situation. here. rose colored glasses.
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conoco. and chevron. jpmorgan unperformed exxon. these are my jpmorgan rose colored glasses. am i still going to mention jpmorgan? no, i'm going elsewhere. the financials, not the financials and oils, but industrials. until today, stocks have been experiencing the industrial renaissance. one of those rotations where they're hanging back in the back row and they're spiking the ball down the throats of other groups in a vision game of stock market volleyball. they all cull in a story david faber broke yesterday. had a block bester aerospace company that can dominate two huge industries.
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vak. now, we talked to greg haitian this morning. plain spoken ceo who plain told us in a vert o f ways i may add, that the deal wasn't going to happen and he p would not have his company in a bid. there was a kind of another worldly quality about the outright dismissal based on antitrust none other than the reports that the combination was initially being explored by united technologies. not honeywell. why close it down, which is kind of what happens. one honeywelcomes back with what seems like a tidy sum. i don't know if they will. that was like get out of my face.
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happened and honeywell did come out saying the regulatory process wouldn't be an on sta to its purchase of united tech. this bifurcated market when kimberly clark traded in the price. many industrials wallowed under because of fears over china. for example, no, i'm not a fan of caterpillar, but wait a second, if some company were big enough. it sells at almost half that long ago. some of the long view. i can see how it might make sense. people figured out it could be acquired. plus, yields 4%. short comments is up. $17 billion valuation, but it's still has a 4% yield. i think after this, it isn't going back to 79.
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up a book. not that long ago. someone take a long-term per specktive and get this. run a deer down 21 bucks from its high. $25 billion. stranger things have happened and if you want to cheap aerospace company, take a look at alcoa, which will most likely have $6 million in revenues. how does that stay independent? i mentioned these possibilities because if you had told me 48 hours ago any company would take a run at the $75 billion business that is united technologies, i would have said dream on. but it happened. the fact it happened makes this group something start scouting as we headed down. here's the bottom line. yes, this market ate the banks. after the revelation, i think
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low oil prices could get more positive on the one shun outcome peling in industrials. chinese wall. just a few weeks ago. how about we go to dave in washington. dave. even though amazon is considered a cult stock, it is 20% off its high, i'm wondering if this is a good enter tri point or if i should wait for another one. >> when i recommend a stock like amazon, what i am really saying is if you want to own something because you love the company like i do and i do love it and use it constantly, i have to bless them, but can't find an earnings reason to do it. that's the big issue. i don't have that able the. go to larry in illinois. larry. >> good afternoon.
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>> thank you. >> i follow the bank stocks and i was curious, i own quite a few and listen to hsbc. >> yeah. >> my question was i know -- is this sign of hope of things to come? >> you know, i can't recommend them. that yields too big. that's a total red flag. i'm having a lot of trouble with bank stocks as it is. standard charter had a bad number this morning. jpmorgan analyst, i don't know, it was kind of a nonstarter for me, so i'm going to stay away. all right. this market hates a lot of things, but the industrials, may not be part of that hated group anymore. hang tight. has lost half its value since the ceo last joined us in
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30% today. see if he can explain. then was the rally in crude after today's drop in oil price, see if the volatility can continue and an investing idea came from you after hearing about -- on the lightning round, the ceo is joining the show tonight. so, why don't you stick with cramer. don't miss a second of mad money. follow on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. send jim and e-mail. or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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head to mad money. what the heck happened? a small cap company with a $3 stock. renter for college students. smart business. since going into a provider of digital service including everything from online homework help to assistance picking a cleng, keeping the coast of college down. lately though, the stock has been a house of pain and that only got worst last night when the company reported a mixed quarter. revenues cape in below estimates. down 19%. did deliver a two cent earnings beat. make matters worse, the guidance for next quarter were suspected,
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check has been very effective at student hub rather than just textbook rental. that doesn't seem to be helping the numbers. so, did the market sell off or should we be concerned here? let's dig deeper with dan, the chairman and ce ork. welcome back. good to see you. you came here last year. in august. stock was at $7.40. sounded very good. transformation seems to be a pace, but the stock has been almost cut in half, so, what i'm trying to figure out, usually, the market can't be this wrong. it seems to be caring more about no revenue growth and less about the transformation. so, i know the market's not wrong, but what could it not besay something. >> first of all, thank you for
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i appreciate that. so, going through a transformation of a company is extraordinarily difficult. in a public market is even more difficult and at very volatile times are nor difficult, however, the transition is underway and successful. the confusing parts of this. >> because the ebook didn't go the way it was supposed to. >> exactly. so, we articulated the 2016 on a gap basis would be down because we used to recognize 100% of the revenue from textbooks, now, 20% commission, which means it's cash flow positive and that was received well. >> there's a kind of switch between what kids were paying for books versus now. that wasn't much. >> couldn't possibly know that. then the second thing, so, we said gap was going to be down and we hoped everybody had known that. then the other thing is an industry trend, which is bizarre, which is e textbook, which were a reseller, we would
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their revenue. for print, we recognized a 20% commission. e textbooks used to be growing at 60%. they went to zero. they went down. which means unit recognition is less. instead of taking an ebook, they're taking a printed book. the most popular is campbell biology. it's 20 bucks for a rental. 107 for an e textbook. why would a kid do that? it's a top line issue, but thot a bottom line because we've said that textbooks are going to be a flat business for us. put them over here. whether they're e textbooks and in the future, the business checked services, which grew at 38% last year and is growing at over 30% in 2016. >> typically, a company that's cut in half like this would not
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not have profits, so, i look at this, it's almost as if if you were to come public today and make the projections you're having, people would buy the stock, but the stock has become tainted. because people feel like well, why didn't you see certain things coming and even you're making this transformation, one of the problems was you have more demand for one of your businesses than you could handle. how do you explain to someone who did listen to you on the show, bought it at $7.40. you said i got crushed. >> the business is actually better than i described on the show that day, so, if you take textbooks out and say the future of chegg is check services. the middle range is going to grow about 30%. the ebitda is going to triple. two years ago, we were losing $18 million, then lost 13 million and made five this year, which was a huge thing and said the middle is going to triple next year and we said the revenue's grown over 30%, so,
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incredibly difficult for the analysts to understand our business, but the stupt love is incredibly high. your interns here use chegg. our digital services. i appreciate it. but our digital businesses were zero four and a half years ago. in the middle of range k they're going to be $120 million. so, the future is as big if not bigger than i said last time. >> if that's the case, then why not now say we have this much in the bank and are going to start a buy back. >> it's a great question. on a personal level on thursday when the window open, i plan to buy. this is ridiculous. >> 10,000 shares. >> substantially more than that for me. >> because i just look at it. we have $89 million in cash. $30 million owed to us from
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>> it is hard to fathom. i have to tell you. obviously, i did not want the stock. you don't want the stock crushing. well, hopefully, people will see ebitda win, not the revenue loss. they'll understand you're building, but market can't comprehend it. >> i think jpmorgan wrote something smart. they said people will not really start to understand this company until the middle of the year. >> right. they said listen, what concerned us, guidance, softer e text demand, shifting the rentals may continue mag fi fied impact on revenue growth. so, you won't have good revenue growth next quarter. >> won't really affect next quarter so much. t tile we say is supposed to be a break even. in the services are not affecteded, textbook revenue, we don't lose the customer. >> not lose the customer. >> so the other businesses are
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>> can you show that tutor demand that would make us feel there was more to the service? >> sure. we couldn't meet 50% of the demand. >> i'm saying, the next three months. >> yes. yes. the answer is yes and the reason, thank you for that question, is because the thing we learned about building a dynamic marketplace, t not just having tutors. we had 11 thourk. we thought that would be plenty. the difference is on demand, on demand learning is going to be huge. >> you can tell that story. buy the stock and people will say, why don't i buy three. >> and i think that is very fair. we did not expect this reaction today. because it's you, i would always come on. we have something calleded an osr. opportunity supply number. which is within five minutes of
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first part of this year, i think we have solved this issue. >> president and ceo of chegg. some consolation, the fact it was down a lot, the guys here. showed. >> coming up, today's steep slide in crude prices have sent stocks into a tumble. is it a signal the oil rally has come to an end? or can the technical tale suggest there is more room to run? don't miss cramer's take. and a new edition of off the charts. next.y a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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now that oil's really breaking down off a buck and a half today, 31 bucks and change, after $30 a barrel. it's time to get a sense of where the major oil stocks might be headed, because i know many are interested in it. you know i'm a big bleefr in the lower, longer. the idea crude will stay down likely for the rest of the year of the american producers, but there's a lot of emotion
3:26 am
going to jump. that means we need to take a step back and try to assess what's happening here in a motion free clinical way. tonight, we're going off the charts with the help of robert, the fabulous -- who happens to be my colleague at, as well as the publisher of if the price of crude can maybe hold at $30 a barrel or better. back in october, we checked in with him and he said he thought the big ingraters could be in for a period of consolidation while the oil -- short-term tourn turned out to be right. the whole group got hammers. lately, the rules have been rebounds like crazy. from the mid 20s to the low 30s. stocks over or could they drop. let's start with the daily chart of exxon mobil. he said exxon would basically trade sideways despite seesaw like action. between then and now, the stock is pretty much unchanged.
3:27 am
in october. exxon broke down below its average causing the stock to plumet. then went through a volatile, erratic period from rallying dramatically. breaking out above both its 50-day and 200-day average. in short, exxon spent the past month roaring higher. plus, he notes when you look at the moving average, that's up here this time, which helps technicians predict change, it's tracking higher. that's pretty positive. mean whim, the accumulation distribution line, the ad line, a way of measuring supply and
3:28 am
kind of amazed. however, he's worried that as exxon has been rallying t volume has been declining. it's right here. that's a polygraph. when it comes to charts, we find -- can be deceptive. overall, he thinks technicals look good for exxon, but he's skeptical pha the price can keep getting higher. until it gets more positive. you see this go up. he's holding off on exxon mobil. the main reason he would prefer to avoid it is because the daily chart of heavy ron looks more compelling. why does he look chevron more? this year, the tok has been stuck around a powerful ceiling of resistance. 85 bucks. created by 50% retracement of chevron's rally from the lows in 2009 to the peek in 2014, to, the whole thing. but the stock broke out last week and even in today's pullback, it's above this new floor support. stock is only a few points away from a resistance from chevron's 2014 high. around $89.
3:29 am
ceiling? he likes the money flow. then technicians use to measure the buying or selling pressure. it remains very positive. he also likes the fact that the stock has underperformed common anding lagged it by about 9.5%, just since the beginning of the year. in short, he thinks they're poised to catch up and if it can rally about four points, then it can be smooth sailing at the stock goes a lot higher, but it's got to get there first. and today, headed in the wrong direction. fell nearly four bucks. completely hammered. okay, now, chevron and exxon are big integrated oil companies that have some of the least sensitivity to the price of crude thanks to the refining operations. what about a pure play expiration? it's very much hostage to the underlying commodity. far too many loans to. i want you to consider pioneer natural resources. pxd. one of the largest independent
3:30 am
stuff. look at this chart he believes pioneer may have formed what could be a long-term triple bottom. look at that. wow that could be huge. on the side, a powerful momentum indicator. if the stock rallied more than five points from here and break out above 126, he thinks it could be on track to deliver some terrific outperformance. that's not what you got today when pioneer was hammered down to 119. finally, how about one i'm really into. you know i don't like the fossil feels. when he looks at this, he sees -- -- remember that one? as i've said many times before,
3:31 am
of shampoo. one of the most reliable bottoming patterns. when i went through all of them for get rich carefully, it was the single most reliable. so, keep that in mind, right? looks like an upside down person. the neckline coincides with the long-term downturn line from 2014. okay. and the stock broke out above that key level last yeek. meanwhile, the check in money oscillators in positive territory. that green parking lot there. indicating they're buying the stock. trendinging ever so higher. that's another positive. plus, how about a new one? the aron tool. this chart is used to identify early trend changes based on the action in these green and red lines. when the green crosses above the red as is the case here,s that's called a bullish aron cross
3:32 am
get better. tells him that we could be witnessing the beginning of a brand-new uptrend. based on the inverse head and shoulders pattern, he wouldn't be surprised if they went above its october highs around 80 bucks. an 11% gain. this is the one i like the best of all these. while not not recommending any fossil fuel stock, it seems compelling because it made a ton of money during the last quarter. if you want to understand the price of oil, these pictures tell you more than a million words ever could. after the rally in crude, exxon while chevron is buyable. even emp play like pioneer might be poised to shoot hard. these charts may look good, but you need to remember this could change in the blink of an eye. which could ruining everything here. however, if oil can hold above $30 a barrel, these charts will
3:33 am
a skeptic given the propensity for oil. the maximum number of people at every turn and i believe in the lower, longer. chris in florida. chris. >> boo-yah, jim, how are you? >> great. how are you. >> pretty good. with the current support we've seen in oil around 130, do you feel bp is a good buy at these lower levels? >> no. i think we're not going to go there. i think it has its own issues involving being able to be find more oil and that 8% yield, i know they're committed to it, but one of the things we've learned is that people are committed to dividends until they're not. if oil could hold about $30 a barrel, charts could stay bullish. but if it goes down, all bets are off. catching up with the ceo of covanta. you called me in the lightning round and home depot built a beautiful quarter th morning. did you misthe window of
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i think it's worthwhile to sift through the rubble of stocks. that's why i want to introduce
3:37 am
called this one. waste disposal company with a renewable energy kicker. they can turn roughly 20 million tons of garbage even enough energy to power a million homes. the stock has been pummelled. down 42% since last may. downturn in commodity prices not up to them. it's hurt the metal recycling operation. however, better than feared last week, beating wall street's revenue expectations delivered 11 cent earningings miss. that came from a $93 million charge led to an audit, plus, the company's been buying back stock, picking up $32 million. just last week, steven jones stepped in and bought 15,000 shares in the open market. i think that's a sign of confidence. commanders has been pounded, now sports a 7.5% yield. you have to wonder if it's safe. let aes look closer with steven
3:38 am
find out more about the stock where it is headed and high he's >> thanks for having me. gl want to get right to the point. we see a stock that's down a lot. we see in your conference call, you talk about dividends, then buy stock. so, then what makes me think is why should we think that the market is so wrong about it that it is such a good opportunity. >> so, i think right now, the market misunderstands our stock a little bit. we're trading much like an energy company, but if you look at the revenue streams of the company, two-thirds of the revenues come from the waste side. you mentioned we process 20 million tons per year of waste. that's two-thirds of our revenues and a big part of business. 25% come from the power that we produce. and like i said, if people are
3:39 am
company now than a waste company and then there's a small portion, 50 to $75 million of revenues retlated to our metals recycling business. it was a good buy and it was an opportunity for me to get further into the stock. >> you say at the beginning, you talk right up and say, look, one of the biggest points, announced we would be maintaining our current dollar dividend. maybe boosting it. but then at the same time, you're cfo said waste and service revenue increased by 13 million, but energy surface declined by 25 million. recycled metal declined. those are big numbers. why chance the dividend? >> well, the dividend really was set by us a year or so ago. it's about a dollar per share. we said it to be sustainable across the entire cycle and so, i think most would agree now from a commodity standpoint, we're at the low end of the cycle. as those prices come back, we'll get more ebitda. but at this point, we look at the dividend as solid.
3:40 am
>> on the recycling side, explain how it works because staifd steiner was on recently. he just said the recycling business is too hard. really having to pull out of some contracts because people don't recycle well. i loif in new hampshire, put my recycling out. they tony do it right, by the way and i understand because you're in my neighborhood, that you one taking my waste. what do you do with it and how do you make none? >> it comes to the curb. we did a little research ft it goes to our union facility, which processes about 500,000 tons per year of waste. that goes to recycling. you recycle it, so the bin goes through folks like potentially waste management if they're doing you're recycling. the other bin goes to our energy from waste facility. we process 20 million tons per year. and that produces enough power for a million homes.
3:41 am
we recycle the metal. we reclaim about 500,000 tons a year of metal. that's enough if you think about it, for five golden gate bridges. we take out enough aluminum, about a billion cans per here. that's the part to have industry we're in. metals recycling chain and those prices are under pressure now because of some of slowdown in china. >> but you said the turkish buyers are back. i know they used to buy copper. some of those buyers are back and aluminum has come down a lot, but maybe it's bottomeded. sxwl it's hard to tell where the bottom is. i would think we're banging around the bottom now. our view is that we don't control the price of the metal. we're a price taker, but what i tell the employees is let's control what we can, which is the quantity of metal we take out of that we process and also, the quality. on the quality side, we've been putting in place a clean up system in pennsylvania. it takes the metals from nine facilities and cleans up so we have a better quality to sell. >> what i'm hearing is that i shouldn't focus as much on that
3:42 am
>> correct. >> it's really the front end and a stable contrast. >> correct. >> because that's where i think people are looking at it other >> yeah, so, if you look at our waste, 20 million tons o year of waste being processed. 85% of that waste is under long-term contract, so take about a ten-year term and you're with municipalities. the credit for the -- contractor is quite good, so, we feel good about that prt of our business. >> that's scaling. >> quite nicely. what we call profile waste, this is an area in the u.s. where government support is not really that strong. the company is because they want to meet their sustainability goals are. >> that's a very good point. people want tb sustainable. all right.
3:43 am
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it is time. time for the lightning round. and now, are you ready? time for the lightning round. let me see let's start with darrell in florida. darrell. >> hi, jim. >> no, not going to touch it. no need. really good high quality stocks. go to jason in massachusetts. jason.
3:47 am
boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> hey, my question is for -- >> the only one in ease we're recommended is palo alto networks and that's not just buy rich. this is not the kind of environment where they can just -- darren in texas. >> hey. boo-yah to you, jim. >> what's up? >> not much. curious about kite pharmaceuticals. >> all the immuno therapy stocks are very, very risky. it is not been the place where you can, you see them down all the time, it's hard to go down to what i regard is the overtransed biotech stocks. trey. >> doing good.
3:48 am
i was checking on -- abx. >> they ran the bell the other day i said i know it's up short-term, but longer term trgs been a real disaster. the one i like is rangold. let's go to steven in florida. steven. >> boo-yah, jim. >> all right. >> i was -- tooth mark corporation. >> interesting. a small bank that people have not asked me about. you know what is this i got, you mean, yields for, i got to find out what the value is. let's go to sam in florida. sam. >> boo-yah, mr. cramer. >> boo-yah. chico's. >> when we think of overstore, we think of chico's. i happened to be in one the other day, but i got to tell you, the mall at short hill, but just think there's too many apparel retailers. one more. going to brian in connecticut. brian.
3:49 am
connecticut. >> love to have you on the show. what's going on? >> long time view e first time caller. thoughts on look heed martin. >> key position. >> bye, bye, bye. >> we think it's a terrific stock at these prices. doing a good job. might pay too much for, and that is the conclusion of the lightning round.approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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periodically, a company puts on a clinic of a conference call. you sit there, say these guys really get it. i felt that way a couple of time this is year already when facebook gave its latest quarterly conference call, a gem of greatness. i think realistic plans for virtual reality. they have them all. after the call was a con pend yum of the future. you could imagine how this company's goal is to rule the world. it was a sky the's the limit call. general electric told a great story in multiple categories with the fantastic possibility of monstrous returns to capital when it gets the chance and i know starbucks got it, lessons resognating for me. harnessing technology. sense of optimism, technology
3:53 am
depot. this was pant there is heon worthy. yeah, conference call champ. now, to be fair, i'm aware of facebook. home depot's a retail. all we ever heard from retail, woe is me tales that make you feel like we have way too many of everything. too many department stores, too many kids store, sporting good stores, mattress firms, you get the picture, but it's just enough to generate spectacular 8.9% same store sales quote. 18% on a two-year stat. you know how thard that is i don't know, really, if i have the ability to explain just how dazzling that kind of number is.
3:54 am
employs 385,000 people. 250 stores selling red hot products that may not be sustainable at all. home depot sells things that go into your house. they sell nothing you can't get elsewhere. something's been dead in the water in this country for ages. there is nothing new under the sun in this business. nothing that makes you say, holy cow, i got get to home depot right away. the company is doing great all over the country, but generated spectacular double digit number in the south. hallelujah you know how much market share they may be taking from somewhere else. same store sales, appliances, tools, building materials. double digits. come on. that's just nothing but fabulous pricing and customer service because again, you can go anywhere to buy this stuff, but
3:55 am
even though it was the mildest winter in ages, they had double digit gains in roofing. who are these guys? how about the home lawn business? growing at a 25% clip. a significant portion of the online growth leverage of physical store assets we have is over how 40% of online orders are picked up in store, end quote. this isn't some lip service omny channel where they lose money. this is a home run customer service strategy that works. can you beat a 17% increase in share? comes down yield. how about a $7 billion buyback? 59 million of their shares this career including 2 million alone. 60.2 million shares in the fourth quarter and guess what? it can get better. it's now forecasting 1.9 million new households. home price, up from 1. 3 million.
3:56 am
best of all, not a complaint in the book. not about the weather, the fickle consumer, the proemotional environment. the rising health care costs, the inflation, the fed, the spres rates, the government interferes. nothing. the fact that it only rallied a buck 68 today and still down 60% seems like a genuine opportunity we all see stocks go down. this may be the one to go for. in short, home depot is the paradigm. it's like the football team that has the, it has the ork, the special teams and coaching. it is a super bowl winner and a hall of famer at the same time. plus as the propie terror of the best garden of long island, i cannot wait to get the home desk spot so i can get to work on the plants i need to make cramer's none better tomato sauce.
3:57 am
(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test.find a machine at i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back.
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there's always a bull market
4:00 am
i promised to find it for you. i will see you tomorrow. tonight ins an erin andrews court ca >> her most private moments recorded through a peephole. >> why she's now bringing the hotel for the stalking scandal. then inside charlie sheen's richards. >> $55,0 a month tax free. texts. >> kloe kardashian getting totally candid about h%r breakup.


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