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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 4, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. volume perhaps 1/4 to everybody. let us check-in with jacqueline for your fourth of july forecast. what can we expect tonight? >> with the satellite the fog is going to cover the san mateo coast at this time but not toward san francisco just yet. we should stay in the clear. of course never were else will have clear skies. the fireworks forecast tonight at 9:00 p.m. 60s through san francisco, 65 in berkeley, mountain view, 70 degrees. it is going to be a great night to to get out and
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enjoy the show. for the thunderstorms actually later in this week is forecast. >>pam: this evening the skies will be filled with fireworks and the. 39 reggie kumar joins us live from pier 39. what is going on from pier 39? >>reporter: thousands of people have started arriving this past weekend to see what is showwhat is known as the largest fireworks in this section of california. many people are lining up to see this show. back out here live this show will take place off the embarcadero. this sea of people began at 9:30 and all these fireworks will be shot on the bay burkbarge this job ominous is
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seven california resident here it is what he said. >> many have been cancelled and we always heard that this was an amazing show what some would a seventh to drive up for this holiday in check it out. usually it is overcast and cloudy but today it is great. >>reporter: if your planning to come out here now? these crowds are enormous! i would highly recommend public transportation there is absolutely no which will find public parking. reporting live, reggie kumar, san francisco. kron 4 news. >> the berkeley marina also be and the other hot spot. people are already starting to gather. who will of a full report at this location. that is coming up at 5:30 >> new details about a deadly confrontation at a san francisco bart station. bart police for called out
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about a drunk person they were confronted by a man with a knife. they had no- choice but to shoot him this is video. haazig madyun su shows us what happened >>reporter: a wobbly person who appeared to be drunk. at the san francisco bart civic center station. that was the call the two different police officers responded to sunday night. board officials said the officers road to the civic center in millbrae they got off on the platform no. 1 at 9:4:05 p.m. band, with and just one minute deterring coming into contact this officer shot this man, dead. >> this man was with a knife in using a bottle as a weapon as well. >>reporter: the individual use a knife and a bottle as a weapon. with this silent
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confrontation between officers. the one officer is injured. our officers to " was necessary to protect their lives. >>reporter: one officer had a taser why did you not use it will be part of the investigation into this officer involved shooting led by the san francisco police department. in addition to several witnesses to the shooting being on the platform, video was also recorded. >> part of that confrontation was caught on tape haazig madyun kron 4 >>pam: intense reaction. the facebook fan page internet reporter kimberly sakamoto kimberlee? >> kimberlee: heated and emotional confrontation comments left about this confrontation. and this is what dave warren said. these
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people that want to criticize what 1 mi. and their shoes. meanwhile, this is what mikal frannson, and also america has no tolerance for mentally disabled people. we would like you to go to laura facebook fan page to leave was your comments about what you think about the incident at the bart civic center platform. >>pam: dozens of cars damaged after a fire rental lot. this was yesterday at the hertz rental car in the south san francisco. >> chilly 45 cars. you can see in this video-at least 45 rental cars were destroyed or damaged. they
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heard fireworks or before the fire started in the believe that these fireworks played a role in the fire. this is exactly why fire crews are out in force today. grant lotus is saying that thoaklan hills is to trying out. >> if this stuff was dry able to scramble in my hand. there is still flexibility. >> this fire will still be easily cured through this dry grass. it >>reporter: even know that rainy spring the hills and oakland are stunned to dry out. with the potential for fireworks, barbecue to support this fire the fourth of july the open fire apartment ibreak the fire department--is raising the federal level and fire danger. >> mainly the recreational activities levels. also barbecues' we want to get
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the message out to the public that there is a high fire danger. with all of those components coming together to just be very careful. >> this is a popular spot to watch fireworks this lookout area. this dry grass does not ignite from barbeques, fireworks or anything else. >> leave it to the professionals. >> 45 oakland house fire departments or fully staffed. >> what doing roaming patrols. we are fully staffed looking for anything that is in violation of code. >> confiscation already with banned fireworks. there will be out in full force trying to prevent fires that not even began. >>pam: rescue efforts in mexico after an annual fourth of july fishing trip carrying 27 american
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tourists the torrent deadly. several are from the bay area. this fishing boat was from california early on sunday and at last storm the vessel capsized killing one american. most of the fisherman were from northern california. mexican officials are calling off the rescue and changing the operation into a recovery operation. >>pam: new at 5:00 p.m. the pc anthon the case the anthony . casey. >>pam: a bay area native tony island nathan's it looks like a bay area native was the winner. >> and an apartment fire at 5:30 images captured from
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the amateur photographer.
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bevan >>pam: no alcohol, no fireworks and the santa cruz beaches. these specs were checked for alcohol, and even fireworks both which are banned. >> in previous years we've had emergencies for people have blown off parts of their hand. they have had to go out to the emergency rooms. other people have been heard so you makes fireworks and alcohol together. it is never a good combination. >>reporter: becomes apparent that besides the checkpoints many fireworks got through. because people are putting their stash on the beach days in advance.
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>> this cache of m 80 bottle rockets and roman candles was found. he was tipped off by a pair of large empty coolers. >> this san had been disturbed. the sand had been disturbed and the ice chests were empty. i put a shovel and there and there were two parts fall of fireworks. >> also about the ban on alcohol and violators can face a fine of $1,000 for the violation of fireworks prevent a possession. >> also 60 degrees tonight for the fireworks show. through the golden gate bridge id should be on the clear 4 pier 39. more on the fireworks in the big forecast coming up.
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>>pam: no verdict on the first day of the deliberations of an ec anthocasey antony accused of killing her two year-old daughter and 2008. >> members of the jury you may retire to begin your deliberations. >>pam: cayley antonia was seen alive three years ago but 31 days had gone before the mother reported the baby missing. instead, she was posting herself on the line on the web, with scantily photos. >>pam: finally, she's noticed that something was wrong. and instead of saying that this baby was at a
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friend's house, she admitted some and was wrong. >> when casey and the nea was at blockbuster on june 16th, when casey and the was at blockbuster walking arm in arm with her boyfriend, tony. kv was in the trunk of her car in the early stages of the composition cayley was in the trunk. >>pam: she was indicted for first-degree murder with lies the sheik had told to police and to our parents. >> in december, the search for the little girl ended. >> plan in a wooded area and i found a skull. >> perbody was found and the cause of death could not be determined. the trial started in the late month of
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may with a blockbuster allegation by her lawyer. >> this all began with her eight year-old lives and her father began touching her. in appropriately. >> they say that casey and the knee and her father george covered up the death of the drowning in their family pole. it is questionable behavior his accused of coming from a family of family secrets and incest. >> have you ever sexually molested your daughter? >> no, sir. >> they are painting her as a cunning killer suffocating her daughter with chloroform and duct tape. and embarked on the parties spree. the last is when she got the tattoo she received " a beautiful life
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". the cherry has a variety of charges to choose from from first-degree murder to manslaughter. in addition to these charges she is also charged with child the bluand lying to police. and child abuse. there will reconvene, tomorrow. >> this in mexico fibe new mexie near los alamos the laboratory was 3-open for employees for this week. it escaped major damage. that, with the town was hideki waited with 189 square michaelmiles burned. only 19% contained the town was evacuated, los alamos laboratory was roped off and closed. >> researchers say that
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those who use this chantix had a high risk of cardiovascular risk however pfizer is saying that the study is too limited it to draw accurate conclusions. (music) >> jacqueline: some fog approaching the bay bridge and from another point of view of the fog along the coast. it does not look like it will impact the fireworks this evening more san francisco. patchy fog for the san francisco fireworks show but patchy fog 60 degrees, will take a look at tonight and into tomorrow the coastal fog and it temperatures will stay on the mild side. even places
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in the 80s like antioch. 7:00 a.m. to mark hall patchy fog but it will still be breezy to the bay shore. 7:00 a.m.. slight chances of thunder in the south bay more about that in just a minute but first, let us take a look of the fog for tomorrow morning. by 6:00 a.m., patchy fog for oakland, and portions of the north bay. towards san francisco and 11:00 that patchy fog could hug the coast. sunny elsewhere in temperatures are going to climb into other spots with the 92 the readings in some areas. 97 degrees in fairfield. a much cooler along the coast. 62 degrees in half moon bay. '70s in san francisco. and temperatures are climbing back into the 80s inland. 87
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degrees in fremont and another hot day for the inland valleys with the triple digits. 97 and pleasanton, walnut cree and with 97 in cupertino. we do have a slight chance for thunder into the forecast and this is why. the bay area is showing some severe thunderstorms possible through northern california. this area of high-pressure could bring subtropical moisture and pushed from the south and continue to be a threat to. as we look from wednesday and thursday the best chance of storms will also bring that cool down. towards the week temperatures are going to cool down, dramatically! with coastal fog for the weekend. stay with us. we
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will be back after this.
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>>pam: contestants in new- york and take a look at this! >> let us get right to this. the fourth of july tradition in new york. nathan's famous hot dog eating contest the world contest walked away. the senate as a champion with 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes. this is the fifth consecutive victory in the contest. his main competitor did not compete because of a contract dispute but he did shout down at another spot in the new york. 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes. >> take a look at this with this world visit to canada. it was time to suit up. he is known to tour the
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historic landmarks. >> and take a look at this baby. really quite an attraction even made his performance it debut on you tube with over 2 million have said. >> take a look if this daredevil swirl in the southern california over this lamborghini. what was not hit. it was running across the same time the lamborghini was driven at 100 m.p.h.! the squirrel was safe stay with us, more news right after the break.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: at 5:303 alarm apartment fire in 26 people are left without a home at 5:30. a three alarm fire.
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one-person rushed to hospital. this fire destroyed a building and a neighboring building. these all four units are not an inevitable. what is the cause? >> this early morning fire spread quickly. on mission street in san francisco. by the time firefighters cut. this building was fully engulfed in flame. a firefighter showing that it is trying to fight this fire and a meter maid noticed the smoke and called 911! also alerting tenants by pounding counting on the doors. the victim was passed out, and this 36 year-old woman. >> and i saw that the firefighter was coming i
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yelled. that is when it went and got her. compa paramedics took her to a area hospital and rescued her to dart. >> we are lucky that we are alive . her two dogs- rescued if they're still looking for the cause. >> perhaps it started in his garage and the tenants have been a senator is been electrical problems. this vast the owner to fix it but the tenants have reported electrical problems in this garage. many tenants came back to selvage what was left. looking for documents like identification and passports. it >> i cannot believe that this happened. i think that it is a nightmare. >> 89. with 26 people homeless on this holiday in san francisco, a nightmare. >> violence in the east bay with six people shot in richmond and only three hours. so far, no arrests.
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authorities are trying to piece this together if these shootings are connected. dan kerman joins us with a look at this rash of violence. >> we have four separate shootings that took place last night in richmond. let me show you where these took place the first at ohio and 39th street. the second is outside the city limits but still within the county. ruby street, second street and this other one is were one was injured and one was also shot. the third shooting at 11:00 p.m. one person killed in a car in this location. this fourth location back into the west mcdonald in riyadh and first street to the fourth shooting. one person is killed. west mcdonald in first street. one person is killed one person is injured. the mcdonald
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incident we are talking about people shot inside of their core. police to not know if these instances are related it is gang-related. these people were shot inside of their vehicle. >>pam any time we have a shooting what if there is any retaliatory shooting? our gang task forces, and and tell us about what is going on in their areas. searching the communities for answers. we are exploring each community set this time. >>reporter: they're hoping that this will lead them into the right direction to capture someone. (music) >> jacqueline: 1 a live look from our roof cam over downtown san francisco.
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sunny skies and the exception of the coast with a bit of fog. those sea breezes taking over temperatures along of the coast for much cooler. 59 in happen bay. '70s in oakland. still warm inland. mid upper 90s! in the san francisco. the attempt change over the past one to four hours with dramatic even in san francisco, redwood city, 80 degree difference. through san francisco, closer to the coastal and--18 degree difference in redwood city and. 39 should be clear for the fireworks display tonight. . 39 should be clear. through concord,. 39. pier 39. coming up a little bit about the change is coming up with your forecast your not one to believe what we have in store. >>pam: going back out to
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pier 39 people are already gathering. reggie kumar is out in the sun shines. reggie it is already pretty crowded. it >>reporter: it is crowded! thousands of people are here. they have to get too early to get a good spot. thousands of people lining up at pier 39 let me show you where these are going to be launched into the air. it is to write. along the embarcadero. they are standing in front on a barge launched. this show begins at 9:30 if you've not already left to go to the embarcadero? i would suggest public transportation. reporting live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >>pam: this continues throughout the bay area. let us check-in with another location to the berkeley marina. charles clifford is standing by. charles? >> yes at the berkeley
5:37 pm
marino a live picture of the main stage of the city of berkeley's fourth of july celebration. this is the 15th the year and the weather is fantastic. no- fault. white grease. that is pretty normal for this area they could not ask for a better afternoon. thousands of people now, and let me show you-know-fog, they could not the best for better weather. with games, and even pony rides for the kedchildren anybody who was hungry? the have a great selection of food. it the main event is the fireworks. it launches from the pier at the berkeley marina at 9:30 if you are thinking a lot coming down here? keep in mind that between 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. no cars in or out of the marina. you
5:38 pm
were going to have to walk and. this is a dry event, no alcohol, you cannot bring your own fireworks. reporting live, charles cooper, kron 4 news. charles clifford-- >>pam: taking a look at the backup traffic with the exception of the fastrak otherwise, you are going to be waiting at the waitoll plazas. however, the james lick remarkably clear! we will be back.
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fish see to
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>>pam: in world news new assault charges could be dismissa french journalist is tt charging him of attempted rape. a formal complaint
5:42 pm
could be filed. >> his legal problems could not be over. the 32 year-old journalist say that in 2003 he was sexuallshe was sexually assaulted-it-and at the time she was talked out of filing charges by her mother. they are now going to bring a complaint to the prosecutor and the prosecutor will determine weather there's enough evidence to file charges. weather or not and why he waited? >> if with something to something to say to him legally we will do it. and we will do it when i am able to will explain to my
5:43 pm
client and understand the consequences. the exact consequences in the nine states of a move made by i s and france. by the united states. >> and a matter what happens between the u.s., and the imf a former leader that did not want him to run for president. it did before% poll is showing that he does not have a favorable outlook by 54% to run for president of france. >> the powerful sedative barbotal is regularly used for used to treat severe forms of epilepsy. prisons are using this as part of the lethal combination.
5:44 pm
other drugs were tolp --prisons will have to sign a release that it will not use that powerful thatbarbotal, the folethal combination. >> a ronald reagan statue commissioned by the reagan memorial trust fund. images of former president fdr and twice in o and the white eisenhr also commissioned for the future? >>jacqueline: " weather coming up. all coming out
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>>pam: a new device helping you keep your grill safe the igrill gabe slate's tech report. >>gabe: new gadget to show you is called the igrill using perfection with your iphone. >> this gadget sets on or near your quarrel. it communicates with your ipod near your grill. this is a free application. you can even be away from the coral. you're able to choose what your cooking. rare, medium, and this device has a chord with a special thermometer.
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to put this into the item your cooking and keep you updated. sit back, relax and enjoy your barbecue, and tenderand and entertain your tests. and it will send you alarms one it is time to tend to the meat, even flipping it. and you can even use this as a save for the your food is cooked, safely. meat, fish, poultry. and know what temperatures it needs to be reached for say consumption. this application also has recipes. the blue tooth range is pretty good with too muddy feet away. right now it is only for the apple applications but should be available for smart phones and tablets, soon. it is for reapplication. this gadget is $100. hopefully that
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price can come down. for more information, look for this take itake a look in my section on the tech page gabe slate's tech report (music) >> jacqueline: keeping an eye on the fog. . 39 will not see too much of an issue on. 39 pier 39 . so far, so good. temperatures tomorrow even the a beautiful day on tap with 90 expected in concord. who will start the day with the fog and mild tomorrow. temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood. by 7:00 a.m., 60s. 67 in fairfield. and by
5:51 pm
noon, we could see that it is going to warm up very quickly. 92 in livermore. we are going to stay hot to the afternoon with triple digits inland toward 97 degrees in fairfield, 96 and the livermore and even going to be warmer in the north bay. temperatures labor had by neighborhood, with the 60s and santa rosa. how 97 in santa rosa, 94 in concord. '70s. 62 degrees along the san mateo coast. 80s and low 90s for the bayshore. 95 degrees expected in los gatos. a slight chance for thunder up there tomorrow. on our stormtracker 4 everything is clear right now. however, isolated storms possible. subtropical
5:52 pm
moisture going towards california with this area of high pressure. plenty of moisture through california, and arizona. this will clip to the north especially into the arizona. area. not rain fall expected but just a thunder. towards thursday temperatures will cool and on friday temperatures are even going to be much more comfortable. from the 80s, and even from this weekend, low 80s, cooler conditions on tap with fog long the coast. >>pam: if checking the whole lo680/interchange. no problems through san jose, the 101 guadeloupe overpass is also very light. very few cars if
5:53 pm
you need to trouble? this is the time to do it. we will be right back.
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>>pam: now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> how are you? >> i am pretty good and i would probably not be such a great person if i ruined your weekend. with a $500 fine. >> i tech along with the police on the water. >> the marine patrol has a task of patrolling a 50 mi. radius from the pittsburgh, to city hall on the waterways of >> you need to update life jacket on that little guy a much like a 20 to $1 fine. >> $2100--
5:57 pm
>> is there a reason why nobody has that child hous does not have a life jacket on? >> under 13 years old they have to always have their life jacket on. >> we have seen that people to not wear those. nobody is wearing life jackets. >> are you from this area? >> and if you think that this is a cages because everybody else is going it? >> this child is not wearing a life jacket, and also it is going to cause the owner a couple of hundred dollars. often we hear people of sears the drowning. however they're hoping to prevent that. on the delta, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> a live look outside from
5:58 pm
our roof cam over san francisco. sunny skies. and it looks like we're going to be in the clear for the fireworks show your complete forecast, coming up.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (music) >> jacqueline: off the this check-in with your forecast for the fireworks. perhaps a
6:02 pm
light jacket tonight isee the fireworks. we will talk about big changes coming up on your forecast. >>pam: . 39 reggie kumar is it. 39 pier 39 how is it out there? >> a lot of people, and it looks like a lot of fun. a lot of people showing up for this annual festivities. if you take a look it the right? these fireworks are going to be floating out
6:03 pm
onto a barge in and set off. you are invited to join all of this festivities and use public transportation i >> this is one of the biggest events for the city >> i like the fireworks because there are colorful. >> that was ortizio, saying it is nicer here than, fr esno. >> the berkeley marina arm is already showing a large gathering. charles clifford is live with the details. charles? >> yes, the live picture for
6:04 pm
the fourth of july celebration at the berkeley marina. the weather is fantastic! a light breeze. you could not ask for a better day for fourth of july celebration festivities. what we can see is the main stage with the live music and just a few steps away, games, and even pony rides for the kids. a great selection of food. the main attraction is the fireworks at 9:the 30 this is the 15th year the city has had a 15th fireworks celebration. >> organizers say that this is a great. >> we get 100,000 people here with by the time of fireworks start at 9:30
6:05 pm
>> equata " great outlook. >> no vehicles in or out and read aloud. too many people. he will lead to walled in and this is a dry event, no alcohol. with no vehicles in or out allowed her. he will have to walken by foot. >>pam: no fireworks on the beaches of santa cruz county but as rob fladeboe shows us producpeople are getting arod the rules. >> this trash beck is full of illegal fireworks and even 100 firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets. this park ranger spotted some suspicious but and the ice chests. >> this sand was this.disturbed
6:06 pm
and right beneath these ice chests, there were three backs full of fireworks. >> these shores of been known to smuggle fireworks and all types. beach access is fenced off and people have to cut through checkpoints. coolers, are searched. no alcohol allowed because alcohol and fireworks is a bad combination. >> previous years we have that emergencies for people have blown up parts of their hand. they have had to go to the emergency room and other people have been hurt. >> this citation found out that this fine of possession of illegal fireworks all or alcohol is up to $1,000. in the santa cruz, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> the have not compensated and the fireworks in oakland but they're not taking any chances. grant lotus was
6:07 pm
they're patrolling the highly flammable oakland hills. >> this fire danger when from moderate to high on monday. >> mainly today because the amount of activity. many people visiting and fireworks, barbecues, or activity want to get the message out that there is a high fire danger. with those components come together people need to be very careful >>reporter: roaming patrol. >> yes, with room patrols looking for illegal fireworks and any roman candles. with roaming patrols. >> this is a popular out looks bought the want to make sure the dry grass this not become tend tecandl
6:08 pm
>> to atlanta! they've already begun. they're celebrating a fourth of july. we will keep an eye on this and other fireworks displays are run the country and we will be back with more, coming up around the country
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6:11 pm
>> the u.s. coast guard is reporting a eight missing from a capsized fishing boat. these are the survivors air lifted. destruct. this started out of san felipe bay on saturday. just 60 mi. out of san felipe de. details from alejandra cerbal.
6:12 pm
>> this shows a fishing rescues from this fishing boat called the " ericka " it was supposed to be a seven-day fishing trip but these are shown in a much different story. these men were sunburned, and it happened that 2:30. near flesh storm off the coast of mexico. most of these men were from northern california with 16 crew members. this is erik has spent on the ocean since 1969. one passenger said that i am relieved that i'm alive. for but i am scared for the people who haven't
6:13 pm
been found yet. >> the mexican army requesting assistance. no water recoveries but searches continue. >> baja has been contacted but our correspondence was not returned. we will be back.
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>>pam: violence in the east bay so far, no arrests. authorities are trying to piece this together to see if these shootings were connected. dan kerman has details on the sunday shooting. >> a busy day in richmond with four different shootings. >> witnessing a night like this where there is the multiple homicides and additional shootings for a long time. >>reporter: the first was on the ohio and south street
6:17 pm
39th however, this person is only wounded and expected to survive. >>reporter: near richmond, this person was one injury, one fatality. 30 minutes later, the 19 year-old laws that what sitting in a vehicle. at 11:15 at mcdonald and first street one person vehicle, one person killed. both people were sitting in some of those pickles to raleigh to see if it is king related or connected. -they're sitting in to those vehicles--and it is too early to see if these are gang-related or connected. >> still we are still sorting this out at this time >>reporter: police say that it is too early if this is connected or gang-related. they're trying to anticipate another shooting could come. budding officers in those locations for preventative measures. putting officers and
6:18 pm
locations. in oakland, dan kerman, kron 4 news. (music) >> jacqueline: we're continuing to monitor this fog with sunny skies over the bridge. along the san mateo coast it is not look too bad but the fireworks should be clear. pier 39 with breezy conditions however, perfect conditions expected. the coastal fog this evening will still just be briefly push into the bayshore tomorrow. that patchy fog by 7:00 p.m. and sunny skies for tomorrow afternoon a slight stutter chances. will talk about that but first, the fog. by 6:00 a.m., that fog of patchy fog near oakland and the north bay it will push walked quickly. by 8:00 a.m., clear skies. pushed back-quickly. but at that
6:19 pm
fog will continue to stay along the santa coast. temperatures are 90's and 87 in napa. warming up from which a saw today. 77 richmond comfort of that fog wie cleaning along the coast with a is for the most part. the bayshore will see 90's. for our inland bay locations. that fog clinging along the coast. the stormtracker 4 is showing some clarity but still activity near the south with subtropical moisture combining with other systems i could shift to the north. we could see isolated thunderstorms but it looks like any rainfall chance will dry up for tomorrow. we
6:20 pm
were just talking about under in the chance will be on wednesday. that's a good chance on a thursday this week with temperatures cooling. as we go towards this weekend much cooler and definitely comfortable with the inland valleys. >>pam: when of the nation's most watched trials is in the hand of the jury. casey in aanthony is charged with murdering her daughter in 2008 >> members of the jury it is time for you to deliberate. >> killing and that was seen three years ago but the 22 year-old mother did not admit that she was missing for 31 days. instead casey at the posted pictures online drinking, and competing in hot body contests. she told her parents that the two year- old was with the baby sitter or with her during their
6:21 pm
rich boyfriend. neither of those people existed. finally the mother called police. >> something is wrong. >> the body was kept in the trunk. during the trial was this surveillance video showing casey on the day that her daughter disappeared. >> when casey anthony was at blockbuster, on june 16th, alting army and armed with her boyfriend, tony. lupercalia was in the trunk of her car--to that the baby was in the trunk. >> casey and the was indicted for lies king told. >> i can tell you for certain that everything you have said has been a lie.
6:22 pm
>> not everything that i told you. >> that search has ended. >> a it is from the head of a skull. >> they found cayley's remains this trial started in late may but blockbuster allegations from a lawyer. >> this all began when the case he was 8 years old and a father came into her room and began to totter, in appropriately. >> the attorney said that ceilidh anthony ground in the family pool at casey anthony covered up the death. she explained the questionable behavior by saying that she came from the world of a family secrets and incest. torch and that it was the first on the witness stand. >> george anthony. >> have you ever sexually molested your daughter? keith c. anthony prosecutors say that she is a cunning killer who
6:23 pm
suffocated or two year-old daughter with chloroform and duct tape. docked the body and then started a two month partying sprees. the last was when she got this tattoo that says beautiful life. members of the jury were given a form of this. here is a copy. this is what they can consider with a variety of charges to choose, from first degree murder, manslaughter. in addition, she is also charged with child abuse and longing to police. the deliberations will resume tomorrow. we will be back after this break. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband.
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>> kimberlee: here's your tech talk to headlines. fox muses twitter was hacked. fox news--in appropriately
6:27 pm
and incorrectly tweeting that president barack obama was shot in iowa. these were removed they alerted the secret service and officials say one twitter to look into how this happened. also the apple website was passed. two dozen user name in passwords were hacked from apple please. this information was posted on to the website. believe it or not twitter is here to stay. the san francisco-based company is 200 million tweets per day. that is up from 65 million tweets from just one year ago. and a all of those add up to 200 million tweets. users are collecting of 10 million
6:28 pm
page book per day. stay with us. more news after the break. it's really delicious, mom.
6:29 pm
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>>jacqueline: our top story is more weather. cooler along the coast with see breezes deciding to take over today. a 64 in san francisco, 67 half moon bay. also keeping an eye on the fog was close to the coast. right now, it is hugging the san mateo coast. keeping nuclear through san francisco. taking a look of the fireworks forecast with clear skies in the fog just on the coast. 60 degrees in san francisco. through mountain view, santa rosa and in concord. the mild
6:31 pm
evening for fireworks celebrations. tomorrow the coastal plans with pretty mild. upper 50s, low 60s. by noon, temperatures are already going to be into the '90s. and warming backup into the '90s. in a number of places from the bay. taking a look at neighborhood by neighborhood. 90's in santa rosa, and 90's in vallejo, and '80s in concord. even 80s in the san francisco. only 50s in half moon bay with the fog in the morning. also along the san mateo coast. 90's in the south by speaking of the south to the chance of thunder. it does not look like we will see any rain but it will just be dry evaporation before it hits the ground. wednesday, thursday, a very slight chance with even more chances of mid-week with precipitation possible. comfortable. >>pam along the embarcadero
6:32 pm
thousands of gather to watch the fireworks show that as a starter in three hours. this will be starting and the bay ride with that boat has began. you can see those fireworks out here if you're planning to come out and enjoy the festivities. i suggest that you take public transportation live in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> and if santa cruz many people were getting searched through these surge points which alcohol is banned. fireworks are banned. they can face a $1,000 fine in spite of that fire rangers and park rangers say that still people are trying to get around the rules by stashing fireworks in the sand. >> in oakland hills, the
6:33 pm
fire range risk was a moderate increase in too high a rating. even though it was a wet spring and the fireworks could still prove to be a dangerous combination with a dry grasses. >> outside parbart officers, one of the officers shot and killed within just one minute of coming into contact with the san francisco civic center platform. >> this confrontation occurred and as a result. one of these officers discharged a weapon and a strike the suspect. >> in san francisco a three- alarm fire attributed to the mission street destroying this apartment building. and badly damaging the one next to it it started here in the
6:34 pm
garage and spread very quickly 6:00 a.m. on monday morning. many of these units are not still safe to live and and many people of these residences of this buildings are homeless. this woman is expected to recover only suffering from smoke inhalation. investigators are looking into the cause of this fire. >> and richmond, shootings in 3 dead and three injured in the course of only three hours. sunday night. it is too early to see if it is gang related or if these shootings are connected but they are doing what they can do to see if this is retaliatory in case it is gang-related. gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: the fourth of july is one of the biggest grilling days with the high- tech grilling excessory it is called the igrille it can
6:35 pm
perfect the meet your barbecuing. this communicates with your ipad, itouch or your iphone. you can find this for free and the hcouple application apple applications for this one to put it is cooking for you. choose what you are cooking, and a glut you would like the outcome to be. where? medium? well done? put that the sensor on the grill and it will keep you updated. a sit back, relax and enjoy your barbecue and not have to hover over the growth constantly. this will send you beeping alarm is when it is time to flip that meet. it also has a simple timers
6:36 pm
that if you like to grow about what it was nice is that you can uses it to know that your food is cooked through, safely. meat, fish, poultry you know that what it can be used for say consumption. five is also has recipes for safe-- consumption. right now, this is only 4 applications but it should be available for android camass soon. it is free for android available soon. this gadget is $100. gabe slate's tech report >>pam: a live picture of a fireworks display for this fourth of july. lighting up the sky in baltimore maryland. and it was about 9:169:30 haazig madyun
6:37 pm
haazig madyun haazig madyun haazi we will an eye with festivities are run the bay. we will be back (music)
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6:40 pm
now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> of the swiss ski beech the woman went to access this is by boat or a jet ski. every summer particleboard the sound on this island weather the owners like it or not. the owner puts up a no trespassing sign but the party coerced tear them down. it gets pretty crazy at ski beech. this is a stripper pole on a boat on a speech. there is a lot of drinking and to drinking and water can also compared to bad decisions this is a
6:41 pm
prime example. this woman swimming in the del top. apparently she did decided to go into an area where boats in jet skis came whizzing by. she is in 15 ft. of water it is not responding to anybody. for 10 minutes she kept on a swimming while sheriff deputies offered her help. >> are you ok? she kept going back and forth whether or not she needed help. >> can help you? >> baby? bn >> maybe. >> she appeared to be struggling with the strong current. >> we will take you back where will stay here with you. if the >> finally a life preserver was tossed to of this to say. >> i don't need that.
6:42 pm
>> a bunch of the issue is held on to the share spoke to. her friend never knew she left the boat until she was too far away. this had a happy ending but all too often when you were drinking with boating it as a tragic. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> in sports this for the july it meant a lot of baseball with the a's and the baseball playing home games. public sandoval continues. pablo sandoaval
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> fourth of july baseball begins with a bang the giants back after a 4-3 road trip. this should make you
6:46 pm
feel like they're red, the white, the blue, lincecum shaky at best this afternoon. the fifth inning, giving it up. three-0. this only lasted five innings. the seven hits, he gave up three runs. audrey's in the sixth, and he lets it go! to-one hit the padres leave three-2 in the ninth street with an extra. if that guy got run over going for the ball. and the 80s. through san rafael high school and this is also going into the water. at the padres put this to bed. final a 5-3 the giants have two more with san diego over the course of the next couple of days. cody ross had soreness with this hamstring. unlike many
6:47 pm
of us recovering today. the diamondbacks, we are in oakland for this this woman is hand knitting a flag. the diamondbacks. sixth inning and mccarthy serving up josh it is a tight game. and it is still tied. one-1. the seventh inning, spoke to cut through. another rbi double. the mariners have a final of a 4-to-one. the a's and the mariners, but final score = 2-1-- >> the a's, the giants, and you can come up with a five star concoction. lincecum is
6:48 pm
going. matt cain is going. and just over three, brian wilson and data. is going. " the four saves. brian wilson the second of the majors and local store ithe only a's repree in this picture is gonzales who pitched of the great women yesterday gonzales 8- 5. and how's it going to celebrate this one? >> i am going to celebrate with my family tonight and in july maybe go to a nice restaurant. mcdonald's sounds good halal [laughter] and
6:49 pm
he was traded to the sharks on friday. this week it is the women's u.s. open in colorado and because of the defending championship is? the pink streaks pleasanton's owner pala kremer. can you believe that the tank is your favorite color ad her nickname is the pink panther. there she is pleased with the u.s. open issue was ranked no. 2 in the world. wish you love a bull's-eye on the her back the 24 year-old spent all day in the salon chair. >> and i am glad that you like them. [laughter] >> and are those fingernails pink? them almost like an orange slashed bank. i cannot get over that it is been one year since the major. the her reigning u.s. open champion that that is a nice ring to it.
6:50 pm
>> that as a great ring to it. when i tee off on a first-come, or the temples they always say the u.s. open champion and it is a great way to start the day. i can tell you that. >> if you thought you had a lot of hot dogs today? the is nothing compared to call the island of new york the nathans coney island, the aisle on tahoe women's division. the black widow. 40 hot dogs and one to an thousand dollars. from that one, to the main event. the men's division. and that is joey up san jose. they call him straws. the fourth consecutive year, he had a 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
6:51 pm
joey is a champion again. the major league baseball is back with the july 12th. there will not be the only one play in phoenix. a san francisco lease is going. the man running the show jim ness summer. he will be in the studio and ready to talk about san francisco rbi and of their all about. to not move. more cars.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
the executive director of the program and designed for children learning baseball. even the some have selected to play and the all-star
6:55 pm
tournament. only six months in existence. the major league baseball like we've done out here in a short. the time. they invited us with one of nine cities taking a 11-told year-old on her serve to use. >> you take them and you were going to be taking games to the weekend? >> yes, a sixth game and non-competitive tournament. a team from joplin missouri. the team that is lost everything. from this devastating recent national tragedy. >> we are going to be playing and treated like a major league. this tremendous program that has been in existence for 20 years. 1 million the youth has gone to the program with
6:56 pm
the underserved and used to the country. >> this would not have happened without you. >> i have been overwhelme wit by the response led by our founding sponsor, pg&e. they have been an inspiration on how they have stepped up. the our founding board members has also led his name to this organization and also kgmg, and ktmg, bank of america, a merrill lynch and also our attorneys working pro bono working into full compliance. there is been a series of organizations that i could keep meaning we are very thankful. >> awesome best of luck. fifth let us know what
6:57 pm
happens. >> we will see you at 8:00 p.m.. (music)
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the best in our back story series on the stars of summer's block busters. >> a special fourth of july "insider." i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. the "insider" is on. >> see if this thing is working, oh sflchlt. >> before you see her in black lingerie, the lost bikini shoot. >> modeling can be really hard. you have to keep smiling and not fall over. before friends with benefits -- justin timberlake's star search debut. the days with christina and future girlfriend, britney. >> i'm a proud boyfriend. as harrison ford


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