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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. it hit rough weather and it capsized. >> a fourth of july disaster in the gulf of california one person is dead and a number still missing after a fishing trip. many on board are from northern california, tonight's big story we hear from family members of those on board. >> traumatic. >> some of his friends are missing. it's something different. details on the search. >> these photos from the mexican navy show survivors being rescued. this man is rescued on a
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stretcher, others get medical attention. it was supposed to be a 7 day trip but came to an end a day after. you can see the men crammed together, and some bowing their heads. this is a picture of the vessel that sank after being hit by storm. it happened sunday morning in mexico after a storm. there were 30 tourists on board. and 16 crew members. according to the website, it has been on the gulf of california since 1989. passengers say the boat was less than two miles from shore when it tipped over. a resident said i am relieved i am alive. monday the u.s. coast guard in san diego sent a helicopter like this one after the mexican navy asked for assistance. crews haven't found anybody in
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the water. kron 4 news. the why of one man talked about the ordeal that her husband went through. >> you have a hard time talking about it. he gets very emotional. for him it means it was traumatic. he had a life jacket and that's what saved his life. his friends had a life jacket and some of the men did there weren't any life boats. it was every man for themselves. that's the way i found it. get out. otherwise you will go down with it. everything, all our feelings go out to those people that have families that are still wondering. i am just -- we are all grateful our people are okay but we know not everyone is that fortunate. >> we also talked with another wife, his wife tells us how
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lucky he is to be alive but it's tough to deal with the fact that friends are still missing. >> he was in an area when the boat flipped, he was thrown into the ocean and the people near him landed by a raft. >> the problem we have is some of his friends are missing. of the six that are missing, two that i know of are friends of ours. it puts a different complexion on it. >> the survivors lost everything in the crash. they will get visas for their return home. police are investigating four shooting that left three men dead over three hours. kron 4's dan kerman has details. >> busy night for police.
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four killings, killing three. >> multiple homicides, plus an additional shooting. the first happened at 8:30 p.m. one person was shot but expected to survive. at 10:30 outside the city limits in north richmond. one person killed, another injured and expected to survive. 30 minutes later, 11:00, a 19- year-old man shot dead. 15 minutes later, 11:15, one person was killed, another injured and expected to survive. both were sitting in a car. right now it's too early to say inthe shootings are connected or gang related. >> something we have to look into to see if that's the case, if they are related to that and that's something we are sorting
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out. >> reporter: while police say it's too early to say if the shootings are connected or gang related they are trying to anticipate where another related shooting can come and deploying officers to present that from happening. dan kerman, kron 4 news. the police chief is comfortable with how officers responded when they shot and killed a man last night. happened in san francisco at the bart station. as the two officers exited a train they were confronted with a man with a knife. after a exchange the officers opened fire, they hit the man, killing him, one officer had cuts and bruises on his arm. officers suggest that a suspect may have caused a squad car crash. it happened this morning on highway 4 in richmond.
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the driver was transporting a suspect to jail when he lost control and hit another car. two people were treated for injuries but will be okay. officers haven't said what the suspect did to contribute to the crash. gorgeous weather out there for this fourth of july, warmer side for the inland valleys, 90s. closer to the coast line temperatures were cooler as the sea breeze winds kicked in. 74 in san francisco, 74 in oakland. temperatures cooler in san francisco and cooler for the inland valleys. tomorrow temperatures rebound back to the warmer side. fog to start the day. patchy fog long the coast line. into the afternoon temperatures warming quickly. by 4:00 we have a chance of a thunderstorm in the south bay. on this fourth of july the
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biggest fireworks show in northern california held in san francisco. kron 4's reggie kumar was in thuheart of the crowd tonight. a look at the big show of lights. >> reporter: it's known as the biggest fireworks show in northern california. people travel all over the state just to see it. some wave the stars and stripes. the fireworks were launched from a barge in the water. fog rolled into the bay in the past and people had a hard time seeing the explosions but this year people didn't have difficulty seeing the fireworks. residents say 2011 is one of the clearest nights in the city to enjoy the fourth of july. >> the weather was great. you could see everything. no fog, no overcast. we couldn't ask for a better night. at least we have good things to say, the weather is great.
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>> all the right colors. >> reporter: tell me why san francisco fires with better than richmond? >> the biggest event. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. the fourth of july is a big day for law enforcement as officers crack down on illegal fireworks and alcohol consumption. police set up sobriety checkpoints and people found a way to sneak in alcohol on the beaches. people buried fireworks and alcohol days before and dug it up on the fourth of july. as police patrolled the land, marine officers patrolled the waters. kron 4'sjr stone has more on the crack down on problem boaters. >> how can you measure it? >> reporter: he is talking about fourth of july on the
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waters. where just about anything goes on independence day. >> when the ladies flash their -- um, exteriors they will throw beads to them. >> reporter: that is something we didn't come across, instead mooning men and lots of them, mixed with fun. officials with the coast guard have four extra boats in this area, same one where we are cruising. while it may look out of hand here he says it's all in celebration. >> because of the nature of the people. [ laughter ] >> they are having a good time and nobody is fighting or carrying on. this is a major gathering of people that have a wonderful time on the water. >> reporter: one person was arrested for a bui. but that still doesn't overshadow the fireworks show here and the boat rafting party
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all around it. >> john wayne was a regular guest. >> reporter: jr stone, kron 4 news. and as we head to the break as the fourth of july winds down a live look that skies above san francisco. now clear of fireworks as the city prepares to get back to business tomorrow. we will be right back.
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. clean up is expected to begin on tuesday of the 45 cars damaged in a parking lot fire. that fire started sunday afternoon near is, fo. witnesses say they heard fireworks prior to the blaze. investigators know it started with a grass fire and spread to the parking lot. in san francisco, 26 people are without homes tonight after a massive apartment fire. it sparked in the glen park neighborhood. it destroyed one building and damaged another. one person was taken to the
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hospital. kron 4's da lin tells us what may have sparked this blaze. the fire spread quickly while people were still asleep on mission street in san francisco. by the time firefighters got here a neighborhood says the garage was fully engulfed in blaze. a firefighter trying to break the door to vent the smoke. authorities say a meter maid called 911. many of the tenants escaped unharmed. but one woman passed out. you can see firefighters dragging her out. her sister tried to drag her down initially but she was too heavy. >> when the firefighter truck come i yelled she is in there, that's when they got her. >> reporter: they took her to a
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hospital for smoke inhaulation and firefighters rescued her two dogs. >> we are lucky we are alive. >> reporter: the flames started right here in the garage and the tenants say they have been having problems with an electrical outlet down here. after firefighters put out the flames many tenants came back to salvage what was left. >> i still can't believe this has happened. i still -- i thinkerators nightmare. >> a nightmare that left 26 people homeless on this holiday. in san francisco, da lin, kron 4 news. more hot weather in the forecast tomorrow, big changes though by the end of the week. details coming up after the break.
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a little bit of fog long the coast tomorrow morning, otherwise sunny skys and temperatures in the 50s, low 60s. a little warmer in fairfield, 67. 67 in livermore. into the noon hour temperatures warming. fairfield 94 degrees. 92 livermore, 91 in san jose. warmer into the later afternoon. triple digits inland, 97 fairfield. 96 livermore. around the bay area for the temperatures tomorrow afternoon, upper 80s for the most port throughout the north bay. 91 in sonoma. cooler closer to the coast line, fog clinging to the coast. 88 ocean beach. 73 san francisco. east bay shores, low 80s. warmer towards fremont, 87.
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hot inland valleys, upper 90s in a number of spots. 99 pleasanton and toasty in the south bay. 92 santa clara, 97 in morgan hill. we have a slight chance of thunderstorms into tomorrow afternoon but especially into wednesday. right now in the clear but let's jump over, high pressure bling up tropical moisture. during the afternoon is when we see the worst thunderstorms. severe storms in southern california this afternoon. we have a chance of thunderstorms in the south bay tomorrow. hot tomorrow, but cooling down wednesday and thursday and especially into the weekend. temperatures inland in the low 80s and 7s for the bay shores. local man dominates the competition again at the nathan's hot dog eating contest in coney island and the kung fu
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panda continues his streak for the giants, would it be enough? vern is next with all the sports highlights. i want to crush more cars.
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all right. the giants and padres will see a lot of each other, three more times this week, four more to start the second half of the break. today they got together. oh, yes. the red, white, blue, all over the place. tim lincecum, going to hit the break with a losing record for the first time in his career. the padres are on the board. 3-0, lincecum touched for three runs and in 5 innings. sandoval got a smash, right into the lake. that closed the lead from 3-2. guy swims and gets the ball and
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gets run over. anyway. 4-2 padres in the 8th. will venable a solo home run. padres win it by a final of 5- 3. three more times this week. cody ross left the game with soreness. the a's another one run set back. mariners in town for this one. this meeting. the american flag right there. scoreless in the second. curt suzuki gets through. matsui scores and the a's led 1- 0. in the 6th, though, here came the mariners. brandon making his first start since coming off the disabled list. a home run by josh bard to make it 1-1 and it stayed that way into the 7th inning with justin smoak getting a double to right
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field. marijuananers win it 2-1. a's 12-19 in one run games. tour de france, stage 3 today. nice art work in the field there. yes. we will tell you that american tyler farrar slipped in front, over the line to take over the yellow -- his first victory and a first time an american won a stage on the fourth of july. there you go for tyler farrar from washington state. and you may have thought you ate a lot of tour de -- a lot of hot dog. nathan's hot dog eating contest. first ever women's division. sonya "the black widow" thomas. look at her go. downing 40 hot dog. she won $10,000. one hot dog shy of her record
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of 41. if you are scoring at home. congratulations to her. to the men's tide. there is joey chestnut out of san jose. trying to win it for the 5th straight year and win it he did. 62 hot dog in 10 minutes! 62 in 10 minutes. six shy of his world record. joey chestnut earned the $10,000. the bottle of pepto, but i am sure -- >> earned a stomach ache. >> i don't see -- i mean, he is not a big guy so i don't -- i don't know -- >> the other guy, heap was also -- >> takeru kobayashi. he was in new york, didn't enter this one. he was in another location in new york with his own hot dog eating little thing going.
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he downed 69 hot dog. >> gosh. >> who knows next year. >> heartburn. have a good night everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
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