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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. the search continues in the gulf of california for seven missing men, all of them from the bay area. this massive c130 hercules well help them search coastal islands. it capsized early sunday morning. tonight on kron4 news at 11:00, we hear from a man who was on the boat in the wreck and we talk with a family member who's trying to help the search from here in the north bay. kron4's reggie kumar talked with the son-in-law of the man. >> reporter: families and friends have been hard at work posting this flier of the seven
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men still missing at sea. the ship capsized during storm on sunday. lee's daughter closely monitors the search operation with the u.s. coast guard through e-mail and on the phone. this is the fishing boat he uses he in the bay area. the 62-year-old had been organizing this fishing trip with all of his friends for a year. the red truck parked in front of lee's home belongs to al main. he's one of the missing. the son-in-law says the family believes lee is still alive. >> if he got the boat, we're confident he survived. he actually owns the fishing boat. he has a few boats. his choice is in the open ocean. he loves being out there. he's very comfortable in the water. he's a strong swimmer. we have a pool back here. he grew up swimming. fortunately, the conditions are very beneficial to us, warm temperatures, the water's warm
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which is why they've had such a large window for the search and rescue. it's a 96 hour window. we are preparing for the fact that we may need to go out there and continue the search efforts in the event the window does come up. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> one person has been confirmed dead from the accident. leslie yee who grew up in china town. seven others are still missing. earlier tonight, we talked with one of the 27 bay area men who were on board when the boat capsized. >> caller: i remember myroom running in saying the boat is sinking get off. the boat sank and we were in the water. and it was like a movie and guys keep pedaling for the light. so after i looked up, i didn't see anybody. everybody was gone. so for the next nine and a half hours, i was alone in the
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water, and it wasn't terrifying. i did a lot of self talk about family and loved ones and i had to stay. the current was so strong, every time i swam toward an island, every time i swam, i swam 10 feet and i was back 5 feet. it was a struggle. your mind starts to play tricks on you after a certain amount of time because the swells were so high. this was a really high sea in the storm, the swells were so high, you might see something that you thought were a person or a shark. we want to stay here until we rescue our friends because it's a large area and if i made it to an island, then they can, too. >> kron4 is staying on top of this story. we will continue to track the search for those who are still missing. police are searching for a person who who stole a rare picasso drawing from a san francisco gallery today.
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it was lifted from the weinstein gallery on the 300 block of geary just before noon. jeff bush tells us what happened. >> reporter: detectives were investigating the gift that took place around 11:40 a.m. at the weinstein gallery on geary street. a hook remains in the spot where the extremely valuable sketch once hung. the sketch is only a little bit larger than this. the sketch happened very quickly. officers told us that the thief simply removed the sketch from the wall and then walked out and escaped in a waiting taxi cab. >> reporter: the stolen piece is an original pencil and paper drawing that was made during the height of his popularity in 1965. it's called "tete de femme," which means head of a woman in french. gallery owners purchased the sketch recently. >> to some excitant, we've operated as a free museum for the city. to do so we have security measures in place and those
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obviously were breached today. >> reporter: police say whoever took the sketch will have a hard time selling it. >> someone who knows art is going to know that this is a high-value item. >> reporter: legitimate dealers will be on the lookout. the gallery says it will be making changes to prevent this from happening again. in san francisco, jeff bush, kron4 news. a man is recovering after he severely injured his hand in a fireworks accident on the 4th of july. 37-year-old mike peters of concord says after he threw what he thought was a small firecracker, it exploded and in a split second, he lost a thumb and two fingers of his left hand. he has already had one surgery to repair the damage. he could face more operations in the days to come. peters says he hopes that his accident will show others that being careless around fireworks can have consequences. >> i would like to say so all
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these other people out there get the hint that stuff -- it's not for us to be throwing off. it's for professionals and it's serious stuff. there's a place for them and it's not in little backyards around a little family neighborhoods. >> fireworks of all kinds, including the so-called safe and sane ones, are illegal in concord. there is no word yet whether peters or anyone involved will face charges connected to monday's accident. the florida mother suspected of murdering her child three years ago has been found not guilty of murder. emily smit has details and responses from today in court. >> reporter: 10 hours, 40 minutes of jury deliberation spared casey anthony life in prison or even the death penalty. >> a jury of your peers having found you not guilty as to the charge contained in count one
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of the indictment, murder in the first degree. >> reporter: not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee, not guilty of child abuse or manslaughter. she was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers. anthony showed relief. her defense team showed defiance. >> i hope that this is a lesson to those of you having indulged in media assassination for three years. >> you cannot convict someone until they've had their day in court. >> reporter: prosecutors said the mountain of evidence presented during the six-week trial did not eliminate all reasonable doubt. >> we're disappointed with the verdict today and surprised because we know the facts. i never, ever criticize the jury. theirs is the task of deciding what to believe. >> reporter: the jurors, seven women and five men, refused to speak after the verdict. >> unequivocal no.
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>> reporter: but the public quickly reacted. >> i don't know if they were watching the same thing we were. >> i don't think anybody here agrees with it. >> reporter: sentencing is set for thursday. in washington, emily schmidt. >> anthony faces a year in prison on each count of lying to investigators where she was found guilty. however, she has been in gale for nearly three years already so there is a possibility she may not serve any additional time at all. it was another hot day around the bay area, especially in our inland valleys where temperatures neared the triple digits, closer to the coast line, temperatures a lot cooler. that fog stuck to the coast this afternoon. a look at the difference over the past 24 hours. temperatures have warmed. oakland, 10 degrees warmer, 12 degrees warmer in heyward and several degrees warmer in other parts of the bay area. that trend is not going to last. tomorrow, a cooling trend will
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continue. very briefly the fog moves back to the coast by noon. we'll see sunny skies throughout the bay area but partly cloudy skies down in the south bay with a chance of thunder and also cooler temperatures, not only in the south bay but everywhere in the base area. we'll talk about that threat of thunderstorms and the cooler temperatures coming up in just a bit. we'll be with back after this break.
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three bay area communities are investigating shootings over the last few days. kron4's haaziq maadyun starts this roundup of bay area news. i'm outside this abandoned gas station where concord police say the body of a homicide victim was found right over there early tuesday morning. investigators say the victim died as the result of a violent altercation. the identity of the murder victim is not known at this time. however, people in the area say that homeless people are known to hang out in the abandoned gas station. however, police say it's not known at this time if the person was homeless or not. in concord, haaziq maadyun, kron4 news.
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here in richmond, police now say it's more than likely that three of the four shootings that occurred on sunday are connected. they won't say whether they're gang related but they do believe two of the shootings in the city of richmond and one in the unincorporated area of north richmond that left three people dead and two wounded are linked. right now, they have no suspects. in richmond, dan kerman, kron4 news. in another big story, there are still a lot of questions around an officer-involved shooting that killed a man sunday night. transit officials say a bart police officer shot and killed a man at the civic center station within one minute of arriving on the scene. some community leaders and one bart director questioned if the officers involved tried to talk the man out of dropping his weapon. transit officials have not released the man's name. they would only say he is between 30 and 50 years old and he appeared to be white. in the newsroom, kron4 news. it's been a hot 4th of july
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weekend but cooler weather on top for the rest of this week and through the weekend. i'll have details on that plus a chance of thunderstorms coming up in just a bit.
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it was a hot one out there today but temperatures are going to start to cool down into tomorrow and for the rest of the week. tomorrow at a glance starting the day with mainly coastal fog but it will spill very briefly into our bay shores, temperatures pretty mild in the 50s and low 60s into the afternoon, the fog pushes back to the coastline. it will hug the coast into the afternoon and into the 4:00 hour, a slight chance of thunderstorms in the south bay but otherwise sunny skies and still pretty warm temperatures in some spots bike san jose. let's look at fog tracker for tomorrow morning. the fog spilling into the bay shores very, very briefly into oakland also through parts of the north bay right over the 101 in the 6:00 hour. later on in the morning the 8:00 hour, fog starts to push back a little bit but still
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clinging to san francisco and parts of the north bay. back to the coastline by the 11:00 hour and again, it will stay there through the afternoon. some look at temperatures tomorrow, much cooler in the north bay. we're going to have that marine influence with the fog so temperatures cooling several degrees over today. 84 in napa, 70 in san francisco. a lot cooler for places like concord and livermore but still in the low 90s, 98 in antioch, 70s and 80s for the bay shores and 90s in the south bay. now, we saw some pretty wicked weather down in arizona today as a result of this subtropical moisture. you can see they're still seeing severe thunderstorms at this hour. the moisture's wrapping around an area of high pressure in the four corners but it looks like it's going to move a little bit to the north out there so the chance is the south bay could get clipped with an isolated thunderstorm. temperatures cool tomorrow but we'll really begin that cooling trend into thursday and friday and especially the weekend with fog becoming more dense, temperatures will be much more comfortable in the low 80s.
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time for tech talk with gabe slate. >> if you or someone you know are about to get an iphone our smart phone through verizon, you might want to do it before thursday. >> reporter: because verizon is following at&t and t-mobile's move of killing their unlimited data plan. verizon will no longer offer an unlimited plan. they will offer tiered plans which they are calling usage- based billing. here's the breakdown. $30 for two gigs her month, $50 for five gigs per month and $80 for 10 gigs. this is comparable to other carriers and most smart phone users will be okay. two gigs should cover most people. that is hard to go over in one month. who this affects are big data users. if a person does a lot of video chatting, audio and video streaming, listening to pandora radio, they may need to stand up for the $50.05 gig per month plan. i know that's expensive. no one wants to pay that much,
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but to be safe, it would be a good idea for big data users. they should go with the plan so they don't go over their allowed limit. verizon will charge customers who go over their tiered plan. $10 per gig will be the equation used to tack on the going overfees. a really important point here and something good that verizon is doing, existing verizon iphone and smart phone users who have the $30 a month for unlimited data, they will be able to keep that. they are grandfathered in. so current unlimited data verizon customers can continue their unlimited plan and even upgrade to new phones and keep that unlimited plan intact. this new tiered system is for new customers only. >> that's why i said if you are about to get an iphone or smart phone, pull the trigger now, do it before thursday and you can get grandfathered in to a better deal with the existing data plan. gabe slate, kron4 news. the as go extra innings with the mariners at the coliseum and matt cain and the
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all right. the way the padres play at at&t park, it's as if they were playing at home. they've won 12 of 15 there. the beards all around, brandon crawford in the first, it's a single to right and here goes torres taking off from first, runs all the way to 3rd, and with the coaching comes all the way home on the error. it's 1-0. tied at two in the 4th, matt cain said you know what, i'll do it with my bat. i'm going to bring home the run to make it 3-2. same score 6th inning, cain leaves it hanging for cameron mayben. out to the deepest part of the park.
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triple valley. and the padres, they take the lead and for good. they win it by a final of 5-3. sandoval extended his hit streak to 16 games. the as not any better. they've lost 9-13. tonight, they had some magic for a while but a boo-boo cost them. gonzalez got that all-star look already. the a.l. coplayer of the week. 2-0 mariners in the eighth and hernandez gave it up to kurt suzuki. representing, and it's 2-1 seattle. same score, 9th inning, coco crisp bloops one and carloscan't make the play. some of that old magic. it went all the way into extras. 10th inning, bailey on the mound, inning-ending double play, there's one, and -- it goes past 1st base! mariners win. final of 4-2. again, the as
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have lost 9-13. how big is yanks' jeeter's run towards 3,000 hits? hbo is making a documentary about it. he began his charge again tonight, down five, singled in his first at-bat for hit number 2995. 2nd inning, a two-run double for captain jeeter, hit number 2996. he's two away after knowing 2- for-6 tonight. sabathia now 12-4 for the year. that is roger clemens in washington, d.c. for his perjury trial, which begins tomorrow. clemens under oath denied that he was injected with performance-enhancing drugs three years ago. the accusation is that he lied. testimony came from his former trainer. his defense team is there to
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rip his testimony to shreds. golf's major will roll on without tiger woods. woods announced that he will not play in the british open next week. he's going to miss his second straight major. he had the injuries to his legs. he has not played since the players championship in may. needs another two to three weeks to heal according to woods, who will likely drop out of the top 20 and that is champagne downing thomas lasee who gets the french open. and then breaks a bone in his leg on the jump. he is out of the scottish open. he says i'll be ready for the open, and that remains to be seen. we will see. just enough time to tell you a little bit about the tour de france. they go 107 miles today for stage four. won by the australian evans, got a nice push by cartador on
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the outside, but it's the red- clad evans winning the stage. >> okay. good night, everybody. ur of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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