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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. more than 30 protesters have been arrested in san francisco. smoke bombs thrown into a station, all of this after an angry demonstration. kron4's j.r. stone walked with the protesters tonight and actually got caught up with the crowd of people who were arrested. j.r., what sparked the trouble? >> well, really things took a turn for the worst i guess you could say in one sense when police said enough is enough, these protesters have marched street after street for several hours. they said no more and they said no more directly behind me right here. that was where they made a human wall, protesters were not happy and that is when things got a little out of hand.
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i want to go to some of the video i shot because after that happened, after that human wall was put up and people started being arrested, that was when some people got angry and you can see in this video, a cop going after somebody who he thought had done some wrong. you're about to see a photographer come into play who didn't necessarily know who was going on. she was shoved very hard down to the ground. that sparked more outrage between a lot of these protesters who were out here, who were angry most of the day. but i do want to go to more video because this is just sort of the icing on the cake. there was lots of problems that they had today and this other video, you can actually see some of the violence that happened at the station. this was in the castro area. officers didn't even go downstairs when this large group of 80 or 90 people went downstairs and they were obviously you can see in this
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video, not happy. after that video, you can also see some other video and in this video, this is the first group that actually got arrested, a group that i was walking side by side with. at one point, they were surrounded by officers and they tried to get out, tried to leave and officers said, no, you're not going anywhere. and that was when the arrests started. i can tell you just from being out here with these protesters, with officers for so long, some of these people who were arrested, emptied out the backpacks and one gentleman pound a hammer inside. in addition to that hammer, there was also a gas mask in there. but in total, 35 people, at least 35 people arrested today in these protests that happened. for now, reporting live downtown in san francisco, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >> today, san francisco's police concluded that harding did have knownshot residue on his hand when he was shot and killed by two officers and that
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testing is supporting eyewitness accounts the 19-year- old was firing at officers when he was shot saturday. the police chief said that harding fired the first shot at officers who shot back about nine times. and continuing our team coverage tonight, reggie kumar, he is live at the scene to explain why the roarses are -- protesters are so upset. >> protesters say they marched today to give a voice to 19- year-old kenneth harding, jr. the man that was shot and killed in the bay view district on saturday. go ahead and take a look at this video. now, the protesters walked all over the city screaming obscenities at san francisco police officers. they believe the shooting was racially motivated. they're comparing it to the oscar grant case. they allege harding was shot 10 more times in the back by police officers after he was already dead.
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here's what two protesters said about the importance of today's march. >> marching for the man that got shot down on 3rd and oakdale right where i hang out because brothers like me get criminalized every day. the police hop on the train and they do the fare inspection and if you don't have a transfer and you try to run, they chase you down. >> we're angry because we want those cops who were responsible for shooting him in the back 10 times to be down in the jail. if they were treated everybody else, they would be in jail right now. >> it's a racist double standard that we're not going to inspect. we're going to get the truth. we have no faith in the police investigation. i want those officers jailed. >> the chief will be holding a special public meeting tomorrow regarding the investigation into this officer-involved shooting that happened on
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saturday. live in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron4 news. new details in the case of the burned body of a woman foundlast week. police have now taken two men into custody. you're looking at video of the scene where they were arrested. that was this afternoon in east oakland. police have not yet revealed the connection between the two men and the victim. two people were shot and killed in pet luma. one of the victims, an off-duty sheriff's deputy. residents called it unnerving. >> shocking and horrible and unbelievable. >> for a town of this size, any amount of crime is i think shocking. >> we have been following the story and explain what happened. >> when authorities showed up at this home on the 800 block of liberty, they found two people dead, a sheriff's deputy
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and another man. officials say that he came over monday night to help counsel the family that lives mere after a young female resident was receiving death threats from her ex-boyfriend, identified as thomas halloran. halloran showed up at the gate and officials say shot mathiesen twice. authorities say that halloran took another resident hostage in the back but a family member shot and killed him. this is a paraph one of the bodies being taken from the home. mathiesen is being mourned by his colleagues with the sheriff's department. also, kron4 is learning that halloran is a parolee who has served time for issuing death threats to a girlfriend. in other news, a san jose woman is accused of trying to kidnap a toddler. police say that she tried to lure to 3-year-old girl away from the sister that was
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watching her. investigators say that flores followed them and forced her way into the house but the girl's mother fought her off. she ran off but was later caught by police. in san francisco, six men suspected in the murder of this woman, a german tourist, pleaded guilty today. the 50-year-old victim shot and killed august 8th near union square. police say she was caught in the crossfire when two groups of people started shooting at each other. seven suspects were arrested back in may. police are still looking for an eighth suspect. it was a nice day out there today, temperatures warming in our inland valleys to the upper 80s. 86 in livermore, also warmer down in the south bay, 80 degrees in san jose, 82 inredwood city and 72 this afternoon in oakland. but we are in for a warming trend out there over the next couple of days. temperatures really going to soar.
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warmer weather on wednesday and thursday, but cooling down by friday to the low 70s. san jose quite warm tomorrow afternoon, 89 degrees, 86 on thursday, more comfortable on friday at 78. and concord, 94 degrees the next couple of days so it's really going to be hot there. i'll talk more about this warming trend and also the cooler weather on friday, coming up in a bit. where in the world is casey anthony these days? the mystery over her whereabouts is getting national attention. coming up, we'll take a look at possible locations and we'll hear from one of her attorneys.
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in national news tonight, the republican-led house has passed a bill to put strict caps on all future spending. the legislation also makes it harder to raise taxes. democrats, though, expected to kill this measure in the senate, and president obama has said that he would veto any such bill. and where in the world is casey anthony? that is the question on the minds of a lot of people apparently following her release from jail on sunday. well, we know one place she is
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not, at least supposedly. her attorney says reports that she was spotted in orlando are not true. >> that is not her. that i can confirm. i will not say anything further as as to her whereabouts but i can absolutely 100 percent tell you that that is not her. >> people are saying who was that? a florida news station released that video today and they thought it showed anthony getting off a private plane. the plane in question reportedly belongs to a member of her defense team. stay with us. more news coming up after the break. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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a woman is said to be doing well tonight after being rescued from the san francisco bay after a wind surfing mishap. she was pulled from the water
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just north of the bay after being out there overnight. kron4's grant lotus has more on the rescue. >> at about 5:00 p.m. on monday, cathy catan headed out here in the foster city area for a little wind surfing adventure but she ran into trouble when her sail actually broke and so she was stranded out here in the bay and she was holding onto her board and the tides just kind of took her, she didn't fight the tides and a coast guard said that was the right thing to do. the tides initially took her down here south of the bridge. when the tide shifted so, too, did catan. she then headed north of the bridge and up here north of the bridge is where catan was spotted and rescued by the coast guard at about 6:00 a.m. on tuesday. we actually have video of that rescue that i'm going to launch for you and you can see there is the rescue swimmer, he has his fins on, they're lowering
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him into the san francisco bay. the coast guard then lowers this rescue cage that you see here and once they get the cage down to the water, the rescue swimmer has already gotten catan and he puts her into the cage and you can see them raise the cage back up and as they're approaching the chopper, you can see one of the crew members reach out and grab catan's hand. she elected not to go to the hospital and instead, decided to spend monday at home. i'm grant lotus, kron4 news. and this is a photo of cathy catan. she has been resting at home today doing well. in our continuing team coverage, we talked to her husband. >> i feel very, very relieved. very relieved. yeah, this was really an ordeal. >> dr. steven hammond was worried when his wife didn't come back in from the water
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monday. he says her sail separated from her board, leaving her stranded with the tide going out. >> the ebbing today, it sucks like a funnel towards the middle of the bay. >> reporter: her husband says cath awas in the water for 12 hours and was able to see rescue boats. >> the boats came within 50 feet of her and they couldn't see her. at one time, she lifted her board up and she yelled etc. but it was hard, the seas are so choppy. she thought maybe she could swim in. her only chance was between probably 10:30 and 3:00 in the morning when it was flooding, she what i've might have been able to get close to board. >> reporter: cathy is also undergoing chemotherapy in a battle with cancer but the afternoon after her misvage, cathy is said to be doing well and has plans to get back out wind surfing very soon.
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>> she obviously has a lot of strength. >> reporter: kron4 news. well, it was a very pleasant day today but as we head into tomorrow, it's going to get a little warm, especially for you folks in the inland valleys. tomorrow at a glance, coastal fog expected on the coastline. it's going to clear back fairly quickly, temperatures really mild as you head out the door tomorrow morning. by noon already warming to the upper 80s in livermore. the 4:00 hour, much warmer conditions than what we saw today, temperatures warming five to 15 degrees overtoday's readings. we're going to get into the 90s tomorrow. first let's look at that fog for tomorrow morning. the coastline seeing the fog for the early morning hours, a little bit of patchy fog for san francisco and for our bay shores. clearing back to san francisco by eric and then back to the coast by 11:00. it's going to push back off the coast fairly quickly, as well. we'll see sunshine throughout the bay area into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are going to look like this across the bay area, 73 in san francisco, 80 in richmond, going into the delta,
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94 in concord, 95 in fairfield, so pretty toasty in those locations, 92 in livermore. our bay shores, mainly in the 80s, upper 80s in redwood city and freemont and pretty warm also down in the south bay, 89 degrees in san jose, and 94 in morgan hill. a look at your kron4 seven-day around-the-bay forecast, the hot weather sticking with us for the next couple of days. tomorrow virtually fog free but we'll see a little bit of fog return for thursday and the fog really going to return friday and saturday as the cool sea breeze winds are going to dep temperatures drop 10 degrees. much more comfortable in our inland valleys in the low 80s. and temperatures really going to level out from there. we'll see fog again through the night in the morning hours and temperatures pretty average for this time of year. off the field, the giants trade for a new 2nd baseman. on the field, rookie brandon belt makes his presence felt a day after being called up from the minors. we've got giants dodgers
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good evening everybody. the giants did it again with a major glimpse of the future. we start with this lady catching the foul ball, and the little boy behind her is not too happy. we'll get back to him in a moment. there's a happy ending. meanwhile, the future we spoke about, brandon belt, huff's not played well all year. they bring up belt from fresno, 1-0 giants. the dodgers, though, have the lead, it's 3-3 when pablo sandoval coming up with some defense here. continuing to play well, look at that, but he would lead the game with a quad injury. no word on how serious. 3-3 in the 7th and belt again, the rookie who was sent down to the minors after not delivering, he opened the season as a starter but he tame through there, the giants had enough and the happy ending
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continues. they send out from the broadcast booth a ball for that young man and there he is, giants do it again, 5-3 over the dodgers, they lead the national west by four and a half games and help was on the way, starting tomorrow at 2nd base for san francisco. it will be jeff ceppinger, formerly of the houston astros. giants need a little help up the middle. tejada goes up the disabled list and he's hitting .307 with four home runs, 20 rbis, he goes to houston for a pair of minor league pitchers. so the giants not resting on their laurels are making deals, not big ones, but just to show they're right in it. the as on the road already in a play for next year, carlos guillen, whistling one past conor jackson, they gave him an error, it's 1-0. yeah. he just got in there.
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and then cabrera sparked a six- run 5th inning for the tigers. 8-3, detroit knocking off bob melvin and the oakland athletics. following the recent tragedy of a man falling from the upper deck to his death in arlington texas, the rangers have taken steps so that that does not happen again or at least they hope not. they've raised railings from 34 inches to 42 inches and have put signs and stickers all over the ballpark, letting fans know not to lean over the railings. the rangers say they have the highest railings now in major league baseball. michael vick's comeback continues off the field. he was on capitol hill today, shaking some hands and working alongside the humane society to introduce a new anti- dogfighting bill. he is pushing some tougher laws against dogfighting, including a bill that would make it illegal to be a spectator at a dogfight.
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vick spent 20s months in prison for bank-rolling dogfights and michael vick again, showed it on the field, said he still has it and, trying to make it off the field, as well. sunday, the tour de france is scheduled to end in paris. this is stage 16 today, and the winner of the stage, though, was thor muchmod but, making up some time today. but lipine from santa rosa is way back and has no, no chance. it's like losing a friend when this tour ends. i've been saying these names for three weeks you know what i mean. >> it does seem to go on for a while. >> you talked about your love of surfing earlier and we have a record today. in france, carissa moore at age 18, the youngest ever to be crowned world surfer champion, it's only her second year competing at this level so there she is and my favorite,
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she's 18 years of age, she screamed i waited my entire life for this and she came through.
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