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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 22, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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the national weather service says 50% of the country will be affected by the heat wave by the weekend with temperaturesn live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. two arrests made in the case of san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. the man believed to be linked to the case could be exonerated. kron 4's grant lodes has more in the bryan stow story. >> reporter: march 31, opening day. bryan stow was attacked outside dodger stadium barf the game. he is hospitalized and placed in a ecoma. april 1, the next day police release sketches of the attackers. april 11, players honor bryan stow before a game. may th12, billboards with suspe
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sketches go up. may 16 bryan stow is table enough -- stable enough to be transported to san francisco. may 22, police announce the arrest of giovanni ramirez. the primary aggressor in the attack but are also looking for another attacker. may 24, the alibi. giovanni ramirez's attorney says his daughter can testify she was with her dad the night of the attack. june 20. giovanni ramirez is septback to prison for a parole violation. july 19, los angeles county increases its reward amount for information leading to arrests. the next day, july 20, los angeles police arrest two people in the beating of bryan stow. giovanni ramirez is not one of them. thursday, july 21. news of the arrest brakes. los angeles police will not comment on who the new suspects
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are or why this shift in the case took place. grant lodes, kron 4 news. tonight we talked to bryan stow's coz he said police haven't told family members about the arrest and the attorney for giovanni ramirez says that he was not aware of the developments till the news broke tonight. >> new information in the officer involved shooting that ended the life of kenneth harding. it was thought police shot and killed him after he opened fire on them but we have new details about his death. >> reporter: this is the bullet that was found in kenneth harding's head. next to it a bullet in his pocket. these bullet belong to a .380 caliber hand gun. police say that's the gun the department has been using since 1995. >> the bullet removed from his
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head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >> reporter: one gun shot entered and exited his leg and neck. the cause of death is still under investigation. >> as you see in the video, a witness statement showing that someone in the crowd picked up the weapon, shell casings and a cell phone that scene. the wound was self inflected. >> reporter: kron 4 news. community leaders are reacting to the new information. kron 4's reggie kumar has more. >> reporter: she says she is shocked over the police officer
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involved shooting investigation. authorities say kenneth harding died from a self-inflected gun shot wound. >> if in fact the facts bear out that the -- the -- the bullet lodged in his head or neck was of a different caliber then the fire arms the police department carry, there was no way it could have been fired from their weapons, then those are the facts. if the police department has done something wrong they autto say they did. again, it can take us forward or set us back. >> reporter: he says in light of the new information he now thinks an independent investigation needs to be done in the case. >> conflicting story to come out now after the initial
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presentation by the department, what is going on here? there is no reason for an independent investigation by the fbi and the u.s. marshal. >> reporter: they are asking residents to conduct any future protests peacefully. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. there are new details in another officer involved shooting. this one july 3. at the civic center bart station. police shot and killed charles hill when he threw a knife at him. bart released new video of the incident and kron 4's canc has that stor-- dan kerman has that story. >> reporter: the video shows the train pulling into the station. and the two bart police officers exiting the bart
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train. they approach the suspect who is off camera. one officer also moves out of the sight of the camera. the officer you see begins to put on gloves. at a certain point you see the officer back away. police say they believe this is when the suspect threw a bottle at police. the officer draws his weapon. police say it's at this point the suspect raised a knife over his head. the officer tells him to drop it. police say the suspect throws the knife and the officer responds by shooting him three times. the knife, which you see in the blue circle ricochets off the train and lands behind the officer. 25 seconds pass between the time the officers pass the train and by the time the officer fires his weapon. >> i have no idea what set mr. hill off that night. and why he took the actions
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that he did. but, again, based on the video the officers felt their lives were threatened and that's why they took action. >> reporter: the knife was thrown at officers. the knife on the right was found near the suspect after he was shot. unlike the oscar grant shooting where there were multiple videos in this case there was only one video. right now four separate investigations are going on to determine if the use of deadly force was justified. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> as we look at your seven day around the bay forecast. we have cooler weather on th it's really delicious, mom.
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good. a string of murders police are beefing up their gang task
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force. >> reporter: officers here in richmond say there have been 9 shootings and homicides in 21 days. >> we are going to put a stop to this round of shooting. >> reporter: he says it may take some time but the shootings will stop. >> most important is the community. if we don't get the community involved, we won't be at our best related to efficiency. the department announced their plan to reduce gun violence. a gang task force, linking the chef's office and richmond pd. those in the community say it's a lifestyle that has to be broken. >> the thug hustler mentality. >> we need to change the culture of the community where this behavior is not tolerated and there are additional pathways for young men to take
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to get past this idea of one shooting leads to another shooting. the district attorney says in 7 months the county doubled their resources when it comes to prosecuting gang members but it is the community that needs to help officers catch those men before they act again. >> please. if your heart goes out to the community and the victims, please don't be silent. time to say something and end this nonsense. >> reporter: it may not be in the next few days, weeks or months but he is determined to fix this gang problem. jr stone. a s.w.a.t. stand off ended with two men in custody in union city. police say the men were trying to burglarize a home. one of them, according to police, shot at officers and
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ran off. the other suspect surrendered. in san jose a woman accused of kidnapping and burglary made her court appearance today. she followed two girls home and tries to force her way in. the mother was able to fight the woman home. her bail is $200,000. a man charged with kidnapping his mother in oregon could be hiding in the bay area. he has ties to this area, including daily city, the 85- year-old victim suffers from alzheimer's. family members says he abused his mother in the past. we are looking a outside at conditions in downtown san francisco. breezy out there and the fog has returned to the bay area. as we look at what is on tap for the next 24 hours, clouds
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will return. bringing with it low cloud cover and morning fog tomorrow afternoon and for the afternoon hours we will see mild temperatures, cooler than yesterday, low 70s for the bay spots and low 80s for inland locations. temperatures are right now, outside the door, warm side for concord, 71 degrees there. 77 antioch. 65 fairfield. keeping it cool into the north bay, 56 in san francisco. a degree cooler in half moon bay. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures aren't going to see 90s anywhere, 83 degrees in santa rosa. ocean beach 58 degrees there. 66 for downtown san francisco. low 70s long the peninsula. and to the east bay we will see
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60s and 70s. 71 for oakland. 73 for those in san leandro and low 80s along the valley. up to 84 for danville. 82 in san ramon. to the south bay, 70s and 80s outside. getting up to 85 for los gatos. 7 day around the bay forecast, the cooling effect is on for the weekend. morning fog dominates. temperatures drop to the low 80s inland. low 70s around the bay and 60s for the coast. the blistering heat wave, it's been hitting the mid-west, effecting the east coast. temperatures expected to hit the triple digits tomorrow. 140million people have been facing heat advisories and warnings. in ohio the city opened four
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fire hydrants to give people a chance to cool down. being turned on for three hours a day and they will do it begin tomorrow. close call for a family today. a child was accidentally locked in a hot car. the keys were inside. the other calls emergency crews and you saw they were able to open the door. she was in the car for a half hour and she was okay. in iowa, 100 cattle died in the heat. animals at the zoo, the bears today received frozen fruit. lins were given ice blocks. frozen raspberries and blueberries. zoo officials have also been using water misting equipment. tiger woods caddy is speaking out. he has pretty harsh words and the nfl, one step closer to a new labor
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all right. good evening, everybody. the nfl owners, they are feeling pretty good. at he say from their corner. they say they have a new labor agreement. >> hopefully we can all work quickly and get this agreement done. it is time to get back to football. that is what every here wants to do. we crafted a long-term agreement that can be good for the game of football. good for the players, clubs and mostly good for our game. and for our fans. >> all right. 10 year deal. players get 48%. 120million salary cap. lower rookie salaries and you cannot beat up the players twice in one day with full contact drills.
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vern glenn has this report from raider headquarters. >> reporter: of the 32 teams the only one that abstained from the agreement, the raiders. siting issues with the deal. no comment from the president yet. the players have a deadline of tuesday. the shelf life of the agreement? 10 years. vern glenn, kron 4 news sports. >> earlier today the players said wait a minute they are trying to shove this down our throat, we haven't looked at the fine print and they will talk tomorrow about voting from the players' side. we have been saying this all night, they have till tuesday before missing games and at the least the threat of missing games in september become as reality. tiger woods fired his caddy
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today and he is speaking out. >> disappointed. given the fact that the last 80 months have been difficult for tiger working through a scandal. new coach. swing change. i stuck by him through thick and thin, been loyal and to have this happen. you could say i wasted two years of my life. >> translated, i covered for you all these years you jerk and you fire me. women's golf from france. she hasn't been there for six years now lives in florida, home grown and one of the best in the world. shoots 70 today. this is masters. shot of the day goes to japan. her approach on the 16th. she shoots 69. three top of the leaderboard.
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the masters in france. tour de france, stage 18. wraps up on sunday. andy broke away. 125-mile stage. he wins. destroyed any chance for the favorite to claim the championship. france just holds on to the jelly jersey. heading for home that tour de france. women's softball, u.s.a. versus the czech republic. just came off the soccer event on sunday. ray delivering. u.s.a. 5-0 lead and stacy johnson cracked a home run coming here. the united states win final of 7-2. international softball. next up they play australia tomorrow. giants off. host milwaukee tomorrow. a's off. yankee stadium tomorrow.
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