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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. a massive fire and evacuation. the smoke billowing to the sky can be seen for miles. a plastic manufacturing plant in flames. tonight, team coverage. we tell you what investigators believe started the fire, and we'll find out how the county is assessing the smoke. we want to give you a look at the macro plastics, inc. complex in fairfield. look at this, engulfed in flames. the fire started at 1:00 this afternoon and this is video from a couple of hours later. the massive flames were tearing through the plant's storage area, which is behind the building. eventually, six different fire departments pitched in to help. they were able to tackle the areas of flame one by one
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around this building. kron4's reggie kumar joins us live with more on the firefight and the effort to keep those flames from sprouting up again. >> after battling flames since 1:00 today, firefighters finally managed to put the fire completely out. as you can see behind me, there is still a fire engine on scene. the big concern now, hotspots flaring up overnight. >> reporter: scorching flames shot several feet into the air for hours. the intense fire created a large plume of thick, black smoke that could be seen for miles. from the north and east bays to sacramento, this is how it looked from sky four. fairfield fire investigators believe the fire was sparked after an employee ignited a plastic bin while working with possibly a torch or welder. >> they were working with an open flame object around the bins on the outside of the
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building. as far as i know, this is something in the normal course of their duties. we used water and a light foam all day long on the plastic bins. the foam helps to cool the fire. it's very effective in putting out fires from hydrocarbon based fuels. >> reporter: firefighters managed to contain the fire to 5 acres had the back lot. approximately 45 employees were working inside the plant at the time the fire broke out. all of them escaped unharmed. jose nunez is an employee and was scheduled to be at work at 4:00. >> it's a lot of fire everywhere, you know. yeah. i don't know right what happened. >> three firefighters were injured in this blaze. one had a knee injury, the others had some minor smoke inhalation. they were treated at the scene and released. now, there was a precautionary measure that was put into place for residents living about a mile that way. they were asked to stay indoors and keep their windows closed.
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that order has now been lifted. live in fairfield, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> we continue our team coverage through with j.r. stone for more on the health risks posed by this fire. >> behind me, you can see this black, charredout field and in the chance, an up-close look at this fire and the smoke going into the area, something that environmental managers say still poses a slight danger to those living nearby. >> the real message is that smoke, you shouldn't be breathing. again, you're looking at the same sort of issues, irritants of the eye, nose, throat, respiratory system, cause nausea, you don't want to be breathing it if you can avoid it. >> you're looking at another up- close look at this fire and the area that it burned. environmental managers that i've talked with said they did extensive testing all day long and found no other hazardous chemicals in the air. for now, reporting in
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fairfield, j.r. stone, kron4 news. >> a man accused of firing a known at san francisco police last month pleaded not guilty today to attempted murder. that shooting happened near golf and ellis streets on june the 29th during a busy morning commute. police say this man sicat opened fire on the officers. sicat was wounded. he's being held on $5 million bail. he's scheduled to be back in court next month. three bay area middle school students admit to the attempted rape of two of their classmates. it happened in march on a field trip to a park. police say that the boys, ages 12 to 14, took two girls to a secluded area. their admissions carried the same weight as pleading guilty in an adult court. charges are pending for two other boys also accused in that attack. very nice day out there today, temperatures running mainly in the 70s and 80s and
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we're going to start a warming trend as we head into tomorrow. our inland valleys, pretty comfortable in the upper 80s, 86 in concord. in the south bay, temperatures in the upper 70s. 74 in mountain view, 78 in redwood city and cooler closer to the coastline where we did see that fog cling through the afternoon. here's what you can expect out there tomorrow. fog will return to our bay shores overnight. 7:00 in the morning, that's where it will sit. it will push back to the coast fairly quickly. tomorrow again the warming trend is going to begin. it's going to carry into the weekend. i'll tell you how warm it's going to get coming up in just a bit. your neighborhood post office may soon be farther away. after losing $8.5 billion in the last fiscal year, the u.s. postal service is now considering closing 3,600 post offices. there are 13 on the list for the bay area and you can see them here on your screen. kron4's dan kerman has details on the possible closures. >> tuesday afternoon, a steady stream of people visited the
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branch of the u.s. postal office. some with packages, others with letters. >> i always come to drop off packages. >> just to do all the stuff. >> i come here for packages, my friends, cards. >> reporter: but seeing this branch along with 3,600 branches, it may shut down as the postal service attempts to streamline its operation as revenues decline. they would offer postal services in local stores, libraries and government offices instead. but the idea of shuttering the neighborhood branch does not sit well with those who live here. >> it wouldn't be very coherent. >> everything can't be done on the internet. >> the postal service is already asking congress to reduce home mail delivery from six days to five. another idea residents are not pleased with and many times, i can't get it. >> in this location not that
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big of a deal but if they reduce service to five days a week, that would be a hardship. >> patrons have 60 days to file comments about a possible closure, and ultimately if the decision is made to close it, they can also appeal. dan kerman, kron4 news. >> still ahead on kron4 news, we find out why some republicans are not happy with the debt ceiling plan proposed by the republican house speaker. we show you how mcdonalds plans to change happy meals. and we find out the giants can win one against the phillies with lincecum out with an illness.
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lawmakers now have just one week to reach a deal on raising the nation's debt ceiling. otherwise, the country may not be able to pay its bills. last night, the president's national address was made and after that, house speaker john boehner promised a new bipartisan-backed plan today. however, neither the democrats
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nor some of the republicans are thrilled with that proposal. with dueling plans and an eye on the clock, the leaders of the house and senate made their sales pitches tuesday. >> it's reasonable, it's responsible, it can pass the house and the senate. >> the senate plan is the only real compromise we have in congress today. and it's the best shot we have to avoiding an economic crisis a week from today. >> reporter: and while democrats and republicans battle publicly over the debt limit. >> stop playing games. >> reporter: the house prepares to vote on speaker john boehner's plan as another battle is underway between baner and his own house conservatives. >> we advocated much more. we advocated much more in the budget plan. so we think there are rill problems with this plan. >> reporter: jim jordan leads a key voting bloc of house conservatives. many have signed a pledge, unless it comes with much more dramatic deficit-cutting
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measures. now, with the conservatives unhappy and if the democrats remain united against boehner's plan, his margin of error is thin. there are 240 house republicans. it will take 217 votes to pass the bill. that means boehner can not lose more than 23 of his own party to succeed. and tuesday, congressman jordan said boehner did not have the votes. >> i do think that we're going to have some work to do to get it passed but i think we can do it. >> boehner says he plans to rewrite that bill and a vote previously set for tomorrow has been postponed. a warming trend begins tomorrow and it's going to go all the way into the weekend. i'll let you know how warm it's going to get, coming up. turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you ever considered this ?
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suspects who fired upon a park police officer as he was patrolling the hillside you see up there above rancho laguna park. police called in a s.w.a.t. unit to respond to what investigators believe are members of a mexican drug cartel. no suspects or drugs were found. a trial is about to get underway in a courtroom. 48-year-old sarah cole that you see right here is charged with four counts of having sex with a minor. cole reportedly gave the youth drugs and alcohol. she also reportedly sent thousands of graphic texts to the minor as well as hundreds of phone calls. if convicted, cole could get four years in state prison and we forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of her
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life. kron4 news. fog again for tomorrow morning but it's going to scale back rather quickly. tomorrow at grant's pass, patcha fog to start the day. it will be denser close to the coast. tomorrow we're going to begin our warming trend that's going to go all the way into the weekend, 80s in san jose and 87 for our inland valleys. let's get a look at that fog, though. pushing into the north bay and also for our bay shores, by the 8:00 hour out there tomorrow morning. it's scaling back very quickly by 11:00, already back out of san francisco, that's where it's going to stay into the afternoon. we'll probably see a few sun breaks along the north bay, but i think the coast line will stay shrouded in fog. a look at our afternoon highs, temperatures there in the 80s, upper 80s for morgan hill, upper 80s and low 90s for our inland valleys. 90 in antioch, 69 for san francisco, 80s for the north
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bay, 71 in richmond and 90s in fairfield. temperatures coming closer to average as we head into tomorrow. 88 degrees in concord, just a couple of degrees shy of the average temperature. right at the average mark in san jose and heyward, oakland and san francisco actually above average and we're going to continue that warming trend as we head into the weekend. so temperatures are a little bit above where they should be for this time of year starting tomorrow. temperatures in the low 90s as we head into saturday, upper 70s for our bay shores. we will cool off a couple of degrees but temperatures staying close to average all the way through our extended forecast. mcdonalds is hoping that parents and kids will be happy with their plans for the happy meal. kron4's grant lotus tells us about the big changes. >> reporter: get ready for a total mcoverhaul. mcdonalds is making a push to not only offer healthier food choices but also educate children about nutrition. mcdonalds says it will begin offering a serving of fruit or vegetables in its happy meals
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which are aimed at children at all of its 14,000 locations across the u.s. beginning in september, the new and improved happy meal will be including carrots, pineapple, or raisins depending on season or restaurant location. and a smaller size of french fries. apple slices have been available as an option since 2004 but now, they will be included in the meal automatically. customers, of course, get their choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken mcnuggets but they also get a new healthier choice of a beverage, including fat-free chocolate milk or low-fat milk. mcdonalds is changing the way it markets its meals to kids and will provide nutritional information. in addition, the company hosts to reduce added sugars, saturated fats and calories through varied portion sizes by 2020. it also intends to cut sodium
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by 20% overall and interestingly enough, this is not the first time that mcdonalds attempted to go healthy. back in 2004, the chain actually experimented with cutting the famous french fries out entirely from the happy meals, only to get complaints from both children and their parents. i'm grant lotus, kron4 news. in sports, the giants take on the phillies in what many see as a litmus test of the team's chances as repeating as world champions. and the as try to continue their all-star success againsttampa bay.
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good evening everybody. the giants-phillies series began with a twist. zito the surprise starter, lincecum, a stomach virus.
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look out, ibanez. they lead the first, down 4-1, give zito credit, though. he went seven innings, utley lines one, not going to be caught here. before you know it, it's a philadelphia rout. a close play at the plate but this is just for show. here comes utley, here comes utley, inside the park, home run. and the phillies win game 1 of the series 7-2. arizona a winner tonight. as had a little two-game streak going at home. i don't care how old you are, you get to text. cliff pennington bringing home scotty sizemore, pennington, 3- 3, hitting .355 since the all- star break. kurt suzuki, a.k.a., we throw in these nicknames, he's named hawaiian punch, and there he goes. did you know that, jackie? >> i did not. >> i didn't, either. and pam didn't care.
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i didn't care, how are you going to care? 7-4 since the all-star break. the 49ers have opened training characteristic. we'll show you what went down. they opened the door at 7:00 a.m. this morning. the best player on the team, patrick willis showed up. now, the main deal here, though, is players are going on thursday to have fitness tests to gauge what kind of shape they're in. all this window dressing. they can lure maybe hasslebeck from seattle who has told the seahawks he is not coming back. 49ers one of four teams reportedly on his wish list. the best women's dragster of all time, first woman to win an nhra event, she would win 17 more during her career at age
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71, he has become pretty much a spokesman for the sport. she'll be at sonoma this weekend. >> i gave them what they gave me. i gave it right back. truthfully, i got even on the starting line. >> he gives it right back and you know what happens? he gets up off the floor and says i'm sorry. so you were able to get away with it? >> i never said i was sorry. >> she took on the men and the old saying goes, lived to tell about it. the nba may be locked out but in the city if you're a baller and you want to work up a sweat, you go to the pavilion. warrior guard wright playing tonight. he had 18 points as his team won one of the summer leagues. now with no basketball on the menu, maybe indeed the guys want to keep in shape, they go
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and work up a sweat. one player, also not sitting idle during the nba lockout is kevin love. he's a real sharp guy, comes off just fantastic here, league's first 30-point, 30 rebound game in 28 seasons and he is now going to play beach volleyball. he made a big deal, he was all over in new york television today and august 24th, trivia, that pam probably knows, his uncle was the lead singer for the beach boys. >> oh, really? >> and his dad stan love was a really good player, played for oregon and very nice guy. he was such a good player in eugene, oregon, when he would return a rental car, he would leave it wherever he got off and somebody could go fetch it. i don't know what made me think of that, but stan love would not return rental cars to the
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stall. he would tell somebody from oregon, i'm done. >> okay! >> and that's his son playing beach volleyball. >> okay! >> good night, everybody.
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