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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. more than a thousand people are expected to pay their respects tomorrow to marin deputy jim mathiesen. the funeral starts at 11:00 a.m. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us how he was killed and what you should expect. >> on friday for the funeral deputy jim mathiesen a traffic advisory will be in effect. police say people can expect major traffic delays around marine county marin veteraná
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memorial auditorium. look at this map, between 800 and 1200 people are expected to attend the service. jim mathiesen was with the department for 9 years. worked that jail and county courthouse. he was unaround and off duty when he was asked by his friend to come to her home last tuesday because her daughter was receiving threatening texas messages from thomas halloran. thomas halloran pulled out a gun and shot the dep ate twice. he then took him hosten and his son pulled out a gun and shot and killed him. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. family and a community mourn the death of a man for his kindness. somebody shot him and his family. this is video of where the
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shooting happened in oakland. the family was helping feed the homeless when somebodyopenned fire. the man's wife talked to kron 4's haaziq madyun. >> reporter: the victims of a violent drive-by shooting when a gunman opened fire on the family when they were passing out food to the homeless. >> i saw all the blood on the window and i looked at my husband and there was -- the bullet in his head. she got shot. the bullet went through her arm and she was still asleep and it grazed her hair. her hair is gone right here. i didn't see a whole or
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anything and i ignored it. i reached into my shirt and discovered i was shot in my arm. the bullet is still there. i was praying and praying, lord god, help us lord god and i heard the van go away. i was lying down. they started -- screaming. i said be quiet. i kept trying to shake him, are you okay. >> reporter: when she lost him, she lost more than a husband. >> my only friend i had. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> to view the entire interview head to our facebook fan page. the gun used by a suspect in a officer involved shooting.
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the conthat kenneth harding used to shoot and kill himself is now in their custody. a resident helped lead them to the weapon. kenneth harding was killed july 16. he fired at police and police returned fire. the woman accused of burglarizing the room of alex trebek made her first appearance in court today. lucinda moyers was steeling items from the room while alex trebek was asleep. lucinda moyers was charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. ban on circumcision in san francisco will be removed from the november ballot. today a judge ruled that the measure is pree.ed by state law. and the judge said the proposal would violate the first
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amendment. the first wave of bay area police officers graduated today from a new crisis intervention class. the course was hosted by oakland police. it's meant to help officers deal with individuals effected by mental illness. the police chief says it provides necessary training experience. >> what we have seen is in past history we have large numbers of mentally ill who have special needs and the message is that we are going to treat all of our residents with respect and hopefully this gives them the skills to deal with that. >> the graduates includeovers from 10 bay area police departments. new laptops for the oakland police department after a donation from clorox.
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the mayor made the announcement. it will buy 11. they will be installed into police cruisers. the goal is to equip the entire fleet, 120 additional computers. very nice day around the bay area. comfortable for more locations. warm for the inland valleys. that's to be expected. temperatures in the leonine said. 71 in oakland. 82 san jose and another warm day on tap for tomorrow. so fog long the coast line is expected tomorrow morning. also for the bay shores. it pushes back by noon and we will see warm and sunny conditions. temperatures back into the 90s. i will show you where in a bit and we will be back after this. >ú
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. in national news tonight, the anlaces an a wall solder admitted to planning an attack
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on fort hood. this is -- you see him here, after he went a wall. the fbi found gun powder, shotgun shells, and what they consider to be materials for making a bomb. rally demanding on agreement on the debt ceiling debate was held today in washington. they were calling for a deal to protect medicare, and social security. they spent the day trying to persuade tea party tea party republicans to come on board. new development in the trial of warren jeff, he fired his attorneys and wants to represent himself. a prosecutor says he will present an audio recording of
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jeffs raping a 12-year-old and shows he impregnate ad15-year- old. we will be back. there is more news ahead.
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a pilot attacked by two brothers after the pilot attempted to remove one of the brothers. it happened last night in miami. the passengers finally made it to sfo, share their accounts of what happened. >> the guys were weird in the beginning and shouldn't have been on the plane. they were talking weird and looked different. >> then we left to go to take off and the pilot brought the plane back. >> as they got through the side door there, one of them struck
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the pilot. >> that's when he backed up and all the other guys from the airplane got in on it. >> they went berserk. >> the guys to help out the situation, waited to see what was going to hap he struck the officer again and struck one of the ladies. so we followed them out. >> the guy just lost it. the guy that was ill walked up to the capt just went bam! and slapped him really hard and the captain was stunned and so was everybody on the plane. we were amazed this could happen. >> they were tough looking, rough. >> they should have scalled security but they tried to do it themselves. >> the captain had his whole side of his face bruised and bloody and they tried to ice it down. they had him down on the
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ground. they were beating him up. >> the brothers jonathan baez and luis baez are held for attacking the pilot. jonathan baez is the fan first asked to leave. his brother luis baez also threatened the pilot by sisaying he would have them killed. the same week california had to bory $5 billion, three state ages voted to move their filts, $180 million and you pay for it. we explain why the agencies felt the move was necessary and calls them a good deal. >> reporter: they decided a building in san francisco was a better deal. the cost is $105 million, plus 75 million dollars stoofix it up. a spokesperson says they need more meeting space and they
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will share the building. their building in san francisco needs a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. we asked why move now? >> the idea is to save money over the long term by consolidating into a single facility, we gain by being able to eliminate redundant operation. >> the commission said san francisco was a bert deal. >> the mayor submitted a public records' act request so we could understand the cost and the plans here. the last information we had from the developer was between 125 and $150 million. >> reporter: a portion of the san francisco building they plan to move into will be leased to help finance the
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operation. they are expected to move by 2012. kron 4 news. warm weather expected to continue as we head into tomorrow. we will have to deal with fog in the morning for the shores and sunny and warm for the afternoon. as we head into saturday temperatures cool a lilt bit but still average for this time of year. continue cooling into sunday. high clouds in the afternoon as well as into sunday. look at fog tracker tomorrow morning, fog down the shore, peninsula and incorporate bay. pushing back to san francisco and the coast line by 10 and into the afternoon little sun long the coast line. similar to what we saw today. temperatures look like this. 80s and 90s for the south bay.
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83 in sunnyvale. 8787 mill peat os. 90 antioch. 91 walnut creak. more comfortable for the shore, 70s and 80s. 73 alameda. 83 union city. 74 in san bruno. 84 palo alto. we should see a little bit of sun into the afternoon for the coast line and in the north bay, temperatures in the 80s. 80 santa rosa. 83 napa. 93 fairfield. close to average for this time of year. concord a industry below. -- a degrees below. a look at your seven day around the bay forecast. warm weather tomorrow and saturday, temperatures cool on
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saturday, sunday and into monday. less fog on monday and tuesday. the youngest son of maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger was seen today. the teen and his mom were leaving a dinner. he suffered a collapsed lung and several broken lungs. carlos beltran made his presence felt in his giants debut and serena williams down at stanford tonight. vern has highlights and sports next.
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all right. the anticipated giants-phillies series ends with the world champions taking 2-3. here is
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the new look, carlos beltran, 0- 4 but boy could he play right field. here he is robbing rawlins of extra bases. the catch. he came out okay. lincecum went six, six scouts. thanks to the phillies a bauble at third and overthrow at first. man, two runs score. sliding in safe. giants win it 4-1. phillies, they have not lost connective games since june 4. on to the a's. the a's were running up the scoreboard. in the first they were 3-0. conor jackson puts two on the board. a two run homer. 5-0 and then it disappears. 7th, 5 runs across the plate. evan belts a two run blast.
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a's win it 10-8. the a's entertaining the twins tomorrow. 49ers hit the field tomorrow without michael crab tree, out 4-6 weeks with a foot injury. the 99ers were already in the in that position. they also release david car and nate climmens. on to new 49ers. how about david acres. five time pro bowlers, one of the best kickers in the league, now working for the 49ers. they signed him. from acres, who will be at practice tomorrow, to napa, california where the raiders had its first practice. doing the usual, training camp things. hue jackson. first year head coach.
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loving what he sees. his quarterback, jason campbell says he is my guy. that's the deal with the raiders. on to other matters. >> you did not ask me that question. he did not ask that question out here today. does anybody not know who the starting quarterback is of the raiders? are you kidding me? jason campbell. he is the starting quarterback of the raiders. period. >> i am with you, coach. tennis. serena williams tonight serving an ace here against maria. she did have to work for a little bit. had to take a medical break to attend to her ankle. she gets the winner. see wins it. too set up a quarter final
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match tomorrow night at 8:00. serena williams should be a good match-up in palo alto tomorrow. to golf. we got the senior u.s. open. how good is this? boom! right in the cup. that's a great shot for eagle. 1 more. the leader, brown. here he is. why is he the leader of this event? because of shots like that. how about that one? he leads the tournament 7 under par. tiger woods tweeted that after 11 weeks due to injury he will be playing next week at the bridge stone invitational, a tournament he won 7 times in his career. tiger woods, he had his troubles on and off the course. he says next week, you will see me on the course. >> we will see what happens. have a good night everybody.
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we will look for you tomorrow. have a good night. turn left.
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