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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 18, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>anny h: we have our team covers tracking the storm feature in the weather center and we are tracking the rose and an accident in the traffic center we are going to start with james. >>james: depending on where you are is still down with heavy rain adjutancy taken full screen you can see for yourself without the the more baffling at the 58680 interchange dublin and pleasanton in has transition
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more to the light category rain we have some heavy downpours early this morning and adjutancy like green on the map indicating the like bring. >>james: it is still under fire right now with heavy rain coming down and a lot of standing water to 680 heading up toward san ramon and the slight danville is cut off point in the north of that you're not seeing so much out of that the wider view shows what the precontracted is a bit of light rain right there were 242 comes together in concord and as you head out highway to is that everything is fine let's
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continue to look outside this is what the nursing at the richmond san rafael bridge it was they went through most of the morning and sporadic residual showers tuesday, most
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of tuesday will be what we have another system coming monday night that will affect us on tuesday. >>robin w: to the bay bridge toll plaza a very quiet no problem oakland and san francisco is should be less than 10 minutes for the total trip were still holding onto a good drive times you can easily spend
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around the golden gate bridge a good ride to across the bridge in both directions but no problems into and out of san francisco that contributed to a crash and high before the freeway is back open but the crews are still on seen the cleaning of the drain and working with the flooding if you're about to head west it is a little heavy for 160 after that is a great ride tickets bird they point in concord the drive times at bat at all only 15 minutes for the total trip for antioch to concord. >>anny h: flash flood watch is in affect for parts of the north bay this morning. >>phillipe d: amount of sand and
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showed in hand several families making pit stops at memorial stadium and ample neighbors taken for granted of this freeze and back station offered by the city.
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>>scott r: rain and wind and a tenacious and tied all publishing pacifica sunday afternoon the effects of the latest the lenin mill driven storm has been up and down the coast especially in specific appear this sea wall gave way early sunday morning and neighbors like tracy free men are making waves about it.
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>>anny h: to be sure to download the global application is free for apple and android devices a one-year-old child was farm
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saves and a canceled after bank of that the farmers home and antioch the man who took the child is still at large this morning and all happened at 3:00 tested after the old police recall to hold after report of a domestic dispute they said he took his son's picture here the mother said to have been estranged from the child most of his life police said argument ensued and they took the child and for and to kill him and the mother.
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>>reporter: the candidas class on gun control sanders hit out at clinton clinton -- down. >>reporter: free debate coverage
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had been dominated by the release and standard medicare for all health-care plan they slam the proposal while reminding how chief push the reforms that since the first lady they also discussed the challenge campaign reform and regulating wall street now we wait for that i will call the customer was candidate impressed the voters most. >>anny h: people of san
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francisco gathered to watch the debate last night at a local watering hole every clinton they're happy with the canvas performance and are rooted far to go all the way my eye i will caucus will take place on february 1st coming up today we honor the life of martin of the king jr. will say but the very celebration throughout the bay area plus the bay area journalists is heading home after being held prisoner and a round howe as family friends are responding to the news the l nil storms are heading bay area are this morning what shelters are doing to help the homeless
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during the storms here is a live look outside san mateo bridge what roles on this holiday in.
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>>anny h: definitely attracting some impressive rain so far is heavy for some parts
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>>james: let's show you quickly will we see in the for the richmond san rafael bridge giving us a good job in shamus of the view of how with the roads are released in terms of the land will have again the light when beginning to eggs and when we were here 15 minutes ago most of it was covered in green and the sea move stuff in the direction of alum rock we have heavy rain oversold and the rain just pushing off into the diablo range is beginning to come out from underneath and it can be said for some portions for 580 livermore still sing and bring it looks like just as to enter
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into pleasanton >>james: the wider view of the east ratios as antioch handy on to like showers otherwise the west of the survey is been the scene in the north before just a little while we're doing ok in terms of the rain beginning to calm down keep the umbrella
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close at hand is on to the on- again off-again showers for the remainder of the next seven days. >>robin w: first start off with a live look at the bay bridge, new heading into san francisco this morning the roller what attracted looking good still
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working to clear up the drain the right lane is flooded causing a little bit of the back of cause and was bound commuters the 1:00 hour we had a big rig that caught fire on the peninsula in san bruno those of you come from 280 and transition to 380 to get to 1 01 back connector is close to the east 380 rand to stop 101 is wrapping up. >>robin w: that these three a connector to stop 101 closed you may want to stay on south to 80 and continue down the peninsula and avoid 101
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>>anny h: we report on what is being done to help homeless during the winter storm many of the city's homeless to a heavy downpour on sunday to emergency shelters open up to help this man was ready to go inside the recreation center folsom street will have to wait until 430 in the afternoon >>reporter: the department of
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public helps homeless outreach team is also talking to people on the street families with children will be sent to the mission recreation center for the second floor jim could of 200 people and another 30 of the first floor these emergency shelters will remain open until 9:00 tuesday morning
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>>anny h: the $10 for adults and five for children happening now search crews are looking for a ski instructor who went missing a sugar bowl resort on friday search and rescue teams are focusing on an and the landslide area where the from a 23 year- old carson made last seen he brings us the latest on the search efforts there were
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depending on those checking areas and the niches can come out of they insist this is still rescue mission >>reporter: the disappearances' spread across the resort here
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rerelease sunday evening once again turning back into snow of the search and rescue crews say remain optimistic so they convict helicopters back in the air and searching >>anny h: a new firm for the late david bowie will explain the hollywood minute is next on kron 4 also live look outside of this martin luther king holiday with conditions some parts are ready now starting to dry out the time now is for 23.
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>>reporter: the black star has debuted at no. 1 on billboard's top two on the album charts the final out unsold will launch a 1000 units in the first week of release earning him his first ever number one album in the united states the death also fueled sales of his previous material and nine out from the catalog debut on rv into the out the charts he continues to rack of the film critics circle has the still the best field and director of the year war upon the tear rolled and george miller star tom also won best british irish actor honors for his leading role and ferry road along the performances and three others in 2015 the box office news star wars before awakens is just the fifth film to gross
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about $1 billion in international box office barred reports combined with the domestic call the seventh movie in the star wars saga has made $1.8 billion.
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>>james: will check to see if there any delays will have stormy weather we also see delays will keep an eye and that and let you know if it materializes here is a quick look in san jose and pretty much all points in santa clara valley we have some light showers and what of those are pushing up in the diablo hills were also seen showers now what are the when edsel know where we have heavy rain early this morning also attracting the more now on the the light rain category the heavy rain moved
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often over to the out to mark the passing of toward tracing >>james: things are drying out and all portions of the east included antioch all the coastal communities to consider some other low-lying areas which includes the north bay valley on
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the lookout for urban flooding potentially we're also tracking the winter storm warning in effect to the sierra we're looking from and work to 6 in. of a way to a foot of snow six cause the a lot of the rows are snow-covered is a lot of rain blowing and be very careful it will be out and about heading out toward the sierra in the holiday. >>james: again the for the second half of the weekend it will be really unsettled.
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>>robin w: you could see it is pretty went out there do not forget to slow down is completely uncontrolled they're cleaning up if you have the
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right clothes 5:00 of the new estimated time for clearing. >>reporter: today is a historic
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day and an exceptional day as well contained in separate cases some as early as 200011 or part of an exchange include washington journal charged with espionage in december 2014.
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>>anny h: they are relieved and grateful after learning about the prisoner swap one of them held captive in and around has ties to bay area jason the washington post reporter was born in san francisco and grout in marin county many feared that this will never come. >>reporter: back home feelings
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of relief and gratitude for the mother grateful for the outpouring of public support in prison and the congressman and who worked on behalf of the mirror his press release after years of disappointment the family accepted the news with cautious release american student was also released the
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spokesman said they are working in full cooperation with an iraqi authorities to locate the missing americans he did not identify the incident comes after a week a deteriorating security in and around the iraqi capital.
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>>anny h: they came out of the
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game up with jonathan store touchdown put them up seven to nothing only a few plays later russell wilson would be packed off for 6:00 they scored 31 unanswered points in the first half but it was a different seahawk team and the second half distills the time to killed in the running play but the december recovers and the drive the bronco down the field leading to seize anderson touchdown the broncos won on to win 23 to 16 may help to
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eventually had to leave rice stadium to play in super bowl 50. stanley r: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>>anny h: here is a lot of the outside the golden gate bridge on the left san mateo bridge and the bay bridge are on the right and when we do have team coverage of the rand report to start with jane to talk about the forecast the rest of this morning. >>james: we want to jump outside
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she once more the we're seeing this is a life you the san francisco the embarcadero, you concede it is still wet and places we have pretty the standing orders--waters. >>james: livermore that moderate to heavy rangers finally out of you to consider a light rain is right there at the out to my past things to the livermore valley dublin presence and are beginning to slow the drive out this morning for alamo danville and greater east bay valley including bret world which have the light rain in the last check that also has. has. >>james: it does not show much of sure headed this way but keep the umbrella handy you might need to lead the can for stress
4:47 am
shower primarily in the morning hours and then here is 6:00 in the evening the evening commute with the fact for all the way to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning before we see the rain began to encompass the the aerial tomorrow morning brace yourself for more heavy rain will be tracking that for you.
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>>james: also of great tool as well between broadcaster and state of bed on the latest with weather and traffic >>robin w: flooding could be a problem this morning that is was happening right now in a couple spots the start off with the traffic alert and dublin the south six a connector to ease to 580 right here at the interchange is close they're done with the crash will lead to flooding you would not give to transition to south 688 over to east 580 to stay on the freeway howe off early stay on continue or to the west 580 connect to get off at foothill san ramon.
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>>robin w: this is the east 3 is connected to south 101 that will be called off until 5:00.
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>>anny h: they vanish flying collided off the wall island on thursday the coast guard said this time he takes the camera to an east bay city where crime is low but he finds that that behavior is high. stanley r: you probably cannot tell from the video there was a stop sign on this corner and
4:51 am
drivers cannot tell either apparently stop signs are not merely a suggestion what i park it can shake the very same cycle as blows another stop sign in some cases it is downright scary some driver slowed down but some have massive brick issues as the release of our secular if the police complaint that they refuse to stop there was no legal requirement that drivers with their foot down
4:52 am
when they stop however there is a requirement you need to be creating in the stuff matter. stanley r: is like visiting her release small town with the release small-town feel a bit of it dries stop another acronym of the does not mean slightly attack on the pedal by the with the fine for running a stop sign is $229 and a point in your driving record which could relate to higher insurance rates and is to qualify for trucks for. >>anny h: they're launching in the rocket that put a satellite in space yesterday but things
4:53 am
went downhill on the rockets try to land a port on a flat form in the pacific off the coast of than a brick and sport the rocket hit the platform to guard and broke a landing is to the fourth attempt at landing a rocket on an ocean platform they want to reuse raucous to cut the cost of space flights
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>>anny h: the sacramental couple celebrated their 82nd wedding and the answering find out their secret to a successful marriage.
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>>anny h: a couple from the sacramento area at twice the reason to celebrate nicholas celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary as well as necklaces 102nd birthday entire front of them to celebrate the couple has some advice about how to make a marriage last they
4:57 am
said the secret is respect and affection and not sweating the small stuff. >>anny h: will ferrell and more wall commonly coming up at the 5:00 hour will continue with the same coverage of the storm.
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: a live look at the storm track of the worst is over for now but coastal flooding expected to be a problem. >>james: you conceive yourself the embarcadero camera shows you what side walked along with roadways. a light rain at the
5:01 am
moment tracking in the direction of foster city otherwise thin something to get a matter of fact, look for things to stay like this today will max out in the upper 50s to lower 60s the activity will probably take off the afternoon time will drop down to near zero is one to be
5:02 am
like that all week-long rain break rain bird that is where it will be for the foreseeable future. >>robin w: a multicar crash the mines are flooded the whole wrapped the skulls you may want
5:03 am
to stay on south to 80 instead of connecting with salt 101 into san francisco no delay is approaching the toll plaza. >>mark: we live and cordero watching the runoff and high tides come our way. will t: that is why this is far from over if you're leaving your house you're heading into san francisco or pretty much all over to the area and you will not experienced any rain at this time due to see what it did overnight the roadways historical events always puddling but to get the sense to could hydroplaned every now and then.
5:04 am
will t: if you're leaving your house please be careful because across the golden gate bridge have to live there are some spots would have to get a little bit of a joke because the water on the roadway and to see the car right behind me as well.
5:05 am
>>mark: they spent the day yesterday preparing the sea wall and was not any during the reign the expected in the area for the least another day. >>darya: that time to stay dry and minimized the damage they were in all of the weekend and some of the family stop at memorial stadium and pakistan that they are taking fuller advantage of the free sand back station
5:06 am
>>mark: pickup trucks to accommodate everyone have the gene for and recreation center the emergency shelter will be opened until 9:00 tomorrow morning.
5:07 am
>>darya: this is sent to us from if you were the rain in the water flooded over the sidewalk and 21st in south bass in san francisco is really coming down. >>mark: he was later convicted in a closed proceeding with have the latest on the home come from read been
5:08 am
>>reporter: they're headed to the u.s. back home filling the relief and gratitude the mother grateful for the outpouring of public support during his imprisonment at the is a disappointment and they accepted the news was cautiously.
5:09 am
>>darya: celebrations are planned throughout the bay area to mark today this morning there also free offers you can get into national parks and recounted the san francisco you to speak a foundation also there
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>>james: it doesn't matter what
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your driving even as you feed the pink chicken power through anything but water has a funny way of equalizing all of and the bulk of it is still off to the east are moving off the east and out into the central valley the
5:16 am
fed is on to be there for sporadic showers and again we saw some pretty decent rain so far this a quick look at the latest rainfall totals of the past 24 hours for and 1/3 inches of rainfall amount am infected team coverage continues on the part of the forecasts and where's the next rain coming.
5:17 am
>>anny h: until 7:00 this morning what is happening with the rest of the rain here is a quick check of the feature cast for. >>anny h: >>michelle a: >>anny h: looking at clouds guys out there but get ready for another round of rental arrive early tomorrow morning at 5:00 on to the west still looking is so widespread rain the next bend down to the next it will be a work commute for to mount one to discuss if you're leaving early back
5:18 am
>>robin w: they cleared out all the flooding but they're still wrapping of the accident wrapped disclosed fish they have to happen back open surely the senses is not cause a major delay the good news is this all
5:19 am
are the way for those of you leaving and to talk bird would oakley the freeways opened you may see a little better residual the latest from hillcrest to lower trade the rest of the trip is fantastic as part they play concord no problem. >>robin w: that is still blocked off the crest of resulted in a big rig fire that happens within the next to men instead investment
5:20 am
>>mark: they're now neck-and- neck and i welcome hutcheson take a look at the debate which was less friendly than in the past >>reporter: clinton double down
5:21 am
this them the proposal while reminding the audience she pushed for health care reform since part-time at first lady we
5:22 am
wait for the annual caucus to learn which candidate and press the voters most it is coming up on february 1st and is behind bars after brett wood police say he tried to kill the dark with the night at a grocery store in said jason went into or release or to restore near sand creek and highway 4.
5:23 am
>>mark: the following recon news were police officers have been found and will tell you police have and custody. hehey's miatur.
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dramatically wrapped all productions. >>james: we will have more on the forecast coming up in just a minute.
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>>robin w: it is getting better not a lot of traffic with the dublin and to change high with four a lot of flooding and that will not of spinoffs >>james: once the rain stops and the heirs find it takes a little while for the standing water to drain off you might run into without expecting it cannot especially as when not even the sun rises above the dark his
5:31 am
would be seen in relatively calm and still that the saliva of sfo the water droplets still on the lands agency mostly cloudy skies we come back and about half an hour will have team coverage will talk more about what you can expect with those watches and warnings and extend out as well.
5:32 am
>>robin w: the east to a connector in the south 101 still close chp extended the close of now is 730 the estimated time for clearing for those of you come from 380 know problem 5 in the west about the rich and headed into the north bank
5:33 am
will t: this a little bit more sophisticated and other places will show you that a little bit later by the have plenty of sandbags right in front to keep the water out. will t: be careful you might slip and slide just another in certain places you might experience hydroplaning looking up.
5:34 am
will t: are not bonafide store coastal flooding. >>darya: the search is intensifying for 12 u.s. marines who vanished after the two helicopters collided off the coast of what ye reported on
5:35 am
thursday and the coast guard is extending the search area to 8 mi. out from the north shore area a navy ship equipped with small arms if on some debris that could be from the missing helicopter to the have not confirmed it and went down during a training flight. >>mark: the officers found his body behind a building the suspect now in custody taken and one hour later support is pouring in for you talk police officer killed in a line of duty he was from bed yesterday
5:36 am
morning after he had left the scene of a traffic accident one of them and fired a shot at key officer that had a man had investigators say more officers responded and another officer was shot and wounded by the senate gunman before police killed him. >>darya: 19 you're a worker from car crashed the car to guard rail it was a lot a 30 saturday night near the off for. >>mark: the farmers are hoping
5:37 am
that this winter brings the wet weather needed to reservoirs' and brown water supplies pedestaled critically low after four years of drought the federation says growers make two or three what which is to return to normal.
5:38 am
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>>robin w: disclose the big rig crashed in the 1:00 hour caught fire and blocked off some have hot off the freeways are of the force of the one on one before you connect on to no. 10 1/2 on the freeway.
5:41 am
>>darya: this is the first number one album in the u.s. to the board and his biggest sales we for our bombs since 1991
5:42 am
>>mark: with a foul weather around the bay we had a stormy weather overnight the bulk of it is out of the area will tell you do expect the rest of the day coming up.
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>>mark: you concede the standing orders on broadway in the response this morning will see
5:46 am
of sfo reports this morning as for the radar we're not looking too much in the thing we have heavy rain to concede just like rain for tracy the rest of it had moved of past doctrine must
5:47 am
find out more about the forecast and the washington wine with the team coverage. >>anny h: it is highlighted and tank in western slope anywhere from 6 to 12 in. new snow expected 6,000 ft. watch out for snow-covered roads. the main
5:48 am
event is pretty much done and over with but will probably see more rain to come through once again by tomorrow to concede tomorrow morning at 5:00 will have widespread rain impact in the morning commute tomorrow the rain is back along with the when and on wednesday more rain possible for thursday night into friday and also for part of the weekend
5:49 am
>>robin w: for those of you commuting from the south bay is lighter than normal to get to the holiday inn 13 minutes from san jose to cupertino.
5:50 am
>>mark: they're focusing on an avalanche like area woman structure may have lasting. >>reporter: the search and rescue crews tried to find 23 the common shares office said it is an expected 75.
5:51 am
>>reporter: this is still rescue mission in an honest and still be alive survivor in the area.
5:52 am
>>mark: they're trying to reuse it to cut the cost >>darya: the seahawks are eliminated by the panthers a
5:53 am
quick touchdown put the lot seven to nothing the panthers scored 31 in the first half that amc the pittsburgh steelers travel to denver the steelers' leading 13 to 12 trying to kill them but if the ball we all shake up looking ahead to the conference championship the rain
5:54 am
headed off to the east to right now and we're getting ready for more snow in this era where track in that and some flooding.
5:55 am
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now:. >>mark: still like to deal with on this martin luther king jr. day. >>james: we were track and some showers out near tracy you concede there's not much anywhere in with you to see some light showers but that quickly moved on still trapped in a few pops sprinkles in and around the vacaville. but everything else looks pretty drive the satellite it does show some
6:01 am
clouds coming to the coastline here not close enough if howe and no delays being reported the with the low clouds of that and poor visibility to the airport start reporting the lead in the north if that happens this is either they should break out in a clock to the judge to be in the low fifties.
6:02 am
>>robin w: for those of you who use highway 380 to get over 2101 that could not disclosed east 3 and to stop 101: this morning and one clock our resulting in a vehicle fire that practice clothes we check the chp they pushed up the estimated time for 730 a quick check of the ride into san francisco and is much lighter because of the in alcoholic it will be track and delays back from the 80 of a crossing but it is rotted the normal.
6:03 am
>>mark: still in effect for parts and the northland were been watching conditions there. will t: here is the reason why it is still in effect you conceived the water is definitely rushing in his log even if you walked down the road when you could hear is going pretty strong pair always worried about flooding we do know in mill valley high tide expected in about 20 minutes from now about 7 ft. high this is wrong when so yes what content of the back easy for now they have some storm doors and for the doors to make sure that and case the water rises to the streets of of the does not rush into the stores that one has doors down the road is a little hard to see from this
6:04 am
vantage point there plenty of places with sandbags right in front take it easy traffic as a little bit lighter today being a holiday but they're still slipped roadways and in certain parts in some parts of the big area especially in the. >>darya: the effects of the lettuce driven storm has been filled up and down pacifica where the storm is causing high tide and strong surf this is causing major problem for one area in particular the waves pounded the shoreline and sea wall gave way.
6:05 am
>>darya: they spent to date yesterday repairing the sea wall and it was not an easy fix >>mark: after all the other shelters were packed with people crews pulled out parks to accommodate everyone that locations primary for families with children.
6:06 am
>>darya: again with the mobile application click the report it have been a washington post reporter and three other americans are flying home to being released from prison and around. >>mark: he had been detained since july of 2014 when security forces raided his home and arrived in charge of spying from
6:07 am
their they're headed to the u.s. back home films are released and gratitude.
6:08 am
>>reporter: they also believe not part of the prisoner swap a fit for a prisoner has decided to stay in tehran. >>darya: kickoff for some breast equality he is known for his non-violent activism there's a
6:09 am
lot of things happening on the bay today at the san francisco planning and urban research association. >>mark: experts say it any money you do not need for the next
6:10 am
five-year should remain in stock and over in a given five-year period that perform better than any other class of democratic president hopeful of our continent go after each other in the latest debate will have highlights after the break that out trump continues to upset people across the world will to which country is considering banning him from entering.
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>>mark: although we had leased the drying out right now but still swept road race in the snow falling up in the sierra the golden gate bridge for early like traffic on this dr. king holiday and we're watching the weather and watching what is coming with the next.
6:14 am
>>james: not the case in the more we're looking at relatively dry conditions to quick live look poughkeepsie we are dealing with a few scattered showers here in they're not an organized nothing sustained.
6:15 am
>>anny h: not quite for the rest of the day today it will be a little break for a lot of locations showing the sea to sea the bulk of the moisture well- off to the east and concede it o'clock this morning crowded
6:16 am
skies made a couple of scattered showers for the most part mainly dry and tilt toward known and also for the afternoon and into the evening hours maybe a little bit of clearing out their. >>anny h: and then the rent arrive later tonight. >>anny h: for the next couple of days you not want to hold on to them >>: just in case.
6:17 am
>>robin w: so far and is pretty quiet no major problems and slow down to the quick check of the ride across the san mateo bridge picking up but no major delays from 80 or even connecting with the 101 if you're about to take the ride it will be less pronounced for the total track to get over to the peninsula. >>robin w: over to the golden gate bridge a good ride in both the russians remember it may not be raining were we are back now with the roads are slick long time for them to do with that brought the morning a quick
6:18 am
check of the ride on the western to for a minor crash for those of you can over to the caldecott the right leg is blocked about a 15 minute trip from walnut creek to get to the old maze--oakland >>mark: the democratic candidates facing off in the final democratic debate helleri clinton brinson as martin o'malley appeared to blocks away from the side of the trout to
6:19 am
church shooting massacre the democratic presidential candidates took the stage in charleston. >>reporter: on sunday that the gloves came off as expected to attend this class from gun- control sanderson out of clinton clinton double down.
6:20 am
6:21 am
>>darya: are born for her to go all the way >>mark: his said his muslim ban
6:22 am
will be to grant to the government to determine how to best address the threat of terrorism >>mark: when and to rid grocery store and highway 4 on saturday afternoon invested in a sense of atoms and left without paying the scare parents confronted him more to it was such gruesome
6:23 am
found so far police officers found that will have details of live look to the webers like traffic right now with respect and like traffic on this hauler and.
6:24 am
>>mark: >>darya: viridian is
6:25 am
going to be part of the music subscription service machines next thursday you have to pay for the membership is $10 a month and there's no ads. >>darya: if you're not the shore but then after that the $10 a month will kick in a new report out this morning showed the world as much as 62 millionaires have as much wealth as the bottom half of all the world's population that is according to the international the
6:26 am
wealthiest see the networks of the last five years and a half trillion dollars back in 2010 and took 388 of the world's richest people to have as much money as the bottom half of the world and now is down to 62 billionaires' showing the rich are getting richer. >>james: keeping a close eye on the storm track of the big rain fell overnight move the way we're tracking this if there's anything else coming this way.
6:27 am
6:28 am
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6:31 am
>>robin w: talking about a backup the stretch to enter the maze not today because the holiday a lot of people have the day off is very light at the town plaza of fifth one incident with a track and that is not backing up traffic is the closure of the 380 connect and saw the 101--south. >>robin w: 50 continues that instead of south 11 at el camino real down.
6:32 am
>>mark: they have yet to identify the people are missing. >>darya: 4 reported all of thursday and hear on the morning news that is when it happened fast and that the search now about 8 mi. from a not sure area in a new chef and saw my is helping search crews found some degree. >>mark: that tried to make contact with officer thomas contract whenever respondent
6:33 am
surely after officers found his body behind a building right now the police station >>mark: one of them open fire and hit the officer is a more often to respond to this and another officer was shot and wounded before the gunman was killed by police a second suitor is still on the run this morning--shooter. >>darya: one of the person
6:34 am
suffered moderate injuries and then a third party had minor injuries keith. >>mark: they're still critically low after four years of drought the california farm progress to 72 or three more what was to return to normal he was a fashion icon and the area's low to restore san francisco was the place for the city society set to shock you the first remote instead he called both conservatives mayor ed lee
6:35 am
releasing a statement on his death saying san francisco is deeply heart broken by the passing of will spots for the business and civic leader that represented the best in our city san francisco would not be the same without him faugh. >>darya: the beginning was easy to put them out seven to nothing a few plays later russell wilson would be offer six the panthers scored 31 unanswered points in the first half the ball is produced in
6:36 am
down recovers leading to a touchdown and the broncos go on to win at 23 to 16 this to combat the matchups now for this coming weekend.
6:37 am
>>mark: officers received the call around saturday night after a security alarm went off and loma vista elementary charter school in the weekend box office this find out of star wars will able to hold on to the no. 1 spot once again.
6:38 am
6:39 am
♪ ♪
6:40 am
>>robin w: maybe half the tech the richmond bridge is looking good traffic is picking up if you leave and not the average drive times about 10 minutes from the toll plaza of to the 11 connector. >>mark: 4 remained in second place came in with 29 million
6:41 am
kurds star war to force awakens push down to the third spot >>james: track in showers across northern california we have some pretty intense rain will talk more about what we can expect some for coming up.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>james: the airport is not
6:45 am
reporting any but lifeless and full keep an eye on that and mention know if it does not fit become a problem in registering 4.354 1/3 inches of rain coming down point raised almost two in just concord and san jose airport and in print or out nepal out a pretty impressive grand totals.
6:46 am
>>anny h: for those of you people who are heading out there for the holiday are coming back down later on to that you will encounter snow conditions few was a quick check of the satellite and radar painted it to see all the grain moved through the bay area in this trading snow and the sierra. >>anny h: about 6,000 ft. will get up to a foot of fresh powder to will have snow-covered roads and when the conditions fitting of them might be a little early this morning keep that in mind
6:47 am
things change once again by tomorrow this time will have more grain arriving off at 5:00 in the morning and the cut will deficit small but whether headed this way to the end of the wet weather checking out the 7 day around the bay forecast in the drive for the rest of the day tomorrow more rain and wind and on wednesday and the like should be getting a break from the most clout to condition the land ride once again.
6:48 am
>>robin w: no problems in san francisco if you have to get in right now it will be a trouble- free commute their wet and slippery stutter of with a number of spin out their required just remember to watch your speed when you finally make it out their 92 looks good no problems in hayward on the peninsula in will be less than 15 minutes. >>robin w: a quick check of the
6:49 am
map through the drive times maybe you have to use was about 24 it is clear we have an early crashed near the caldecott.
6:50 am
>>reporter: they're keeping his family and their thoughts and their prayers.
6:51 am
>>darya: the car missed her arm their drab the two people inside the car out safely and they're taken to hospital >>mark: the rocket landed too
6:52 am
hard on the platform and that is the landing hundreds of thousands of bottles of clean water and not been talked over and it is all thanks to share their dimwit toxic lead contamination in a striking worker comedian bill marr as a bait request for his 60th birthday he wants president obama to be on his show he complained he has done every other show in the known universe except for mine taxes
6:53 am
are due to start a petition on the white house is web site to get president obama to show why house policy is to address in the petitions to garner more than a hundred thousand signatures. >>darya: petition has hundred and 40,000 signatures and we still have to look at that and decide if he wants to grace we will be right back a live look
6:54 am
outside as you're watching conditions the san mateo bridge will have blighted the usual traffic in july conditions at 653.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>mark: a lot of snow of the and the sierra and the chain requirements on 5080 and 88 where track in the next one coming into the bay area late tonight we will have more on the time in the next on headed this way.
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