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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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of the injuries is not known at this point sending us live officer john the chp contra costa officer thinking for being with us can you tell us if the car that was shot that was involved in the accident was anyone hit by any bullets? "unknown what vehicle the suspect and if the suspect vehicle and known what the call it as we do not have it done as of right now no one reported a gunshot wounds or being involved in this incident as of yet." >> grant: the shooting appeared random or do you think might be gang-related? "still so early on in the investigation we do not want to speculate too much we want to
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get a systematic approach in this and determine what transpired out there the one to jump to any conclusions the we know what the public to jump to any conclusions. we do ask the public be aware of their surroundings another location if there is some kind of unusual suspicious activity dangerous activity the contact 911 as soon as possible.
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"whether an intended target and not it's something that concerns some concerns us what people are shooting at other people. " >> grant: advice can give people if there was a shooting right next to them on the freeway? "our concern is safety at its best if they avoid the gunfire at the same time the situational awareness they're really taking in everything that's going on around them. they know where they are at so once their nerves
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calmed down little bed making contact us to let us know exactly what happened so it can help us in trying to get the people that are out there doing this on our freeways" >> grant: was the traffic right now? "this is fine highway for westbound unaffected for the intersection, the police department still out there clearing that up." >> pam: a jolt for the denver broncos. the team's busses are involved in a highway crash, along with a c-h-p motorcycle. this is video from our helicopter partners at abc 7. it shows one of the busses on the side of the road. with a smashed up front wind shield.
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the team had just finished practice. and was returning to their hotel. when one team bus collided with another. on highway- 101 near the moffett boulevard exit. kron 4's rob fladeboe has more on the crash. and the condition of the players. >> reporter:a shattered front windshield had to have made for a scary time on board this denver broncos team bus, which sustained moderate damage after it appears to have rear ended another team bus monday afternoon here on southbound highway 101. drilling"self found to 37. become pawns lower traffic for reasons under investigation of its like the buses collided with one another." >> reporter:video from kron four's helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows a chp
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motorcycle was also involved in the accident, which occurred just north of highway 237 in sunnyvale as the team was returning to their hotel following practice at stanford university. it's not clear what exactly led to the crash but chp, which is will is escorting both teams around the region this week, says large vehicles like team buses, need extra room on the freeway. right now, both the broncos and the carolina panthers are headed to the s-a-p center in san jose. for the n-f-l's super bowl opening night. >> pam:it's the event that used to be called - "media day." in just a few minutes the players from broncos will meet with thousands of journalists. kron 4's mark carpenter is at the s-a-p center. he joins us
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with more. mark? >> reporter: beware your right is used to adjust the media day and then held on tuesday morning nfl saw opportunity where they could make this better is a monster the scope to the video to show you a glimpse of what's happening in there. fans are allowed inside the have their own castle 10 lined up in their take as many questions as many reporters one for paine was crazy this lot of hoopla going in here all live band this universe inside taking pictures of fans the huge event talk with teddy kaminski earlier and that his thoughts on what has changed drastically.
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>> reporter: to their respective locations the broncos are staying at marriott and sackler of practicing with stanford one tradition that to select hotels and start over again in the morning with more practices. the panther is getting here around
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655. >> pam:while the players are filling up the s-a-p center for opening the fans have been flocking to the n-f-l fan experience and super bowl city in downtown san francisco. kron 4's justine waldman is live at super bowl city tonight, with what's happening there tonight. justine. >> reporter: and saturday morning and things went smoothly people are really enjoying it piglet the video can chance to walk around there are lines for just about everything the longest lines are photos and a ferry building in the background also week make yourself look like a bronco or panther security here is no joke there
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bomb sniffing dog did come check of the truck before lever for here also loss of armed officers all round and so much fun happening here firms declined synergy dancing and also places to catch the ball live music and then people have been waiting for this moment they have been hearing but for years enjoying the fun.
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>> reporter: on several sunday at the close early the want everyone to go enjoy the game to at 6:00 there is a live free concert and we'd go to check that out also all line for all the merchandise want to go by the symbol has blindness so long there were sold out people trying to get some of the memorabilia such remember this
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kron4news-dot-com west of the increase in the bay area at your guide to survival 50 all on kron4news-dot-com >> pam: right now in iowa. thousands of neighbors are gathering at homes, schools and meeting halls. to voice their choice for president of the united states. catherine heenan is here with the official start to the 2016 primary season. >> catherine:under iowa's caucus system, republicans and democrats meet separately to choose a candidate. democrats discuss their choices. caucus participants can change
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their minds. republicans simply put their ballots in a box. the head of iowa's republican party says he believes many decisions tonight will be made at the last minute. it's a tough decision. it's practicality versus principle. the latest polls show donald trump edging out ted cruz. presidential candidate if we do, and we are gonna make this country so great, you are gonna have victories all over the place. cruz is pinning his hopes on a weekend poll where 45 percent of republican caucus goers said they could change their minds. presidential candidate this is the time for the men and women of iowa to make a decision to stand and vet the candidates. for a year now iowa voters have been inundated with mailers, robocalls and television commercials. "they're annoying. very annoying." "all over the tv" regular viewers of good morning america on abc have seen 149 ads for trump, 143 for marco rubio, 93 for bush and three for chris christie.
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trump also dominated the ad buys on cbs this morning followed by jeb bush and ben carson, none of trump's ad money went to nbc's today show, where rubio was the top spender. on the democratic side, clinton wants to avoid a repeat of 2008 -- when she lost iowa to then- senator barack obama. presidential candidate we learned a lot of lessons. we have applied those lessons. we've got a great team working literally around the clock." she's banking on her ground operation, and solid blocs like older voters -- to win a race with bernie sanders that tightened dramatically. with a wide lead in new hampshire polls, sanders' campaign says a loss in iowa will not be the end. hopefully we will find a way to get across the finish line ahead of her but if we don't -- we go to new hampshire next week. five.
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>> pam:the department of justice launches a comprehensive investigation into the san francisco police department. what the d-o-j is looking into is next at 5. plus. days after two escaped prisoners were caught in the bay area. we are learning new details about their scheme. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> pam:the u.s. department of justice has launched an investigation department the probe comes after san francisco police officers shot and killed stabbing suspect mario woods. kron 4's dan kerman is live at the federal courthouse in san francisco with more. >> reporter: stops short of investing the actual shooting with all policies and practices of the police department itself. the kill stabbing suspect in december protest and rallies calls for the police chief firing and demands for independent investigation. both the mayor and chief requested and transparent review of the san francisco police department by the department of justice that is what they will be
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getting. >> reporter: not investigate the market was shooting itself but the policies trading practices that the police use. "with respect to enforcement action taken not taken a separate system police department." "moving forward with the department of justice" >> reporter: police chief and mayor say it welcome the review at of compliance with the recommendations as voluntary their maker that insurance it that it will be implemented. .
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this process >> reporter: takes two years the follow-up even after the recommendations of kicks off of your 24 for the first of what they call several community listening sessions from the public >> pam:with all three of those escaped inmates back behind bars in southern california. we are learning a lot more about their intricate scheme. to get out of jail in the first place. and their days in the bay area. catherine heenan is here with the latest. >> catherine:it turns out they'd been planning their escape for at least 6 months. this is video of the 2 men caught in san francisco this weekend - being escorted back to jail.
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and you'll see hossein nayeri in a moment. they were captured in san francisco saturday after an alert citizen called police from a whole foods parking lot. we now know that they abducted a taxi driver and drove to northern california. where two of the fugitives argued about killing the driver. before that - an accomplice had picked them up after their escape from the orange county jail january 22nd. and for the first time, we're hearing the 9-1-1 call from a family member of the third turned himself in last week. the call was made from a car repair shop in santa ana. where a relative worked. "and calling it he was determined sofa and and asked me a call."
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>> catherine:in the;meantime, the orange county d-a said today that there's not enough evidence to arrest the teacher held in connection with the escape. the 44-year-old woman taught english at the jail - and may have had some kind of relationship with nayeri. she's been released for now - but she's not allowed to leave the area - as the investigation continues. 7 >> pam: system may be on a hook for $2 million quickly down. it must first thing this should phone ahead may break engineer and the figure why did not cause simple. now the "department of building
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"they're trying to determine why that has happened. >> pam: at this time the city has no idea how long the pipe was leaking and now the building inspection investigating how much damage was caused by the break. department will build a well and compound all the water under the home independent inspectors have said other homes are not in risk of sliding. breaking >> grant: news what appears to be a deadly tragic accident in san jose. a tree falls on and killed a man this afternoon ec here the tree and question investigators working to look at a wider area as the figure i exactly what happened these ariels receive help a partnership with abc seven news live there's a tree in question
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northeast section of san jose and that tree came down a man was killed not identified and officials do tell us if the tree had faced two to 3 ft. in diameter and with the rain that we have had cause the ground to soften not sure if the culprit is in this case that i've been seeing more and more of this type of thing that the state as trees start to make way to separate the ground the fall of this investigation here the man has been killed after a tree falls and hits him at berryessa creek park in san jose. >> britteny: more rain tomorrow morning and another system that will be here wednesday quickly
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these systems pilafs produce a lot of rain fall we did see a pretty nice day from the trees on the cooler side on average in already tracking another round of whether as we head into the rest of the week of 9:00 p.m. " conditions 9: breezy a chance of those showers moving in and then by 7:00 a.m. we are tracking moisture in the morning. light rain and the north bay and then some of the rain fall closer to our state here in then also we one of the picture tuesday's storm that will move through and tracking and other round of rain. this will come to us as we head into wednesday what we can expect next for light morning expected wednesday will move in a little bit later and then if we will cease any warmer time of the rain coming up and are full forecast.
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>> pam: this coming sunday there is good news x max car when arafat
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>> pam:super bowl ticket prices are dropping! grant is here with the latest trends. and why that could be good for local football fans. >> grant:the cheapest tickety on stub down.11 percent since friday. you can now get a seat for the average ticket price is also just.just.over 51-hundred.down five percent from friday. californians are buying the majority of the tickets in the market. north carolina.panthers fans.are next.
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colorado. and people in texas and new york are also headed to santa clara for super bowl 50 this sunday. >> pam:you have the chance to watch the big game on a new t-v, just in time for super sunday. kron four is giving all of our facebook followers. a chance to enter and win a new h-d-t-v. all you have to do is 'like us' on facebook. then you can enter your information. using the link on our page. good luck everyone! >> pam:still ahead tonight. could hosting super bowl- 50 lay the groundwork for for an even bigger event. say. the olympics? we'll hear what some bay area leaders think. next at 5:30. plus. why public health officals say, the zika virus is now a global concern.
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>> pam:all eyes are on the bay area during the super bowl festivities leading up to the big game. several mayors from around the region say, they have been working together to make this event a success. as kron four's maureen kelly reports. one mayor is even hinting. that this effort could lay the groundwork for a future olympic bid.
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we know our economies are much better if we are working in collaberation this has really been a team effort we've all got a lot to gain here together we come togother to show off the bay area at it's best and i hope this can do spirit wll last long before the superbowl >> reporter:the mayors from santa clara, san franciso, san jose and oakland says they've been working together to make sure the super bowl fun was spread out around the bay the entire regional econony can benefit. san jose mayor sam liccardo suggesting that making this celebration a success could possiblly help land a sporting event. i think this is going to be a very inviting place for other big events whether it's the olympics or anything else drill we know transportation securtiy are challenges but this is helping up put our best foot forward. after the press briefing was over i asked him if super bowl 50 was just a practice run.and he clarified
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there is no conspiracy rigth now to put forward an olympic bid but it also said.the work they've put in for superbowl 50.could pay off in the future. its helpful to understand how we can do it so if the opportunity comes along we are ready the mayor of santa clara.says venues like the newly built levi's stadium makes the bay area that much more attractive when we come together we have so many wonderful puts us in the runnign for something like that im just excited what the future holds the ceo of the superbowl 50 host committee says he's be happy with making the nfl a repeat one of the things we are tring to do is do a good job with this superbowl so we have the opportunity to get it back here in 5 or 6 years. and if that draws the attention other major global sporting events so much the better. maureen kelly kron4 news
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>> pam:bart is seeing a jump in ridership--- thanks to the super bowl related events. bart says, over the weekend, it saw nearly 300- thousand passengers hop on bart. making it the second-highest number ever for a saturday on the system. this weekend. marked the opening of super bowl city. one million people are expected to pour into the city of san francisco for the super bowl fun. more events are planned around the bay area all week. leading up to the big game this sunday. if people were not riding bart this weekend--- many of them were taking the ferry. the san francisco bay ferry says, it saw ridership numbers 'triple' this weekend. saturday morning. around 850- passengers rode the ferries on the vallejo/ san francisco route, compared to an average of 250- passengers. s-f bay ferries is expanding its services all week. in anticipation for the influx of and for all your super bowl coverage--- kron four has got you covered. join us game day. next sunday, february 7th. for our 'super team' coverage. join mark and darya starting at and then. stay with us after the game, starting at 8 p-m, for
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your all your bay area news and sports director gary radnich will be in -house for sports night live, starting at 9 p-m. he will be accompanied by a special guest, a former raider. then, tune in for an episode of 'the back story' at 9:30. right after sports night live. >> britteny: around of showers as we head into to more of these showers push and the rest of tonight as a progressive model which a u.n. these showers make it into your neighborhood their tracking light rain even moderate downpours stitching of the fairfield concord could see little bit of light rainfall week of the arrests the rainfall close to san jose and was a cloudy skies notice by 4:00 p.m.
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or the rainfall started throwing our area said rosalie down to some detail and not expect a whole lot of rain fell between the 10th of an inch to maybe to a quarter of an inch and a push into thursday we reached a high mid-50s and a warming trend in the 74 past and have that for you and 15 deaths. >> pam:18-year-old david eisenhauer and 19-year-old natalie keepers. both have been charged in the murder and kidnapping of nicole lovell. the 13-year-old's body was found about 100- miles away from her home in blacksburg, virginia over the weekend. authorities believe - eisenhauer knew lovell, and used their relationship to lure her out of the house. keepers is accused of disposing of the body. the motive is not clear - and police have not disclosed how lovell was killed.
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>> pam:the world health organization held an emergency meeting today. to talk about the explosive spread of the zika catherine is here with details >> catherine:part of the fear -- there's no vaccine that's been approved for the virus yet. and that could take a long time. brazil's president today - suggested that it could take between three and five years to develop. this is a fumigation worker in nicaragua today. one of the countries just added to the long list of places where travelers are being told to take precautions against the mosquito-borne virus. others include american samoa and costa rica. as for the world health organization - today it announced that because of mounting evidence linking zika to birth defects -- it 'is' a global emergency.
5:38 pm
this is where the zika virus was ago. it's in uganga - and is known as the 'zika forest.' america, africa and the pacific are struggling with an active outbreak. portugal, peru and jamaica have reported their first cases of the virus. >> pam:santa clara university is warning its students about the hospitalization, of a student, who might have meningitis. the student became very ill on sunday. the univerisity is working closely with the santa clara county public health department on the matter. meningitis is a disease caused by inflammation near the brain and spinal cord. symptoms normally include high fever, severe headache and a stiff neck.
5:39 pm
a confirmation by health officals on what exactly caused the student's illness could come out sometime today. we will continue to keep you update on kron-four-dot-com. still ahead at five. good news and bad news for coffee lovers. bean prices are dropping. but cheaper. we'll explain why at 5:45. and next. a pro surfer's freighting fall from a monster wave.
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>> grant:check out this video out of hawaii. this is surfer tom dosland trying to surf a monster wave off the maui coast at a spot called jaws. tom says he was determined to grab one of the big waves. no matter what. he tells surfer magazine that the wind was blowing spray in to his eyes as he was trying to drop in to the wave. and it wasn't until it was too he describes the fall feeling like he had just jumped off a cliff.
5:43 pm
and while his 40-foot fall and wipe out looks spectacular. tom was able to escape with out major injuries. he was back out surfing the same spot the next day. still ahead. coffee prices are falling. pay less for a cup of joe.
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(scal): good day, m'lady!
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>> pam:how much do you spend on coffee? a trip to a coffee shop here and there can add up. good news for coffee lovers -- the price of coffee beans are at a two year low. but as cnn's mary moloney explains. that doesn't mean you'll pay less for that cup of joe. >> reporter:the type of coffee beans starbucks buys and serves to customers is now cheaper. last year -- a pound of coffee cost 1 dollar 65. that's a 33 percent drop. and it's only expected to get cheaper. officials in brazil expect coffee farmers to have a big an oversupply of beans -- which means more of a drop in prices. but don't expect to save any money when you buy that high- end cup of joe. for a company like starbucks -- coffee beans only make up about 20 percent of its overall cost. other factors influencing the price you pay -- how much employees make. take home pay for baristas is going up. especially with more places across the country increasing the minimum wage. and starbucks is also paying tuition for 4-thousand employees. but you can trim your coffee
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budget -- without cutting the caffeine buzz. the most obvious -- brew at home. whole beans tend to be cheaper than pre-ground coffee. and an inexpensive coffee grinder can pay for itself fairly quickly. also -- buy that coffee in bulk for bigger savings. if you can't give up that daily coffee shop ritual -- look for gift cards on resale sites that you can buy at a discount. and loyalty programs -- like those from a smartphone app -- can come with perks. like a free drink every couple of weeks or so. plus -- don't forget to bring your own cup. many places offer a small discount if you have your own gear. who knows -- saving a little cash -- may make that cup of coffee that much better. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. >> britteny: before then we have to get to the new system's first by thursday heading into sunday
5:49 pm
looks very good the to bichirs warming up on the cooler side close to average at 45 degrees for inland temperatures 49 in the bay and then 40 along the coast. read the cold conditions tonight as the clouds increase tonight piquancy showers moving in. we do expect the chores to move in until tuesday. cloud pushing onshore oil moisture starting to develop offshore and then the first system moves through giving us showers as we head into tuesday that a check the next system that moves through to wednesday wednesday late afternoon until early evening hours expect to see another round of light rainfall feature cast shows as the gut three-time scattered showers moving into tonight and then we see showers and sematech a san francisco to san fell even into santa rosa by lunchtime checking
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out most of the rain south of san francisco closer to san jose vice in quiet through tuesday night by wednesday early afternoon and to your early evening hours 4:00 p.m. widespread light rainfall expected lingering it through 10 11:00 tonight. all lot of rain a heads up we do expect to see what roadway's out there and look at your 7 day forecast showing a few changes. we stay in the mid '50s and tuesday wednesday then he start to notice a warming conditions 60 degrees on thursday and then super bowl sunday tracking mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s. >> pam:
5:51 pm
winners at this year's screen of for >> reporter: what volunteer which mismatch forced into a car parking lot driven away. and the presidency of the space society for the prevention of cruelty to animals says archie has never experienced someone forcibly stealing a dog. mrs. casey recently take from of the pet adoption list place to hear her she was awaiting medical procedure to remove a cancerous tumor. there are
5:52 pm
surveillance cameras all along this property. there is a good a chance heavily on the actual suspect. the dog is natcher has been seen here before whoever took daisy can bring her back no questions asked. you can contact the no. ec here on the screen if you have any information on the dogs the whereabouts.
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"spotlight" was the big winner at the screen actors guild awards over the weekend. the movie about reporters investigating the catholic church sex scandal won the award for best performance by a cast in a motion picture. leonardo dicaprio won best actor for his performance in the thriller "the revenant." and brie larson won best actress for her role in "room." she was also a winner on the red carpet. the insider's louis aguirre is in hollywood with more. >> reporter:pam, her atelier versace only solidified the fact that she's this season red carpet style star! and our special fashion correspondent
5:56 pm
jeannie mai takes a deep style dive inside the making of a best dressed winner! pic this one? bl: it was the first one that i tried on this morning. dm: this morning is when you chose your dress? bl: i flew in from australia, i got in a t 6 am, and then had a fitting at 7 la: well you look amazing. like you just flew in at 6 am in the morning. bl: i've gotten no sleep. so thank you. the twisted neckline, the swarovski crystal rope ties, the coral accent strap detail.the cornflower blue versace may have been ripped from the spring 2016 runway - but brie wore it better! i respect that she went with a nude heel instead of a predictable coral pump. and just look at that frosting! brie is dripping in a million dollars worth of tiffany diamonds.from her bracelets to her platinum drop earrings worth six-hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. the perfect sparkle for her shining moment! awards_20160130.sub.1
5:57 pm
18:47:10 and the actor goes to 01:40:02 dl: are people just beating down your door to dress don't lie. bl: i guess. i don't know. i try and stay in the dark with that stuff. i just look at the dresses and i try them on, and i pick the one that feels right. we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm louis aguirre back to you, pam. >> pam: and herschel new proposal that up for discussion by some say it's on the side to protect the children and then in iowa first for a presidential cabinet will address the rest of the country follow soon.
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5:59 pm
breaking news.out of the east triggered this five-car crash in concord. tonight two suspects are in custody.these images, courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7. good evening, i'm pam moore. chp is still on the scene investigating this shooting. it's one of two big accidents we're covering this hour. update.grant? >> grant: the gulf was random road rage gang-related we saw a lot of these in a state shootings unfortunately recently in the east bay investigators also don't know if anyone was hit by any of these
6:00 pm
bullets and off-duty bar officer was driving on highway 4 and witnessed the shooting of a passenger in the sun all, another vehicle right around 3:00 this afternoon the suspect vehicle nissan altman that of the very next exit and the suspect vehicle got off at the very next exit. the accident occurred but at a high rate of speed five cars involved in the collision the did not appear right now of the victims' vehicle was involved in that crash and also on westbound no one comes forward that they've been shot at or hit the scene right here courtesy of helicopter partnership with abc 77. people injured in accidents
6:01 pm
in all taken to local hospitals keep people in the nissan of the people to 21 year-old and a 19 year-old all right now being examined and once they're cleared the will be taken into custody this this latest house interstate shooting in the east bay we continued to give you a closer look on a potential motive at that investigation as it unfolds. >> grant:and this is not what the broncos had in mind when they decided to call stanford their practice home this week. two.broncos buses,,,carrying an accident this afternoon. this was on southbound highway 101 in sunnyvale.window shattered on one of the buses.
6:02 pm
police say it was an apparent chain-reaction type accident as the team was headed back to its hotel in santa clara.from practice in palo alto. no one was hurt, including a chp motorcycle officer who went down as one bus rear ended the other north of highway 237. the chp says the players were put on another bus and continued >> pam:a man is dead after being struck by a tree this afternoon.accoring to the san jose fire department. here is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with sky-7. the man was found underneath the tree at berryessa creek park just after three-o'clock and was pronounced dead at the scene. officials say the tree is about two to three feet in diameter. no further details have yet been released. the festivities are officially we countdown to sunday's big game. a million people are expected to flock to the bay area this catch the sights and sounds of the biggest sporting
6:03 pm
event in the country. team coverage tonight. kron 4's justine waldman is at super bowl city in san francisco where people are gearing up for a big concert tonight. but we begin with kron 4's charles clifford at the sap center in san jose.for super bowl opening night festivities.charles? right now outside in san jose in sight at building a media venture for bringing out the team's players have opportunity to talk to the media we sat around a 330 this afternoon a lot of media here organizations from all over the world here to talk to people trying to put together stories and then 515 this afternoon the bronco was introduced players and came down doing interviews and talking to people opportunity to talk with the crowd that was talking to pay nandina his first-ever bowl he was very
6:04 pm
nice answer a lot of questions for quite a long time and asking you been to this before what you see the of the week. his goal is to try and enjoyed this week might be the last time use immiscible trying to enjoy the beach. >> reporter: is talk about how they were driving down 1 01 and some one trip him up a little bit he was ok and the crazy week and will keep getting
6:05 pm
crazier broncos finished a short time ago carolina panthers come out and talk to the media as we see. >> pam: week.super bowl city in the heart of san francisco's financial district. loads of fun for people of all you can see from this video taken earlier today. thousands have come out to enjoy the sights and sounds.and there's more fun in store tonight. kron 4's justine waldman is live at the party tonight for >> reporter: right now i'm hoping you can hear some of the music behind crowded in there. show you some video conference line for just about everything along this line s saw people
6:06 pm
could stand in front of the big screen at the ferry building behind me you can see catchable ball and on the big mac with like five in the air at touchdown pass music and also at interactions piquancy while your dancing and and people have been waiting for this lot of people who were taking advantage of their lunch break.
6:07 pm
with a free concert happening right now i'd talk about a bid by this hat. awarded the one
6:08 pm
with. >> reporter: people are getting all the stuff that they want everyone wants a piece of superable 50. >> pam:bart riders--- listen up. there will be some changes this week that could affect your work commute. the embarcadero station entrance to market street. near spear street. is closed until feburary- 7th, with the exception of weekdays from 6-45 to 9-45 a-m. bart will work to have additional cars running to meet the demand of riders. officials suggest walking. carpooling or biking to the stations, since parking is not guaranteed. along with an increased number of trains, bart will also have more officers. san francisco's moscone center has several football themed attractions going on.
6:09 pm
the biggest being the nfl experience. new at six. kron4's maureen kelly shows us one area that allows fans to get up close to national sports broadcasting celebrities and >> reporter:fans can take a stroll.along what is called radio row.that's because many radio sports broadcasters have flown in from all over the county in order to set up their sound boards and microphones they can broadcast to their fans back home..but that's not the only media represented here.there's also several big national television networks who have built satelittle studios.where you can see how tv is made.the fans i talked to walking in and out of the shots say it's exciting to be so close to the action. bites. and because many of the talent used to play football's also a way to get close to some big name stars.
6:10 pm
all of this behind the scenes access is free.located is just steps away from the nfl store.inside moscone center maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:for music lovers - the super bowl continues to be a huge treat. there are lots of concerts happening - with more being added to the list. catherine heenan is here with the latest on what's being offered. >> catherine:most of the
6:11 pm
concerts are happening at san francisco's super bowl city stage. some are free.some require tickets. today we found out that free concerts from fall out boy, skrillex and hunter hayes are the latest to be added to the already jam-packed week. the performers join a long list of musicians set to appear ahead metallica to the red hot chili the dave matthews band and alicia keys. you're looking at just some of the line-up. other venues include pier 70.and at&t park. and of course, beyonce and cold-play are performing at the super bowl 50 halftime show at levi's stadium. if you love music - you have plenty of choices this week.we have all the details in the special super bowl four dot com. >> pam:the events continue all week long. leading up to the big game. but here's a look at what's going on tomorrow. super bowl city opens up in san francisco at 11 in the morning. at noon. the music group vocal and happening all day, from open
6:12 pm
lots of activities including. a on kron 4 dot com. we have an entire section dedicated to there you can find super bowl city events. and a detailed list of road closures in san francisco and around levi' stadium. we have also compiled the top ten super bowl plays of all it's all just a click away. at kron 4 is going all out for the big game. our crews will be fanned out across the bay area.covering all angles of super sunday. coverage begins at 7:00 sunday morning.then kron 4 new at 8.right after the big game and champion on sports night live. a complete day of big game coverage.right here on kron 4. to i >> britteny: tomorrow wednesday we are still tracking a chance of showers and light rain. live look outside conditions continue in the clouds increasing when speedster to relax a little bit alicea preconditions really windy conditions the we saw yesterday and satellite read our shot shows we see that develop
6:13 pm
offshore and the sec system moves closer to a spring another round of showers as we go into wednesday into the rest of tonight 44 degrees in san francisco 43 half moon bay. for up-to-the-minute weather alerts forecast in your neighborhood, the kron 4 mobile application
6:14 pm
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announcersave up to $300train's on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same day delivery. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. since san franisco police shot and killed stabbing suspect mario woods, there has been a groundswell of people calling for an independent investigation
6:17 pm
now federal officails have decided not to look into the shooting, but the police department intself. kron 4's dan kerman is live at the federal courthouse in san francisco with more dan >> reporter: they're going to look at the use of force and stops and things like that and say that this the plays are rolled the if the police decided take action or place decide not to take action. u.s. department of justice announced that it will launch an investigation into the san francisco police department's policies trading practices as they pertain to stop searches and use of force and if aureus ethnicity plays a role when please take action or choose not to take action.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: of compliance with the recommendations is voluntary mayor says that they will be implemented if not the doj says it has other options the they
6:19 pm
will be held in the city is different cisco with members of the community. >> pam:we now know that the escaped inmates spent as many as five nights in the bay area - before two of them saturday. >> catherine:this is video of hossein nayeri - and in a moment you'll see jonathan tieu - being escorted
6:20 pm
back to the orange county jail. we've also learned that it's believed they'd been planning their escape for about 6 months. a chilling detail - authorities jose. then they argued over whether to kill him. that didn't happen.but nayeri - allegedly fought about it. meantime - a woman who taught in the jail and was suspected of helping the men - has been
6:21 pm
released from custody. the district attorney announced jail officials today said that the escape is something that has 'embarrassed' - and they feel like they've let the public down. >> pam: >> grant: the ellises going was recent and san leandro this picture showing what's left of the chart toys the see we'll people right on these they're causing fires while charging likely culprit here this, and glen drive limited to the first floor of a home in this year's in touch with consumer products
6:22 pm
safety commission no injuries here. this followed hobart board up to serosa this want to dogs last week and fire officials trying to figure out which ones are safer not say if trendy catch up with these new cover boards. the city has no idea how long a burst water main has been the break could be the reason this two-million dollar home started sliding down a hill. the house was moving so quicklycrews had to demolish the whole structure to keep it from falling on the street below. the situation is still under investigation by the department of building inspection. the general manager says the city will pay for any damage caused by the break. independent engineers say neighboring homes are not at
6:23 pm
risk of sliding. >> britteny: have another system renounce another round of heavy wednesday afternoon and into early evening hours then after that our 7 day looks really good leading up to super bowl sunday all live look right now at what is next we expect receipt light rain moving in and then and no. they once again for fear it slowly turning southward as we head into wednesday rain and thursday tracking mostly sunny skies also will mark condition so you notice how temperatures continue to warm up as we head into a week and celebrate our shot shows we are dealing with cots in the northern part of a lot of moisture associated with
6:24 pm
that stunning push on shore and the system we will see moving in pushing into wednesday in time allowed for you on our future cast for. it shows clause will continue increasing into tonight and also light showers moving through and then for 5:00 in the morning 7:00 a.m. as you getting up heading to work moderate downpours of santa rosa and then into san francisco lawyer sematech of concord and and fairfield livermore fire lunch hour still dealing with a light showers mainly closer to tuesday said jose and we see quite conditions for your evening drive home by wednesday we have 1:00 in the afternoon four- o'clock widespread range falls expected pcl like this is. mr. parsons and rose a concord livermore pushing down into san mateo that we only expect a ton of an inch of rain a quarter of an inch and the system's not lot
6:25 pm
of rain things clear nicely as we head into a week saturday tracking temperatures in the low sixties for saturday planning that head of the several fifties sought at the stadium get close to 70 degrees or sunshine even warmer on sunday and then temperatures we see general lee on saturday and then forecast for you and to get to the rain tuesday wednesday. >> britteny: retract the warming conditions back to the '60s as early as thursday. >> pam:coming up superbowl city where raiders and
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
new at six. san francisco public school
6:28 pm
leaders are considering a new involving students and condoms. catherine is here with the details. >> catherine:those school officials are talking about whether to give out condoms to students at middle schools. the concern is the same with older students - the potential spread of sexually transmitted diseases -- and pregnancy among minors. the san francisco unified school district is talking about the policy change.and a final decision could happen soon. they might also eliminate the exemption option for parents who don't want their children involved. that policy is already in place for high schools. parents would still be notified annually about the program. >> pam:next at 6-30. the votes are being tallied right now from the first presidential contest of the election season. political communications consultant randy shandobil joins us live in-studio to break down plus.a potential water crisis in stockton. the meeting happening tonight to
6:29 pm
address treatment of that city's drinking water. and we now know when the world champion warriors will meet president obama at the white house. gary's here with sports at 6:45.
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
6:32 pm
>> pam: the trump was never run for political office will lead iowa as the winner in numbers are still coming in iowa caucuses are victoriously difficult to predict. for the democrats if hillary clinton is hoping to hold off challenges under bernie sanders a look at where things stand right now the close race with democratic said: currently has the lead over sanders' 51% 57% of the votes cast insofar remember these numbers can change dramatically as the evening progresses and the gop side ted cruise has the% of the votes of trump 27% market what rubio that too far behind the 19%.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: it is still early backing go either way on the democratic side the much of most people expected losses in poland paul had cleaned their very close clinton important for hillary she lost four years and years ago expected when and especially concerned because the next primary next week new hampshire bernie almost certainly and when that there. under a great deal of pressure to win tonight. other hubble can
6:34 pm
decide if trump looks like he will win and cruise has a slightly better edge. the third- place finisher may make the biggest news because performing much better the most predicted.
6:35 pm
in the caucasus as starts 7:00 p.m. and last two hours what it securely happens cattle speak to the people gathered after that the republicans cast private vet ballots and on the democratic side corners of the room if it's a school hillary supporters may go by the fund and senders may go to be other side.
6:36 pm
the chair >> reporter: as california liberal was likely will be decided for gets to california at least the republican side on the democratic side and once tonight more than likely shall go on to be a nominee. and the
6:37 pm
republican side this still open. >> britteny: the head and the rest of tonight tracking a few light showers that starts to go closer to midnight at your tracking light rainfall tomorrow also chilly start at your day temperatures dropping as low as 30 then as to why not the second system which will bring less light rainfall in to wednesday as we get through the two systems we will see a nice comfortable conditions for the
6:38 pm
rest of the work week and also into super bowl sunday highs tomorrow pushed back 57 degrees for 7 cisco 57 rosettes 57 hayward them by the end of a week and a weekend we have the '60s and close to 70 degrees on sunday and on the 70 forecast at the end of the show stay with us
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
city of stockton's getting star power and fight over water per as. tactics when the controversy and more on who's coming to town. >> grant: everyone agrees the water is not clean and water officials say we're going to treat it so the deal is this for for some homes or include organic material mixing chlorine generate potentially dangerous on health the byproducts of the people were upset and they invited people to a town hall meeting and that is just getting started at the call the city that the suggestion stocked in the next flint michigan and above the water is there. causes rashes cancer of the want the city to find another solution on developments
6:42 pm
there. sabol opening night potential media night the broncos for the fourth means demanding questions about possible retirement
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: good evening everyone at the nfl network commandeered media day turning it into and hosting the event as we speak everyone tries to get a word here there first pain manning the king for denver then can newton started a few minutes for those deals you concede world figures trying to show up and do their thing the first question
6:46 pm
marshal who lisa cliff hagan the first dibs on everyone as many as its u.s. game. "the answer to that all they have done well this season said in a moment"
6:47 pm
>> gary: new of program here on kron 4 as you can see all the reporters jumping around him will anchor the it o'clock news and we come on and nine and review what went down. the officer was knocked off his motorcycle and what was said to be minor injury no one reported any other injuries. yet both
6:48 pm
teams standing in the south bay and then talking so much about traffic and everything. >> gary: ago in the game on sunday of the carolina panthers
6:49 pm
and "all these guys and a lot of personal and i'm happy for what they have accomplished our to see them succeed a team of support for a while you know how hard they work and what they've put into the game. retire >> gary: news: johnson when the game's great players
6:50 pm
here a lot of money the bank for and tear on his body in future may even think about the one this any longer and dustin talk oakland raider offensive all of the season finale even see he is headed godunov taught that is marked with the new york giants and real quick here. nfl talking the have not ruled out was that assess the destination for possible franchise
6:51 pm
>> gary: disagreement physical this agreement the story goes with his ex-girlfriend and cleveland browns fans boycotting man cell on social media for a month. interesting there that the second pick in the draft and the court record cal. >> gary: >> pam: back with the forecast for the rest of the week
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
we to >> gabe: lisa see what they're doing to get ready for the survival week the enormous amount of self phones and data users. upon news tonight at 8:00 p.m.. wash >> pam: the big game on television in time for sunday first follow what is not faced up there you see how you can enter to win just-in-time for the big game then find out how to enter to win.
6:55 pm
moray >> britteny: as a push in the overnight hours into tuesday light rain police wednesday and then brings us more rainfall toward evening and take a look of the rest of your seventh day forecast thursday 60 degrees saturday sunday into low mid-60's temperatures close to the stadium get the '70s.
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