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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 9, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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and we hope you were able to get outside enjoyed the sunny conditions, and it is going to be a nice day. temperatures yesterday's in the 70s and low 80s and we are really liking this. today will be warm and above average, and by the way, you said thursday, and it is tuesday. everyone schedule is backwards. good tuesday morning. >> here is a live look at the bay bridge, clear skies on this tuesday morning, and tracking some fog in the north bay and in santa rosa where visibility is down to 8/10 of a mile. otherwise, no issues at most other locations, and some bait visibility is 7 miles. temperatures cool in the 40s, including livermore 43,
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pleasanton 42, upper 40s in oakland, 49 san jose, and mid to upper 40s in santa rosa. san francisco at 56 degrees at this hour. we will have a nice afternoon, temperatures in the 70s across the board. oakland got into the lower 80s yesterday. so that is a new record. today is cooler, but still very nice. mid-70s in union city, fremont, castro valley looking for a high of 73. heading inland, low to mid 70s, walnut creek high of 72, san ramon and livermore 75, 74 four the pleasanton area. plenty of sunshine, and you can see we have shaved off a 2 degrees from yesterday, but still above
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average. our warmest in the south bay, 74 and sunny bill, low 70s in downtown san francisco, 75 in santa rosa, lower 70s in vallejo. we will still track these chances for some showers, more details on that coming up. let's take a look at your traffic. let's take a look at the right at the bay bridge, for those of you getting into every just go, no major hotspot so far. if you are using westbound 80, clear across. you're right on 92 in the san mateo bridge is in good shape. up at the hayward, no major trouble spots. it will be a great wide getting over to the peninsula, 14 minutes from 880 it will be a great wide getting over to the peninsula, 14 minutes from 882 the 101 connector. your travel times look great in the bay area, out of south they
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in south san jose in palo alto, no major troubles -- trouble spots for 280, and maybe you have to use the guadalupe bay parkway. 85 to 101, no trouble. breaking news we are following from overseas, nine people are dead, 150 injured after a train collision in southern germany. this is the video of the first responders rushing to the scene of the crash. the trains hit head-on near the height of the morning commute, 40 miles south of munich. helicopters used to take the rescue workers to the crashing, and we will update you throughout the morning. in your political news, new hampshire is taking the first in the nation primary status seriously. the voters and three small towns, hearts, mills bill and dixville notch -- dickson not,
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turning out to vote shortly after midnight. >> reporter: the first votes were tallied just after midnight, and only five votes were counted, and bernie sanders gets for votes, hillary clinton.9, and they say that the notch has a good record electing republican nominees. >> they did not predict who will win the primary, but they are good at saying who the nominee will be in the town of mill field, ted cruz won the republican ballot, and clinton received two votes to sanders
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won both. but the town cannot make a difference in the overall tally, but the it is a -- it is a symbolic difference. the small-town results offer a positive for the winning candidates, for most of the day they are ahead, and the only officially tallied primary results. back your closer to home, sleeping of the confetti, and taking out the trash, the super bowl is over, and they are cleaning up. here is a picture of the aftermath of the super bowl city, and look on the lower right, thousands of employees that work again, and stranded for hours, waiting to get their shuttle back to their vehicles and we shared some video with the abc seven news, and they
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were out yesterday to take apart the nfl experience, and they found out that howard street will reopen today at five , and that is good news. and we will find out when the rest of the city will get back to normal. crews are taking apart super bowl city, the massive football crowds are gone, replaced by construction teams, tearing down banners and folding fences, one vote at a time. packing up is much more fun than the set up.>> this means we are that much closer to getting home. >> reporter: 1.1 million people came to enjoy super bowl city, and the nfl experience. some are sad to see this go, but others say do not let the door hit you on the way out. >> i am happy not to have to deal with the security issues, and to be able to get to work on time. happy to see it go, but it was a good experience.>> reporter:
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and visiting the breaking bread before the super bowl city came to light, and we checked into seat of the construction and crowd change the business. the manager says that friday and saturday for the busiest days ever. it is closed on sunday because it ran out of food. >> you would think there would be 15 people, and i've hundred turned out. >> reporter: they will stay closed until the 12th, a few more days of parking bans and traffic detours. the families say they are ready to put the super bowl 50 behind them. >> i'm so glad it is over. it was fun and awesome, but now we want peace. >> it was a potentially record- breaking weekend for the bay area transit as well. bart shows 354,000 people road bart over the weekend, and the
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light rail system in south bay was busy, and santa clara had nearly 10,000 riders heading to the game, so that is some impressive numbers. they have uncovered nearly 40 potential human trafficking victims and santa clara county leading up to the super bowl. they stepped up enforcement for three weeks as the game approached. they found 42 potential human trafficking victims, putting more than 20 of them in touch with rescue workers. most victims were from outside of the sarah plan a -- santa clara county, and stopped to question during a sting, and he was later released. we have a 26 children killed by the san francisco police to months ago, the subject of the surprise protest, and we report on how the protest over the death of mario woods made its way into the super bowl halftime.
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>> reporter: the dancers post with the mother of beyonce before the show, giving the black power salute in wearing green berets, similar to the black panthers in the 60s. on the field, they formed and "s" and some are blasting beyonce on social media, calling it infuriating. >> i cannot believe she used that as of platform against the police officers, the people that protect her and us. >> reporter: protesters gathered on the steps of the san francisco city hall to repeat their demands for changes in the san francisco police department.>> we demand that the chief be fired or resign.
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>> accused of stabbing a man before his encounter with the police, and officers say that he did refuse to drop is not, and they are conducting a review of that case. coming up, the employees working the super bowl at levi's stadium are upset about the logistical issues after the game, a story you will see only on kron4 . investigating a shooting along the east bay high rate -- highway, and what they are saying about that shooting. a rehab clinic moving in, having people concerned. a live look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well, and no problem at this early hour. we will follow the commute and a check on your forecast coming up in minutes. ÷h,z/
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checking in on your live look outside, here's the sender salt bridge, and so far it is
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good. let's get the latest on the forecast for today, a warm day expected around here. taking my dog out for a walk, he did not need a sweater, and he got to take it extra long walk, temperatures in the mid 70s and lower 80s yesterday. >> we did in have to get to the best part of the afternoon before we had a high in 70s. >> right now, it is cool outside, and a little bit cooler this afternoon, but plenty warm. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, tracking some fog, primarily in parts of the north bay. we have at chance, some locations that could set some record highs. here are the record highs for the state, and the four case --
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forecast, san jose is forecasted at 78, and the record was 74. oakland is probably setting a new record at the airport, getting close to the record high of 73, san rafael lower 70s, up record high of 75, forecast high of 73. here's how your day breaks down, i know that a lot of the kids had the day off for the lincoln birthday, but if you are heading into school, sunny and cool, mid-60s at lunchtime, mid- 70s across the border. visibility across the board is looking good with santa rosa down to less than a mile of visibility. up to a 9 mile visibility across the bay, and still slow getting out of town after super bowl sunday. as of right now, 40s and 50s, and the coolest readings at
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livermore and pleasanton, lower 40s, mid-50s in san francisco, mid to upper 40s in the north day at this hour. south bay highs, a warm day, and look at these numbers, upper 70s through santa clara, san jose, and in the valley low 80s for the afternoon. upper 70s for our friends in mountain view, plenty of sunshine. it will be a nice afternoon. in the peninsula, low to mid 70s, 73 palo alto, 69 bruneau, and we hit mid-70s yesterday, and we will shave off a few degrees. and ocean beach and pacifica looking at lower 70s, cooling down into the upper 60s for today. for the rest of the bay area,
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70s, 74 in oakland, 71 in san mateo, low 70s in antioch. looking at the next couple of days heading through wednesday and thursday, no rain yet, and continuing with a cool down for wednesday and thursday, back into the mid-60s, dry and sunny, very pleasant over the next several days. we are tracking a few systems that could bring us more rain in the bay area, and we will check that in your seven-day forecast. but for now, enjoy the sunshine. across the golden gate, pretty good shape, and if you are using the golden gate bridge, it is a good ride. south 101, drive time at 15 minute from san rafael and 580 san rafael, no problems heading into or out of san francisco. for the san mateo, a nice drive, and that minutes to the
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toll plaza to get to 101. again, no major trouble spots getting in our out of san rafael. even the east freeway is looking good right now. and tracking your time along the east shore freeway, 50 minutes from highway 4 to the maze, no trouble spots, and right now looking good. concord, walnut creek, alamo, 15 minute trip. and if you're traveling on south bay, 101 out of morgan hill looking good and into sunnyvale. san francisco residents, at the debose triangle are not happy, a sex offender rehab center is opening up, and people say this deal was quite be made without any update. >> reporter: they treat the sex offenders that are required to's -- to attend rehab as a term of
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parole or probation, and operating in this downtown building for decades. they have to move, and made arrangements to take over this spot at the end of the month, and the residents say they were not informed of this deal until after the appeal window had closed.>> if it were not for the article, we would not know about this. it is a big shock, and there was no transparency or visibility, or outreach that i'm aware of. >> reporter: the residents gathered at a community meeting to say that sharper future has put the profits above the public safety, and say that the company should not move into the debose triangle neighborhood, due to the homes and the child day care facilities.>> currently there are 900 petitioned supporters that believe that the brakes should be applied, and there should be
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a public dialogue, and this should be explored before they open and start bringing high risk sex offenders into the neighborhood.>> reporter: they say that the center will not be as bad as what people think, and is more than the required 250 feet from the daycare facilities. >> they are not at risk in the way that they think they are right now. hopefully we can bring the community around to see that they are better off watching the skies in the community than not. authorities are investigating an officer involved shooting in a domestic violence incident in daly city. the police received a call that a man with a knife was chasing a woman and he ran into a backyard, and the police confronted him and shot him, and this was near saint francis boulevard off of highway 101. this led to a lockdown of the nearby high school, and the
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deputies ones are not considered life-threatening. 29-year-old cook and 60- year-old rowe killed in an altercation, and the police responded to a call, and when they arrived they alerted the dispatchers that shots were fired, and they have limited information, but it appears to have started with an argument between a man and a woman. after super bowl 50, there are plenty of logistical problems for the levi's stadium employees that wanted to go home. and we have the reaction from the employees that want to see some change. >> [chanting "let's go home"]
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>> reporter: people that worked the super bowl 50 are stranded, their cars are parked miles away.>> my feet were swollen and it was a painful experience at that point. >> reporter: working the security at levi's stadium, and one word toward the feeling of the workers. >> resentment, only five buses and 10,000 employees. >> reporter: it took some of these men and women more than three hours to get home, and carlos paid a cab $15 to take them to a bus stop and took the bus home. for him, super bowl is a day he will never forget. >> on the 50 yard line, i have no words to express how often -- awesome that felt.>> reporter: carlos is looking forward to more big events at
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the levi's stadium, but hopes next time that the workers that made it happen are not stranded at the end. >> they made effort, and that need to focus on this. >> reporter: despite the major logistics problem, most employees say this is an experience they would not give up for anything. reporting from santa clara. coming up, the host for the view returning for another three years, and one tv drama is done. the details on the stories and more. here's a live look outside at the toll plaza camera, showing the right as you approach the bridge on westbound 80.
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one tv drama will be ending this season, and the host for
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the view has signed on for three more seasons, and your entertainment headlines are right now. this is your h tl daily wrap, beyonce announced to the world reducing -- releasing her first single since 2014, tackling tough issues like police mortality, hurricane katrina and black power. she also announced her upcoming world tour. all good things must come to an end, "the good wife," is done, they have decided this is the last season. nine episodes are left. and joy behar must be enjoying the view, sticking with it, the 73- year-old extended her contract for three more seasons. no word
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on whether whoopi goldberg will return. remember you can catch the hollywood today live every weekday afternoon at 1 pm here on kron4 . coming up next, the center for disease control is putting emergency operations on the highest level alert for the zika virus, and what the cdc is saying about the spreading of the virus. tracking cool conditions, 40s and 50s at this hour, 49 in san jose, and more details on your warm forecast coming up after the break.
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coming up on 4:30 am here on the kron4 news, the super bowl 50 party may be over, but cleanup continues across the bay. crews out tearing down super bowl city, three closures
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around the area in effect until thursday, and back out this morning to continue the work. the crews are also planning of the nfl experience at the marsh cone center, and -- open at 5 am, the latest from the crews on the scene. the rehab clinic coming to san francisco, and this is a sex offender rehab clinic, and this was made without input from those that live in the neighbor hood. those that are required to attend rehab as part of the parole or probation, and that have to move, so they made arrangements to move to building at the corner of church and in the duboce triangle at the end of the month. we have your updates for the 2016 new hampshire primary status, voters in the three small towns took to the polls early this morning at midnight,
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votes tallied just after midnight. most other polling stations are opening up this morning, staying open until later tonight, and we will follow the latest results from new hampshire throughout the day. here's a live look at the bay bridge approach on westbound 80, and talking about that weather, it was awfully warm, and then for a nice day today. >> temperatures once again above average, and we will not challenge as many records today, yesterday we saw a lot of records falling. 70s and low 80s, so no one is complaining. but we still need the rain, and we hope to get quite a bit this month. a live look at the ffo, clear conditions, good news for the flights going in and out this morning. a check on your tuesday morning warm-up, some locations that could challenge the records, san jose, record high of 74 and forecasting have a for the
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afternoon, so i think they will set a new record. oakland going for the forecast of 74, ffo getting close to record high, san rafael may tie a record, and napa going to get close to their record high. tracking some of fog, in the north bay, santa rosa continues to improve every 15 minutes or so, visibility just over one in a quarter miles. -- 1 1/4 miles. temperatures have cooled off, but still fairly mild for downtown san francisco, 56 degrees right now. upper 40s in oakland, and coolest reading in pleasanton and lower 40s, 43 in sunnyvale and san jose, and in north a, 49 in napa, 43 in santa rosa. plenty of sunshine in the forecast over the next several days, and the conditions will
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continue to cool beginning today, but a very gradual cool down. checking on the north bay, lots of 70s across the board, low 70s in the valley to san rafael, mid-70s in santa rosa, 73 in sonoma and napa. upper 70s in san jose, and maybe some low 80s once again. 74 and sonny bill and oakland, low 70s from fairfield and antioch, 74 in livermore. we are tracking rain, more details coming up. your time now is 4:33 am. tracking the ride around the bay area, starting off with the bay bridge commute into san francisco. there is a little bit of a backup on the right hand, but it is not affected your drive time coming out of oakland, and so far quiet, not the usual.
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your ride is 18 minutes from the oakland mays to the westbound and in downtown san francisco. the san mateo bridge, your connector between the east bay and peninsula, so far holding up well, and no major trouble spots for the bay shore. 14 to 15 minutes from 880 14 to 15 minutes from 882 101. tracking your drive through the east bay on highway 104, it looks good from 160 highway 104, it looks good from 162 242 in concord, and if you have to travel to the south bay peninsula, leaving sonny bill, looking good with no major slowdowns, 24 minutes for the ride. if you are traveling from the north bay, 12 minutes and no major trouble spots. in the headlines, the east bay highway patrol is investigating another shooting along the east bay highway, and it happened sunday night on interstate 80. the bullets flew through one
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car to another, and the police are still looking for the gunman this morning. >> reporter: driving along interstate 80 and be dangerous to your health, a 30-year-old man was critically wounded on sunday evening when one vehicle opened fire on another near the appian way exit. >> the more you hear about it, the scarier it is. >> reporter: many are worried, not the first car to car shooting, the latest in a series since november on interstate 80. the intended victims wounded, and that are the bystanders. >> it worries me. if i was driving on the freeway that there were multiple shootings in the last two months, i would be worried because i have family. >> these are the same kind of incidents we have fed problems with enrichment for years. luckily, they have been
4:36 am
diminished substantially over the last 10 years. >> reporter: the richmond mayor says that he is alarmed by the highway violence.>> a lot of them are rivalries between different geographic areas, and not even gangs in the classic sense of the word. they are rivalries, people settling old debts.>> reporter: the highway patrol met with the police agencies to try to figure out how to put a stop to this and make some arrests. he says that it looks as if the shootings are not random, but targeted. >> the message is that the general public, not something that they need to be concerned about. that does not mean it is a good thing, but we are not talking about a sniper shooting random people on the freeway. >> that does not put me at ease. >> reporter: some people say it is not the random or targeted that counts, but what counts is
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an arrest.>> when people do things like this it will catch up with them.>> reporter: the chp met with various police agencies, and no law enforcement agency is detailing a plan to put a stop to these freeway shootings. along interstate 80, kron4 news. the cdc is putting the emergency center on its highest level of alert, more than 300 staff members working in the command center to coordinate the response to this zika virus, and president obama is asking congress for 1.8 alien dollars to fight the disease, and the cdc says it will be hard to start -- and stop the spread of the virus. >> it is an aggressive daytime biker, -- biter, and lives inside and outside the home, and it can be hard to control
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it. >> the cdc says the process could take years. coming up, i hackers at it again, the 20,000 employees personal data compromised. it started with the puppy bowl, and these guys need a new home. >> up for adoption, and details coming up. we are expecting another warm day around the bay, and look for more of the same today. coming up on for 45 coming up on for 40 5 am -- 4:45 am.
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we are back, your time now is 4:40 am. the winner for the super bowl got endorsements and deals to disneyland, but those the plate in the puppy bowl had to go back to the animal shelter, and those puppies are now desperate for a new home.
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>> reporter: they drew some is huge crowds, the rough and tough team at the puppy bowl in san francisco. but the puppies had to go back where they came from, a sheltered cage. >> and now these champions need a new home.>> reporter: with names like the broadway joe and montana, a total of 12 puppies up for adoption.>> so far only three have left.>> reporter: and virginia of the san francisco animal care and control says they had a stellar performance on the field, and the puppy bowl is proof.>> they can stand and active environment, and they are starters. >> as of now, nine puppies are left out of those original 12.
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they are half-price, $87, and they will be spayed or neutered, and the mixes are free. it will require an extensive background check on the new owners. taking a break. coming up, while the blue angels performing over the air in the super bowl 50, others were performing on the ground, and we are not talking about beyonce. we will explain on the next edition of people behaving badly . we will have a live look and an update on your commute at this early hour. and welcome to everything about real estate. what you see in 2016? >> i like what i'm seeing in 2016, and if you are a homeowner, you have a window of opportunity, and conditions are favorable. >> even though interest rates
4:43 am
have picked up a little bit? >> they went up slightly, but reasonably low, and homeowners are saying that they have a still less than normal inventory. >> that sounds like a bad thing. >> it is a good thing because you have less competition, and focusing on gaining the most value for your home. what is the typical person that you help? >> we help a variety of individuals, perhaps folks of wanting to sell a property to move up, or maybe they want to downsize and retire, or a relocation. are they are tired of being a landlord, and they want to get rid of the secondary properties . >> and who do they talk to when they called you? >> they will speak with me directly, and i will help them figure out what is best for them in meeting their goals and moving forward. >> if i want to sell a home, i
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don't want a for sale sign in front of the house.>> neither would i, and i did not want a sign, and in this modern day age, you do not need a for sale sign or the open houses. we focus on individual privacy while maintaining their goals. >> that sounds amazing, and if that sounds good to you, give them a call, and when you're home closes, you get a five-day cruise for two. you can call them or email them. the experts you can count on. 4:44 am incher time, and welcome back to the news. some stores where working on, breaking news out of the south day, one woman was shot at an apartment complex, and we have the updates on the situation. another round of severe
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winter weather is slamming the east coast while we enjoy above average temperatures here in the bay, and we will update you in a moment. shark attacks are on the rise, and experts say that this is just the beginning. talking about the local forecast, a live look at the golden gate bridge, reconfiguring the bridge for your morning commute, and we will update you on your ride in just a moment but as for the forecast, not much to worry about. >> temperatures backing off a little bit today, but a nice afternoon, lots of warm weather, and challenging some records this again afternoon. many records failed yesterday, and we, today, a nice day. san mateo bridge, looking at clear conditions this morning, and san jose, good morning. we haven't quick check on your dayplanner, and it will be a
4:46 am
warm day. right now 49, lunchtime lower 70s under sunny skies, and by 3 pm, a high in the upper 70s today, almost close to 80. and looking for the low 70s, mid-60s at 8 pm, and have the barbecue on the patio. visibility looks pretty good with the exception of santa rosa, tracking fog and visibility over 1 1/4 miles this morning. temperature cool out there, low 40s for pleasant ton, and 43 in livermore. upper 40s in oakland with clear skies, 56 in san francisco, and good morning to santa clara, 44 degrees. a lot of 70s, and a nice afternoon, so get outdoors. 74 for pleasant ton and livermore, and fremont warming up to 76 degrees.
4:47 am
74 in oakland, low 70s in downtown san francisco, 70s across the north bay and along the delta. the cooldown will continue, and you can see this gradual cooldown with upper 60s for wednesday, and thursday mid-60s, but still plenty of sunshine, and it will be dry. dry conditions will continue over the next several days, including for friday for most of the bay area, and a slight chance far north a shower, but a very small chance over the weekend. over the weekend, dry in temperatures around average. we could see some rain next week , tuesday and wednesday, but for date on this fat tuesday, enjoy the warm conditions and all of the celebrations. let's start off with their riding into san francisco, backing up on the bay bridge plaza, and you can see the cash
4:48 am
lanes are backing up toward the end and the west side is clear. no problems on the bridge, nothing going on, the backup is considered normal and happens during the shift change when the toll takers are heading in and out. clearing the maze and san francisco, so overall your ride is 10 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco. here's a look at the 580 west, picking up, and more commuters on the road now, but no problems on the north bay, eight minutes total from the toll plaza to 101, a good drive time. tracking your travel time to the south bay, sonny bill, a quick seven minutes. no problems for 85 heading north, and at the to any split into mountain view, clear. to san jose, the ride on southbound 680, no trouble spots.
4:49 am
your hotspots throughout the south day, none today. medical examiners have released the names of three people killed during a car chase in san francisco, jean munley, david hamilton and maligned roland all died as they tried to get away from the police, and here's what the scene look like after the crash, and it burst into flames. the officer saw a car doing doughnuts, and they tried to pull the car over but the driver took off. and the car ran several red lights before crashing into a taxi and bursting into flames. the taxi driver suffered minor injuries. and national headlines, hackers published contact information for 20,000 fbi employees, the leak coming after the personal data for 10,000 homeland security employees posted. they said that the information
4:50 am
was pulled from the department of justice database, and included the #free palestine, names, phone numbers and addresses were all included in that data. they said it does not look like the social security numbers were access, but the other information was, and the justice department is investigating. a small plane lost power while taking off in leaving the santa barbara airport. it started to come down after reaching 300 feet and altitude, and the pilot was able to guide it to a sloppy area near the runway to avoid hitting anyone. >> he walked away from it, so that means he did a very good job.>> the pilot was taken to the hospital, suffering minor injuries, and the safety board is investigating. all hands on deck when it comes to covering the super bowl 50, just about everybody available at trend one -- kron4
4:51 am
was there to help out, but despite that, some said they doubt some people were there. your report on behaving badly. >> i think i just got fooled by dumb and dumber. >> we are dumb and dumber.>> i told you. the rumor is i never actually attended a super bowl 50 and that i just photoshop myself into the event. but since i was not really there, i will tell you what i really did not see. the security event, it turns out all you had to do was to be on the compound and wrap your sharp and caught in an aluminum
4:52 am
foil, and you could get a hot dog that was eight dollars cheaper than in the stadium, and it comes with they can. but on this shopping cart, there was not a bacon wrapped shopping cart hot dog. we kept looking at these signs of people holding up one or two fingers, looking for anyone to sell them a ticket. and this guy holding up two tickets as if they were for sale. and you would think that the people with the fingers would get with the people with the tickets, except that the guy with the tickets had a sign around his neck saying he needed tickets. my head just exploded.>> i need some tickets, so if you know someone, let me know.>> but since people do not listen, here are all the persons, and by the way, if it were not for
4:53 am
people standing around here, somebody would have probably been run over, but how would i know, because i was not really there. stanley roberts, kron4 news . lines out the door this coffee shop, and serving people and we will have that story. here's a live look out at the richmond bridge, and we will be back with more of your news, weather and traffic.
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we are back. the golden state warriors did not have the game yesterday, but one player managed to cause frenzy, customers lined up at this coffee shop in berkeley, and the reason is green.
4:56 am
>> it was on the radio, and i realized i had to come. >> i wonder how long it took them to make each drink. >> he said that 5% of the proceeds were donated to the lawyers committee foundation, and they said that this is a one time deal, and do not expect to see green there again anytime soon. the warriors taking on the houston rockets, and there was in overtime loss, but the warriors are looking to extend their winning streak at home, record currently held at 44 games. if we win today, we will be two shy of tying that record, a tipoff time is tonight at we will be two shy of tying that record, a tipoff time is tonight at 7:30 pm. coming up, two trains
4:57 am
collided head on, and we bring you the latest from that in germany. the nation's first primary, and we will tell you where the candidates stand as of now in new hampshire. crews are working to clean up the super bowl city, and we will tell you which roads are set to reopen, and win. here is a live look out south -- westbound 80, and more of your news coming up in just a moment. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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good morning, i am darya folsom. >> and we have shooting at an apartment complex. will tran is live on scene.>> reporter: you can see the
5:00 am
police tape right here, and walking over, doing a news conference life, this happened at about 1 am, a woman was rushed into surgery, and that do not know the status. they have arrested a man, and both were in the 20s, and they do not know the relationship right now. >> i don't know the relationship between the parties. >> reporter: does it appear they live in the same apartment? >> we are still investigating. her condition is unknown, and we do not know her exact condition.>> reporter: can you tell us what you know so far? can you tell us from the top what happened? >> the officers received a call to this complex, shots fired, and while they were in route, it was upgraded to a report that someone was shot.
5:01 am
the officers found a female victim suffering from a life- threatening gunshot wound, and transported to the hospital, one suspect is in custody. >> reporter: what she inside or outside? >> we are still investigating. >> reporter: and you have someone in custody? >> and adult male suspect, and we do not know the relationship at this point.>> reporter: was the arrest without incident or hard? >> the suspect is in custody. >> reporter: that was live with the lieutenant, the first news came on the scene, and they have expanded this scene. when i arrived at 4 am, there was no police tape, and they have crime scene tape up, and they do not the will -- want people to trample across the scene, and you just heard the lieutenant say that the investigation is ongoing.
5:02 am
they do not know whether or not the woman will live or die, and it does not sound good as far as her injuries. hopefully, this will not happen, but if she does die, this will turn into a murder investigation, but for now it is a attempted murder investigation. you can get our alerts to breaking news like this story, anytime anywhere free by downloading our mobile app. a live look at our camera at the ffo, crystal-clear and a warm morning. a beautiful day. >> and yesterday we had that heat that threatened and broke number of records around the bay, lots of beautiful sunshine. today, more of the same. nice and clear out there and conditions rivaling yesterday. we will be shy by a few degrees, but that will make no difference to you, mid-70s for most folks, and reaching into
5:03 am
the upper 70s later today. as you get ready for school or work, 8 am when the classes begin at the peak of the morning commute, we will look for temperatures in the upper 40s the low 50s, and by noon warming up nicely. mid to upper 60s for most of the bay area, and the coastal communities could be pushing 70. by 3 pm, sunshine unobstructed, warming up to the mid-70s for many communities, and a few getting into the upper 70s, mainly in the south bay. we will update you on the daily high's coming up, and a look at which communities could break some records, all in 15 minutes. we have a quick update on the morning ride. >> we are hotspot free, early morning commuters are behaving so far. about 15 minutes ago, it was backing up in the cash lanes, and now it is wide open.
5:04 am
your drive time is like 8 to 10 minutes from the maze heading into downtown, no trouble spots or accidents. coming up, we will look at your drive times and track your ride through the south day. breaking news out of southern germany this morning, a deadly train collision. we are at the news desk. >> nine people dead, more than 150 injured after two commuter trains hit head on in germany. all of the survivors have been pulled from the wreckage. the death toll could climb, and here is video of the emergency responders rushing to the scene of the collision. they hit in the height of the morning commute at 7 am local time, 40 miles south of munich in bavaria. they are using helicopters to get the rescue workers to the crash scene, 49 dead, 50 people
5:05 am
seriously injured. and how to trains could collide head-on -- two trains could collide head-on is unclear, and they will analyze the data recorders. they added that the collision occurred at the curb -- curve at the rail lines, and neither driver had time to break before hitting head-on. the new hampshire is taking its first in the nation primary status, and seriously. the voters in three small towns take pride in being the first of the first, and the votes were tallied in the town of dixville notch, nine votes, and three boats over the the donald trump two, bernie sanders gets for both, hillary clinton getting none. the experts say that dixville notch is good for predicting republican party nominates. >> they have not predicted who
5:06 am
will win the primary in new hampshire, but the dixville notch has predicted who the ultimate nominee will be. >> and the town of heart had five votes, chris christie got four, -- trump got four, chris christie two, and in most fields, ted cruz one that, and most other polling stations just opening, and will stay open until later tonight. 5:06 am. traffic is beginning to get back to normal after the super bowl, and the howard street is reopening right now, and the crews started tearing down the super bowl city on sunday afternoon, and back at it early yesterday morning, and they will be working from dawn till dusk tearing down that elaborate set up, and the tear
5:07 am
down could be done as soon as thursday. officials say that 1.1 million people came to san francisco to enjoy the festivities, and the people that work in this area are glad to see the city get back to normal. >> i am happy not to deal with the security issues and to be able to get to work on time. it was a good experience, but happy to see it go. >> it was fun and awesome, but we want to get some peace now. >> and the burning people, from burning man. the manager of breaking bread says that on friday and saturday, that was their busiest days they have ever had. >> and more than 40 potential trafficking victims found, leading up to the super bowl,
5:08 am
santa clara deputies found 42 potential victims, and put more than 20 of them in touch with social workers. 30 men were cited and arrested for soliciting prostitution, and most of the victims were not from in a clare county. the sex offender rehab clinic coming to san francisco, and the people that live in the area are not happy, and said that the deal was made quietly without input from the neighborhood in the duboce triangle area, and these sex offenders that are required to attend rehab as part of their probation, and they had to move from their previous location, and will move to the corner of church and duboce by the end of the month. >> we started a petition on
5:09 am
change. or when this became known, and there are 900 supporters that believe that there should be a public dialogue and this should be explored before they start bringing in high risk sex offenders to the neighborhood. they are defending their move saying that the offenders where ankle monitors and that -- where ankle monitors and that they have low risk of reoffending. beyonce was center stage during the halftime show, and while the tv cameras focused on her, one of her dancers was posing for a different video calling for justice for mario woods. and you can see them giving the black power salute, as in the 1960s. and this was a reference for the x on the field in reference to malcolm maddox.>> i thought
5:10 am
this was outrageous that she used this to attack police officers, the people that protect her and that protect us. back the video quickly went viral, and a suspect in the stabbing, officers asked him to drop the knife and he refused, and they are calling for changes to the san francisco police department. the san francisco board of supervisors will both on legislation that will require people to lock up their guns that are lifting cars in the city. there have been several hold -- high-profile shootings involving guns that were stolen from the vehicles. one woman shot and killed while walking with her dad along the pier with her dad. and it was also used to kill a tourist and a yoga instructor. they are telling people to lock
5:11 am
the gun in the truck that cannot be open from the main body of the car or to lock the gun into a box attacks to the vehicle. there could be some voting on this this weekend it could be passed as early as the afternoon. we are enjoying some record high temperatures, but the storm is slamming the east coast. today is fat tuesday, and we will take you through some of the big celebrations going on right now in new orleans.
5:12 am
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tracking the weather, look at what is happening across the country, the snow in massachusetts, creating whiteout conditions, and this is sandwich, massachusetts. and this is marshfield
5:15 am
massachusetts, and driving conditions in the boston area are on the bottom side of your screen, and new hampshire is getting hit with that severe weather, and new england could get up to 4 inches of snow, and philadelphia and new jersey are getting hit as well. eastern massachusetts and rhode island getting up to 9 inches of snow with windy conditions. >> i like that, sandwich, mass. mass. lookout big this storm system is, from the great lakes down the tennessee, down to the tennessee valley in out to the east coast enough through new england. this is not the first term, they could have a series of these winter blasts rocking through. we checked with the delay status, and so far no airports showing delays, but look, we
5:16 am
have winter storm warnings in effect, coastal flood advisory's in effect, and a number of stages underneath all of that, watches and warnings across the entire eastern one third of the u. s., making national headlines for the next few days. we will track this on the news and weather center side. and our neck of the woods, not bad, good conditions here at the san rafael bridge, crystal- clear, and you can see all we out. san jose will have warm day, temperatures getting back into the upper 70s this afternoon. we start off in the upper 40s, but look at this projection, temperatures in the 70s by noon, pushing close to the 80 degree mark by 3:57 pm today. most of the santa clara valley will follow patterns just like this. a little bit of fog, mainly in the north bay, and you can see that the rest of the map has 10 miles of visibility or better,
5:17 am
meaning it is nice and clear. it is on the cool side, temperatures at 41 in pleasanton, livermore. 43 santa rosa, 46 san jose, milder as we get closer to the water. look at disparity, 49, san francisco downtown 56. temperatures are burying this morning. later on today, low to mid 70s, and it will be a nice warm day. we could push some record- breaking high temperatures today, which means mid-70s this time of year is nicer. not hot, but warm and comfortable, and we will have a list of the locations that could tighten their record temperatures. your three-day outlook, wednesday and thursday, this nice weather will continue, but dropping a little bit in the daytime highs, getting to the normal on friday and the weekend. no rain, a slightest chance in
5:18 am
the north bay, on friday but that is eat. the next shot of rain could come the end of next week, and we will track that system to see if it continues to come in our direction. let's get to the traffic center. pleasant driving conditions, if you are a san mateo commuter, you will like the drive, and getting a little bit crowded, but no major trouble spots out of the east bay. only 50 minute drive time from the hayward connecting to 101 and san mateo. if you have to use the golden gate bridge, quiet so far in traffic picking up southbound. traffic heading into san francisco, four-lane south two lanes north, a good ride. 15 minutes for the drive time on south 101, and i am also tracking your commute throughout the south bay. it is a good-looking ride on 101, coming out of san jose and sunny bill, under 20 minutes.
5:19 am
no problems for them northbound 17, and if you are riding from the santa cruz mountains, only 15 minutes from the summit to the 280 split. 15 minutes from north 1012 san mateo to get to san francisco. the police are investigating an officer- involved shooting in daly city. we have video from that scene, and this just happened before 1 pm yesterday on 101, they received a call that a man with a knife was chasing a woman. the officers cornered him in the backyard of the home and he was shot, but is expected to survive. the jefferson high school was put on lockdown by the police continued with this. after super bowl 50, plenty of logistical problems that the levi's stadium for employees at wanted to go home. the game had been over for hours, but people that worked
5:20 am
12 to 14 hours were left stranded after the night. thousands of contract employees, security guards, workers and more were waiting in line for hours to get the shuttle to get back to their cars which work 6 miles away. and working since the first soccer game at levi's stadium had one word to say to management. >> my feet were swollen, painful experience at that time. resentment. >> it took some of these people more than three hours to get home, and some could not stand to wait, so they pay for taxi to take them to the nearest bus stop. the levi's stadium management and delete services have not commented on the problem. the nfl released a statement about the transportation problems, and they said they apologized to the employees that were delayed
5:21 am
in getting home, and they are looking into why they were an insufficient number of buses available. jaymie matthews is officially announcing his surprise retirement, and holding a news conference. he was voted into office in 2014, and he is stepping down two years as mayor before his term expires, and the spokesperson said that he wants to go out on a high note because the super bowl was so successful, and he wants to spend more time with his family. the faculty, counselors and librarians preparing at the ut campus for a five-day strike, the largest strike since the collective bargaining started in the early 80s. the union leaders vote for walk out to be held on april 13-15, and the 18th and 19th of april unless they get a better contract offer before that. the issue and the size of the pay raise, the faculty
5:22 am
association once a 5% increase, and the university is offering 2%. the people across the orleans are making the combination of the mardi gras season, and marching bands parading down st. charles avenue, and it is fat tuesday. here is the krewe of orpheus parade, marching to the new orleans convention center, and mardi gras is the biggest tourist attraction for the city. thousands of people in the city to see these elaborate parades and to catch the beads, and one last day of the party because tomorrow is ash wednesday. pastry flying off of the store shelves, and it is called the boochski, and it has a religious origin, and eaten by those that partake in the past. ash wednesday is tomorrow. the national zoo panda is
5:23 am
learning how to climb the tree, and the little baby thinks it is not as easy as it looks, and we will show you the video. as you approach the bay bridge, not a ride -- bad ride it all right now. in the battle of the burgers, one made a "declaration of delicious"... ...jack. he set forth, armed with artillery no one saw coming. so that everyone could taste history-making burgers. and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack. history never tasted so good.
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5:26 am
nigerian medical student wanted to give harvey a more conservative look, and made to be more appealing to the muslim girls. this is taking instagram buys dorm, 20,000 followers. -- by storm, 20,000 followers. i don't think this is from barbie. and here we have this six- month-old panda, learning to climb the trees at the national zoo, and so we have to cut him some slack. it is not easy. and $1.5 million to boost the panda population, and we do not own these pandas, we rent them. they are the property of the chinese government, but they are awfully cute. these are better than the cat
5:27 am
videos. >> i think so, because i am not a cat person. and do not email me. >> people will spend all day sending you an email for that comment. your forecast, let's move on to something that everybody can agree on, and that is this fantastic weather. in the south bay, pushing the 80 degrees mark, and we have your forecast, straight ahead. the police in this east bay community say they had been hit by a rash of home burglaries, and coming up, we will tell you where that community is, and how they are doing, coming up. out thcoff i was drkingavinacid nev dawd one th itouldurt ur tth. he td meo uspronel. it'soingo he proct the ameln yo tee. it aows to ntin to dnk mcoff, and was reaeasy
5:28 am
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5:29 am
suretakeife !
5:30 am
welcome back, 5:29 am. let's take a look at your weather and traffic on this tuesday. >> this weather changes your mood. >> yes, it makes me feel better.>> and early this morning i welcomed everybody to thursday morning. >> but the traffic is quiet. no major hotspots, and backing up at the bay bridge. yesterday we saw the ladies -- delays not because of the weather, but everybody was trying to get out of town. this morning it looks nice outside. cool conditions, but not bad. temperatures in the 40s for most folks, low 50s, depending on where you are. your forecast, as you get the kids ready to school, 8 am temperatures in the 40s and low
5:31 am
50s, and by noon time, upper 60s and around the 70 degrees mark with any of sunshine, nice and sunny all day. temperatures this afternoon warming up into the mid-70s for most locations, and even south bay will be getting warmer to that. and is it warm enough to type break some records for today? potentially, and i was show you that list coming up. let's get your update on the early morning ride. robin has the official word. >> some folks are about to leave home and head into san francisco, backed up at the toll plaza on the oakland side. just beyond 880 and it will be nice and smooth on the eastern span, and it is clear out to the james way. you have to work your way through this short stretch. less than 15 minutes from
5:32 am
downtown oakland to the westbound skyway. tracking you through the golden gate, and looking at the travel times through the south bay, coming up. happening now, a rash of home burglaries in tremont over the past week. we are live with the tremont police department with a look at the location of these break- ins. >> reporter: there is a rash of home burglaries, and that includes these packages, 12 incidents and one week here in fremont, obviously the remark police are anxious to capture the people are persons responsible. you can take a look here, on this map, the area where the residential burglaries are happening, spread out across the area. they all occurred early and late last week, the first one occurring on february 2, on tuesday, and the homeowner came
5:33 am
home and noticed that the front door was open. when the officers went inside, they noticed the home had been ransacked. there were several more on that tuesday and on wednesday, and on thursday another person came home to find somebody standing at his front door. when he questioned the person, he said he was looking for sun and ran off, but when the police arrived on scene, they noticed there was damage to the front door. they have noticed a rash of package thefts in the area, and these incidents have not been connected to each other, but obviously they will continue to look through the surveillance cameras. in one instance, a neighbor's surveillance camera captured a car that left the scene, described as a white sedan. obviously, if you have any information, the fremont police is looking for any help. the search is on for the gunmen involved in another car to car shooting along the east
5:34 am
bay highway. they say that the most recent shooting happened on sunday night on interstate 80 in for no, a 30-year-old man was critically injured when somebody from another vehicle opened fire -- fire on their car and the people that drive along 80 between richmond and phenol every day are worried about this. this is the sixth shooting on i- 80 since november, and all of them happen in richmond, san pablo and phenol. and the mayor of her richmond said he is alarmed. >> these are the same incident so we have had enrichment for years, -- in richmond for years, and luckily they have diminished substantially over the last two years. a lot of this is rivalries in the geographic areas, and not even gangs in the classic sense of the word. they are rivalries, people settling old debts. >> the mayor says that the highway patrol met with the police agencies last week to
5:35 am
try to put a stop to this and to make some arrests. the police are banning the use of the chokehold as a tactic to overcome resistance, and they have been working on a policy since 2014. a new york city police officer killed a man after putting him in a chokehold. it does allow the officers to use the chokehold as a deadly force option if they are in danger of being killed or seriously injured. they are allowed to use a similar technique that will restrict the blood flow to the brain, but not impact the breathing. emergency operations center in atlanta on the highest level of alert due to the zika virus. the cdc says that more than 300 staff members are working in the command center to monitor and coordinate the response to the disease. they said it will be hard to stop that spread. >> the mosquito that spreads the zika virus is a aggressive
5:36 am
daytime biter. it lives inside and outside the home, and it will be hard to control it. >> they are working on a vaccine, but that could be years away. in the meantime, the zika virus does not seemed -- seem to be stopping the carnival in rio, hotel bookings are up this year. they are urging people to take precautions to avoid a mosquito bite. president obama is asking for 1.8 alien dollars to fight the zika virus here in the u. s., and they want this for the emergency response in the u. s. and overseas. it has spread to 29 countries, 50 americans have returned to the u. s. infected. president obama will travel to san jose in stay overnight, and on thursday he will go to two democratic events in san
5:37 am
jose, and this could impact your traffic. the president administration will not release to travel routes in advance. coming up, the super bowl is gone, but the puppy bowl, those participants still need a home. a small plane crashed shortly after takeoff in santa barbara, and we will show you that emergency landing. shark attacks are on the rise around the world, and experts say this is just the beginning. and 10 minutes ago the bay bridge was empty, and here's a live look. d a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers
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5:40 am
so no problem getting into downtown san francisco. 5:39 am. the denver broncos given a champions welcome as they arrive back into denver yesterday. here's a look at the video as they got to the airport, and stepping off of the airplane, they pulled off a win here in the bay area at the levi's stadium, earning them their third nfl championship. the fans will line the streets of downtown denver for a super bowl championship parade. it will lead up to a rally, and the players, coaches and the mayor of denver, governor of colorado, they will all be there. and what did peyton manning do after winning the super bowl? he goes to disneyland, and you can see him riding on a float with the disney characters on downtown main street. his four-year-old twins are right next to him. more than 5000 people lined the
5:41 am
streets of disney to check out that parade. and to celebrate the broncos win. and those winners of the super bowl are getting endorsements, and the puppy bowl, these puppies are now back at the animal shelter, 12 puppies up for adoption, and only three have been adopted so far. and virginia at the animal control says that the performance and the puppy bowl is proof that these dogs will make a great at. -- great pants. -- pets. >> they can withstand an active by environment, and they are great stars.>> the puppies are $87, and they will be spayed or neutered. there will be an extensive background check. looking at the nice and warm temperatures again today, a live look at your zone
5:42 am
forecast for san francisco and the financial, 71 degrees in the the city, 73 in palo alto, and along the coast, looking at this warm beach like weather in february, and your full forecast is coming up in a moment. in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms. eo ifor ults wi asta nowellontrled on lontermsthmcontl medine, liken inled rtictero. breoon'tepla a rcueinhar for suen bathi proems. breopensp aiays hel improvbreaing r a ll 2 hos. br conins typef mecine thatncrees t risof dth fromsthmprobms and may ineasehe rk hostalitionn ildr anddoleents breos nofor oplehose asth is ll ctrold on long-tm asma ctrolmecine like ainhad coicosroid once yr asma iwellcontlled yo docr wi dece ifou can st breand escre a differenasth conol dici, li an halecortosteid. do notake eo me th escred. see ur dtor youasth doesot irover ge wor.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
welcome back to the kron4 news, some of the stories we are working on, breaking news in san jose, a woman was shot in an apartment complex, and we understand they have suspect in custody.>> reporter: the
5:46 am
chicago police officer shoots and kills the teenager, and a woman is caught in the crossfire, and the officer is suing the family of the teenager saying that it left him traumatized, and we will tell you more. how one woman, her fitbit discovered her pregnancy before she did. >> now i am wondering. >> just saying, someone else's heartbeat. >> that is a good guess. >> that weight gaining. if you're going to the beach or staying in, doesn't matter because we see 70 degree weather across the board, crystal clear conditions like yesterday. only a little bit of fog out there, the golden gate bridge pointing in the direction of where we see the fog in the north bay at santa rosa, 3 mile visibility, and the fog is moving around a little bit. it will ebb and flow, be heavy
5:47 am
at times, and you could run into it. 9 mile visibility along the peninsula coastline. temperatures depend on where you are, cold in the livermore valley, 41 degrees. 46 in san jose, oakland 49. downtown san francisco 56. there is a temperature range to start off the day, but it will eventually even out. clear skies dashed clear skies expected this afternoon, but not expected to impact sunshine too much. still warm enough that we will enjoy some nice low to mid 40s across the bay area. temperatures in the upper 70s for most of the santa clara valley. all in all pretty good. 72 to 74 inland and east bay, and north day will get a day of 70s, all the way up to 75 degrees. get out there and enjoy each day for the rest of the week, gradual cooling taking hold.
5:48 am
by the weekend, we should be back to where we should be. there is a blip on the radar for friday, extreme northern communities could see this system to the north, but not expected to impact the bay area except for the communities weight north. the rest of us will be dry well into the next week. we are still hotspot free, but the backup of the bay bridge toll plaza is growing, in through the maze, at the foot of the maze, racking up to the 580 connector. still a good ride across the upper deck in the san francisco, 50 minutes from the maze to downtown, 25 minutes to downtown oakland, and a pretty good ride with no major trouble spots in san francisco to add to the slowdown. 92 and matteo bridge, great time to get out there, trouble free between 880 and 101. it is backing up heading south from 238, just south of it 92,
5:49 am
but where you connect to 92 it is a good ride. i am tracking your south bay commute, looking great, nothing but green on the map, 101 north out of morgan hill, 32 minutes with no major trouble spots getting to san jose. all look pretty good in the south bay. we know the names of the three people that were killed during a car chase in san francisco, jean malay, david hamilton and roland seney died as they tried to get away from an officer of the weekend. here's what the scene look like after the car crashed into a taxi and it first in the flames. the officer saw a car doing doughnuts on a crowded street in san francisco. they tried to stop the driver but he took off, and the car ran several red lights before crashing into a taxi and catching on fire. the taxi driver had minor injuries. 5:49 am.
5:50 am
investigators are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to lose power and crash, and the engine failed as it left the santa barbara airport, and it started coming to the ground after reaching 300 feet. the pilot guarded it to a swampy area near the runway. >> he walked away from it, so in our world, that is a good job. >> that is what they say, it is a good landing if you can walk away. they are investigating. more debris found from one of the two small planes, they collided off of the coast of los angeles last week. they are searching in area 2 miles from the port of los angeles. they have found the body of the two men in the wreckage of a small plane, and they are still looking for the body of the woman that is believed to be the pilot of the second plane, and no sign of her aircraft
5:51 am
either. the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs where the three people were killed in november is set to reopen next week, and it has been closed since black friday, when the police officer and two civilians were killed in that shooting spree that lasted several hours. nine other people were injured, and the schools and hospitals were lockdown during the shooting. there was a mental competency evaluation ordered, for robert dear jr., facing felony counts including murder and attempted murder. planned parenthood will have increased security at that clinic now. being released from the southern county jail and back behind bars, out of los angeles county sheriff department, they found steven lawrence wright in nevada, and they learn hebrew a be staying in a hotel in boulder city, and he was taken back into custody without incident. he was awaiting trial for again killing when he was
5:52 am
accidentally released from jail on a clerical error. eight states saw a significant drop in the number of people that did not have health insurance. they excepted eight medicaid expansion, one of the two major pathways of coverage under the president's health care law. cortisol decrease, but it did not expand medicaid, and they have subsidize private insurance, available in the 50 states, and the uninsured rate dropped to 9.1% in 2015. the republicans are bound to appeal the obamacare but have not offered alternatives on how to replace it. broken records for the number of shark attacks worldwide, 98 attacks last year, 30 in florida. the previous record was 88 in 2000. shark attacks are expected to increase as the human populations grow and shark
5:53 am
populations recover. the u. s. led the world in terms of the number of attacks at 59, two in california. >> my kid loves to serve, and that is great, but it worries me.>> i am from connecticut, so. >> two left feet. coming up, we will take a peek at your current temperatures before you leave the house in your neighborhood, and it looks like it goes from 41 to pleasanton and livermore, 56 in san francisco. we will be right back. livi witchroc miaine feels ke eh day a ge of chance.
5:54 am
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it cou huryoureeth my dtistas td me your enal iseari awa anthatound real sca to , ani walikeell can yofix , n yopainit back on, d hexplaed tt itas n someing at gws bk, it's kd of oneime ot and you ve tcareor i he td meo uspronel. it gon helprott thenam in ur tth. it alls meo coinue to dnk mcoff anto e heahier and was reaeasy 5:55, and the golden state warriors didn't have a game yesterday. green arriving at pete's coffee
5:56 am
in berkeley, yesterday afternoon, and look at all of the people, just wait until you show you the outside. lines are out the door because he's pouring lattes. you can see him pouring the already made milk. what a riot. everybody loved it. >> we're so excited. i'm so hype. i heard it on the radio. >> i want a chai tea latte. it's extra spicy, it's really good, the oprah chai tea. warriors tickets are hard to get. they're expensive. i'd way in a few hours' line and it was a good cause. some of the proceeds went to the warriors community foundation. the draymond green warrior bautista day is over. >> and the warriors take on
5:57 am
james harden and the houston rockets at oracle. they haven't lost a regular home game season since january 28th to the bulls. they're hoping to extend the win to 42 straight wins at home. the record is 44 games held by the bulls. tip off is 7:30 and the team aware of special chinese theme uniforms in honor of the chinese new year. 5:56. here's a live look at sfo, james fletcher will be back with the forecast, and three small towns in new hampshire have made their choices in the race for the white house. find out who is winning in the nation's first primary. and breaking news out of germany, emergency responders rushing to the scene of a deadly commuter train crash, annie hong has the latest from the breaking news desk.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
. announcer: kron 4 news starts nought. >> i'm carria folsom. and we're at the scene of a shooting at an apartment complex. . >> you see the crime scene tape up. and the police officer is backing access. >> reporter: we don't know if the man and woman, if it was a domestic violence issue, but we do know that when officers got the phone call, they rushed out here, and in the process, they realized worse than even they thought. about an hour ago we got the chance to talk to a lieutenant
6:01 am
live on kron 4. here's what he had to say. >> officers received a call. while en route, the call up greated to an officer that was shot, and found a female, and transported to a hospital. i don't know her condition, and we have one suspect in custody. >> was she found inside a unit or outside? >> we're still investigating. >> reporter: the person in custody, his name not being released. this man was in his 20s, and also in her 20s, she's in surgery right now. they're monitoring the situation here because depending on her situation, if she dies and hopefully she didn't, but they probably will send homicide investigators to this scene and at that point, this will become a homicide investigation. they are allowing people to leave this apartment complex.
6:02 am
this is park side terrace, off 101 and julianne. it will allow them to go to work. in the meantime, this section is pretty much under lockdown to allow investigators to do what they need to do. >> and thanks a lot, will. we told you before 5:00 this morning with a push alert that we sent out. definitely if you don't have that, you want to get it, because it alerts you. you don't have to go looking for the news. all right. bay area weather and traffic, i'll update the drive time, but no major delays. >> and we're going to want to each lunch outside. take a live look outside. it's dark right now, but the live camera out of walnut creek shows it is clear. we can make out the taillights as far back as the road goes before it finally wraps out of view. no fog expect near santa rosa.
6:03 am
most of the bay area looks like the shot behind me, nice and clear. here's your ready-for-school forecast. pretty important hour, and we've got temperatures in the mid-to-lower 50s, just a light jacket, and by noontime you'll be glad you brought only a light jacket. it's going to be beautiful. again, nice, sunny skies. temperatures, 65, 70, depending where you are. and by three this afternoon, on average in the mid-70s. a few locations like in the south bay will get into the upper 70s and maybe along the coast you'll be in the 70s. winds are shifting just a bit today. yesterday it was the inland wind, that's why temperatures were so warm. today, the sea breeze comes back just a little bit. some of the coastal communities will see the temperatures come down more than the others and in the next segment, i'll show you where we may see record-breaking temperatures.
6:04 am
now let's get to the traffic center. robin, good morning. >> i can tell you where you'll sigh small traffic and that's at the bay bridge, the backup, it's still growing. drive time is increasing. no major problems on the bridge. it's just a lot of heavy traffic. it's the 6:00 rush, everybody's packing in, it's backed on to the 580 connector that brings you out of the oakland maze, but it's a great ride across the upper deck. that drive time went minutes from the maze to downtown, and 35 minutes from downtown to sfo, and out of highway 4 out of contra costa, it's heavy on west four, west of 180. it's off and on out of pittsburgh into bay point. it's about a 21-minute drive between 160 and the 242 split heading into concord. darya. >> thanks, robin. we're learning about breaking news in southern germany. there's been a deadly train collision. annie hong has more from the news desk. >> reporter: more than 100 are
6:05 am
dead and 100 are injured. here's video of emergency responders rushing to the scene of the collision. trains hit during the morning commute and 7 a.m. local time, the crash site is about 40 miles south of munich in bavaria. nine people are reported dead, 50 are seriously injured. a transportation official says the collision occurred at a curve in the railway line, and appears that neither had time to brake before they hit head on. he adds the stretch was fitted with a safety system designed to automatically stop trains to prevent such a crash and they're not sure why that didn't function. black boxes recovered from the trains should provide more answers once they're analyzed. as we get more information on this breaking news story we'll bring you updates as they become available. back to you. decision 2016, voters in three small towns take pride in
6:06 am
being the first of the first. votes in those towns already tallied just after midnight in the tiny down of dicksville notch, bernie sanders, 4, hillary clinton received none, and kasich won in the town of heart, chris christie getting 2, and ted cruz, the republican bat on the, clinton winning to the democrats and most other polling stations in new hampshire are opening up this morning and they'll stay open until this evening. >> and despite the many campaign stops and debates in new hampshire a lot of voters are still undecided so candidates were rallying for the final votes. >> and after losing the iowa caucus, donald trump is hoping to take home the primary and made a desperate plea to voters. >> i want to finish up because you have a bad evening, and you have to do me a favor. i don't care if you get hurt or
6:07 am
not, but i want you to last until tomorrow, so don't get hurt. if you're going to get hurt and if you're going to drive like a maniac, do it tomorrow after you vote, and i promise i will come and visit you in the hospital. i promise. all right. no, i'm only kidding. i want you to be careful. >> that was interesting. >> i don't care if you get hurt. >> i don't think he was going to visit you in the report. >> plus, new hampshire drivers are not maniacs. >> and they don't even need chains. here's a look at the latest poll numbers from cnnwmr, 33% of voters say they'll back trump, and marco rubio holds 16%, followed by ted cruz with 14%. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders still with a wide lead, but it's a bit smaller. he holds 58% of the vote likely among that democratic voters
6:08 am
here. that is well ahead of clint campaign of 35%. a sex offender rehab clinic is coming to san francisco and residents are not happy. they say the deal was made quietly, without any input. the center treats people as part of parole or probation, and is located at vanness and market. they made agreements to move into church and dubose at the end of the month and last night there was a community meeting and people there say that sharper futures should not be allowed to move into their neighborhood because it's too close to homes and schools. >> i started a petition on when this became known. currently, there are 900 petitions supporters who believe that the brakes should be applied and there should be a public dialogue and this should be explored before they open and start bringing high risk sex offenders to the neighborhood.
6:09 am
>> sharper future is defending the move saying their clients wear ankle monitors and say the people who they treat have a low rate of reoffending. and more than 40 potential human trafficking victims were found in santa clara county in the few weeks before the super bowl. 42 potential victims were found and put more than 20 in touch with social workers. 30 men were cited or arrested for soliciting prostitution. most of the victims were not from santa clara county, including a member of the denver broncos county who was stopped and questions during a sting last week, but was released and not cited. mario wood, 26-year-old man killed by san francisco police two months ago while woods was holding a knife was the subject of a protest during the super bowl. beyonce was center stage, and while the tv cameras focused on her, one of her dancers was opposing for a different video calling for justice for mario woods.
6:10 am
behind the scenes you can see her dancers there. they gave the black power solute, reminiscent of the black panthers and on the field they formed an x, which was taken as an x to the black leader muslim x and for blasting her performance, including former new york mayor rudy guliani. >> i thought it was a disgrace to destroy the people that protect her and us. >> the death was captured on video and the video went viral. he was the suspect in a starring and officers say he refused drop his knife. protesters gathered at city hall yesterday demanding changes in the san francisco police department. and happening now, traffic starting to get back to normal in san francisco, starting to, after roads were shut down for super bowl city, and the nfl experience, howard street where the nfl experience was located, reopened an hour ago. crews started tearing down super bowl city sunday afternoon and
6:11 am
they were back out earliest morning and again this morning. they'll be working from dawn to dusk, and road closures for place until friday but the tear down could be done as soon as thursday. meantime, officials say 1.1 million people came to san francisco to enjoy all the super bowl 50 festivities. kron four spoke with people who work in the area who were glad to see the city back to normal. >> i'm happy to deal with the security issues and be able to get to work on time. i'm happy to see it go but it was a good experience. >> we want everybody to go back. next time they need do it in the desert. >> it's really fun. >> many restaurants saw a boom in business. the manager of breaking bread says friday and saturday were their busiest days ever. still ahead on the kron four morning news, six freeway shootings in three months and people who drive on interstate
6:12 am
80 are concerned this morning, we'll tell you how police are trying to fix the problem. and a police officer shoots and kills a teenager and now he's filing suit against the teenager's family. we'll tell you why. and after the break, it might be warm in the bay area, but look at the east coast. severe winter storms there, we'll take a look at their conditions. and a live look here at the condition of the approach to the bay bridge for you and in oakland, it's 47 degrees, the high today, 75. nice. welcome aboard my starship.
6:13 am
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6:15 am
welcome back to kron four. a wind-driven storm already bringing several inches to massachusetts and more on the way. in the top left, strong winds creating white out conditions in sandwich, massachusetts. and in marsh field, and on the bottom left in boston, bottom right is new hampshire, they're getting hit by severe winter weather, as well, and new england getting up to 40-inches of snow, new york, philly, and new jersey could get hit. eastern massachusetts and rhode island could get up to 9 inches of snow. everyone someone votes for prese caucuses, they get a snow storm. bryan today, and socked in with snow. >> i've got to tell you the map looks incredible. we've got snow from the great
6:16 am
lakes all the way down to the tennessee valley and out of course towards new york. >> that's a big storm. >> it is a big storm. >> we only got atlanta, hearts field, jackson, only showing some delays. >> -- heartsfield, jackson. >> and the temperatures, a good 25 degrees below normal in miami, 69 the forecast high today. san francisco, 71. >> we're hotter than florida. >> take that, florida. >> we've got warmer weather in the bay than you've got across the entire state of florida. that's nice to boast about. and as we said on the warm side, warm above what we should be this time of year. temperatures are going to continually go down throughout the week. crystal clear at sfo, and no delays being reported here at all.
6:17 am
now today's warm up, the records possible, includes san jose, oakland, sfo, san raphael, and gilroy. the second column is the record and the second is the forecast high for today. you'll see san jose, we could crush the record. if we get to 78, that would be great, and oakland, if we can get up to 74. sfo getting pretty close, and san raphael, getting close for tying it, and gilroy, and napa, as well. today's highs are going to be a little bit cooler than they were yesterday, but still warm enough to potentially break some current records. here's where temperatures are at the moment and it's chilly in livermore valley, low 40 there is and in the mid-50 in san francisco. there you have the disparity this morning. it's much milder along the water than it is than are protected in the valleys. in the south bay, things will get nice and warm.
6:18 am
upper 70s for san jose, and a steep climb, 3:00, 4:00, where we had reach 78 degrees. we're already in the low 70s with blue skies and sunshine, it's going to be great to be outside if you can swing it. temperatures all around the bay following similar pattern, we are looking for low to mid-70s for the east bay and the north bay, and that mild range for the bay shoreline. and the short-term outlook, we've talked about today, wednesday and thursday, and as i said, daytime highs will drop steadily throughout the week. each following day will be just a little bit cooler. that's the forecast, let's get over to the traffic center and get the update on the ride out there. what are we seeing, robin? >> lots of heavy traffic backed up on to 580, spilling over to the 24 split, even coming from the upper east shore freeway,
6:19 am
it's jammed off and on out of panole, all the way out to free month street, but no major problems in san francisco. over to the rich monday san raphael bridge, 580 west, it's looking pretty good. no major slowdowns or trouble spots from 80 all the way to 101. it's a good time to use it before it starts backing up. i'm tracking your commute, it's already busy out of antioch, and pockets through pittsburgh, heading into concord, under 25 minutes between 160 and 242. no major problems yet. the nimitz freeway, into millepedes, no major crashes or smalls, 27 minutes from 238 to 237 and your commute out of the south bay from south san jose, all the way into sunnyvale, no major trouble spots clocking in at a quick 22-minute trip.
6:20 am
>> and the chp investigating another shooting along an east bay highway -- milpitas -- the recent car to car shooting on interstate 80 in pinole, that was the latest one. a 30-year-old one was critical injured. when one vehicle opened fire near the aping way exit. many people who drive the highway are worried because this is not the first time. in fact, this is the 6th i-80 shooting since november, all happening in richmond, san pablo, and pinol. the mayor is alarmed by the highway violence. >> these are the same kind of incidents we've had problems within richmond for, for years and luckily they've been diminished substantially. a lot of them are rivalries between different geographic areas. they're not even gangs in the
6:21 am
classic sense of the word. they are rivalries. >> just last year, the highway patrol met with contra costa police agencies to try and put a stop to this and make some arrests. and coaches at the 23 california state universities are preparing for a five-day strike. that would be the largest strike system-wide since collected bargainings started in the 80s. csu called for a walk out on april 13th through 15th and april 18th and 19th unless they get a better contract offer before them. at issue, the size of pay raises the school will get, the faculty wants a 5% raise and the university is offering 2%. and the cdc is now putting its emergency operation center in atlanta on the highest alert because of the zika virus. more than 300 staff members are working in the command center to monitor and coordinate the response to this virus.
6:22 am
the head of the cdc said it will be hard to stop the spread of the zika virus. they are also working on a vaccine and say it could take years. and this morning, the satellite that north korea fired in the space on space on sunday is tumbling in orbit and capable of functioning in any useful way, according to a senior u.s. defense official and korean officials recovering about 270 pieces of debris they believe to have come from the rocket launch. the korean industry, looking to analyze the rocket. they prompted strong reaction from an emergency meeting u. n. security council. they celebrated with fireworks and after the satellite went right over levi stadium an hour after the super bowl. a chicago police officer who shot and killed a teenager, and accidentally killed a woman, has filed a lawsuit against the
6:23 am
teenager's family. officer robert rialmo is claiming extreme emotional distress. in december of last year, 19-year-old lagreer and 55 yard 55-year-old was shot by -- 55-year-old was shot by the officer. he swung a bat at his head and the officer opened fire, shot him six times and during the encounter, the officer shot and killed the woman, jones, who called the police. the families of both victims are upset about the lawsuit. >> first you shoot them, then you sue them? is that new standard for the chicago police department? i don't think we want that at chicagoians. >> the emotional distress that he's going under, and the emotional stress that he's suffering is that lagreer forced him to take both lagreer's life
6:24 am
and the life of an innocent person, betty jones. >> the lawsuit seeks damages ranging from $10 million to $50 million. he never opposed a danger to the officer before he was shot. and the super bowl's over, but we're still learning about problems behind the scenes during the big game. we'll tell about you this major issue at the stadium that employees face. it's a story you'll see only on kron four. and after the break, did you break your diet this weekend? you're not alone. why 2016 new years resolutions are falling by the wayside.
6:25 am
6:26 am
. welcome back. this is your connection from the east bay through the peninsula, so it's mostly on the flat section here, just west of the toll plaza out of hayward. after the high rise picks up, no major spots for the peninsula, 18 to 20 minutes from 880 to the 101 connector. mark? >> thank you, robin. and a man who thought his wife's fit bit was broken was shocked to learn she was pregnant. a man visited a chat room to see why the exercise wrist band was displaying a high heartbeat display a lack of heartbeat, and the same thing happened to another woman before she found
6:27 am
out she was expecting. during pregnancy, a woman's heart race increases from 70 to 80 beats to 80 to 90 beats per minute. a few days later, the man returned to the chat room to break the news he was going to be a father. that's a lot easier to read than those pluses or minuses. >> that's not bad. >> can't read those things. >> you can read them. hey, speaking of fit bit, and staying fit, 2016 fitness resolutions are dying. this is according to the nation's leading fitness chains. they say people who set fitness goals at the beginning of the year will no longer go to the gym. in fact, they say the drop off rate at the gym visits from newly minted exercisers is so predictable, fitness chains know when it will happen and they say this is today. this is the last day when you say i'm going to the gym and today's the last day. based on data gathered from the previous year, after today, check ins will drop and those high numbers they saw in january will never be as high again. i knew it. because after the new year, my
6:28 am
gym is packed and i'm like it's okay, y'all will be gone. we just change our resolutions and just suck in our gut. >> how long could you hold that in? >> about a month. >> we're trying it right now. is it work something. >> i came this close the other day. they had a $7 a month deal, no contract. >> that's nothing. >> i know. photo expensive still for the pay -- still expensive for the pay off. >> such an excuse. >> the sucking in works. >> it's so nice to go to the gym. i could potentially walk. here's the live look at the forecast. we've got really nice warm weather on tap for today, low to mid-70s for the inland valleys. the forecast is showing we'll have the complete outlook in a minute. police in one east bay city say in a week they had almost a dozen residential burglaries. i'll tell you why the city is
6:29 am
coming up in a live report and what's going on.
6:30 am
. welcome back. wall street not for the faint of heart. the dow jones industrial average was down over 400 points yesterday before rebounding and closing down 178. down 1.1%, the dow just above 16,000 mark. the nasdaq's almost down 20% from the highs that we saw. more losses expected today. in fact, the dow's already down 42, 39, and down blow, the 69 thousand 16,000. >> and now more on the weather and traffic. >> and what day is it? let's start right there. >> see. you barely knew.
6:31 am
>> i'm confused. where am i? >> traffic's not so bad. no major hot spots but the slowing and the drive times are just growing, so it is packed. i'll tell you how long it's going to take to get from point a to point b in a bit. >> more records today. >> potentially. oakland got up to 80 today and oakland could once again break its record, but still warm enough to potentially break its record from -- i'll have to go back and look at the year. it's pretty interesting to see temperatures like this. we haven't had this warm of a spring -- or february in quite a little while. this is what it looks like outside. nice and clear at sfo, any of them around the bay. your forecast for today shows we're going to see temperatures really warm up nicely, as early as noontime. here's what you see. by 8:00, when classes start, when the commute is at its peak, we're looking at 40s and 50s still, so, yeah, on the chilly side, but not unbearable. by noontime, clear skies. a lot of sunshine, we'll be in the mid-to-lower 60, even hitting 70 in some spots and by 3 peel hit our peak temperatures
6:32 am
for the day and that will be for most people in the low to mid-70s with communities in the south bay seeing even warmer temperatures. you're looking at potential upper 70s to near 80. we've got springlike weather all around the bay to enjoy and continue to enjoy the rest of this week, even though we'll continue to see temperatures fall. but even by friday, it's still going to be very comfortable outside. more on that to come in your extended outlook in 15 minutes. now let's get the latest on your commute. what are you tracking, robin? >> slow traffic. westbound 80 heading into san francisco, no major problems on the bridge, but on the oakland side, everybody squeezing in, it's backed up on to 580, to 24, the upper freeway, the drive times, last i checked it, was 21 minutes, now clocking in at 30 minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco and if you're about to use westbound 80, expect off and on slowing from the maze across the bridge all the way out to the westbound skyway. i'm also tracking the compute out of the east bay. a quick drive time for south 680
6:33 am
in case you have to use it. it's slow coming out of dubland. let's start at the dubland enter change, it's going to be off and on to 84 in sinole, but that's where it picks up. after 84, it's going to be a great ride, leaving into fremont and out to millepedes. and mario, back to you. now to a story you'll see only on kron 4. after super bowl 50 there were plenty of logistical problems who just wanted to go home for people who worked 12 to 14-hour days to make that all happen, they were left stranded, in fact for a large part of the evening. thousands of contract employer it's, security guard, guest workers and other -- employees, and secure guards, guest workers
6:34 am
were waiting to get back to their cars. carlos flores had one word to say to management? >> resentment. >> my feet were swollen. >> it was going to be a painful experience at that point. >> it took some of these men and women more than three hours to get home. some couldn't stand waiting and paid for taxi cabs to take them to the nearest bus stop. management and elite services have not commented yet on the problem. the nfl has a comment though on the problem, and it says quote we apologize to those employees who were delayed in getting home, and we are looking into why there were an insufficient number of buses available at the time. thanks for that. it's too late now, but thanks. and happening now, a crime alert. there's been a rash of home burglaries in fremont over the past week, and kron 4's jackie cecil, live at kron 4's police department, with a look at these
6:35 am
break-ins and why, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, mark, i'm here at the fremont police station and they say in just five days, they had almost a dozen residential burglaries, and also package thefts. now, they're not sure if any of these are related but you can take a look at the map and see where these burglaries occurred. according to the fremont police department, they say it all started on tuesday february 2nd. they got a call to the 43,000-block of duble court to investigate suspicious circumstances and discovered the front door of the residence was opened. once they cleared the scene they cleared the scene, money, jewelry, and a television were stolen. there were two morips debts the second alone and they continued through the week -- more incidents the second alone, and continued through the week on february 4th at a residential area -- or at least an attempt.
6:36 am
a resident came home to find somebody standing at their front door with their hand on the door knob. when they were questioned about why they were there, that person took off without saying anything. later, they determined that the door jamb had been compromised. they say that as i said, there were at least ten residential burglaries. now, they don't have any specific suspects. on one of those instances, a neighbor surveillance camera did capture a white sedan and they're not sure if that's related or not. obviously, they continue to ask for the public's help. they say if you see or hear anything, police call the fremont police department. >> thanks for the update. 6:36, and happening today issue the victory parade, the denver broncos going to party like it's 1999 for the super bowl championship parade. it is their first super bowl win since 99. this is them arriving back
6:37 am
yesterday. the team pulled off a win against the carolina panthers at levi stadium and that's the third nfl championship. the parade is in downtown denver today and that leaves up to a rally where the players, coaches and the mayor of denver and the governor of colorado will also be there, as well. and happening today in a surprise move, santa clara's mayor, jamie matthews officially stepping down. matthews is holding a news conference to talk about it today. he was first voted into office in 2014 in the second term as mayor. he's stepping down two years before his term expires effective immediately. a spokesperson for the mayor wants to go out on a high note since the super bowl was successful and he wants to spend more time with his family. big news this morning, san jose police are banning the use of chokeholds to overcome resistance. the department has been working on a policy since 2014, when an officer killed a man by putting him in the chokehold.
6:38 am
it allows as a deadly force option if the officer is in danger of being killed or seriously injured. the new policy allow officers to use a similar technique that restricts blood flow to the brain, but does not impact someone's breathing. and president obama is visiting the bay area. he'll be in town tomorrow. here's video from the last time he was visiting. mr. obama will travel to -- san jose, and healing drive be on surface streets in san jose, and -- he'll be driving on surface streets, but it always impacts traffic, so it's sort of a surprise road block depending on the time. and all street, another day of losses for the dow jones, down another 88 points and sliding down the 16,000 mark, 16,937. and for the kron 4 morning news, a scary scene in san mateo.
6:39 am
a couple a robbed at gunpoint while being pulled over on the freeway, and begin el gwneth f ashgs lshgspaltro -- and gweneth paltro takes the stand on a stalking case.
6:40 am
6:41 am
dude, dude, dude. (group chatter) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? . back to the kron 4 morning
6:42 am
news, if you have to use the richmond san raphael bridge, 580 westbound, approaching the toll plaza, beyond western to castro, less than 15 minutes to the tolls, darya. the trial of a man accused of stalking actress gweneth paltrov was stalked for 17 years, and the actress spent two and a half hours testifying in court about it yesterday. she cried at one point when asked if she was afraid and worried for her children. she says he has sent her a total of 66 letters, some of them describing his intentions to marry her. and others contain pornography, and letters wanting to cleanse her of sin, and his lawyer said he has just written her, and not cause anything threat. and tracking warm conditions
6:43 am
this afternoon, and san jose, 78 degrees by 3:00, 4:00. and we'll have more on the forecast coming up in just a bit. bit. welcome to kron 4's medical minute. a lot happens to women, and one of the toughest things is losing weight. hi, doctor. so why is it so hard for women to lose weight? >> as women approach middle age they get a decline in hormone levels and leads to a hormone imbalance. the lower the hormone levels, the higher the insulin resistance, in the body. what do you do here to help your patients? . >> we'll bring those patients in for a blood work, and we'll taylor make a program specifically for that person. >> every program you put together is really just for the
6:44 am
patient that's just met with you? >> absolutely. for more information, check out the center for antiaging, and 925) 838-9996.
6:45 am
welcome back. 6:45, we'd like to talk about the high temperatures. it just feels like it. it's fantastic. yesterday was great, even at the beaches, we got in some portions, up to 80 degrees out along the ocean. >> it's insane. cats and dogs, massive. >> and we'll keep it up for one more day. by tomorrow, temperatures will have slipped by tomorrow i don't think we'll hit record levels by tomorrow. today several we get awful close. here's a look at the places we could get close. san francisco, oakland, sfo, san raphael, napa, and gilroy. the second column to the right is the forecast temperatures for
6:46 am
today. you can see in san jose and oakland we could easily beat the old record if we reach the expected highs that we're looking for, for today. sfo will get pretty close. we'll look for a potential high in san raphael. we've got a really good shot at meeting or possibly exceeding a good handful of record high temperatures for this day in february. it's february and we're talking about upper 70s. pretty incredible. here's the live look outside, visibility, nice and clearing showing up exactly that. current temperature, it is cold still in some of the protected valleys, especially out in the east bay, and the north bay, too. 40 in pleasanton, and the north bay up near santa rosa, and if you head out towards the water, and right down the peninsula coastline, look at that 56, 54, 50 degrees. much milder by the water. now, later today we'll bring everybody closer together. we'll see a lot of low to mid-70s and if you're not south bay, you'll be in the upper 70s with san jose looking to get up to 78 degrees. 74 the expected high in okay
6:47 am
land, 71 in san francisco, and most of our bay shoreline communities will be right in that range of 71 to 74 degrees. get out there, enjoy it, it looks like we're going to hang on tonight, mild weather for the foreseeable future, as the temperatures will continue to fall and get back to normal by the end of the week. there's still the off chance we may see a light sprinkle far north, calestoga, way up there. the rest of us, going to be sunny and warm, and dry for at least the next seven days. it looks like most of next week, too. let's head to the traffic center to see what the update is from robin. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza stretches all the way into the maze. if you have to use it you're going to be used to this heavy traffic. no major problems on the bridge, but the drive time is up to 33 minutes from the foot of the maze across the bridge and into downtown. so expect off and on slowing all the way to fremont street exit.
6:48 am
police had no problems on the bridge all morning. hopefully it will stay that way. 48 minutes from downtown okay land across the bridge, and now to sfo if you have a flight to catch or maybe picking someone up. i'm also tracking a ride on 92, the san mateo bridge is packed. here's a live look at traffic westbound. this is the flat section, but it starts on the nimitz, so you're going to be stuck in this commute traffic from 880 across the bridge all the way foster city, but it's less than 20 minutes to peninsula. i'm tracking a couple trouble spots for the south bay. nothing awful right now, but north 85, at highway 17, that's all backed up. we have a crash that's blocking one lane, and it's going to be slow off and on, back from the guadalupe parkway and if you have to drive out of the santa cruise mountains, bear creek, highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains, but it's a good rise
6:49 am
into san jose and connecting with 880 and 280. we know the names of the three people killed during a car chase. malik, hamilton, and haney died trying to get away from a chp officer after the car crashed into a taxi and burst into flames. a chp officer saw a car doing donuts and the officer tried to stop the car, but the car took off. the chp says the car then ran several red lights before crashing into that taxi and cashing on fire. the taxi driver has minor injuries. 649 time. and happening now police are looking for two suspects who robbed two people while their car was pulled over. it happened sunday night along state highway 1 in san mateo county. the two victims noticed a car tailgating them. so they pulled over to let that car pass, and when they did that two men immediately stopped in front of their car, and held the
6:50 am
victims atno carrierringringcon0 -- the los angeles county found him yesterday, staying near
6:51 am
boulder city. he was taken back into custody without incident. wright was awaiting trial for a gang killing when he was accidentally released on a clerical error. hackers published contact information on 20,000 fbi employees. the information was leaked yesterday just a day after 10,000 department of homeland security employees was posted on line. a group tweeting from the account says the info was included with the hashtag #freepalestine, numbers, e-mail addresses, and does not appear the private information like social security numbers was accessed. eight states saw significant drops in the number of people without health insurance, a medicaid expansion was accepted, one of two major pathways to coverage on president obama's health care law, and florida saw a decrease, but did not expand
6:52 am
medicaid. the other coverage route is subsidiarized private insurance. the uninsurance rate dropped to 5.9%, and g.o.p. candidates are vowing to repeal the affordable care act, but are not saying how they'll replace it without millions losing coverage. and 2015 broke a record for the number of shark attacks. there were 98 including 30 in florida alone. the previous record was 88 back in the year 2000. experts say shark attacks are expected to keep increasing as human populations grow and shark populations recover. six people were killed in shark attacks last year. the u.s. led the world with 59 attacks, two of them in california. 6:52. and before you head out the door, let's take a peak at the temperatures. the high theft afternoon, the highs will feel like spring or summer. 70s just all around and let's go
6:53 am
for the high, san jose, 78, and we even had 80 or more yesterday in some spots. expecting break a lot more records maybe today, as we have another gorgeous day around the bay. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
and floats and marching bands will march down the st. charles avenue today for fat tuesday. here's the marching through the convention center where there is floats. mardi gras is the city's tourist attraction. thousands are there to see the parades and the beads and trinkets. >> i love fat tuesday. worth the trip. >> that's madness. >> it is. but it's worth it. >> all right. speaking of the super bowl, our
6:57 am
version of mardi gras, people were wondering where does the queen b, at the four seasons or what, she was at this air b and b in los altos of her luxury accommodations, $10,000 a nice, and this lists ing a home sitting five -- listing five bedrooms on 11 acres about 30 minutes away from levi stadium. this is where she stayed for the weekend. i could be cleaning for beyonce. >> and you'd never wash those floors again. >> and my sheets again. >> they're probably going to be on ebay. the winners will celebrate, the puppy beams in the puppy bowl had to go back to the animal shelter. 12 puppies are up for adoption. so far only three of them have been adopted. virginia donahue of san francisco animal control said their performance in the puppy bowl is proof these dogs would make great pets. and pit bull puppies are half price at $87 and will be spayed
6:58 am
and neutered. the pit mixes are free. but require an extensive background check to see if the new owners can handle the breed. so later, the kron 4 morning news warming up around the bay area, we'll have more on temperatures that could be coming today. james, we'll have the forecast for your neighborhood. and breaking news out of st. johns, a woman shot early this morning at an apartment complex. we'll be live from the scene on what happened. >> and we'll tell you who wants to snap gary up, and he says the super bowl is boring. we'll see who likes that one better. and the dab lives on, you've got to see this ucla gymnast routine.
6:59 am
7:00 am
tren >> tran: this happen with the park side terrace. police officers are still on scene. this happened around 1:00 in the morning. is it to people who were in the '20s they're not saying it's domestic violence shut.


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