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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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contacted fairfield police -= and they arrested vega in fairfield - he is now in custody. the grandson is safe in protective services. officials are not revealing if vega used vegas gun. or used his own in the confrontation. sources tell kron four that - the officers wife jumped out a second story window when a fight between the two men started to escalate. she was taken to the hospital for treatment. richmond captain mark gagan who was on patrol with vegas just last night told kron four said he was sure that vegas was trying to handle a fight when he sadly was shot. police say that they are interviewing suspect robert vega - and other family members including the 6 year old grandson. this as they grieve losing a fellow officer. te
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here in richmond flags at richmond police department are flying at half staff. this after veteran officer gus vegas was fatally killed inside his home this morning. >> pam:the shooting death of officer vegas has shocked the neighborhood where it happened. when his body was removed from his home. the neighborhood came those who knew officer vegas. told kron4's haaziq madyun, that he cared about his family more than anything in the world. "present arms" >> reporter: richmond police officers filled the street and quietly saluted the flag draped body of fellow rpd officer gus vegas. he was killed here in his vallejo home on narragansett court. seeing his body being removed was extremely for his neighbors in
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this tightly knit community. renee mccray has known the vegas family for the past two decades. she spoke to the officer vegas's wife shortly after he was shot to death breaking up a fight between his daughter and her "i talked to her very briefly, i called as soon as i heard, and i said please tell me that he is okay because we didn't know, and she said no he is not" "i think i actually heard the gun shot but i thought it was like a bang in the house" stephan smith says officer vegas was a good neighbor who helped him find his son one day when he went missing "very friendly! elon was running around one time and he brought him back, it's very tragic" he says he has never heard any type of commottion from the vegas household "no fighting, it's always like a friendly party" all the more reason why folks who live in this quiet vallejo neighborhood find it hard to believe their friend, neighbor and richmond police officer was killed "gus has always worked very hard to support his family, i mean he was a detective, he took that position to get off of the
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streets, for this to happen in his own home, it's horrific" in vallejo haaziq madyun >> pam:the victim's fellow officers, his friends and family gathered at the kaiser hospital in vallejo, where his wife is being treated for her injuries. kron 4's maureen kelly talked to some of them. about the kind of man gus vegas was. >> reporter:hugs were exchanged outside the emergency room entrance. where the officer's wife is recuperating. a friend says she could be released as early as tonight. many of those who gathered here.his fellow officers.including one recently retired lieutenant who says she worked with gus his entire 15 year career. it's a horrible loss for us he was an exceptional man.a family man.a god fearing man
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he had an infectious laugh.he was a pillar of the community he leaves behind 10 children and 20 well as foster children that he and his wife took in over the years.the president of the richmond police officer's association says they were everything to him. he was a nice man.he loved his family.the always talked about them at work gus vegas did not have anything for those who served with him.the tragic loss is no less painful because it happened off the job rather than in the line of duty. a loss is a loss.the circumstances are irrelevant.
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the police officer's assocation has establised a fund for the vegas can get the details on how to contribute on our website kron4-dot-com. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:we first told you about the shooting in vallejo. though a push alert on the kron 4 mobile app. in addition to breaking news, you can also get up -to- the minute weather forecasts. and on your cell phone. will the >> pam: of gunshot wounds with some 20 times a toxicology report shows that what had drugs and the system at the time of his death including methamphetamines marijuana use
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the suspect as stabbing confronted by police on the sidewalk in the bayview district the full autopsy report has been posted on our website kron4news- dot-com >> pam: argument between two groups one of the gunfire in the busy mall parking lot in. no injuries reported to have been around noon time the group. started arguing inside a store and continue the argument outside. two men from one of the troops fired. all suspect what fled before police arrived. they're made at large and. nearby school temporarily put on lockdown incident was never considered an active sugar situation. >> pam: suspect that led to please us at chase. darrell that incident started in east oakland
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yesterday morning ended up in berkeley. please have received information at a man was driving an erratic behavior potentially hitting cars. police arrived in the area assess but deliberately struck to patrol cars the law. officers injured he had been pointing a fire armets citizens in west oakland. dunn has still not been recovered. >> pam: investigators looking to identify the remains that discovered on unincorporated area near gilroy. as will trend reports a retirement offer made there found it raises the attention of a band of the searchers that looking for a teenager that missing four years ago. >> reporter: remains found in the south bay the first thought visit sierra.
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>> reporter: team alicia four years ago the quarter mile from her home investigators in the senate clara sheriff's office said removing the remains discovered wednesday afternoon. the hijackers were get over had been noticed something. the remains further examined to get the name and cause of death before lab techs a closer look mr. getter say that this case is not connected to sierra because of a tooth "upon the investigation and then to work we do not believe it is sierra"
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>> reporter: its fifth loss from the home and morgan hill he doesn't know if he has problems of volunteers actually searched the area he thinks so but does not know the accused killer goes to trial in april. >> pam:today, the national transportaion safety board has released a report. on the fatal bus crash on highway- 101 last month. the report showed no signs of mechanical issues with the bus nor intoxication on the part of the driver. the driver made a stop in gilroy, prior to the accident. he told investigators he was drinking coffee on the break because he was feeling tired. the january -19th crash killed two women and injured 13 others. these images of the scene are courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7 after today's initial report. the federal agency is still trying to determine what caused the accident
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for the first time since january 2nd - a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. is under the control of the u.s. government. catherine heenan is here with details of how the long stand- off came to an end. >> catherine:the last protestor to leave today - a 27-year-old who stood his ground long after his colleagues had surrendered. this is david fry - who finally turned himself in peacefully after threatening suicide. and then demanding pizza and marijuana. tonight - the 41 day confrontation is over. the occupation was directed as a protest against federal control over millions of acres of public land in the west. the local sheriff sounded relieved and tired.
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the final act played out after 74-year-old nevada rancher cliven bundy was arrested by the fbi. his son ammon was the leader of the militia men. a total of 25 people have now been charged in the stand-off. >> pam: five. raiders fans get their wish. the we will tell you for how long. next at five. gone. coming up. when the roads that have been shutdown for more than two weeks. will reopen. and later. hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare to face- off in a debate. the issue that will take center stage tonight. coming up.
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the raider nation has been loud and clear. and today, they got the answer they hoped for. today the oakland raiders announced. they will stay at the coliseum for at least one more year. while continuing to pursue new stadium options. kron 4's j.r. stone is live in oakland tonight. with more on what the team's owner had to say. j.r? >> j.r.: lots of smiles today if you are a fan you can rest easy tonight knowing they will be here for at least another year mark davis you see right here made the announcement at a press conference and oracle right next door to the coliseum the team will be here for the 2016 year and will have to go for options that could pick up for each which could lead them here for three more years right now with the help of the nfl the of 600 million the help build the stadium. that comes to getting things done on paul c. oakland
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a's have the speak up as well a 10 year lease agreement that the deal to put restrictions on what could be done and davis does not mind two new stadiums. does not want to lose the raiders tailgate experience. "that might effect the bill the two stadiums it will take about 12 a. in the then 15 to 17 a. and a one give up the parking. " >> j.r.: 2 at 6 abrupt san antonio less vigorous with mark you see what he has to say last him about his current interest in oakland.
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>> pam:bart has formally approved a policy for collecting parking fees at its lots. at the coliseum station in oakland during large events. the agency has been charging days. but those could rise significantly. bart will charge anywhere from seven- to 30- dollars to park at the coliseum station. the fee would be decided on an event- by- event basis. officials are now increasing fines for parking violations at its 33 stations. and they are working on better parking enforcement plans. the move could generate as much as 150 -thousand dollars in >> pam:in just a few hours, streets will reopen in san francisco. this, after weeks of closures, detours and parking bans. created by all of the super bowl festivities. the city is about to get back to business as usual. kron 4's justine waldman is live for us tonight. at what used to be super bowl city, by the ferry building.
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what is the timing looking like >> reporter:the party is over. the streets will reopen at 8 tonight. starting here on the embarcadero. streets have been closed since january 23.almost three weeks. this was to allow for the set- up, events and then take-down of super bowl city, 50th mile and nfl experience. what needed to happen today and between now and 8 all the barricades need to get packed up. all the parking ban signs need to come down. and some lanes needed repainting. the streets are opening tonight, a day earlier than originally planned. muni service will get back to normal schedule and routes on friday morning. and for all the people who work around here this is a huge relief.
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and this is what is left of super bowl city at justin herman plaza. nothing. all gone. the streets reopening. market between 1st and beale. and southbound embarcadero at washington street. again by 8 tonight. live in sf jw k4n. >> pam:in less than 15 hours from now. some of the worlds top
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surfers will be out at mavericks. off half moon bay for this year's titan surf competition. for the last couple of weeks. the waves have been awesome. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. of mavericks taken late this 24 surfers from all over the world will compete tomorrow. the top contenders will share a purse of $120-thousand dollars. the first heat is set for 7:30 in the morning. since mavericks is miles off shore. the best place to see the competition. will be local restaurants or on-line. for a link to the titans of mavericks live stream. you can go to our website kron 4 dot com. >> britteny: put a high surf advisory it will go until saturday but there some of the coastal concerns the swelled to
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11 the 13 ft. and also tracking dangerous sleeker waves and left currents be very careful by the water the next couple days for the start of the weekend but a closer look outside right now seeing just a few clouds out there it will be another great evening comfortable conditions expected another above-average day tying the record at the oakland airport 74 degrees at closer look at temperatures 57 at half moon bay 61 daly city and 70 degrees as and rose the 74 nfl 71 in richmond set in see if it was another but average day in the low 60s as we head into a rest of tonight lisa and the high 50s by 9:00 p.m. will 55 midnight week and up tomorrow cool start of so more of a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow but push in the rest of the afternoon of march 67 at again
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could things down a little bit and also tracking the warming trend into the weekend by know what's in store coming up in the fall forecast. >> pam:next. why kanye west is asking for a hundred- million dollars for his fashion label. and why a california congressman. vaped during a congressional hearing.
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>> reporter: as if the reports are true looks like he needs all the support he can get to go in through creative pricing crisis will it take to boost his kingdom.
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>> reporter: have a lot of support for his third collection tonight but looking for more 100 million more he is targeting big money for his fashion label. kanye may have had a lot of support at the premiere of his third 'yeezy' collection tonight, but he's looking for more. reportedly, one hundred million dollars more. the 38 year old rapper and designer is targeting big-money backers for yeezus - who's worth a reported 147 million dollars - may have
5:26 pm
big ambitions - but does begging for bucks hurt his brand? our brand expert, dxagency's sandy rubenstein. 01:01:51 sandy: it is a brilliant plan to bring in investors especially if he partners with a very powerful investment house especially if he wants to be a strong staple in the fashion world >> pam: hoping. hunter told his colleagues he believed there was nothing wrong and the gesture did not appear well to follow lawmakers it's banned by most major airlines proposal he is against it would set a federal ban for the practice. longtime supporter and of the cigarette. escigarettes >> pam: clinton prepare to face off in a democratic debate tonight.
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coming up at 5:30. why 'race' may be a hot topic when the two face off. plus, stopping the spread of the zika virus. the options congress is now
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. >> pam:democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton. are about to face off in their first head to head debate. since sanders' landslide win, in the new hampshire primary.
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it is also their last debate before democrats make their choices in south carolina and nevada later this month. catherine is here to explain why the topic of race. may take center stage in tonight's >> catherine:in nine days, democrats caucus in nevada. a week later they vote in south carolina, unlike iowa and new hampshire, those states have significant minority populations. both candidates are concentrating their efforts on winning their votes. rev. j.m. flemming "it is of some importance that we're going to make a difference who wins and who loses in south carolina, and that's why we're working so hard to get black votes out." one out of every three south carolina residents is black or hispanic. in nevada, the proportion is even higher. the two candidates have been campaigning hard for their support today clinton picked up the member of the congressional
5:31 pm
black caucus. civil rights icon john lewis dismissed sanders backers' claims of his longtime activism. montgomery and directed to voter actresses vivica a. fox and angelea bassett have both campaigned for clinton in south carolina. bernie sanders has the backing of activist ta-nehisi coates and actor harry belafonte. "i think he represents opportunity. i think he represents a moral imperative. i think he represents a certain kind of truth that's not often evidenced in the course of politics." >> catherine:racial politics will also be a factor in the next round of primaries on march first more than one=dozen states will hold elections or caucuses on so=called "super tuesday." and as you can see from this map, many of them are in the
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south. >> pam:after a brief visit to the bay area the president is now in southern california. president obama attended two democratic fundraisers while he was in town. he arrived wednesday afternoon and took off from moffett view just after 2-30 today. dozens watched the presidents departure from the bay and he didn't leave with out saying his hello's to a few little ones. the president will be in los angeles today and is headed to palm springs on friday. >> britteny: 7 and may another gorgeous to date we of record at the oakland airport. in the next couple days temperatures drop a few degrees by the weekend we are tracking the return of warm weather. had a dangerous surf we have a high surf advisories in effect at noon that continues
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until saturday retracting dangerous but recurrence and be very careful by the ocean. backed the sundays ago oil leak and we are tracking the storm for next week debitors rate fell 67 in oakland 597 tel temperatures redwood city at 68 and then into the rest of tonight we see dry comfortable conditions >> pam:as the number of cases of people infected with the zika virus increases in the u.s. and around the world, members of congress held a hearing on capitol hill today, to review president obama's request for additional funding to combat the zika virus. c-n-n's steve nannes has the latest. there are growing concerns as the zika epidemic continues to
5:34 pm
spread around the world. this is a really unprecedented phenomenon. with each passing day, the evidence that zika is causally related to microcephaly gets stronger. centers for disease control and prevention and the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases testified on capitol hill -- where congress is considering president obama's one-point-eight billion dollar request for emergency funds to fight the disease. we think that will cover the next one to two years but there's a lot that we don't know. saying they are most concerned about the residents in more tropical parts of the u.s., like puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands -- we may well see tens or hundreds of thousands of zika infections in puerto rico. directors frieden and fauci said researchers are already working on a vaccine. we will likely go into phase one clinical trial with this vaccine sometime in late summer and i hope after several months we'll know if it's safe and they reiterated the warnings for pregnant women right now the most important thing for americans to know is,
5:35 pm
if you're pregnant it's better not to travel to a place where zika is spreading and if you're pregnant in a place where zika is spreading, do everything you can to protect yourself against mosquito bites. there are currently more than 50 cases of zika in the u.s. and more are expected but fauci said a massive zika outbreak in the in washington, i'm steve nannes. >> pam:a brutal fight between rival factions at a mexican prison has it happened at the topo chico prison in monterrey. 52-inmates died in a riot. after a fight broke out between two warring groups. twelve people were injured. the violence comes just a day northern mexico. tomorrow , the pope begins his seven-day visit to the country. in which he will travel to some of the country's most troubled areas. still ahead. the stars come out for the pebble beach pro am. we'll hear from some of them coming up.
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and next. could there be trouble brewing for tesla?
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>> pam:morgan stanley has agreed to pay 3-point-2 -billion dollars for its role in the subprime mortgage housing crisis.
5:39 pm
that crisis led to the 2008 recession. the deal includes a federal penalty of 2- point- 6 billion and a settlement of 550 million- dollars for the state of new york. the results are the work of a coalition of state and federal prosecutors known as the r-m-b-s working group. president obama established the coalition in 2009 to bring wall street to task for causing the housing market meltdown. on wall street. stocks fell for the fourth day in a row as concerns about global economic weakness intensified, even as federal reserve chair janet yellen reiterated her confidence in the u.s. economy. the dow fell 254 points the nasdaq dropped 16 points. and the s and p fell 22 points despite the turmoil in the markets. jobless claims are falling. kron 4's financial expert rob black has more in tonight's winners and losers. "as claims keep falling good news a lot of people the numbers
5:40 pm
cannot today they're very solid employers are not firing people holding on to them. in the report cannot yesterday what americans finding new jobs to get higher pay. the domestic economy is withstanding the pressure from surrounding economic for oil. "and they're good in the united states economy. " "yes level need to raise more money down the road they announced the third vehicle becoming l capri order in their stores or on line that's down the road and the model 3 will be mass market the loss a hundred
5:41 pm
14 billion the stock is up on the news of the rest of your looks to be good. "pepsi had that 31 percent increase in profit $18.5 billion in sales great ceo of like pepsi for the long-term investor good chance their kids' kids kids will be seeing these products. >> pam: up next to vickinext. kron 4's vicki liviakis takes us to a new restaurant in the fillmore district that is really
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smoking. announcer: through presidents day at sleep train,
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over the course of the next three days, the field will play all three courses here at pebble but the site garnering the laughs-- spyglass. in the court that is the pebble i hit it pretty good." of a >> pam: tiran of the pebble beach most difficult permanent for the professional golfers' the not only have half the navigate the course of so keep
5:46 pm
from laughing with celebrity partners mark was on and filed this report. >> reporter: several days the entire field will cover at pebble beach the site with the largest crowds spyglass. one of the revelers had put him followed all morning.
5:47 pm
"mostly lowlights. it's the hardest course. spyglass. "i had a chip then and help out wherever i can help my team sofa do better jobs tomorrow." >> britteny: it was nice bar above average conditions will continue and warming things up.
5:48 pm
if you like things a little on the warmer side at you'll get it into the weekend and the beginning of next week and other beautiful shot outside right now we did notice a few more clouds the day courses outside and a little checking for you a few more warm days above average continues family tomorrow but into the weekend we warm up even more heading back into the '70s by sunday we stay there monday tuesday mid-70s for the start of your work week into next week. tracking another storm it will get here wednesday thursday. still pretty far out will have on the radar the san. a radar for joy in clause pushing on sharia activity in the north of our state here. and right now if we one of the picture we also show you some of the interview showing up on the surf lisa high surf advisories in effect today all the way until saturday. the very careful heading out to the
5:49 pm
water. high surf advisories will stay in effect to 8:00 p.m. saturday between 11 and 13 ft. dangerous nature waves also dangerous currents they could touch off guard. >> reporter: see temperatures dropped out and to low 50s tonight. >> britteny: 40 degrees in santa rosa 46 napa 49 and sunnyvale. marl temperatures are staying above average typically in the low sixties for this time of year but seeing a lot of mid- 60's the '70s on the map 71 tomorrow at fairfield 67 redwood city 64 in san mateo. pushing into the weekend temperatures slowly start to recover heading even further above average for that and will break it down for you in the sunday forecast.
5:50 pm
>> pam:san frnacisco's fillmore district has been struggling of late - especially after losing the popular music and food venue - yoshis. but tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis shows us. a new eaterie on the block which is really "smokin."
5:51 pm
>> reporter:bbq is back in the city's fillmore. nats black bark is brand new and lighting things up. nats black bark - is more than just a bbq joint - it's authentic neighborhood bbq with a bonified pitmaster - lance nicholson. nats fresh out of the smoker - there's brisket and ribs and that's not all. the meat is dry rubbed and not swimming in sauce - that's up to you. nats black bark is chef david laurence's baby. directly across the street from his more elegant 1300. nats
5:52 pm
this is downhome bbq with all the fixings - san francisco style. in sf, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. coming up: that's what they say but everybody brings dogs down here all the time a viewer phone call sends me to stinton beach in marin county where signs like this mean absolutely nothing. i'll show you what i mean in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8
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stanley roberts receives a lot of what he likes to call- "nasty grams". emails from people who are angry about his stories after this story.he says he is expecting a lot more. >> reporter:i want to introduce you to winston, winston is a labradoodle and he is frolicking in the sand at stinson beach in marin county which is part of the golden gate national recreations area nats ambiance what winston doesn't know is for him to get here his owner had to first enter this gate and pass this sign the one that reads no pets on beach his owner also had to pass this sign at the entrance to the beach which also reads no pets
5:56 pm
on beach pets allowed on county beach beyond the north parking lot nats: ambiance but no worries, quite a few other dog owners missed the very same signs, or did they miss it i asked winston's owner did he know that dogs were not permitted sot: that's what they say but everybody brings dogs down here all the time i'm here because a viewer called and told me it's a constant problem with people ignoring the no dog rules at stinson and it's not like there is no a place for dogs .near this is a dispenser of doggie bags located on the north end of the beach. dogs are permited but they must be on leash at all times. however some marin county residents claim that their dogs suffer from anxiety if they are on a leash when they have to do what dogs do best but even with the doggie bags available .some people are just too lazy to use a garbage can and leave the doggie litter bags on the beach nats: ambiance in the parking lot you must have your dog on leash, the opposite of what this dog owner is doing . in fact for a bit one of her dogs took off and was out of site for a bit
5:57 pm
nats: ambiance oh there he is as the owner heads to the north end of the park, some people i spoke to believe that as long as you have your pet on a leash anywhere you are good to go that is incorrect the fine for having any pet on the beach at stinston beach or any beach in the golden gate national recreactions area is about 80 bucks per dog. in marin county stanley roberts kron 4 news
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
big news for raider nation. the team will be calling the coliseum in oakland home for at least one more season.and good evening, i'm pam moore. news conference this afternoon. owner mark davis agreed to a one-year lease the team works to build a newkron 4's jr stone is live in oakland with more on the raiders future.jr? >> j.r.: one more year in oakland gives everyone a chance to go back to the drawing board and try and work out a stadium plan the owner you see right here has made the announcement earlier in the afternoon nine home games this season including two free season games
6:00 pm
in seven regular-season games the team has an option for each of the two seasons. "the spent many times i just and his office spent time with most other and told me without a doubt that this was his home."
6:01 pm
>> pam: parking at a fee and stay game will costs. >> reporter: galliano there will be another season of raiders football here this is that that lay a play for many fans. says
6:02 pm
col parts. . put a plan by the board of supervisors 7 $30 the part here game day. that includes warriors games. that depends on how big the game is the penny on how much they will be paying.
6:03 pm
>> pam: new details of the death of mario woodsman shot by police officers back in december. there lisa woods autopsy results shot some 20 times the toxicology reports that there were drugs in his system including methamphetamine for marijuana and antidepressants woods was a suspect in the stabbing by police on the sidewalk and the bayview district that police say that he is carrying a knife and would not put down when he was ordered to do so lead to a
6:04 pm
number of intense protests if the police department full autopsy report posted on our web site. >> catherine: happened and said his home in vallejo. and the fight between the two men roughly 2:40 p.m. and after the shooting the suspect robert they got to the
6:05 pm
victim's six year-old grandson and fled. the boy found later on harmed by fairfield police. the richmond capt. was on patrol about the survey guess it just last night. he might of been trying to break up the domestic violence incident. the richmond police department. the suspect is in custody. officer vegas leaves behind 10 children and 20 grandchildren. he was involved in local programs for foster children.and
6:06 pm
>> pam: the developments left many stunned and numb with grief. house seat spoke with several who are struggling to deal with will also a friend. >> reporter: killing richmond police officer has shaken the people who live here in this quiet neighborhood."i don't know
6:07 pm
why someone would want to kill someone over an argument or something?" "i'm surprised! this is a pretty nice neighborhood and they are really nice people" "it's like i couldn't believe this little sleepy little neighborhood, i wouldn't expect that at all" vegas was shot to death early his daughter from her son's his wife were foster parents this home "they have 10-kids, their kids"i was over there two days ago picking up a ladder that they used for christmas ornaments and some of officer vegas's neighbors were just too heartbroken for words watching into a crime scene officer vegas's brothers and sisters from the richmond police department came to escort his bringing the quiet neighborhood to silence. then with sirens blaring the procession took him away. in vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:the loss of officer gus vegas is being deeply felt by his co workers at richmond pd. new at six, kron4's maureen kelly reports how vegas was
6:08 pm
considered a pillar of the vallejo community because of his work with foster children. he's an exceptional man. here's a snapshot of gus vegas wearing a dazzling smile that gives you an idea of his positive energy
6:09 pm
that his collegues at richmond pd discribe.when speaking of the but that's not the only reason he's described as exceptional. gus is really going to be missed.vallejo commutniy the father of 10.and grandfather of 20 also took in many foster children over the years. he also helped his wife with the non profit she founded to help kids in foster care called foster greatness. loss >> reporter: is heartbreaking/ >> pam: the first fully about the shooting and vallejo to put schiller. we first told you about the push alert on the kron 4 mobile app. in addition to breaking news, you can also get up -to- the minute weather forecasts. and on your cell phone. federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly plane crash that killed two sheriff's office
6:10 pm
employees in northern california. the small plane burst into flames after going down in tulare county yesterday. officials say the plane was leaving an area near springville after assisting deputies in the arrest of a suspect who had brandished a weapon when the plane crashed, on board were a sheriff's deputy scott ballantyne and civilian full-time pilot james chavez. ballantyne started his law enforcement career 27-years ago. chavez served in the army national guard and navy reserve before he was hired by the sheriff. human remains found south of gilroy.are not believed to be teen sierra lamar. the remains were found yesterday afternoon in the area of santa teresa boulevard and castro valley road. investigators suspect the remains aren't of sierra based on visible dental work that showed gold metal
6:11 pm
15 year-old sierra lamar went missing back in 2012, while she was on her way to school. she has not been seen since. antolin garcia torres has been in connection with her disappearance. he is scheduled to stand trial in the case on april 25. >> pam: but the weather will be just what they want to hit the waves tomorrow. >> britteny: be careful about their real high surf advisory in effect from today all the way till tomorrow. you wanna be very careful going in to the ocean be very careful a dangerous surf that will go through saturday warned him ventures into the weekend back to the '70s we go by sunday also tracking the storm this closer to wednesday
6:12 pm
this above-average weather pattern shifting a little will take a while temperatures right now 71 and at 72 sunnyvale 63 san jose in half moon bay. big difference in the mid-50s right now. temperatures at 64 heading into the rest of tonight high 50s by 9:00 p.m. the night 53 be raised as you start your day and then high 40 the cold start and then we'll show you as we wind down at the weekend. >> pam:for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron 4 mobile app. your number one source for news
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a clear sign that the super bowl 50 party is officially over. closures. ♪(classical music) ♪(rock music)
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>> pam: port shows no signs of mechanical issues with the bus nor intoxication with part of the driver. some images of the incident with talk of a partnership with abc seven. the
6:16 pm
january 19th crash killed two women and injured 13 others a man operating a busted tell investigators he felt tired. officials are trying to determine if what was the cause of the accident. happening tonight a clear sign that this terrible party was over. >> reporter: to drivers and businesses in the area right? >> reporter: watch car this vote southbound embarcadero now open. just before 6:00 this evening. is closed for three weeks. this is
6:17 pm
allowing for the setup of the actual events of super bowl city. there was work that needed to happen today to make sure the roads could reopen the parking ban signs needed to come down and also a lot of lane repainting the streets are opening tonight again fall found embarcadero open market street as of right now still close to 8:00 tonight and services will get back till friday morning and he beloit spoke with more will be a lot better around here traffic jams because we can
6:18 pm
and some lanes needed >> reporter: a watch the cars roll through embarcadero not open market street also closed down expect that to open up to 0:00 we keep posted southbound opened earlier than expected. >> pam: with hundreds of buildings. catherine heenan is here with discovered. >> catherine:the program is
6:19 pm
relatively new. it was launched after last year's deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. this was the scene last june. most of them visiting irish students. it happened when a 5th-floor balcony broke off during a now - the city says it's identified 402 buildings which need repairs. they all have weather-exposed areas, like balconies, decks, stairways and landings. given 90 days to fix the leaks.and a lot of the work has already been done. berkeley has also passed tougher requirements for building materials.and access to make inspections. >> pam: expected for the mavericks surf competition tomorrow. warnings and notices have been issued by several agencies to people watching the competition. the one-day event starts at 7-30 tomorrow morning only if conditions are good. no one is being allowed to watch the event from shore.only from the water.but it will be streamed on the event's website.
6:20 pm
those viewing the competition from boats are being warned by the coast guard to be extremely cautious.waves can reach up to 60 feet in the area. >> pam:noaa says el nino is forecast to weaken into the spring.and could transition to a la nina next by the fall. la nina can be less damaging than el nino.but is have been linked to severe floods, droughts and hurricanes. when the last la nina arrived in late brought one of the worst droughts ever to the state of texas. la niña is characterized by unusually cold ocean temperatures in the equatorial pacific ocean and tends to occur unpredictably every two to seven coming up:
6:21 pm
>> pam: traces of the assets have dropped only now ok for recreational crabbing in that area of marin county restrictions elsewhere still in effect >> britteny: warm days ahead above average and the weekend and then pushing into next week
6:22 pm
for the storm possibly wednesday last until thursday until we get closer and continued up the view of what to expect we have dry conditions area high pressure will continue to push off to the east and a few clouds manage to push off once again some sun and clouds and then dealing with rainfall well to the north of our area. we're watching as the direction here of all the wind speeds helping to kick up some surf. that's where we have a high surf advisory and stronger currency and dangerous sleeker waves at least through saturday 8:00 p.m.. and then swells: 2 close to 11 and 13 ft..
6:23 pm
>> britteny: by friday getting a few more '70s and santa rosa and the sunday forecast shows that will be at 58 friday saturday then back to the '70s we go on monday 74 then than 75 tuesday close to 15 degrees above average. the vouchers could bring arraigned wednesday thursday. >> pam: dozens of people watched the president apart piece see him there attending to democratic fund-raisers. now in los angeles to profit to 30 this afternoon the before greeting the little ones that were there in the crowd fallen off angeles he's expected to make an appearance on the allen show.
6:24 pm
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members of congress are asking information. the mosquito-borne virus has yolo county - confirming wednesday that a resident who recently traveled outside the since recovered. the patient was 'not' a pregnant woman. zika is tied to serious birth defects, and that's the biggest risk group. meantime, congress held a hearing today to get the latest information. and it's not encouraging. all zika cases in the u.s. have involved travelers coming back the 20 countries where there's
6:28 pm
an outbreak. the c-d-c director says we similar cases. the u.s. is working on a vaccine - which might not be ready for several years. and congress is considering a request from president obama for meantime - one of the latest places to confirm a new case --- china. the patient there had also traveled abroad. the zika virus has spread to at >> pam: nba is on the way gary is here with sports of 645. but news from the raiders the team is staying in a plan for least is here with sports of 645. but news from the raiders the team is staying in a plan for least another year. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount
6:29 pm
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should be accessible to at pg&e, solar our partnership with habitat for humanity allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to
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the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it is going to help me have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. >> grant: accentor neighborhood in richmond in the east bay for now a couple streets and read were evacuations have taken place. 25th street has been closed vehicles not being allowed in the area 25th street between mcdonald avenue ad this'll avenue and clear what prompted this ghastly we of
6:32 pm
reached out to get some insight their gas leak evacuations in place we keeping posted net of richmond. the rear >> j.r.: is under tells me that his interest still here in oakland. >> reporter: and san francisco streets closed because of several city that are all going to be reopened to tonight at
6:33 pm
8:00 and they're doing work to repaint the lanes me serviceable resume normal schedule friday. suspect >> reporter: since then a lot arrested what happened is still under investigation. >> reporter: friend's family members and fellow officers gather here at the vallejo where his lifeless transferred. the sources tell us that the
6:34 pm
officer's wife jumped out a second story window to escape the violence those who came here additional the vaguest of an exceptional man and the grandfather of 20 paul so took in foster kids helped his wife with their non-profit dear helping kids fellow officers say that it is heartbreaking.
6:35 pm
>> pam:democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back on the debate stage - this time in milwaukee wisconsin. the rivals split their first two contests. catherine is back with details on the debate just getting underway. >> catherine:this is the first face-off between the two democrats since bernie sanders' commanding win in the new hampshire primary.and hillary clinton's unnerving loss. tonight's debate the undisputed front-runner. it's an increasingly heated fight - with clinton saying she's going to be more
6:36 pm
both candidates are looking ahead to the nevada caucuses and the south carolina primary. two states with after splitting the first two voting contests, sanders are taking their increasingly heated fight for the democratic presidential nomination back to the debate stage tonight. both candidates are jockeying for an advantage as the race heads toward delegate-rich states. for clinton, that means bolstering her appeal with minorities, particularly black and hispanic voters. hours before the debate, a coalition of black lawmakers formally endorsed her, calling understands racial divides in hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be back on the debate stage tonight, this time in milwaukee. the rivals split their first two contests. race relations and the minority vote are likely to be topics. the electorate in south carolina and members of the congressional black caucus today endorsed clinton. >> catherine: super tuesday more than dozen caucuses many states will take place
6:37 pm
>> britteny: everything will stay dry we will warm up once again. similar to what we saw a civil weekend to bitch is approaching in the '70s and that and to monday tuesday mid-70s and then pushing for close to 80 degrees and ahead for the next several days watching the game fish dangerous surf going into effect starting at noon will stay in effect saturday and then be very careful by the water. warmer weekend by the '70s and then we are tracking the possibility of a storm wednesday thursday that will help break some of these above average temperatures closer to this time of year and then the center of the 63 san jose. degrees in fairfield mid-60's in concord as we had and the rest
6:38 pm
of tonight lisa and the high 50s in the and locations close to the bay and the coast and then starting off tomorrow for 7:00 a.m. cloud expected for us once again or decals coming up in the 74 cast at the end of the show. >> pam:still ahead. great news for super hero fans. the final trailer for the new we'll take a
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
ok superhero fans. the wait is almost over. today we're getting a look at the final trailer for the new batman versus superman movie. the clip for the new "dawn of justice" movie is made up of entirely new footage of the man of steel and the caped crusader. it features ben affleck as the new batman.and henry cavill reprising his role as superman. "batman v superman the dawn of justice" hits theaters on march 25th. a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00
6:42 pm
we follow around none other than bill murray for round at pebble beach and staff clade thompson dream on all in toronto for the all-star game weekend here what we have to say about his next all-star game gary has that coming
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: they had second straight all-star game appearance best first half in the history of nba basketball to be exact best pre all-star game
6:46 pm
start and the history of the nba. >> gary: bill murray and everyone else at the scenery is number one here comes mr. murray hit a nice way market
6:47 pm
involved to. once upon time connect little bit as well. and now with a birdie 5 playing dustin a big gallery to let today. in the 15th hole jordan speaks tied for 65th first- round picks the best shot in the leader he leads the first round at lettuce a westerly.
6:48 pm
"the expected four tournament there was a moment where the garry didn't follow him. he was feasting on the experience.
6:49 pm
>> gary: they had been under your to your lease as philip to a possible move to i'll a that was shot down. season tickets at $225 for a raiders' home game this coming season mark davis talking a little bit tonight. "city of oakland mayor in front of the national football league owners"
6:50 pm
>> gary: the barracuda another hockey team and san jose at the s p pavilion right center at a record breaking win 637 american
6:51 pm
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>> grant: today but the catholic and richmond prompted the evacuation it damage the gas meter,. of the week we are learning allied aerial trout with the help of a partnership with abc seven these decrees on the scene the gas is still flowing no eta for when they will be alicia and off the have homes in that neighborhood not allowing cars between mcdonnell
6:55 pm
be will keep you posted on in the very latest at 8:00 and update it on kron4news-dot-com we will be backed up the you in hopes he then hop to see you then
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking tod >> number one, teresa giudice's post prison confidential. >> i'm in survival mode. it's like being buried alive. >> the real housewife revealing all regarding joe's cheating rumo >> if he didn't want to b with me, he wouldn't be with me. >> and mary kitchen finds out what went down in danbury after dark. >> were you propositioned for sex? >> and kanye's $100 million plea, why he's asking for so much cash. >> is kanye's madison square garden show his last chance to become a fashion icon? >> kanye has to careful. >> and is returning to "the voice" for boyfriend blake?
7:00 pm
plus our insider bonus, tabloids say that tori spelling and dean mcdermott are splitting. >> you start a relationship with a partner, and you both change and sometimes you can't get through it. >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> break out the red wayne and coffee, oli pope is back and the cast is breaking down the secrets behind "scandal's" epic return. well, someone trying to move on from her own sandal, teresa giudice. her reality jail tale is the number one story tracking today. now she's revealing so much more to our own mary kitchens. was she ever propositioned behind bars and does she believe her husband joe was unfaithful while she was lo let's go inside teresa's new tell all. >> joe has been accused of


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