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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 15, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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we were talking about the rain chances and they're going away. >> yeah, i don't think we're going to have that much in the way of rain in the next several weeks. this week we will get some rain in the middle of the week or so. live in the golden gate bridge. clear as a bell out there. we could see some fog mainly out toward fresno. the temperatures, we are looking at some mile readings, including san francisco. 60 degrees in down found. 59 in livermore.
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63 in daily sit aechlt future cast showing us by 10:00 o'clock, quick to warm umout tlchlt i can aural -- 70s out there for a good portion of the bay area. by 2:00 p.m., a lot of mid- to upper 70s. some pushing close to 80 degrees this afternoon. going to be really warm out there. by 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morn, we'll wake up once again to 50s and 60s out there. tomorrow, going to be oorment warm day. a lot of locations will be a little warmer, even tomorrow, compared to today. we will challenge quite a records. if you got the holiday off for president's day and want to do some wine tasting, going to be a nice day to do it out there. upper 70s in oakland. 74 in downtown stran. go to ocean beach, if you can.
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73 degrees is the high there. upper 70s in san jose. and midsaevenlts in pleasanten. we are tracking another system to bring us some rain. we'll talk more about the timing of that, coming later. here is a look at your traffic. san mateo bridge in great shape so far. going to like the conditions here, no problems in the peninsula. if you have to use 92 westbound, a wick 15-minute trip. right across the golden gate your connection between north bay and san francisco, also looking good so far. no major hot spot. at the limit in both directions. i'm also tracking your travel times throughout the bay area. looks great. no problems all the way out from
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the 242 to highway 24. that's going to be a good ride. dublin to fremont, a good 16-minute trip. back to the desk, mark. thank you, robin. our top story right now, two people are dead, one injured, following a shooting in twin peeks. lease were called -- police were called out to the area. two were taken to the hospital, one died there. the third, 18-year-old victim remains in critical condition. these three men were targeted. no arrests were made. police recovering a loaded gun. officers were called to santa clara street. shots fired. when officers arrived, they found bullet kasz in the inlter section but now victims. police responded and they found the loaded gun in the same
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bushes. police are still investigating. community members are morning the death of a beloved bishop. his son is accused of stabbing him to death in the home they share. we spoke with peem remembering the pastor. >> everyone is shocked. >> reporter: the entire communal is reeling at the murder of bishop. allegedly dying at the handles of his son. neighbors are clueless as to what could have triggered the deadly stabbing. they remember the pastor as a warm, kind gentleman. >> he was a very nice guy. shocking to everyone in here. very nice person. >> you got a testimony. >> i would see him every sunday. >> reporter: this sunday, the mount olive church is morning the loss of its bishop. members from the congregation
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tell me he was raised in the church and took over after his mother died a few years ago. his 21-year-old son has been charged with murder. isaiah will be arraigned on wednesday. peoplinalicide this complex heard the frantic scream help from the bishop around 5:30 a.m. in the morn, pleading that he didn't want to die. one neighbor that spoke with him a day before he was killed is still in shock. >> i've been crying for the last four days. >> reporter: police say the younger man answered the door with blood on his hands and they found his father in a pool of blood. he was pronounced dead soon soofr -- soon after. >> you would never think it would happen next to you. i mean it's jus really stunning stooavenuebody in the complex. >> reporter: police are still searching for the motive behoonl this brutal killing.
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alyssa read, kron four news. hamp -- happening now, fire investigators still trying to find out what brought this fire. it opened up late friday night. 25 people out of their homes because of the fire. scott report from san francisco what our fire investigators know right now. >> reporter: for those who live here, this was a down right terrifying sight. >> i went away from -- for an hour and when i came back it was gutted. >> reporter: flamedize vouring the upper portion of the san francisco home. on sunday with the san francisco fire department showed us the damage and the obstacles the crews faced. >> they did not have -- have their aerial latters up. you can see all the wires here. we
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deployed two wooden latters which takes six people to raise each oun wf those ladders. and we're classifying this as extensive fire damage at this point. and we will have further information on that when our actual fire report investigation comes out. >> cuddos to the fire -- kuddos to the fire department. >> reporter: he credits firefighters for saving the place he calls home. >> they saved our place by operating as a unit. those are stories we're following right now. you see berkeley's tuition break has nearly been erased. they issued mandatory fees almost double for instate students. also found enrollment of residents has fallen sharply in the last deblg aid. many say the university is wrong
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to charge californians as much as occupant of state sit -- out of state citizens. they say they are given no choice as they seek to maintain quality. to the south bay where one man is dead after police found him in his crash car with a gunshot wunldz. the officials were calmed out to the scene early yesterday morning in the 5600-block at carlsbad drive. they found the victim crashled in to a pole in his care. they discovered he had been shot and pronounced dead at the scene. 73-year-old man who owed 1 hundred $113 million still miss swgs wanted by the government. he was last seen on surveillance video, boarding a san francisco-bound train on tuesday. this man, on 2009 was sued by the federal trade xhigdz. he claims he scammed hundreds of thousands of customers selling a
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system how to teach people how too flip houses. his family and the government are still looking for him right now. the driver reports having his car hit bea crossbow arrow. he was on millmont drive when hooe heard something hit his care. he was surprised to find a crossbow arrow sticking out of his truck. police are looking for suspects or witnesses of what happened there. the weather yesterday, just about perfect. people to spend the day with their special someone. people spend their valentines aaround the bay area. president obama and putin speaking over the phone yeshd on the phone. recovery efforts in middle town, months after fires
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destroyed homes and businesses. when we come back.
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these forming in boston. i've actually seen this smoke, moving over the warmer waters there. across the east coast entered record braking cold temperatures yesterday. new york city's temperature mrumented 1 below zero. that broke the record to degrees. during word war 1 send wind chills below, reaching as negative 15. let's compare and contrast. it was beautiful weather across the bay area. >> we have record warmth for today and tomorrow morning. the temperatures are going to be very comfortable today and through tomorrow. a lot of folks have the day offer today for president's day. if you do, it's a nice day to go
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to the beach. we have been talking about rough seas. you may have to watch out for that, but overall, things are looking better out there. there is a chance we could see some fog out there but right now, we'reb not seeing it. if you're out toward sfan or the cents rlt valley, you could be dealing with intense fog. right now we're seeing some mild readings. napa in the low 70s. lower 50s for our friends in south bay and sunnyville, waking up at 66 this morning. checking out our future cast. fast to warm up out tlchlt we'll see 70s at 10. and then by lunch time, we'll see temperatures in the 70s as well. by 2 p.m., see highs reaching generally thin mid- to upper 70s all across the bay. check out some of these areas in orange. that includes the north bay, parts of the delta and also the
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south bay. we'll see some 80s potentially in the afternoon. we will challenge a few records out there, not just for today but through tomorrow as well. tuesday afternoon, looking quite warm. going to be very warm once again, similar to today. we'll see a lot of upper 70s to iethy degree readings. then on wednesday xhshgs the changes in the form of cooler weather, clouds, and also the chance for some rain. east bay shore highs today. going to have upper 70s, close to 80 in oakland this afternoon. 77 in fremont and for union city, heading fatherer inland. very niesz temperatures. mid-70s in walnut creek. livermore, 77. for the rest of the bay area, check owl these numbers. 74 in happen day, mid-70s in
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daily city. 78 in san jose and the north bay really feeling the north today. low athies. great took -- 80s. checking out our form straking. we'll see temperatures still mild. maybe a little cooler for tuesday. you can see on wednesday, that's whr the real cooldown begins. we do have a chance for some rain tew rive. i don't think it will arrive until the evens hours. model showing more rain for thursday. otherwise, clouds and some sun. light rain. through the weekend we clear out as nar as the rain is concerned and we'll see more sunshine and milder conditions once again. how are the roads doing? >> not too bad. looking pretty good out there. no major problems. maybe you have to get out of san francisco this morning.
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so far, looking good. oh, a quick mention of bart. it will be operating on a saturday schedule today. keep that in mind. i will check your commute here. it's looking good. approaching the toll plaza, good shape. out of the south bay so far, looks good. no hot spots or problems. 87 looks good all theway to the 101 split. victims of the val efire are still recovering five months later. personal and financial obstacles that most of the survivors face are holding them back from making a complete recovery. caused 7 7 $700 million in damage. many people moved away from the
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area as they were unable to find e-fordable housing. the residents of lake county hope their communal will make the complete turnaround. firefighters say no one was hurt in a car fire out of the gas station. here is the video group crews were responding to. report of a car in flames. this from the corner of davis street. flames were so high, they reached the roof above the gas pump. they were able to distinguish the fire before major damage was caused. no one was injured. fire remains under investigation. police are looking for a man who allegedly stole from an arment store last month on january 21st. the man in this picture walked in to the kohls location. he took a install speaker from the shelf, and left the store. when employees fried to contact the man, he ran away. they left his coat and the speaker behind.
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. yesterday was the day to show your special someone how much you care for them on valentine's day. we spoke to couples. some of them were involved in the massive pillow fight. >> reporter: just judging by the number of couples holding handles, love was certainly in the air. >> perfect date weather. >> we went wine tasting yesterday and today bier out here. >> reporter: it's valentine's's day. >> i call it single awareness day. >> reporter: the national retail celebration callsatize the first consumer holiday of the year. estimates about half of what all americans celebrate. the average person spending one $146 on swag for their sweetheart. >> i'm getting a brace let for
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my boyfriend. >> i had to last year. every year it gets harder and hardered for me. >> reporter: in san francisco, there is another way to celebrate. the annual pillow fight. >> love birds might as well --. >> reporter: you can tell by the turn out, there are plenty of people who prefer some tough love on valentine's day. whether you're bashing it out or spending big, just do it with someone you love. reporting in san francisco, kate kagal. >> it was a very busy day around the flower shops. we checked in with one san francisco business. >> reporter: people have been poring in to get -- pouring in
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to get flowers. i can see the flowers do naurt disappoint. you can stick with traditional red roses or get your sweetie something tropical for the special day. shop owner says he dulled his staff -- doubled his staff to accommodate last-min orders. people i talk to say they came here to get flowers that would impress their valentine. >> i picked them out -- i picked out a few different arrangements. they looked good. >> i just wanted something that was colorful or pretty, so i picked these . >> reporter: florest produce 2 50 million red roses for valentine's days loan alone.
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former governor attacked a woman allegedly. she told the police he choked her on saturday. it happened in the room where the two of them were spending some time at the bar. she says they knew each other er for-two years before the incident. police are investigating a possible assault case. there is no word from the former governor. and happening today, pope francis is holding mass at the least catholic state in mexico. his aimsome to boost the faith in mexico. north sof mexico city. the religious leader celebrated a mass during the busy day and continues to urge the nation to combat corruption and drug violence. the academy award are less than 2 two weeks away.
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why the revnant is getting new oscar moments. a lot of people may be off from work today. it is a holiday -- president's day.
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cnn pfbs's david daniel has it in the hollywood minute. >> reporter: the rev nant is ready to make history. it won five trophies including best picture, best actor and best director who also won this year's award.
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this year would make him the best back-to-back best director oscar winner. nothing kanye west does is regular. after more than two years to wait for his new album, the live of pablo seemed over. he announced the release on friday and then on sunday said it was delayed. this followed a week of intense promotion, including a fashion show, a performance on saturday night live swb a series of attention getting tweets, proclaiming himself $53 million in best and to invest a billion dollars in his ideas, after all, kanye is the greatest artist in all time. just ask him. . coming up here, presidential nominations and supreme court replacements. what the candidates had to say about following the death of the
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supreme court judge. tracking nice condition out there. mild to live conditions out there we got clear skies. stran looking for a high of 74. warming up, we will challenge? records around the bay area. more, coming up after the break.
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when police arrived they found three men suffering from gunshot wounds. one guyed at the scene, one died at the hospital. the third victim remains in criticalrision right now. 54-year-old bishop senior was stabbed to det in the stanley home on friday. his 21-year-old son has been charged with
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murder. isaiah will be arraigned on wednesday. the bishop was a pastor at mount olive holy church of god. fire investigators still trying to fire out what started this fire. north pan handling neighborhood. broke out on saturday fight. this year fult skwn baker street. 25 people out of their homes because of this fire. look at this, over 40 vehicles involved in a multicar crash caused by slick roads in indiana. the pileup happening around 3:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. indiana police are getting to the area here and it was the snow and ice that caused the crash. five-hour afrz the closure the roadway was clear skwd finally reopened. we watched? really nasty national weather and the best weather we've seen
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so far this year. what a temperature we have had here. we are going to see temperatures get above average for much all across the bay area. here is a live look at the bay bridge this morning. clear skies starting off monday morning. it is president's day. i'm expecting a lot of folks to be chilling out at home and with their families, if you got the day off. if you are going to work this morning, look at oakland for today. temperatures there are going to be very warm. 54 right now and clear skies going for a high of 74 this afternoon. five minds per hour winds. temptures in the lower 60s right now. 59 in livermore and 69 in napa. warm up in the north bay. here is a quick check of your satellite picture. we have some high clouds and it's going to be a really nice day where we're growing to
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challenge a couple of records today and also tomorrow, will feel like spring. south bay highs today, check it out. 78 for mountain view. upper 70 tz in san jose. pushing close to 80. 78 in morgan hill. i think we'll see some upper 70s as well for the peninsula. san francisco, 74 degrees. if you want to go to the beaches today, yes, i think it's a nice day to do that. 74 in ocean beach and pacifica. search is not as aggressive as we've seen. in fact no high suffer advisory. -- surf. there is a small crack advisory. if you have a small boat, keep that in mind. 80 for napa. 81 in santa rosa. great conditions if you're going to head there 92 do some wine
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tasting. low 80s and 74 in livermore. i think tomorrow will be a little warmer as more weather. then the changes come on wednesday. we drop in temperatures. the winds are growing to pick up and see see some rain arriving. the wednesday evening commute will be slick for quite a few roads. another chance of showers in the north bay on friday. by the weekend, we dry out. there is a check of your traffic and your imagine morning. >> we hope so. atlounldz bearia it's pretty early. we have some early commuters on the road. going to make that trip. right now it's looking pretty good with no major slow downs. 8s to ten minutes. that's it from the toll plaza.
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i'm tracking your commute on the 92. this is a live look at your traffic across the san mateo bridge. i can see a tow truck moving into the center lane r maybe spawning to something. i'll double check and see. so far no reports. should be a quick 15-minute trip for you. last check only 15 minutes. i'm tracking your drive right now. it's looking good. a quick 15-minute trip r. that's from her cuelies to the maze. maybe you're coming from the peninsula, heading to san francisco or the bay bridge. thank you, robin. big news we're following right now. justice returns home to virginia. a hearse carrying the justice departed from the funeral home where it was put oen a private
4:35 am
plain. he died in his -- plane. he died in his sleep. he was found unresponsive saturday morning he was spoin years old. . a source familiar with the case tells cnn the texas officials had decided not to do an autopsy. no word on official cause of death. the sudden death of him kicked off apolitical battle ip-washington that is now spilling over on to the campaign trail r. threatening to block any nomination from pres dments obama. we report the raise for the wite house is suddenly crystallized into a discussion on the supreme court. >> reporter: while the body of late supreme court justice is transported to washington on monday, debate over his replacement duminates the campaign trail. cruz criticized atrump. >> anyone who writes checks to
4:36 am
jimmy carter and hillary clinton, does not kaer about con serve ffb justses. >> he voted in faifb about obcare. he got there because ted cruz pushed him like wild. >> i think president obama is going to submit a nominee and in all likelihood this person will be out in the main stream and rejected by the senate. >> reporter: marco rubo dismissed it. >> let's let the voters weigh indiana nvsh. the court can function with alth justices. >> i don't think that mitch mc conal has a right on his issue. the constitution is pretty clear, and thatsome the job of the president of the united states to appoint eight members
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of the supreme court and the sewnt confirm >> president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that is exactly what he should be doing and mc conal should follow the constitutional process. former president george w. bush hits the campaign trail today to help his brother. jeb bush believes his brother could help save his presidential campaign. george w. with vouch for his readiness. he's hoping to gain more momentum after a 4ict. president putin ecspooing over the phone, discussing peace in syria. the 2 leaders spoke yesterday standing together against terrorism. a news release said both leaders expressed support for the seize
4:38 am
fire. putin stressed he built a soled relationship within both countries to fight terrorism. later in the news, mba all star weekend, wrapping up. we'll take a look at how the warriors players did. we took our drone out to the country to show you an amazing new teacher in tesla cars that really push the boundaries of vehicles. that's coming up.
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a lot of talk about self-driving cars and many say this is going to be the future. we show you 1 of tesla's new feature. >> reporter: it's really been faes electric squar now it's eeben faster. new feech were called ludicrous
4:41 am
mode that wilt take the car from zero to 60 in 2 point 8 seconds. let's test it out. we took the tesla to the country away from traf swk building so we could flow the drone to cap chrp the aerial few. this is a setting that you turn on. once you have it turned on, whether the car is at a complete stop and crow pres your foot on the gas pedal, it will do its thing sh blasting the car to 60 miles and hour in under 3 seconds. i placed a small video camera pointed forward on the dash. i secured it. it wasn't enough. here is what happened to it camera the first time we tried ludicrous mode. >> blew the camera off the dashboardyism was not prepared
4:42 am
for how fast the take off is. here is a look of our drone when we activated ludicrous mode. that is fast. here is the view from behind, as we take off. that is crazy fast. the tesla model is now the faster four-door vehicle every built. this put ang electric vehicle on power with big engine muscle cars and high end sport cars like furaura. it's actually faster than mus and sports cars. tesla recently added an autopilot feature to let the car drive by itself and other features. 1 will bring the car to you on demand for. for closer looks on what, go to
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our web page. you can connect with gak on twitter or sends him an e-mail. coming up, you -- >> uber drivers caught on the phone in rel stricted locations. i'm explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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beautiful commute from golden gate bridge, waiting for sunrise and another warm day. >> yes, spring like conditions once again. temperatures will be warmer today through tomorrow before we see big changes in the forecast. here is a live look. clear sky starting off your monday morning on this holiday.
4:46 am
we are not seeing fog out there this morning. if you're going to sacramento, we are seeing some areas of dense fog there. livermore, clear conditions for you. right now, frourp degrees our high today. 77 for our afternoon. warming up vaerp nicely in the east bay and temperatures cooling down by 6 this evening to low skiks biate o'clock. temperatures are at 54 in oakland. upper 50s in antioch. look at napa. 69 is agrees. here is our warm spot ong the map. why have lots of sunshine expected for today and through tomorrow and then we see some changes arrive by the middle of the week on wednesday and thursday. if you like the warm weather enjoy it today and tomorrow. things change by the middle of the week. hour highs today will challenge a few more records. see some of our warmest readings
4:47 am
in the north bay today. low 80s for a lot of locations. sfat in fair field and also upper 70s. do keech in mind if you're uch in the hills, going to see? gusty wind uzthis afternoon. it might be breezy out there but otherwise, a warm breeze for mump of the day today. the rest of the bay area, high husband looking like this. upper 70s. 77 in oakolog. sfalt in san jose. 76 in sunny dael. and downtown san francisco, 74. daily city, around mid-70s. check out our storm tracker. i mentioned the changed coming on wens. you can see it will be warm tomorrow, tuesday. temperatures drop on wednesday, mid-60s. clouds increase, winds pick up. by the afternoon on wednesday, chanceoffs some rain. i think it will be a wet commute for a lot of the folks on wednesday night and importantly
4:48 am
thursday morning. on friday, another disturbance bringing us a chance for some rain. and over the weekend, going to be dry and sunny. time now is 448 a.m. here is a check of your traffic. this is a good time to make your trim to and out of san francisco. it's looking gg with no major crashes. less than 20 minutes for the toll ride. that's the commute drekdz. highway 37 to the toll plaza on the san francisco side. approaching the richmond bridge, no major trull spots. i'm tracking travel times. 13 minute trip. -- this is youlsly a tough freeway. right now at the limit. both directs 21 minutes. and maybe you're coming out of south bay this morning, no major trull spots so far.
4:49 am
northbound 101, a quick 10 minute trip. a quick mention of tublic transit. both are on a modified schedule today. barter and cal train on a saturday schedule. parking by the airport, they're supposed to be for free for people whool are picking up passengers but not for drivers who are being paid. more on people behavior badly. >> reporter: here is a good 1. this man is driving while recording kw wearing dual earbuds but since rr he's in a parking lot i'll give him a break. you killed me first. >> you win. >> reporter: who fist. you did. what led up to this bizarre conversation is this.
4:50 am
you know you can't be here. >> i'm just eating ort report you can't be here. you can't park in here. anyway -- i'm at a cell phone lot and no, a cell phone lot is not where you get a free cell phone, it's where people can park until they get a call and head to the curb to pick up family. unless you operate an uber or lift car, they have very own lot 50 yards away. that doesn't stop them from icnoring the signs. this explains a lot of rules for the cell phone lot. notice no limo squetnc vehicles allowed. basically, uber and lift. >> you are not permitted in this lot. >> reporter: even after the announcement from the ground
4:51 am
transportation unitd this uber drive stayed put. did you not hear you can't stay in this lot. >> it says cell phone lot. >> reporter: it says no uber, lift or side kick. >> as far as i was concerned, uber said i could park in the parking lot cell phone tower lot. >> reporter: these two were neither uber or lift. they thought this was long term parking. if you park here, you're going to get towed. the winner of today is this. >> this is my fist job coming here. >> reporter: why do i keep hearing that. nba's gathering for the all-star game. paying tribute to legend kobi brie nlt who is playing in his 18ths and final all-star game.
4:52 am
the score, 196 to 173. it was the highest scoring all-star game ever. thomson rgs nine. kerry reflected on playing in bryant's final all star game. >> highlight moment during the game where we had some niesz games and obviously the curtain call at the end that you knew it was coming but didn't -- what part of the game on the field that the crowd was going to give. it was amazing. got goosebumps. >> urmearlier thin weekend, thomson beat kerry in the three point contest. they are starting their second part of the season. golden state starting off with 48 wins and four losses. they are on case to break the chicago bulls record. kia has been accused of daunling more than a billion
4:53 am
dollars in taxes between 2 009 and 2014. the charges stem from a report by the green party in the european parliament. the political group sukoosing the retailer of large scale tax avoid nlt. they were deliberately shifting monies around europe. from there they would end up untaxed. the european commission, the regia lalters said they would study the report. and the weekend box office dead pool crushed all rivals this weekend and set a few records while doing that. the marvel flick made 1 hundred $135 million for its owning weekend. thal film starring ryan reynolds. easily trumping last year's record for 50 shades of gray. became the biggest rated r opening esh, surpassing the
4:54 am
matrix. romantic comedy how to be single was third u bringing in nearly 19 million. still ahead here, coming up look at unique ways people celebrated. we're watching conditions atloujdz bay area. -- around.
4:55 am
4:56 am
around the bay area. -- around. the program is called little hearts, big hearts. kips from new york had a
4:57 am
birds eye view. some of them tied the knot while others renewed their vows. they all had a breathtaking view. the couples won the right to hold ceremonies there after winning a contest for the most touching love story. still ahead, news at 5:00 o'clock. two people shot and killed at the twin peaks. what investigators are saying about the shooting. a man arrested for suspicion on murdering his father. what community membererize say -- are saying about the pastor. cause of a fire in san francisco. we will have more on the dozens of people displaced when we return in jus a few minutes.
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4:59 am
kim and i shot to death at one of san francisco's most scenic spots. i will tell you were that spot is coming up.
5:00 am
sparking a fierce battle over antonin scalia death. what the president is saying. a live shot at warm temperatures across the bay area. i will have details. we are expecting a fairly quiet day today. >> i am tracking the temperatures. >> there are temperatures at 60 degrees right now.
5:01 am
alive look -- a live look at these temperatures. oakland is 51 degrees. 61 degrees downtown san francisco. here's a breakdown for you. take a look at your screen. not a lot of breeze for most locations. we will get some of these high clouds across the area. here's a breakdown for you. look at the temperatures. right now it's a good ride
5:02 am
heading into san francisco with no major problems. i'm tracking your commute if you have to eat -- had to be paid to the south bay here is your drive time. it's a quick 25 minute trip. the train are on holiday schedule. two people are dead and another person in the hospital after shooting at twin peaks. >> reporter: i'm out here in the twin peaks parking lot one of the most scenic spots in the bay area but as you said yesterday, a triple shooting took place that killed two people and left one person inside of a hospital with life- threatening injuries.
5:03 am
you can see the parking lot is empty but there is a san francisco officer in the parking lot. according to the police, they say around 2 am yesterday morning they received a call about a shooting. a discovered that three people have been shot. a 20-year-old male dead at the scene and they transported to others to the hospital. and 18-year-old man and a 22- year-old man. the 22-year-old man succumbed to his injuries. the 18-year-old is still in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. as far as the suspect, they have not a lot of information that they believe that the three victims were targeted and they believe the suspect fled. this is on the heels of an incident that happened a peer last month when at worst was targeted sprayed with mason
5:04 am
robbed. there are more patrols the. and the -- in the area and there are more cameras in the area. police are asking for any help. there asking -- they are asking you to call in with any information. community members across the bay area are mourning the death of a beloved dishes -- bishop. they responded to a disturbance and they found 21-year-old isaiah bostic covered in blood and his father dead with multiple stab wounds. he was taken into custody and booked on murder charges. his father was a pastor of mount all of a past -- original church of god. >> it is so shocking to
5:05 am
everybody. >> you would never think it would happen next to you. >> police are still searching for a motive. isaiah bostwick is going to be arraigned. fire investigators are try to figure out what sparked a fire in san francisco's north panhandle neighborhood. it started just after 8 am on saturday. it took firefighters about one half hours to get it under control and 25 people were forced from their homes. and 11-year-old child -- and 11- year-old child was injured. police in the south they are investigating a homicide.
5:06 am
he was found in his car with a gunshot wound. they were called to the scene early morning yesterday near piner high school. they found a man had crashed the car into a pole and later they realized he had been shot. police have not identified the victim. police in fairfield recovered a loaded gun after shooting they were called to clear street about three about 3 pm. there was a bullet casing at the intersection but they could not find anyone who had actually been shot. a witness called pleased to say they saw a man at the shooting site searching through bushes. please went back to the scene and they found a loaded gun. decision 2016 is in sudden death as supreme court justice antonin scalia kicked off a debate . majority leader richard o'connell is
5:07 am
threatening to block any nomination for president obama. >> while the body of late supreme court justice antonin scalia is transported to washington monday, debate over his replacement dominates the campaign trail. republican ted cruz criticized his main rival donald trump. >> anyone that right tracks -- writes checks to hillary clinton does not care about conservative justices. >> trump struck back packs that he voted in favor of obama care and he got there because ted cruz pushed him like while. >> on cnn state of the union jeff bush. >> president obama is going to submit a nominee and in all likelihood this person will be
5:08 am
out of the mainstream and rejected. >> marco rubio dismissed concerns. spec let's let the voters weigh in a november. >> candidates on the other side of the aisle accused mcconnell and republicans of ignoring the constitution. >> i don't think that mitch mcconnell has it right. >> president obama said he would nominate someone and that is what he should be doing. >> still ahead, people from mid- atlantic to northeast are getting battered by snow sleet rain and record-breaking cold while we are in the gorgeous sunshine.
5:09 am
concerns over the zika virus before the upcoming olympic games. kanye west makes a bombshell announcement. we will tell you what he announced. alive look at the san mateo bridge
5:10 am
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5:12 am
a lot of the nation suffering. take a look at these shots. new yorker get eight inches of snow. the heavy snow already falling in cincinnati. top rate is boston. -- right is boston.
5:13 am
30 people injured in a 40 car pile up in indianapolis. travelers -- temperatures around 7 degrees. record-breaking cold over the weekend. -1 degrees in new york city. >> that's why i am not one of those annoying people who post for my family to see. the lights you see on this map is a winter weather advisory but conditions are improving. the red that you see is the winter storm warning still in
5:14 am
effect. a half foot of snow still possible in these areas. these are highs, upper 30s in new york chicago will not make it to the freezing mark. minneapolis around 30 degrees. the west coast is much warmer. we are looking for warmer than 70 degrees today. we of 62 degrees for pleasanton. these are temperatures right now and they feel balmy. let's watch the models in place. we've not seen orange for a while and those are potential 80s in the wine country and the valley and the south bay. we don't see too much in central valley as of yet but tonight we will have a cool
5:15 am
down but not dramatic. behind -- with the high clouds we do not get much of cooling. let's check out the high temperatures. take a look at your screen. we are talking about 80 degrees on tuesday than a change for wednesday some showers. the latest model runs on the shower show maybe friday may not be as wet as we are hoping. let's check 92 little bit slow westbound purging the high- rise traffic is coming to a crawl. there may be something new or small that has popped up but
5:16 am
it's getting a little crowded. 880 looks good on the peninsula no reports of any major trouble spots. over to the golden gate nice commute into and out of san francisco. lighter than normal traffic conditions because of the holiday. it's a great ride here. and tracking travel times throughout the south bay and no major slowdowns. here are your drive times. it's a quick 20 minute trip. incident working here off to the shoulder vehicle flipped over but it's not blocking or backing up traffic.
5:17 am
so far in pretty good shape. police officer is in critical condition after he was shot in the head while investigating a robbery. it happened just across the street from a police station in clarksdale. the officer was found outside a convenience store that had been robbed on saturday night. two people have been arrested in connection with the shooting. they are looking at surveillance video. police believe he was trying to question the men. struck a memorial service will be held this friday for the richmond police officer who was shot and killed in his own last week. the service for officer they got starts at 10 am. it is open to the public. the 58-year-old veteran officer was shot last thursday allegedly by his grandson.
5:18 am
police believe that vegas was trying to protect his daughter. a former new york governor now under investigation after allegations surfaced that he attacked a woman. law enforcement say he choked her in a hotel. it happened in his hotel room where the two of them were spending time at the bar. the woman told police she has known for two years. police are questioning about an assault case. he resigned from office in 2008 after being accused of being a frequent client of a high process -- price prostitution ring. both francis is in mexico as part of a five-day trip. he has holding mass today in hopes of boosting pate -- faith. he celebrated mastering it be busy day and he is urging the nation to combat corruption and drug violence.
5:19 am
rescue operations in taiwan are nigh over. more than one week after a deadly earthquake 116 people were killed when an apartment complex collapsed. 289 people were rescued and 96 of them still in the hospital. rescuers found tin cans packed into the collapsed walls of the high-rise. three people he used to work for the company who built the apartment building have now been arrested. they are facing charges of negligence. a driver in fremont says his car was hit with a crossbow arrow while he was on his way to work on wednesday afternoon. he was on no mancha rape when something hit his car -- belmont drive when something hit his car and he found the arrow. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a gas station. crews responded to the scene
5:20 am
around 2 pm saturday. the flames were so high they reached the roof. firefighters were able to put the fire out. victims of the valley fire are still recovering five months after the fire destroyed their town. the fire started back on september 12 and it spread to 120 square miles and caused $700 million in damage. it killed four people. many people have moved away from the area. others are trying to rebuild and they are hopeful the community will make a turnaround. the presidential candidates are ramping up their campaign efforts heading into the next
5:21 am
round of primaries. how former president george w. bush is getting involved. award season in full swing. stride -- a live look at our traffic. it looks like it may stay light. abet, dealith gh..may ow wt it lio janua wos wh youbloo hes lgar higur. anworklesshen ur bod sugais l, beuse wor jabynhanng yr bo's o ilitto ler bod sar.
5:22 am
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5:23 am
5:24 am
keeping an eye on temperatures it will be another warm one today. look at the temperatures right now already. we are seeing these temperatures at 5:24 am. take a look at your screen. >> i can't believe this temperatures. >> storms are coming. leonardo dicaprio cleaning up at this year's awards. the film won five awards including best picture actor and director. the best actress prize went to brie larson.
5:25 am
who will win the oscars? >> why are we showing kim and kanye? >> kanye announced he is releasing his new album and then he added this bombshell. he said he is $53 million in personal debt. the tweeted the news to his followers he said please pray we overcome this. this is my true heart. it's not clear whether he was serious. his new album is available on the title streaming service. he is delaying the release any pleaded with plans to subscribe if they want to hear it. he is also asking marks"bird to invest $1 million in his idea because he says he has the greatest -- he is the greatest living artist and of all time. >> there's a coffee shop in san
5:26 am
francisco that had a sign that said find someone in life you love july kanye loves kanye. are numbers today will be warm these are highs forecast for oakland. we get there. >> another state declares a health emergency as the zika virus keep spreading. what health officials around the world are doing to keep you safe.
5:27 am
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5:29 am
streak -- two people are dead and a third person injured a shooting in san francisco twin peaks. it happened yesterday morning we are on the scene and bring you an update. struck community members are mourning the death of a beloved bishop. that the four-year-old -- a 54- year-old was stabbed in his home and his 21-year-old son is charged with the murder. he was a pastor at the mouth all of church. struck investigators trying to figure out what -- this fire started saturday night and officials are trying to figure out what caused it. get a look at weather and traffic this morning. >> there's a crash in san jose but it's not blocking. it's like is it still
5:30 am
winter? we don't have a winter like forecast the next couple of days. here's a live shot for you. clear skies overnight but you wouldn't know it from the temperatures. we have high clouds with a breeze yesterday but we will have a loft today. let's break this down. 77 degrees by 2 pm in oakland. dropping back down to the 60s by about 8 pm. temperatures right now 59 degrees downtown san francisco. take a look at your screen. your being -- your day planner
5:31 am
goes like this. upper 70s across the board. some rain coming up. the san mateo bridge is crowded westbound. overall this is a good commute all drives looking good. on tracking and overturned crash in san jose the driver ran off the road. the vehicle flipped over but it is not blocking. emergency crews have arrived but it is not blocking.
5:32 am
supreme court justice antonin scalia is now headed to virginia. he died over the weekend of natural causes within hours of his announcement of his death, there were controversy going on. >> professor david levine has a lot to say about the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. he has quoted his opinions in his book and one spent six weeks teaching with the italian- american justice in italy. this is a picture of his daughter with antonin scalia. >> he could be caustic on the bench and in his opinions yet he was charming as can be
5:33 am
inside and out. >> he will be remembered as an influential justice who argued the u.s. constitution is not a living document. he was the original original list who has heavily influence judges across the country and the republican party. >> tonight you have several of the candidates essentially saying they needed justice who thinks like he does. >> for now any cases that have been decided but not released will say as they are. some decisions will now become tight. >> their confirming up abortion affirmative action. >> my plans to fulfill my responsibility to nominate. >> it will happen without
5:34 am
republican-controlled senate who say the next president should get to pick the next justice. >> this term was shaping up for many years. >> former president george w. bush hit the campaign trail today to help his brother. president bush will appear with job bush -- jeff bush at a rally. he believes that his brother could help save his campaign. george can vouch for his readiness to be commander-in- chief. he is hoping to gain more momentum. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to win over african-american voters. they spoke in las vegas yesterday sanders focusing on criminal justice reform and
5:35 am
clinton suggesting that sanders is a one issue candidate whose policies would not and racism. nevada's democratic election is on saturday. president obama is pushing for peace and syria. he spoke with bladimir pugin on the phone and they spoke about the peace process. both leaders expect a cease- fire and syria as well as international group meeting in munich to discuss. pugin stressed the need to build a rope working relationship -- a working relationship. the governor of to hawaii -- of hawaii has declared a health emergency because of the zika virus and other mosquito borne illnesses. >> the wind governor says it's a preventative measure right now and declaring an emergency
5:36 am
is for resources. it doesn't mean residence or tourists should be worried about the virus in hawaii. there have been no zika cases they are but there have been more than 250 cases of dengue fever in hawaii. the president of brazil says the zika virus will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio. this comes after people expressing fears because of the zika virus. brazil will be successful in fighting the mosquitoes. the military and health workers were sent out over the weekend to start fighting against the got. the virus is sweeping -- zika. it has been linked to a serious birth defect among newborns.
5:37 am
the olympics start in august. the nba's in toronto for an all-star game. we took our turn out to the country to show you an amazing new feature that pushes the boundaries of an all electric vehicle. looked outside from twin peaks this morning. -- a look outside from twin peaks this morning. (cat vo #1) hey cats!
5:38 am
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5:39 am
i'm tracking your ride into san francisco and it's much lighter than normal. no major problems coming out of oakland, san francisco, your drivetime 8 to 10 minutes.
5:40 am
coming up we will take a look at the san mateo bridge. a bay area man is a half million dollars richer after winning the top prize in california in the lottery. he matched all five numbers on january 2. the ticket was worth $533,000. he bought the winning ticket at one electors in sunnydale. officials say he realized team won when he was at work. a german telecommunications network is building an app for android phones. it sensors inside the phone when earthquakes are happening near you. it run silently in the background of your phone and provides information about
5:41 am
earthquakes. the app will send an alert to a network server. if the server receives alerts from other smartphones in the area, it can send alerts out for the whole region. he is a look at our current numbers. we are already at 59 degrees before the sun rises. napa at 68 degrees. details and your forecast next. y opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast.
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5:44 am
take a look at the weather and it's already warm out there. >> go on the beach and things are rocking and rolling. it's beautiful. >> may and october these are the months. >> where did winter go? kind of coming back over the week. friday might not be arraigned event after all. -- a rain event after all.
5:45 am
here's a nice look at what's going on. clear skies but still temperatures quite lofty. right now we have high clouds streaming down. high pressure has kicked in and it's just about overhead so it will cut down on the winds around the bay area. everything in the north until the middle of the week when things will change. let's break things down. take a look at your screen. variable winds. the breakdown for you. into the early afternoon is see
5:46 am
some oranges develop in the valley and the south bay that's potential 80s we may reach today. the temperatures remain warm to the evening. today sunny skies not much happening. middle of the week is when things start happening. 8 am we are going to start with cloud cover and rain may develop later in the day. we might get up to one half inch but friday does not look as likely. there you have it, upper 70s. here is the lowdown. take a look at your screen. down to 65 degrees on
5:47 am
wednesday. we are talking about sunshine today and traffic is lighter than normal with no major hotspots. it will be a nice day all around. traffic heading to the san mateo bridge is looking good. it's lighter than normal. i'm tracking your ride across the golden gate it is still quiet both directions and no problems into or out of san francisco. i'm tracking your travel times normally i would be talking about higher times that with folks having the day off it is
5:48 am
15 minutes. no major problems on the 101 out of san jose. police in australia have carried out a massive drug bust sheathing nearly $1 billion worth of drug known as ice. liquid amphetamine was found hidden inside thousands of silicon raw inserts in a shipment traced to a hong kong storage facility. it was hidden inside art supplies as well. authorities have arrested and charged for people. scary moments for dozens of people who had to be rescued after two tram cars got stuck 40 feet above a ski resort in new hampshire. they repelled 40 passengers to the ground one by one. a mechanical issue caused it to get stuck.
5:49 am
a new feature called ludicrous mode is getting a lot of buzz for tesla. >> one of the complaints about electric cars is that they are not fast. now it's faster. is a new feature called ludicrous that will take the car from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. let's test it out. >> we took it to the country away from traffic and buildings so we could capture the view. it was a beautiful day. this ludicrous mood is a setting you turn on to the dashboard touchscreen. once you have it turned on, whenever it as at a complete stop any pressure foot on the
5:50 am
gas, it will do its thing. it goes from 60 miles per hour -- to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. here's what happened to the camera. that was way too quick. i was not prepared for how fast the take office. here's a look from above. here's a view from behind. the tesla model is now the fastest accelerating four-door vehicle ever built. a pushes automotive technology and electric cars.
5:51 am
0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds is faster than most muscle and sporty cars. >> here are some good shots. they added an autopilot feature that lets the car drive by itself and also a parking feature. it will bring the car to you on demand. for closer look at those, visit my tech page. sports news, the nba's guest gathered for the all-star game paying tribute to lakers legend kobe bryant who played with -- his 18th and final game. the west be the east 196 two 170 -- 196-173. highest scoring game of all
5:52 am
time. >> some of the highlight moments during the game the curtain call at the end that you knew it was coming but you didn't know that the crowd would be so great. >> earlier in the weekend there was a contest and the warriors start the second half of their season friday night. they are on pace to break the bulls single-season win record of 72 and 10. dead pool crushing all of its rivals this weekend. >> i hated this movie. >> it was a dark superhero
5:53 am
movie. >> it was best to be a dark comedy but it was not that funny. be -- how to be single these days? take a look at yours temperatures -- more temperatures. 63 degrees in daly city. it is 68 degrees in napa. we will be back.
5:54 am
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6:00 am
two men are shot to death at one of san francisco's most scenic location. i will tell you where it happened. hawaii declares a state of emergency in the fight against the zika virus. we want more on that story coming up. the passing of the supreme court justice versus a severe election-year battle. happy monday morning to you. let's start with it looks like a normal one. >> it has more of a springlike feel to us than a winner like. temperatures are on the board. 51 and livermore.
6:01 am
napa is already up to a 68 degrees. san francisco is coming in at 57 degrees. we will mostly be in the 50s. oakland is relatively chilly at 51. we have some high clouds. a look at the south bay today, you have hose -- numbers in at 76. it will trail off into the evening hours. we have 70s. everyone will be in the business of the lower 70s into the upper 70s by the noon hour. we will have rain coming into the forecast in the seven day.
6:02 am
i will let you know how that pans out. it is much lighter than normal on the roads. you are getting a break today. if you have to driver if you have somewhere to go, it is picking up. we are delay free. remember, most public transit agencies are operating on a holiday schedule. bar and caltran are operating on a saturday schedule. two people are dead after a shooting at twin peaks in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. i'm up here at the parking lot in twin peaks. for two people who were shot to death yesterday, not so great. here is video from earlier this morning here in the parking lot at twin peaks.
6:03 am
according to the san francisco police department, they received a call yesterday morning that there have been a shooting up here in the parking lot. they discovered that three people have been shot. a 20-year-old man was pronounced dead here inside of the parking lot. to others, in 18-year-old in a 22 year old were transported to a local hospital. the 22-year-old succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital. as far as suspects, they don't have much of a description. they do believe that these three people were targeted by the suspect who fled the scene. i had a chance to talk to be bought here enjoying the view. i estimate they felt safe. the mac i do feel safe up here. >> it is very serene and somber. i enjoy myself when i come up here. i had been here for a years
6:04 am
doing my things and hanging out. i show my friends around. it is absolutely beautiful. i never feel unsafe out here. >> reporter: that comes on the heels of an incident that took place last month when a tourist was sprayed with maese. as far as the san francisco police department, they say there are surveillance cameras coming in and out of the parking lot. they will be looking at the cameras to see if they can get any description of the suspect or the vehicle. they are asking for the help from the public. they say a lot of people are in and out of the parking lot. they're hoping someone may have seen or heard something. >> if we did more information we will check with you. >> reporter: community members are mourning the loss of a musician. there was a disturbance at an apartment on friday. they found a 21-year-old
6:05 am
covered in blood and his father, the pastor was dead with multiple stab wounds. the sun was taken into custody and booked on murder charges. he was the pastor mount olive church. >> it is talking to everybody. gas -- it is shocking to everybody. >> you would never think it would happen next to you. >> investigators are looking for them motive. he will be arraigned on wednesday. fire investigators are working to figure out what caused a three alarm fire in the panhandle neighborhoods. a broke out late saturday night. 25 people are displaced from
6:06 am
their homes. we report from san francisco with what investigators know for -- so far. >> reporter: for those who live here, this was a terrifying sight. >> i went away for an hour and it was completely devastated. >> reporter: flames devoured the upper portion of the san francisco home. on sunday, jonathan baxter with the san francisco fire department, showed kron4 the damage and the obstacles they face. >> they do not have their area letters that. all of these wires are here. we deployed to 50 foot ladders. we also had some smaller letters in the back. we are classifying it as extensive fire damage at this point. we will have additional information when the report comes out. >> reporter: brian lives next door to the home that suffered
6:07 am
the most damage. he credits firefighters for saving the place he calls home. >> we were operating as a unit. >> the police are investigating a homicide. a man was found dead in a crash car. he had a gunshot wound. the police got called to the scene early yesterday morning. they found that a man had crashed a car into a pool and then later realized that he had been shot. he died on the scene and they have not identified the victim react. the police in fairfield recovered a loaded gun after a shooting. the officers were called around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. they found bullet casings in the intersection but cannot find anyone who have been shot. eyewitness later called police that said they saw a man returned to the site and
6:08 am
searching through the bushes. the police returned to the scene and found a loaded gun. a driver said his car was hit with a crossbow arrow while he was headed toward work. he heard something on his truck. he saw a crossbow arrow sticking out of the track. -- out of his truck. here is the scene. crews are responding to this area around 2:00 in the afternoon on saturday. a car went up in flames at the chevron. the flames were so high they reached over the roof right above the gas pumps. the firefighters were able to put it out before cause more damage. breaking news is happening now. a health emergency is declared in hawaii over the zika virus. there is new concern about the virus and the summer olympics.
6:09 am
>> reporter: the wind governor says it is a preventative emergency. declaring a public emergency freeze up funds. a does not mean that residents are toys should be concerned about the virus. there have been more than 250 cases of a fever in hawaii since september. the president of brazil says the zika virus will not compromise the upcoming olympics. some have expressed fears. officials say brazil will be successful in fighting the mosquitoes that carry the virus. their military and thousands of health workers were sent out over the weekend to start fighting the virus. the virus is sweeping through parts of latin america. it is mostly harmless for adults but has been linked to serious birthday effects of my
6:10 am
newborns. the olympics in rio de janeiro star in august. still ahead, while we have heat and sunshine, look at what your friends and family have at they are in the mid atlantic and the northeast. bev record-breaking cold. the pope visits one of the most dangerous neighborhoods and all of mexico. what he had to stay -- say to the people there. kanye west has a bombshell announcement about his finances.
6:11 am
6:12 am
6:13 am
we are tracking severe weather across the nation. look at the cold spell back east. they are getting hit with snow, sleet, and brain. some places could get up to 8 inches of snow. on the top right, that is a little steam on the water in boston from the cold air moving in over the warmer waters in boston harbor. there is a pile up on slick roads in indiana with 30 people injured. there are chunks of ice floating in lake michigan in chicago. it was -1 in new york city
6:14 am
yesterday. that was a record. our housing crisis are going to go up again. >> it is a very cold. >> it could be nicer for us. >> the white is a winter weather advisory. you might think it is child's play. the problem is it may be freezing rain. the red that you see of their in new york state, that is a winter storm warning that is extending down to dc. what does it look like for the forecast? a lot of 30s. new york is going to be 38. chicago will be 29 and minneapolis will be around 30. temperatures for us right now, 60 for pleasanton, 67 four livermore. we have a 50 going up or nevada. 58 for downtown san francisco.
6:15 am
we are off to a warm start. napa is at 68 degrees. how does this compare with our records? here is an idea of what we have. san francisco is at 80 degrees. oakland will be at 77. we will break the record of 73. it looks like san rafael will have a forecast of 80 degrees. these are just general forecast numbers. let's watch and plotted for you in terms of time. weather 2:00 hour, a lot of orange is breaking up in wine country. with this high in place, we don't see temperatures drop rapidly. we are about 8:00 p.m. overnight. hardly much of -- in the way at 50s. here is what is going up in the
6:16 am
east bay. there will be upper 70s temperatures. what is going on in the seven- day forecast? let try 80s. a big drop by wednesday as we watch a new system come into town. this new system is playing out there that latter portion of the week. ma brink -- it may bring up two and half a nation of rain. -- a half-inch of rain. no major travel. we are holding up 15 degrees. -- minutes. it will be a good ride. >> it is picking up and it is
6:17 am
not slow. eddie is looking good. when no one is looking good. a quick connection there. i am tracking one little trouble spot. it is from the 4:00 hour. it is not a hotspot because there is nothing blocked. it is not slowing down traffic. you will see crews on scene working with the incident. a lot of activity is on the shoulder. that is great news. 25 minutes for the north 101 n. san jose to palo alto. there is a 12 minute drive from san jose to cupertino. in world news, the pope delivered a hopeful message to 300,000 people attending mass in a mexico city suburb. he pleaded with mexicans to turn their own country to a land of opportunity so they would not need to leave it.
6:18 am
pope francis helicoptered into a dangerous place in mexico. there is a sprawling suburb outside mexico city notorious for its poverty and violence. his decision to visit ruffled more than a few flat there's. hundreds of thousands lined the route hoping to catch a glimpse of pope francis. the mass was surprisingly critical. he lashed out at wealth, fame, and powerful. -- power. equal to mexicans to create a land of opportunity in stead of a country where young people are destroyed. listen to this. >> to be the first and only initiatives which make the land
6:19 am
in mexico a land of opportunities where there will be no need to emigrate in order to dream, no need to be exploited in order to work. >> back in mexico city he visited a children's hospital. there were tender moments when he gave one boy the rosary and asked him to pray for him. another girls said -- on monday he is off to mexico. it is the main entry point for central american immigrants trying to reach the united states. a mississippi police officer is in critical condition after he was shot in the head while investigating a robbery. deficit was found outside of a convenient store that have been
6:20 am
robbed by two masked man. two people have been arrested in connection with the shooting. investigators are looking at surveillance video that shows the officer driving up to a group a man. police believe he was trying to question the man. and memorial services going to be held on friday for richland police officer was shot and killed in his own home. the service starts at 10:00 a.m. at the richmond memorial auditorium. the service is open to the public. that veteran officer was shot and killed on thursday by his grandsons father. the police believe that the officer is trying to protect his grandson and his daughter at the time of the shooting. a former new york governor is under investigation after allegations that he attacked a woman. the woman told police they he choked her. she said it happened in his hotel where where that -- the
6:21 am
two went after spending time in the bar. the sources say the police are investigating it as a possible assault case. a man is a half $1 million richard now that he won the california lottery. he matched all five numbers on february 2. he bought the ticket in sunnyvale and he told the lottery officials he realized he had one while at work. not sure what he will do with the prize money. berkeley is working with a telecommunications company to track earthquakes with smart
6:22 am
phones. it rents silently in the background of your form. -- found. the ultimate goal is to build a network and use the data to affect the earthquakes. if a server receives alerts, it can send out alerts us to the whole region. >> i know that you love that. you will be getting that. >> of course, i am. still ahead, another day is in the books. we will show you a dramatic finish in pebble beach. we take our drone out to the country to show you an amazing new feature that pushes
6:23 am
the boundaries of an all electric vehicle coming up. it was a nice day for the drone and the car. we are taking a live look at the temperatures. it is warm out there. we will be right back.
6:24 am
6:25 am
>>mark: vaughn taylor takes to sharp it is of 4430 it to take a solo lead but to go to 17 he is pushing toward the lead making the short and the team he goes to 16 and under one off the lead what a beautiful day in. >>mark: he can force the playoff defeat makes this but he misses the 54, >>darya: unless we see just into
6:26 am
like out there nice weather and therefore we can. >>reporter: it is a tradition like no other for a different reason if chief among them the hilarity that is participating like bill murray, as expected for their regular the one in a moment where they did not follow and he wasted no time feasting on the experience. >>reporter: you could try to do
6:27 am
better or just laugh your way through the court. >>mark: coming up the very latest on the supreme court justice it is setting off a political fire we will take a look at the battle where has winter gone with this type of forecast today and tomorrow it seem like it is taking a little bit of vacation.
6:28 am
6:29 am
>>darya: welcome back let's see if we are changing. and weather changing. >>reporter: as we stand down the numbers will in the business for the fifties of their to knock the attached not wasting any time 68 as we speak. >>reporter: antioch 58 of the old high pressure sending is going to knock out the when just a little better we will have the most apparent winds offshore and some of the hills and some of them and more of the wind's going on these numbers and forecast it is a new record up to santa rosa is the one not but about 80 lots of seven is on the board of the san jose.
6:30 am
>>reporter: here is our bricks down lower seventies and work will keep most exciting and by the late afternoon in this upper seventies in some spots. >>robin winston: it is going to be a little bit crowded 92 west if you have to use the san mateo bridge the right out of hey would pretty much trouble-free 880 is in good shape this a little crowded on the flat sections in the high-rise we had no stalls so far on the san mateo bridge a 15 minute connector to 880 out 2101 along the peninsula north and south one on one of three ride from sfo all the wit of to the 92 connector would check back again on some of the bridges like the richmond san rafael bridge and the bay bridge. >>darya: the body of supreme
6:31 am
court justice has returned home to virginia m. there was the first cannon the justice the 79 you wrote justice died in his sleep while on a hunting trip added texas resort and to bed friday night and was fought on the spot to saturday morning. >>reporter: professor david has a lot to say about the late supreme court justice he has quoted the standing opinions in his book and one spend six weeks teaching with the italian american justice and italy this is a picture of the daughter with the early '90s. >>reporter: he will be
6:32 am
remembered as an and the much of justice who argued the u.s. constitution is not a living document he was the third regional regionalist who had heavily influence conservative judges across the country and the republican party for now any cases that has been decided but not released will stand as the all without the vote meaning some 54 decisions will now become tied this year cases concerning affirmative action and abortion and voting rights are all heading to the highest court it will not happen without
6:33 am
a fight from the republican controlled senate. >>reporter: who said the next president should get detector next justice--get to pick the next justice. >>mark: more on the debt has kicked off a political battle in washington that we have been shown you in the campaign trail last get more now from president obama who said he wants to make a success and. >>reporter: it did not take long of the death of the supreme court justice to get political in the republican presidential primary debate. >>reporter: one by one the gop
6:34 am
candidates and they predicted that any president obama nominee to replace it would be unsuccessful but president obama is pushing for promising to nominate someone quickly there will be plenty of time for me to do so. >>: these responsibilities that i take seriously as should everyone. >>reporter: mitch mcconnell caught on the president to wait the republicans like lindegren m in any president obama nominees will have a tough time being confirmed delivery clinton
6:35 am
rushed to support president obama to pick the right. and push senate to right >>: is out right to the republicans and senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates the republican candidates is going to stand in the way it was elected. >>reporter: setting the stage in washington with the future and the supreme court and the white house.
6:36 am
>>darya: former president george w. bush hit the campaign trail today in he believes that his brother could help save the presidential campaign he says george can vouch for his readiness to be commander in chief is open to gain more momentum after a fourth place finish in new hampshire and south carolina primary is saturday. >>mark: 2 democratic presidential rivals senator bernie sanders spoke at the victory missionary baptist church of los vegas they're not allowed during the speech but it was put all the tv screen in the hall when the criminal justice reform said the u.s. has more people jailed in and near the country they suggested sanders was the one issue candidate whose policy would not and racism both leaders expressed
6:37 am
support for the fire and syria as well as an international group meeting in munich to discuss support for serial. >>darya: but when the defense of both the u.s. and russia to fight terrorism the nba's gather in toronto for the all-star game will have details ahead. >>mark: we will have more on the tesla we will be right backed.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>robin winston: if you have to use the bay bridge this morning to get into san francisco you will like the driving conditions a live look of traffic approaching the toll plaza no major problems come out of the maze 858024 of the east shore free when even when you get into san francisco the skyway the james lick the 280 is checking
6:41 am
in trouble-free and because of holidays you have to drive to do or cap use was down 80. >>darya: the nba best gathered in toronto over the weekend for the all-star game that paid tribute to the lakers star kobe bryant the west beat the east 1962173 the highest court all star game of all time several of the golden state warriors were there career reflected on being able to play at kobe bryant. all-star bryant >>: obviously the curtain call at the end that you knew was coming when it came to the
6:42 am
three-point contest it was klay thompson he was beaten by his own splash brother and not by much but it was 10. go as they started the season. >>mark: we are looking for a warm day to day this ticket to the south bay and brick and down san jose and back with more news weather and traffic.
6:43 am
thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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>>reporter: today we're going to be warm where did the when to go?--where did the winter go? >>reporter: clear skies to most decided temperatures we're looking at lower 60s in the east bay pleasanton at sixth the little more for 6768 at snapple is a freakish number where tiring down and the orange has
6:46 am
popped out and going into tonight about 6:00 fairly warm and not even that overnight the blue note has not made an appearance by tomorrow morning it is spotty and we have the next room happen tomorrow. >>reporter: mid-70's by the way
6:47 am
it is making up to about half of a foot and 6 ft. that is the top of mostly to 3 ft. waves and along the bay shoreline may be read with city and 79. >>robin winston: it is still a little crowded and the flat section headings in the sky reiner's is still considered a good drive over to the richmond san rafael bridge tracking lighter than normal conditions
6:48 am
just in case to have to use no. 101 from the golden gate the basic right lane block right in alexander avenue it is a brush fire that popped up it is completely under control the right latest close so far that is not impacting the ride on the bridge it is still at the limit in both directions normally is packed today it is looking good the nimitz freeway from stanley and the oakland that the northbound ride 11 minutes from 238 no major problems lead in the south bay heading to the peninsula. >>mark: performance is not the generally is what to think of tesla is changing the way people look. >>gabe slate: one of the complaints about electric cars is that they're not fast not the
6:49 am
tesla in this always been our belief fast electric car and now it is even faster. >>gabe slate: we took the tesla to the country away from traffic in buildings to which can fly are quite proper for drawn to help was captured the area of you this ludicrous mode as a setting you turned on to the dashboard to scream what you have returned on whenever the car is a complete stop and you press your foot on the gas pedal it would do what it has to do.
6:50 am
>>gabe slate: i was not prepared for how fast the takeoff was here is the view from behind when we take off the test model past is now the world fastest and accelerating four-door vehicle to really pushes for more technology in electric cars is in that vehicle on par with pick and the muscle cars in height and sports cars like ferrari 0 to 62.8 seconds.
6:51 am
>>darya: he made a big announcement he says he is $53 million in personal debt he said the new two followers about an hour before performing on saturday night live. >>darya: he asks the facebook founder marked to invest $1 billion in his idea because he is the greatest living artist in the greatest artist of all time
6:52 am
we will be right back when the warning news continues.
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6:55 am
>>darya: people along with my people to crush the rivals of the week in records along the way the super hero made a
6:56 am
hundred and 35 million including best picture and best director the best actors they won a
6:57 am
contest and therefore outside was really cold. >>darya: here is a way that some celebrated it is becoming an annual tradition in san francisco will have more of the
6:58 am
snow and freezing temperatures back in a severe weather across the eastern half of the nation. we will be right back
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