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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 16, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: welcome to the more
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news on this tuesday morning thank you for joining us will start off the newscast with whether. >>anny hong: it feels like spring and for summer were yesterday we had a new record set same bill today and we will continue with the warm conditions the pollens will still be a problem here is a quick check of what is happening at the bay bridge toll plaza some the camera froze just a second ago the we have clear skies started off this tuesday morning temperatures are in the '50s out there and 40 to 54 in oakland and for fifties in downtown san francisco 53 and san jose of the '40's and livermore is for the north but
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rinsing 50's and '40's at this hour under clear skies. >>anny hong: very nicely in pretty quickly by 10:00 we will see a lot of '70s including the heart of the bay in the '60s but by lunch time lots of sunshine and temperatures will be in the '70s and high today and will be very similar to yesterday's the east bay shore high for today looks like this spoke and looking for high of 77 low eighties for union city and fremont 77 and castro valley and also in hayward checking out the inland location we see a lot of seventies as well. >>anny hong: 78 in pleasanton
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and livermore 77 in antioch in brentwood at and around looking for a high of 73 to degrees on this tuesday afternoon we set a new record yesterday today another possibility some big changes are coming this way in the form of cool weather and yes finally some much-needed rain will talk more about that and let you know when you meet your umbrella as in the 7 day around the bay forecast.
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>>robin winston: 2101 connector in san mateo over to the golden gate bridge if you are a north commuter you have to get into san francisco south won all one is doing just fine no problems connecting to the golden gate bridge and northbound traffic heading out of san francisco so far you're looking good on that doyle and park presidio track in the travel time they look great westbound 80 the quick 15 metric after 580 out of dublin to castro valley maybe you have to travel along the peninsula from san francisco to get to the bay bridge is a quick 15 minutes. >>will tran: police have
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arrested a suspect in connection with sun and shooting at 20 pick it killed two people injured a third person to we spoke with people who are very concerned over their safety in that area. >>reporter: the group made the walk away when the cameras can now then known for the world class to the use finding out a double murder have been here has cast and a light on this beautiful place the shooting happened at 2 in the morning sunday police said this was a target attacked if not random police walk from the area monday looking for evidence cell robinson happened here recently in the evidence of broken glass
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from car break-ins is all over the ground of prompting san francisco supervisor to tell us past the continued climb here showed a significant safety concerns and for this popular tourist spot hits with a greater police presence stop the murder we will never know this but tors do know they feel safe here. >>reporter: police is not release any information about the murder weapon to force that would not be from the car they believe the suspect carjack to get away.
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>>will tran: for the victim open up about the murder this is a large family of 21 year-old khalil plaza in morning at the santa rosa home if his friend was also killed we spoke to them who devastated the brother and mother at their home east east. >>will tran: he did not have any known enemies and was not in a gang it was at one pick early sunday morning to enjoy the view he dropped out of high
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school to work at the landscaper says tourists and locals alike for bit anxious crossing the golden gate bridge and have low car was headed northbound on the bridge if they open the windows and fire bulgars into it leads to people's legs or walk on a nearby sidewalk the rubout 5 in. long and fired from a blow gun walking along the golden gate he
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would want to spend anyway. >>will tran: they report from san jose and spoke to the family. >>j.r. stone: a school assignment and crayons are all that is left after fire tore
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through this home on the morning still living a family and their three children homeless showers that is when things quickly took a turn for the worst he says he then saw smoke coming from the back of that room so he had lived in this home for more than 15 years his three children his wife and his father-in-law lived here as well before right now they grab the cellphone their cats and his sons laptop given him and his family with little to nothing as bad as the fire
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was he is thankful that his family is ok and the cause of this fire is unknown at this point but they do tell was a starter in the back bedroom hist. >>will tran: coming of what nation's top doctor investigating the water crisis as the naacp calls to arms they're ready to take action + it was a start of a highlight of last night's awards ceremony with the flowers and trees already in many people in the studio already how people are
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dealing with the allergies coming up next.
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>>will tran: another one is set for today high temperatures broke records in several locations this was the scene across the bay area many people enjoyed soaking in the warm weather in san francisco + perfect scheme conditions and tall.
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>>anny hong: we will set new records brought to bay area just like we had yesterday and a live look at the golden gate bridge clear conditions bottom of this tuesday morning temperatures are in the fifties a fairly mild in san francisco 59 degrees of for fifties and they listed the 53 in san jose and forcing some four is including pleasanton fairfield in the mid '40's you're one of the coolest spot right now for nine and the more than 40 if our friends in novato. >>anny hong: we will see a lot of low eighties once again it will be very springlike if we will definitely challenge some records out there by this
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afternoon 77 in mountain view and sunnyvale sit along the peninsula temperatures generally in the midst of for some days 75 and some details of the sum is and how some 75 in downtown san francisco setting new records today would have been surprised if the same happened 74% to come and 73 and half great beach weather. >>anny hong: the high for today we have temperatures generally in the upper 70's for pleasanton and livermore they're still a high of 7679 santa rosa and 74 for our friends in richmond changes coming this way less talk about that right down by
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3:00 in the afternoon impacting pretty much the rest of the bay area said tomorrow evening, it looks like it will be awhile before lot of folks including the south back into the east bay and at 7 a widespread rain possible most of it should be light at times and then we're talking not a whole lot of rain potentially was in were from a quarter bench to happen and to bring. >>anny hong: winter storm watch those are expecting tomorrow
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afternoon continue through thursday expect moderate to heavy snow starting wednesday afternoon and into wednesday night would expect when the 2 ft. above 6,000 ft. here is how things are looking again all lot of sunshine today and new records possible really warm afternoon tomorrow temperatures dropping. >>robin winston: the morning commute is out to a fantastic start the ride across the golden gate bridge if you have to travel between the north bay and san francisco three lanes in
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both directions no major problems for the sow about write the commit direction sphere to the richmond san rafael bridge the commute from the east bay to the north is also looking good the great time you have of the of the brick is one to be back to normal is a 10 minute drive from capitol expressway to montague expressway and. >>will tran: we would 2 walnut
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creek to talk to people and dealing with allergies. >>jeff bush: itchy eyes nevelson and sinus congestion allergy season is here and in still more among away from the official start of spring they said it is affecting her and her husband causes of the area residents have been complaining lately about the pollen and other allergens and the air search for those slab ology they noticed the symptoms when they start happening and usually there are little that can be
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done to relieve the pressure so. >>will tran: instead of michigan has high levels of lead and still been detected and tap water and some fed michigan area 250 test done this month shall love levels above the federal limit.
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>>reporter: they're also meeting with the first reported elevated levels of lead in the blood of the children the naacp and gov. rick snyder does not take action within 30 days the president or brooks the water crisis is also
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been attracting the attention of democrats on the campaign trail that met with iran is impacted by the crisis before rally monday that and talk about the watercress and debate in some speeches she met with mayor and sent to top campaign aides to meet with her as well here is a lot of the outside of the embarcadero beautiful morning will be back in just a few minutes.
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>>will tran: most of the nation saw was along on leaving more time for some memorable performances. >>reporter: if anyone nodded off during the three and a half hour grammy telecast chemical or work the month to them about the fire rapport camera resting performance of walk away with five grammys talk with the night before he hit the stage the grammy-winning task of hamilton there were to reach a fallen stars she opened so with
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the triple winner and the first woman to run out of the year and the evening final award worker of the year-round with to the most inescapable song of 2015.
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>>will tran: check not a forecast for the not the temperatures in spring like upper 70's 75 and mail ballot under sunny skies big changes come this way more details coming up after the break.
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two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. >>will tran: a third person was injured and two people are dead this is not random shooting and the victims were targeted the victims had been identified as julio and renee the third victim was also injured during shooting the south by a family of six have been displaced after the house caught on fire and broke out monday morning and sandals and the victims and it's all smoke, from the bathroom and were able to grab the cells from
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cats and a laptop but nothing else that open the family with temporary housing byblos the fireman has started as an electrical outlet the exact cause is still under investigation this morning. >>anny hong: here is a live look
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at the san mateo bridge clear skies is mild to call out there the readings are out in san francisco 53 in san jose for our friends in the south bay low fifties for fremont at this hour 46 unpleasant and 50 in concord 54 (48 in santa rosa changes come this way starting overnight and into tomorrow we have a good chance to set new records as
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record high is 75% is in livermore 77 at antioch in concord in the north the upper 7075 in downtown san francisco if record territory once again today especially by 3:00 we should pick the kids from school where you could see more widespread. rain >>anny hong: it is going to be aware commit for a lot of people tomorrow it will continue until
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the 7:00 hour maybe some pockets of moderate brand of ron of very impressive system reduces some leftover showers possible for early thursday morning after that will call a chance for some showers much cooler starting tomorrow but enjoying the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast will be a very nice warm bed once again the next chance for some rain arrived friday but only a slight chance we will keep that in the north and for mount
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>>robin winston: than is normal it is business as usual the major problems coming out of oakland connected to san francisco the sky with the central freeway no major trouble spots of the james lick 280 extension is looking good coming out of the maze a 8580 the east shore freeway all doing just fine no major problem sold according to the setting 13 minutes for warmer creek the nimitz is a tough ride during the morning commute 21 minutes
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and some land to milpitas the major trouble spots from the south than in >>will tran: the republican promise to delay or block out write any nomination will not happen this week the senate which much economic is a recess until february 22nd the white house says president obama will announce his selection when the senators return. >>will tran: if the democratic side bernie sanders attempting to convince nev. the that he is a better choice of his rival hillary clinton >>reporter: george w. bush
4:37 am
speaking to a friendly self carolina cloud a step backward to the campaign trail for two reasons donald trump insisting seen the family at the last weekend gop debate if. he was class with his former mentor jabber came to george w. bush defense she is hoping to slow
4:38 am
the surge before voting begins and about the nevada >>reporter: kron 4 news. >>will tran: the new was cast member of the neck star wars movie find out who you will see an episode it we will be back with the tech report.
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>>gabe slate: consumer electronics we love technology in a shack where biotechnology at a higher rate than men but we are giving the unisex version and so we want to change that what she is wearing is the dapper the way it works we're wearing it in a necklace mode and you want to wear and tear had fired all you have to do to his left of the chevron to fear but is out of to put those in
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direct here in the back class of the necklace there's and applaud that goes into your phone. >>reporter: when you're done and you're into the back of the necklace/ >>: it is plug and play works whenever you're ready you do not have the charges or sink and is ready to go when you are sure the whole emphasis came from the personal penpoint we are wearing
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them and use of expressed the style. >>will tran: the problem for this course are not over how you could help this horse coming up after this break.
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>>will tran: slakes cover the campus of the university of establishing a fast falling flakes. >>anny hong: it looks like there will continue to see so what weather and some snow and some rain from our neck of the world's temperature to be in the
4:47 am
'50s by in a clock in this regard to the bust of--the stock--the stock >>anny hong: here is how the hybrid down today you can see we
4:48 am
have widespread cloud cover you will see the calls arriving by 10:00 in the morning we can see a few showers moving its way into the bay area this is not a huge and parcel system by 5:00 tomorrow evening we will see some widespread rain expect a will commit as you're driving back home.
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>>anny hong: the rain arrives that will help clear out some of the pollen on wednesday in paris and allergy sufferers it will get a little bit better friday is another shock for some rain
4:50 am
>>robin winston: right now the drive time from the peg it to up to 101 is eight minutes is going to be back to normal yet today get out there now before it gets too bad no major trouble spot for the south bay 12 minutes from no. 1 01.
4:51 am
>>will tran: to men arrested off the coast in san francisco after the fishing boat capsized no major injuries the owner of the boat is working with the sow was company to retrieve his vessel. >>will tran: a cold got caught in the ravine into both the fire department and animal services to get the little horse out safely.
4:52 am
>>reporter: she does not know who he belongs to worry came from of his name is now valentine he was all alone hundred and 50 ft. down the steep ravine in fremont the fremont firefighters are well trained and stick rescues the chair harnesses and ropes of every trout.
4:53 am
>>will tran: telling meridien it
4:54 am
does not have a name yet but it is set to hit theaters in december of 2017 is warmer clear no fog you will not have any problems back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>will tran: it can be worse were $20 million the discovery of the 27 largest diamond ever
4:57 am
recorded--work >>will tran: she seems koses book was restored to enjoy and airborne at the trough to a november the three month old called a spending more time outdoors and slowly becoming familiar arise with area a man was arrested in connection with the double homicide at twin peaks of san francisco's to the visor is saying about some concerns about the tourist a 73 you're the man disappeared last week howe of the area woman hopes the total posted will help her find her missing father we will be read back.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: things on to change soon >>anny hong: temperatures are warm meal once again yes we think will see the record once
5:01 am
again like we have seen yesterday and still is a quick check the what is happening with a one to talk about what is happening around the bay area and is it the look at temperatures were is chemical to mild and we're going to see temperatures probably get to the upper '70's and lower '80s let's take a look at the tractor. >>anny hong: a percentage apricot and the kids and heading home from school we will see professionally low eighties once again enjoy the warm today is not lasted long
5:02 am
>>robin winston: we are heading back to work this marked a little bit of a backup and some of the cash land only on the right-hand side if you have to use the bay bridge this morning just a minor way merge over to the opposite direction a major break in the double homicide investigation their arrest and the suspect was sunday shooting at 20 is identified as richard 21 your julio and 19 your remain were both shot and killed and two in the morning on sunday.
5:03 am
>>mark: police said the shooting was targeted and not random there have been several robberies their significance to concerns of a popular tourist spots-. >>mark: a swat teams searched his home in richmond as part of the investigation.
5:04 am
>>: i wish i could have one more day with him to let him know that he is loved she is going to miss everything about him he was such a lovable son and he had a bit hard he was at one pick early sunday morning to enjoy the view from some he dropped out of high school to work of the landscaper and help them pay the bills the man accused of shooting and killing a richmond police officer and his home is the record robert beck shot a veteran of the agusta vegas at a vallejo home last thursday
5:05 am
morning they saying it was an ex-boyfriend. >>mark: the two men got into a fight in officer was trying to protect his daughter and grandson when he was fatally shot he fled to fairfield after the shooting taking his son with him he was caught in a memorial service officer will be held friday at the richmond memorial auditorium. >>darya: that starts in 9:00 this morning for the rest of the week drive should expect delays between new haven street and fair rent growth a car was
5:06 am
headed northbound on the bridge someone in the car opened a window and fired blow darts as to torture walking about the doors for about 5 in. long the two tores sorehead will blue cross are ok this morning that look in their bridge to bring his video to see the can identify the person who fired the darkness.
5:07 am
>>darya: their room in which to wrap a few things before running out of he is thankful that everyone is ok because of the fire is under investigation but investigators say that men started an electrical outlet the red cross is helping the family find and a place to live.
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>>mark: some of the flooding in and the river in washington state the potential for widespread flooding across the state today one of the wettest winter seasons on record in the area on the bottom left the wish to use some lexington kentucky.
5:12 am
>>anny hong: big changes when a drop in temperature and will see the rain are arriving and snow in the sierra will get all that the but here was a quick check fairly mild for a lot of locations including the city 50 in san francisco temperatures once again warming up very quickly will see wide for seven guest get outdoors if you can soak in the rays and by 3:00 they're reaching once again into the upper seventies and some spots will since a low 80s
5:13 am
tomorrow things will be much different. >>anny hong: they're also looking for a very nice warm days 77 a walnut creek concord danville 79 and san ramon pittsburg looking for 78 today
5:14 am
hot will probably see some more moisture by 1:00 starting in the north may santa rosa the rain continues to the six and 7:00 hour most of the rain should be light but keep in mind the winds also and what for tomorrow's evening commute tough look at
5:15 am
how much temperatures dropped 15 degrees cooler tomorrow we're gong to see cool conditions the clouds and rain and wind on thursday said the deal: a '60s are possible >>phillipe djegal: does not lead reduction of the crowd and. >>robin winston: it is getting pretty effect on the bridge if you leave now you can beat the rush it is only 15 minutes from
5:16 am
880 to one with an after if it is getting crowded overall this is a good ride no major hot spots for the no. but if you have to use high 101 it will be of the connection we're also tracking travel times of the south bay if you have to use 237 west no problem from 80 out to 1 01 the finger of living milpitas to sunnyvale 85 of them is looking good so far a cook 5 minute drive south about 680 come from the east bay in the south bay no major trouble spots 12 minutes from milpitas into san jose. >>darya: the picture posted will
5:17 am
help her find her missing father who oppose the government more than hundred million dollars and he has gone missing his daughter to wear out yesterday and distributing these fires the conventicles of what may have happened to him hidden facing serious financial troubles in the past few years the trade commission accused him of defrauding thousands of people four years ago by selling a video of how to flip real- estate he was ordered to pay the federal government hundred and $13 million.
5:18 am
>>mark: the sea is she says the first crash was a hit-and-run on was injured but the car was then it meant the naacp the organizations spoke yesterday and a friend and he gave the governor michigan 30 days to come up with the timeline of for fixing the water problem.
5:19 am
>>mark: than expected to focus on relation with china trade the president's visit to vietnam would be a trip on his in the region for the group of some in japan the 50th annual grammy
5:20 am
award. >>reporter: he gave an arresting performance and walk away with five grammys talk for the ninth some the most memorable evening
5:21 am
final award director of the year with the most inescapable song of 2015. >>mark: which is days away from the next round of presidential primary election alive the to
5:22 am
the bay bridge traffic starting to build and five to two.
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>>darya: it is still more than a month away from when we should start filling out the people in the bay area our already complaining about the pollen and allergens in the air some people say they're are the starting to feel the itchy eyes and the congestion more details on this
5:26 am
warm weather before some big changes at this when. >>james: we are anticipating hot temperatures not right now on the courtside will have a full look at the forecast coming up in just. when heartburn hits
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>>darya: santa rosa 79 you never
5:29 am
know san jose 81.
5:30 am
. >>anny hong: we're not seeing any fall out there a quick check of the day park forecast for today the kids are walking back of the enjoy having the day of school yesterday it is back to school back to work at temperatures will be in the '50s and o'clock this morning it will be equal start button is one to be really nice by lunchtime already will slow summer is all across the bay including the coast by 3:00 p.m. look so more sunshine and upper estimate is a few spots getting into low 80s and some parts of the south bay maybe also the north they will suffer from the records once again right now as a stepping out the door was sea temperatures in the upper 50s and san francisco and then the city. >>anny hong: you are walking a
5:31 am
for clear conditions. >>james: we're bundled up and the cameraman as definitely not one this morning but it will be later on today there's been talk out this early this morning he is already on lap 3 weeks and three time out here bridge in the cool temperatures this morning to try to get in the early-morning exercise before the heat of the day we're
5:32 am
anticipating hot temperatures. >>mark: cash you to stay up-to- date on the current weather conditions. >>robin winston: now at a slow we checked it is hardly the way 15 minutes to go back the beyond 880 of a crossing out to west greenwich estimate the morning drive into san francisco it is
5:33 am
not that it is only so far west brand through the toll plaza it is clear on the upper deck right now the drive times less than 15 minutes from downtown oakland to the westbound skyway. >>will tran: his name is richard arrested in richmond late last night here somerville that we shall christian or partnership with a said helicopter shots of the home they do not get into details about leveraging richmond what they believe this
5:34 am
man is the accused killer he shot according to police officers and san francisco shot three men on sunday along 130 in the morning two of them died and one man to one year-old julio the other man ran that both of santa rosa to die from their injuries a third man was rushed to hospital his injury but is expected to survive still the thing the san francisco police departments say they want people to know they believe that this was a target shooting not random and they sent them out there as soon as they possibly could this is a very popular tourist spot for announcement of the come to this destination to look down the san francisco and they were very worried about what was gone on. >>will tran: we saw police officers already here this morning station just to make sure people are safe with our here we will get reaction from tourist a throb the morning and also by the way we did track down one of the victims' family
5:35 am
members moms and brothers they both claim the two to one year- old julio was not a gang member he did not have any known enemies and he was here and just to enjoy the view that this plan please do not have a motive behind the murder. >>mark: a bay area man accused of stabbing and killing his father is due in court he will be arraigned on murder charges friday recall to the apartment and stanley and what they found 54 year-old senior debt he's been stabbed multiple times it was a bishop of past and in menlo park this son is in custody. >>mark: there asked him to the cdc to look into any teenage suicide and her auto six teenagers killed themselves between to about nine and 10 for more in the their lives and the bulk of 2014 and 2015 if five
5:36 am
member specializing in suicide prevention will be arriving in the bay area today. >>darya: president obama says his every intention of to the anomaly to replace all late u.s. supreme justice the u.s. senate has to approve the nominees recessed until next monday will announce the selection when the senators returned from break. >>mark: they're doing everything they can just labeled as before the next the primary george w. bush joining his brother is presidential campaign the former president time the crowd and south carolina he was joining the
5:37 am
campaign because he cares about jeb bush and the country the next competition for the primary it will be this saturday in a baby horse gets caught in a ravine and survivors now it needs surgery will tell you could help + ben and jerry's is going to be in the tech look as if the nondairy ice-cream.
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>>anny hong: we will see some problems and new records for the afternoon more details on the weather and a big change headed this way. sohen asta sytomseptcomi bac on mlongerm ntro mecine i talked to docr an fod a ssinpiec in my thmareatnt. onceailyreo even asta sympms.
5:43 am
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>>anny hong: this is ocean beach
5:46 am
yesterday there really enjoy and the winds are reliable and the surf will allow better tim the judge generally in the 40's and '50's will start with the south and 52 in san jose 51 in sunnyvale the upper 50s and san
5:47 am
francisco. >>anny hong: san rafael also record high and 77 for casting the high of 75 it is long to be
5:48 am
what for most people out there the exception of the north bed at 7:00 called on to what conditions from the delta the east bay the peninsula and offer the stock split tomorrow the
5:49 am
temperatures are really dropping the winds will pickup it will be writing and counting the calling continues and will be left over with some showers. >>robin winston: the approach come from 580 is backed up right a wrong market and send howe long.
5:50 am
>>mark: the cold is now a valentine was badly injured the
5:51 am
show was to our rescue workers hope the community. will step up to community >>reporter: 1 weeks old of valentine already been through quite a bit and his future is still uncertain she is an animal control officer in fremont
5:52 am
valentine need special surgery at uc-davis to save his life once again and she needs the nation's some of the country's
5:53 am
most infamous criminals live there and killing the night stalker serial killer richard ramirez he died of cancer in 2013 when of the speed free killers richard allen davis kidnapped and killed the 12 your appalling and scott peterson pro with the most recognized death row inmates and to cause to believe martic and dismember his wife and unborn son of the remains in san francisco bay to convicted is sentenced to die and by a lethal injection.
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>>mark: their welcome and a post the star wars facebook it also announced that a study yesterday in london is about the life of a credit card >>darya: it appears flawless the company back from the diamond says it is transparent new
5:57 am
information on the person arrested for killing two people and 20. >>mark: the band perform inside of the theater during last november's terrorist attack returning to the stage today the tribute to the victims coming up. up. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: february hot as we are calling and temperatures in the upper seventies to low 80s by 3:00 p.m. the kids are
6:01 am
getting home from school get them out the doors temperatures will be in the a persimmon is to look '80s. >>robin winston: maybe into san mateo or borland and this is the crash the people out of their cars will the airline emerged across have not arrived yet and blocking all lands cutting of the transition you may want to
6:02 am
hop off before you did to no. 101 this backup stretches and to the maze of to five if it is now solid from the 24 split. >>james: as you said we're alive and held at a distance and creek park we have the jacket on his
6:03 am
ranch chores and is not happening on the horizon oakland airport bracken had to buy it agrees, and hired an old record 77 as we said a more rapid bracket temperatures possible in fact on the come back about half an hour would take a closer look.
6:04 am
>>mark: instead today on bay area weather conditions any time in as a free download >>darya: police have arrested a suspect for sunday's shooting at twin peaks and we're live there with the latest. >>will tran: the suspect in the san francisco jail this morning they believe so far is the only suspect behind the double murders look behind us we aren't and pick you up to the memorial many of the victim's friends stop by and laydown candle flowers even the teacher we do expect it to grow this area we do see please altus' patrolling since the double murder the rest
6:05 am
have delayed < not in san francisco but in richmond and here is a partnership with our abc seven partners helicopter shot of the home in richmond so far san francisco police are not saying what led them to the home when they believe this man was behind a double murder but he was taken into custody three people were shot on sunday at 130 in the morning here in twin peak he was not a gang member he did not have any known gang ties and did not have any enemies so far at this point san francisco police department not releasing
6:06 am
the modal edition heaven knows conference letter on this morning to talk about this case. >>will tran: the san francisco police department as soon as they felt comfortable the camera with the information they believe the murders were targeted ] >>mark: the family of the 21 year-old and morning in the santa rosa home and we spoke to the sec order brother and mother for devastated with lost. >>: i wish i could have one more day with him let him know that he was loved she's going to miss everything about him he was such
6:07 am
a lovable son and he had a big heart he drop of high-school and worked as a landscaper and help his family paid the bills. >>darya: police say roberts and they got shot a veteran officer gust the biggest at the biggest home and the late last thursday morning to office to say that use an ex-boyfriend of officer daughter and that he was the father of her to your son investigators believe the two men got into a fight and all the
6:08 am
survey is to try to protect his daughter and grandson when he was shot he fled to fairfield after the shooting taking his six year-old son with him and he was later called on memorial service officer is going to be held this friday at the rich memorial auditorium and is open to the public. >>mark: she is hoping a picture posted will help her find her missing father who owes the government over hundred million dollars the same day this fall was taken into san francisco his daughter and her friends are out yesterday destroyed in fires the tiffany clues on what may happen to him >>mark: he has been facing serious financial troubles of the past few years they accused
6:09 am
him of defrauding thousands of people four years ago by selling of video on flipping real estate he was ordered to pay a total government $113 million. >>darya: be prepared to add extra traffic in union city it will be impacted for the rest of the week before the of fixing the sinkhole that formed last oct. city officials are closing on eastbound lane of eldorado boulevard at 9:00 this morning a bay area man accused of stabbing and killing his father is due in court today 21 your eyes the boston will appear on murder charges for his agreement on friday police were called to the apartment in san leandro with 554 year-old he'd been stabbed multiple times he was a bishop and a pastor of mount olive church a menlo park and his son was taken into custody.
6:10 am
>>mark: president obama is a southern california's south east asian leaders the president met with members of the association of southeast asian nation talks on expected to focus on relationships with china is the first time the u.s. as host of the association the president will make his first visit to vietnam this main in it comes after president matt will be in non prime minister he will become the third president to visit vietnam they're hoping to strike in relation of the unarmed people are were about the aggressiveness in the south china sea the biggest night
6:11 am
music he did not disappoint will look at the winners and the big moments + after the brick wall where getting warmer than normal weather.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>mark: officials say there is the potential for widespread flooding across the wettest winter seasons on record in washington state on the top ride they're cleaning up after a tour matter to the florida panhandle part of a large one to storm system.
6:15 am
>>anny hong: this is of a sunset from last nine there was a lot of people out there there was really nice to be at the beach because the surf was not a bad san francisco good morning 50 right now under clear skies a high today amid 7 is set a new record looks like northwest winds along 5 mi. off our for the evening ride home tim to will be mild blow some these at 6:00 tonight. >>anny hong: temperatures right
6:16 am
now low 50s and oakland and hayward 51 in san jose enough to get the sunglasses and sunscreen and drink plenty of fluid it will feel quite warm once again east bayshore looks like the 77
6:17 am
oakland nor '80s in union city and fremont and you should also get around 77 degrees for the rest of the bay area pushing close to 80 in santa rosa for the afternoon you can see it
6:18 am
impacts much of the the air yet really starts to get to go one more so at 5:00 as the evening commute did and where widespread rain from a san rafael down to the delta livermore valley the east of the oakland and also opponents like in the south of in san jose. >>anny hong: temperatures plunged were talking the mid-60s tomorrow afternoon on thursday its even equal in the range and sits with us track another shot
6:19 am
at their brand as well later in the week will talk more about that and also talk of this year is know as well. >>robin winston: 30 minute ride if you leave now from the maze into downtown san francisco this is the early hot spot east 92 and no. 1 on one come to commit direction emergency crews did a great job of getting it out of the way it is one to be a good connection if you're about to use it or 92 to get over to 101 that at the limit fantastic news tracking some slum on the
6:20 am
east shore freeway right now is about a 22 minute trip from hercules to the maze and the motorcycle crashed just popped up from ask the is only blocking one land not been considered a hot spot keep an eye and is one to block the drive times those of you what you the nimitz is already packed southbound the usual stop and go track for south 680 out of dublin is about a 22 minute trip total to get from the dublin and to change from fremont and to break through the south but a quick 11 minute trip. >>darya: the warmer weather that
6:21 am
we've been having has called a lot of flowers to bloom early and means allergy season to some people said there started to fill the itchy eyes and the congestion. >>: definitely is worse it probably is some of the pollen. >>: my nose is running everywhere and it is horrible. >>darya: it gave the plan to allow the water and energy to grow in the sunshine and warm temperatures >>mark: the naacp as calling for a protest over the water crisis in flint michigan the president spoke in the city yesterday and that the governor of michigan 30 days to come out with a time line from the text and the water problem he was the governor to
6:22 am
say how much the water repairs will cost the ticket was found elevated levels 130 people were killed in the attack 89 were killed inside the theater for the band was performing these are pictures from inside of the survivors of the attack will be given free tickets to the show at the lead the a theater in paris not far. >>darya: president obama said he has every intention of choosing a nominee to replace the u.s. supreme court justice.
6:23 am
>>reporter: president george w. bush speaking to the south carolina kraus' the stepping back on to the campaign trail for two reasons ... insisting he in the bush family has no bad blood but last week in gop debate the assault on the former president grew loud boos hillary
6:24 am
clinton is trying to brand bernie sanders.
6:25 am
>>mark: after the break some sale lady got out stole the show at the grammys will show you her tribute to david bowie.
6:26 am
>>darya: music's biggest night to place and three in half-hour show was memorable only for the
6:27 am
argus she paid tribute to david boeing--but we.
6:28 am
in more details coming up in your forecast. your forecast. it's always worth remembering...
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>>mark: >>robin winston: a lot of heavy traffic we will check the east shore and motorcycle crash. >>darya: >>anny hong: record one possible once again was alive outside clear skies the golden gate bridge a nice cool to even mild start this tuesday morning
6:31 am
to near mint seven is for the coast this afternoon we will probably challenge some records were on the upper 50s right now low fifties for sunnyvale and san jose a good morning to you you're sure some sunscreen for today apple for is now an antioch and the more when we come back will talk more about their rain. >>robin winston: 90 to the san
6:32 am
mateo bridge is packed come of hayward the last time we checked it was ok is creeping along westbound west of the tope was some for those of you plan on using the bridge and the nimitz freeway is back the tie with four plan on about a 30 minute drive. >>james: we're all looking for a
6:33 am
handful of those to break records like it did yesterday it will be really nice and warm will want to dress appropriately for the hot weather if in the cold weather we cannot ignore the fact that is, chilly side we're looking across the park area were seen a few jars getting in their exercise is the best advice to see off in the distance it doesn't like it will be a great day the skies are clear the horizon looks fantastic. >>james: we want to point out that on days like this one would have hot weather are likely have rain coming to use the mobile application is the latest details san jose 52 if feels
6:34 am
like 52 great bed and vice >>darya: 1680's have killed themselves of how the between
6:35 am
2009 and 2010 for more killed themselves and with 14 and 15 05 member specializing prevention is in the bay area today to meet local doctors and community leaders to conduct a study on teen suicide and paulo out of this part of the setting the city council is set to vote on a local band of caribbean the type rentals
6:36 am
>>mark: someone in the car of the wind and fire blow darts and two tourists were walking by they're both head and leg and
6:37 am
they all live there at the writer said he was just about did sit down for breakfast when they saw smoke coming from the back bedroom investigators think that the fire may have started in an electrical outlet the red cross on top of the family to find a new place to live. >>mark: it is up almost 04 percent and now back of the $16 mark it is come up over hundred and 15. a baby horse needs to be rescued and knowledge in desperate need of surgery will have more in this story alive
6:38 am
look looking out over the city this morning 20 peak we're waiting for the sun to come up a mild warrant or 58 in san francisco and high in the mid '70s led on today.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>>robin winston: not that bad across the upper deck the open side the drive time clocking in at 26 minutes is going to be a commission headed out of san francisco criminal will take a look at the numbers with a couple of crashes on the fremont side some down trafficked. >>mark: she was partially impaled by a splinter for board this happened during a game sunday afternoon the board had split in the middle and stuck into the young girl the eighth to greta was load up on a stretcher and spend the night in the hospital and for internal organs were hit by the world to is expected to before recovery.
6:43 am
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wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >>darya: much-needed rain for now we were enjoying the temperatures are going to be reaching record territory once again alive and sfo this morning no problem for those in a conference this morning clear skies great news for all the flights trying to get and temperatures are still in the upper 50s and san francisco daily city milder readings for some places in the '50s and san jose a before his and the more and antioch 51 in oakland 75 in
6:46 am
downtown san francisco with a set a new record this afternoon and for the beach as well very comfortable mid '70s for ocean beach 74 and a half moon bay 77 antioch 78 in livermore pleasanton the north made looking warming up to the upper seventies as well the competence to see some 80 degree readings once again. >>anny hong: people are still on
6:47 am
to read billing this will get some relief by thursday and friday the smaller brands and a little better friend possibility as early as 10 in the morning but we're expecting most of the rain chances to start primarily in the late in the afternoon hours when they saw my right come through santa rosa and parts of the north but the more organized ring come through or around 3:00 this will impact pretty much the entire bay area is the to push on out but we would deal with some left over showers overnight and for your
6:48 am
early thursday morning ride may encompass what roles for thursday morning all the rain here needs more snow in the sierra the visibility will be reduced one to 2 ft. of fresh powder about 6,000 ft. if you have two on 50 and interstate 80 check out the next three days enjoy the sunshine the record one today the next chance for some line will be on friday but for now keep in an updated flight chance over the weekend it will be dry temperatures back into the '70s for monday.
6:49 am
>>robin winston: this is the normal slow and go traffic the slowdown is from castro to the east and and this would not that will cost about nine minutes about 2101 san rafael the nimitz and saw a couple of crashes on the front side they're both minor the drive times keeps going up for your southbound commit from stanley and the 238 to 237 just under 50 minutes it will offer to 38 all the way up to mount after the magic it picks up as a great ride out a free market to milpitas the normal office out 680 from the dublin and to change it and to signal is about 30 minutes or so were also track in the south
6:50 am
of a communal hot spots renounce the no. 1 01 is stretching a morgan hill after that is going to beat off and on and south san jose into downtown. >>mark: he is named valentine was badly injured the show was our rescue workers help the community to save the ". >>reporter: the one we call has already been quite a bit in his future is still uncertain right now this baby horse is in the hands than animal control officer in fremont should does not know who he belongs to or where he came from the senses name is now ballantine she has
6:51 am
been by his side the ranch and pleasanton given him milk and said his life a passer-by discover the culture right here on valentine's day he will allow the hundred and 50 ft. down a steep ravine in fremont the fremont firefighters a well- trained and stick rescue the care harnesses and ropes on every truck with a broken hip right next to an artery stand up as not as treacherous and that ravine ballantine need special surgery at uc-davis the procedure will cost up to $10,000 so sarah is pleading for donations to save his life once
6:52 am
again. >>mark: it is on our web site with link to the gulf on the page to men are recovering this morning after the fishing boat capsized off the coast of san francisco the book was taken on water and helicopter and a rescue boat were sent out to the area of the rescue the to men both had mild hypothermia and retreated to go to the coast guard station and later released the owner of the vote as working with the sow for something to get the gopac selling california man accused of killing one girl and nine women over three decades is going to trial he was into a
6:53 am
series of murders and south lost angeles the nickname was because of a 14 year gap in the murder between 1988 and 2002 the first murder tied to franklin in 1985 the victims ranged from 15 to 35 he's pleaded not guilty prosecution is seeking the death penalty and chows expected to last up to four months. >>darya: there or at least 130 deaths from for accidental airline crashes last year that is less than a quarter of the death toll from 2014 of more than 640 people died and airline accidents, all of the deadly accidents last year involved turboprop aircraft not the jets it does not include two major plane crashes in the french alps
6:54 am
however and egypt which recalls deliberately. >>darya: will be back with more and a couple of minutes the big story this morning of the warm weather another fabulous day.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>darya: to gas stations got into a price war accidentally the and the pain just a few blocks to fill up for the whole tank the started sunday morning and one of the gas station was charge of 49¢ a gallon but it was a mistake we're tracking
6:58 am
warm weather from the bay area above normal temperatures possibly more records today will have details of weather is not one to last long will explain it as a look the traffic which is really building at the bay bridge. >>will tran: their arrest the man accused of killing two people here in twin peaks we will have details coming up in a live report.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>anny hong: >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: good morning and thank you for joining us in >>mark: we have team coverage in the warm weather we'll live renown in san jose records are


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