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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. an el nino fueled storm system. is moving through the bay area. this comes after three days of record- breaking heat. and two weeks without rainfall. good evening, i'm pam moore. this was the scene in san francisco. in berkeley. and the sierra today. today's storm system brought strong winds, rain. and even fresh snow to tahoe. kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp has been tracking this storm system. brittney, what can we expect for tomorrow? >> brittney : it will continue to shift to the east and most of the momentum all had our higher elevation areas blowing snow is
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a concern that was decreased visibility and a winter storm warning it expires at 12th but it appears that most of the rainfall continues to push out to the east we're also seeing a little bit of light rainfall and to have some on and off showers as we go into the rest of the day and the satellite radar is showing us a little more of the snowfall developing but coming up i will have more details regarding that >> pam :the stormy weather has knocked out power to hundreds of p-g-&-e customers across the bay area tonight. in the north bay. 200 people are
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still without power. the biggest outage is in the south bay. where where are more than 23-hundred outages. meanwhile. there are 230 outages on the peninsula. 780 customers without power in the east bay. and there are 80- reported outages in san francisco at this hour. our storm coverage continues tonight from the north bay. where, in addition to the power outages, the rainy weather has made for difficult driving conditions. kron 4's jeff bush joins us live from san rafael tonight. jeff. how are the conditions could jeff is dry right now but it is a reminder that the record breaking whether we had is not over it--weather is not over yet heavy rain mixed with moderate rain--
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encoders spilled water on to the ground and places had to be shored up with sandbanks and the storm got everyone's attention regardless of walking or driving at times the water was moving down the street in sheets drivers could not ignore the elements as slippery roads made the experience a tense one some people pulled over to take a break from writing which was not a bad idea--from driving >>:i am enjoying the rain i thought our winter was over for a second but it is back roads are a bit slippery so be
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careful and keep your wind screen working really good i think is good and i am glad that it is here >> jeff :a lot of people here tonight said that it was kind of a household driving but--kind of a hassle driving by that we definitely need the rain >> pam :we will have continued storm coverage tomorrow on the kron-4 morning news. starting at 4 a-m. in the meantime. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app for up-to-the minute weather forecasts and all your bay area news. new at 11. commercial crab fisheries will now remain closed. until state officials lift the health advisory along the entire california coastline. that decision was made today. officials with the california department of fish and wildlife say, they may open crab fisheries in certain areas... all depending on whether the state department of public
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health... .clears all crabs along the coast for human consumption. the commercial crab season has taken a huge financial hit. stalled since public health officials determined the crabs... had high levels of domoic acid which is a neuro- toxin. the suspect believed to be involved in a double -shooting at san francisco's twin peaks... is set to be arraigned on murder charges tomorrow afternoon. the incident happened on valentine's day at around two- in the morning. leaving two people dead... and one person with life -threatening injuries. twenty- six- year- old richard contreras... faces two- counts of murder, and one count of attempted murder. he was arrested monday. contreras was on felony probation for multiple stolen vehicle offenses. among other charges. in the east bay. police are investigating another freeway shooting. this time in concord. where as kron four's philippe djegal reports. a 31-year-old man was hit by
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gunfire, while driving along northbound highway 242 near grant street. >> : we don't know if this was a random shooting, or if this person was a target. >> phillipe :but concord police corporal christopher blakely says the shooting does mirror at least one other reported at the end of last year. >> : in december, there was one up on 242, roughly in that same area -- that same patch. um, right now, it doesn't seem like its related but we're still looking into it. >> phillipe :this most recent shooting reported just after 7- 30 tuesday night. police say a 31-year-man from concord walked into the john muir medical center concord campus with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg. blakely says the victim told investigators he was a passenger in a car when the shooting happened. the victim claims he was shot just before the grant street exit on northbound highway 242. then, dropped off at the hospital. the other witnesses in the car left before police got there. >> : it doesn't sound like a
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case of road rage. it is undetermined what the motive is in this case. so far, police say there are no other reported injuries in this case. >> : and, right now, the suspect is still outstanding. >> phillipe :police also a little light on suspect details. saying only that the gunman was seen driving a black four-door vehicle. in concord, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam :coming up. kron's special series continues. a look behind the walls of san quentin's death row. as the prison begins to run out of room to house the inmates. find out what the state has planned. after three decades, the sound of music is back in one local high school, because a generous donation by someone with a huge heart. and a controversial court fight between apple and the federal government. over privacy, terrorism and cell phones.
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>> pam :a big battle is brewing over consumer privacy and public safety. tech giant "apple". has rejected an order by a federal judge, to help the f-b-i unlock the i-phone used by one of the terrorists in the december san bernardino attack. apple c-e-o tim cook says. that action would set a dangerous precedent. which would threaten the security and privacy of their customers phones. tech insider erica sandberg says, silicon valley is standing with apple. >>:everybody wants to feel secure and that their privacy is on serious locked down so of course if they are forced to
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open up and decrypt the files can make you feel very uneasy and nobody wants that no phone company wants that and nobody wants that so of course everybody is kind of panicking and trying to see what they could do to stop this from happening >> pam :california's u.s. senator dianne feinstein believes the government should be able to access the phone. she said - apple is refusing to create a tool, that would undermine the security of the i- phone, which the company worked hard to build. if apple loses this battle. it could mean, law enforcement might be able to unlock anyone's cell phone. coming up. new video released of the newborn found in a southern california restroom toliet. tonight, our special report continues from san quentin prison. we hear from one prisoner who talks about the crime that landed on death row. >> gary :coming up available later in this broadcast we have some highlights from the giants
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and news on manny
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! >> pam :hundreds of the california's worst convicted offenders. sit on san quentin's death row. and the department of corrections is running out of
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room to house these inmates. continuing her special series, kron 4's alecia reid explains what is being done to keep these criminals behind bars. >>: >> alecia :doing time isn't easy as some inmates who are in their eighties have been on death row for decades most inmates spend an average of 15 years on this cell block some of the condemned are helping out for retrials one waiting for a lawyer is this man cool it has taken five or six years to get an attorney
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now he is condemned to death he is just one of high and makes--one of hundreds of inmates the prison is running out of room but there is some relief in the psych ward there are still and not enough beds three-point $2 million of taxpayer money he small dent in an overcrowding
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problem of course was to that conversion more staff would need to be hired and trained in construction is expected to be completed sometime this month >> pam :tense moments for employees of a southern california subway restaurant. after finding a newborn baby in the restroom. newly released video shows, the woman accused of giving birth to the baby. walking into the restaurant. and going into the restroom. when she exits. she leaves behind a trail of blood. police have arrested the mother. 38- year-old mary trinidad. the baby was found in the toilet. and was taken to a hospital. the newborn is now in good condition. >> brittney : here is a closer look at our storm trackers it
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will start to taper overnight and we're just dealing with a few showers right now and will continue to see these stronger wind speeds it will be a breeze east dark tomorrow--breezy start here's a closer look at our satellite radar we're starting to deal with stormy weather and here is the feature cast--future cast
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most of the moisture is going to be closer to the sierra and the higher ed >> alecia :------higher elevations then we track and other weather disturbance as we head into early friday and possibly the tail end of her evening. so we're also going to see our temperatures taking a hit as we go into the rest of the work week we stay in '60s and '70s are back by next monday >> pam :music returned to an east bay high school today... after an anonymous donor bought the band all brand new instruments... richmond high school's band received equipment summing up to a hefty 76-thousand dollars. most of the instruments...which
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were few... dated back to the 60's. it it the first year teaching music at the school for andrew wilke. he wanted to improve the program... so the band set up a fundraising website. now that won't be necessary... because the donor bought a combination of flutes, drums and saxophones. >>:the gentlemen went into that shot and offered to pay for everything--shop >>:it just feels nice >> pam :he says these new instruments have changed his wife and many others are helping to the same will be true for other students as well google is once again expanding... and expanding to something most consumers probably would not expect. the internet giant is launching a new delivery service of fresh groceries... in both los angeles and san francisco. it is called google express. the service will offer same-
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day delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables, frozen foods, meat and seafood. delivery costs begin at four- ninety- nine... depending on the order. if the pilot program goes well... the company plans to expand to other cities. in sports. the giants. at least some of them. are already back and ready to go for spring training. . and speaking of back. the warriors are back from the all- star break. and will be headed on the road soon. gary has coach kerr on how they looked. he is coming up after the break.
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>> gary :for some people life just began again today pitchers and catchers as well as a few position players reported to string training for the giants today george kontos the relief pitcher getting out of his car brandon crawford one of the position players reporting early jake peavy figures to be forth or fifth in the giants starting rotation and jeef samardzija one of the two starters along with johnny cueto singed over the offseason samardzija says he's ready to go >>:is go time and we won't rest until the end so we're hoping to get ready for the season
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>>:i love training >> gary :one of my favorite things to talk about with pam is the demographics and it shows to the average age to watch baseball is 58 as young kids are just playing video games and they don't care about the grand old game >> pam :is a grand game >> gary :these kids don't understand the nuances when the pitcher is in the stands and he looks over and it takes five minutes and looks again when we grew up or go to watch games--we would go to watch
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games and you wait just surprised that 58 is the average demographic you are always a little bit jumpy when we talk about demographics >> pam :is because you get like this >> gary :i've always tell about it is--i always tell how this >> pam :i would be happy whoever loves our newscast >> gary :will i would like is a young demographic as well whoever is watching i love you manny pacquaio has lost his nike endorsement due to his negative remarks towards the l- g-b-t community. earlier this week pacquaio said gays were worse than animals
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within hours of expressing his personal beliefs pacquaio apologized on social media via twitter. according to nike the company had to drop him due to affecting a large number of nike consumers. the warriors returned to practice tonight. steph curry and the rest of the dubs are getting ready to return back to action this friday agaisnt portland on the road. this was the warriors first practice since the all star break. vanilla ice will be part of the sendoff for sleep train area. were the sacremanto kings are playing their final season. ice will be one of the final acts at the arena. which will also include young mc and tiffany. when the kings are on the road. the basketball team will wear throwback uniforma and the floor will be recreated to look as it did when the team first played it's first game their in 1985 and she is the referee who got hit where it hurts after calling a penalty he gets hit
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epic coughing fit. what this specialist says hillary needs to know. >> there's actually a breathing technique that he says will shut off the cough like a light switch. then -- the fake doogie howser. >> you say you've been practicing medicine without a license? >> he even has a doctor's office. >> you examined a patient today. and death of a contestant from "the bachelor." >> how they tried to save her life. >> please send someone fast. plus -- here they are. the other winners of the largest jackpot in history. finally come forward. >> i lost a lot of sleep. >> i lost over ten pounds. and breast milk for sale on the street. >>


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