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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant:now at eight. tragedy in vallejo. we are at the scene of a three alarm fire that killed a baby and left four families homeless >>whoosh >> grant:what we are learning about the disappearance of a 22- leaving a party in the east bay saturday night. >>whoosh >> grant:going, going, gone. we take you to cliffside in pacifica, where condemned homes were destroyed to keep them from falling into the ocean. >>whoosh >> grant:dramatic images of a tour helicopter plunging into pearl harbor. what we have learned about the fate of the five people on board. >>whoosh >> grant:surveillance images of a pair of brazen burglars as the break into a bay area couple's home and make off with money, jewelry and family memories. >> grant:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >>breaking news tonight at
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8. >> pam:police are looking for a person who is targeting and assaulting women in the east bay. >> pam:there have been three different attacks. >> pam:grant lodes joins us now with new video. of who police are looking for. >> pam:grant? >> grant:this breaking news has an entire campus community.and city on edge tonight. we froze the surveillance video to give you a he best possible look at the suspect's face. >> grant:it's not the best quality but it's something. the first sexual assualt in this string of three crimes was february 11th.last week ago.just after 9:00 at night.on haste street. >> grant:the two days ago tuesday.two more. one at 11:00 at night.near durant avenue and ellsworth street. >> grant:then about 20
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minutes later.another.yet another.this one on benvenue street. the victim here.actuually chased her attacker for a short distance before he disappeared. >> grant:these are all just south of the u-c berkeley campus. the suspect is described as a black or indian guy, early 20's.almost 6 feet tall, dark curly hair or dreads pulled back. >> grant:his target. aisian. college aged women. if you think you've seen the suspect.police want to hear from you. >> pam:neighbors could hear screaming as they watched a horrific scene in vallejo. >> pam:a baby killed. when a fire broke out inside a family's apartment. kron-4's scott rates is following the developing story. he joins us live from the fire department. >> pam:scott -are investigators any closer to figuring out what started the blaze? >> reporter:it's a scary and downright awful site -- flames shooting out on this fore-plex in vallejo late wednesday night what makes it so much more awful, the fact a baby never made it out. >> we had no idea of where
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the fire was actually at. >> reporter:crystal ruffin lives just feet away from where the fire started. she heard the mother of the baby who died and says it's something she never forget. >> last month i could not sleepy. i could just hear her screaming. >> reporter:on thursday the solano county fire investigation task force as well as vallejo fire and police searched the apartments on kathey ellen drive. looking for any clues that might shed light into what started the fire according to vallejo fire spokesperson kevin brown a man, woman and 4-year-old were able to get out of the unit before the fire got bad the fire spreading to other units, 15 people are with out home. as for the baby who died ruffin says she can't imagine what it must have been for the child's mother.
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>> reporter:15 people were are with out home because of the fire, the red cross has stepped in.we are still waiting for updates, social media. >> prayers for her and her family right now. >> pam:thank you, scott for that update. >> pam:we first broke the news about this deadly fire. with a push alert at 4:09 this morning. make sure you download the kron four mobile app. so you can stay up to date on the latest breaking news anytime and anywhere. >> pam:it is a free download for i-phone and android devices. >> pam:hayward police told us late today. they need
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help finding a missing south bay woman. she is 22- years old and went missing over the weekend. >> pam:she was last seen in the east bay. in hayward. in the area of silva avenue and jackson street. kron-4's justine waldman tells us why police find her disappearance suspicious. >>justine:here is a picture of the missing woman. her name is stacy aguilar. >>justine:she is 22 years old. police tell us she is 5 feet 2 inches tall, 185 pounds. >>justine:with brown hair and eyes. police don't know what she wearing when she disappeared. she was last seen saturday at a party that was here by jackson and sliva. >>justine:walking around i did not see any missing persons signs posted. there are several houses and apartment buildings on the block. >>justine:people i talked with here said the woman did not look familiar. the missing woman is from san jose.
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and what makes this case suspicious to police stacy has not contacted her family or returned home. in almost a week. which her family says, is very unlike her. contact police. >>justine:in hayward justine waldman kron 4 news. >> pam:an arrest has been made in connection with a fatal hit and run in san jose last week 23- year old christopher africa was arrested at his home on wednesday, after an extensive investigation. >> pam:last friday, police responded to a collision on winchester boulevard, where they found a man suffering from life threatening injuries. the victim. 44 year old toe-doro diaz was pronounced dead at the scene. >> pam:the driver left before police arrived. this red honda del sol. was found abandoned in a parking lot a few hours later. >> pam:the suspect has been booked into county jail >> pam:early thursday morning, contractors hired by the owner of the 330 esplande in pacifica began tearing down the building. by midday, crews had reduced the apartments to a pile of rubble. >> pam:there's nothing good
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about it. >> pam:charles? >> reporter: finished just a short time ago. it will not be the last building. >> there is nothing good to be thought about it. >> we are losing a whole section. people are losing their homes. >> reporter:brian wunderlich lives across the street. he says that what's happening here is sad. >> reporter:the apartments had been vacant since 2010 when the city red tagged the
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structure out of fear that erosion along the bluffs below had left the homes on the verge of falling. erosion is also threatening nearby 320 and 310 esplande. 320 is vacant and 310 was yellow tagged a few weeks ago. the owner of those two buildings and city are trying to figure out what to do next. >> reporter:brian just hopes his neighbors can find somewhere to live. >>we know some of the folks that live in the other buildings so we are a little nervous about them to. they are concerned and they should be. the ocean is taking over. >> reporter: back live. crews are planning on returning tomorrow. and some time, in the spring landscaping will be put ian for the water-jet from preventing the water from collecting here. it will add a fence to put all around this area to keep people from coming through. >> pam:what is happening at the apartment complex. is just one coastal problem for pacifica.
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along the city's promenade. there have been three separate collapses of the seaqall--seawall >> pam:this is one of them - in video from our helicopter partners with abc 7. the city has approved spending $450 -thousand dollars to get the seawall repaired. >> pam:farther south - several other properties hang in limbo because the cliffs below them have eroded as well. just last week, one of the red- tagged homes caught fire. and nearly burned to the ground. >> pam:high surf has been a big problem in pacifica and other spots along the bay area shoreline. brittany - any issues with that over the next few days. >> brittany: you want to be very careful going into the water. basically, meaning there is more erosion as a possibility. and that is not great news for the community of pacifica. as we go into the rest of the night, no more rain showers. although,
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i am tracking another round tomorrow. and i would time it all out when i see you again in about 15 minutes. pam? >> pam:new at 8 tonight: >> pam:crooks. break into a north bay home. and the caught on camera. grant has the new. high quality video. >> grant:it happened in the glencove area of vallejo on tuesday morning. one of the residents left their home to drop their daughter off at school.and while they were gone. >> grant:this happened you can see in the survaillence viedo the suspects entering the yard and eventually going into the home. >> grant:the family says they lost and most importantly.papers that cannot be replaced. the theives took birth certificates.passports.and high school diplomas among other personal paperwork. >> grant:the suspects got into a red van and left before any one got home.
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the family uploaded this viedo to youtube to warn other homeowners to keep a look out. >> grant:anyone with information about the burglary is being asked to call vallejo police. >> grant:pam? >> pam:three men have been arrested in san leandro - accused of burglarizing local homes. eastbound express lanes will open up. along interstate- 580 from dublin to pleasanton. the westbound lanes. set to open on monday. >> pam:tonight, kron four's philippe djegal is along the freeway in livermore. where east bay drivers are hoping for the best. >> pam:philippe. >> reporter:pam. >> reporter:we spoke with several drivers who pass through this area every work day. >> reporter:and, they say that amounts to several painful hours a week. >> reporter:the traffic just get awful. but soon, a reprieve along the eastbound side of i-580
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behind me. >> reporter:here's a look at what you should expect to see at five o'clock tomorrow morning. signage on the overpasses warning the express lanes are coming up. >> reporter:we're talking about a 14-mile stretch from dublin through pleasanton. drivers who choose to use these lanes will be billed through fastrak. >> reporter:on the eastbound side, there will be two express lanes. on the westbound side, there will be only one. and, the westbound lane won't open until monday morning. and, just a heads up, it's not going to be a cheap ride either. >> reporter:the cost depends on the time of day you use these lanes and for how long you use them. the maximum cost during peak commute hours on the eastbound side will be 9- dollars. >> reporter:once the westbound side opens, the max will be 13-dollars. and, again, that price goes down the less time you spend in the lanes. >> reporter:still, if it saves time. >> reporter:many drivers say they'll give it a try. >> "can't wait for it. yeah? yeah. whats the ride like without them? rough, brutal, its always been rough. as a matter of fact, they've been there for, i want to say six or eight months and i've been waiting for them to open up."
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>>"i think it'll be awesome. people can catch a cup of coffee on the way to work without having to jump all the way off and back on." >> "i don't know, i'm probably not going to use them, because they're pretty expensive when i drive, so its exciting for people who can afford it, haha. do you think it'll help traffic? i really hope so, but we'll see." >> reporter:the express lanes will be free for carpoolers though. you'll just have to swap out your fastrak transponder with a fastrak flex toll tag. >> reporter:the flex tag allows you to hit a switch on the back, allowing drivers to notify fastrak if they're driving solo or carpooling. >> reporter:you can buy toll tags at costco, safeway or even walgreens stores in this area. >> reporter:these lanes will be operational monday through friday from five in the morning, until eight at night. >> reporter:live in livermore, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam:coming up at 8. >> pam:discovered alone and suffering from broken "valentine" is looking for a forever home. >> pam:and next. >> pam:dangerous car
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stunts.this time. on the bay area's busiest bridge. >> gabe: tech report coming up next!
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>> pam:new at 8:
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>> pam:it's happened again.this time.on the bay area's busiest bridge. grant is here with the new video. >> grant: crazy that this is normal! >> grant: i moved here five years ago and had no idea what a side show was. >> grant: take a look and they listen... >>car noise >> grant: as you would imagine tons of 911 call start pouring in on saturday. people had to stop so you would not get hit or at least slow down because a car was sort of moving. there's only seconds of video that postage on social media so we will show the club over again. this is the
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upper deck of the bay bridge at the west direction heading into san francisco passed, treasure island. >> grant: the police could not get there fast enough to catch the suspect. one at least two. were involved. there were other reports from 911 called that a pickup truck may have been doing the business as well. chp is currently investigating. >> pam:close to the weekend- people are making their plans. brittany is here to tell us what to expect from the weather. anymore rain? >> brittany: we are tracking another chance for showers tomorrow. it will be gone by time saturday sunday rose all round. more showers are expected between 12 and 4:00 p.m.. clearing up as we head into friday evening. due to
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this need your waves and the high surf a lawyer will stay in effect until 8:00 a.m.. that is something to watch out for if you like to go buy or near the ocean in the morning. warm up again for us back into the 70 temperatures. >> brittany: will stay in that temperature for next week. but for the weekend we will be a little cooler. we do seedling during showers in santa rosa. but now things are starting to clear up nicely. it is beginning to dry up for us which is a big difference between the showers and windy conditions that have died down a bit. >> brittany: still had a few light showers, doubt and lake tahoe area so some parts of the lake tahoe and the sierra with the higher
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elevations all up to 2 ft. of snow fall. so that is truly a public place to be heading into the weekend. we will stay dry over night. but take a look for 12 on friday. trucking another chance of showers. -- tracking >> brittany: we stay nice and dry for the weekend continue into next week. as we go into the overnight lows with struck down in to the the low '50's and 40's. we will see another round of temperatures close to average. i will have the 7 day forecast when i see you again. >> pam:the city of fremont now owns a baby horse. rescued from a ravine on valentine's day. right now the city is looking for a permanent home for the colt. >> pam:kron 4's kate cagle takes us to u-c davis. where "valentine" is recovering. >> reporter:at only 2 weeks
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old valentine has already lived quite the exciting life. >> reporter:he is recovering at u-c davis from a broken hip and a broken pelvis last weekend he was discovered alone here150 feet down a ravine in fremont. >> reporter:since then - there has been an outpouring of support to save him. >> reporter:first a rope rescue by fremont fire. then t-l-c from animal control officer sarah cattaneo. >> reporter:she spread the word to reporters valentine needed helpand donations poured in. >> reporter: a "go fund me" accountvalentine can now afford the best care at u-c davis. --15k >>"there really is no doubt in their minds that he will just be a normal horse after this rehabilitation and go on to live a normal life." >> reporter:fremont police spokeswoman geneva bosques
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says they have tracked down valentine's owner.and he has surrendered the colt. >>"he told us he may not have known that his horse actually had the baby" >> reporter:police will not publically name the ownerthe ranch has several horses near the public land where valentine was foundand aptly named by rescuers on valentines day. >> reporter:it's possible another animal.maybe a coyotechased the baby and his mother until they were separated. >> reporter:"is this an example of animal neglect? >> animal neglect? we are not pursuing any charges at this time and we're just moving forward for valentine's health." >> reporter:the city is looking for a new owner with proper facilities for the injured horse. until then. valentine is like any adored new family membersnuggling with his stuffed animal and nussling visitors. >> reporter:reporting in davis. kate cagle. >> pam:new tonight at 8.
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the justice department has released a statement. in response to apple rejecting a federal judges order, to unlock the i=phone that belonged to one of the terrorists in the december san bernardino attack. >> pam:our tech trends reporter gabe slate. catches us up on all the new developments today, involving this hot button issue. and how it could affect you, depending how it plays out. >> gabe:these are pictures from a protest outside an apple store iphone users expressing they are backing apple's decision. >> gabe:they don't want them to help door unlocking system to the phone. if apple loses this battle it could mean that your i=phone will never truly be locked again. >> gabe:we all count on the pin code to be a real lock for the phone protecting your videos, pictures, emails, text, financial information. our phone is now our life. >> gabe:if it gets stolen from you. or if you leave it in a cab, at a park, or in a bar you want to know that no one can break into it >> gabe:apple says if they create this system of unlocking a locked phone it will eventually get out
8:23 pm
there forand it could lead to law enforcement being able to access your phone. >> gabe:so a lot at stake here. here's the new developments. >> gabe:the justice department has said: "the judge's order and our request in this case do not require apple to redesign its products, to disable encryption or to open content on the phone. in adoption and our request were narrowly tailored to this particular phone," the statement said." >> gabe:big tech companies like microsoft, aol, dropbox, evernote, facebook, google, linkedin, yahoo have come out showing support for apple. >> gabe:here is a tweet from twitter ceo jack dorsey he says:. >> gabe:the f-b-i continues to investigate anyone connected to the san bernardino shooters. >> gabe: for less than important cases from potential individual spirit gave slate
8:24 pm
>> pam: tonight, we look at health security has tightened since the death row has all but 80 years ago. plus, a dramatic up close video shows a helicopter crash. >> gary: sports highlights bart next in this broadcast!
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>> pam: directors, producers, and stars delivered their message before a hearing of occupational safety and hearing involved more than three- hours of public >> pam: this is considered a win for the adult film industry. while condoms are not required. the industry was worried the officials would eliminate other safety standards which are already in place. >> pam: los angeles - the latest on a hearing to determine whether california should require porn actors to cover up with condoms: if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m
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>> pam:marilyn hartman- the woman known as the serial at the chicago airport. hartman violated her probation. when she was found near the airport's bus shuttle. >> pam:her probation bans her from being on airport property, because of her past attempts of boarding flights without a ticket. hartman has even done it
8:29 pm
here in the bay area. and succeeded. >> pam:she boarded a flight flying from san jose to los angeles. hartman has been charged with trespassing and violating her probation.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station,
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kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:death row at san quentin has changed a lot over the years. security is much tighter and it has to be. kron 4's alecia reid takes us behind the prison walls, for a closer look at what it takes to maintain order. for those facing life on death row. >> reporter:pam, it's been more than 80 years since san quentin's death row was constructed. back then.there were just 68 cells total. a lot has changed since >> reporter:san quentin in the 1930's, is a flashback to a different era. gone are the priviledges of walking into the hallway. also gone, certain freedoms most people take for granted, like a simple conversationface to face. >>nats sot - it's kinda crazy in here. >> reporter:all communication now. is either through intertwined gates, or thick glass. >> reporter:tables, chairs and cupboards also gone. they can be used as weapons. >> it can be very difficult
8:32 pm
population to manage at times. >> the conditions in here are horrible. >> sometimes it is freezing in here and they will not give us any heat. >> reporter:watchmen take no chances. they keep a certain, and necessary distance from inmates, so they don't let >>sot - i'll ask them how their night went, how it was out on the yard, how the weather is and that's about >> reporter:. ever cautious and always on the lookout. >> it was more tense when i first started. >> i do not get personal with them and i don't let
8:33 pm
them get personal with me. >> reporter:things were quite smooth during my visit. guards stick to the script.understanding just how dangerous these inmates really are. >> we have a handle on it. this is a population that we have cared for. >> for a long time. >> reporter:there have been security breaches in the past. 10 guards have been killed here. >> reporter:the last one, back in 1985. more than 30 years ago. >> reporter:the isolation. and stricter guidelines have forced inmates to adapt. most of them communicate through walls. >>sot - we play chess from cell to cell. we just call out the numbers on our boards. i watch tv. i'm a raiders fan so i follow them >> reporter:guards feel relations have improved with these measures in place. inmatesdisagree >>sot - it is more difficult now with these new people coming in from the academy.
8:34 pm
they're training them differently than they used to train them, so they have with something to prove. >> reporter:security is priority number one. there are strict procedures guards must follow in order to stay safe. they know that at a moment's notice they can be guards tell me, its simply part of the jobmaintaining order in one of the world's most dangerous prisonsback to you pam. >> pam:it was not good.but it could have been so much worse. that's what many are saying tonight.after a helicopter made a spectactular crash landing in hawaii. grant is here now with the dramatic video. return to >> grant:this was a tourist pearl harbor. it came down right around 10:30 this morning. there were five people on board. >> grant:thery were all
8:35 pm
rescued.and taken to land.but a 16 year old boy is in critical condition.unstable tonight. this was right near the u-s- s arizona memorial.on ohau. people immediately jumped in the water.helping get people out.two guys took turns using a knife to get one victim out. >> grant:given the popular place, and the time of person near the crash explains how bad it could have been. >> look like he was trying to not land on web because there was people there. when--land on land >> willbell 206 helicopter. >> grant:federal invesstigators are headed to crash site. pearl harbor is closed to visitors for the time being. >> pam:at pleasant hill
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middle school, a new dress code in place is forcing students to change their wardrobe. school aministrators have decided to make leggings and tights innapropriate attire if not worn with outwear over them. >> pam:the gender-biased change in the dress code is upstting some students and parents. one mother that spoke out says that it should be the school's responsibility to teach.and the parent's responsibility to make sure their children are dressed appropriately before leaving for school. >> pam:if you caught the last edition of people behaving badly, you learned about a crackdown in foster city. it's a monthly saturation of peninsula cities by traffic officers well now we get to hear what the drivers who caught were thinking. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:i'm going to take the words from one of my viewers and repeat them if people just followed
8:37 pm
vehicle code ie stop at stop signs, don't speed and no phone in hand then you wouldn't be on people calvin witt >> stanley:you are about to hear from some of the people caught in the san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program also known as s.t.e.p step officers focus solely on traffic problems like cell phones, no seat belts, stop sign violations and more like this driver was stopped because >>your windshield cracked pretty good >> stanley: cracker a couple of days ago . but it turns out he was missing something very important he had no proof of insurance >>it's just an old card i have the current one i just didn't get the new card/ you know you can pull it up on your phone i don't know they send me the card every month >> stanley:he gets a fixit ticket for no proof insurance. that being said >>the way it works for insurance you have to go down to the traffic court in redwood city you literally have to take you current proof of insurance to them in person and shoe them that its current
8:38 pm
>> stanley:the guy in the bmw who rolled a stop sign while on say >>i was answering a call >> stanley:he had no ideal why he ran the stop sign . >> >> stanley:this driver who simply forget to stop >>i was paying attention i made a stop i thought i made a enough of a stop i looked in all different directions no other cars at the intersection did you see the police car there ummmm no i didn't >> stanley: to this driver but i passed >> stanley:then of course was the driver who was trying to negotiate his student loans who thought this was and episode of cops >>am i going to be on cops maybe depending on how this goes . >> stanley:10 year of this and i still get called cops really so you figured you can get your student loan reduced whild your driving ? bad decision on my part i shoud
8:39 pm
have thought better i was axious to get this done >>you had it on speaker anyways . >> stanley:the holding the phone was the violation . in foster city stanley roberts kron 4 news return >> pam: whenbrittanu with weather! >> brittany: our average 10 workers will stay for the mall. for the start of the week and then we will head above average after sunday. and into next week. with clear conditions, we did see me going showers north of santa rosa. it was still leaning closer to 6:00 p.m.. temperatures at 51 degrees in santa rosa, zero sixties in sunnyvale. we will see
8:40 pm
similar conditions as we head into tamara with the 7 day forecast with a chance of showers starting with the north. affecting santa rosa been trekking to the south. by 5:00 p.m. with the showers in san jose. >> brittany: back to the 70 temperature starting monday and most of next week. a >> pam: fast-food record was bitten for for getting ap-judge or getting any customers for. wrong. when
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>> pam: a recent court ruling that will force the state department of education to release sensitive information about millions and that's led to privacy concerns. >> pam: the ruling stems from a 5- year-old lawsuit brought by the morgan hill concerned parents association and other groups advocating for students with disabilities. >> pam:the judge in the case has ordered that names, addresses, even social security numbers be made attorneys. >> pam:one morgan hill parent - who has two sons with special needs, says her family was denied access to basic her sons qualify for federally mandated services.
8:46 pm
>> we just want services for our kids. >> pam:it's not clear yet when the released. but the department of education is working on an on-line option for parents concerned about privacy. >> pam:it would let them 'opt out' of having their sensitive police-- inform ation released. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with the sports! >> gary:warriors practice the warriors are back to work preparing for the 2nd half of the season >> gary:steph curry is warming up the warriors start a against the portland trail blazers >> gary:the dubs have a record their on pace to beat the 95-96 chicago bulls 72-
8:47 pm
10 record. >> gary:rapper and fashion designer kanye west compared himself to steph curry and michael jordan sunday on twitter >> gary:west tweeted >> gary:" i am the jordan and steph curry of music , meaning im the best of 2 generations. >> it was weird to be put in the position of thing with conde-- kanye and jordan. (laughter)
8:48 pm
>> gary:the philadephia police department reached out to kanye west to join the >> gary:grant. your thoughts ? >> gary:kanye in a police uniform? >> gary: grant. it was shocling--shocking that you did the story first, pam? >> pam: 0oh-- oh. you didnt'talk to the
8:49 pm
producer? >> gary: i need to come in earlier. (laughter) >> gary: who is the producer tonight? >> pam: tina. >> gary: i love tina. i mader tina. (laughter) >> gary:okay. a little shot that pam didn't have.
8:50 pm
>>now its time for our lexus ultimate highlight return to >> gary:our lexus pursuit of excellence ultimate highlight . harlem globetrotter scooter christensen. who nailed this 100 foot shot from the staples center balcony >> gary:christensen swished the shot on a basket right next to magic johnson's statue. the globetrotter's will be performing inside the staples center this sunday and that's scooter christensen with our lexus pursit of excellence ultimate highlight. >> gary:the giants are in spring training. the first giants team workout for pitchers and catchers >> gary:in scottsdale, arizona buster posey is walking in madison bumgarner is presentthe new guys jeff samardzija. and
8:51 pm
>> gary:johhny cueto is gearing up for the season. >> was a lot of fun playing him. a lot of charisma. we are 18 that are being different. we have been called misfits, cockroaches and the verse. --diverse >> gary:retired oakland raiders safety charles woodson has been hired by epsn as a nfl analyst. woodson has been hired to work as an analyst on sunday nfl countdown and monday night countdown.the 39 year old 3 time all - pro is expected to begin his new job in july. woodson made the pro bowl in his 18th and final season
8:52 pm
>> pam:alright, gary. coming up after the break this could be what they call a angry. a woman of attack after attacking a fast food employee over a wrong order. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] to the continent -- ... a new nation. announcer: presidents day may be over, but the savings go on at sleep train.
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>> pam: the suspect pulled into a wendy's in virgina.and things got heated when she needed to change her order. 25-year-old lovely robinson got so upset with a worker that she came inside the restaurant cursing and swinging. >> pam:after threatening to jump across the counter.she did just that, and even took a step further, biting the employee above the knee. >> pam: >> she came back there and started to come for me. but,
8:56 pm
i defended myself. >> reporter: >> pam:wendy's worker latanya year old lovely robinson-- >>"told her you can't be in here-you gotta go." >> grant: said she is 25. chill out. it is national wind day. you not need to do this. --national wine day (laughter) >> grant: do not give lovely a magnum. give her a pony size wine bottle. (laughter) >> brittany: it looks like
8:57 pm
she is the one that that pretty beat up. >> grant: it is national wind day. with these guys want to say about that clipper-?- >> grant: anny think?-- anything? (laughter) >> grant: may have to make some changes. >> pam: and, on that night was a good night and we will see you apple
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the girls were last seen leaving sullivan's tavern, 1:00 in the morning. a truck driver spotted the car around 5:30 and called it in. look, i only have four deputies. only a couple of 'em have ever seen a body killed in anger. if what we have here is a homicide, i'm gonna need some help. just to be clear, except in special circumstances, we don't help out. we take over. you need to be okay with that. okay. i guess. (dog howls in distance) she's not really a morning person. she'll improve. names of the missing women?


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