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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> vicki : now at 11. we are continuing to follow two major stories tonight. one person is dead. after a shooting at a san francisco mcdonalds drive through. which happened in broad daylight. police still searching for the person responsible. but first. we begin tonight with new developments. out of the east bay. the missing san jose woman. who was last seen at a party in hayward. has been found dead. good evening everyone, i'm vicki liviakis. tonight, the family of stacey aguilar is mourning the loss of their loved one. kron four's scott rates. brings us the latest into the investigation. >> scott :investigators have
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looked to the body--located the body the family is obviously very distraught and the police are not saying much but according to the sergeant investigators located her body around to o'clock saturday afternoon--12 o clock they're not saying how they found her where they found her or how she died it change from a missing person case to a homicide investigation and investigators are not saying anything at this point about a possible motive or who might have killed her she was last seen a house party in he word about a week ago and the entire family has been asking the public for help in searching for her once police announced they found her body the search was called off but one of the volunteers out there was able to get a hold
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of her mother who lives in mexico and here's what she said through a translator >>:she was so friendly and helped everybody and was very happy she was the best daughter very happy and beautiful >> scott :it will be doing an autopsy and we expect results on the autopsy in the next couple of weeks >> vicki : happening now. san francisco police are searching for a gunman. who shot and killed a man outside a busy mcdonalds restaurant. the shooting happened just before three this afternoon. in the western addition of san francisco. at golden gate avenue and fillmore street. you can see the bullet holes in the side of the car. at least five shots were fired. the victim who was hit got out of the car and fell on the sidewalk.
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he later died at the hospital. officers say the shooter walked up to the car, which was stuck in traffic,opened fire, then got into a nearby car and left the area. >>:it was right across the street from the police department's the results of pedestrian traffic and motor vehicle traffic so it was very brazen unfortunately is not the first time this happened here >> vicki : police have not yet located a suspect. officers are reviewing nearby surveillance cameras. police aren't sure if the shooting was random or targeted. in the south bay. police in san jose have arrested a man. accused of fatally stabbing another man. police were called to a location near south white road and aborn road in east san jose around noon yesterday morning. two men were found. suffering stab died while being treated at a hospital. today, police arrested 32-year-
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old anthony tafolla and he was booked in the county jail. it's unclear at this point what the motive was. i believe this was philippe's story yesterday. so we should have video. new at 11. a san jose police officer who was fired last year after posting threatening comments online to those protesting the deaths of unarmed black men in ferguson, missouri, and new back on the force. phillip white re-joined the s-j- p-d earlier this month. after convincing an independent arbitrator that being fired was white posted several comments on twitter back in december of 2014.saying he would kill any anti-police protesters who threatened his family. s-j-p-d says white won't be on patrol.instead he will administer the department's body-worn camera program. staying in the south bay. san jose police are
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investigating a deadly car crash along camden avenue. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with neighbors who heard the crash, and say this was bound to happen. >> phillipe :ifa somber day in san jose -- as neighbors and friends of the victim's drop flowers off near the scene of the crash. weeping at their loss. >> : it was a big boom and you could hear multiple people screaming and glass shattering all through the road. philippe14-year-old griffin quadro was at a nearby friends house and heard the collision at around 9-30 saturday night. he ran out and snapped this blurry photo of the aftermath before emergency crews arrived. >> : there was two people in one car and they were both just not moving, standing still. and, then one person in the other car was pretty much really injured, but could walk out of the car. >> phillipe :san jose police say both a man and woman died in the accident. this is the city's eighth deadly car crash of the year. investigators say one car was lost control headed south on camden avenue near hicks road, and hit head on with another car traveling north. >> : it scares me, my son is an 18-year-old driver and sometimes, i panic thinking that it could be him. >> phillipe :unfortunately,
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neighbors say this crash comes as no surprise, because this area they say has been accident- prone for quite some time. >> : i think they only real way median going down the road or even another stop light. police say neither drugs or alcohol appear to be factors in >> : it's caused by people speeding and going out of control. >> : something needs to be done, because it's scary as heck. >> phillipe :in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki : one person is dead and another is suffering from injuries after a car ran into a building in vallejo this afternoon. the incident happened in the 600 block of sacramento street just before 3:30.according to vallejo fire's twitter account. both people were unresponsive when crews arrived.a medi-vac helicopter was needed for transportation. one of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene. the condition of the other victim is unknown at this time. new at 11.
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a man accidently drove through a wall. at his apartment while trying to park his truck. it happened yesterday afternoon, when a 57-year-old belmont man got his foot stuck on the gas pedal. he was backing into his parking space and ended up crashing through the wall and window. you can see there was a good amount of damage.but no one was injured. the cause of the crash appears to be accidental.neither drugs nor alchool was involved. the michigan community still in shock after last nights shooting rampage is holding a vigil for the six lives lost. mourners streamed into a kalamazoo church for a special prayer service to honor the victims and to help residents cope. it comes just one night after authorities say a 45-year-old man fattally shot and wounded multiple people in a series of shootings around the city. at the service was the lieutenant governor and area pastors, along with a large group of people who say there is no easy answer to why such a devestating event occurred. still ahead.
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a palo alto man is behind bars tonight. after a spree of crimes. plus. no access allowed. unless the state is willing to fork out one man. who has block off public access to a popular bay area beach.
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>> vicki : new at eight. police were able to track down and arrest a man responsible for a short crime spree in palo alto. on thursday, authorities received a call of a suspicous man in a woman's back yard in. the suspect left the scene on a bright blue bicycle before cops arrived. two other calls came in shortly after, from people who found a man robbing their homes.he was seen riding away on the same blue bike. within an hour of the third report, an officer was able to
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brandon yamagata. he was booked into the santa clara county jail for multiple felony counts. and in daly city. police need help identifying this man who exposed himself to on saturday, around 4:30 p-m. this suspect walked into a business near mission street and he then indecently exposed himself to three teenage girls who ran out of the store. the man is descirbed as being in his early 20's with shoulder colored tips. renters at a walnut creek apartment complex are still complaining about mold and mildew more than a month after their landlord promised to fix a leaky roof. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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>> vicki : renters out a walnut creek apartment complex is still complaining about mold and mildew more than a month after their landlord promised to fix a leaky roof tonight we are following up on a "my kron 4" story we first brought you in january. kate cagle talked to tenants who are moving out. to locat >> reporter :at a duplex in concord tony garcia is starting a new beginning. >> : i love iti mean i can breath. >> reporter :today he unloaded his 3-year-old son shamus's toys in a new playroom. >> : is this your new room? yes. what do you think? perfect! >> reporter :moving has cost him an extra thousand dollars a month in rentbut he says the "la casa del rio" in walnut creek was making them sick. >> : shamus has a 250-dollar inhaler. i've had bronchitis and i've been out sick of from work for a week. >> reporter :there is extensive water damage there from a leaky roof. it's grown since i first visited january 4th. on january 7ththe buildinds owner - jw silveira company - assured me these repair men would fix the roof..
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now tenants say the roof may be repairedbut their units were not. >> : i want everyone that is staying here who doesn't have the means to move to have their units fixed. >> reporter :down the hall.third grade teacher paige child says the duct tape and sheet rock on her ceiling does not always stop the rain. she took this video three weeks ago. with high rents in the bay area.she's trying to make things work in her home of 9 years. >> : at this point i'm worried about mold and mildew." >> : as far as i know, there hasn't been any mold. >> reporter :chris rossi is the resident manager for the casa del rio. >> : it's been unfortunate the way and the time that everything came about. of how things were taken care of. >> reporter :she recently led three contractors on a tour of the damage now she's waiting on bids for the job. >> : i certainly wouldn't want to live if it was raining in my apartment. nor would you or anyone else. >> reporter :tony says he grew tired of waiting.
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>> : they're not sitting and breathing this in. it's frustrating. >> reporter :and while money is tight with the move it's worth it to breath a little easier. reporting in walnut creek. kate cagle. kron 4 news. >> vicki : new at 11. a bay area billionaire is asking for 30-million-dollars for access to a public beach. the man closed the roadway to the beloved martin's beach in half moon bay, and people are asking it to be reopened. however, he wants the state of california to pay him in exchange for public access. the state has been trying to work with the billionaire since early this month in hopes of purchasing a public right of way. there is no word yet on when people can get their toes in the sand once again. it was a nice day to head to the beach. it has been unusually warm and sunny here in the bay area.and the forecast shows we can expect more of this heat. these shots taken out at baker beach near the golden gate bridge shows people and their pets soaking up the sun.
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plenty were out to take advantage of this warm febraury weekend. brian joins us now. with what we can expect this week. >> brian :it is warmer out there than it normally is during the summer time even will be even five to 10 degrees warmer and will stick around for the next three or four days i will keep all the clouds away with a lot of sunshine here is the beautiful city of san princess go--san francisco for tomorrow we have a bright big sunshine that will push temperatures into the low to mid '70's these numbers are about 10 to 15 degrees above average and we had a storm system go by that was
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rained and then about offshore rain's coming up in on the backside-- offshore winds essentially by friday there is a weather system that arrives with clouds and some moderate rain but in the meantime tomorrow is looking nice with the upper 60s and tuesday is looking just about the same with another warm and sunny day and we have that as well for wednesday and thursday and friday when that storm system is arriving and there's a chance for rain friday evening there two different models the two different models are showing to a completely different solutions for this system so this forecast is not
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yet fine-tuned it could shift will watch it through the week >> vicki : california wildlife officers safely captured a mountain lion found in a back yard in santa cruz. last night, state fish and wildlife officials located the big cat in a neighborhood just north of highway-1. they think it was drawn to the area by large numbers of deer that graze nearby. officers were able to tranquilize the animal and safely return it in good health to a suitable habitat. authorities want to remind everyone that feeding wildlife is illegal and dangerous, as it can bring predators like this into urban areas. in sports. the warriors add a new player to help them in the middle. . and it was literally a race of inches at the daytiona 500. j.r. has the highlights. and all the sports. coming up
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>> j.r. :warriors signed a new center they are in need of big man with their normal center out with knee surgery he is averaging three points and three rebounds per game this season today the pitchers and catchers went to their usual workout and the have been there since
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wednesday along with the few position players and another newcomer picture has formed an unusual french ship --friendship the club house back and forth is nothing new >>:sometimes you think guys are about to get into a fight it is just playful banter and they'll have differences to make it work for them the daytona 500 ski off--is kicking off a cha
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>> j.r. :tearing up the front of his car and ending his rank with 31 perhaps to go--31 laps and then he ended his and with just eight teen laps to go down the kirkpatrick gets clipped but he makes his move right in between two cars battles right down into the finish line and just nose is about--noses it out wins by just 4 in. >>:it was such a huge team
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victory we were getting sick of losing--sick of winning and use side racist and said let's win the big one--winning these side races, and said >> j.r. :a huge slam puts them up by 14 they win 80 to 62 the fourth day of the northern trust open in los angeles with
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the shot of the day that is a hole in one on the 16th hole but the 18th hole he's going to put it in and takes >> vicki : no more science it's all about the empirical evidence >> brian :here are the numbers from february 1998 and check out this month which is not exactly the same you can have a strong el nino and it does not necessarily translate into rate --into rain
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