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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 22, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> reporter: the body of 22 road missing san jose woman has been fanned. we'll have that story coming out. >> reporter: and newberg driver goes on a deadly shooting rampage. >> james: we'll have the full forecaster ahead. >> robin: i too hot spots along the creek. could change code
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>> james: we're looking at some cold temperatures but will warm up later than. they will warm up later. it looks great right now . you will need jacket today because it is a local brand. it picklock we will still be in the 40's. by noontime things a great will be met up to 60. by 3:00 we looking at upper 60s mid-70's in some places. we'll bring debt down into the zone call broadcast. >> robin: there is back up on south 68242. is the crash of and
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telling about for well over an hour. it is taking very long to get it cleared out. it is causing a nasty back up. there's celtics' 6820% is awful it is through concord and back onto highway 4. it will affect you going in to the venetian bridge . it is an awful right for south about 680. >> robin: the second hot spot is the north bay. here is completely closed a big rig lost control of its trailer. it's causing a nasty back up coming out of a waco. the goalie back from the 80 split. >> mark: rossi 518 westbound
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expressly is opening up to date . for the first-time drivers to pay the fast track pay. carpel's bosses and vents can go through a free but you do need attack for. >> darya: cedras police are looking for the person shot and killed a man at a busy adults restaurant right across from a police station. it happened in broad daylight at 3:00 yesterday at golden gate avenue . you conceivable holes in the sidecar. the victim to get out of our and then fell sidewalk and later died the hospital. the shooter simply walked up to the car and opened fire and then took off in a car. when this
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>> reporter: it was very brazen there was a lot of traffic of both cars and people. >> darya: history amazing that happened right in front of everybody. they're reviewing security cameras to see what happened. they're not sure it was a target or random shooting. >> darya: investigators have found the body of the missing asset as a woman. she was last seen more than a week ago. police are looking for the suspect. rep >> reporter: that draw this afternoon we are expecting a press conference or the officials will discuss the
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investigation. the body was that on saturday. the body was missing for about a week. she was last seen at a party on february 30th announcing last bleeding slightly before midnight. and on friday they had turned the missing person investigation to a homicide investigation as we found out. it was all leaf yesterday that the and have said they had found her body. since and the and early release much as for the information goes. the police said the homicide investigation . the alameda corridor is office will conduct the autopsy. the
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press coverage schedule for 2:00. >> mark: you could watch the live sure the press coverage on our website. >> darya: we're finding more but the sprayed shut shooting spree in michigan. the alleged shooter is due in court today facing murder charges. please to not know the model was. >> reporter: prosecutor described col matter in which the mover driver what about shooting people. dullness rampage closer the case of seven hours. they say first of all cheap he got the win them apart to what. the neighbors describe
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the horrifying attacks. another father and son were killed at the car dealership. >> anny: also in another instance he killed four and injured another. >> reporter: witnesses said to tell about what his disturbed behavior was. >> reporter: the driver actually picked up passengers and drop the boston between shootings. >> darya: builder released a statement that there had been working for him. hoover said they will help the investigating the with the can.
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>> mark: also 20 people are dead because or hurricane. this morning workers are starting to assess the damages of a hurricane in fiji. it was the most powerful storm ever to hit the southern hemisphere. it went under and 85 mi. per hour winds. this morning people are working to build shelters for people affected by the start. >> mark: trevor say things to change following the car crashes and those that. the set was killed in a crash. this is the city's eight daily car crash justiciar. neighbors say this comes and goes back surprise they have seen quite a few accidents from syria.
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>> reporter: is caused by people speeding going at a controlled. >>: i think people should also or go down that road. the mark >> darya: the plan for multi band high-speed roller project changing. the above data the plants. bill includes and was a in the face. platters of decided they're going to its having passenger service between the will start from san jose to bakersfield is a descendant. rep >> reporter: >> darya: the ic rebel, a few years later that it will push
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back the passenger service. you have to wait till 2025 ws and train. light from los angeles at 2 san francisco will cost $64 billion. >> mark: dollar drop is asking whether stock market really is eligible for the president run. he stirs up the controversy last saturday. he is asked if cruiser rubio are eligible. >> reporter: there is the pattern that plays a he say something and a.g. and other righteous and nobody can get it to the issues. it's not going to
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work to be more. i was then all my time talk about what this campaign will be a. >> mark: apple as a decision not to help the fbi takagi-. we'll have the response that came from apple. can secure a woman ec your door or action to reverse. the state prison system is making an sec. here's a live look at the bay bridge. the sun is coming out.
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>> darya: we're looking at whether. but >> james: p. at temperatures that are more like may even though we're in the end of february. >> darya: is very warm. but >> james: people delaware in
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shorts and t-shirts today. here at the spate of life you. he did his son john coming down. generally this a few high clouds out there that set. but soon and unsealed were having for term for correct conditions. the tender is coming from the north that for the warmer temperature coming from. it will keep us on the unseasonably warm side. right now you needed jacket right now to the low 40's. we ended for recent san jose. by this afternoon will at 30 degrees to the tempter in some cases. in some places they have
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mid-70s. mac in the low seventies here also. it's a little warmer in castro valley. we could see 74 degrees here in fremont also. it will be warmer in the south bay to. it will be away for the and when east valley also. tomorrow will continue to warm temperatures. >> james: the sunny skies will stay with us throughout the week. the nets shot rang we'll talk about when i come back. >> robin: i stopped off spot. there is a little news that
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while the creek it's up to the shoulders down. this crash was blocking for about an hour-and- a-half. it was awful for the commuter for those who are stuck in the back. it is back of the 242 on the venetian bridge and also the concord. instead all around here. the drive * 38 maps from concord to danville. the north bay as another hot spot at 37 west sears point. the good news is a tow truck as arrived the westbound lanes are open. it stretches auletta wilson it affects those coming at a vallejo is offering. >> robin: and the limits of 30 medics no major problems there.
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when the bay bridge is not improved is dreadful days the 23 minutes from san francisco to oakland. 23 minutes from 8211. >> darya: be a supreme court is back in session for the first time since the death of justice scalia. the argument should be getting on. justice roberts did mention the passing of the judge. the president is looking into replacing him at the republicans are wanting the next president to do that. >> mark: resident fellow the
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creek apartment complex or complain about melinda mildew. corp. >> reporter: here at the complex concord. this man of lotus 3 date old son been playroom. movies as cost an extra thousand dollars by the same house in walnut creek was making an sec. >>: i've never been sick like this. >> reporter: the league has grown since last visit here. i was assured that the repairmen would fix it. that say the roof
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was repaired but the units were not. this lady says that the new construction has not always stop the rain. she's tried mixing works in our home of nine years . >> reporter: is better enforce the way the time and how everything as and have things to take care of. >> reporter: she recently led three contractors aren't for the damage. i would want to live in a a part were shredding nor do. dispenses he is tired of
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waiting. while money is tight with the move it's worth it to be a breeze it will more easily . >> darya: we have breaking news about apple. apple says they are not breaking down. they will not open the phone for this saturday a massacre. they dismissed the the government's claim that apple is not cooperating with police. the fbi says that apple owes it to the victim to build a get all the information now i phone so the investigation can continue. the experts say this
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case will be appealed to all the way to the supreme court. >> mark: isis is to explain and claiming responsibility for two attacks. in damascus 83 people were killed. in holmes 36 for killed and hundreds injured. it is it consisted of car bombs and suicide bombs. bill cosby's wife is scheduled to get this position in court. the women have sued bill cosby for defamation when they said he was a liar she said when he said sheet and liars. because he denies any wrongdoing he forced
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. >> darya: there's one thing or cover from the fire that you to read their. this jeep besides wide by another car and was pushed down the hill and around the pole and then a person the flames. they really get that out to help the driver was trapped inside. >> darya: there really get him out of the burning car. the site of many to tears. this was the one thing that made it through the fire it was the bible. the
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one thing that did not burn it was that. >> mark: this man was accused of exposing itself to these girls. right after the break but cal fans are celebrating fares poorly days off anniversary 30 it's been 30 years. there is lot of sunshine we're looking for a rise of the 71. have more from asian when kron 4 continues.
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>> mark: here's a look temperatures in the bay area it is sunny with a look below cold in the mid '40's. was more the forecasts about the weather that is coming. >> darya: this phase out six years old. she is weighted to seek an african american and the white house and she wants to
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purslane meet the obama. she wants state social media campaign that she was able to beat the president and his wife . she's dancing and waving it came. they were very impressed with how spry persius. the mark >> mark: >> reporter: and awarded try never heard of the movie the big short one this because it was an adaptation to the written word. the magician given to lawyers a slave and fargo all won awards
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at the all won the oscar. and watson is taking a year off from acting. she will work on turkey for chic to pay which is for gender equality and personal development. it's been 30 years since fares dealers say off so great for fares fast in chicago where the film takes place. bill and occlude a tour filming locations and also the parade that happened on the. the the >> mark: is a great movie and hold that still. but gen but
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>> james: we're looking widespread 70 throughout the day mid-70s some places. i will have the full forecast coming up in about a minute. trans trend >> reporter: we will show also about the shooting happened close to the police station at the mcdonald's will have a live look when we come back.
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quarter >> darya: will look at whether
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traffic today house going? >> robin: traffic is off today . fortunately it is getting better. gauguin's contains games, >> james: we're going have sunny weather this week in the mid-70s with but we're not. we will see very dry weather. the sourcing live right now. we have relatively clear skies that there. it will be nice and we'll see some sign of all this afternoon. temperatures will be the '70s and most locations. we have nice weather and leister
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thursday where temperatures will steadily climbed will submit the upper '70's by thursday. we do not have any real chance of rain will be tried all week long. >> james: is a 1 per computer model that is predicting that might have strained the rest are distinct dry weather. >> robin: we have to really bad spots here. the crashes that cleared traffic is still pretty tough uphill. this is the first half but 24 split it took an hour after clear. it took a very long tied to the tow truck out there. at 680 is backed up it is backed up all the way to the venetian bridge toll plaza. westport cry of pittsburgh. this
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30 mess from concord to danville because the crash. the second spot is was 347 is out of the 20 minutes. diesel lost its trailer. it is it that you beetle leading edge of illegal. at the richmond center fell to a plaza is lesser 50 minutes for the trip. >> darya: police looking for a gunman shot and killed a man at a business in dallas restaurant that was right across from a police station. they have will there reporting on this. >> tran: is amazing that got away. there are surveillance
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cameras everywhere at the police station at mcdonald's. the victims' rights at a mcdonald's and because of traffic they are not able to even move with the issue cannot. this all took place on sunday. it was a very busy time people walking into the restaurant. customers were inside they said the man came to the car looks through the passenger window fired five or six shots and the driver was. the passenger sales up and later died. after firing a shot the shooter walked away and got into
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another car and was driven off. >> tran: they're always cars moving. people are fearful because right across the street it was right for the police station and the word dozens of police officers. they heard the shots to buy than suspect was long gone. there's the surveillance camera on the upside yet to leave it there using that to see what happened. even though it looks like it was so malicious it could and targeted but they're not sure of those targeted or random. they do have a motive so far. >> mark: this person is
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suffering critical news that to this car crashed into a building in fillet health. the lake of fire department came up patent that took the victim to the hospital with helicopter. the condition of the other victim is an. >> mark: this police say this man exposed himself to gross. he walked into a business in mission creek park avenue expose itself to girls. they then ran out of a corridor the gross said. the man has long black hair that's how scrapped. >> darya: to men or suffering from stab wounds again attacked . anthony to follow was arrested
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and booked. a bay area billionaire once $30 million for access to a public beach. they close the roadway to more and spain they wanted to reopen it. he wants the state a coven the state to pay him to make it so that they can have access. he owns the stretch. there's no word on when that will reopen. he bought for $32.5 million at year's later close access to property at the beach. >> mark: news on the senate victims' lawsuits on the gunmakers. this added to the 2012 shooting. nine people are
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suing the the the company. they are challenging a law that basically projects gunmaker's from people who go on shootings from having liability. the mark >> mark: about 40 friends and family heirs attended the funeral service. she passed away and sit on friday. both francis is speaking out against capital punishment. you like that ever ready to suspend the practice for year to start the year of mercy. he also look into the
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possibility of redemption for offenders. >> darya: coming at will talk about what's going on with the warriors. also talk about why some players will go clean shaven the city. the mark >> mark: we will look into the type of benefits a summit to get from a cup coffee. we'll also have information that weather and traffic and we come back.
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>> robin: i am tracking hotspots. if that's a promise with traffic. there was a crash is 680 at 24 and won a great. it is backed up on 2242. it is backed up to concord also. the average ragtime right now is 40 minutes in this area is all because the early crash. this area is also awful. it's backed up in vallejo what apple there was a big rig trailer without a control and they've been trying to fix that also. look here this
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is sexy normal. this opec. >> darya: the news about coffee . drinking coffee can cut your chances of a type of liver disease. this according to medical journal the reviewed in nine separate studies on the effects of coffee. they say that it can prevent your chances of developing a alcohol-related cirrhosis. budget experts say you cannot alloway heavy drinking with teddy coffee drinking. >> james: here's a look of the
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alger report. the scales from 01010 been really bad. we will be and dumped medium height range for pollens. animated by an ad at by the and the week. the lab the world according to after this next
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put our >> darya: that the warriors win today they'll get to 50 wins and of the quickest and history. look what happened over the weekend you when you lose sometimes. >> radnich: they lost by 32
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points. they had one of those nights. doria >> darya: we look to the differences amicably was that close against the clippers. that >> radnich: i look to the game also knows a three-point game against the clippers. it happened very fast. doria >> darya: here it cannot give that many points up an 1/4 like they did.
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>> radnich: item of their board . that had a season of just such excellence that they love a glitch here and there. >> darya: date signed a big man and that should help. >> radnich: they signed their shall and he should help out. once upon a time he and the bronze age for like good buddies is a big guy that should help out. >> darya: will talk about baseball today is the day when all players report. the giants have reported. we got elected at
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them. he cut his hair. i was tired of you is a fully with that is what he said. ochi that is out labrum prepared and he can do anything. bush u.s. for the surgery. i myself left.
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>> radnich: alan ludden this happens that she did not have the surgery? >> darya: it happened about two years ago i still feel a little pain. you always feel at. >> radnich: i talked to him five times a year and a more interested in new. you got a pain in the day correct? but eric
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>> darya: a month can have any type of hairdo that what they discount have facial hair. don mattingly has made that the rule. he had 14 years nld in the and the moustache. he said would never cut his hair before. redneck >> radnich: i remember he had a mustache. >> darya: it is in tampa birkenau for baseball players. this has slimmed down this for some system like that for a
7:51 am
while. >> radnich: is the first time he did not have a official parking spot. barry bonds and mattingly are the most famous guys on the scene. it's what he does all fully just let people know they love the game and still put in an holophane. >> darya: here hit see the picture of possible sandoval the action looks bigger in reporting to camp that he did last year. >> radnich: a hard time talking
7:52 am
about another rise white. >> darya: he said that didn't tell them to lose weight and that he does want supply well. >> radnich: he's been warned five times every year some leaves warn bows wait. doria >> darya: 20 am 11 the daytona. his mother posted that he had put down that he wished to be daytona winner. that was the danny had one. he won by 107
7:53 am
second it was the closest ever. it is a good story. he dreamed of being in nascar driver and his dream came true. world and vilification saucy tamara
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>> mark: this is a picture of a giant head back in the drug as its. he's one of the two giant pandas in the toronto zoo.
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there is a single bill competition involving a softball tournament. there would at the ball and then get on this bill will and drive. there's a place to play doesn't look like somebody would really block the plate. >> darya: we are going to talk about how all commuters in the spaking use the lanes as. there's also a story of the body of the missing san jose woman
7:58 am
was found we'll talk about that .
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>>james: tech here is a look at the department forecast as we get the kids ready for school we're in the endicott our they're beginning out the door the next five minutes it is chilly but a lot of forces around the bay bridge for the kids are the jacket. >>robin winston: first the bay
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bridge ride into san francisco and is packed at the toll plaza would get to that but average drive time not too bad 27 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco south six a. this is the challenge and to that early hot spot for 1 minutes for saab 680 in conference in san ramon coming out more and hill is a sham off and on and to downtown san jose santa clara sunnyvale looking at a 53 minute trip for more than hill to sunnyvale.
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>>mark: they can choose to pay a fee with the fast track up to $13 the west about rigging or test with the extra lines part will buses and vans and light the express lane happening right now san francisco police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man at a busy mcdonald's restaurant right across small police station. >>darya: across from the police station look at the bullet holes five shots were fired the victim who got out of the car and fell onto the sidewalk all the cars are lined up in the drive from the shoulder gets out of another car again
8:04 am
unfortunately the sure that the way officers right now are reviewing a surveillance cameras including the on-camera it is pretty much a in the industry in from of mcdonald's. >>mark: they're still looking for a suspect. >>jackie sissel: we're here at the police department hey were redrawn this afternoon there was one to be a press conference she was missing for more than a week of her body was found over the weekend fuelled the picture goes i tree or resident of san jose
8:05 am
and they were turning in from the missing person into a homicide investigation with no details as only yesterday that actually released at the have found her body on saturday afternoon the did not give many details about the condition of the biting or where it was found but they do say that is a homicide investigation the alameda county coroner's office will conduct the autopsy and it will not have a press conference a letter on today 2:00 this afternoon were hoping to hear new details about the murder where she was found and potential suspects harvest it will continue to cover this story throughout the day.
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>>darya: drivers in one community say things need to change after another deadly car crash this is san jose's eighth that the car press. >>mark: he killed six people and kalamazoo michigan is making his
8:07 am
first court appearance back to the carrying out the shooting of three different locations of the course of seven hours on saturday then more than four hours later police say there was another attack at a car dealership of father and his 17 year-old son and killed the and just minutes later police opened fire at a cracker barrel. >>: he had a telephone call and after the toll from cholera and started driving really radically he was arrested.
8:08 am
>>mark: past the background check this and he will help with the investigation in any way they can still ahead there's breaking news from apple that opened fire killing people in california a local billionaire once you to pay if you want access to this public beach see his demands and a group of singers rally behind one of their all after the break will to how she is up a single session was raped by her manager loss of sunshine and traffic we do have hot spots and the weather and traffic will be
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back with more.
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>>robin winston: it is not a bad ride in the best in 25 minutes total from him out to saddam tel no hot spot right now >>darya: cashen has gained another major supporter and a
8:12 am
legal fight against her producer tell us what spoke to her sense she donated $250,000 to hire to help with any financial need she lost a court fight with her producer she claims that the producer drug and repair our new york judge refused to release her from her contract stars like demi and are riyadh has spoken out and support of our but she's doing more get her to the $50,000 >>james: a lot of discomfort the trend is we had closer to the high-technology category by the end of the week with sure you have those matters on hand ready for the kids.
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>>james: with delicate and low
8:16 am
60s by to the afternoon >>james: the winds also come from the market direction that we pretty key we will explain that what we have right now live look are all in the creek we have a lot of four is right now they would need to be bundled up
8:17 am
before they head out to school you can see mostly green showing 60 for lunch how we have a few pockets of 70 degree weather come into play by 3:00 with the peak temperature widespread subsidies. >>james: i will explain that coming up in the 7 day around the bay forecast.
8:18 am
>>robin winston: if you have that into san francisco this morning the slow traffic charges into the maze right at the foot of the mayor's looking better in the carpool lane. mostly heavy from the bottle into law firm that is the commuter traffic from 37 lead into blocks for of after locks for the rest of the track from that point in the balance oscillator clock is right up to the golden gate 40 minutes for high with 37 to the toll plaza on the san francisco side and is
8:19 am
listed 15 in the total for the to get out to 101 track in the commune 580 west with a tongue about the new express lane from greenbelt to the dublin and to change >>robin winston: the optima and tracy stand out quickly west of the express lanes looking pretty good no major problems coming out of the more to dublin 19 minutes that the total from bosco to the dublin into change that is not a bad ride at all 51 minutes for 11 or to south san jose no problem for 280 pack as usual to to 3 minutes from san jose to cupertino. >>mark: they're trying to spot and assess the damage they're
8:20 am
heading fiji on saturday night was the most powerful storm ever to hit the southern hemisphere. >>darya: the same things need to change after now another deadly car crash in san jose and two people were killed saturday night in this crash on camden avenue near hicks road a car lost control and hit another vehicle and on san jose at the did the car crash of the year and neighbors say it is no surprise because they feel that that area had a lot accidence
8:21 am
police denied the drug blocked all appear to be a factor in the most recent crash >>mark: bill cosby's wife will give a deposition in a lawsuit against her husband the attorneys are still fighting to stop and but despite the deposition is expected to go ahead in springfield mass. they claim to the trigger mudslides after they publicly accused him of raping them 50 will have double rape allegations against him he is sincere or criminal charges of sexual assault and pennsylvania the first arguments are getting underway in about an hour they're expected to mention the passing from the bench he died last week of visiting remote texas ranch he was 79 president obama about to the supreme court nominee to fill
8:22 am
the vacancy will republicans believed it should be the job for the next president howe is 106 year-old woman got to the president and the adorable video tests
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>>: this is the pattern in the game that he plays he says something and in our courageous we're going to spend zero times on his interpretation with regard to eligibility america to spend our time to come up this campaign in which to be about the is a u.s. citizen and was born in miami.
8:26 am
>>darya: the president obama is cutting it up with a new friend her name is virginia maclaurin and she is a hundred and six years old she says she is weighted offer live to see an african-american and white house and she went to meet president obama the white house opposed the bill last night is already busy more than 50 million times
8:27 am
>>james: looking down of the bailout to sunshine out there where i want to see not only sunshine but warm temperatures especially in the last.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>james: sunshine and a lean young adding to the snowpack is
8:30 am
benefit from the summer now in the immediate future and not so much in the way of land around the bend blue sky that is what you will enjoy in the could be looking at mid to upper '70's as to the rain no real chance to the rain in the future in this to the rest of this work week. >>james: if you're going to put money on it is going to be dry but there is a fraction of the changes could searing drought with the system that is approaching this could over to the traffic center.
8:31 am
>>robin winston: 92 of the vessel and go come out of heywood into the peninsula this is the ride on the san mateo branch knowledge problems right now for was about 92 or 880 or 101 is just packed about 25 minutes trip of just under 25 minutes from 880 in hayward out to 11 san mateo we're tracking drive times take a look at 580 west the usual jam of from san leandro and to downtown oakland 32 minutes total from castro valley and the major problem for the nimitz and the north and a stop and go. >>darya: someone shoots and kills a person at a busy drive- through at mcdonald's across
8:32 am
from the police station in san francisco and gets away with >>will tran: unfortunately not surprising weakness of to a young man he says will cost him off guard that has some saying we cannot believe that the shots to place right and from this mcdonald's broad daylight with so many people possibly around 250 on sunday afternoon there was a police station right across the street nonetheless to sure comes up to the car how often do you give investigators use the words sitting ducks that is exactly the case. >>will tran: they do not have a
8:33 am
motive but the shooter ran down the street hopped into a vehicle and took off their does the police officers at any given time they heard the shots and they ran out of by then the suspect was long gone to have surveillance cameras on the outside of they're still looking through that footage and look at these restaurants they face macdonald there possibly many witnesses for the investigators to speak to at this point don't know of the shooting was random or targeted this said they're not backing down the fbi's the man to have the tool for use by a shoulder and a san bernardino attack in
8:34 am
all my post apple seal to cook dismisses the government's claims the company is acting out of business interest is is a magistrate's order will create a back door to be cryptic phone late last night there were told to victims and the california shooting to get all the information out of the phone to the investigation to continue the phone was used by said who killed 14 people in december this is the case will probably be filled with u.s. supreme court. >>darya: this man exposed himself to teenage girls and happened on saturday about 430 in the afternoon he walked into a business there mission street and park avenue and expose themselves to three teenage girls who ran out of the store in addition to sing the final described as the early 20 shoulder line to block their and light-colored tips on the air.
8:35 am
>>darya: the recall to sow the white road and east san jose about noon yesterday a bay area billionaire once money to access his beached $30 million to be exact. and he closed the road to martin beach in half moon bay and people there want it reopened the he was a state of california to pay him for public access to the open have been trying to work with the billionaire since earlier this month and purchasing a public right away there was no word on when the access might be granted he bought the property in 2008 for $32.5 million at that had.
8:36 am
>>reporter: we want to thank the laborers and the sock runners when you look at the national poll with hillary clinton and senator bernard sanders this suggests after the close margent it can be standards over the next front runner to the lead nationally with hundred and 39 calls the state contest decided
8:37 am
political insider and democratic parties pledged to support it does matter. >>stanley roberts: i am going to take it to church church street in san francisco where dogs watching humans in the red truck plants have separate rules for different people i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>darya: if you're still not a cult of coffee drinking coffee could cut your chance of
8:41 am
developing the type of liver disease in reviewed and nine separate studies on the effects of coffee is a 2 c. a day could cut your chance of developing all related psorosis by 44 percent did serious deliver by blocking blood cells to cups help in moderation. >>mark: with over 5 in. and the seven and test pilot have engines of compared to the iphone in this come have a bigger the from fitch is a reality headset to gear which the 360 camera.
8:42 am
>>robin winston: no major problems out there but a lot of stop and go traffic you concede it is often on is on to be from castro the time now as it for it to stay with us.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>james: would get the rain eventually at some point some how someone not in the mirror future we have springlike weather that will happen ride around 3:00 or so by noontime we are ready in the mid to upper 60s across the san mateo bridge
8:46 am
nice and shiny blue skies about everywhere we're still in the 44 a lot of communities we are starting to see more and more eventually temperatures will look like this in the south by. >>james: it shows a lot of 75 and 76¢ amid savage for the south bank 07 is for just about anywhere and everywhere else.
8:47 am
>>robin winston: looking a little bit better the bay bridge toll plaza the last time we checked and the drive times it decreases now 23 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco if you're heading and you would deal with that slowing from the maze was 84 not that is offered on from the toll plaza if that is the ride is often on
8:48 am
slowing of the lafayette your brand is much better on the open side the west to the caldecott 23 minutes from the 682 to four split the net to also have so traffic during the morning commute no exception to that is packed southbound to 38 all the way out to mention is afforded to minute ride from to 38 to 237 a lot of stop and go track the overall is not considered a bad ride. >>stanley roberts: you will find dogs walking their human this tiny little bus is apparently
8:49 am
this driver has been in the wrong line in both directions there no left hand from 7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday through friday not many people around in a carriage to follow the signs we found out according to the nt and is not apply to city issued vehicles which is interesting is what are the fine
8:50 am
people using the transit lines there were no buses and taxis you cannot cross over the double yellow line to do that the transatlantic of their to speed up public transportation. >>darya: mountain mine found in the santa cruz back yard is after the turn to the while there were able to tranquilize it in safe to return to the wild.
8:51 am
>>darya: 9 families and a schoolteacher who survived the massacre are sowing the bushmaster the company in a mixed ar-15 rifle that was used in the attack is the most recent test of the 2005 federal law the with designed to protect and shield the makers since the passage of that nearly every lawsuit against the makers have been dismissed >>mark: the private sphere was held a home town on saturday about 40 family members and close friends attended the funeral service the casket was taken by the cemetery she passed away in her sleep on friday she was 89 years old pope francis is
8:52 am
speaking out against her or punishment he spoke of the to death penalty proposing they suspend the practice for the year to market all year immersing in his speech to underline the possibility of redemption for offenders and " to criminal-justice open to the hope of reintegration >>darya: according to a new study produced by big-name hollywood company all white washed their done by usc's school of communication researchers looked at 414 films and series done by a big studio they found all the companies failed when it came to gender race and ethnicity and quality in front of the camera and found only a third of the speaking
8:53 am
characters were female and all the 2 to 8 percent were minorities shema i'm the chairman of the was less diversity 87% was all white men and 50 percent were female and two directors were black women. >>mark: the doubles in need of the big man he was with the cleveland cavaliers before
8:54 am
giants team report for strength training the first full workout is set for tomorrow. >>mark: to in our eyes on wall street we have arise in oil prices by 6% 203 16,00595.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>darya: and you have to see him come out again his name is the
8:57 am
mall and one of two panels at the toronto >>mark: did pull up the box office you concede this apparel brought an estimated 55 million is attended domestic total to one the 35 million he finished in second for the straight week and the drummer risen bird with 11.8 million what of the express lanes of interstate 580 we will have more on that and driver is having an easy drive the body of
8:58 am
the missing san jose woman is found will say when investigators are saying about how she died.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: the deletion can have beautiful weather and we have on tap for today and again the live shot from the bay bridge approach is been: 4 is on the
9:01 am
table by noon time they should have a much better experience until sunshine for lunch and 3:00 we headed back it will be beautiful or sixties to low 70's. >>robin winston: no major hot spots right now or lead to problems we have to do with commit traffic started to pick up on 92 the san mateo branch is on the right-hand side of the screen earlier drive times just under 30 minutes and continue to decrease we just updated it is 21 minutes from 880 out of 01 very nice improvement.
9:02 am
>>mark: the lines on the eastbound side friday. >>darya: happening right now we have been no said happened in san francisco of gunmen shot and killed a man outside a busy mcdonald's restaurant across from a police station.
9:03 am
>>will tran: 1 woman who did not want to go on, she said you noticed the police station does not scare anyone in this that room they're always people and customers inside this happen outside of the mcdonald's offered the here and use the word sitting ducks that is exactly the case yesterday when a car was out side could not move because of the traffic investigators say commend him to the passionate window looked right through their fired 56 shots into the window and is the
9:04 am
passenger miraculously the driver was not hurt the passengers on the outside of the car his name not being released we do not have the identity and they're looking at surveillance cameras and the sea one across the street mounted on the police department they ran out and they heard the gunfire. >>mark: investigators have found
9:05 am
the body of a missing woman she was last seen at a party in hey were more than a week ago provided with discovered over the weekend and police are still looking for a suspect >>jackie sissel: their hold a press conference to discuss the details of the murder of 22 year-old stacy whose body was found over the weekend after she was reported missing for almost a week and was a picture of charcoal is a san jose resident but she was last seen february 13th leaving a house party here in hayward for the entire with class which you did a missing person they had discovered her
9:06 am
body on saturday there san the alameda county coroner's office will conduct the autopsy they're not giving away minute details about the case led now they are holding a press conference today. >>darya: in the area news the drivers and one south of the neighborhood and had another vehicle had on this is the city's into deadly car crash of the year and people who live
9:07 am
around here said it is no surprise police say jules or alcohol do not appear to have a factor. >>mark: the man accused of going on should spring killing six people and come to michigan is making his first court appearance he's carried out the shooting of three locations of seven hours on saturday the shooting spree started at an apartment complex he shot the woman several times in the parking lot more than four hours later they said another attack that killed cardiganshire a father and a 17 year-old son were shopping for a car were shot and killed minutes later they said they opened fire and the cracker barrel restaurant
9:08 am
parking lot killing four women and injuring of 40 or oral. >>: kick and a mile from my house he started driving really radically police say he picked up and drop off passengers in between the shootings the 45 year-old man passed the background check that say you will help with the investigation anyway they can.
9:09 am
>>darya: 106 your women dancing and having a good time with the president obama how she got to the white house.
9:10 am
>>robin winston: it is starting to pick up a little bit of the bay bridge toll plaza on your average track turned 23 minutes from the maze into downtown >>darya: she is a hundred and
9:11 am
six years old and dancing she said she with her whole life to san african-american in the white house and she was going to meet him and beat them she did with her on the campaign she took to the internet and started a petition she went to social media she even cut a video same why should meet the president obama and paid off >>james: moms and dads listen of his theology report last this focus on companies that still goes up to 12 and clashing tan by fighting make sure you have that medication.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: it is still crowded here on the san mateo bridge if you're heading of you don't have to sit in the-so, all with the castro through the toll plaza where tracking drive times early this morning the 5:00 hour we had a crash and walnut creek and never fully recovered until south 680 living, as walnut creek.,
9:15 am
>>james: this is the walnut creek, looking at 680 and away from you that the southbound sticky along into the san ramon valley it looks great this the same were sent duplicate it and just about every community around the bank a lot of sunshine and temperatures that on the increase here is what looks like from very high level
9:16 am
clouds token that out of course of the fact we have nice when come in from the north and bring in the warm air from the inland valleys with other can afford it in places like little more but more and more communities in the low fifties hired 5455 and opened 51 in san francisco 54 and san jose and low '70's east bay shoreline 73 and opus 72 in
9:17 am
hayward it on the peninsula coastline will be in the low seventies today of all wrong with doing a great job with temperature steadily increasing as we head deeper. into the deeper >>james: or in the mid to upper 70's and then at the very end of the week we have a slight chance of a raindrop or to. >>rob black: we're starting to get predictions after the iea the international energy is set 2016 and 2017 will see a reduction from the united
9:18 am
states extended thousand barrels a day in to 1000 next year and last week combining all of this production starts to slow in the united states for the next couple of years it will pick that up with a press pick back up this is encouraging. >>rob black: and times he stopped star and 200 and is delicious warrant statistics but when the revenue starts to slow you have to have a market
9:19 am
this year to date amazon down in 20% if your afire i you might find the value rationed it matters all the sudden and 2016 do not have to hide but unless the names like facebook some of the sick and their places is really hard. >>rob black: this is even
9:20 am
better you and pay inside of your the such as the marble or they're released an application and showing one is the best way of saying it would work with the dashboard and a credit card will be in sight of the car was parked at the pump with the grout you're telling there's thing relevant this is the company even if you're parking with your car vs. getting out and looking at meter you forgot is that my time your there and pay for
9:21 am
>>rob black: is things in your life like getting married buying a home are having kids the child will get a very big lump-sum if
9:22 am
you have a question posed on our page 2 with answers here we will be right back.
9:23 am
at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh
9:24 am
seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. >>mark: he was the first used in making california. >>reporter: they went on to win
9:25 am
the oscar the british actress and good will ambassador session is taking a year away from acting in an interview published and pepper magazine she was then that time working on her campaign for gender equality and what she calls personal development including reading in this one book a week. >>reporter: it's been 30 years since there is use the off.
9:26 am
>>mark: 10 a swift spokesperson said they don't need a core of a million dollars to help with any financial problems she lost a court fight who claim the drug in return they refuse to release her from her contract. >>darya: apple is not backing down with the decision not to help the fbi acted to a terrorist phone would tell you why she does not want to do with the local billionaire wanted to have to pay to get access to a public beach would tell you his demands a live look at the deserted in beautiful golden gate bridge.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>robin winston: no hot spots we will update the bridges. >>james: there is the airport right there and we should say temperatures warming is it for the middle of the week not
9:30 am
really much to bring to talk about there is a slight chance we should see friday and saturday keep an eye when our to the pacific it will break apart but there is one that will see some ran out of all track that for you and let it know. >>robin winston: we're track in the ride to downtown san francisco hot earlier it is at the foot of the man to drive times a decrease 21 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco to about broadway in
9:31 am
downtown oakland image hot spots for 35 minutes that is the total to 38 to 980 in downtown oakland. >>mark: the east bay with the expressway and running on this monday came here in the east bay and that is 580 the traffic is moving fairly well. >>terisa estacio: some cars have moved over into using the new express lanes on the five a corridor official said the research shows that those commuters pay in use the fast- track to access these new express lanes fast-track flexed
9:32 am
devices officials say these express lanes are just some of minute to come to rock the entire bay area here along 580. >>darya: breaking news this morning apple is not backing down he dismissed the government's claim that the company's acting out of business ventures he said the magistrate's order with answers to create a back door to the cryptic phone with apple argues as unlawful and with the dangers precedent the director said the last nine apple goes to the victims of the california
9:33 am
shooting to get all the information out of the phone to the investigation can continue it was used to buy for recall you should and killed 14 people it will be appealed all. >>mark: and is one national poll showed and a tighter race and before. >>reporter: they suggest that the use and the battle by a close margin in the sanders to the didnt front runner with the
9:34 am
endorsement of several high profile and democrats to campaign is betting big on the primary in the palm of state to state which would once again redefined the race. >>darya: donald trump is not asking whether senator marker rubio is even eligible to run for president he says is just
9:35 am
the way for him to get more media attention. >>: the megaflops. >>darya: he is a u.s. citizen born in miami and he is eligible to run for president. >>mark: one person and then another suffered from critical injuries after a car slammed into a building and the level the crash happened in sacramento st. the helicopter was called when the transport of
9:36 am
victims the others a condition was unknown this morning to expose themselves to teenage girls this happen on saturday about 430 in the afternoon in addition to looking at the full of them looking for this man described to bid his early 20s and showed lange black hair with light-colored tips a man is until this one accused of stabbing to men when the bad police recalled to stop by road and a born road in east san jose about noon yesterday. >>darya: they found two victims suffered from sap stab wounds one died on the way to the hospital he was arrested and booked into county jail.
9:37 am
>>mark: people asking if he will be open however you want to state of california to pay him in exchange for public access he bought the property in 2008 for 32 and half million dollars and two years later closed access for its property to samsung shall not a new galaxy as seven after break we will show you the phone and features and what you can get for free if you buy one now.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>mark: you could put on the headset and look forward they're available march 11th decree or to start tomorrow they did announce the deal that if you by the from the town to grow they will give you a free bottle with a virtual reality headsets
9:41 am
>>darya: and is set the most common cause of that condition they say however coffee it and never drink enough coffee to outweigh the negative effects of excessive drinking is not too bad out a little sluggish from
9:42 am
the western drive through the toll plaza that is about and lasted 15 minutes to or from the pick it out 11 stay with host the nose or return after the break.
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9:45 am
>>reporter: we're looking into or really bizarre case from the fbi agents looking into this this is one of the strangers that half calls the backed a little more than a year of dating he and his bride basically had to church and the change about did everything they said they would be to get until death do them part now little did they know they will part so quickly just eight days after the wedding he would mysteriously vanished this was very bizarre because some of the
9:46 am
things the taken place at the wedding service the debt said that at the wedding celebration itself it would be an eerie foreshadowing the door them playing a song which a record on a voice which was almost to say the very least should give some completely different store to investigators about what had happened this is very much treated as a missing persons case it would end up on a hiking trail and the national park in the rocky mountain. >>reporter: this is a strange case you will see it at 3:00 today and also we're looking into the explosion of popularity of these door bell canada will to live strained the cameras to people who might get were keeping an eye on the front door this has really led to home
9:47 am
owners fighting back and lead to arrest for people would been wanted for burglary is a really great story about this new technology and how does a couple of stories. >>james: wanted to use some numbers that may just be job dropping the month of february during 98 you consider the total pretty impressive were the 14 in oakland out of santa rosa, 2 in. of rainfall to the look at this
9:48 am
is not all that impressive for february will on the what we like we will avoid a strong element of to get the point of ride in recent months between now and the end of the season here is what we're seeing four to date instead of the rain we have beautiful weather confident our forecast of the temperatures that in the low fifties right now steadily warm until we get to the low seventies. >>james: the live the outside is come into san francisco great looking shot, on the water and clear in the sky this is
9:49 am
widespread low seven for places like oakland 73 and 72 of pleasanton and the sow that we've acted made to 75 in san jose a lot of cities in the south bay and the 75 degree range last in springlike day to day. >>robin winston: traffic is picking up improving at the bay bridge toll plaza if you're heading to san francisco this is much better compared to the last time we checked it is on to the
9:50 am
off the northwest or after the paint and then the crowd from treasure island to the freeway paulo 70 minutes from the oakland a's to downtown san francisco we even tried drive times in the south the one on one that is the heavy know about coming out of san jose and is most of the downtown area it will be off and on a to pull out all the with the problems was still high in 40 minutes from south san jose to power oct.. >>robin winston: completely cleared no problems coastal traffic from 85 of the 11 looks good. >>darya: the plans for almost a
9:51 am
billion dollars high-speed road projects are changing the have updated is planned to include san jose were continuing to build the bridge from the real near fresno the planner had changed their minds about where the first trains run instead of starting passengers and a sentimental about the new plan is for them to run the first time to san jose to bakersfield the seventh section of high- speed rubble, a few years later the new plant pushes back to start a passenger service from 22 to to not to 25 howe would be banned. >>darya: 64 billion is 68--68 to 64.
9:52 am
>>darya: they're still predicting is on to turn a profit by a second year of service. >>mark: 20 people are dead following a cyclone that hit the island nation of fiji over the weekend they're still assessing the damage from hurricane it was tropical cyclone once and hit them on saturday night was the most powerful storm that hit the southern hemisphere does a lookism the incredible damage there were to build shelters for the hundred there were left homeless. >>darya: he spoken out against the death penalty saying that leaders for capital to spend the deaf can send his deal the
9:53 am
three. when all the clippers if they won tonight they become the fastest team to reach 50 when. >>darya: the closest race ever in nascar denny hamlin was to the tune of 500 died less than annuls this is the final finish it was one one-hundredth of a second a separate him from second place.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: police from the bottom of a missing san jose woman she was last seen at a party and i would more than a week ago invested as law-abiding on saturday and consider homicide express lanes are open in both directions. >>darya: the lines on the east lawn side open last friday and today the other side of the first-time drivers to choose to pay a fast-track feed the legitimacy and a time to piece together an hour long weekend rampage that left six people did
9:57 am
come as a michigan heat carry out the shooting in three different locations on saturday while he was working as a driver he's been offering today watching whether the big story here is the warm weather >>darya: his name is the mall and he rolled down on the cave and fresh no matter is when he had fun. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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