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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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fremont. believe that the body was moved there after she was already dead. she was last seen at a party in hayward february 13th on the 16th the family reported her missing. so her boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence. a police will not say if he's suspected of her murder they do say a person of interesting is now in custody on a charge unrelated to the murder. . we're,"that moving forward person of interest is the right person." >> reporter: back alive the police are expecting to release the name of a contrast with the district attorney flat files formal charges. we also ask
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hayward police said there were additional arrests keep. but all options open so they can definitely determined that no one else involved was a part of this. >> catherine: a group of men accused of stealing purses from women as they walked out of the east bay mall arm robbery happened speed one read a small close to an address is 5 tonight on more with what happens. >> reporter: we just got picture of one suspect from pleasanton and the last minutes we want to show you right now. here it is between 18 and 25 years old medium build wearing dark hooded sweat shirts. one suspect seen holding long black a stick or piece of metal possibly along gaunt and appears the police say
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the same group of guys had similar tax. the two different crimes happen saturday night and sunday afternoon saturday night was a 17 year-old girl from danville walking with her friend and her parking lot. the suspects tried to grab her purse fought back and punched her pushed her to the ground. and sunday afternoon a 63 year- old woman standing by her car the three suspects approached one grabbed her purse and try to fight back. another then pulled out a gun either a rifle or shotgun. the woman fell to the ground and allegedly kicked her. people telling me that this is a safe place to shop and much more careful of rare surroundings for nylon. now on.
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>> reporter: the woman you heard from carries a knife with her at all times and wants to be prepared to defend herself any take it for any attack if necessary. when the cream colored mercedes' s u b in another silver honda pilot. between ages of 18 to 25 wearing a hooded sweatshirts with that sketch and all the social media platforms twitter and on our web site yet to kron4news-dot-com get a better look. coming up at 6 when i talked pleasanton police they told me they think the two cases from here saturday sunday are connected and the sussex suspects may of committed other crimes.
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>> catherine: check on whether alive looked tonight from san mateo bridge pretty life on the weather deck a look at the forecast. >> britteny: beautiful weekend today we did not break any records well above average for this time of day low 60s set for today usually in a high 60s low 70's of it will be a beautiful evening a closer look at right now to the jurors that the area 71 in annapolis '68 santa rosa 65 san francisco sunnyvale 69 degrees and mid-50s the san jose 6. seasick in livermore. tracking unite planner what you can expect going into the rest of this evening mild conditions at 7:00 p.m. in the '60s for inland locations along the bay
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area and also along the coast high. fifties but eight in 9:00 and then dropping down in the mid-50s by 9:00 p.m. closer to low 50s. it and coming up tracking even warmer weather on the way also and your seventh day forecast tracking a chance of rain cleanup when that will be coming up in your full forecast see you in just a bit. . >> catherine: crews scramble into the structure anchoret is here. >> grant: now the issue is not a danger to drivers they patched it up. it's not a good situation this came to light late last month i now a new survey revealed more widespread damage that could cause more concrete to tumble on lanes of traffic. january 30th that piece
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of concrete broke from the walls lower and barely miss. twelfth a spot where concrete could break off. water corrosion caused that compromise concrete a tumble sides and jeff bush is meeting with the person who had a close call with card damage right now we have that clear on kron 4 news. >> catherine: as a university students found guilty of misdemeanor battery.the students were also expelled from s-j-s-u. the reinstatement of a fired san jose police officer over
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tweets seen by some as threatening and racist -- continues to rankle community activists and police watch dog groups. veteran officer phil white was fired last october for tweets that included one that said "threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you" -- followed by the hash tag "cops lives matter." over the objections of police brass and city hall, officer white was reinstated by an independent arbitrator and has been assigned a desk job. the latest group to speak out against white's return to the force is the la raza round table. "people in the community a scared looking at every officer
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>> catherine:jethro moore, the president of the south bay chapter of the n.a.a.c.p., says his group is gathering signatures on a it calls for officer white's removal from the police force. >> reporter: they're calling
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major cultural change is something less lethal than fire a. officers use force that's what police say mario december 2nd.but they also say he wouldn't drop it.even after being pepper sprayed and hit with bean bags.and when they say he took a step towards police. some of the changes they are calling de-escalation practices have already been implemented.the mayor says a police encounter similar to the mario woods incident happened eariler this month.but has a much different ending because of the new edged weapon protocol. the police officers retreated to create time and distance and the were eventually able to apprehend the suspect without having to fire their guns. a supervisor will now be called to the scene for any incident involving a weapon.they are planning to expand the crisis intervention teams.other non leathal tools like bean bags
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have been doubled for the entire force. tasers are being proposed.but only for use by the swat team and specialist. from now on any time an officer will be reported as a use of one person not at the press conference.the president of the police union.he says he was not invited and has a problem with some of the proposed changes there are parts of it that would jeapordize my members of put to do so.none of this was apple's c-e-o is still refusing to help the f-b-i break into the phone used by san bernardino shooter. syed farook. today, tim cook e-mailed his staff. thanking them for their support. the shootings happened in decemeber. when farook and his wife shot and killed 14 people. the f-b-i is demanding that apple help them unlock the phone. but cook refuses. saying "this case is about more than a single phone."
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apple says creating a system for because it could eventually be but the f-b-i director argues that the agency's demand. is about giving the victims today, the father of a woman killed in the san bernardino terror attack. says he supports the government's push to require apple to help the f-b-i. robert velasco. has agreed to be named in an upcoming legal filing supporting the government's position. his daughter was killed in the december second attack. the family released a statement saying "the phone could contain critical information and the issue is potentially a matter of national security." >> catherine:much more ahead -- is on edge. after two violent next at five. the latest on what also it could be much needed relief for east bay commuters. what drivers think of the new and it was a dramatic crash caught on video. a helicopter slamming into the water at pearl harbor.
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a neighborhood is on edge tonight after two violent back- to-back crimes in an east bay kron4's haaziq madyun shows us where it happened -- and what >> reporter:a man armed with a knife robs a man of his wallet
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and cellphone here inside of the sunridge apartments in concord. then this happens. "while officers were on scene they were flagged down by a female victim who said that she was sexually assaulted" concord police corrporal christopher blakely says within minutes of committing the armed robbery a man matching the same description groped a woman jogging in this park on victory lane, around 9:30pm sunday night "approached her from behind and unlawfully touched her, she was able to fight him off and he took off running possible through the park" a sexual assult in your "yes it is and it's scary!" graciela bautista says armed robberies are not uncommon along this stretch of monument corridor but a sexual assault occuring in the neighborhood park is a new cause for concern -"i use to go play in the park, now i take my kids, well not anymore" concord police have stepped up patrols near the park on victory lane looking for a man matching this description
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"he is described as an unknown race male, about 5'8", thin build, short dark hair, last seen wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, grey sweatpants and he did have a grey and blue residents here are spreading the word, hoping to help police catch him before he strikes again. in concord haaziq madyun kron4news in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine:a second person is dead tonight from that quadruple shooting in vallejo on friday. the shooting victim, identified as 22 year old bomani broadnax of martinez , died in a hospital today. his 41-year old father. michael broadnax of vallejo. died at the child were wounded. vallejo police are looking for a leaving the crime scene. vallejo police are asking any witnesses to the shooting to call them. in san francisco police are hoping that the boldness of a fatal shooting will lead to the killer. the victim has now been identified as 23 year old curtis cail of san francisco. he had been arrested previously - and charged with murder in a 2012 case. sunday's shooting happened
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across from a police station and restaurants. also near surveillance cameras.along fillmore and golden gate. someone fired shots into a white dodge sedan as it was leaving a mcdonald's in the western district. police aren't sure of the motive but say it might have been a the gunamn was wearing dark clothes, and got into another car that sped away. surveillance video. two people who died in a weekend been identified. they're a married couple from los gatos --- 59-year-old christopher durbin and 57-year- old sandra morse. durbin was a freelance key- boardist in the bay area.
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there was a two car crash saturday night near camden avenue and hicks road. morse was pronounced dead at the scene. and durbin later died at the hospital. the crash remains under investigation. >> catherine:in petaluma. police are beginning to get leads from photos of three people seen leaving the scene of a car crash on 101. police say the three people caused the crash - then ran off before they arrived. hey were in a black 1995 ford explorer. the crash happened on southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard. an eyewitness took these photos of the suspects, and we've posted them on the kron-4 news website. in yolo county - there was a rescue along a causeway. it happened after a series of crashes sent a truck barreling over a concrete guardrail. the driver was injured and was trapped as the truck began burning. it took rescuers nearly an hour to get him out. the budget moving truck had
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gone off the edge of the yolo causeway - landing 35 feet below. a total of 5 vehicles were involved in the initial crashes. >> catherine:new express lanes in the tri valley area are now officially open. today drivers were able to use both eastbound and westbound lanes on the heavily traveled 580 corridor. kron four's terisa estacio got reaction from commuters. >> reporter: express lanes will make a difference in his daily life. and it isn't just gone but thousands of other drivers and try valley area officials say could benefit from the new lanes now open in both directions officials at the research shows the general flow of traffic could be improved and up to 50%
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with carpoolers accessing lines. using the latest as " the price tag this was right after the 9:00 a.m. peak and as you can see to digital displays on the express lane signs. at the top cops wrote from zone to zone to enter and drive the length of the expressway. a cap of $9 to the east and $13 driving westbound. prices change going up or down depending on how busy it is. all drivers will have to use the page the use the lanes. you'll need a new fast track allows to be charged accordingly. or expressly on the
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way in other parts of bay area coming up soon in the tri valley. >> catherine:a live look outside at. kron 4's brittney shipp is out on the weather deck with a look at tonight's forecast. brittney? >> britteny: absolutely can really tell behind me audit of people out here exercising and some people with no shirt on we didn't break any records today. we were still above average at will continue warming things up even more than today. a closer look three things to know tracking warmer temperatures all the high pressure and the things of an offshore flow with warmus up into midweek tracking dry conditions we need the rain but dry pattern is setting up for us that will happen to thursday are tracking a chance of rain friday
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night friday looks like we're still going to be dry and you start to notice changes that the day friday and more clouds developing system. temperatures of 70 degrees in net by take a look at richmond 74 a big difference vallejo and 73 degrees in concord 68 fremont 65 san jose. dropping low fifties in daly city in half moon bay temperatures continue trending well above average we are about eight degrees above average by the time we take a hit wednesday thursday to the offshore flow expects temperatures to be closer to 16 degrees above average the could make a run for a few records thursday and the feature cast with temperatures into the rest of tonight we drop quickly into the high 50s. by 9:00 mid-50s and stake out a light you'll definitely will need jacket. a quick check in the morning tomorrow in the low 50s high forties coming up next.
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more details on loans to expect a closer look at the 74 cast next weekend and when we start to see a lower temperatures all the details and about 15 minutes. >> catherine:still ahead at five. the wife of mexican drug lord first time since his capture. coming up - why she says she's deeply concerned for her also - a dramatic rescue when a car bursts into flames after a the interesting item that came the interesting item that came e you've the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. all beds on sale. right now, find our c2 queen mattress starting at only $599.99. only at a sleep number store.
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>> grant:less than a week after that pearl harbor.a teenager has passenger has died after
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being harbor helicopter crash. was pronounced dead monday and his family has decided to donate his organs. the teen and three family members visiting from canada were aboard a tour helicopter when it crashed into the water near the pearl harbor visitors center on thursday. two family members remain hospitalized in stable condition. another was treated and released. can upset port for a and joe bushtonight we are following up on a and then we hear from the passengers to pick up between the shooting sprees.
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>> catherine: the gunman facing three counts of murder in the spencer has the latest. two days after shooting spree in kalamazoo michigan. the
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prosecutors charging: the six counts of murder to counter assault with intent to commit murder. >> reporter: stop or woman was shot will times in critical condition several hours later police said dalton opened fire again at a car dealership where he shot and killed a father and son. an insulator children were
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>> reporter: and was arrested two hours later. monday a mass was held in honor of the victims. condolences came from the president. "another one of our committees is terrorized by gun violence families were shattered today." >> catherine: >> britteny: on the weather deck we saw a peaceful conditions once again today take a look behind the barely same clubs and the rest of your work week we see mostly sunny skies once again gorges conditions expected tonight calm conditions mild and above average temperatures remaining forests over the next couple days we keep climbing to a get to thursday. and then we have changes again friday temperatures right now 60 degrees and rows of and 65 san
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francisco 69 daly city 68 fremont 66 livermore and los excuse for this time of year with high in san francisco 69 degrees not find any records with 80 degrees. still warm for this time of year. closer look at our plan for this evening still in the '60s by 7:00 p.m. most locations especially inland along the bay and then and then again we see another warm day. cries from the region tomorrow to push again and the low '70's and high 60s and we will continue under this pattern with offshore winds warming temperatures high pressure in control and start to change as we start fighting clinicians and then also tracking a chance of rain. we break down all the
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temperatures in your full forecast about 50 minutes and seven date back to you into the studio. >> catherine: candidates are now focusing on nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. donald trump - who's expected to up new backing after jeb bush'spresidential candidate "when it comes to our campaign what happens in vegas is not staying bring it all over the country." after a strong finish in south carolina and drawing his biggest crowd ever in tennessee, rubio headed west with high hopes. presidential candidate "we feel like a lot of the people that were on jeb's team are people we're gonna welcome onto our jeb bush's withdrawal turned the establishment's alternative to "trump. erratic, unreliable. cruz. calculated, underhanded."
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rubio accused the cruz campaign of tweeting a false report the bible. presidential candidate ""it's every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue, and in this case goes after my faith." cruz was forced to apologize and fire his campaign communications director. presidential candidate "this was a grave error of judgment." donald trump also turning on his surging rival. retweeting questions about rubio's eligibility for the presidency without actually challenging it. presidential candidate "i'm really not familiar with marco's circumstance." presidential candidate "i'm constitution with regards to the democrats next vote on saturday in south carolina. hillary clinton has a large lead over bernie sanders there, and an even larger one among african americans, who represent a majority of democratic voters there, at the supreme court today. a reminder of the passing of justice antonin scalia. as the other justices returned to work. his chair is drapped in black crape until march. the ultra- conservative scalia died at the
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age of 79 of natural causes. his funeral was saturday. in a tribute to him today. chief supreme court justice john roberts started the session by calling scalia "an irrepresible spirit. meanwhile , president obama spent a part of the day going over the names of people he may the wife of mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzmán. has just given her first t-v interview. emma aispuro says she's afraid for her husband's safety in prison - and claims he's being punished for his escape. the former beauty queen rose to fame in 2007 when she married "el chapo". the leader of the sinaloa drug cartel. on her 18th birthday. she says she's very concerned about the conditions he's enduring behind bars. "what they're doing is cruel and make him pay for his escape not punishing him but of course they
5:36 pm
are all day with him all along watching him in the cell and monroe call every hour they don't let him sleep. to have privacy to go to the restroom." >> catherine:el chapo was re- captured last month --- six months after prison. the driver is saved. the car is charred -- but one thing came out of the mess intact. >> grant:in tennessee. a car bursts into flames. and a dramatic rescue saves the driver. the car is burned, but one thing came out in one piece. rose eiklor has the story. "once he hit that pole it went it was a scary sight a jeep completely up in flames witnesses say the jeep was sideswipped by another car, moments later, flames came through the hood of the car.
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never was possible after state in afire he is the to be. beyonce is getting some back up. coming up at 5:45. who's announced big changes to it's popular reward program. wall street had a solid day of crude oil. the dow ended the day up 228and the s and p climed 22
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if you've bought laminated flooring from lumber updated warning you should know about. the c-d-c says it underestimated the health risk of certain types of flooring made in china. there had been warnings that the fumes could cause cancer and other health problems. but the c-d-c now admits the flooring has much higher levels of formaldehyde than they first calculated. lumber liquadators stopped selling the china-made laminated flooring.after a critical report on '60 minutes.' >> catherine:the rates of infection for a type of virus linked to cervical that's after the c-d-c recommended a vaccine for the h- p-c virus. two types of the virus are said
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to be responsible for 66- percent of cervical cancers in the u.s. in just six years, researchers saw the rate of infection among teenaged girls drop from 11- point-5 percent to four-point- three percent. there's been a stigma associated with the vaccine, because the virus is most commonly spread through sexual contact. starbucks is trying to improve its rewards program - in the hopes of getting more people to sign up. until now - members got one 'star' credit per visit - spent. some frustrated customers asked employees to start ringing up items separately - which slowed things down. now - the program is based on how much a customer spends, not on the number of transactions. starbucks has more than 11 million active reward members. the name "my starbucks rewards" is now called simply "starbucks rewards"
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still ahead. spring training is in full at five.
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>> catherine:after some police said they'll boycott beyonce's upcoming world tour -- by refusing to work security -- someone else some officers say the performer's super-bowl half- time takes an "anti-police" position.and promotes the black now - louis farrakhan and the nation of islam is offering to step in. over the weekend - farrakhan mocked critics of the halftime show.and offered to help with it's not clear yet whether beyonce has responded to the offer - or the comments. >> catherine:singer taylor swift is adding her name and financial backing to singer kesha's lawsuit against sony. but is demi lovato stirring up some bad blood?
5:46 pm
the insider's debbie >> reporter:tonight we take inside taylor's girl gang and the many ways it pays to be a swifty! gayle: pop star kesha / she's getting support this morning from some of the biggest names in music cnn; pop star taylor swift is backing up her support with a fellow singer with a 250 it was a quarter million dollar show of solidarity for kesha. taylor's rep confirming the news yesterday and telling the insider the money is to quote vo#5 needs during this trying time." other female musicians supporting kesha's fight against music producer dr. luke and sony include lady gaga, ariana grande, kelly clarkson, lorde and demi lovato, who was accused social media shaming swift's donation. demi: i'm very opinionated i'm a leo i'm stubborn and i care about a lot of issues that i'm outspoken about.
5:47 pm
the bad blood alarms sounded off just after taylor confirmed the news of her donation. and demi tweeted she's quote "ready for self-proclaimed feminists to start speaking out or taking action for women's rights." adding quote "take something to capitol hill or actually speak out about something and then i'll be impressed." demi: i want to make music for a living and this is what i'm doing but i also realize through music you can reach so many more people if you use your voice for more than just singing. we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm debbie matenopoulos. >> britteny: well above average we did not tire records but we will get warmer as the week goes on tracking changes toward the end of the week of live look outside this gorgeous sunset we
5:48 pm
will see nice comfortable mild evening and eight to 10 degrees above average and by the atomic to thursday closer to 15 degrees above average and offshore flow contributing to warming temperatures high pressure in control and set up for a combination of dry conditions by just for tonight but straight through thursday into the end of your work week and tracking a chance of rain. it will help offset weather pattern that we are and. cooler temperatures the chance of rain a moving and getting through the next couple of days and then at 65 1/2 monday and a lot warmer and then almost lot warmers locations in concord hayward. with temperatures still in the '70s
5:49 pm
at this hour it is. really beautiful out and plans to go jogging outside pretty nice job before you. satellite radar showing with high pressure in control a few clouds pushing onshore mainly with of the winds are moving in offshore that is warmer air moving in from the north north east feature cast going through tonight changing clouds clear skies expected and then close increasing tuesday we notice-clouds and we will see really thick clouds of typical of the clause is see before see rainfall until friday 69 degrees for tomorrow by wednesday low '70's fears. the warmest of the
5:50 pm
week lots of sunshine the warmest day and then friday we start off with sunshine increasing clouds. i deny it rolls rally of a chance of rain and temperatures dropped clustered average in two weekend. >> catherine:we're 41-days away from baseball's opening day. and both bay area ball clubs are getting ready for the 2016 season. the giants and the a's of course - have playoff aspirations. and the championship run begins with spring training in arizona. mark carpenter joins us with an so who's looking stronger right now.? well it is an even year, so that means the giants are destined to win a world championship. the way san francisco is looking, the team doesn't need any superstition for their playoff hopes. the giants backed up the money truck this offseason.and the hope is they get title-winning return on their investments. >> reporter:when you drop 250- million dollars on free-agent
5:51 pm
acquistions, you send a message you're serious about winning. the san francisco giants put the rest of the league on notice this winter in acquiring outfielder denard span. and hurlers-- jeff samardzija and johnny cueto. adding to a rotation that bumgarner, jake peavy and matt cain. what better way for bruce bochy to start his 10th season in orange and black. in a 162-game campaign, incredible chemistry is just as important as on-field performance. and the man with the flowing dreadlocks has that department "he's a great teammate. he has a lot of fun playing, charisma. we've been known for being a little different. we've been called misfits, cockroaches,so guys fit in here and we think he's going to be a great fit.'
5:52 pm
as for the giants east bay rivals-- the athletics had a relatively quiet offseason.but with their current personnel. sonny gray returns as the ace.after a 2015 that saw him place 3rd in cy young voting. one player to keep an eye out for-- 6-foot-5 prospect sean manaea.who the team has branded 'the samoan randy johnson' if he eventually gets called up, perhaps he could be key in keeping the a's playing through october. the a's pitchers and catchers just reported on saturday.and the full squad isn't expected until thursday. the giants are scheduled to hold their first full workout tomorrow. both teams open the regular season april 4th. mark carpenter, kron4 news >> catherine: >> reporter: nats: ambiance i'm going to take you to church
5:53 pm
church street in san francisco that is where dogs walk their humans and the red transit lane has separate rules for different edition of people behaving badly
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
from time to time, kron four's stanley roberts gets some san francsico they want to know the rules -- so they don't get caught - >> reporter:on church street in
5:56 pm
san francisco you will find dogs walking their humans nats: ambiance and little tiny muni buses. wait. what kind of bus are you, i'm not a bus i'm in the wrong lane . apparently. this driver has been in the wrong lane in both directions. on church between 16th and debouce there are stretch of roadway that is red, that is known as a transit lane it's for buses and taxis only nats: ambiance there are no left hand turns permitted from 7am to 7pm monday through a friday nats: ambiance i said there are no left turns permitted monday through friday 7am to 7pm a rule that appears to be intended for everyone else i'm not sure if the dmv teaches this anymore .but you are not permitted to make u-turns in a business district .or if there is a double yellow line painted in the street not many people arpund here care to follow the signs. but i just found out that according to the sfmta this rule does not apply to city issued vehicles with exempt plates which is interesting to me because exempt plates don't mean exempt from traffic laws exempt plates means exempt from vehicle registrations and smog? but i digress
5:57 pm
ohhh lets pause for a second to look at this classic thunderbird . nice oh where was i nats: ambiance using the transit lanes when they clearly were not muni buses or taxis, now you can enter the transit lane if the regular lane is blocked buit you cannot cross over the double yellow line to do that . the red transit lanes are there to speed up public transit you know things like light rail vehicles that can't go around in the castro district of san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> catherine: east bay community and on average tonight following to violent crimes within minutes of each other. why they say they don't feel safe anymore say neighbors. and then more cracks in the bay bridge tunnel concrete we are live with what caltrans is doing to fix the problem.
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5:59 pm
>> catherine: police say it is likely the men behind the crime are connected to other tax and the bay area. latest incident this weekend at the stone ridge mall in pleasanton where just been waldman is alive with new information. this information >> reporter: the target of these
6:00 pm
thieves are high and purses. expensive they tell us that they believe the suspects from the crime are connected to other crimes happening across the bay area. we just got from police with unless our placenta was telling us that the suspects between ages of 1825 years old with star quoted sweatshirt's and appears to police the same group committed to tax the sick and very similar description of the suspect. first on saturday night at 17 year-old girl from danville with their friends in the parking lot of stone ridge mall. the three suspects tried to grab her purse. one person
6:01 pm
dead the fight back and another suspect pulled out a gun rifle shotgun and the woman fell to the ground and kicked her. they're telling me that the victim as and a safe place or also a point and then a lot more aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: 1 from a 17 year- old girl the getaway car from a
6:02 pm
week and very similar one as a green colored mercedes' s u b and another is on the pilot. the tummy that the same group of suspects committed crimes as the bay fair park station in san leandro this description is very similar now working with bay area police the see if the crime scene this weekend matched others from the bay area the police officers are on the mall's and also pleasanton are increasing patrols in mall parking lot >> catherine: east bay community bottler. a man was propped at knifepoint inside the center department minutes later a woman says she was groped as
6:03 pm
she ducked a job and the suspect was still on local police. physique talk to neighbors to say crime is on the rise in the community. >> reporter: sunday night while joging in this park on victory lane in of that" concord police say the same man appears to be connected to an armed robbery that happened minutes earlier here at the sunridge apartments of monument blvd "he said while he was in the apartment complex parking lot an unknown suspect held a knife money and his phone" folks that live in this neighborhood along the monument corridor say they are concerned that crime is getting worse "it's a nice neighborhood" dwayne johnson has lived here for 40 years "it's a nice neighborhood, those apartment people do give us a lot of problems, you don't want to leave your lawn mower out, or the sprinkler on your hose for that matter" "i'm not even comfortable
6:04 pm
letting my daughter walk to school" graciela bautista has lived here for the past 15 years. "there is a lot of drugs in this area, there is a lot of homeless that are aggressive in the park among some of her neighbors with what they say is a lack of police response to these problems "instead of calling the police i call my neighbor" you look out for each other? "yes, instead of calling the police because they never come" to that concord police say. "we prioritize the calls, obviously we going to go to crimes against persons first as opposed to property crimes" in fact he says there was a huge police response looking for the man that committed the armed robbery and sexual assault "he is a danger to the public and we don't want him out there" in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine:hayward police say
6:05 pm
they have someone in custody they believe is responsible for the murdering 22 year old stacey aguilar. rural area in fremont known as morrison canyon this is video from our partnership with abc 7 news. but that's not where police say she died. kron 4's dan kerman is live at police headquarters where a new conference was held this afternoon.dan? >> reporter: police believe she was murdered in hayward her body taken to the location in fremont one of the details they shared with us about her violent death. the central area in fremont on saturday police discovered the stacey exilarch and shot multiple times not where police say she was killed a regular was seen in hayward
6:06 pm
february 13th. they don't believe the boyfriend is responsible for the murder. for additional redress their keeping their options open. >> reporter: how did hayward police find a body so quickly in a rural area not saying and will say however they have a lot of evidence and processing that right now.
6:07 pm
>> catherine:a deadly shooting at a mc-donald's.right in the middle of a sunday afternoon in san francisco.and now investigators are pouring over evidence.hoping to make an arrest. on the victim. >> grant:the man killed yesterday is 23-year-old curtis cail.from san francisco. this was around 3:00 yesterday afternoon at the mcdonald's at fillmore and golden gate in the western addition. cail was in a car, when someone walked up and started shooting. a 27-year-old woman was also hit, but survived. as for cail.he was actually charged with murder in a 20-12 case.
6:08 pm
police aren't sure of the motive but say it might have been a >> catherine:a bay area teacher. has been arrested on child pornography david prashker is charged with distribution and possession of child pornography. and attempting to destroy evidence. the 60-year-old lafayette resident. was a teacher for more than 30 years. and most recently. has been a substitute at two private schools in central contra costa the school have been notified. police say there is no evidence at this point. that prashker engaged in any crimes involving above average tempertures for much of the bay area today.and we can expect much of the same for the rest of week. deck tonight.brittney, not a >> britteny: a dry pattern and the next couple days. changes are in store for us to. focus on some late mild conditions continuing it alive look right now temperatures as well above-
6:09 pm
average typically in the low 60s. stake in the '60s for most locations and end by the bay 61 7:00 p.m. and then closer to 9:00 p.m. we drop down to load mid-50s and continue to see wind speeds. . stay in control of the next couple days and will not beat until friday until we see them breaking down all the changes. a high as around the region was sox today back above average not quite record- breaking and we have details on how much cooler will see for the end of the week and and then all
6:10 pm
coming up in the seven day forecast. >> catherine:for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kronyour number one source for news and weather in the bay area. caltrans revealed crews discovered loose concrete inside the tunnel between the east and west spans of the bay bridge.
6:11 pm
two weeks ago, a car passing through the tunnel suffered thousands of dollars worth of the roadway. he is live for us tonight on treasure island. >> reporter: 6 the trouble spots and is our same safe. they don't know for sure how they fit may need to find a problem close some lanes in do some repair work force case they have no reason to believe this that it would have to shut down the bridge but no indication
6:12 pm
that it would need to do that. >> catherine: more about the driver that killed six people and a random shooting spree. former south bay college since accused of a hate
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
three former san jose university students. accussed of harrassing guitly of battery but not hate crime. logan beaschler, "brett" bomgarder, and colin warren. were freshman at s-j-s-u when they allegedly harrassed donald williams junior in 2013. prosecutors say they locked williams in a closet. forced a bike lock around his neck. hung a confederate flag and called him derogatory names. all three were convicted today. the trio was expelled from san jose state, last year. >> catherine: police officer fired over tweets lives matter
6:16 pm
movement. the force, insisting he is a condemn the reinstatement of officer phil white is victor who says it's worrisome to know that when white got his badge garza is highly critical of an like this. '.threaten me or my given and law appointed right hashtag.'cops lives matter.' the n.a.a.c.p. is now gathering though city hall and policewere opposed to it. jose
6:17 pm
victor garza denounced what he case, which he says lacks the transparency needed to hold police accountable for misconduct police are now being trained to de-escalate situations where suspects have knives.or
6:18 pm
weapons other than guns. the goal is to calm things down - and create more time and distance from suspects. shows most police shootings happened in the first five minutes after officers arrive -- and when they're within 15 yards of the suspect.
6:19 pm
now they are training officers to back away when there isn't another reforms include calling a supervisor to any incident involving a weapon, expanding the goal is reduce the number of officer involved shootings by today was the official kick off of a >> grant: 8 shots sister dead tonight and then they arch and hang on and then the shootings will have all totally random and then of a car dealership or father and son were killed cracker barrel parking lot was another. and this is the man charged with the killings and jason a 45 year-old driver husband father allegedly continued picking up writers saturday night between the killings and the killing spree according to police five hours
6:20 pm
today the president weighed in on the country's latest mass shooting. >> grant: see a statement saying we are horrified and heartbroken violence in kalamazoo michigan and reach out to the police felt with their investigation in any way we can. >> britteny: silica the bay bridge clear skies the sun continues and then we continue above average temperatures before the next couple days and three things to note tracking
6:21 pm
warm temperatures of shore flow and control board of high pressure combination of those to leading toward warmer temperatures. 66 and sony fell and then mid-60's pleasanton still on the high 60s mild conditions expected real. the enjoyable for the rest of tonight satellite radar high pressure in control and then offshore winds are wrapping around this area of high pressure pulling in some of the warmer air in the future cash showing in to the rest of tonight clear skies and then it a few high thin clouds moving in and help keep temperatures close to what we saw today once. day
6:22 pm
thursday we notice more sunshine clearing and will be slow climb hitting thursday. of the warmest of the week and then sent for some locations in the high '70's and then friday will have the chance of showers cooler temperatures and trying not to the week and sunday looks nice and close to average still warmer than what we should before this time of year. if the >> catherine: shall kickoff for the express lanes was down 580 and the tri valley aerial. last friday opened east on lanes and idea is to keep traffic moving south bay
6:23 pm
drivers in san jose paying to 31. and the statewide average to 31. francisco drivers are paying 2- and on the rear the democrats nomination is so close look at the numbers for super tuesday
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> catherine: cook will help the fbi on like a fallen use by december and a gunman he says that this case is about more than a single phone and e-mail to the staff and linking them for their support. b. is demanding apple provides software that would break into the i foundthe fbi is demanding that apple provide software that would break into the i-phone of syed and killed 14 people in san the apple c-e-o is resisting the fbi saying the case opens i- phone customers up to a breach i-phones are designed to lock- up cook says the case centers on the "freedoms and liberties that the government is meant to protect. and apple customers are taking sides in the case. they've planned protests across the country for tomorrow to support apple's battle with the fbi and justice department. a rally for the cupertino tech giant will be held at 5:30- in san francisco at the apple store protest organizers are
6:27 pm
encouraging others to join in the protests over privacy eventially exploit any "key" apple provides to the feds to unlock data , and use it for the wrong reasons against i-phone owners. wrong reasons heller >> catherine: clinton fund-raising california. her leave a hole up and up spring traininghillary clinton is in southern event tonight. to strong arm robberies in the police they malls days apart. news starts with the sketch released by
6:28 pm
we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world.
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in the >> reporter: skaters of the police department are saying it occurred sunday night.. it's on loan as of 5 ft. 8 in. short dark hair. last seen wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. did have a great in blue backpack. >> reporter: here police
6:31 pm
headquarters authorities giving new details about the murder of the 22 year-old stacy saying she suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. and a rule area of fremont she is believed she was killed there still. here in hayward same time layperson of interest in cussed custody on unrelated charge the. it won't say who the person it of interest is but the to say that the boyfriend was arrested on 16th of this month. >> reporter: please give us this sketch of one of the men believed responsible for attacking women at the stone orange moll. saturday's sunday a group of men got to woman in the parking lot trying to take her purse when she fights back either kick or punch hurt even
6:32 pm
showing a gun. the men drive off in an sec. police saying that the person in the schedule looks familiar give them a call. >> reporter: concrete could possibly fall on the road below. two weeks ago i'll the connecting a more connecting about more thorough in this investigation. >> reporter: said jose police watchdog groups keeping pressure on over the reinstatement of a concord kopp. the naacp adding
6:33 pm
their voices are speaking out about an arbitrator's decision and to reinstate officer who got his bad back last week at. to being fired last october. >> catherine: she's been the frontrunner from
6:34 pm
national polls the race between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders looks to be senator sanders has used his narrow loss in iowa and wide margin win in new hampshire to now national polls suggest after nevada its sanders who's the newa fox news poll of likely voters shows sanders ahead of clinton but still within the margin of error. most other polls - still show with the endorsement of several democrats - the clinton campaign re-define the race. while polls are one thing - hillary clinton still has one major advantege over bernie sanders - the total number of delegates. she's been able to grab the support of democratic super delegates - a key factor to help her on the path to the losses.
6:35 pm
in washington, im mark meredith. >> catherine: warm beautiful like me whether will be even warmer. >> britteny: thursday the warmest day of work week and tracking if he changes into friday. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge seeing mainly clear skies continuing for us tonight lots of sunshine tomorrow alicea few high clouds moving in and then to bichirs above average right now saying 52 degrees and rose 1/6 to concord and then close to 70 in pleasanton los '60s san jose a. guy and a nice night ahead for us temperatures dropping down little bit by 9:00 p.m. and then in the region tomorrow again push in the high 60s low 70's about average this time of year in san francisco 60s today
6:36 pm
high as 69 another round of temperatures and high 60s then toward thursday temperatures continued to climb into mid-70s most locations even high 70's analogous 74 cast in a big chance of rain coming up right at the end of the show. >> catherine:still ahead. a new health benefit associated with coffee. how it supposedly helps people who overindulge in food and alcohol. coming up nats: ambiance we take a look at the spanking brand new interstate 580 express lanes and give you some do's and don't to avoid ending up having a chat with the california highway patrol, in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8
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6:39 pm
>> catherine: drinking more coffee, reduce liver damage that's according to a medical journal that reviewed nine separate studies on the effects of coffee. researchers say two cups a day could cut your chance to develop alcohol-related cirrhosis by 44- percent. cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow. but experts say coffee will never balance out all negative workplace wellness programs have become a common way for employees. many of these initiatives involve giving away something we but is there a smarter way to
6:40 pm
go as andrew spencer explains.that's at the center of >> reporter: employees.and as a result, workplace wellness programs are according to a study published in the annals of internal medicine - now more than 80% of big companies are now offering some form of financial incentive to get their workers to participate. looking at how such programs can be more effective. researchers gave nearly 300 people a 7-thousand step goal to keep up during a 13-week- challenge. the study participants were one got one dollar and forty cents for each day they hit the 7-thousand step goal. the second group's participants were entered into a daily lottery -- they could only win if they met their goal the day before. the third received $42 upfront each month -- with the caveat that participants lost one dollar and forty cents for each day they failed to meet the 7- thousand step goal. so what did researchers find? the group that was threatened with losing money excercised
6:41 pm
one physician involved with the study says it's all how the reward is framed.adding that our brains are wired to avoid losing things.and we like the immediate gratification of getting the money upfront. for health minute i'm andrew spencer. coming up.a gorgeous start to the workweek.with more sunshine on the way. gary has that story all the sports coming up
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: is the 23 point lead the game's not over one quarter to play at a glance up entering the fourth quarter overcome the advantage a point on golden state 77 to 76 not often you
6:45 pm
have someone in the standing giving it to live on. it happened yesterday the cavalier's visiting oklahoma city thunder. >> gary: was complaining about paul everyone does not endeavored bottom-line judy love according to our report worth $2.4 billion. and judy love giving the brawn paying respects. it is funny how
6:46 pm
everything the responses from social media. >> gary: we've been trying to find an interview how she got her 2.4 million. pretty funny he was in a good mood after. his team beat oklahoma city. >> gary: official the giant players are all in the field of spring training. same for oakland athletics come thursday the giants got the jump here and the entire team will not work out so tomorrow but on the field the jogging around in madison you see there. just now one of those good times and the year spring is here and again the eighth full squad will not report until thursday giants and
6:47 pm
jogging a lot of that in the spring training. for most valuable player and the national league looking for a team the giants becoming a little third a short second base but he is going to try with the chicago white sox 16 years in the majors ndp in 2007 all-star gold letter. pomelos setup send a
6:48 pm
bullet in heavy there is and signed a five-year $95 million contract with boston played with the sox last year to not have very good year and a bronze jumping on him he has only
6:49 pm
himself in years. maybe he gained back the giants broadcaster talk about sandoval. the show >> gary: as club good break when he did not accept their report between 99 and $95 million offer everyone has a different feeling on this place up there and talk about the guys wait months the season starts playing. st. louis' 04 to two
6:50 pm
and making some news waiting out and they've been in toronto the get the fence from roman. of
6:51 pm
interest because he recently had his or 41 game suspension for illegal check to the head. >> catherine: or sunshine on the way will have the forecast we come back.
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6:54 pm
>> gabe: i'll between apple fbi he did not. i'll show you the new developments that could affect all i phone users tonight at 8:00 p.m.. >> catherine: until now starbucks at one store credit per visit and now some frustrated customers began asking ploys ring things up separately. now the program based on how much a customer spends and not upon the number of transactions. more than 11 million rewards members of the name my starbucks rewards now
6:55 pm
calling starbucks rewards. at an >> catherine: timid news on the way followed by entertainment tonight on 730. and then at kron 4 news at 8 we have the weather. >> britteny: mid-70s then friday tracking a chance of rain to the north bay.stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 8 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, taylor is swift and demi lovato have bad blood. >> catch up stars are getting record -- is demi putting her on black? and where we caught swift trending her girl squad. >> security, please! and cindy crawford tu60 and she's flawless. so why isn't the permodel aging? >> number three, we're spilling secrets of the "friends" reunion. what had jennifer in tears a who hooked up with whom? >> you all s contracts
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