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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 22, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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reporters outside her deposition this morning. she a rived at the parking garage at 9:28. she was casually dressed, oversized olive green coat and rose can colored sun glasses. this defamation case brought by seven people who say that bill cosby's representatives publicly denied that any of this happened, that was defamation, it defamed >> our reporter says attorneys are going to great lengths to keep the press away from cami e camille. >> for instance in this hallway where camille is going to b giving her testimony, they actually put up a black curtain to block out all media. >> she remained silent2014, when the ap asked about the sexual assault allegation. >> there's no response. >> bill cosby has denied all wrong doing and he and c have been married for 52 years. new generally speaking, their
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communications are protected by the state's mmrital privilege laws, but because camille also worked as h husband's business manager, it left the plaintiffs with an opening. >> i ethere's going to be a lot of very intrusive personal questions asked and very few answers given. it really does like a standoff right now, but this is just one of many lawsuits against cosby. he's scheduled to in court on march 8 for the one criminal case he has to deal with. >> it's goin interesting to see how all this plays out. we went through the compelling videos of the day and it's all c of the kardashians, we have got kanye breaking up a fight. >> kanye being the voice of reason? >> i actually said kanye, and his mother-in-law stepped on the stage and she got something she never expected. >> she's a momager of the
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century, kris jenner. the booing lasted almost a minute, 56 seconds to be exact. the stage manager felt the need to interrupt and try to calm the crowd of 56,00 >> kris was really taken back when the crowd started to boo her. people in the audience couldn't even hear her introduction because they boo too loud. >> keep calm and kardashian on. kris just smaled off the sneers and introduced boy george. that's h mama kris does it, but how aboutthis? you can see kanye breaking up a brawl with a hug, yes, a hug. >> kanye. >> it happened friday, but is so worth watching again today, kanye is at l.a.x., surrounded by the usual paparazzi melee,
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when two guys start sna pictures. >> calm down, calm dawn. hey, hey, hey. >> kanye. >> a seven-second squeeze, a little awkward backgrounding and all seems right in the world. kanye then leaves, gets in his car, and drives away, but then the iratphotogs pick up right where they left off. >> kanye can show everyone that he really is a good guy, rather dramatically. >> kim posted the adorable picture while the family shopping with parents to be, john legend and chrissie teagan. and then around 6:00 this morning, kim did this, posted th first photo of sa the internet immediately re but why some are calling i an evil genius move. >> kim charges $2.99 a month for
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her app so it's no shock she would make people pay for saint's first picture. it's a big deal when a tv show reaches 100 episodes. this is more than that, the 200th episode will ire this weekend. kelly cuoco, she was turning heads. >> can you see through my dress? i looked down and i thought, that's a lot of color. okay, we're good. >> turning heads, katie's bod in this low cut sheer, but not too sheer is next level compared to all the post yoga shots the paparazzi all seem hungry for. >> it's the same every day. >> if you ear going to spend every day at yoga, you might as well look good. >> can you talk a favorite pair? >> my bachelor pants. those are myfavorite. >> almost five months after she announced her split from husband
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ryan sweeting. >> is yoga the secret? >> yoga is the secret. it's done everything mentally pnd physically, iit. >> katie and the big bang gang celebrating their 200th episode, the slew of guest stars including stan lee and adam west. >> how wonderful that we get to have this celebration like while we're still going and not dead. >> and thhs bash, the cast was still reeling from the big bombshell. >> i'm pregnant. >> part of me goes, oh, man, i got to work with a baby year? >> my parents are so excited because they're getting to be grandparents. i'm going to get them a t-shirt that says, like, best tv grandparents. >> but don't expect tv fever to grab sheldon, even though he finally has sex. >> i feel like they'll do it
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again before they have a wed withing. >> let's hope so. >> we want to be here for so many more years. >> katy's wardrobe while shooting or a bit more dressed down, from a green halter dress to swraens and a j but which does she prefer? >> when do you feel the sexiest? >> in yoga pants, at home with my wine. i only go to yoga to get wine. >> i'm not sure how yoga pants would play at the annual met gala. it's the oscars of fashion, it's the exclusive celebrity extravagan extravaganza, a never really showed how it all comes together until now. it's a little wears prada. >> beyonce, kanye, casting julian >> on person decides who gets in. "vogue's" editor-i anna
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wintour. so why is she talking about justin bieber? about 600 walk that 150-yard red carpet, a single ticket 25,000. >> and check out e-mail to wintour, do you have a second to chat? brianna's budget? do they have a second performance? >> brianna, we can't exclude her. >> they think they have worked it out. >> "e.t" as always brought you the red carpet glam. >> i love being shouted at by 500 people. -p>> i'm riding your coat tails >> but now documentary the first monday in may, which opens the try tray becca film festival. >> taylor is acttally racking up the honors this weekend, because
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she was maid of honor at the wedding of her bestfriend, brittany mack, they first met when taylor was just te days old. another that could be getting to say i do. but can he survive meeting the parents? we count down the show's all-time cringe worthy moments. and later we go backstage with some eggsicon, a bowie tribute by bgeorge, on stage and on his body. >> i can did not kno you had who 's this reality staa >> i can did not kno you had who 's this reality staa getting a nose ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ weekend, she went to the wedding of oscar wed producer brian grazer at his monica home. >> he actually po this shot
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of his beautiful bride. >> a lot of people out. >> robert downey jr.did. talking about people who want to get married. >> the fantasy is always better than thh reality. >> it's all for real. chris harrison told jennifer p r perrow, is h he's totally the guy that you want your daughter the bring home. >> only you got to think the parents will love ben, he's so nice, but etched in our memory is the not so nicebachelors. >> it's called a mednick. it's called a mednick for a reason. so that's got to be number one. >> quick recap, jason picked
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mari marisa rycroft, but then h dumped her and picked molly whom he's still married to. >> i also knew he wanted to have a chance to at least talk to molly. so we thought why not sit them down and let them speak. >> are you still in love with molly? >> yeah. >> i'm so disgusted with you. >> the breakup just exploded. >> you have the stop interrupt >> some word got out th jake had looked violent or made a fist, so we said now we have to air it because everybody is going to t talk about this and thinks we're hiding something. it was very raw. >> it was a lot. a lot. >> well, mean he gave them a lot of reasons to. >> so don't expect ben to make this list. >> he was such a pleasure to be around, to work for the
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entire crew, a diamond in the ruff. >> he's a nice guy, not the bad boy. >> ministore realitydrama, remember this star who made headlines forrmarrying a 51-year-old when she was just 16. we were with her when she goes under the nave. >> not wild about a bump on the side of my nose. then we're going back to the '80s. we're backstage as some of the biggest icons of that decade are still rocking. >> when the fans are screaming, what is it that th say most? >> get off. >> come on now, that takes you back, doesn't it? pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. all the anesia kicking in right there. that was courtney star just moments before she had plastic surgery. >> the 21-year-old reality show originally gained fame back 2011 when at 16 she married a
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50-year-old actor. >> courtney let us tag along in the o.r. when she had her latest a ppocedure. >> i'm so nervous. >> courtney's a bundle of nerves which is kind surprising. this reality star has never been shy about flaunting her looks. this reality show is even called reality. and the 21-year-old has definitely had some work done be courtney has admitted to a breastaugmentation, lip fillers and porcelain veneers. >> i'm not wild about this lump on the si my nose. in pictures, on red carpets, i just feel really self conscious about this bump. >> comforting is her husband dug, now 55. he was in lost and the green mile. the two men right after courtney had compe in the miss teen washington usa pageant.
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>> i was in the donald trump pageant and all the women voted me zeros, all the judges and all the men voted me ten. >> since then courtney has appeared in couples therapy a. >> for two years after her appearance on dr. drew, courtn did have breast implants. >> i'm not ashamed of the ways i look. >> rhinoplasty to correct breathing problems. >> it too really long time to kind of warm up to it. >> the hard parover. >> the procedure that c 13,0$13,000 to $15,000 lasted t hours, and even though s covered with scary looking bandages, courtney wilonly bat the clinic for about two hours. the t recovery is seven to ten days. >> tendays, no restrictions except athletic programs. >> i'm so happy my bump isn't ttere anymore. >> two weeks later, courtney is
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pleased with the results and this may not be her trip to the plasticsurgeon. >> i suppose when gravity starts taking over maybe a tuck here and there, but this is it. she's also take part in a new lifetime reality series, the mother-daughter experiment, celebrity edition and that debuts march 1. >> l.l. cool j. right there just loving culture clu and the big '80s party. >>nancy, every single second of it. everybody was, including myself, singing along with some of the biggest movi stars of the '8 0s, and nancy, they still got i ♪ i wish that jesse's girl ♪ >> when the fans are screaming, like, rick, play this. what is it t they say the most? >> get off. >> go! >> don't believe rick for
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13,000 fans flashing back to the '80s as billy idol and the ultimate culture club. whatts the trick for staying together and still making this good music? >> they need to get away from me. >> lover boy gave the crowd a heavy dose of '80s rock. >> '80s deejay quinn hosted and "e.t" was backstage at the forum in los angeles with '80s icons behind every corner. >> this is homage to myself. this is the jacket that i wore during my first televised performance the nickelodeon kids' choice awards in 1986. >> well, it was more like 1989, cory, but at least the jacket still f
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billy idol did his hit bare chested. what do you have to in your dressing room now? is there something th billy got to have this? >> there was quite a few things in the old days. i've got a greatguitarist, and i bring him with me nowadays. >> boy george brought the evening to a close with a touching tribute to the late david bowie and shared with us just how big a fan he really is. did not know you had this. beautiful. >> the conce- >> it's real >> is he good? he's funny, he's charming, he's got some good one liners. >> and by the way, george told me that if donald trump was still the host, he wouldn't have
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done theshow. there was another big reunion this week, destiny's ch beyonce, kelly roland and michelle williams, all together celebrating kelly's 35th birthday, c birthday,. >> i just want to say happy birthday to kell in tonight's "e.t's" birthday, which actor is the youngest person ever to host "snl"?
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next on kron-4 news at eight: discovered with bullet wounds and dumped in the east bay. new information on the local woman murdered over valentine's day weekend. also - she's lived there for more than sixty years.and is now being told to get out. we talk to a 97 year old woman left in peace the news -- at eight -- is next.
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r hospice bed, int.
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welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t" birthday, which a is the youngest to ever host "snl." drew barrymore, she was 7 years old and she turns 42 today. >> and she was in a giving mad this morning when she dropped the video because gave us two versions with drake. we wish we could show you more, but this is asteamy,
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now at eight. the people of this community can loose. hayward police say they believe they have the killer of 22 year a verdict today in trial of university students accused of a private school teacher in the east bay arrested on child we talk to neighbors who witnessed the dramatic police raid on his lafayette home. whoosh facing eviction after six decades. a ninety seven years old peninsula woman tells kron put. omg its my home this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:now at 8. the woman discovered with of fremont. but that's not where killed. police are talking today about the homicide of 22


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