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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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routinely heard arguments coming from the home. others had a much different take. now his body was found. cp saying he committed suicide jumping off the bay bridge. >> reporter: woman who dropped by a car said that the family is asking for privacy right now they struggle to deal with what is happened.
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>> pam: learned little it was not a fisherman who discover the torso but a group of friends walking in the area sunday evening. washington aaronite remain anonymous. the man snapped his picture of " black plastic bag which they found a hole they said was inside the bag appearing to be a body. and the bone pokes through the suspect foul play it and immediately called police. in another kron 4 exclusive. we not formally identified the of
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death. coming up on kron4 news at six. the man who made the grim exclusively what else he and is friends saw that night. for the latest on this case. just go to kron 4 dot com. you can also get the latest breaking news alerts. anytime by downloading our mobile app. store or on google play. >> pam: a deadly shooting grant is here with what we know at this hour. >> grant: unfolding as we speak appears to of been a mass shooting today in kansas the yolk from the scene of people holding hands and enormous law- enforcement presence place informational few minutes ago three to four people died including a suspect and not up to 20 people injured after a series of attacks and texas 35 mi. north of wichita. small community 3700 people there
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authorities believe a man who worked at excel industries plant obviously disgruntled somehow and that is the shooter here. he has been killed but not before authorities say kill four people and 20 others could be injured. " a series of attacks and crime scenes according to authorities no specific motive. and the threat is over yet another mass shooting in kansas a less than a week after a driver shot up several people in michigan. we continue to keep posted on this story out of kansas. >> pam: learned more information about an oakland police officers allegedly involved in an off- duty incident left in oakland when bruce and family friendthat december altercation resulted in the arrest of one officer. kron 4's maureen kelly has learned. a sergant, named in a
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civil action, has been under scrutiny before. >> reporter:i could see the look on his face this oakland mother is describing sgt joe turner. the second off duty oakland officer who showed up at her home the night of december 7th. another officer.cullen faeth.allegedly tried to enter her home.a struggle that she says left her with bruises. but while that was happening she says sgt turner was standing in her yard. it looked like he had a firearm under her shirt and he pointed in toward our direction i looked toward my door and i see my children crying they were scared and i just wanted them to be safe because i didn't know if this person was going to shoot oakland police says officer faeth was arrested on suspicion of assault and public intoxication. four officers were placed on administrative leave. sgt joe turner was named in the claim filed by the cortez family lawyer.john burris sgt joe turner has been in the news of four officers who fatally shot 39 year old richard perkins just a
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few weeks in that incident the officers were impounding cars involved in a massive sideshow when perkins approached him. police say perkins pointed what looked like a pistol at them and they fired. it turned out to be pellet gun. that shooting is still under investigation. those are two different incidents former oakland police chief howard jordon says just because turner's name came up in both cases so close in time doesn't make him a rogue cop.but he says he was disappointed to hear about this latest case. i have to say i was embarrassed.any officer whether you are oakland are not would tarnishes the badge. so far no criminal charges have been filed against sgt turner.oakland pd says an internal affairs probe is ongoing. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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>> pam: former san jose will stand trial again on the charges of raping a woman while on duty. refuses' patrol car at her request. after domestic the that there's apartment in santa clara around 3- in thehe was confronted by a woman injust one week earlier, another same area, and sexuallythere is no sketch of that a male in his 20's police do not know if the two san jose police are searching investigating the scene. during 20 of the suspect broke into apartment on hope drive in santa clara around three in the morning. confronted by a woman
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in the home. and fled the scene at just one week earlier another suspect entered a home in the same area and sexually assaulted a woman inside never apartment. in a sketch of that suspect but the district as a male in his 20s police. do not know of the two incidents are related. san jose police looking for shooting suspect shot one person in south san jose this morning. incident happened on capitol expressway at copperfield drive 10:00 in the morning the sun. spect ran away a car, >> pam: police blocked off copperfield lot investigating the scene. >> pam: apple has made a dramatic new move today - in the ongoing dispute with the federal government over unlocking an i-phone. used by one of the san bernardino shooters. the latest development.
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>> pam:apple is now asking a federal judge to throw 'out' her order that it help the f-b-i hack into that phone. it's apple's first official response since the judge ordered the company last week to provide special software apple argues the fbi wants to acquire 'dangerous power' through the courts. and warns that if it's forced to open the door to many similar situations. today the fbi director appeared before the house intelligence committee.and acknowledged that the issues being raised are tough to deal with.
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investigators want to learn more about the motive in the san bernardino shooting. syed farook's phone will help. they also hope that it will help them figure out whether any other people were involved in the attack. >> pam:some possible drama brewing in santa clara. a day after 49ers management said. they are keeping colin kaepernick through april 1st, kaepernick's camp. fires back with a surprise response. mark carpenter has been tracking this story. he joins us with the details. >> reporter:apparently it doesn't matter to kaepernick what the 49ers want because he wants nothing to do with the team. according to multiple reports that surfaced late this afternoon, his agents have asked the 49ers to trade him.
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and just >> reporter: development what could turn into a brick into the two sides the general manager art said that they will keep capper neck and receiving has 11.9 million and a guaranteed salary in the same press conference he would admit as the team's starter. the head coach chip kelly told reporters he told and he wants to be here and never expressed any sense he wants to leave interesting contradictions just last month report said the cabinet wants to be traded near jack's. will this play out on will both teams want and if capitas there when the off- season workouts begin april 4th. >> pam:fears of lead in the drinking water at one north bay school. coming up. why the fears may be unfounded and why some are not taking any chances. then caught in action. the video that police want you see. so others do not become victims. and we've been asked to conserve on water. what the latest report how the rules.
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>> pam: two people taken it to a hostile offer car struck a pedestrian in san francisco's
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richmond district the second in. collision happened at 230 of the quarter fell mystery and 46th avenue video of this scene from helicopter partnership with abc seven. also hit a pole and building. the call for the driver pedestrian for non-life threatening injuries. a boss was in the area delayed for a short time now in the accident for. \ >> pam: grit is here with the video of some burglary suspect place or searching for. >> grant: think people recognize these two guys breaking into parking garage and san jose last sunday six in the morning they got up early look at the one guy right into the lens of a security camera and walking around a hallway police say that they broke all locked if you recognize them " please would
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hear from you and reward is being offered leading to arrest and conviction. >> pam: burglary fees making taken personal items a space say man be irresponsible for the other crime areas. tell the they publish help a net debt. net for the thief east bay city. >> reporter: christopher blakely walking the neighbor its lead in a per item is less than a lot of vehicle. looking through a locked vehicle.
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"after taking these items he puts them in his jacket before leaving the vehicle." >> reporter: uses his backside close the door. >> reporter: away with $800 but not before his image captured on video. "hases headband wrapped "uses his rear end to shut it head wrap and he also has a very thick beard. i am sure someone will be able to identify him. things that we have put on konr4 before, it's always positive, someone will call in and say i want be anonymous but this is who i think this person is, and that's a lead for investigators" >> reporter:they are hoping to get that kind of lead again soon before this man targets someone else's vehicle. in concord haaziq
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>> pam:the san leandro police department is saying goodbye to chief sandra spagnoli spagnoli announced today, she is taking over as chief of police down in beverly hills. she has worked in san leandro since 20-11. and previously worked in benicia and san carlos for 16 years.
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the latest numbers are out. on water users are now falling short of the state-mandated less water in january. that just misses the 25-percent cuts governor brown ordered for california is in its 5th year of drought.and officials haverainy season might lead people the latest numbers mark the missed the overall target. january was the 8th month of whether el nino will ease the >> pam:the largest container ship to ever berth in north america. is back at the port of oakland. the c-m-a c-g-m benjamin franklin returned to the east bay today. these pictures of the thirteen - hundred and- ten foot long cargo ship. are from our helicopter partners at abc 7. the ship is capable of carrying up to 18 -thousand containers. the first time it came to oakland. was back in december. the giant ship is set to depart another beautiful day in the bay area. brittney is here with the
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forecast into the weekend. >> britteny: will seat miles conditions with well above average temperatures. take all the sun set a beautiful day temperatures in the mid '70s in most locations every it in a low 60s. and other warm day today of the warmest day of the week. temperatures will drop over the next couple days. right now 75 and nab but so, 95 and richmond and 71, and a fremont, 71 in sunnyvale, 69 and deliver more. as to take a closer look at that might planner. temperatures in the '60s at locations and to the bay. highs around the region you
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noticed all lot more sixties on the map. not as many as 70 as we have a weather service in dropping into a that ridge of high pressure. 65 at santa rosa '60s and napa. coming up tracking a chance of showers and the forecast tomorrow possibly on sunday as well for parts of their area. in another high surf advisories in effect for most of the weekend over all the details as well. >> pam:next. why facbook founder mark zuckerberg. had to reprimand his plus. why some parents are not happy. about a visit by warriros school.
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>> pam:some facebook employees are being scolded by mark zuckerberg for what they are writing on the company's walls. catherine is back to explain why he is upset. >> catherine:facebook prides itself on letting employees share ideas --- that extends to letting them write pretty much whatever they want on the at least until now. zuckerberg is angry that some people have
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crossed out "black lives matter" and added "all lives matter." in a private memo posted on a company announcement page -- he says there's never been rules about what's written.but he now considers this malicious and tiresome. he says crossing something out is like silencing speech. zuckerberg says he's investigating.and is holding a >> catherine: >> pam: america right now. visiting a not according to some. who don't like *one of the reasons steph curry is showing up. grant is here to explain what >> grant:the most marketabkle man in america.arguably.has signed a deal with brita.and he's going to be talking about the positive effects of drinking water instead of soda, and juice and other sweet drinks.
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curry is scheduled to be at martin luther king junir elementary school in west oakland eary next month. campaign for a commercial free childhood.which is speaking out agains the appearance. it loves the message to drink water.but does not like a school and youg kids being used to market products. brita's parent company is oakland based clorox.and brita will be installing filters in the school that day. we spoke with a school district spokesman who says that non- profit is the only negativity they've heard.
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in just a matter of minutes. >> pam: guess handstand commercial free anyone can get that but i can't imagine you'll stay there yet use these filters. kids are impressionable think anyone comes sort of green light by educators and then they will go home. this is a lot of these kids could use our role model coming and not only knowledge but stay healthy with water
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remaining republican candidates face off and texas. what to watch for in tonight's debate. assists and sailors in the stress very dangerous for the rescuers.
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>> pam:right now a texas- sized showdown is set to get underway in houston. the five remaining republican candidates for president. will hough debate before super tuesday. it is a homecoming for senator ted cruz. who trails front runner donald trump. c-n-n's ryan nobles is live in houston with more. + 10 >> reporter: edits trying to become the alternative have spent all lot of time battling with each other perhaps tonight that will shift trump's becomes the target.
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>> reporter: like could be the last chance to get to just sex address the voters will face of the most highly anticipated dates so far this election season. question is will rubio and crews go after each other or focus attacked squarely on trump. och 11 held their republican contest of a dignified delegates a strong performance for trump could put the race average urgency as today delivered some early blows to the front runner. >> reporter: they're fighting
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desperately do it have the clear trump alternative they will as difficult for either to gain necessary support. trump king of three state winning streak in tonight's debate time is running out for anyone to catch him. >> reporter: even if they'll go after him there's no evidence a will and pakistan a truck has had rocky debates before there he is leading the field.
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in the >> reporter: are willing to back away from that and someone like john is a good example scrambling here and trailing in lesser bertie's face its ahead to ohio and see if you can win there. sam can be said for mark and crews. note has thinking of getting longer they'll stay and the better it is for donald.
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but the >> reporter: split into wonder if there's anything that will hurt donald trump. >> pam:nevada's republican governor has taken himself out of the running catherine is here to tell us how that announcement affects the president's chances of finding a replacement for the late justice antonin scalia. >> catherine: it certainly doesn't make it easier.
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nevada governor and former says the notion of being considered is humbling. but he doesn't 'want' to be considered at this time. sandoval is a moderate republican who had the support of the senate's top democrat, today reid expressed his frustration with republican threats to stonewall any nomination -- until a new hoff "never, in the history of the country, has there been anything like this. there will be no hearings. there'll be no vote. they will not even meet with the nominee, no matter who it is." president obama has a thick binder of potential nominees he'll discuss them with senate leaders next tuesday. the governor of virginia has >> britteny: broker record in mid-70s celebrate our shots area of high pressure is starting to weaken on the way and that we
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will continue to see some clouds into tomorrow and willing to check in the afternoon is when the weather disturbance gets closer to our region a chance of rain and cerros the north bay closer to 6:00 p.m. possible that some showers will transition to the south near the bay parts of south bay. keep that in mind. models not showing a slight transfer past showers in the forecast. tonight temperatures cool into the '60s san francisco 9:00 p.m. soda cool down temperatures will go want today and sunday forecast and 15 minutes. . severe >> pam: storms hit the state of the past two days tornadoes knockdown balance of power lines leading people without any electricity number of homes businesses damaged. and
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also a two year-old boy. crew >> grant: is rescuing some people in that 74 ft. fishing boat in queens thing is. this coast guard boat overturned and the five coast guard members on that boat were able to safely make it to a beach and piquancy people very cold february waters and york a everyone will be ok.
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still ahead at five. modern family star ariel winter opens up about a surgery that changed her life. california.
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>> pam: showed his lead the school may be the clear mistake testing shows below normal while holes blood in the school's drinking water exists now the school trough of thought and are on links giving after staff members reported cloudy water.
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and it was tested level of lead in the water was well below standard the officials say that the water is safe to drink still a school is now providing bottled water for students and staff. has dropped to its lowest since 20003 it present pump. austria energy is bang on on a straw and of how oil price solid gain as energy companies the strength of higher oil cal quartback jared goff could be a top round pick at this year's n-f-l draft. but his skills are not what is being scrutinezed at the the hot topic this week.
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now she's proving to be quite matenopoulos is in hollywood pam, the 18-year-old underwent a breast reduction last june and now she's receiving new criticism and is coming clean about the real reason for her life-changing procedure. dm: first of all, ariel, you look gorgeous. who makes this dress? aw: thank you. stills of the black strapless dress and broll
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the award shows the next day's see everyone on the internet telling me i shouldn't look like this and dress like that. conversation became about ... of talent and work. everything had been want. even got messages from older male fans out and there were gross. the physically hurt having so much weight was affecting me psychologically and comfortable and happy. having so much weight on my psychologically.i was uncomfortable and unhappy. i we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm pam. surfing and big waves the nfl draft is two months away.
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>> pam: 10 to 50 ft. tall for that to run this the first time this happened since 2010 contrast surrogate conte started quite time and going on at this hour. >> britteny: tomorrow and parts of saturday they've been warm above the average temperature is above water. and be very careful into tomorrow saturday a live look outside a few clouds, lots of sun shine light wind speeds and they will be well above average or misstate the entire week in trouble labatt a chance of rain in the forecast tomorrow but and then the
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interest of high surf advisories in effect friday lasting into saturday 3:00 p.m. slightly cooler temperatures back in the '60s tomorrow and over until week and set out beginning a little bit closer at " this time of year. and then 75 degrees in richmond 70 nap but take a look of sunnyvale 77 degrees and 75 san jose seven andean free markets. >> britteny: anywhere between 11 and 14 ft.. the trustee for waves and then. also affect the entire cost and apportion as a going to two more you notice clause increasing especially afternoon evening. then i check a trance of rain in to close her art tour regionwide 5 6:00. i could see some showers and to the south as we go into the evening. in this model didn't
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show us where we keep it in the forecast and then we will see it again as we head into saturday lots of sunshine club will be right back at the push to sunday. another chance for the north bay to see a little bit of rain fall. coming up next we will be talking about your 70 forecast and do expect temperatures to continue to drop back in the '50s. the push into tomorrow admitted a week and stay in the '60s. >> pam:and a bay area native could be the first quarterback taken off the board. former cal qb jared goff is widely projected as a top-10 pick. and it's expected he'll be an mark carpenter has been us with a scouting report. mark-- teams are lining up to whenever you are mentioned in rodgers.
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history, that's a pretty good sign. by the end of his junior year-- novato's own jared goff had shattered school and conference records. he'll work out at this week's nfl combine.where scouts put everything about him under a microscope. are his hands too small to be an he should feel that way because broke 26-school records. and it didn't stop him from topping the pac-12 mark for a single season. small mitts or not-- jared goff
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the nitpicking process that is the nfl combine.otherwise known as the toughest job interview ofand he's being up front to all potential employers. "i think my accuracy is one of my best attributes. i've been pretty accurate my whole life and was able to improve that at cal even more. something i want to work on is tying my feet to kind of staying a little bit more on balance. i think i was able to get away with stuff in the tough thing for goff is maybe he doesn't want to impress too much. if he goes second overall ashe would land with the cleveland
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if the browns pass on him-- there is a chance goff could still be available when the san the other bay area quarterback
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in a previous edition of people behaving badly, our stanley roberts highlighted the c-h-p s speed team, well now he talked to some of the people caught speeding. and of course with stanley, there is no such thing as an ordinary conversation. >> reporter:i showed you the california highway patrol marin area office speed team who target speeders throughout marin, contra costa, sonoma and san francisco counties nats: ambiance i showed you speeders getting caught on lidar on the golden gate bridge with speed as high as 83 mile per hour like this guy i don't know if your equiptment working or if i was really going 83 yup you head him right 83 on the bridge when the posted speed limit is 45. what i failed to mention is that the chp officer that caught most of them is on a mountain bike. he uses lidar i thought you'd like to hear what some of the other drivers, how fast they were going and what they had to say but first we have to catch up with them middle lane black audi station wagon 64 number 2 lane black audi wagon six hundred forty three feet
5:56 pm
so we catch up with this driver you can exit the freewway up ahead please good day officer brusal with the california highway patrol were doing a speed enforcement on the btridge and you were traveling point now my history with taking with marin residents has always been over the top but i was prepared mentally i do a segment named people behaving badly you everh heard of it no and now im on yes maam oh wait she was totally nice to me this next driver was caught by the speed team not on the bridge but close enough he was doing 91 91, that pretty fast what happened i don't know i wasn't going 90 i don't know you wasn't going 90 was up with the camera i just said im with channel 4 what does that mean im doing a segment called people behaving badly am i going to be
5:57 pm
famous hi mom i'm citing you for your speed its 91 im puttingyou in a 65 it s 55 zone . see you already get the sign your first autograph the last driver was caught on the appoach to the golden gate bridge which is also 45 she was going 70 i thought i was going with the flow of the traffic but i guess not . almost everyone speeds. if you exceed the speed limit by one mph that is speeding but the really bad offenders well they get to meet the chp speed team in marin county stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: information authorities shared with us today plus more from a man who fought the poor so on but peer coming up in 70 seconds
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>> pam: a death investigation rocks a quite community on the peninsula. torso found in fremont and suicide of the woman's husband. we're waiting for a minute county coroner to positively identify the remains found sundaythis is a developing story.kron 4's justine waldman is live in brisbane tonight, with all the new information we have learned
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>> reporter: here outside the home and show you from memorial just out to light candles and from of the hall with these flowers. we know from police there was no history of domestic violence between a couple and police when i first talked to him did not suspect any fault like but the police are not taking a lead on this case and while the torso found in fremont has not been identified they say that they're confident it is her. they need dna to make the positive test result that could take a couple weeks the fremont police found additional evidence including body parts tuesday afternoon and there will speak about the missing persons case we know that the husband took its own life on tuesday night a few hours after spoke to him about trying to find his wife. the police will not tell me if
6:01 pm
they were able to talk to paul about that new evidence they found tuesday night before he jumps from the bay bridge they are reassuring this grieving small community the people here are safe. "focusing on one possible conclusion and will take evidence were leads us." paul >> reporter: had been married 20 years they got into fights saturday the 13th to let go of a friend and he reported her missing on the 15th when she not contacted anyone as a
6:02 pm
combatant here live we talk with what one piece of information is where there is a crime scene. in a police searched a home here or paul works not too far away and also taking his own computer with search warrants paul family cars looking for any evidence the county sheriff's department were not to the lands and fremont the search for more evidence they will do that again sometime next week. we also know paul was never considered a suspect a person of interest and that the entire community is shocked by what happened. grant lodes continues our team coverage. he break down the sequence of events in this case. the development >> grant: in this case apparently did not
6:03 pm
stop on the peninsula after reporting is what's missing two days after she left a dismembered torso was found this past sunday february in the marsh lands under the dumbarton bridge nothing connected them with the torso of before tuesday to to go we jumped off the bay bridge killing himself. for hours after you spoke about the like disappearance. that suicide help connect the dots suggesting paul had something to do with his wife's disappearance not definitively identified confident as shelley. and the loss will the parents.
6:04 pm
>> reporter: wishing to remain anonymous. he and his buddies were up for what class sunday in dumbartons fishing here and large plastic bag the war. he says he then snapped a few photos with his phone, which he turned over to police. we've show but he says there was no mistaking what was inside that bag. he says he and his pals remained at the scene until late sunday night as police combed what he described as a crime scene and there was no doubt
6:05 pm
about what kind of crime they he suspects it's only a matter his at the same time, he hopes his discovery will somehow help the investgation into exactly how the remains got here and bring whom ever is responsible to justice. in fremont rob fladeboe kron 4 news
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for the latest on this case. just go to kron 4 dot com. you can also get the latest breaking news alerts. anytime by downloading our mobile app. it is free in the apple app store or on google play. >> pam:breaking news out of kansas. sheriff's deputies say as many as seven people are dead.up to 20 people injured following a the alleged shooter, an employee of excel industries in the town of hesstion, is among the dead. >> reporter: happened and how often kansas 35 mi. north. and occurred but they make a lot more as and also alicia written tell you is simply a more. in the dead. authorities say there could be formed crime scenesauthorities say there could be the surrounding area. employees describe what they heard when the shots rang out. "we heard a pop-pop and we just thought it was metal falling on
6:07 pm
the ground. then the doors opened and people started screaming and running out saying go to the front. then everybody turned around and said no he's out front so everybody started going to the back right over here and then me, my boss and the other employee we work with, we was just standing back there, we really didn't know what was going on." authorities say the gunman was multiple eyewitnesses and employees at excel industries identified the shooter as cedric ford, an employee at the company in hesston. >> reporter: the fbi it has been called to investigate new motive has been identified. >> pam:we are learning more information about one of the oakland police officers alledgedly involved in an off duty incident that left an oakland woman bruised, and her family frightened. sgt joe turner was named in a
6:08 pm
civil action filed against the officers who attempted to enter the cortez family home in the oakland hills back in december. another officer has been arrested in the incident on suspicion of assault and public intoxication. and a total of four officers are it turns out that just a few weeks before this incident sgt. turner was one of four officers alledgedly pointed a pellet gun we talked to former oakland police chief howard jordan. he says just because one officer is involved in both incidents doesn't mean he's a rogue cop. he says the first incident involves a very different set of
6:09 pm
jordan says this latest incident is embarrassing to anyone who wears a badge. he did know turner while at the oakland police department. he describes the sergant a bright young officer who was expected to advance up the ranks.
6:10 pm
he says he is surprised that turner would be involved in a former san jose police officerwhile he was on duty in 2013 - we're talking about geoffrey graves.accused of sexually assaulting to a hotel in september of 2013.last week a jury deadlocked and graves was one of 5 officers on a domestic disturbance call the night in question. she didn't tell anyone about the incident until 3 weeks later -- >> britteny: had into tomorrow and we drop down a little bit off and also a chance of showers mainly in the north bay
6:11 pm
and happens as we get closer to our friday evening. a live look right now gorgeous out we will see mild conditions continue we see a closer look at conditions 73 degrees in napa '66 and '67 half moon bay low 70's in sunnyvale six. 7 and san jose 73 pausing 1066 and fairfield. average here again in the low 60s of dislocations today mid- 70s at more than 10 degrees above that average. plater shows by 7:00 p.m. loafer mid the low 60s 8:00 p.m. we start to drop in the '50s along the coast and the 9:00 p.m. most locations in mid high 50s paid coming up looking ahead. do expect to see another round of temperatures in your 60s and these will start tomorrow of a bigger chance of showers tomorrow what's in store for saturday sunday.
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for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your 4 mobile app. it's your number one source for area.
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will fit the incident were david was instead official and now for evidence to charge him. the rank and a sheriff's looking for a 37 year-old charles will act for a mug. searching for 37- year old charles welch. homicide in marin early this month. welch is suspected of fatally shooting two victims after they were involved in a fight on cole drive in marin city. police consider welch armed and dangerous.anyone with information on where he is are being asked to call police. surveillance video captures an
6:16 pm
auto burglary theif taking personal items from a car in an east bay city. police say the man may be responsible for similar crimes in the area. haaziq madyun they need the public's help in identifying the thief "all these items that he is taking were not in plain view, they were inside the center box" but the door was open "but the door.was open" >> reporter:and this auto burglar took advantage of that unlocked car door early monday morning here on the 2000 block of date street in concord concerned" julianne reed is the auto burglary victim's neighbor "we have had some incidents in the area, i wasn't aware of the one that happened recently, you know it's so unfortunate because i heard that you should leave your door unlocked so no one breaks your window to get in, but you better not have anything in there worth stealing" investigators say in this case the driver typically locks the night "and sometimes that happens, sometimes you are bringing the kids in, you're bringing in groceries, you close the door and you don't secure the car and
6:17 pm
you wake up the next morning and your car is broken into" he describes the man in the video ", he has a long beard, that really stands out, light colored pants a dark jacket and he has a white shirt wrapped around his that's a little different "that is a little different, and that is why we think he will stick out to someone who knows him, hoping that someone out there can identify him and let in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam: suspect accused of breaking into a milpitas gun store early wednesday morning. 19 year-old jose fernandez was arrested with two 17 year-olds and a 15 year old near target masters. police say the four broke into the business just before 2 in the morning.
6:18 pm
two teens were arrested outside the business.the 15 year old got trapped inside the gun store and had to be let out by the swat team. police arrested fernandez after a short chase. >> grant: the division street. bess francisco. give a to two declare a public sent. sure this pitch with the. they've found an not a picture a back situation in their review use home people deal with or they are losing
6:19 pm
belong clean up then city said give the whole as art leave for pure and a homeless shelter for folks will. south of where they are now >> pam: with his time, on the new dog rules being proposed for the golden gate recreation areas. the effect the golden gate national recreation land at san francisco and marin county and it designates 22 areas for dog walking seven for off leashed dog walking. this officials say this meant that maintain the parts and they have told me the 25th to make comments.
6:20 pm
>> catherine:this is part of a big 'modernization' project. over the next couple of years. the list includes everything from painting, new seating and public bathrooms. there will also be upgraded market street. station. be at four stations: el cerrito del norte, 19th street-oakland, powell street - and balboa park. don't get too excited by the sketches yet -- not all of the concepts have been confirmed. >> pam: california coast. the national weather service issued high surf advisories along much of the coast through tonight. this was the scene at rodondo beach today
6:21 pm
beachgoers are being warned of dangerous rip currents that could sweep you out to see. authorities say swimmers should watch the waves before entering the water or ask lifeguards for temps drop a little tomorrow with a weather disturbance moving to the morth of our area. chance showers and a high surf advisory. coming up there is one ticket a pedestrian can get that actually puts a point on your driving record i'm going to look at that and a few other issues in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight >> britteny: sunshine to moral and legal clouds tonight even a chance of rain and it will go on the north bay cerros the high surf advisory in effect friday saturday 3:00 p.m. and rip currents expected for us very careful cool weather on its way
6:22 pm
record-breaking warmth today in concord 67 san francisco 67 degrees at half moon bay low '70's in sunnyvale and then tell the jurors and san jose 69 in places like fremont 69 degrees. high surf advisories the entire coast and the first half of your weekend. 11 the 14 ft. be careful with the drastic airwaves. high-pressure and control of will warm temperatures and a weather disturbance on short tomorrow and the often in south of for the increase close to 5:00 p.m. trying to head home from work cerros will see a light rain moving in and some showers transitioning in the south. we will keep that in the forecast with a chance of a few passing
6:23 pm
showers most of the area closer to 5 6:00 friday. saturday lots of sunshine and pushing and sunday and run ashore activity for the north bay on the region tomorrow back to the '60s we go 63 high and senate fell 65 cerros appeared 68 high-end apple 70 san jose a it shows that it will continue to seek closer average temperatures in the weekend stay dry partly sunny and also saturday sunday lots sunshine week but said see other women tread into next week.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> grant:today the dallas police department announced the case is headed to a grand jury. the dallas police department completed their investigation into a january 30th incident in which the 2012 heisman trophy winner's girlfriend , collen crowley , claimed he attacked her. several times in the face at a dallas hotel causing temporary loss in one ear.
6:27 pm
no details of the investigation will be released while it's pending grand jury presentation. manziel has not been arrested >> pam: things heating up in florida tonight golden state warriors facing orlando are sports structure will be here to talk about the team keeping the winning streak
6:28 pm
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>> reporter: term and an ominous he not fishermen who fought a torso and a plastic bag last sunday. they suspected the torso may be that of kitchener rippers been a missing persons case they can't say for sure till the results and test our end.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: one of whom entered into their home. encounter left the mother with bruises and john turner in the days before one of four officers fatally shot a man a few weeks prior and >> reporter: ministry said it might be breaking into vehicles.
6:32 pm
>> pam:the remaining republican presidential candidates are getting a last chance to sway voters on a national stage before super tuesday. catherine heenan is here with details on what's happening right now in houston texas. >> catherine: cosseted named adolf trump and the. question sennight will anyone be able to slow down his momentum he's riding high and about some political surveys say this could be less chance for mark and had to derail the front runner and john still lagging way behind. happening in houston days before taxes and 10 other states hold republican contest. . although he and rubio had been fairly simple that might disappear talking about legal
6:33 pm
immigration. >> reporter: reclaim that entered to your knowledge you believe person ever fined for hiring people to work on products illegally. >> catherine: there's still time to stop him - himself and marco rubio is about
6:34 pm
temps drop a little tomorrow with a weather disturbance >> britteny: warmth had attorney stacy earl windows down. temperatures january warm winter. in the cool things down you notice until tomorrow not as warm as we saw today it was the warmest of the week and now as we go into tomorrow it will help drop temperatures a little and then the helices in some spots and '70s 73 in pleasanton and then in half moon bay 67 and 66 degrees in daly city system effect until friday and also into saturday we see it between 11 to 14 ft. and celebrate our shot shows a high pressure has been in control seeing such warm
6:35 pm
temperatures already seeing the weather disturbance on short staying to the north of us walking through our feature cast and how all this will break down. it will be a mix of sun and clouds and an end to the 6:00 hour a chance of rain and santa rosa could see a few showers in close to the south and parts of san francisco and to the east bay. very short- lived quick moving showers as we head into saturday off the sunshine by sunday and also returning once again a slight chance of showers cerros suffer sunday most of the north bay peak price tomorrow in the east bay you notice a lot more sixties on the map 66 hayward and in the north bay 65 to route 68 nap but merciless oxidase '70s mid-70s in then peninsula heading into around 64 degrees for san mateo 60 paul auto solve the you notice barely getting in to above average we
6:36 pm
take a look at the 74 past. still ahead.the civil rights leader planing a huge rally at the oscars to protest the lack
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> pam:bill cosby has dropped defamation charges against supermodel beverly johnson. johnson accuses the comedian of drugging her back in the 1980's.cosby's attorney says cosby needs to focus on his defense in a criminal case in pennsylvania. in that case.he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university cosby's attorney says he plans on refiling a case against johnson before the statue of the 88th academy awards is this sunday.
6:40 pm
today the reverand al sharpton announce plans to stage a rally prior to the oscars to protest a lack of diversity in hollywood. critics say the awards show, with its second consecutive year of all-white acting nominees, has com to embody a diversity crisis in the entertainment industry. the rally is intended to support a push for a nationwide tv tune-out of the academy awards ceremony. jada pinkett smith, will smith and spike lee previously announced their intention to not support the show. sharpton's demonstration will be held just a few blocks from the dolby theatre, where the oscars are staged. actress jennifer lawrence has been named as this year's highest paid oscar nominee. forbes magazine reports lawrence made 52 million dollars between june 2014 and 2015. lawrence received a best actress nomination for her film "joy".
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: he has again tonight in orlando opening quarter set the record breaking kyle's marks with 128 consecutive games with
6:45 pm
a three-pointer. therefore it goes out of san jose the starters line tonight. curry 24 points in the third the warriors proposed game open one more time 9992 points as they had in the fourth and even he's lost. the biggest name the biggest performer and sports right now set at 51.10 three-pointers to open a from nba record and to 50. game of the season last wire was a wreck 13114 kurri in company 52 and 51 game ahead of chicago bulls. 959672 wins
6:46 pm
warriors off tomorrow in oklahoma city a nationally televised on saturday night. >> gary: remember yesterday, and on-site to stay. and latest nfl network, and once we traded all his agents have vast san francisco to let him go and 24 hours ago he said now we will pay 11.9 he will be with us and continue with the job then today chip kelly said capricorns to be forty-niner last month report said he wants to be traded to the jets all these seven things i would probably say the best way to deal with
6:47 pm
this pump believe anyone until early moves. . >> gary: it on the complaint about the giants not been very good a continued back-and-forth. people telling me i'll wait till the season starts to hurt the giants.
6:48 pm
after >> gary: a comeback. tuchman nfl how people go every will detail. garrett breakwater backed took his measurements today and his hands are small by nfl standards. he could go as high as no. 2 in the draft but now people who say your hands are too small.
6:49 pm
>> gary: the big story today that king had a sister moved from a 10 days we all know project earlier in his career in getting rolling again.
6:50 pm
with a >> pam: analysts here summary in the forecast. we find out pretty will be back brittany will be back
6:51 pm
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>> britteny: and average and well above average of flow conditions pushing in the mid-'70s but morrow back down to 67 degrees to attract some
6:54 pm
chance of rain in the north bay and showers continue to closer to san francisco peninsula and as a week and looks beautiful the high surf advisory until saturday.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, chrissie teagan fires back after her ivf controversy. >> why the model's decision to birth a baby girl has social media fighting mad? >> is this controversial? yeah. and this sunday's oscar nominees all make millions, but who was this year a's highest paid? >> surprise. and number it's rock versus rock. why chr little brother tony is stepping into chris's oscar spotlight. >> is there any rivalry between tw plus an "insider" bonus, an exclusive look at a day in the life at "the talk." >> so this is the beginning of the day? >> this is the beginning of the day.
7:00 pm
>> all the behind the scenes chaos, from hair and makeup, and last second meetings, to barely making the show on tame. and now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> family star aerial winsters opiniwi winsters pens a e. the 18-year-old r why she did and it's not what you a might think. >> mama to be, chrissie teagan feeling the heat. >> she said i picked a girl from the embryos. well it caused a backlash and today chrissie is fighting back.


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