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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 8, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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things will taper off a little bit into the middle portion of our afternoon then these real isolated hashish hours that moved through. we see another round of rainfall. pfizer on the region low fifties once again and a fifth series oakland 53 banville and 63 in san jose. " expect and to the rescue work week coming up.
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>> catherine:and don't forget. you can track today's storm and future storms - by downloading the kron four mobile app. we'll send out important weather and traffic alerts as the storm moves through the bay area. it's free to download in the app store for both android and apple devices. bureau says it's notified all 36 families of victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire. and today the coroner released the names of two more victims. they're 35-year-old jennifer mendiola and 36-year-old joseph matlock - both of oakland. meantime investigators say there's more work ahead in determining the cause. but a-t-f officials tell kron4's haaziq madyun that they're now bringing in some help. he joins us live now in oakland. with more. haaziq? >> reporter: things are slowly pushing beginning to return to normal trotters are serving customers relatives. atf is
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beginning their investigation to pinpoint the cause of this fire. >> reporter:zeroing in on a potential electrical cause for the ghost ship warehouse fire "that is why we brought in the specialists, they will look at every electrical item, identifying to see if there's a fault in any of the electrical items, that can be identified as the, smoking gun of what happened" to do that, atf computer scientists will diagram the contents inside the warehouse "we have a team that is coming to diagram the scene, it's kind of panoramic, professional computerized diagram of everything, it's very systematic and a lot of science goes into it" the current atf experts on the scene, including 3 certified
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fire investigators, two electrical engineers and a fire protection engineer have been able to determine the following "there is no evidence of a fire alarm system or fire suppression being installed in the building, by all accounts the fire started on the first floor, there were two internal stairwells from the second floor that led to the first floor, to the interior but not to the exterior of the building, smoke traveled up the stairwells trapping the occupants on the second floor" special agent snyder says they also know once the fire took off very fast "initial witness interviews indicated that the fire was well developed by the time the occupants learned that there was a fire" >> reporter:atf officials say there is no set time line for them to complete their investigation, in fact investigators say their work will likely continue even after they turn the warehouse back over to the property oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> reporter:this afternoon u-c berkeley paid tribute to five members of their campus community that died in the ghost ship fire.
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in this video you can see mourners writing messages to those three young women and two men. kron4's maureen kelly was at zellerbach hall for the vigil where several family members shared their grief and their memories. >> reporter: the father of 21 year-old berkeley undergrad had a hard time containing his emotions he describes his daughter to the crowd of well- wishers. >>: was precious to us and love everything very talented. >> reporter: dead at the warehouse also wrote a berkeley undergrad.
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>>: the greatest love the graves half the greatest beauty. >> reporter: a cal alumni who worked at the same hall with a vigil was held. the father has no regrets about a 23 year-old son. another recent graduate on the as and of the assistant at the international house. >> reporter: here on hand at the vigil and both the beginning and of the service provided those in the audience that counseling services would be available here
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at the university in the days and weeks ahead >> catherine:east bay congresswoman barbara lee led the u.s. house in a moment of silence for the victims of the oakland fire today. saying 'we are in mourning for these young people.' lee says people in oakland are resilient and compassionate. and says that the victims' families will be supported in their recovery efforts. earlier this week.lee got a first-hand look at some of the damage at the warehouse.and thanked the first responders for their hard work. >> catherine: >> grant:in the south bay. it's not clear if any of the cases are related but three times now in the past week. women at san jose state have reported they were the victims of sexual battery.
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kron four's rob fladeboe bring us up to date on the story now. he's live on the campus in downtown san jose. rob?? >> reporter: one could argue that as a form of assault the less and one thing is certain it's got the attention of students here at san jose state let's take a look.
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>> reporter: meghan and many others here
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no serious damage reported. at 6-49 in the morning. a magnitude six-point-five earthquake struck about 112 miles west off the coast of eureka. it happened within the vicinity of the mendecino transform fault. a strike slip fault, which over the years, us geological survey geophysicist doctor brad aagaard says has been consistently active. sot- "we've had magnitude seven and magnitude six events within the last 15 years in this region. so, its ongoing, normal earthquake activity." aagaard says this quake was relatively shallow.
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a depth of about six miles, still within the earth's crust. from oregon all the way down to santa cruz. he says more than two thousand people reported shaking. but all only light to moderate, with no serious damage. the green dot shows the earthquake, the red dot represents the magnitude 4.7 aftershock reported about an hour and forty minutes after the initial shaker. and, aagard says you should
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expect more aftershocks. sot- "there could be dozens above magnitude, uh, say in the three to five range in the next week, but these are mag -- most of these are offshore, in the same vicinity, so 100 miles offshore, so those smaller events generally would not be felt." bridge so how does this shaker compare to the earthquake that hit on august 24th 2014, devastating the city of napa? sot- "this was, uh, a magnitude 6.5 event. so, larger than the napa 6.2 earthqua occurred urban napa 6.2 earhich means strongerd more damage. over the long-ter says the probabyl and within the next 30 so, he says be prepared. in menlo park, philippe djegal, kron four news. still ahead on kron four news at f3 a warning tonight for residents in the east bay. string of arm the happening.and what police are doing. american hero and aviation icon, john glenn, has died. a look back at his accomplishments. and. there are now *new on-and-off leash areas at parks in the bay area. what you need to know--- next.
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a 16-year-old boy getting a ride to school this morning was killed in a crash on san tomas expressway in campbell. a friend had offered him a ride after spotting him on his skateboard.but later the driver lost control and hit a guardrail that came through the passenger door. the teenager died on the scene. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b- c- news. the driver had only minor injuries. the road was wet at the time - but it's not clear yet whether that was a factor. the c-h-p is reminding drivers to slow down in rainy conditions.
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>>: 58 to 510 and there's not any maker model. >> reporter: near virginia they're targeting people travelling by themselves and a couple instances to people are dark street. no matter what time they are out about because of these robberies. the suspect's arm of handgun the minden number of items both male and female
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victims. over and virginia location of one of the crimes some people say they're not taking different routes. >> reporter: 72 other robberies in most cases and the suspects and it is possible that they could all be related. and highly encouraging residents be extra cautious given the rash of cases. >> grant: itching for a person who's standing killed a teenager
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on the campus of sonoma state university. back on november 2, 1918 year-old kirk was fired several stab wounds and and i shallow grave near the college campus. reported missing since october 17th. kimberly's family and friends have raised a reward of more than 6-thousand dollars as of this morning.hoping anyone with information will contact sheriff's investigators. the sonoma county alliance is offering a separate reward of 25-hundred-dollars. >> catherine:there is a back up right now on u-s 101 northbound in san mateo. c-h-p says a truck carrying chicken parts spilled a part of its load when it abruptly stopped due to traffic. you can see the back up here courtesy of our partnership with a-b-c sky 7. all lanes are now open but you can still expect traffic in the area. a 30-year-old man from novato has been sentenced to seven years in prison for receiving
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>> grant:dog owners are upset after the national park service released a final proposal for walking dogs at parks around the bay area. there are now *new on-and-off leash areas at parks in san mateo, marin, and san francisco counties. and the proposal cuts about 90 percent of the areas where dog owners are currently allowed to walk their dogs off of a leash. the park service says the plan includes 22 locations for dog walking within the golden gate national recreation area. the proposed rules also allow groups of up to 4-6 dogs to be walked with a permit. park service officials say the rules are needed to protect environmental resources and wildlife. the decision will be published in january and the final rule will be released later in 2017. the house has approved a wide- ranging bill aimed at helping water projects across the country. that includes 558-million dollars for california drought relief. it will be used in part to boost water delivery to the san joaquin valley and to southern parts of the state. and will also help secure future water supplies. some critics complain that it's too much of a 'give-away' to farmers. other examples of where the money is going.170-million is earmarked for
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snow has been falling since wednesday afternoon --- leaving a nice blanket of snow. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the region until thursday morning. this is the scene in the community of blue canyon. forecasters say between six and 10 inches of snow could fall in high elevations >> britteny: the history of the system then moves through his hand a few pops of the bluest of fog coming down in the higher elevations right not a single lot of activity but still unsettled as it affects the entire area including into the weekend. in the car for some camera network showing a silver what streets overcast skies and the north bay zone in south bay looks well as well as the irish rock shows all the rain fall
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looks to be a lot lighter than what we saw overnight even earlier this morning. we see the light spotty rain showers again for parts of san francisco like showers exactly where the rainfall is outside of daly's city were seeing the light showers here and release body near oakland also san leandro seeing rainfalls an armada orinda staying dry and feature rainfall totals go through tomorrow morning picking up another third of an inch of rain same thing for daly city over a quarter of an engine paul auto quarter of an engine they really add up in the overnight hours on friday this alicea the round of heavy rainfall. that pushes us further the three- fourths of tensions and francisco close and almost an inch for petaluma and also into santa rosa as we go through our day saturday morning and saturday evening. temperatures
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have also warmed up with warmer air coming along with a lot of moisture we're up 16 degrees and livermore from this time yesterday 13 hayward tenant on view updates degrees in san jose in loss allocations in back to the '60s more about your temperature is also a help the time of your weekend coming up another 10 minutes.
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for more information on signing up -- you can visit kron-4-dot- com i'm sure we have file video of these peeps >> reporter: 4 fires of us there and two smaller electrical fires that i know of and the retirees will something burning schools to tell the guys ever called 911 for fire or the third apartment window is covered out myself a common occurrence so people lived there were given keychains a light up when the lights went out the cost of around. they found out of me a
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note headers turning order against her two years ago but and present her police report. still ahead. the president-elect is staying busy this week. picking people for his administation. and picking fights with people one twitter.
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he's latest twitter war. coming up. and next: we take a look inside the ghost ship. the warehouse that caught fire last week. killing 36 people. one woman shows us what it was like to live inside.
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john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth - who went on to become a longtime congressman has died. he was 95. he was surrounded by family at a ohio medical center when he died. martin savidge has a look at glenn's remarkable career. new video into the kron four newsroom. courtsy of the daily mail. showing one of the san bernardino shooters at a gun range practicing with a rifle. just two days before he and his wife carried out a mass shooting at a holiday party. this security footage shows 28- year-old syed farook at the magnum gun range in riverside. in the video. farook can be seen practicing to kill at close range. hitting targets in the shoulders and legs. according to the daily mail. the rifle he is using in this video is the same gun he used in the shooting. however, there is no sign of his wife and accomplice,
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tashfeen malik. both farook and malik died in a >> reporter: 82 minimum glenn would not be one of them. jfk ordered not to fly again. resigned in 1964. he ran for and what a u.s. senate seat for ohio. he had served for 24 years. and widely however imperfectly. in 1954 he ran for president. john never give up on his dream one day returning to space and they got to be as often called the how willing guinea pig once again. 77 he flew west space shuttle mission
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to aid
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>> britteny: the rain fall right now i can see the wide and out picture and what roads because we have read over late steady rain into east bay all seen this light rainfall to about break right now parts of the peninsula still seeing rainfall. will our lives so does show continuous stream of this really light rainfall this some more moderate downpours and to the rest of tonight. and saving or parts of the north bay not as much closer to a shower. and then again changes as and go
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into our read ours. >> britteny: that we have a slight chance as a going to sunday tablatures drastically livermore hayward and bought in view.
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>> grant: shootout with law enforcement shortly after the mass shooting that left 16 dead. a second georgia police officer has died - a day after being shot alongside a fellow officer while on a domestic dispute call. and today - the suspect was note dead by a swat team after they surrounded a home. officers say they heard a gunshot not long after arriving - and believe he committed suicide. the suspect was hiding inside. the shooting happened wednesday near georgia southwestern state university.
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today - the swat team first hall tried to talking to the man - before getting inside the house. these are the two officers who died. 26-year-old jody smith on the university police officer. half on the right - 25-year-old americus officer nicholas smarr. tonight colleagues are saying the two men were best friends.and had graduated from high school and the police academy together. a u-s navy admiral used his speech at the pearl harbor anniversary to publicly call out 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. admial harry harris' remarks came during a ceremony across the harbor from where the u-s-s arizona sank 75-years ago. kaepernick has been kneeling during the national anthem before games in what he says is a protest of police brutality and the treatment of minorities. thousands of people gathered at the event yesterday. they reacted to the admiral's comments with a lengthy
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standing ovation and cheers. president-elect donald trump is still making big decisions about his cabinet while working at trump tower in new york. but he also continues to make time for some controversial >> catherine: the s&p climbed four points. that includes what
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he's saying about a union leader in indiana. elwyn lopez has the story - from washington, d.c. more investigators are decending on the scene of the ghost ship warehouse fire. steve aveson is in the newsroom with what we are working on for kron 4 news at six. grant. all week investigators from oakland fire, alameda county and the atf have been at the site of the deadly fire. they have been combing through the rubble to find what sparked the fast moving blaze that killed 36 people. so far they don't suspect arson. and investigators are looking at a number of things including the buildings electrical system. the atf have even brought in computer experts to aide in the
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investigation. >> catherine: >> reporter: the trump continues to build a ministration tap the oklahoma attorney general, change header the epa. but retired general says that the department and andrew secretary of labor. the president-elect resumes he says his thank-you to or were he will formally introduce i was governor as his pet and the news of the cabinet choices are yet but another tirade this time with the union leader trump inflated the number of jobs he said he could save at air-conditioning giant carrier.
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he responded saying that chuck jones president of the united steelworkers 1999 has done a terrible job representing workers no wonder companies is fleeing the country and then being still workers as any good they would have cut the jobs and indiana. sending more time working less time talking reduce dues. jones says that he overreacted and is sweet and remains graceful of the president-elect's top 800 jobs remain in indianapolis. sports
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is coming up next. who hot
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>> steve: they're going through the debris and the cause of the fire blaze that killed the suspect arson but the have not ruled out there looking at a number of things including electrical systems they've been writing computer experts to aid in the investigation we take a close look at their role in attempting to determine cause.
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cofferonce again this historic nfl rivalry means something. if oakland wins, they maintain the number one seed in the conference. and stay on the inside track to a division title. right now-- the score is xx-xx. but the story that will dominate this game before, during and after, the frigid conditions. this is a look at the arrowhead field pregame. ice in the corner of the endzone. a raider was bundled up during his early workout. reports say a tarp covered the field last night, but that didn't stop some portions of the grass from freezing this morning. fortunately, heaters are installed.and it was thawed out hours before gametime. temperature at kickoff.20- degrees. we'll have updates throughout the night.
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also happening tonight--- the golden state warriors rolling on with part 2 of their five- game road trip. they'll be facing the jazz in just a few minutes. this comes just a night after.they completely dismantled the la clippers. klay thompson and draymond green scored 22 and 24, respectively. the warriors have now won their last 7- matchups against the clips. finally, big mlb hot stove one of the best closers in the game is off the market. aroldis chapman.has agreed to rejoin the new york yankees.on a 5-year deal worth 86-million dollars. it is the largest contract in history for a relief pitcher.
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this past postseason was a big reason why the 28-year-old's stock went he was an integral part of the cubs' world series run. and the giants have announced that they will be introducing their new closer-- mark melancon. tomorrow afternoon at at&t park. >> britteny: be rough commute home traffic is backed not continue to see light rainfall moving through is to go into the rest of the seating another round maariv and into heading how unsettled weather right in the middle even as to go into the weekend. a live look outside right now here's your for sound cameron network shown is the paper ag could barely make out with all of the rate drops there of lines. close look at 80 the carrier also seeing slick roads a widening of the picture it to the south of valley near richmond right now berkeley and oakland all seen the light rainfall berceuse saying really
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light spotty showers for folks tried to make home. as the back of the raid are we just see a steady stream a lot of moisture continuing movement and then as to go on to the rest of tonight tomorrow even into the weekend we start to see heavier rain amounts or early saturday it shows a split looks like as a going to the rest of tonight lights body rainshowers here in the friday morning will notice another round moving in the parts of the peseta rose up severances go searching down into some detail oakland enrichment. >> britteny: things taper down a little bet into the afternoon by the evening whistle see fit
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made its presence felt in hollywood wednesday night. that's an x-wing starfighter >> reporter: she did little to the report had the identity of one female comic. cathy also claims fall on the phone she sees opportunity assess get her late friend joan rivers she had grown reported
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issues. >> catherine: of very risky 17 hour surgery so that we tell you liberals are doing.
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now on kron 4 news at six: tonight we now know the names of two more of the victims at the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. but the cause. it is still a mystery. good evening. i'm steve aveson. and i'm catherine heenan. pam is off tonight. with just about all the victims identified. the focus now is the investigation. kron 4's haaziq madyun has been at the site of the fire all day. he tells us federal investigators are bringing in some help. haaziq? >> reporter: and international boulevard and getting back to normal traffic is slowing folks are walking up and down in and atf's investigation continues
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today they brought in special investigators to try to pinpoint the cause of this fire. special agent snyder says that the atf has not reached that when the investigation. investigators say
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that they have no set time limit on completing the investigationthere is no exact science in determining the cause of a deadly fire. even with the most advanced scientific tools in the hands of the experts at the u.s. department of justice bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. there are. "several fires are often called undetermined where evidence doesn't exist to definitively say yes this is what happened" special agent jill snyder says the atf has not reached that point in the investigation. in fact she says the next step in zeroing in on a possible electrical cause is bringing in atf computer specialists "that is why we brought in the specialists, they will look at every electrical item, identifying to see if there's a fault in any of the electrical
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items, that can be identified as the, smoking gun of what happened" to do that, atf computer scientists will diagram the contents inside the warehouse "we have a team that is coming to diagram the scene, it's kind of panoramic, professional computerized diagram of everything, it's very systematic and a lot of science goes into it" atf officials say there is no set time line for them to complete their investigation, in fact investigators say their work will likely continue even after they turn the warehouse back over to the property oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> reporter: 20 as suffering a double those of greece she also does loss for breath friends and like vanessa jenny is also a 21 pertly undergrad the two victims also remains. the father descries of victims. also remember 23 year-old griffin madden at the hall where the vigil was held.
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i'm going to miss you forever, my greatest love, my greatest is suffering a double dose of grief.because she didn't just lose her sister.she also lost her best friend jenny morris. like vanessa jenny was also a 21 berkeley undergrad.the two victims were also roommates. vanessa's father describes both victims. also remembered was griffin madden, a cal alum who worked here at the same hall where the vigil was held. griffin was a man of orginality. another recent cal grad 24 year old david cline was memorlized by his former boss when he was an event assistant at the international house. bite. 33 year old chelsea faith dolan was a volunteer dj at the berkeley college radio station kalx. after the vigil was over.those in attendence wrote messages to those who were killed. this one reads is was an honor to know you however briefly.another.i truly wish we could have spent more time together. beautiful life. each of those lives.ending tragically too soon. maureen kelly kron4 news a tribute to those who lost their lives in the ghost ship fire on capitol hill today as well. congresswoman barbara lee asked her colleagues to observe a moment of silence. lee did visit the warehouse fire site on tuesday and took part in a news conference that evening. you can stay up-to-date through a special section set that's constantly being updated as new and if you're on the go. there's the kron 4 mobile app. it's available free for apple and android devices. >> catherine:new at six: looking like a cemetery abridge expect what most parts of the bay area. and depends on where you are. but house and the roads are on and off light rainfall and the rest of tonight into tomorrow morning even heading
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home from work on friday was maureen in-store heading into the weekend. east bay zone also seeing light rainfall. oakland's berkeley closer look at paul auto east paul auto. continuing the track up to the north east and we continue see the light rainfall in to the rest of tonight by tomorrow morning 7:00 morning down toward the pan sauce that arose about the and this continues heading home from work on your friday. their track
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of what else is in store for a week and forecast coming up and another 10 minutes. the letter does not reveal the name and as helping the family of this in a cruise on the story we will have an update at a clock.
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teacher at a san jose high school has been arrested -- after being accused of sexually assaulting a student. a letter went out to parents and students at santa teresa high school. it says the teacher had an inappropriate relationship with the student and faces a charge of felony sexual assault. that person has been arrested but the letter does not reveal the teacher's name. the school district says it's helping the family of the student. a kron 4 crew is on this story and we'll have an update at 8. early this morning -- a six- point-five earthquake hit about 100 miles off the coast of eureka. no serious damage has been reported. kron four's philippe djegal stopped by the u-s-g-s to get details on what happened and what may follow. more than two thousand people reported light to moderate shaking to the u-s geological survey. following the magnitude six- point five earthquake tha hit a of eureka just be o'clock sot- "this is on a strike slip fault that runs off the coast. um, with numerous la earthqua magnitude years. one of thos a magnitude seven near the mendecino transform fault -- was followed by a magnitiude four-point-seven aftershock about an hour and forty minutes later. and, geophysicist doctor brad aagaard says you should expect a dozen or so more aftershocks within the next week. but again, far off the coast, meaning most of us won't feel them. sot- "there also have been a
6:08 pm
series of small earthquakes closer to eureka in the rio dell area, so those maybe felt by a few people, but they're closer than this larger event, uh, about 100 miles offshore." no tsunami warnings generated as a result of this quake. there was no damage reported, unlike the napa quake in 2014. but aagaard says that's because that shaker happened on land. thinking long-term, aagaard says on average, about five percent of large earthquakes are followed up by even larger quakes. sot-' "the probability in the next 30 years of having a large damaging earthquake in the bay area is 72 percent. um, and it could occur on any number of faults within the san francisco bay area. so, this is just a reminder that we need to be prepared for these large damaging earthquakes that can strike at anytime." in menlo park, philippe djegal, kron four news. today. the country lost an icon. a national hero. the first american to orbit earth. john glenn died. he was 95 years old. and died this afternoon in columbus ohio - where he'd been hospitalized for more than a week. as reporter colleen marshall tells us. john glenn leaves behind a powerful legacy. president obama paid tribute in a written statement that read in part. "the last of america's first astronauts has left us, but propelled by their example we know that our future here on earth compels us to keep reaching for the heavens. on behalf of a grateful nation, godspeed, john glenn." they have spent their lives joined together. until this week. hear from the mother of some conjoined twins. just separated at stanford hospital.
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and a big step in the ongoing battle over the rules dog owners must follow at some of the bay area's most popular parks. the threat that is being made over leash laws. yet another assault to tell tou about tonight on a bay area college campus. where it happened and the big clue police are counting on. san jose state university is dealing with a rash of incidents where women have reported being the victims of sexual battery.saying they were groped. kron four's rob fladeboe shows you where it's been happening. a warning going out in the east bay - this after several armed robberies have occurred in the last few weeks. the latest attack was wednesday night. berkeley police say four of the seven cases appear to be connected. they involve a team of suspects, and perhaps a get away car. the pack tends to pick on one single person walking, they come up from behind and threaten the
6:10 pm
person with a gun to hand over all belongings. most of the cases have happened in north berkeley. the department is increasing patrols. residents say they have heard about the armed robberies and are certainly concerned. in addition to the suspects using a gun, there has been two cases where they used a knife. police are asking residents out in the evening hours, to be extra cautious of their surroudnings and when possible to team up as they walk in the neighorbhood. a reward of about 85-hundred dollars is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed a rohnert park teenager.t the teen was then buried on the campus of sonoma state university. 18-year-old kirk kimberly was found in a shallow grave november 2nd. he'd been reported missing for nearly three weeks. now his family and friends are hoping that someone knows something about the case. reward money is being raised online.
6:11 pm
the sonoma county alliance is also offering a separate reward urging anyone with information to come forward. >> steve: spent their lives on the other until this week. the mother of conjoined twins talked with the stanford surgery that separated them. and a big step in the ongoing battle of the
6:12 pm
most the threat that's not going through the maze
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>> catherine: and everyone
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reporting the victims of sexual battery. >> reporter: they say that: report is actually being insulted at alcohol off since eleanor but fondled grote and the university police wednesday's incident occurred around 1:00 p.m. and a second- floor landing get the northeast's air well down the hall. at the darkness the insurer had dark blue backpack. previously monday wrote all men fought hard to the student union at the ninth street plaza captured by a surveillance camera as an asian man in his 20s and lastly in writing about white skateboard on seventh toward sanford industry. it
6:16 pm
described as a man and his 20s, or dark clothing and happened carter study as and there have been five the such incidence of a total of six victims they hit for the seven cases that should be connected.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: an addition to the suspects is the guy and american two cases are these the ninth place are asking residents get out the evening hours be extra cautious and team up as you walk the neighborhood. >> catherine: information leading to the rest convection a person killed apart teenager berries kirk kimberly and a shallow grave. a family friends
6:18 pm
are hoping someone knows something about this case award money is being raised on line. success lisa wren after lengthy as surgery as stanford hospital. this the first two years their lives caring much of the lower half their bodies. the conjoined twins from the sacramento area have been successfully separated -- after a lengthy surgery at stanford hospital. the twins spent the first two years of their lives sharing much of the lower half of their bodies. vicki gonzalez spoke to their mother. >> reporter:erika and eva sandoval entered the world as remarkable. nat sound born august 10-th 2014. to aida and arturo sandoval. sharing 5 pounds, 5 ounces. spending the first two years of their lives preparing for an extraordinary journey. nat sound
6:19 pm
two weeks ago. the twin girls were approaching their final moments as one. aida sandoval/mother: "with every day, every week, that passed, for me it was like we've made it. we made it. so." joined by the leg. aida sandoval: "they each have three little toes." as well as the pelvis. with a fused liver. aida sandoval: "stand up erika. good job. see that makes you stronger." at stanford's lucille packard children's hospital. a medical team of 50 prepared eva and erika for separation. using the twins' c-t and m-r-i scans to create 3-d models to determine the best way to surgically divide them. the children facing trying odds, with a 30-percent change they
6:20 pm
wouldn't survive. aida sandoval: "you know i watch them, and i can't imagine life without them, you know?" a painful possibility now overshadowed with profound joy. as erika and eva embarked on a new chapter this week. after 17-hours of meticulous surgery. the twins are now a healthy two. as the sandoval family rejoices in unwavering love. aida sandoval: "there's going to be challenges. i'm not going to deny that. but this is something i want to help them through. and they are going to show not only me but other people that disability isn't something that is going to bring you down. it's something that's going to make you stronger." reminding us all, that some moments in life are hard fought. the twins are expected to remain in the hospital for two weeks. how rare are conjoined twins? stanford says they occur about once in every 200-thousand births. as you've probably noticed - we've been getting rain throughout the bay area since last night. in the sierra. that means fresh snow. they've been getting snow since last night.and it has continued through the day. this was the scene near blue canyon in placer county. up to a foot of new snow is expected in the mountains. something pretty the midst of the gray skies. this is from our helicopter partners at a-b-c. they spotted a rainbow breaking through the clouds this morning over the bay area. it didn't last long.with the
6:21 pm
rain beginning again in just a few minutes. but nice while it lasted. and new tonight at eight. hillary clinton.making her first visit to the u-s capitol since the election. he harsh words about the influence of fake news stories.and why she calls it a life of death situation. that's tonight on kron 4 news at eight. today the national park service released its final proposal for walking dogs at parks around the bay area. >> britteny: today is a lot of rain and winds to war for us now and august at temperatures are amid the high 40's in the sunday partly cloudy more rains now
6:22 pm
makes overnight hours in during the day it will switch back over terrain and we see a lot of activity into most of saturday brief shower saturday night and then things are clear out into sunday. close to look at a major bridge camera you can see what road is still sticking around great jury overcasts love going and for folks try to get home also to the south of half moon bay this is the salt right over the bay bridge. all seeing these paul auto fremont soft on sematech out a letter showers gone into the rest of tonight and meaning morning commute marmite your light rainfall parts of the peninsula at north bay and this will be the trend on and off. as see another round
6:23 pm
right are on 6:00 p.m. saturday. by saturday morning are talking three-fourths of an inch in san francisco. 48 fairfield 52 right now and concord and then a closer look at air 70 forecast coming now. ,$8drw
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
after the years long battle with the agency some dog owners were disappointed with the result. the propsal adds new on-and-off leash areas in san mateo, marin, and san francisco counties. it also cuts 90-percent of the areas where dog owners can currently walk their pets off of a leash. park service officials say the rules are needed to protect environmental resources and wildlife. some groups who oppose the rules are planning to sue. the decision will be published in january and the final rule will be released later in 2017. there's been some brutally cold, snowy weather in parts of the midwest. and that includes michigan. a pile-up involving about 40 cars and trucks left three people dead today. and 11 others injured. it happened on a snowy interstate near lansing.where westbound lanes of i-96 were closed for hours. several crashes were also in other parts of the country it's been much colder than usual.including parts of wyoming.where temperatures plunged to 31 degrees below zero overnight in menlo park.
6:28 pm
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>> reporter: house are walking up and down streets businesses serving customers the atf's investigation pat does not over. cover electrical items and they're looking to see if there's any faults and that could be identified as a smoking gun of what happens. a vigil was held to undergrads or roommates end of the class's to and sister wrote down surrounded by family friends as she spoke about her double loss. faith was a college
6:32 pm
reposition messages are nullified it comes the part of the campus community. the women were not raped but gropes and the they occurred in done against me call a list of the incidence caracol said of the building stairwells. police did release a photo possible suspect in his 20s
6:33 pm
>> reporter: from 17 w thirties'. as far south as santa cruz. west of eureka
6:34 pm
>> reporter:president-elect donald trump is for those who thought this election was over technically -- it's not true. you'll have to wait until december 19th. that's when the electoral college does its final vote for president. kron 4's alex schuman explains how that works. pkg: hillary clinton is now beating president-elect donald trump in the popular vote by 2.6 million votes.
6:35 pm
but what matters in the u.s. is the electoral college where 538 people called electors get together in different state capitols across the united states and cast a vote on behalf of their state for president. "the votes of millions of people in non-swing states are effectively lost." the growing divide between who most people voted for and who actually wins and the fact that person wasn't hillary clinton are causing some democrats in congress to call on americans to reconsider the electoral college. "the electoral college seems to be getting more disconnected to the popular vote. we didn't have to worry about for 112 years and suddenly twice in 16 years have a two and a half million vote difference." the electors vote on december 19th. trump securely has 306 votes he only needs 270. president-elect trump originally criticized the electoral college, but has since said he believes it does force candidates to visit more rural communities they would otherwise ignore. in washington, i'm alex schuman. vice-president joe biden is talking about the presidential election.calling it a "substance-free spectacle."
6:36 pm
in a blunt speech at new york university today.he said he was 'embarrassed' by the 2016 campaign. biden said hillary clinton was "the single most qualified candidate -- period". and argues that part of the reason she lost was a lack of focus on policy issues. as for his political future -- biden said this week that he has 'no intention' of running for president in 20-20.after seemingly leaving the door open in an interview with stephen colbert. biden ran for president twice but decided against another run this election cycle - eventually endorsing hillary clinton. we have been telling you a lot about "porch pirates" in the bay area. those are people who are spoiling the holidays by stealing packages from homes. but things have been take to a whole new level in st. louis. you are looking at a someone stabbing a huge inflatable frosty the snowman decoration. the person then tries to cut the rope before running to a pickup truck. the owner has started a go fund
6:37 pm
me page as a joke. but since donations started coming in. he is giving all the money to charity. as for the person who shanked frosty. they are still on the loose. >> britteny: over the bay bridge making a commute even tougher for folks trying to head home to nine claustral saving for an article maison and spotty a light rain showers. and then this will be the trend late friday in notice more moisture in that atmosphere producing heavy downpours around 5:00 a.m. a lesser early riser by attendee cannot you will say a light rain showers and strong version hours
6:38 pm
as we go into saturday evening clearing up mainly on sunday. haute heat as the closer to you begins across all the other saturday and then more chances next week.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> catherine: all-pro porch pirates and the bay area is a people whose toil the occasion by stealing packages of people'' front porch things i've not taken take a look. someone stabbing and huge inflatable frosty the snowman decoration. the checkup the road before running to a pickup truck there
6:42 pm
are started to go find a page sensor nations are coming and getting all the money to charity as a person wrote stabbed the snowman's dollars.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>> reporter:once again, raiders versus chiefs means something. at this time last year, oakland was 5-and-7.and a playoff trip was out of the question. tonight-- they enter as the top team in the afc. and a win gets them closer to a division title. here's an early update from kansas city-- all week long, we knew it was
6:46 pm
going to be cold in kansas city. this morning-- we got a glimpse of just how chilly it is in arrowhead. you can see ice in the corner of an endzone.and parts of the field were frozen, despite a tarp covering it overnight. fortunately, there are heaters installed, so the surface was good to go come gametime. temperature at kickoff.20- degrees. turning to the 49ers-- even though the chip kelly returns to college discussion is over. that doesn't mean he'll remain in santa clara. a 1-11 season brings no guarantees on job security. this morning-- kelly once again answered questions about his future as head coach. meanwhile, former 49er head coach jim harbaugh struck a much ligther tone with the media today. his michigan wolverines are taking on florida state in the orange bowl. the game isn't till later this month, so now's the time for the zany answers. here is the best of harbaugh. in other baseball news-- giants fans can be thankful they got the 'good' pablo sandoval. the one that helped win three world championships isn't the same guy that signed a monster deal with the red sox. over the last two years, he's been out of shape.and his
6:47 pm
production has dropped off dramatically. well now it sounds like he's driven to make a change. in an interview with espn, he admitted that he's become complacent in boston. and is ready to start his career all over again. we'll see what sort of transformation takes place.
6:48 pm
to the nba-- the warriors rolling on with their five-game road trip. after picking apart the clippers last night, golden state is going for another win in utah. here's an update from salt lake. we are use to seeing a-t-and-t park fill up with baseball fans. details on the big chance tomorrow to see a music legend play the ballpark on an exclusive tour. tomorrow is your one chance to get tickets to see a music legend at a-t-and-t park. tickets go on sale in the morning for the james taylor concert - scheduled for the end of july. the tour is stopping at only four major league baseball stadiums. san francisco being one of them. opening for taylor will be bonnie raitt. he'll also be playing chicago's wrigley field - boston's fenway park, and nationals park in washington. a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. >> reporter: that is the largest
6:49 pm
contract for relief pitcher in baseball history and the past crises and where the cause may run for the world series he is 28 years old. have a good policy and a vault and three world championships same guy that had a monster deal with the red sox of last two years of he was out of shape. and and then review he admitted that he has become complacent and are ready to start his career all over again alicea what sorts of transformations take place. >> reporter: pie and the golden state on for another one in utah monday from salt lake city no problems of and i second
6:50 pm
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comparable office in half.
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>> britteny: it is still pouring out there. a saturday early morning. it could move in and next week an iranian. it.
6:55 pm
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the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. ellen was extremely upset. >> are ellen and kathy griffin in a bitter feud? >> she was trying to put me in my place a bit, but i wasn't having it? >> why the comedians are facing off, and what does joan rivers have to do with it. >> madonna's car pool karaoke strikes a pose. ♪ >> the three things we learned about the material mama. >> what are you looking for in a man. number three, we're spending christmas with oe. >> it's the gift that keeps on giving, baby. >> why taraji is expanding her empire to the holidays. >> this was my vision, my baby. >> your insider bonus.
7:00 pm
we're making a bold burgundy statement. >> i love a dark lip. >> inside hollywood's obsession with the merlot lip. are ryan gosling and emma stone a match made in la la land? >> i can't tell you how you feel. or can i? >> why ryan is not a patient dance teacher. >> talk to me. who are you looking at. >> now, the insider tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> is the comedy battle royal between ellen and kathy. boiling over in. >> i mean, the tensions have been mounting for a while now. how does joan rivers factor into all of this. >> we go inside her full throttle feud. >> talk to me about the ellen situation. she was not happy, i guess about the book? >> no, she called me. >> i'm always fascinated by who has a since of humor and w


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