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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 20, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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çááávoáááñ this morning on the kron 4 morning news... the search for a gunman after a road rage shooting on a busy bay area highway... what drivers are saying about the scary scene. çááájamesáááñ [take vo] çááávoáááñ and a woman hit by a muni bus in downtown san francisco... we'll tell you the status of her condition this morning. çááájamesáááñ [take vo] çááávoáááñ and a bus crashes into a tree in the east bay... the new information we're just learning this morning. the kron 4 morning news starts right now. çááájamesáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: think you for joining us let's begin the owl with the check of the weather.
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>>anny hong: puc '30's and 40's across the board this time when it saw a lot of twenties and thirties mid-40s in san francisco 15 of this is the sign that the mild air mass is on to make its way into the bay area
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such impact in part to the east bay in the peninsula in san francisco where want to see
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mostly sunny skies a little milder. >>robin winston: if we haven't found any major trouble spots where off to a rough start checking into some of the other bridges the trip across the san mateo bridge know the problems living hayward.
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>>james: american news overnight a bus and oakland collided with the tree the witnesses the driver of the severely injured will continue to have updates as new information comes in to the tune for the latest on that police say it was not targeted
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children with the result of one driver tell getting another. >>j.r. stone: she is describing the gunshot she heard monday on interstate 5 aiding this is video from a helicopter partnership with abc seven news the driver was tell getting someone in the black mercedes as they were to pass the mercedes someone made a gesture toward the driver if that is when things to cook with turn the
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driver of the mercedes drove away the sea huge free hist from shell casings along the road that adds to discuss urban gang will lead and some there been discussions of the suspect african-american males driving this for your block less '80s with no tags on an and license plate on the dashboard.
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>>james: the firefighters rush to the scene and downtown san francisco about 715 this happened on third and market authority said the woman was hit by a bus and drive for a short distance. >>james: two dozen people are without hall after a fire ripped through the apartment complex flames erupted just after 2:00 in the afternoon these images pretty or helicopter partnership to see firefighters on the return to the late the fire hist such a man accused of
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drowning his own daughter has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial. >>james: he appeared in court yesterday he's charged with murder of a is for your daughter of the suspect was found naked in yelling for help behind the police department last month it was also holding his daughter asked and then she was unresponsive the suspect will be back in court next month. >>james: california elected has all the state's 55 votes to kill the clinton supporters hope to convince top collectors and other states to change the vote however taxes process' tall above the 27 mark which is all they needed hist. >>grant lodes: in many states the vote came amid protests
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from georgia to pennsylvania said from arizona to michigan and titrant images karl's the elected to defy the will of the voters in their states and michigan that press phil the socially account of the nectar of michael received a plea with the news on the first the biggest effect to the amount for the elegance and washington state. the nine general colin
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powell is said one of the boulder and denver american leader of the dakota pipeline protests said the review for judge percy has been issued and people are happy. >>james: would say why the community is the surprise the search for gunman in the south with the alarming step for one homicide rate will have the story coming up as well.
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>>james: has to take a quick look at the outside shot we have relatively clear conditions. >>anny hong: when passing 20s on
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this map that is a difference compared to yesterday morning swim we will see a lot of the mid-50s even low sixties under sunny skies we will see some of the rain later in the week the
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entire bay area under the wet weather by friday winter begins tomorrow another chilly start to see plenty of sunshine as well.
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>>james: a man was shot and killed in san jose and the 46th homicide of the year and happily sunday night outside of a gas station near the corner of winchester and cadillac avenue they believe the shooting was gang-related the city had 30
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homicides in 2015 an increase of 16 for this year so there is no clear description of the shooter will update you as we learn more. >>james: now the city is looking to demolish the planning commission has been skeptical on whether to issue demolition permits one to parmesan approved as expected they will be gone within one year hist the ambassador was gone down and over 10 people were killed when a tractor-trailer load on shoppers.
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>>reporter: hist who released a statement read in part to our hearts and prayers are with the load was soft we have this story
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for you live now we have more on the story. >>reporter: in this truck crash left the 26 year-old driver from sacramento dead somehow a beer
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to the right side of the road and hit an abandoned van the recoverable packages came here in san jose it could ever originated from anywhere on the country this said most of the mail was fine and should be delivered all across the south bay by tuesday.
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>>james: he's the judge to sentence brought turner to three months in jail for sexually assaulting and the contras woman in a 12 page ruling released the california commission on judicial performance cleared him of judicial misconduct law professor disagrees with the decision she says she will push ahead with a vote recall what she hopes to get on next november's ballot.
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>>robin winston: no major traffic hot spots it is still nice and quiet to start off the commuter line minutes of the to fremont street.
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>>reporter: the benchmark was passed following the release the star wars store last week and was bolstered grout year huge hits included captain america and finding dory heat is
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executive producer of the rivals in the director's chair the blade runner hits theaters next october. >>james: the still ahead blue questions about the oakland fire it on to hear from a woman who barely escaped the flames.
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çááávo in big stories boxáááñ we're coming up on 4-30... here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning... a gunman on the loose this morning after shots fired along interstate- 580 in oakland yesterday. police say it was not a targeted shooting... but the result of one driver >>james: highway patrol said the driver was tilted and someone as they went to pass the mercedes. >>james: the driver looked severely injured.
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>>anny hong: 32 degrees 34 car
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and 32 of fairfield mid-40s and lay all more highs in the '60s or next galumph for rise friday
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will also see when the conditions here is a look at the storm track for seven days around the they forecast we're tracking wet and windy conditions and to saturday this . >>robin winston: a live look at highway 92 will bring class will out of hayward sphere only to
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pass and is open all the problems of less check some of the drive times the thin green from the sensors so far traffic is moving at the limit if our pentagon pittsburgh-based. hist tests. >>james: you to see the gun casings on the ground fifth and
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other have learnt the property manager for the warehouse as hired an attorney they're still deciding whether to file charges hist. >>: if finisterre released the
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various government agencies to the deadly fire said he should not christmas roberts or it is
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cold once again and it does look like we're still do for some rain will have full details coming up in just a lot of the.
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çááájamesáááñ[take: on cam] >>james: until the first night of hanukkah and christmas you might still be thinking about getting a decent they're running sales but we explain there is a trend that might make gift giving it a little bit easier.
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>>reporter: they're counting on last-minute shoppers you conceded in commercials south according to research and inside the customer's experience a quarter of spending by manila's this holiday season will be on the experiences.
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>>james: and they armed are doing good on a football field but also off the field and lighted the upcoming holiday they receive christmas presents a little early children from the street family resource center received bikes from the wide receiver sit they also received
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other equipment including helmets to the enjoy it as safe ride that it took a spin on their brand bikes spend. psst
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çááájames @ landingáááñ welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. here is a look at
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>>james: police said was there looking for gunman half the men were shot and killed near gas station police believe the dangling of the disassemble the 46, 16 more than the have back in 2015 will continue to fall but donald trump won the official count of the electoral college wrote the result said he will become the 45th president anderson declared judge who was sentenced the man in jail for three months he is clear he was falling along and they made the
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right decision. . >>anny hong: we're seeing some signs of relief from real cold arctic air south if schools in session 37 in mountain view 44
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in san francisco their signs that the mild air is on to beat off returning to bay area so we are attracting some significance no as well in the sierra.
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>>anny hong: our highlight for the next couple of days we are tracking some freezing temperatures sunday had a chance
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for some showers. >>robin winston: edition the traveler for accident and some wall was from 84 before the six and split it came across the bay
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bridge and ended up here on highway 101 the sierra point park when he person the seoul told trucks chp chased across the bridge it is unclear if all lanes of blocked police activity avoided it may be blocked consider using some 280 northbound traffic on the opposite side looks great so far not impact by the police activity stuff no delays and all
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is a great ride out of oakland 10 minutes from the foot of the maze out to fremont street. >>james: people living on the 1400 block of sacramento st.. >>stanley roberts: this truck pulls up and parks he walked up the street to deliver package of
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the driver is a dog will sit say hello to sacramento st. by the time the residents or tow truck if the driver would be long gone finally he returns and is what he knows he laughs aloud in the
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evening between 330 in seven. >>james: some scientists say a new study on sugar should be taken with the grain of salt
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will study was published tennis's the official guidelines for how much should really be even may be wrong we will be right back.
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>>robin winston: the time is 455
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we're attracting a couple of hot spots police activity here on the peninsula south on 101 near sierra point park when. >>james: goethes the war is continuing to take advantage of their days off and klay thompson was pretty active sit will have
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the latest on her condition and we will be right back.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. brookside. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! çáááwilláááñ another
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frfeeway shooting in the east bay. i'm live in latest on who police are looking for. çááádaryaáááñ [take vo]çááávoáááñ and
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police make an arrest for the deadly truck attack at a market in germany. hear what we are learning about the truck and the man who was arrested. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ and breaking overnight... a bus crashes into a tree in the east bay. what we know about the moments leading up to the crash. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>robin winston: the driver is the curse of this summer may have stolen a tow truck the two
5:01 am
wrestling's the close tear asked it's definitely the stretch to avoid we don't know how long it would take to wrap of this investigation the driver is in custody will have more details coming up once again we're on the way to the scene stuck in traffic
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>>anny hong: a live look for the san francisco camera we do have high clouds streaming and is helping us track some milder conditions not as cold still we're seeing some freezing temperatures the was the 30's and 40's during the early morning hours of the kids will want to learn star will cease it is by 3:00 p.m. more sunshine a little milder today compared to yesterday.
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>>jackie sissel: we also see the front end damage to one of the chp cruisers chp picketer altman got him in custody and one
5:04 am
cruiser damage another cruiser damns the person who was inside of the tow truck has been taken into custody ask.
5:05 am
>>jackie sissel: right now i do not know that i got some of the information still lot of questions. >>james: a bus collided with the
5:06 am
tree and oakland the bus veered left before hitting the tree was a witness said firefighters went to the scene in downtown san francisco.
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>>james: >>darya: we don't have an update on her condition but we will give you more information sought. >>will tran: they're still searching for the shooter and a black four-door sedan and mercedes i can tell you this seems to be targeted they were tailgating of mercedes a one.
5:08 am
the past the mercedes and the passenger in the honda civic makes a rude gesture to the mercedes that description of the
5:09 am
driver they're saying is an african-american we hope to hear from them a little bit later the people are so fearful of driving on the bay area freeways. >>james: 2 people happened yesterday morning right near east 18th street and anti eyewitnesses said two groups of people were shooting at each other and took off on a herd of police sirens two people were
5:10 am
injured in that shootout both needed surgery police detained several people for questioning there was no word on any arrest law of the two when we learn more. >>darya: police have made one arrest after a truck plowed through christmas market killing at least 12 people. >>: their bras and forgives became human targets
5:11 am
approximately 2 km the truck will sue the company the owner says it is being used to transport steel so far no
5:12 am
terrorist group as a clam responsibility to the owner of the warehouse fire could be facing charges in the wake of the deadly fire.
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>>darya: a high-speed chase along the peninsula and a tall and truck. >>jackie sissel: that is a san leandro told trump which is also an employee to last about an
5:17 am
hour after the easter that of the bay bridge and onto the peninsula according to chp this person who stole the told trout ram the to chp officers vehicles and attempted to ram a third he would on the off ramp and start back in his truck up and plowed into the chp as he went off to believe they said they had to back off that got him this year. on southbound 101 in the brisbane area. >>jackie sissel: all to believe it took him into custody according to chp you be charged, with multiple felonies including assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer but this is a crazy saner no one
5:18 am
injured which the sea was left of this tow truck .
5:19 am
>>james: luckily did not cause any other accidents unlikely everyone was taken into custody if you still want to take 280. >>robin winston: if confirmed traffic is at the limit on 101 south were about to rest of the bay area? we also have a traffic color for the accident this was west 84 before 680 of the list
5:20 am
of that portion of the high- speed chase before ending up on the peninsula know the problems into out of san francisco-that is also looking good traffic's move a nice ride heading into the north than >>anny hong: we are seeing some
5:21 am
high clouds streaming into the bay area we attracting 30 is also in the north bay right at the freezing mark look at half moon bay mild air trying to make its way into the bay area the satellite rapid to chauvinist dry conditions we are seeing the
5:22 am
storm system up for in it what it closer and closer by early friday morning. by saturday morning at a lingering shower but most of the wet weather has moved out we have another round of rain expected by the end of the weekend and to the attention of the monday will keep you
5:23 am
posted bird will strike of the area home. >>darya: we would take you into the house to show you who police are looking for [take: live]çáááscenicáááñ
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çááájamesáááñ the bay area football teams are getting in the christmas spirit. çááádaryaáááñ >>darya: the kids are from the davis tree family resource center to cash their from the
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boys and girls club at the ymca
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çááámarkáááñçááádaryaáááñ >>james: san francisco showing as hazy but is more cold when the law would mean the jacket and we will need all the long
5:31 am
that for past continues but as we head into friday. >>robin winston: is only out to
5:32 am
west grand is the normal stop and go traffic only 18 minutes to work away from hillcrest out to 242 the police activity is cleared once out a sierra point parkway. >>james: police in the east of they are on the lookout for person open fire on 580 in oakland. >>will tran: police are looking for a four-door sedan or mercedes they're looking for the driver of a description lists show the video this happened at
5:33 am
around 230 in the afternoon near the from revell grand avenue accent this particular case was road rage the driver of a honda said it admits to the chp said he was driving very close and tell getting the mercedes and one point tried to pass them and then the passenger of the honda civic and mr. making rude gesture to the driver of the mercedes he was so upset that he sped up in the center median and got right next to the honda civic and fired multiple shots at a honda civic there were so fearful and frighten the pulled over and call the chp. >>will tran: from china this morning they're still looking for the driver as far as the mercedes had paper plates but
5:34 am
the front plate appears to be well as between the windshield and the dashboard. >>james: a man accused of drowning his own daughter has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial the 42 year-old of hills bird appeared in court the zapatistas of his appearance he is charged with the murder of his for your daughter to the suspect was found naked and yelling for help behind the police department last month he was also holding his daughter in his arms of the suspects will be back in court next month >>darya: 3 people broke into
5:35 am
home in san ramon three people broke down a door to get into this house. >>james: of the alameda county board should rise holding a ceremony in the meantime the d.a.'s office will decide whether to file charges against the owner. >>reporter: it would of been one here that she lived inside of the oakland warehouse known as the ghost ship she was 23 when
5:36 am
for the fire erupted on for chilly 36 people did not make it out the man who work space has hired a bay area lawyer and his criminal charges against a file against him he did not commit a crime in a statement released this and the various government agencies concerned he should not be made the scapegoat the sprinkler system could save lives but she was told would have cost $40,000 their wrath of the investigation without determining the cost the
5:37 am
attorney's office to adorn a criminal investigation and has not decided what and when to face charges áájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ coming up on the kron four morning news... police looking for three people who broke into a home in the south bay. see the new surveillance images showing who police are looking for.çáááadvanceáááñ and later... first lady michelle obama opens up to oprah about her time in the white house. hear what her plans are after leaving washington. çáááadvanceáááñ and after the break... they say money can't buy happiness but it could help you live longer. we'll explain after the break. [take: live]çáááscenicáááñ
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çááájamesáááñ money may or may not buy you happiness, but it can buy less stress and a longer life. that is according to a new study by "the brookings institution." çááádaryaáááñ the study compared people in the 19-70's to those from 2009 to 20-14. during both time periods higher-income americans were twice as likely to report being in good health than people who made less money. they are also less likely to have high stress levels.
5:41 am
çááájamesáááñ however, the paper also showed that americans at all income levels have higher levels of stress than people did four decades ago. researchers also found that fewer americans said they were in good or excellent health. çááádaryaáááñ the guidelines for how much sugar you should eat may be wrong. çááájamesáááñ a new study says that the guidelines may be based on bad information. right now the u-s government recommends eating less than 12-teaspoons of added sugar each day.çááádaryaáááñ but a professor at u-c berkeley says the ánew study may be misleading because it was paid for a nonprofit with ties to coca cola, hershey's and other food companies. çááájamesáááñ and here are some of the
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stories we are working on for the kron four morning news at six... homicides in san jose are the highest they've been in 25 years.... hear what police are saying about the latest shooting. çáááadvanceáááñçááádaryaáááñ plus... an uber driver is accused of stabbing his passenger five times... we'll tell you what led up to the attack...çáááadvanceáááñ çááájamesáááñ and... a mother's brain changes during pregnancy... we'll explain how it better prepares them for motherhood... that is ahead in kron four news at six. çááájamesáááñ [take vo]çááávo in big stories
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boxáááñ we're coming up on 5:45... here's a quick look at the top stories we're following this morning... a gunman on the loose this morning after shots fired along interstate-580 in oakland yesterday. police say it was not a targeted shooting... but the result of one driver tailgating another. highway patrol says the driver of a honda was tailgating someone in a black mercedes. as they went to pass the mercedes someone in the honda made a gesture towards the other driver. the mercedes drove up the center median and opened fire on the honda. çááádaryaáááñçáááadvanceáááñ an a-c transit bus colliding with a tree in oakland. a
5:46 am
kron 4 viewer sent us this picture of the accident that happened just after 10:00 last night near 10th street and oak street. witnesses say that the buss veered left before hitting the tree. witnesses also telling kron 4 that the driver was injured. we'll update condition as we learn more.çááájamesáááñ çáááadvanceáááñ 12 people are dead after a truck plows through a busy christmas market in berlin. german chancellor angela merkel (ahn'-geh-lah mehr'-kuhl) says she is "shocked, shaken and deeply saddened" by the truck attack. german media have reported that a suspect who was arrested after the attack is a pakistani citizen. >>robin winston: yesterday's has
5:47 am
so many issues when the 4:00 hour to hot spots in the police activity fremont that is only 23
5:48 am
minutes and not bad for the nimitz freeway and. >>robin winston: a little sluggish but only 16 minutes a great drive from hercules down to oakland and other spots like was bound to to for. >>james: traffic is on time this morning we have clear
5:49 am
conditions but off the cold as well we have a 30 degree weather and in some places down for the freezing mark you will see the rain pretty much come to the bay area late friday morning i would imagine and stay with us through most of the rest of friday into early saturday and it would dissipate leaving us with a relatively dry christmas eve night sunny and a crisp this
5:50 am
afternoon tomorrow a little bit warmer the high will be in the '60s for sure. >>darya: police are shown as the surveillance video that state is
5:51 am
one step closer to repeal of this controversy that law requires transgenic pig to you the rest from the correspondence not the one that identify with to them a city ordinance in charlotte was repealed. >>darya: the open about her time in the white house and about donald trump winner of the presidency. >>reporter: 10 she prepares to leave the white house and michele president obama more popular than ever is reflecting on the pass that led her here.
5:52 am
>>reporter: this also greece's this month ago cover in some ways making a closing argument for her own legacy and telling her husband gave people hope
5:53 am
draw a contrast with the man who works there who will succeed him, this response from donald trump and the grace on display in as those eight years brought to a close the soon-to-be former first family is preparing to move just a couple miles of road to this nine bed room
5:54 am
rental until the youngest daughter finishes high school leaving the white house but not washington behind. >>darya: the newest members of rock-and-roll hall of fame's hear some of the nominees who made it then will tell you.
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>james: new this morning the rock-and-roll hall of fame has announced the sixth inductees for next year's class we have the list take a look pearl jam to talk to court journeying yes electric light orchestra and joan baez journal's form rite in san francisco also won this year's than bold artist only 25 years after the release of their first album or single it will be held in brooklyn.
5:57 am
>>darya: will show you how it ended in a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
çáááwilláááñ another frfeeway shooting in the east bay. i'm live in oakland with the latest on who police are looking for. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ plus... one person is behind bars after a truck drives through a
6:00 am
christmas market killing 12 people. hear what we are learning about the attack and the person who was arrested. çááádaryaáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ and... a high speed chase along the peninsula is now over.... kron four's jackie sissel is live where it all what led to an arrest. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>james: beginning the our what a check of weather and traffic. >>anny hong: we have some high clouds streaming into the bay area to check of the school
6:01 am
forecast if you have kids and if their school is in session some people are off but we are looking at third is imported at the endicott our. >>robin winston: review approach
6:02 am
from the e sure free women leave a hercules just west of highway 4 that portion is a little crowd and. >>james: 6 cloud ride into the
6:03 am
tree in this happened about 10:00 last night the crash also involved in s u v witnesses said the bus driver beard just before heading back tree the driver was the fact injured and taken away we're working to get more information and details on what led up to this. >>will tran: in this particular
6:04 am
case they're looking for a driver of a mercedes and african american men and four dark colored mercedes this give you video from the scene in happened around 230 hitter mitch he tell the chp he was tailgating the mercedes he passes the mercedes the passenger of the honda civics of rude gesture to the driver of the mercedes that did not sit well the driver of the mercedes that up for chilly the two people inside of the honda civic were not injured but they immediately stopped thousands of
6:05 am
drivers were affected by this they're hoping to talk to witnesses that did recover shell casings on the ground we got a chance to talk to one of the people near the shooting. >>will tran: here is how she describes the shot. >>: i heard for pops it could be gunfire and it could be firecrackers. >>will tran: as far as the mercedes there was not a license plate and the backed this
6:06 am
particular case they believe this was an act of rage. >>darya: yesterday morning near east 18th street witnesses said two groups of people were shooting at each other and it took off on the herd the cops come people who live and work in the area said the gun violence does not surprise them the
6:07 am
company would try to contact the rest of the packages are expected to be delivered by the end of the day today. >>james: he was shot and killed by turkish police officers.
6:08 am
>>reporter: police in a your step in the security of a holiday marred market in manhattan german police are calling the presumed terrorist attacks to track the trend appalling into crowds gathered monday night terrified shopper screaming as they fled police said appeared to be delivered at a passenger found dead in the truck was a polish citizen and the tractor trailer bearing poll was played may have been hijacked it drew condemnation from the white house as well as from donald trump police a statement that read in part old our hearts and prayers of the loved ones of the victims of today's court finds her attack
6:09 am
trump and the white house also responded to the monday assassination. >>reporter: gunman shouting got is greatest in do laugher get a lot of after shooting the ambassador this has now identified as a turkish police officer was killed in the attack >>james: he fired a shotgun into the air right outside the embassy he fired the gun a or nine times he was heard shouting " i swear to god do not play with us he said that in turkish there in the same neighborhood as the russian embassy in the art gallery where the ambassador was assassinated yesterday.
6:10 am
>>darya: he was killed when a portion of the tree snapped off the head and head near children's fairyland lack merit he was a roar at oakland technical high school a man accused of drowning his own daughter at a church baptismal fonts and has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial he appeared in court yesterday he is charged with the murder of his four year-old daughter he was found naked in yelling for help at a parking lot pined hills berkeley's apartment last month after happen he was holding his
6:11 am
daughter and his arms and she was already dead he is one to be back in court next month. >>james: the judge has been cleared of any misconduct he is santa clara county judge who sentenced the former stanford swimmer to three months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman on campus to the california commission on judicial performance cleared him of judicial misconduct with a law professor disagrees with the decision she says she will push ahead with the voter recall what she hopes to get on next november's ballot he was simply following law in the commission made the right decision.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
ahea >>anny hong: forced to live
6:16 am
look of sfo this morning and if you have travel plans headed out of town a lot of those fine and should be fine as far as visibility is concerned will keep you posted the temperatures are still at the freezing mark the livermore have lived more about 59 degrees and dry weather a little milder tomorrow and also thurston we have some rain that we're watching fallen up in oregon and washington by
6:17 am
friday evening expecting widespread rain. >>anny hong: tomorrow the rain arrives by friday keep in mind we're talking snow in the sierra.
6:18 am
>>robin winston: looking at a lot of brake lights on the san mateo bridge it is stop and go from his perry and up to a high- rise but no major problems a
6:19 am
nice ride here into san francisco is in pockets rolling out of antioch and to conquer 21 minutes which is good from hillcrest out to 242 for the commuters and the south bay 101 is looking good in morgan hill. >>james: he has hired a prominent defense attorneys serra and his co-counsel said
6:20 am
they did not commit a crime in the d.a.'s office is trying to file charges they instead blend various government agencies for the deadly fire. >>darya: and there is a grim milestone for the city of san jose that are investigating the
6:21 am
46th homicide of the year the highest number since 1991 by comparison there with 30 homicides in san jose a manhunt underway for the man who shot and killed this three year old boy in the road rage incident and arkansas. >>james: $20,000 reward for information leading to their
6:22 am
arrest and conviction of the shooter he was with his grandmother on a shopping trip when he was killed in this morning for the first time we're hearing the 91 call.
6:23 am
>>james: they converge on state capital across the country on the left side of the screen on the top ride was the scene in austin taxes and on the bottom right we have harrisburg's pennsylvania the electors that
6:24 am
hillary clinton the winner of our state's popular vote.
6:25 am
6:26 am
çááárobináááñ >>robin winston: we attack in the canoe and is pretty much holiday lights along the bay area is just now starting to back up approaching the toll plaza.
6:27 am
>>darya: not only did they get the bikes they also brought peace and to make it a real party the also that of the equipment you have to have something to go with the bike we
6:28 am
will be right back çáááadvanceáááñ çáááannyáááñçááátrackeráááñ and... weather tz...
6:29 am
>>james: waited for the ringing of the opening bell they're all clapping the official trading on the way future is pretty good we have across the board of 48 we will see what goes and has won but so far but all indications are for positive the training.
6:30 am
>>anny hong: of the 30's and oakland as tech a look at the temperatures the computer is
6:31 am
frozen and best at the map 34 in concord 32 in livermore. >>robin winston: it is already
6:32 am
improving and we can call this holiday light that is when you hit the slow traffic with a total ride.
6:33 am
>>james: the mayor of is expected to announce a new police chief will have more details as it comes into the news room. . >>jackie sissel: you concede
6:34 am
this land on the sidewalk he rammed the tow truck through the fence to get out of the tow yard and even sitting there since saturday he was attempting to get at out he was confronted by an employee he kept going he
6:35 am
eventually started ramming some of those patrol cars. >>jackie sissel: you can see in the tow truck just made it back to the tow yard that is the owner on the right-hand side
6:36 am
he's inspecting that unless i basically the damage toll truck know of the damage on a bun as a citizen for 5 t vehicle. >>darya: police and the east they're looking for the personal opened fire it appears that one
6:37 am
driver was going after a honda civic the passenger of the honda civic ex a rude gesture to the mercedes-benz the driver was very upset he drove on the center median get to ride next to the hon the civic and fired multiple shots. >>will tran: 2 people were not injured there were so scared they stopped on the freeway and called 91 the chp officers got out to the scene during the height of the afternoon commute.
6:38 am
>>james: they found a man inside the school thrown objects and breaking windows the front glass door to shatter and was severe damage inside the building the
6:39 am
first lady opens up to up oprah winfrey about life inside the white house.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>>robin winston: in the fast track claim as well as the car full line and the backed up stretches ride to the foot of the maze is no better no worse only a team and from that point out to fremont street.
6:43 am
>>darya: and helps you to prepare for the baby for example >>: had a mother they believe the changes are caused by a surge of hormones on pregnancy.
6:44 am
>>anny hong: we are tracking cold temperatures and we are tracking some rain headed this way.
6:45 am
6:46 am
çááájamesáááñ[take vo]çááávo in big stories boxáááñ we're coming up on 6:45... >>james: the decision this morning he's made the decision will be at the news conference when is official i will be straining for you into our mobile application.
6:47 am
>>darya: as a result the water has been turned off.
6:48 am
>>anny hong: while freezing in fairfield at 3134, the upper 30's and oakland and hayward 36 our friends in san jose saturday
6:49 am
and we start to try things out after maybe selling during morning shower another chance of rain perhaps on sunday.
6:50 am
>>robin winston: was 92 to the nimitz come out of hayward in union city 25 minutes from the
6:51 am
dublin and to change to mention south here is the south a very quiet this morning pockets of slowing to be expected of about
6:52 am
101. >>james: accused of stabbing a passenger five times in the detroit suburb the 23 year-old got angry after the passenger attack is on a to let them know he and his wife for getting in the car he told the couple to get out of the car the man asked if he could with for another one in the car since there was a snowstorm that is when he stabbed him in the chest and back in the face multiple times the victim was later released from hospital.
6:53 am
>>james: the dow up 99 points to
6:54 am
start the day off to live somewhere doing pretty good across the board the salvation army scored bed after the touchdown will explain.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
[take vo] çááávoáááñ >>darya: you charlie are releasing the touchdown thises cowboys rookie running back he
6:58 am
jumped into the salvation army and the terraces since he did the celebration the donations have spiked 61%. news... the search is on for someone who opened fire on an east bay freeway.... kron four's will tran is live in oakland with more on who police are now ((advance)) çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ plus... at least twelve people are dead after someone drives a truck through a busy christmas market in berlin. a look at who is behind bars this morning....((advance)) çááádaryaáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ and... a man steals a tow truck and leads police on a high speed chase.... kron four's jackie sissel is live in san leandro where it all started.
6:59 am
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mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. çáááwilláááñ another frfeeway shooting in the east bay. i'm live in oakland with the latest on who police are looking for. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ plus... one person is behind bars after a truck drives through a christmas market killing 12 one person behind bars after a truck drives through a christmas market killing 12 people but officials say it may not be the suspect they have in custody. we'll explain. tracking code temperatures this morning across the bay area . more details on the chilly weather in the rain is headed this way. this is the bay area's


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