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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(justine) the triple digit heat this weekend... makes it easy for brush fires to ignite... and creates dangerous conditions for fire fighters.. batteling the flames. good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm justine waldman.and im jr stone. the heat is already a problem.. as fire fighters fought off a brush fire off of state route 37 in novato amid scorching temperatures today. tonight kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the novato fire department with the heat advisory warning. the national weather service issued the red flag warning for the north and east bay hills that's in effect until 9
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tonight. fortunately there weren't any gusty winds at the time the fire broke out on the side of the westbound 37 freeway in spread to 3 quarters of an acre but was contained quickly so traffic wasn't crews from five different agencies were able to knock down the flames within 15 minutes.but the dry heat is a problem so people need to keep a few things in mind. sot: captain mike taul, novato fire department// "all of our burn permits are put on hold right now. so unless it's a designated area don't be burning outside."((take vo)) also don't flick cigarettes out of the car, and avoid outdoor yard work in the heat. if you need to do so in the early morning. live in novato ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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lawrence karnow: another weekend, another round of hot, triple digit temperatures for part of the bay area. it's been a hot summer so far and today was no exception. highs soared into the 100s in many of the interior valleys. but it was almost 40 degrees cooler at the coast. heat advisories are up once again away from the coast and bay as temperatures will head back into the 90s and low 100s again tomorrow. we're also seeing a few monsoonal clouds sweeping across our skies too.
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it will be even hotter tomorrow. we'll break down those temperaters in a few minutes. the sunnyvale department of public safety is back open tonight... after being shut down for several hours today... because someone brought ágrenades into the building. fortunately nobody was hurt. kron four's spencer blake is live in the south bay tonight. spencer, any reason as to why someone would bring those in? it was actually two well- meaning people who wanted to have the weapons disposed of properly.but police weren't going to take any chances until they knew the grenades
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didn't pose a danger. these are three disassembled, rocket-propelled grenades, or r-p-g's.they're disassembled in this picture.but before that they were in a box that a husband and wife brought in to the lobby of sunnyvale's department of public safety. they told the officer at the desk they wanted to dispose of some world-war-two era weapons properly."we went out there, found the rpgs in the box and decided, 'well, this is not the best place for these,' and we immediately evacuated the building and isolated them."it turns out, the couple had found them while cleaning out their parent's garage. apparently they didn't mean any harm by bringing them in, but police couldn't risk leaving 15 or 20 people inside the building.people across the street at the public library were watching as people left the d-p-s headquarters and as police blocked off the road. "well, i'm glad that our public officials take the precautions, try to keep us safe. makes me feel better." the santa clara county bomb squad came out to inspect the r-p-g's - which old and rusty -- with an x-ray."fortunately, these devices were not explosive; they were inert and we were able to handle
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everything safely and everything's okay."and so you don't worry, sunnyvale's 9-1-1 service was transferred to the county during the evacuation, so yes, those callers still got for the couple that brought the r-p-g's in, officer say they meant well and aren't in any kind of legal trouble.but for future reference, bringing items like that into a public building is not what you should do."if you find anything you believe to be explosive, or ammunition, just leave it where it's at, don't touch it, evacuate the area and call 9-1-1." officers reopened the building and the street by about three this in sunnyvale, spencer blake, kron four news. (jrs) the body of a missing teen was discovered near some hayward train tracksnow that boy's family wants answers. eighteen- year-old issac andino went for a run yesterday afternoonand never came home. his family says andino jogs reguarlyand went for a run from his house in hayward garin park. he attended nearby chabot college. investigators say their
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investigation is focussed on the garin park area searching for details surronding his death. fremont police are looking for two men accused of harrassing a shop owner for displaying the rainbow flag. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to the victim who says she still can't believe what happened. rae steckler- homorody says the encounter left her shaken.: i was shocked at how rattled i was by the whole incident. he was extremely belligerent, really angry. a man entered her
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antique store angry that the pride flag was flying outside of her shop rather than the american flag.rae steckler- homorody/shop owner: he said can you tell me what you're hanging it? i said i hang the rainbow flag because i'm an ally.she says he then started yelling obsceneties at her.rae steckler-homorody/shop owner: don't you know that men died for you and died for this country and what's the matter with you. twenty five minutes later.. the longtime shop owner says the man returned with a second person and continued to berate her.that's when a witness called police and she was able to snap this picture of the two.rae steckler-homorody/shop owner: i get goosebumps just thinking about it. i had a moment of uncomfortable behavior by an irate member of society. my friends in teh lgbt community experience far worse on a much greater scale.(hermela aregawi) we reached out to fremont
8:08 pm this point, they have not publically released the faces of the suspects.we were also told there is a license plate number.. that hasn't been released yet either.reporting in fremont, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. (justine) three people were shot about a block from the cal campus. this happened aroung 2-45 this morning.. on durant avenue and bowditch street. berkeley police tell us .. two groups of men got in a fight when people starting shooting. the men ran from officers who were able to catch and arrest two suspects the victims were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. one gun was found at the scene. (justine) an update to a breaking news story from last night... the berkeley mother who allegedly abducted her 5- year old daughter... is now in police custody. 34-year-old laquita davis is now in custody of pittsburg police. she is accused of taking her daughter on friday night from prince street, not far from the ashby bart station. the young girl is safe, according to police.
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police also tell us.. davis is homeless and has low mental capacity. (jrs) san francisco police are on the hunt for the driver...who crashed into the gucci store...stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. it happened around three this morning on stockton street... in the city's union square area. police say the driver backed their vehicle into the store's front window ...and stole thousands of dollars worth of purses. officers are looking for one suspect... no description of that suspect tonight. coming up at eight. the destructive whittier fire has burned over 17-hundred acres. we'll hear from people who escaped the flames as the fire moves toward more houses. plus 3 people are dead after a highrise caught fire in honalulu. what we're learning concerning the safety of plus why thousands of pet lovers came together in oakland today.
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(jr stone) in santa barara county a massive fire has already destroyed eight homes and 12 structures....(justine) the whittier fire has now burned more than 17-thousand acres... and it is only 35 percent contained... reporter tracy lehr spoke to some people in the area who are dealing with the massive flames... the week old whitter fire doesn't appear to dying down
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despite continual water and fire retardent drops flames flared upleaving a thick trail of colorful smoke dropping ashes on people and homesjames michael freer/homeowner sot after dark the fire burned bright in canyons and along ridges in hard to get places some flames are estimated to be 200 feet highel capitan ranch evacuated but the el capitan canyon resort off the coast highway has notmike eliason /santa barbara county fire "the fire is that far away that's ok right now but that might change as the evening progresses and wind shifts that will make a difference and that is why we have these contingency plans" the burning is too close for comfort for locals who know the history of devastating fires in this countybryan georgi/helping relatives sot crews are working to protect people and property as the
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whittier fires burns into another summer weekend (jr stone) the wall fire that has been burning in butte county for a week is now 98-percent contained.. the fire has destroyed more than 40 homes and 50 other buildings. it also burned through more than six thousand acres.. all of the evacuation orders and road closures have been lifted.. no injuries were reported. (justine) those who have lost their homes in the wall fire are now being warned about scammers.. these signs are now up around the county.. contractors with the state license board say that some un-licensed
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contractors may try to take advantage of people needing their home rebuilt.. state law says any contracting work with a non-licensed person must be under 500 dollars... which is clearly not enough to rebuild a home. any legitimate services are required to have a license number which can be verified on the boards website. < rick lopes, cslb "the last thing we want is to have these unlicensed our unscrupulous contractors to hit upon them and take advantage of their low emotional state right now.> (justine) crews expect to have the wall fire 100-percent contained by tomorrow. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast.
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lawrence karnow: another weekend, another round of hot, triple digit temperatures for part of the bay area. it's been a hot summer so far and today was no exception. highs soared into the 100s in many of the interior valleys. but it was almost 40 degrees cooler at the coast. heat advisories are up once again away from the coast and bay as temperatures will head back into the 90s and low 100s again tomorrow. we're also seeing a few monsoonal clouds sweeping across our skies too. you can see the big ridge of high pressure building into california. the desert air will stick around for another day before the sea breeze
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strengthens to cool us down. it will be very hot in the central valley. highs in sacramento could hit 106 degrees. air quality is also suffering and becoming stagnant. it will be hot again tomorrow with temperatures as high as 104 in the east bay. highs inside the bay will be in the 80s with 90s in the south bay and cool 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to cool on monday and be near normal by midweek. next weekend will heat up again but it doesn't look as hot as this weekend.
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(jrstone) the east bay s-p-c-a hosted it's annual adopt-a-thon at jack london square in oakland today. (justine) local animal shelters and rescues feature more than 300 animals in hopes of finding them forever-homes. kron4's jeff pierce was at the adopt-a-thon. thousands of pet lovers attended the east bay spca's annual adopt-a-thon in oakland's jack london square on saturday.last year we had five thousand people, we know there's going to be more this year.more than three hundred and fifty adoptable animals from pet adoption agencies
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throughout california were available to those looking to adopt a pet.we came here looking for a pit and when we saw her we instantly fell in love. pits are really good dogs and were excited it all worked out.there's a reason this annual event is held each the summer when the heat is higher they tend to have more puppies and kittens. right now in our booth we have nothing but puppies and kittens but people love that, they get snapped up we get a lot of adoptions but it's because our shelters are full of puppies and kittens right now. one can't deny the alure of a new puppy.this beautiful face right here.she was rescued and we wanted to bring her into our home and give her some love.breed specific rescue organizations had adult dogs available for adoptions. the majority of our dogs are racing grey hounds they're retired from racing.they are quiet so they're not going to wake your neighbors up and we think they're just the sweetest things on earth.those breed specific rescue
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organizations often have even stricter requirements than public shelters.they find a forever home and for any reason throughout their lives they need to be rehomed, it's contractual that they come home to us.not ready for a dog or a cat? how about a rat? they're very social and loving and very clean.perhaps a feathered friend might be more to your liking.he's a survivor of a very cruel sport, they breed them to be champions, they take them hundreds of miles from home and let them go and they fly their hearts out trying to get home, so the ones that are lucky enough to get rescued we help them to find safe homes were they won't be exploited.whatever your prefrences you couldn't escape cuteness. at jack london square in oakland jeff pierce kron four news. next... why a tv ad sponsered by the n-r-a is sparking outrage.
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. (jr stone) there is one
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street in the east bay where drivers are not following the rules.(justine) in fact, it is so bad it attracted the attention of our very own stanley roberts. if you happen to be on 5th street in west oakland between aderline and market street you will get .well let's just say an eyeful nats: ambiance if it's not an lyft driving the wrong way it might be a big rig rolling down the street either dropping off trailers or picking them up nats: ambiance which probably wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that there are restrictions on ths street like no trucks weighing over 4.5 tons to put it in perspective the average car weighs 5 thousand pounds or 2.5 tons if that in anyway,
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helps your math. since i'm not expert on truck weight. i thought id ask a truck driver how much your truck weigh? (what are you filming) how much does this truck weigh (my truck) yea (it not my truck im just driving it) your just driving it? how much does the truck weight ( how much the truck weigh) how much does this truck weight? (this is empty.) ok, how much does it weight empty (so why your filming) i'm with channel 4 how much does it weight empty (it's about 3 thousand) three thousand that all? this whole truck is 3 thousand pounds?( yes)wow, the truck weighs two thousand pounds less that a car. they are making these things lighter and lighter .. nats: ambiance oh and under that sign there is yet another sign which reads tow -away no parking of unattached trailers this block yet there were unattached trailers everywhere. this must be the center of an alternate backwards world nats: ambiance smile you're on camera is hand painted on a plastic tarp and on a piece of cardboard the same thing . how did they know i was coming there is also an encampment on this street. the people who
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live here say the street is constantly being used as a place for illegal dumping in this case hundreds of pounds of stripped copper insulation .. nats: ambiance there are lots of garbage and most of it sits directly under barts right of way the signage confirms this fact so bart is soley responsible for the cleanup the fact of the matter is this location wasn't even on my radar i just happened to drive past it because i wanted to show you this ac transit bus stop the one that can't be used because another encampment has taken over the entire street ..despite a notice that it was over due to be cleaned up nats: ambiance that whole area is . how do you say it oh yea a hot mess! oh, and i can't leave you with out showing you the lock on this water spigot yup there might just be a problem here.. in west oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail
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us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com ... still ahead... oj simpson returns to court this coming week. how soon he could be a free man. plus why.. ryan lochte is longer facing charges after he claimed he was held up at gun point during the olympics.
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(justine) an ad created by the national rifle association... used as a recruiting tool... is sparking outrage.(jr stone) hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in d.c. this weekend to protest the organization and its message. reporter, john lornic has the story. (nats)the organizers behind the women's march on washington back in january... returned to our nation's
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capitol this weekend .. to protest the national rifle association.(nats)the demonstration began friday - where hundreds of protesters marched 18-miles from the nra headquarters in fairfax, virginia... all the way to the department of justice.the rallies comes amid heightened tension between activists and the nra --after the organization released a controversial recruitment video.(nra ad) "then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance all to make them march to make them protest. make them scream racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia."in a joint cnn interview earlier this week, women's march co-president, tamika mallory, claimed the ad is a "direct endorsement of violence." tamika mallory / women's march co-president: "when the nra is responsible for gun owners, people who have the ability to take lives they should be doing nothing more than speaking about de-escalation, safety." the nra spokeswoman, dana loesch, defended the ad and who the
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message was targeting.dana loesch / nra spokeswoman: "the they are those are the people who think peaceful protests is the exact same thing as violent riots."mallory also wrote an open letter to the nra asking the organization to apologize to the american people for the video that suggests armed violence against communities of color, progressives and anyone who does not agree with this administration's policies.i'm john lornic reporting. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's deferring consideration of the gop health care measure.the senate leader had planned action on the controversial bill next week but sen. john mccain announced saturday he would be staying in arizona following surgery for a blood clot. surgeons in phoenix say they removed a blood clot from above his left eye. mccaine is a three time survivor of melanoma. (jrstone) we are now learning the identity of two people killed in the high-rise apartment fire in hawaii yesterday. according to
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pastor phil reller... police have confirmed his mother and brother were killed in the fire. reller says he received a call from his brother saying smoke was filling the apartment... and he could not get to their 85-year-old mother. authorities say the apartment building did not have a sprinkler system. the building was constructed in 19-71... three years before fire code requires high-rises to have sprinklers. "unidentified resident): "so i just stuck my head out the window and i could see the fire right above us in the unit next to us. there was also fire coming in through the elevator shaft so it was actually smoking inside on the 25th floor."(jrstone) the fire burned more than a dozen units and spread through at least three floors. fire officials say it could have been contained to a single unit if a sprinkler system had been in place. the name of the third victim has not been released. (jrs) a brazilian court has dismissed the criminal case against u.s. swimmer ryan lochte you may remember
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last year... when kron four reported that lochte had been charged with filing a false robbery report during the 20-16 olympics in rio. the court in rio confirmed that it tossed out that caseafter determining that lochte's robbery claim did not constitute the filling of a fake report. ryna lochetehas yet to comment. under brazilian lawthe penalty for filling a false crime report is a maximum of 18 months in prison. (justine) o-j simpson will fight for his release from prison this week. the former football star has a parole hearing thursday in nevada. simpson has been in prison for the past nine years... convicted on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. he has already served his minimum sentence - and one defense attorney believes he is likely to receive a parole. if that happens, he could be a free man as early as october. simpson was convicted of trying to take pieces of sports memorabilia that he claimed were stolen from him. he was acquitted
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of murder trial in 19-95, when he was accused of killing his wife, nicole brown simpson, and ron goldman (justine)kron4 is heading to reno this week for oj simpsons parol hearing. we will have live coverage. be the first to know the updates on this story by downloading the free kron four mobile app. you can also get all the updates.. on our website kron four dot (j.r.) time sure does fly. it was 20 years ago today when famous designer gianni versace was killed on the steps of his miami beach mansion.these are archived photos of the scene. versace who was just 50 years old had just returned from his morning walk when he was shot and killed by andrew cunanan. the motive on the killing is still unclear 20 years later. lots of speculation on that but no hard facts as to the motive. during a three month period versace was one of five people who cunanan killed.
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cunanan later took his own life. the f-x channel is currently filming an american crime story show based on the versace murder. (justine) turning to weather now, meteorologist lawrence karnow has our forecast. lawrence karnow: another weekend, another round of hot, triple digit temperatures for part of the bay area. it's been a hot summer so far and today was no exception. highs soared into the 100s in many of the interior valleys. but it was almost 40 degrees cooler at the coast. heat advisories are up once again away from the coast and bay as temperatures will head back into the 90s and low 100s again tomorrow. we're also seeing a few monsoonal clouds
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sweeping across our skies too. you can see the big ridge of high pressure building into california. the desert air will stick around for another day before the sea breeze strengthens to cool us down. it will be very hot in the central valley. highs in sacramento could hit 106 degrees. air quality is also suffering and becoming stagnant. it will be hot again tomorrow with temperatures as
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high as 104 in the east bay. highs inside the bay will be in the 80s with 90s in the south bay and cool 60s at the coast. temperatures will begin to cool on monday and be near normal by midweek. next weekend will heat up again but it doesn't look as hot as this weekend.
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ford is being hit with a lawsuit after police officers across the country say they have had issues with carbon monoxide poisoning inside their patrol cars. we'll explian what happened just ahead.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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this july visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. this july visit your local volvo dealer (jr stone) investigators say the four men that disappered in bucks county earlier this week were found dead after 20-year cosmo dinardo confessed of killing the men dinardo and sean kratz are responsible for the killings -- they were charged with the grisly slayings on friday. police say dinardo and kratz killed the four men during two different drug deal meetings. bucks county district attorney says the question of why they felt the need to kill the men may never be answered. both suspects are being held without bail
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(jrstone) several police departments are no longer driving their ford explorers... (justine) reporter polo sandoval has more about their decision to pull the s-u-v's following carbon monoxide concerns. this police dash cam captured the seconds before a newport beach, california officer lost consciousness behind the wheel. he drifts into another lane, over a grassy median, and crashes into a tree line. look again. the s-u-v narrowly missed an oncoming vehicle. (nats)the officer behind the wheel is currently suing ford the maker of his patrol vehicle blaming his blackout on carbon monoxide poisoning.a similar case is making it's way through a texas court. documents show austin police sgt zachary lahood was on patrol in march when he "became nauseous, light-headed, and began experiencing cognitive difficulties." (nats: "i have a headache. i feel like i'm going to throw up.")before
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pulling into this parking lot, lahood nearly collided with an oncoming bus. his medical diagnosis, according to the lawsuit: "carbon monoxide poisoning." the national transportation safety administration has investigated more than 15o complaints from ford explorer owners about the smell of exhaust fumes in their s-u-v's. ford has settled a class action lawsuit related to those complaints. after sgt lahood's incident, austin p-d pulled 37 of their police interceptor out of service.the police association president there now calling on the city to find a long-term solution. ken casaday, apd assoc. president: "our big fear now is that we have officers in the city driving around everyday being poisoned and they don't even know about it." ford motor company is responding to allegations that their explorer's are flawed saying: "we have investigated and not found any carbon monoxide issue resulting from the design of our police interceptor utility vehicles. we know police modify these vehicles, which can contribute to exhaust-related issues. we
8:41 pm
have provided instructions to help seal these modifications and are ready to inspect any vehicles with this concern." those instructions were sent to austin p-d. they identify openings on some 2013 police interceptors that could allow external air into the s-u-v. the maintenance bulletins date back to 2012, says brian chase attorney for three officers suing ford.brian chase, attorney for zachary hood: "most of the police fleets and people i talk to are putting carbon monoxide detectors in the vehicles so they can catch it ahead of time. it would have been nice if they had a warning about this sooner." that's something chase is hoping will change. next a nightmare scenario at a bay area restaurant, and it was all caught on camera. we'll show you just ahead.
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(justine) now to an update on a story we first told you about last week... a rat was caught on camera.... crawing all over restaurant counters in daly city. (jr stone) several restaurants are still closed tonight because of this... i talked with witnesses and restaurant owners who are defending their businesses. this is video showing a rat walking along the counter in a daly city restaurant called upside down burger. video that has gone viral since it
8:45 pm
was posted on saturday night. sot when i first seen the rat it's like anything i jumped out of my body i mean seriously i don't want to get bit by the thing i mean i'm a big guy but that will take you down.robert bell recorded this and says he was with his family eating what was a good burger when things took a turn. sot the lady she jumps up.she is screaming, she's yelling, runs and says i'm not eating here i'm not eating here and she points towards the flower jug. sot we here the other lady she drops her water jug she screams i'm like what's going on.sot simotaneously the wife looks at the plant and see the mouse the rat.bell says his family ran out but he
8:46 pm
stayed in the restaurant to get his refund and recorded video of the rat as he waited. as for who's to blame for the rodentthat's to be determined but the health department is now involved. in two inspections since saturday. upside down burger, has passedso has the dominos two doors downnot the case for house of sisig located right next door to upside down burger. the san mateo county health department has shut them down due to evidence of vermin infestation. we asked the owner of house of sisig, who did show us his restaurant being cleaned, if he is to blame.sot so are the problems coming from your restaurant? i don't think so it might be coming from all of us i don't knowsot they said they saw some infestation said i have to clean it up and everything. the owner of upside down burger disagrees saying this isn't a building problem or attic problem or the health department would have made sure everyone closed. he allowed kron 4 access to his restaurant tuesday saying he has nothing to hide. he stores just a small amount of food in a small refrigerated area under the grills, even going so far as showing us his contract with a cleaning company that comes every night. robert bell says he doesn't know what happened, why it happened, but says people need to beware. sot the
8:47 pm
thought of mice rats roming around throughout the day. i can only imagine what happens at night.just that thought had my stomach turning. (jr stone) both restaurants that you saw in that video are still closed tonight.(justine) those at upside down burger tell us they will reopen on monday. (justine) more than seven-million pounds of beef and pork hot dogs, sausages and salami made by sabrett are being recalled over bone pieces. according to the usda's food safety inspection service several customers reported pieces of bones and cartilage in the products. one customer reported a mouth
8:48 pm
injury. products from papaya king, 1906 premium, western beef, and stew leonard were also recalled for the same reason all the products between june 19th and october 6th were affected there is a new wave of techie toys that can teach your kids the fundamentals of coding and robotics without them knowing it.. some parents are using these smart toys to help keep their kids learning and sharp through the summer months. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us. nats - cosmo this is kinora, she is ten years old, she is playing with one of hottest robots on the market cosmo. nats - cosmoit's a fun a techie toy but also an introduction into the world of engineering. the bot comes with an app that let's her control what cosmo does she is programing it and through this proccess learning the basics of robotics and coding this smart toy and others like
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it can help your kids get a jump start on learning to write code. sound from: hanns tappeiner, president & co- founder, anki"and what their learning is essentially looking at a problem and dissecting it into small little problems and it teaches you a completely new way on how to look at the world and how to identify and solve problems"it may look small but cosmo is packed full of cutting edge tech very interactive with facical recognition software built in it can identify it's master and know when someone is looking at it. over 1,000 facial animations deliver up different expressions for cosmo. nats - cosmothe bot was inspired by robots from popular animated movies like walle. some of the people who built it actually worked on those movies .. cosmo is a creation between hollywood and tech.. sound from: hanns tappeiner, president & co- we have a team of character the made up of company former pixar lucas film animators and character people who do nothing else but think about how should cosmo behave in every single situation he might encountercosmo is one of several smart toys now out there that can help them learn while having knows maybe inspire them to one day work at apple or for a closer look at the options on the market log onto kron 4 dot com and look for my tech page. gabe slate kron 4 news. and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate... you can add him on facebook,
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follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at-kron4-dot-com. madison bumgerner is back playing for the giants today. we'll tell you how he did just ahead.
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(jr stone) madison bumgarner off the disable list for the first time since april after his dirtbike accident the giants were taking on the padres from petco park after he got off to a solid start -- jabari blash hits a 2-run shot off mad bum giving san diego a 3-2 lead -- bumgarner allowed 2 home runs, 3 runs, and 4 hits in seven innings game tied in the bottom of
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the ninth -- former giant, hector sanchez hits a 2-run homerun for the padres they win 5-3 (jr stone) as for the a's...they were taking on cleveland. game tied in the ninth -- khris davis smacks a two-run shot to win it on a walk off davis now has 25 homer runs this season oakland wins 5-3 (j.r.)usa soccer in action today in women's final happening today at wimbledon.venus williams trying to become the oldest woman to win wimbledon in the open era at 37 years of age. unfortunately for the american it would not happen today. venus loses to garbina
8:55 pm
mugurutha. mugurutha has now beat both williams sisters in the finals of grand slam events. the only tennis player to do that. (j.r.)it might be the off season for the golden state warriors but steph curry has been busy as can be.he's at the american century championship celebrity golf tournament in lake tahoe this weekend. you can see curry teeing off here with justin timberlake and tony romo of the cowboys. beautiful day for golf. yesterday curry was throwing the football around with aaron rodgers. at one point this afternoon curry took an alley-oop from romo.
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♪ >> oh, their information. beyonce finally reveals her twins. but what you may not have noticed about the pics seen around the world. as we get details about her new date night with jay-z. >> then did jennifer garner confront ben's new girlfriend? what we just learned. as affleck shows off his romance at every opportunity. why is the private star suddenly so public? >> plus -- ♪ whoa, j.lo. just when you thought her love wi with a-rod couldn't get any hotter. >> then, the fairy tale celebrity wedding of the summer. inside julianne hough's emotional i do's. >> so beautiful. >> and new maks and peta wdi


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