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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 18, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>>now it's 3 a grim prediction in 10's of thousands of covid patients could flood into hospitals over the next few weeks. if people don't act now and take precautions to slow the spread. and top us government government officials got the coronavirus vaccine today in an effort to build confidence as many people are still uncertain about getting the shots. plus as covid-19 cases are spreading rapidly across the state will take a look at which bay area neighborhoods have the most cases. >>he is local news station. with breaking news. thanks for joining us here on kron 4 news
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at 3 i'm tahernia we start today with a grim prediction from governor newsome. >>breaking news into the newsroom governor newsome posted an update to our state icu capacity delivering a grim message on the number of cases increases in deaths here in states. let's listen to part of what he had to say as he breaks down some of the recent numbers. >>biopsy can really absorb get a sense of where we really are in terms of total number of average cases but also what's happened or hospitals in what's happening i see use 117% increase. as you look at the 7 day average number of cases over 2 week period. you can see from 9453 covid positive patients in our hospitals, 70% increase again over just a 2 week period. now over 16,019 covid plus hospitalized patients icu similarly 58% increase 2182. now to 3,400 and 47 you can see what happens. over a
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period of days and weeks not months. so i want to be right here right here reminding you where we are in the midst of this pandemic with a sense of urgency of focus in terms of what you can do what we can do together to mitigate the spread and to bend this curve at this critical juncture. >>kron 4 reporter ashley zavala is following all the latest developments for us and we'll have more on kron 4 news at 5 and at 6. now a lot of the announcement from the governor let's take a deeper dive into icu bed availability across the state. >>the bay area region falling down to 12.8% availability compared to yesterday's 13.1%. a grim situation in southern california and the san joaquin valley for icu bed availability is at 0%. the northern california region is at 21% in the greater sacramento region is at 14 and a half percent availability today. kron 4 has confirmed
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that california will be receiving more than 100,000 fewer pfizer vaccines that previously promised. this news comes from the governor's office state officials tell us they were expecting to receive 393,000 vaccines and now they're estimating that number to be closer to 233,000. the cause behind the drop in vaccine allotment is unknown at this time. but we do know that washington state is reporting a drop in their vaccine allotment as well. and the coronavirus pandemic continues to shed light on the vast inequities in our health care system with minority populations being hit particularly hard kron four's has the investigate what neighborhoods of the bay area are currently for outbreaks and just who is being infected and he joins us now with the zeke. >>it's area residents are all under the do stay at home order but when it comes to the spread of covid-19 the spread
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actually is different from one neighborhood to the next. it took a look at several dashboards and maps from bay area health department website for information regarding covid-19 hotspot city's neighborhoods and zip codes this is what we found in the city and county of san francisco. we took a look at the number of new cases per 10,000 residents confirmed within the last 30 days. >>the dark green color, the map showing the most cases are in bayview hunters point 558 new cases and the mission district where there are 627 new cases of the virus viewing the real-time data from across the bay in alameda county, the map also uses darker colors for covid-19 hotspot cities and zip codes among the high is diseased oakland's 9, 4, 6, oh one zip code with over 3200 total cases and the city of hayward with over 2800 total cases san mateo county health dashboard shows over 20,000
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covid-19 cases hear cases are listed by individual cities the highest totals are in daly city with 2900 cases east palo alto with over 2300 over 2700 redwood city and more than 2000 covid-19 cases in south san francisco, the vast majority of this group is in santa clara county where the cumulative total was 53,885 cases of the virus with a seven-day rolling average of 1170 new cases, darker blue on this map showing hot spot cities stretching from mountain view milpitas sunday, they'll santa clara san jose campbell and as far south as morgan hill. has it made kron 4 news. >>turning our attention now to the east bay today's the first day of the states that mandated stay at home order in kron four's charles clifford visit sites across contra costa county to see what businesses were doing to limit capacity and keep their
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customers safe. >>well eric contra costa on friday. this is the first day of the new stay at home order now the county is essentially following what the state is mandating that includes that restaurants have to close down except for takeout and delivery retail stores are limited to 20% grocery stores can only have 35% capacity and today i had a chance to go around and kind of see how some of these places are doing this is only my let's start over at the sun valley shopping center on friday morning pretty quiet over there everyone inside wearing a mask, same story everywhere i went today masks are pretty much universal inside them all pretty quiet. there were a couple of stores kind of controlling the people in and out but overall very quiet now over at a safeway grocery store not far away was pretty much. business as usual. there are a lot of people going in and out no attempt to control the flow of people in and out i don't know if the grocery store reach 35% capacity, it's hard to tell. my next stop was
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a target store that was very busy very business as usual lot of people out there shopping i did have a chance to talk to a few people, including one woman who actually had coronavirus she recovered she is doing ok. but she says she's very much in favor of the stay at home order but even she it's getting a little tired of it all. i was lucky. i wasn't very sick and i know that lots and lots of people have very sick people that i know. >>personally. so i just wanted to be over with yes, it's just the whole i it was ok for about 6 months and then now it's kind of during the holidays as scott just to be a hardship on most of the new stay at home order is scheduled to last at least 3 weeks but for now in contra costa county charles clifford kron 4 news. >>starting today people traveling from any airport heading into san francisco will have to quarantine for 10 days. city officials are asking people to follow the
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travel order on the honor system even if you are a local returning from a trip. you must quarantine the city's health director doctor grant colfax announced the new order yesterday and he says traveling puts everyone at a higher risk and right now we're in a grave situation. some people flying out of sfo believe travelers won't quarantine while others have hope that people will do the right thing. >>majority will follow it like as soon as like word gets out a little bit more. i think that a lot of people will try but getting closer specially to the holidays, it's going to be really tough. >>the cdc is also pleading with people not to travel this holiday season this order will last until at least january 7th for san francisco. covid testing is now available for travelers going through san jose's minetta airport the testing is available daily but there are some restrictions. you do need an appointment and it's only available for people traveling on alaska and
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hawaiian airlines. travelers need to present their ticket and the test will cost $170. area congresswoman anna eshoo says she's in quarantine after possibly being exposed to the coronavirus in a statement sent it to kron 4 representative as she says a member of her staff tested positive for the virus. she says she's not experiencing any symptoms, however, but will be quarantine at home congresswoman eshoo represents a majority of silicon valley in congress. and vice president mike pence and his wife karen received their covid-19 vaccine earlier this morning. the white house says the vaccination was an publicly in hopes of showing the american people that it is safe. president elect joe biden is expected to get his shot sometime next week. and both house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell received the pfizer coronavirus vaccine today as well. mcconnell said that as a survivor of childhood polio quote i know both the fear of
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the disease and the extraordinary promise of hope that vaccines brain. it's unclear if all 535 members of the house and senate will choose to get the vaccine. only about half of americans say that they're willing to get it and that's according to a survey by the associated press. the fda has yet to give their final approval for the moderna vaccine against the coronavirus in the vaccine is approved it could be distributed as soon as monday. unlike the pfizer vaccine does not need to be stored at ultra foes and temperatures. we are following the approval process co sleep and we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available. switching gears now let's talk about our weekend weather. this is a live look outside at the richmond sandra fell bridge of akron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with what we can expect this coming weekend the their sanaa's we're going to track pretty mild temperatures for your bay area forecast live look out there right now. >>not a cloud in the sky in fact pretty calm quiet
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conditions out there in the bay area. >>thanks to these breezy northerly winds were noticing clear skies and mild temperatures for your friday afternoon widespread low 60's as you make your way inland in the mid 50's along the coast for downtown san francisco in half moon bay, but seeing low 60's for novato santa rosa hayward and even san jose upper 50's for those of you in antioch and livermore in future cast for is going to show the quiet weather pattern continuing tonight so make sure to bundle up because of the lack of blanket of clouds temperatures are going to be fairly chilly. but then expect a slightly warmer afternoon for your saturday overnight lows tonight. patchy frost could form especially for driest and also coolest valleys in santa rosa and napa low to mid 30's. there has conquered in livermore everyone else though in the low 40's, but downtown san francisco little bit milder cooling down to 43 degrees a daytime highs, very little change tomorrow compared to the day staying in the low 60's mid 60's or santa rosa
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and nevada though and even downtown san francisco warming up into the low 60's 62 degrees were conquered antioch and livermore low 60's for those of you in san jose, no rain in sight. unfortunately, but we do have a slight chance of showers returning to the bay area on your christmas day evening. so we could see some scattered showers for that weekend of christmas. stay tuned, sanaa's back to you in a recent. coming up on kron 4 news at 3 health officials say the current surge of covid-19 infections likely stanza from thanksgiving gatherings. >>with fears that christmas could make things worse. what doctor anthony fauci says you can do to protect yourself and others. and we'll bring you a live report from the south bay where healthcare workers are rolling up their sleeves to
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>>one by one hospital workers are rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated against covid-19 to the south bay we go where the vaccinations have begun at regional medical center in san jose. >>kron four's rob fladeboe has more in a live report brought. >>well that's right sanaa's no one here believes that the arrival of the vaccine is going to have an immediate impact on the ongoing fight against covid-19 or the recent surge in cases for that matter but having witnessed the first vaccination here at hard-hit regional hospital i can tell you that it does appear to have injected a bit of hope and optimism into the ongoing fight, here's a closer look.
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>>in a scene playing out to hospitals and skilled nursing centers across the region, the first dose of covid-19 vaccine was administered friday here at regional medical center in san jose. emergency room manager amy lopez bna voluntarily rolled up her sleeves to receive the first vaccination regional and its sister hospital good samaritan will share an initial allocation of 975 doses of the long-awaited vaccine. well the pandemic is far from over the symbolism of the first vaccinations was not lost on others hospital staff patients and the community at large who anxiously await their turn we know that there's a lot of anxiety. >>and especially once people know that hey the vaccine is inside the building. we can we go. so our job is to make sure that in the safest and most effective manner we move as many people through. as possible the numbers fluctuate from day to day but all of
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regionals 37 icu beds were filled on friday. >>or at least 90 people hospitalized with covid-19 some patients have been transferred to good samaritan regional medical center serves some of the zip codes hardest hit by the pandemic the latest surge of hospitalizations has stretched hospital resources across the region. but the arrival of the vaccine will be a welcome boost to morale it's a it's a battle every day to keep morale up but. >>and i have been impressed. certainly by our teams here they can be a little long in the tooth when the day started but they roll up their sleeves and. continue to provide the care that's needed. >>regional hospital got 488 doses of vaccine in this first shipment sister hospital good samaritan also here in san jose got 400 and 77 doses as we speak other health care workers are rolling up their sleeves and getting vaccinated as that both hospitals await further shipments of the
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vaccine in the days and weeks ahead, live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. all right rob, thank you for that. >>and out of the north bay where frontline health care workers in marine county are receiving their pfizer vaccines. earlier this morning we caught up with doctor karen schawbel sun with more in health to discuss the vaccine rollout in the county and other details concerning its safety. >>we vaccinated just shy of a 140 providers and staff yesterday, the first day of vaccinating 140 did you get more doses out of the viles like they said you probably would instead of 5 maybe 6 or 7. >>yeah, we did we didn't stretch it to we did some 6 you know we're being cautious because as you with the pfizer vaccine. everyone will need a second vaccination in 2 weeks. >>so we didn't want to stretch it so much that we might run short, i'm sorry and 3 weeks, yeah, we didn't want to run short in 3 weeks so we are stretching it a bit we're the fda guidelines that we don't push it too much. i think it's
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important for everyone to understand that administering these vaccines is not quite as simple as the flu as we mentioned each vial contains 5 possibly more doses that because of the handling of the vaccine. those doses need to be with administered within 2 hours breaking into the there are some technical patients need to be observed or 15 to 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine and then of course you have to do all of this and the setting of social distancing we've got a lot of questions from people who say once i get vaccinated does that mean i can't get covid and i can't spread covid so i can just run around that a mask on can you clear that up. >>yeah absolutely so there's a couple things to remember the vaccine is not a 100% effective no vaccine is it's very effective. it's almost a 100%. >>but that doesn't mean you
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couldn't get it so that's one thing and we also aren't quite sure if you might not be able to transmit it. so you have no symptoms but it's possible that you could be transmitting it until we have more data until we have more people receiving the vaccine we won't be sure so everybody myself included has to continue wearing a mask social distancing washing our hands basically doing the same things everybody else my life will not change is the result of the vaccine is safe. >>now health officials say the danger is by no means over they are urging everyone to avoid large gatherings over the holidays in the coming weeks. still ahead bay area icu bed availability falls under 13% today we're going have a live interview on what the situation is like for one local doctor. >>and next we are only one week away from christmas and the need for food banks is bigger than ever. we'll tell you how you can give back
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>>we've heard of pandemic fatigue but how about volunteer fatigue the san francisco-marin food bank says volunteers are worn out, addressing the increasing number of food insecure families during the pandemic but as kron four's phillipe djegal reports thousands of hardworking people are still sorting and delivering meals to people in desperate need this holiday season. >>at one point during the pandemic the san francisco-marin food bank says
3:24 pm
2500 volunteers per week we're surrendering their time and energy for the good of the community sorting packaging and delivering food to struggling and hungry families in recent weeks, senior community engagement manager cody james says that number has decreased about 20% to 2000 volunteers a week in part to allow the food bank to properly ensure social distancing. >>the james says the escalation in covid-19 case rates in san francisco and warren counties and the state's regional shelter in place for her. >>have had an impact getting people to come out and keep coming has been sounds and monster but is the said and people worry about their safety and so. >>it is hard to keep the enthusiasm and when people want to come and definitely sounds like one jane game to nonprofits more than 170 staff members have only >>james says fewer volunteers will work in smaller groups to
3:25 pm
keep everyone healthy and motivated through the end of the year the holiday season is always our business time from on tears and the feeling really good about right now. >>shelter in place order is made that a little but really looking for right now what we're really for now is january february every year in the new year, we'll see a drop-off volunteers, you know the community needs said it's a really hoping that enough for the holiday season. >>people still in months here by then the need will have only grown. >>the leap to the all kron 4 news. >>kron 4 is teaming up with the super bowl of caring to raise 1 million meals for families in need. if you'd like donate grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen or text the word and why he donated to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, 8, 9, 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to donate to. >>coming up on kron 4 news at 3 we'll have a live report from san francisco as one city
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supervisor fights to save outdoor dining. and we'll tell you why one southern califo i'm greg, i'm 68 years old.
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>>the entire bay area region is now under the state's stay at home order this was triggered because of a drop in icu bed availability, this week's a 12.9%. now here's some of the guidelines with the order as we enter into the weekend. it will be in effect for a minimum of 3 weeks in
3:29 pm
addition to the time some counties had already been locked down indoor playgrounds personal care services wineries and among other sectors, those most all shut down. retail however can remain open at 20% capacity and restaurants can be take-out only there's also curfew in effect from 10:00pm to 05:00am we caught up with bay area residents for their thoughts on the new lockdown. >>it's it's it's hard to know what to do and what not to do some of that makes sense other things don't make a lot of sense, i'm willing to follow the science but it seems like. there's there's a lot of stories about what's safe and what's not. >>all the details on the stay at home order and icu bed availability for the bay area and across california is posted on our website kron 4 dot com. governor newsom released some grim numbers today regarding california's fight against covid-19 this afternoon the governor said that there has been a 117% increase in icu cases in the
3:30 pm
last 7 days in the past 2 weeks there has been over 2500 deaths in comparison on november 17th there were 61 deaths in california and yesterday december 17th, there were 300 regarding the covid-19 vaccine distribution there have been over 500,000 pfizer vaccine doses delivered or are going to be delivered in the first and second round of allocation on the first day of distribution there were over 3,000 doses administered newsom says pfizer told him they have more doses of the vaccine and pfizer has no direction from feds to send those out yet. meanwhile california will receive 672,600 moderna doses as early as next week. and health officials say the current a surge of covid-19 infections likely stanza from thanksgiving gatherings. they fear christmas gatherings could make matters even worse doctor. anthony fauci appeared on fox news yesterday to say there's no need to cancel christmas. just follow safety protocols to protect yourself
3:31 pm
and others. >>i'm not saying that that everyone should cancel the family gathering i'm saying that people we'll need to make individual choices, you know you have some christmas day people bring friends and others in who travels from different parts of the country you could have 15 20 people at a dinner when you get together try to make some limitations to it. >>here locally among limitations keep your to less than 10 people doctor anthony fauci says he won't be seeing his children this christmas. he says this will be the first time he has not spent the holidays with his daughters since they were born. here locally the outcry over the ban on outdoor dining in most of california due to the shrinking availability of the icu beds continues to grow. now some san francisco elected officials are holding an emergency meeting next week in order to force public health officials to explain the reasons why kron four's morning kelly joins us live
3:32 pm
from san francisco with the very latest morning. >>tonight, i'm not here up a hill on 18th street this is where there are a lot of restaurants on this commercial strip. right here you're looking at one of many empty parklets this is where you know this one is especially very elaborate here built out to accommodate. outdoor dining a lot of restaurants had to pivot and obviously spent a lot of money to construct some of these and unfortunately they're just here sitting empty because of the now state regional. stay at home order that bans outdoor dining. now the supervisors board of supervisors are going to be holding a emergency meeting on tuesday they normally would be. on break but they decided to hold this meeting to discuss the needs of small businesses. that are hurting
3:33 pm
underneath this. health order and also too. vote on a resolution that would. demand that the state call for. reported provide proof that outdoor dining is to the spread of coronavirus. needs of small businesses hurting under the new health order will be the topic of an emergency hearing tuesday at the san francisco board of supervisors. >>and they will vote on a resolution to demand the state prove that outdoor dining spreads coronavirus it's a resolution supervisor matt haney supports these folks in. >>you know for the last number of months told to rely on outdoor dining the move. he told them it was safe we get permits state invested the time many cases in outdoor parklets and all of that. >>and now i just on a right they've been shut down. and i
3:34 pm
think it's important that our public health department, the state public health departments, be transparent about why they did this the push back on the ban of outdoor dining is happening in many places around the state today, a group of sacramento, lawmakers signed a letter to the alcoholic beverage control to immediately cease enforcement of the ban. >>following a ruling from a san diego superior court judge that prompted county leaders there to stop enforcement, the owner of a martinez bar and restaurant is one of several suing contra costa county for enforcing a ban ahead of the state. he says he can't make it on take out a loan and has had to lay off staff just mean a i went from 5 employees to 2. >>so in one single she's was to pay your bills. she has rent to pay just a little kid or my business like others. it's like a family we're here to look out for each other. and how can look out for my family. if and being handcuffed but a ucsf
3:35 pm
professor of epidemiology says there is science behind this band, the point is that people take their masks off to eat. >>and it's not so much about the person, you know 3 tables away. >>as it is about the person across the table from you and if there were these are for people to mix and mixed households. you know they represent a >>he also goes on to say that in light of the fact that yesterday 52,000 cases of coronavirus were reported to the state means that this is not the time to make compromises when the at the numbers are so astronomical. that's the latest from here in san francisco back to use an off. >>maureen thank you for that. san bernardino county is suing the state asking the california supreme court to overturn the stay at home order. county leaders claim the order goes too far under the state's emergency act. they say governor gavin, newsome has acted improperly
3:36 pm
and they say san county officials should be able to set their own regulations. it says the state's orders stretch of the county's resources then making it difficult for the sheriff and health department to provide other critical services the county wants the state justices to act by december 28th, when the 3 week order is set to expire or be renewed. switching gears now to talk about our weather as we take a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. it's sunny out there things look clear with kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she's standing by with the details marissa is going to stay clear for the for the course of the weekend. yeah, it certainly is so little bit of a mixed bag soon as i know a lot of us really do love the sunshine, but this is our wet season. so. >>fingers crossed we get some more rain out in the horizon but from now even through christmas day it looks like a pretty dry outlook. but temperatures not too bad in the low 60's for downtown san francisco. so we're going to be just a degree above average
3:37 pm
there with widespread upper 50's from daly city all the way to half moon bay, daly city am 58 degrees. so enjoy those temperatures there winds out of the north going to give us clear skies and also slightly warmer forecast for the first of the weekend low 60's from burlingame with millbrae and burlingame ca warming up to 62 degrees mid 60's for those of you in san mateo one of the warmest cities in the bay area for your saturday afternoon. mountain view 58 degrees with widespread low 60's for most of the south bay, san jose and campbell warming up into the low 6062 degrees for those of you in livermore and tracking widespread low 60's for most of the east bay shoreline oakland and berkeley 61 degrees with walnut creek and concord warming up to 62 degrees low 60's for napa 61 degrees but warmer for those of you in santa rosa and even nevado mid 60's for your saturday afternoon highs back to use an thank you coming up 2020 has brought its share of
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>>time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight marni hughes joins us
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live from chicago with a preview. hi marty. i've thank you. >>we have a special report about wealth among minorities tonight before the pandemic black and hispanic wealth was growing faster than white wealth tonight, several business owners share their personal stories and struggles over the past few months. also of covid se full arare e no are not getting not enough we'r looking into what's causing that problem and whether distribution of a second vaccine will have similar issues. plus that massive cyber attack believed to have been carried out by russia, a national security expert will join us to talk about the scope of the attack the damage done from this latest breach and also the u.s. response. and finally a look back at the lelegege legendary 60 year career of or g ian samuel ago'cent of chicago' wgn radio. the impact he has had and what farm reporting meant to him as the popular broadcaster moves into a well deserved retirement we'll see for all of that tonight on
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news nation. thank you so much for that preview money. >>news nation airs on wgn america 08:00pm our time you can find on the channel's listed on your screen we've got more details available on our website kron 4 dot com. still ahead we'll talk to an emergency room doctor about the latest covid surg ♪yo yo yo yo yo yo start your day with secret. secret stops sweat 3x more than ordinary antiperspirants. with secret you're unstoppable. no sweat.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news
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at 3 joining us now live is doctor cesar java, harry and with carbon health doctor john here and thank you so much for speaking with us today. >>it's not young. >>now it is taking to health care professionals all this week about covid statistics and the low icu bed availability across the region and across the state. we haven't focused on so much is the personal experiences within the hospitals, you yourself you're an emergency room physician, so you've undoubtedly seen people die under your care before covid made its way to the u.s.. death is a tragic thing to deal with no matter how you slice it, but explain to us how it's different if it all when you're dealing with a typical e r death versus a covid related death. >>it's a questions you know they just different. die. in the by mentor and sense of care unit. is all a preparation and its needs to take care of those patients basically hospital with people
3:46 pm
>>and personal protective anything that you're trying to do things that procedures on these patients just takes more time. and answered. yeah and that is countdown, oftentimes we have i'm not just masks airflow. using 2 weeks ago i spent i hope they calling in intensive care unit that city workers seekers on the base and that. i take much longer and in better with on >>now i know obviously when you're in the e r you're in the icu you're communicating with your nurses and the colleagues around you and around. and these patients that are dying they're dying alone, do you speak to the patients before they die or do they say anything to you before they pass. i'm assuming
3:47 pm
if if they can speak i know a lot may be intubated but if they can speak as are some communication that goes on between you and the patient if so what kind of communication is that. >>just in the really an investment but especially this past week. me and my colleagues and environment been really inundated with patients but from burns. and the sad fact that this this infections so publicized many people that's it they are when you get them and i didn't sense. and there's real on their as as we deliver the news. oftentimes we're getting them supplements last as you mentioned reading on by happens as ne blind air into their lungs were eventually into air. there's desperation that goes along with near
3:48 pm
these are people and actually it's in there that is my or viruses oppose the gym for that person population like the ones. and now facing our mortality in front of months of course we try to comfort that's their number one man stands to come bird care for in the sense people's lives. but it is heart wrenching particularly most patients already know what it means when they have to go on to win. she them very. and all too often where we're having people who are eventually going die in the emergency department because the rest of the hospital all or nearly can be lethal. i'm so we're taking very intensive care patients in the emergency department at the same time the returning to communities needs with with other health >>i know as a physician and one that's been for several years. you are i guess almost
3:49 pm
train to be able to disassociate. a motion from what you are doing to have that has to be difficult in and of itself. but does speak to our viewers letter, you know let our viewers know what it's like to be you know putting so much of yourself into saving someone's life and they just you know i guess die on on on the bed right in front of you. >>yeah course it's heartbreaking. >>i in the old school training in madison was the >>just answer some i think the modern doctor actually doesn't really do that. we try to reach some very tune on the advocates for continuance for that period of time that with patients particularly in light. we're guiding them through their process. there disease not trying to help them decisions about procedures to do not to and more importantly this rain to invest there. wishes and their
3:50 pm
needs not everyone wants to be that not one my patients. our jobs and to support us is certain. you know how more but to help them make their own decisions particularly in line. so it's a nationally time saying i see it. you know my own colleagues he was hired. nursing staff for tax, everyone is incredibly dedicated to the profession of health care and it's a real privilege to take their patients. and this pandemic is very tax stance i think the next month will be not in the room by room. >>and speaking of the next month we're running out of time, but really someone who personally watched people die from covid-19 in front of you. what message do you have for people that are still choosing to travel and spend time with those that are outside of their household, you know blatantly violating health orders. >>monsees said is trying
3:51 pm
quarantine and isolate if you are going to go out state bastion with masking outdoor activities are okay. you know again i would say if you hang in there, you know the vaccine is available healthcare workers are getting here. barely stand the general population will be on together you know to go back to our normal lives and that carbon involved actually. reinforced with the cdc is saying that senior but we've also created a tool you can go on to our web and that will help you plan your trip in a safe way so tight a number of days to quarantine after in put your destination jen we'll tell you the number of days quarantine went to get tested where to get i'm very days should be huntsman so we're trying to help do the right things but with their travel decisions.
3:52 pm
but we should be. monitoring health when you see her ordered. unless there's something leads into them >>all right well doctor with cesar cut carbon, how doctors job hearings are about. thank you for everything that you and your colleagues dealing want to wish you and everyone at carbon health a very happy and safe holiday season, thanks for joining us. >>and here we are and spank you. >>that switching gears for a quick moment, we'll talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside this is a downtown san francisco. it's a beautiful sight of kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez standing by with all the details recent cases pretty typical long you get pattern above average daytime highs and below average rain and that is going to be the trend that we're going to see for the next week live look outside from the east bay over berkeley. >>crystal clear skies and temperatures out there right now in the low 60's for most of our north bay valleys even hayward and oakland throughout
3:53 pm
the east bay shoreline also in the low 60's right now as a san jose, mid 50's though for downtown san francisco and half moon bay. so pretty seasonable weather right along the coast, but overnight lows tonight because of that lack of blanket of cloud cover going to be chillier than last night so we're going to be a degree or 2 cooler low 30's for santa rosa, so below freezing temperatures there now in the mid 30's conquered in livermore but around the bay area shoreline slightly warmer temperatures in the low 40's in downtown san francisco, cooling down to 43 degrees still tracking below average overnight lows because of that lack of blanket of cloud cover and daytime highs tomorrow, very dry and seasonable along the coast, but a few degrees above average as you make your way inland, especially santa rosa nevado in the mid 60's low 60's for intel conquered and livermore same for the east bay shoreline in san jose also in the low downtown san francisco, warming up into the low 60's and it looks like our next shot of rain warner
3:54 pm
arrive until christmas night even through the christmas weekend as well so next week it looks like the best shot for some decent rain st
3:55 pm
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3:57 pm
>>there's the raccoon. >>has he tried to coax it out the door, but the credit critter wouldn't go quietly in some ford a creation came crashing down on the dog thankfully. the dog was okay. finally after a few hours the frack kona finally screen off into the woods talk about a christmas surprise. that wraps up kron 4 news at 3 our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. bay area homeowners,
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