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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>trying to get some tea fortune. >>guess i expect that everything except number already. >>now today, a stunning and brazen theft right in the middle of traffic make a move on an unsuspecting photographer stealing thousands of dollars in equipment before making a quick getaway. thank you for joining us here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. i'm just moment and i'm jonathan mccall imagine about to get on the highway and the next thing you know someone smashes through
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the back window of your car, the scene. >>playing out on camera was caught on camera, thanks to one person who was following exactly what happened from his dash camera. >>course go on spoke to the victim who is a professional photographer in san francisco, wild details and why does the victim think that he was targeted. >>justine and jonathan i spoke to that photographer earlier devastated now this is 2 years of his hard work that he's that he saved up and that was stolen from him in a matter of seconds and it was all caught on camera. >>it the most expensive gone in an instant on friday afternoon photographer ben barragan bunny says he was heading on to i 80 in san francisco's soma neighborhood when he was jolted by the sounds of breaking glass, the dash cam of the driver behind him capturing it all i see the
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spike on the court just cut off, you know a lot of traffic. >>which is pretty normal for the bay area. but then i see this guy got his car. and they realize like okay something's about to happen the man seen here in a hooded sweatshirt smashing through the back of ben's prius and making off with $7,000 worth of camera equipment. >>including a pricey drone is similar to this one ever literally everything to bed because to professional -pphotographers, your gear is your livelihood ben and his wife moved to the bay area from iran in 2014 to pursue his version of the american dream. slowly building his business over the last 6 years and despite the ongoing pandemic still able to make ends meet in fact he had just wrapped up his latest project on delores street in san francisco when the thieves struck i was paying to 52 found off the coast. >>i just as started calling us
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from there the frightening experience forcing them to rethink how he stores his equipment in the future. >>and i'm hopeful that by sharing his story others will do the same shoe. >>the i wanted people they're they're so starved. and just be hopefully you know we can find this guy. >>you know. justice can be served. >>and that's where police say the public can help if you recognize that suspect in that video you are urged to call sfpd for now police say the investigation is ongoing in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news hopefully that video will help gayle thank you tonight, san francisco police are also looking for man who they say robbed a bank thursday afternoon. >>and claimed to have a bomb. it happened just before 4 o'clock on golden gate avenue in polk street just 2 blocks away from city hall. police say the man entered the bank handed the teller a note demanding the cash and said that he was carrying a bomb.
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the teller complied with his demands hand that the suspect an unknown amount of cash before he took off on a red bicycle the man described in his 20's. anyone with urged to call sfpd new tonight at 8 o'clock in the last few hours oakland police say they now have a person of interest in custody. in connection to a recent violence string of attacks on elderly members of oakland's chinatown neighborhood. police say the person is wanted in those 3 attacks on people back on january 31st. so far the name of that person has not been released by opd but investigators say he has been in custody since february first for an unrelated criminal case. detectives now crediting the release of plenty of surveillance video that we've been showing you in the past week with helping them identify that person. investigators say the case will soon be turned over to the alameda county district attorney's office for review along with charges. police though still asking anyone who may have been a victim of these crimes to give them a call.
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>>oakland's east lake neighborhood is devastated tonight by the loss of the vietnamese american community center the building seen right here gutted by a fire that sparked. just shortly after 1 o'clock this morning officials say they believed it was started by a nearby homeless camp but the official cause is still under investigation thankfully. no one was hurt. but the center did serve thousands of meals every week to people in need city officials are calling this a huge loss for the community oakland city council member. carol fight responded to the incident on twitter saying she and her colleagues are quote working together to address this loss. our service to the community will not only continue but it will also get stronger. we'll turn now to the coronavirus pandemic and today marks the solemn turning point right here in the bay area that's right it was actually one year ago today when san jose resident, patricia down. >>became the first person in america to die from covid-19. so it's san jose mayor sam liccardo honoring down in the statement today saying quote
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since her passing we have lost more than 1500 friends neighbors and loved ones in santa clara county. and 460,000 americans as we continue to mourn our neighbors, friends and loved ones taken from us too soon. we come together through our common suffering to some an uncommon strength. in california tonight more than 3.3 million folks have become infected with the virus. close to 44,000 others have died. state health officials have now confirmed to 12,000 new cases in the past 24 hours. over the past week that number of new confirmed cases is down by more than 30%. the california supreme court dealing a blow late last night the state's ban on indoor worship service. a divided court ruled indoor services will be allowed in some places of worship. but it kept others coronavirus restrictions in place including keeping capacity at 25%. the justices also refused to allow singing and chanting. >>president biden reached out to a woman in placer county who lost her job during the pandemic and wrote him a letter about it. here is some
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of the pep talk that he gave michelle vo kurt on that call one much it she will never forget. >>my or your know father and how he had felt like he lost his dignity when lost his job and i think more than income is that feeling needed and having a place to go can't tell you how the land that you call it. >>my daughter. the call is part of president biden's effort to engage with more everyday americans struggling to survive the pandemic his staff says there will be. >>more calls just like this one. also monitoring the distribution of the covid vaccine here in the bay area, the mass vaccination site at golden gate fields, the racetrack on the albany berkeley border, administered 850 more doses today and has now vaccinated more than 1700 alameda county residents aged 75 and over they are expecting
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to continue to be giving out the doses through monday but appointments are already filled up. but more could open up if more doses arrive officials say the best thing to do is to keep checking back for an appointment which you can find by going to our website kron 4 dot com and looking for the links there. >>meanwhile here are the latest numbers on vaccine distribution from state health department leaders. more than 4.4 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine have been administered across the golden state. while more than 7 million doses have been delivered. the state's vaccine dashboard does include just how many folks have received their second dose of the vaccine. as well. >>health experts are continuing to discourage gatherings on super bowl sunday, the cdc has been pushing for people to go virtual this year to try and keep the covid-19 pandemic from getting worse crawford's indoor live tonight in san francisco with more on the warnings hopefully people will heed them, but also stay safe at the same time dan. >>that's right jonathan in
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justine of course throughout the pandemic one of the big drivers behind infections has been people. >>coming together, especially in small gatherings and especially indoors. but as the bay area has been removed from the shelter-in-place order and we've moved and to the color-coded reopening system. health experts maintain now is still not the time to let loose. >>will super bowl parties create a super spreader sunday health experts are warning against behavior that could trigger a surge of covid-19 infections. that's not threaten those games with the chief but by getting together game 4 in county health officer doctor matt willis says it's important for people to understand the virus is still a very real and serious issue if people decide to go about partying as if it's not progress will fizzle one of the concerns about transmission is that there's so much eating and drinking normally associate with super bowl parties people can't cover their faces when they're doing those things so the risk transmission is even higher the bay area has recently emerged from the worst wave
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yet with covid-19 health leaders are hoping mistakes from the past such as gatherings do not come back to haunt us one major worry is the rise of a new strain running a race but we're running against a foe that's running faster than the one we've been dealing with for the past 10 months doctor bob wachter professor and chairman of the department of medicine at ucsf notes there's been a fall in new cases, but the numbers are still very high. he fears super bowl parties would come at a horrible time as vaccinations begin to speed up unfortunately, i know people are fatigued this man trying get on with their lives. but the virus doesn't care the virus is ready to pounce when we get an opportunity. we know that the super bowl is probably one of the most watched if not the most watched broadcast of the year, but the cdc is still recommending. >>that if you're going to watch the super bowl you do it in your own home and with the people that you live with to make sure that you don't have any risk of spreading the virus or at least getting the
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virus. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. >>kron 4 news. thank you dan and more now on the super bowl and now the 2 guys who have never thrown a football scored a touchdown or made a tackle but george toma and gerri green. they are super bowl legend george toma definitely is a super bowl legend you may not know their faces but you have definitely seen all of their work. >>jack doles is live tonight in tampa to share more of their remarkable stories. jack good evening. >>and jonathan justine good hits i come bearing great news, george and jerry are both here in tampa both of these gentlemen are in the early 90's both are here to work and which means they will continue to be in a very small fraternity of people who fended every single super bowl star i don't like there to crystal veterans 2 of the best at what they do in their field. george toma has been the nfl's go to guy to get the
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playing surface in perfect condition like is the cheapest insurers far natalie. >>from kindergarten to the professional level is a good safe playing field gerri green meanwhile is the only newspaper journalist to cover every single super bowl. >>he was actually planning to break the streak this year but i got a call from league. a couple weeks ago, >>i was here ever done anything like that. before honored jerry is 92 years old so of course he was concerned about covid. >>in fact he had it thanksgiving. he's also had his first vaccination but as the big game neared he felt the pole to be here to keep the streak alive. it's a matter of survival a matter of pride. >>i think super bowls and define my career he's not sure
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if sunday's will be the last super bowl lii covers he'd like to see the new stadium in los angeles next year. >>but there is one thing he sure of watching this game from home was not an option i had that come here. >>i think i would have going deserve right now. >>you just can't keep a good man down and just even jonathan i asked him. >>and all these years and all the super bowls that then here together his he ever did a story on george toma and he said no and i kind of found that a little hard to >>the sod god is what george toma is known as he's been working for the chiefs since day one. but i do have to ask after watching 54 of these big games. what what is jack looking for george area should say looking most forward to tomorrow right. >>sure he's looking for the same thing the quarterback matchup he said part of the
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reason he absolutely came here what really put him over the top was when tom brady made it 10 super bowl. he said he just had to see that and he said he's never seen any quarterback in all these years like patrick mahomes is a one of a kind he seen scramble years but nobody had that have this complete package, so can't wait to see that matchup. >>and jack you're there in tampa, how is it what's the vibe the eve before the super bowl. >>it's finally starting to feel like something big is happening in this city all week long we didn't see a lot of there were no lines anywhere the traffic was actually really good. but today that all changed a lot of people on the riverfront there lot of people around here around the stadium, there was traffic and when we first got to this live shot podium just outside raymond james stadium miley cyrus was doing a sound check she'll give a performance tomorrow for all the healthcare workers so finally some energy in the super bowl city that which we expected a lot of because one
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of the teams playing here is that hometown team yeah less than 24 hours to go until kickoff is definitely be a fun time, jack goes live in tampa for us tonight, jack thank you. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news today, less than 24 hours until kickoff of super bowl 55. so we will show you the newest gadgets that can make you feel like you're sitting in the stands. >>one month since the insurrection at the capitol reaction from lawmakers ahead of president trump's second impeachment trial. >>parents packed the streets in berkeley calling for their kids to return to the classrooms, what teachers say needs to happen before they return to in person learning and a stellar night out there in the bay area after a warm afternoon. details ahead on the cool down headed our way that could usher in some rain in the upcoming
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>>in the east bay family has rallied in berkeley urging the berkeley unified school district to reopen schools for in person learning those rallying students parents and even doctors say that distance learning has been a failure. >>they told kron four's phillipe djegal that they believe schools can welcome the kiddo's back safely. >>going on 11 months of distance learning and students have had enough i've never actually inside break the ice has kindly parents who also double as doctors believe the
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berkeley unified school district and its union partners are dragging their feet on coming to an agreement to at least welcome elementary school students back to class in some capacity, adding the delay has had devastating affects we've spoken with pediatricians have told us that they have had more children suicidal ideation in the last year than they have seen in the last 30 years on saturday berkeley families rally that martin luther king junior civic center park hopeful the school district finds a solution once extremely frustrating as well as. >>our 3 year-old is going to preschool fully masked it's open it's doable in for 3 year-old 7 year-old councilmember rashi kesarwani points to the 9 private schools in town open with students in classrooms and no documented cases of covid-19 transmission on those campuses all public schools in alameda county. >>including the city of berkeley as of yesterday friday february cobb
8:20 pm
permission to reopen because we are below 25 cases per 100,000 for 5 days are challenges that our school district in our union partners have to have a negotiated agreement for how are teachers can come back safely so we have to figure out the how with urgency. >>at least one teacher voice in her reluctance to share a classroom with students without receiving a covid-19 vaccination first i would love to be vaccinated and i know there's mixed feelings of vaccination but i think. >>i can't wait i would dance when i'm back to i will feel better that point in a statement to kron 4 berkeley unified says quote the district continues to work to reopen schools for in person learning while acknowledging the frustration and concerns of many in our community we are listening to the family sharing their experiences today as these experiences
8:21 pm
inform our ongoing work to safely reopen our schools. and berkeley flipped all kron 4 news. >>negotiations have resumed between the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union over returning to in person learning. announcement comes just days after city leaders announced that they are suing the district to force them to reopen the union insists it is focus on the safety of students and teachers but means more testing contact tracing small student groups updated ventilation systems ppe and above all else. vaccines for teachers and staff. >>and we also of course. >>we'll need. >>for the district to have access to testing and vaccines. so when those things are in place we will be ready to get into our classrooms and our schools. >>it was specified that they will return without vaccines if the county. gets into the orange tier of reopening teachers are in the state's
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phase, one b group for vaccines that means that they're next in line for vaccines. but this all depends on the supply. >>the director of the cdc says that the agency will release guidance on reopening schools as early as next week. it's been almost a year of at home learning for some and students say they are ready to be back in the classroom. but even with official guidance and regulations. health officials say the community spread must be down before it is safe for teachers and students to return back to in person learning not everyone wants to go back though some teachers unions disagree with the cdc's notion that vaccinating teachers is not a requirement for reopening schools. president joe biden has said that he will work to reopen k through 12 schools within his first 100 days in office but did make it clear that he will defer to medical experts to dictate exactly when that does happen. >>let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here at downtown san francisco. well today was quite nice don't you think i know we definitely ought to
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give more piece of her props it warm for all thanks to me. yeah, it was all my doing i did it i made it happen hope you enjoyed it for me bay area because we had to come into work very difficult thing to do on a beautiful day like today, but. >>60's and 70's when we should be in the upper 50's for this time of year 5 to 10 degrees above back san jose. the warmest city in the bay area you should be at 61 degrees instead warming up to 71 degrees so very pleasant temperatures. no records broken but certainly warm and very unseasonable weather for this time of year hard to have picture perfect weather - like we did earlier today and tonight also looking just as great in fact we're tracking mostly clear skies a few high thin clouds will stream overhead during the overnight hours but giving way to plenty of sunshine by your sunday afternoon when tracker for things to these northerly winds that's what helped clear us up and warm us up as well
8:24 pm
to above average mild temperatures in fact we should be near or average daytime highs right now as you step out the door at this 8 o'clock hour downtown san francisco, 54 degrees to braun at 57 degrees cma tale 53 degrees for your afternoon highs and still in the mid 50's for those of you in san jose after warming up into the low 70's today livermore 51 degrees but a little bit milder right now throughout the east bay shoreline oakland, 56 degrees but starting to cool down into the 40's for those of you in the north bay napa 49 degrees in petaluma and avato a little bit cooler currently in the mid 40's and overnight lows going to stay in the 40's for most of the bay area but those of you in santa rosa, cooling down to 35 degrees not that far behind his conquered 39 degrees for your overnight lows and tomorrow we're going to see the return of that cool sea breeze cooling down temperatures along the san francisco peninsula coastline and east bay shoreline by about 5 degrees from today so
8:25 pm
we're going to only warm-up into the low 60's pretty seasonable weather though mid 60's for oakland in hayward 68 degrees for santa rosa and san jose out of the 70's and in the 60's but 69 degrees of still going to be fairly warm inland with above average temperatures continuing monday cooler and cloudier whether by around thursday night through friday morning could see some light scattered showers that trend could continue on saturday. just a few tenths of an inch of rain the day before valentine's day so start your plans, it looks like sunday a week from tomorrow will be a dry day for your valentine's day forecast. if you do have any outdoor planning or dining plans just you're in luck but make sure to plan ahead because we are tracking the return of some very light showers heading our way. >>good to now all right, i've got no plant that's who should be in the plant exactly. receive a here tonight on kron
8:26 pm
4 news 8 o'clock from celebrating black history month. >>and we will talk with a bay area black business owner about the impact is making on his community. >>to be able to turn. the funds around it in a way that gets people what they need in a timely fashion. >>plus another lawmaker, taking shots at california's unemployment agency tonight the announcement ma
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>>seems like just yesterday but in fact it was one month ago today when these images since shock waves across the globe as congress voted to certify joe biden's win in november's election. supporters of former president donald trump storming the u.s. capitol building. the ensuing violence forcing lawmakers to temporarily shelter in place leading to the deaths of at least 5 people. those events still very much on the minds, fresh on the minds of members of congress as well as the u.s. capitol police as they continue to investigate and as the senate prepares for monday's impeachment trial of donald trump who was charged in the house with inciting this attack. >>our washington correspondent kelli meyer has a closer look now at the scene in washington one month later. razor wire top fencing surrounds the capitol complex now 31 days after the attack. >>the acting capitol police chief says security is still high and. >>the u.s. capitol calm
8:30 pm
saturday, a striking difference to the scene one month ago when a pro trump mob stormed the capital our department was challenged like never before acting capitol police chief yogananda pittman shared her thoughts on the anniversary of the attack which claimed the life of officer brian sicknick. >>who was honored at the u.s. capitol just this week we will remember his sacrifice and then others. >>that day who fought so hard to protect. the capital and the congress and says well they continue to look into what happened on january 6th, the capitol remains under strict watch to protect congress during this heightened threat. >>environment which we continue to operate in and is calling for permanent fencing around the u.s. capitol as police and lawmakers look at ways to keep those working inside safe use on these fire this week, the senate will begin the impeachment trial against former president trump who is charged with inciting
8:31 pm
the attack i think the president's words were inflammatory i think they were irresponsible. i think they were wrong despite concerns over trump's actions. >>most senate republicans say with trump already out of office the trial isn't necessary. the fact that president trump is no longer in office does not change things if all democrats vote together they'll need 17 republicans to join them for conviction. >>more details of the january 6th attack continue to come out and are expected to be brought up during next week's trial. reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>fox business is pulled the plug on lou dobbs tonight, the decision comes after dobbs a fiery trump supporter was named in a multi-billion dollar defamation lawsuit against the network and its parent company. the voting technology company smartmatic is now seeking damages of more than 2 billion dollars as a result. the company claims the dogs and anchors maria bartomeu romo and jeanine pirro decimated smartmatic by falsely accusing it of helping to rig the presidential
8:32 pm
election against donald trump. fox has pledged to fight the lawsuit. >>another concerning new developments tonight surrounding california's embattled employment development department more delays are coming for people who are waiting for unemployment benefits during the pandemic that's according to a fresno assemblyman jim patterson who is a vocal critic of the edd he says he and other lawmakers were told by edd leadership that money from the federal extension of the pandemic unemployment assistance programs will not be sent out until at least early march. more than 2 months after the agency received that money. >>now these are people who had unemployment claims that ran out on december 26. the federal funds ran out. new funds where al-qaida by the federal government. the very next day. >>the edd has posted a new message on its web site stating that the funds from the extension of those federal
8:33 pm
benefit programs are coming. californian should be able to apply by march 7th still much more to come tonight here on kron 4 news 8 including. >>pg and e who plans to stump bend billions of dollars to limit
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>>new at 8 o'clock tonight. pgd and other utility companies in california say they plan to spend 13 billion dollars to reduce the risk of wildfires.
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>>pg and e proposing a new computerized risk model that helps it to pinpoint the areas most prone to wildfires. the move comes after the worst fire season in the golden state's history. a record 4 million acres burned across the state. while you may recall a majority of those fires here in the bay area were sparked by dry lightning last summer. officials say some other fires were started by equipment belonging to utility companies. meantime a new study is shedding light on the increasing economic toll that wildfire smoke has on areas not exposed to the flames. the european union atmospheric monitoring service says smoke from the western us wildfires last year traveled nearly 5,000 miles to britain. a report revealed that an additional day of smoke exposure can lead to health issues that reduced a person's earnings by just under 5 tense percent over 2 years. the effects may linger up to 2 years post-exposure. >>let's take a live look outside right now to talk
8:37 pm
about our weather forecast here is a live look at the embarcadero here in san francisco gorgeous day though i feel like it came 6 weeks to early today's weather but it should be raining. i mean i like the sun it was nice you can see so many people are out and about enjoying the sun, but it's like it should be raining. >>hopefully there will be some on the way woman with the answers is meteorologist marisa rodriguez with the latest on what we can expect for the rest of the weekend. >>yeah we're going to notice that dry weather still going to be on the mild side a few degrees above average. but snow showers will return to this year, let's take a live look outside i 80 at donner summit, plenty of snow off the roads all clear though for those of you heading in and out of tahoe this evening. but we are tracking dry conditions for the 2nd half of the weekend and temperatures also going to be on the mild side the daytime highs about 5 to 10 degrees above average crystal clear skies a little bit breezy for most of the low lying valleys but the peaks
8:38 pm
and ridges of this year it could see breezy winds upwards of 45 miles per hour less south lake tahoe, though breezy winds of 25 miles per hour less and daytime highs in the low 50's when you should be in the mid 40's in fact you're not going to cool down to near average temperatures until monday. thanks to that increase in cloud cover with some snow showers returning tuesday night through wednesday really just bringing little amount of snow if any so just tracking inches but there is a second stronger storm set to arrive next weekend for your valentine's day weekend that could bring light to moderate snow showers to this year up for us closer to home in the bay area we're going to see temperatures still relatively warm in our valleys cooling down near average along the coast and the east bay shoreline a little bit in between in the mid 60's there, but they're all going to notice the cool down on monday as that cool sea breeze gets a little bit stronger and some light showers arriving to the bay area thursday night through friday with another shot of
8:39 pm
rain for your saturday a week from today the day before valentine's day so justine happy valentine's day jonathan happy independence day for you >>and he's holding for this think to writers anna 49 are on their way to the hall of fame ever since you've been hanging out with jack
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>>so it's a big night for raider nation to members of the silver and black have now made it into the pro football hall of fame, one of the names that will be enshrined in canton legendary coach tom flores flores comes with some very impressive credentials, he's only one of 2 people in nfl history to win a super bowl as a player. assistant coach and a head coach. he's responsible for 2 of the raiders super bowl wins and in addition to his play on the sidelines. he was also the first hispanic starting quarterback in nfl history. in the first minority head football coach in nfl history. >>was kind of lost lot of are all my friends my children grandchildren winner nation they're all sharing in. this journey with them >>flores finished his playing career with kansas city chiefs and his coaching career with the seattle seahawks. >>and we're here to deliver some interview and this which
8:43 pm
are okay. >>joining him in the hall of fame former raider 9 time pro bowler charles woodson woodson was the nfl's defensive player of the year in 2009. he played in the league 18 years finished his career tied for 5th on the all-time list of interceptions community while also another bay area getting some love in the nfl hall of fame. this is forty-niners gm john lynch. >>he also has been selected to hall of fame. the 4 time. 9 time pro bowler played in 224 career games starting 191 games was part of. 4 separate defenses ranked in the top 3. and nfl history with the tampa bay buccaneers and the denver broncos once again forty-niners gm john lynch also named to the nfl hall of fame, a big night for the bay area on this saturday night, some big names headed to canton class of 2021.
8:44 pm
>>next year in a pandemic restrictions mean the lowest attendance ever is expected at the super bowl. how the broadcast team will be beaming the games into our homes, bigger and better than ever before. >>i reflect back on that time and i feel like the only air and that air of low to go because outside of that communities were together there are a lot of my own businesses that were driving. >>still to come tonight, we'll tell you what is next for a booming black owne
8:45 pm
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8:47 pm
>>it is the month of february and we here at kron 4 are celebrating black history month every single night. tonight we want to recognize black businesses here in the bay area. >>in particular the dope era clothing shop which has become a staple in downtown oakland. it's there that you can find the creator of the brand bay area rapper missed a fab fab 5 mister found that up. folding shirts and ringing up customers all by himself, he's really hands on earlier today, he told us why the name dope air is so meaningful to him and his community. >>well growing up the dough there was always a positive thing it was actually at times that we're living in that work. the streets were flooded with drugs in their own a lot of violence and a lot of crime. in our areas and a lot of poverty-stricken areas and communities that would go up and so what i wanted to do was i wanted to. eradicate the dough from you know the drug sentences that was affecting the community and create the new term of what don't represent something cool
8:48 pm
something. filling. and create that so we created an acronym for it and it stands for developing opportunity. for people to leave ball and when you do so everyone rises above. so that's what they don't carry us for us is making everything those around you by coming together building businesses giving opportunities helping people out and most of all one thing that we're most proud about it's helping our community. >>mister fattah's real name is stanley cox and he says the next plan for dope air is to expand the business is presence online and open up another store in the bay area. super bowl weekend festivities kicking off in tampa. the city put on a fireworks show to celebrate this year's game. the tampa bay bucs are set to face off against the kansas city chiefs tomorrow, the chiefs are favored to win by 3
8:49 pm
points going to be a good game that's good for bet that we've got going can talk about that i got the bucks health officials have made it very clear though they don't want people gathering for tomorrow's big game and some would argue you're better off watching the big game on your tv at home anyway. that's because some new technology is bringing this super bowl closer to fans at home more than ever before. >>rich demuro has a closer look. >>at this year's super bowl there will be 120 cameras providing coverage including a new trolley cam suspended above the seats it will travel up to 65 miles an hour to capture players from a fans point of view and angle never used before in the super bowl augmented reality graphics are inspired by the sand and sea generated by the unreal engine originally created for video games one downgrade from last year's super bowl this year's big game won't be available in 4 k mostly due to covid-19 production restrictions, there
8:50 pm
are several ways to stream the game for free through the cbs sports app and the official nfl app it's also available through cbs all access. but you'll have to log in the closer to the game in a way that you've never done before have an iphone 12 you can access 5 extra camera angles using verizon's 5 g super stadium feature available through the nfl app everyone is paying off super bowl experience which is why we visited raymond james stadium. >>fries and also built the stadium virtually in fortnite were nfl players will compete with professional gamers and if you want to watch with friends remotely check out the watch together feature on the yahoo sports app. >>although big brands like coke and budweiser are sitting out this year's game all though is betting big on the action by giving away 2 million dollars worth of cars if a safety us court. but of all those safety sunday dot com to enter and countdown is on. >>on for kids and if the
8:51 pm
regular halftime show isn't your thing check out the kitten ball on the hallmark channel. >>be sure to flip back to the big game or you'll find yourself watching a snow covered love story in a small town and we all know how those yeah, all right rich demuro reporting for us tonight, we'll also have a special red and gold zone. >>puppy edition tomorrow here on the kron on app it starts at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. just download the kron on app in the app store to get your full fill of all the cuteness on your phone. a bad omen for the tampa bay buccaneers keepers at the memphis zoo in tennessee. decide who their psychic panda legally would pick is the super bowl winner. they hung 2 flags one for the chiefs won for the bucks. le le me win for the chiefs flag. le le get this has correctly picked the last 3 super bowl
8:52 pm
winner. so not only has the panda picked the chiefs a dolphin has picked the chiefs. >>and you used to work there, but i feel like there's another animal that also picked up as well so. the super bowl fans come in all shapes and sizes and these penguins from the florida aquarium took over the nfl experience of the tampa riverwalk ahead of the big game. >>they posted an adorable video showing 2 penguins its hiring the football merchan memorabilia as well as waddling through some drills looked like when i went to nfl - experience should invite waits or did you watch that on my tonight and that was actually pretty clive years ago did say that it's pretty cool that it's just i was just like the trying to make it through. we're going to try to make it through murray says weather forecast right now. but there is some rain on the way it's very exciting very exciting and for your super bowl sunday great weather, especially for inland valleys. >>still going to stay on the toasty side a little bit cooler though along the coast
8:53 pm
and east bay shoreline. thanks to the return of that cool sea breeze live look outside though downtown san francisco and we're tracking right now temperatures for your sunday afternoon cooling down to the low 60's for downtown san francisco after flirting with 70's today, thanks to the return of that on shore flow we're going to see cooler temperatures along the coast even cooling down to 50 degrees for those of golden gate park, 50 degrees as well for half moon bay, but daly city in the low 60's but noticeably cooler forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend brisbane and even sell san francisco in the mid 60's with millbrae and burlingame only warming up to 66 degrees san mateo and san carlos though still going to be on the mild side flirting with 70's but in the upper 60's for you with woodside also trying to flirt with 70's at 69 degrees, a mix of upper 60's and low 70's for those of you in the south bay so that sea breeze, not really going to make its way into your valley, san jose 69
8:54 pm
degrees with santa clara at 72 degrees low 70's for dublin but widespread mid 60's throughout the east bay shoreline about 5 degrees cooler tomorrow throughout the east bay shoreline compared to today with berkeley at 64 degrees richmond at 66 degrees concord and walnut creek a degree warmer at 67 sonoma in the low 70's, but napa 66 degrees for those of you and santa rosa 68 degrees and along the coast in some beach 59 degrees for your afternoon highs. so we're going to notice mostly sunny skies that's going to change on monday when we all pull down to near average temperatures by tuesday of this upcoming week could see some light scattered showers thursday night through friday very hit and miss in nature, not really tracking measurable rain there but even saturday, the strongest of the 2 storms could bring us a few tenths of an inch of rain so nice to see a shift in the weather pattern getting to more seasonable rainy conditions but not the rain that we're kind of hoping
8:55 pm
for but at least we're heading in the right direction as far as cooler temperatures something's better than nothing that's true. every drop will help.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>>why why why ride the waves. when walk over that on to us through this. a resort in peru. take a look at this has installed a floating walked the lets folks literally walk over the waves as they come in, is took some folks a couple of seconds to go sea legs wow. some of them stand
8:58 pm
that still operate. >>feels like an injury waiting to happen. can watch that. would you want to do it. no now without drilling mean not at all. not all. the upright when when the way it spends. >>more of a boogie board that's me. all right that does it for us tonight here on kron
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