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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  February 25, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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...and all made with whole fruit. imagine that. >>right here on kron 4 news at 3 a series of crimes puts an east bay city on high alert to now the city's mayor is speeding up his efforts to reform the police departments. plus the cdc has traced covid-19 outbreaks to indoor gyms how the spread may have happened also talked to a local gym owner about what can be done about also the ongoing push to get kids back into the classrooms in san jose. >>from the local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >>and they're being absolutely
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there can be improvements and that's not just for the that's for every department in our city one. >>now at 3 a violent week for the city of antioch this as a new police reform plan just rolled out. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 on this thursday, i'm justine waldman the city of antioch is really from a series of shootings and in-custody death that happened this week and for that reason kron 4 sweet ago reports the mayor has now called a special council meeting where he is seeking approval for police reforms that he believes need to happen right now. >>this past week in antioch to first responders were shot. a man died in police custody, and 2 men were arrested wednesday after shots were fired inside a target store that left one man wounded. >>mayor lamar says he planned on holding discussions with the city council next month about police reform but in light of the recent spike in violent incidents, he has
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called a special meeting friday night to put his plan into action mitt romney is we have segments of our population that stone. >>the level of confidence that other groups they will continue to see. some of these instances where people just go able to show up to a target and start shooting for says he has a good working relationship with police chief timoney brooke snavely adding that the 2 collaborated on some of propose changes the council will evaluate. >>creating a mental health crisis response team officer training enhancements the militarizing the police force increasing accountability and transparency, including the implementation of body worn and in vehicle cameras establishing an independent review of on-duty police officer complaints, improving police hiring and screening practices and the way public and city leaders are notified about major incidents, tomorrow's goal is to
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specifically. >>lay out what reforms we will adopt. and which ones they want 3 officers are also on administrative leave following an in-custody death that took place in december. >>the contra costa county district attorney's office is investigating that case. >>phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>this afternoon we're monitoring a shooting that happened in the south bay it happened in a residential neighborhood. near san jose city college around noon today, san jose police say that one person has life threatening injuries. they're asking people to avoid this area. more details as soon as we get them. dna evidence has helped solved a 32 year-old cold case in the city of san mateo the suspect. john harris junior is accused of raping and stabbing a woman after breaking into her home in february of 1989. investigators were able to
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locate antique after getting a dna match in december of last year police say the victim was flooded with emotions after she learned about the arrest kron four's dan kerman has more details on this story he'll be joining us live tonight on kron 4 news at 5 and also at 6. a smash-and-grab fail was caught on camera at golden gate park in san francisco video that was posted on twitter shows the suspect trying to run away with 2 bags in his hands after being chased by the victim there. the suspect drops one of the bags and then tries to get into the passenger side of the getaway car. but the victim doesn't give up watch here again just in the nick of time the victim is able to rip away the second bag and the suspect hu was seen wearing a blue sweatshirt and blue jeans then got into a chevy impala and the car there drives off. the car has california plates 5 z z and 5, 5, 2, if you have any information. please call police that victim was lucky there. 50 million doses of the
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covid vaccines have now been administered since president biden took office. the president mark this milestone today by watching for frontline workers get vaccinated during today's ceremony president biden said they are on track now to meet his campaign's promise of 100 million doses in his first 100 days in office. happening today, the mass vaccination site at san francisco's moscone center is now back open it was temporarily closed for about a week because of a supply shortage. but we'll go there now where that's where we find kron four's charles clifford charles can people still appointments to get vaccinated has going there today. >>yes so right now i'm selling on howard street in san francisco right behind me this us coney it has been a mad house here all day people just lining up to get their covid-19 shots, you know this facility as you mentioned was closed for the better part of 2 weeks because of a vaccine shortage because of the big
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storm across the middle of the country. they have now resumed vaccinations today there are a lot of people here and the city is working as fast as they can to get people vaccinated. >>now in order to receive a vaccine here you need to be 65 years or older a health care worker, the san francisco is now allowing tear one be in the vaccine rollout plan whioh includes teachers first responders agriculture workers, the real. problem here is that the vaccine supply is still very limited. they're hoping to do about 4,000 vaccines per day and eventually bump that up to 10,000 their supervisor matt haney talking about how they hope, but the be able to do more in the near future what we're expecting is this apply to go up again and even to get higher than it was before the storm. >>the white house is saying that the white house is saying that this next week they're going to distribute more doses and then any week prior we hope to see some of that trickle down here to this site and allow us to not only keep
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the site open. but keep it open indefinitely many of the people i talked to today in line waiting to get a vaccine. >>i've been trying for weeks to make an appointment and they say they are happy to be i'm kind of excited >>i know very relieved after the second shot now again in order to make an appointment here at the moscone center you need to register online at my turn dot ca dot gov. >>all right back live now you have this is not a walk-up spot you have to make an appointment ahead of time you can also go to kron 4 dot com. we have links and information on vaccinations there as well but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. thank you so much >>doctor anthony fauci is urging americans to take the first covid vaccine that is available to them. the fda may approve johnson and johnson's single-dose vaccine for emergency use authorization, as soon as tomorrow. it has been shown to be very
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effective against severe covid-19 although slightly less than pfizer moderna's but doctor fauci says we should not hold off for more effective ones because. the johnson johnson vaccine will help us control the pandemic and for more information on how you can sign up for covid-19 vaccine. we have a lot of links on our web sites. that will lead you to the vaccination clinics throughout the bay area just go to our website kron 4 dot com. and there is a new push this afternoon to reopen schools in the south bay includes a petition drive and has the backing of san jose's mayor. let's get the details right now from kron four's rob fladeboe he's live for us in san jose good afternoon rob. >>good afternoon. justine i'm here in downtown san jose just come from a news conference at with the san jose mayor lois m ricardo flanked by a several parents and health care leaders and so forth and the mayor is here to unveil a new plan he says that we absolutely need to get schools
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open he'd like to begin with elementary schools as you know just a very handful of schools have reopened right now a few private schools in some limited learning for those kids most in need but for the most part is still been distance learning. the mayor says there has to be more collaboration between school the county public health officials, teachers and teachers unions. the mayor laying out a three-point plan here this afternoon when he says we need to prioritize moving ahead without vaccinations in the elementary school communities first. he says we need to practice equity with getting schools open first in the less affluent neighborhoods which have been hit hardest by the pandemic he said number 3 we need to provide options for teachers, students and parents to continue distance learning if they are not ready to come back on campus for in person learning. all of this we're going to require a lot of work and a lot of support, here's a few more details now from the mayor let's listen. >>this is a time of great fear. and we see that in this pandemic throughout the city
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throughout the country. times of fear it takes those individuals of courage like the people who're standing behind me, stepped up to say. we understand there's fear we appreciate there's legitimate concern. but we've got to do what's right. and the science. medical experts are telling us that we can do this safely and we know that the children were suffering the most. i'm coming from the families who've already struggling the most. this is the time it takes courage we are encouraging superintendents school officials teachers to step up with our county to work together in collaboration. see how we can accelerate because we know it can be done safely. we see it every one. >>the mayor's push includes a petition drive and so far 3200 people have signed that petition. now no school officials or superintendents were invited to the news
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conference today, afterward superintendent of san jose unified school district nancy l there on arrive to offer her take on all of this and we'll have that for you coming up on kron 4 news at 5 until then live here in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news looking forward to your report rob. thank you. >>and many parents in one east bay school district appear to prefer distance learning over combination of distance learning and in-person classes. the mount diablo unified school district put out this online survey for parents to pick between distance learning for r the res of the school year or proposed hybrid model. the district superintendent says early resorts results from the survey showed nearly half of the parents but prefer their students to remain in distance learning the survey is due by let's talk now about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside from a camera way up top of mount tam it overlooks ausley don't then there's the city of san francisco. it's very blue out there today kron four's erica
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caturay is joining us again with a look at the forecast good afternoon and justine definitely a beautiful day can see here out in berkeley seeing clear conditions. no fog in sight. >>and we don't expect any to roll in this evening we are seeing some serious clouds as well. it is a little breezy in many parts of the bay area as you can see here with our wind speeds but definitely those numbers are not as high as we saw places like mount diablo actually over 75 miles per hour for those gas definite definitely a different story today, our winds will continue to go down for the east bay as you can see around 6.30 this evening light wind conditions just a little breezy along the coast in the north bay there, but it shouldn't be a problem or winds for the rest of today as for temperatures right now we're numbers actually a little lower than we did 24 hours ago we're at 65 in berkeley right now 66 in
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petaluma 67 in santa rosa we are seeing this trough to the north of us and that's bringing some rain and snow to those states up there and that's also why we're seeing some serious clouds throughout the bay area today because of that system those high clouds through the region. so here's future cast, it looks like this weekend is going to be dry for most of california saturday and sunday. not a bad time to be traveling if you have to go down to southern california or have any trips out there. here's a look at our temperatures for the rest of today and i'll have your 7 day extended forecast in just a bit. thanks so much. we have much more coming up here on kron 4 news at 3 including why the cdc is urging stricter safety precautions at indoor gyms after several covid-19 outbreaks. >>this is many gyms across our region have just been allowed to reopen or indoor sessions and in washington dc, the house passes the equity act just this afternoon but not before some fiery debate.
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>>your health this afternoon, our fitness gyms potentially locations for covid-19 super spreader incidents, there's a new report from the centers for disease control and prevention that suggests that it can be if people don't follow the rules are enforced has minute has the story. >>55 covid-19 cases were
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identified among 81 people who've attended indoor high intensity classes at a chicago fitness gym late last summer that is according to a new cdc report the report states that 22 people with covid-19 worked out in that same gym in the days that follow report also finds that most of the attendees were not wearing a facial covering and that is similar incident occurred at a gym in you know. >>the fact jim allowed its participants to do a high intensity workout in a room indoors. and lest you know around 6 feet of social distancing with no masks. what did they expect was going to happen the co owner of the best 3 foot distance, san francisco, dave character says that this is what happens with the fitness industry does not have universally and for us covid-19 health and safety standards. >>it's frustrating to see that nationwide this hasn't been you know mandated that people
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must wear masks. it wasn't that this chicago jim was violating law. simply there wasn't a law that said you must wear a mask when you workout. >>doctor dean winslow is an infectious disease specialist at stanford he talked about the best way to prevent spreading covid-19 when you're working out in the gym, the been a couple studies showing things as simple as pretty inexpensive surgical procedure mask do a fine job. cloth mask as long as they contain 2 or 3 layers do a good job and then recently there was actually recommendation that people even consider wearing. >>a cloth mask over top of a surgical mask. >>has made kron 4 news. >>we've heard of the term covid longhaulers people that continue to suffer from covid-19 symptoms even after they recover from the virus. so take a listen now to what
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doctor anthony fauci had to say about some new research on this phenomenon. >>fatigue was the most common reported symptom and persistent symptoms reported by one 3rd, patients with mild disease. >>fauci says the severity of the symptoms can range from mild to incapacitating on top of fatigue people have reported shortness of breath sleep disorders and other symptoms that last for months. says the magnitude of the problem is not yet known because research on the so-called long haulers is still limited. on capitol hill this afternoon, the house has just passed the equality act is aimed at ending discrimination against the lgbtq community. catherine heenan of inside bay area politics is here right now she's been watching the story and joins us now live with details. >>i'd refer you the house first passed the equality act in 2019 it was blocked in the
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senate democrats are trying to revive it now because they have control of the congress and the white house leading to today's house vote the debate to was getting dramatic think we're seeing the consequences of rejecting got here in our country today. >>and this bill speaks directly against was laid out in scripture. our government through this bill's going to redefine what a woman is and what a man is it can be anyone identifies in the gender any time. their attacks on trans people in the transgender community are just mean mean. >>and show a complete lack of understanding the complete lack of empathy. they don't represent our views and they don't represent the views of a majority of americans. they're despicable comments just make my blood boil with anger. >>today the drama spilled into a congressional hallway, representative marie newman, she has a transgender daughter put a transgender pride flag outside her office. she tweeted that representative
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marjorie taylor greene just across the way could look at it every time she opens her door green opposes the equality act. hours later this was her response tweeting her own video as she put up a sign saying there are 2 genders male and female trust the science, the equality bill has been a top priority of president biden it demands existing civil rights laws to explicitly include orientation and gender identification has protected characteristics. speaker pelosi says greene signed today. another reason the bill has made it. >>we are one people one family. we all live in the same house. >>3 house republicans to join democrats in voting for this bill today, but it is still expected to be a tough battle and the senate just thanks so much katherine. the san francisco police department wants to know if you've witnessed its officer showing bias in their work. the
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department has released a survey where it's asking people whom live. >>and work in the city about their experiences with police including if they've ever had experiences or witnessed by us from the officers. the responses will be used to develop training strategies for the san francisco police department if you're interested in sharing your experience. we have a link to the survey on our website kron 4 dot com. >>still ahead we'll go live to washington dc as lawmakers plan to vote on president biden's covid relief bill democrats are saying they're prepared to move with or without republican support. and one of the last standing dedicated lgbtq entertainment venues is on the brink of closing for good in san francisco. we'll take a look at how you can help save this iconc spots. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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>>well it's late at night and you're now looking to exhale enough with the shouting the talking past one another the same old left versus right. award-winning news anchor, ashleigh banfield is going to try something new just have a conversation so ashley is joining us live now from connecticut more details on her new nightly talk show that's coming very soon to news nation. thanks for joining us here ashley appreciate your time very excited about your project when i saw that you are joining the news nation family i thought what it get for news nation to have you on their
3:26 pm
team what attracted you to news nation and wanting to bring a conversation to the nightly lineup. i think first of all hello and thank you for having me on your show to talk about my show. >>i think what attracted me was the mission because it's the mission that i joined 33 years ago when i became a journalist just the facts. no bias don't put your opinion into it and help people to understand what's happening. without swaying them to how you feel that's the mission of news nation. and it's what all of us should be doing i can't believe i'm having to say that on tv but the truth is i think in cable justine everybody's retreated to their echo chambers and they're yelling really loud in their echo chambers and as a professional view or as i like to call myself. i'm exhausted, buy it, i'm tired of having to search channels to get a full story instead of just a partial story entire the you know bias by omission so that attracted
3:27 pm
be a real honest approach to the way it used to be and then of course they said how would you like to do. you know larry king format. and i thought that's what i've been wanting to do since about 2002. so that's in a nutshell they had me hello. sounds like a dream job for a news junkie like yourself and myself for that. we do want to be having a conversation tonight read that you said you want to ask short questions you get longer answers. what did you mean by that. so i think you just seen lori are larry had mastered it right that guy just knew what to do he listened for the bulk of the hour. and he was supposed to be my first guest and i'm just i'm crest fallen and heartbroken at the loss of larry king i think we're all. you know realizing the massive void that that he leaves. because he did it so well, and
3:28 pm
we all wear the benefit beneficiaries of it so that's my point i want to do him justice. i want to do this show where i ask a question and i just stop i have an hour so i the lecture you letting somebody go on and really get to the bottom of of their answer and then i can follow that it's not a agenda. it's a conversation on their terms so you have a lot you need to do before your show debuts on march 1st. >>kind of guests are you prepping for. >>we're going to kick off with aaron sorkin who's one of probably my favorite in hollywood because he's just so smart any so good as a screenwriter and as a director and then bryan cranston hello, the best male actor ever to live. i am h o. and he's as nice as he is awesome on on the big screen in the little screen. so he'll be on. keith olbermann whose just wicked smart and thinks so fast, be
3:29 pm
able to keep up with him, but i'm going to try. robin wright amazing actress and now a director. these people have risen to the top of their fields and they know something i don't know and i'm hoping to be able to extract that secret something of that special something and share it with our viewers so that maybe our viewers can actually get better at what thew do and the work they do they are you have any pre show jitters a little nervous and so exciting another show with your name on and i know maybe it's an old hat by now. >>it's such a good question my kids ask me that he i don't get nervous. and the truth is i get nervous talking in front of a group of 30 people in a room and i don't get nervous talking to couple million people on camera i don't know why maybe it's because 3 decades later i i'm immune. but. i do think it's weird to you that i don't you get in front of real life people yes, but right now.
3:30 pm
>>i mean talking to you a definitely cameras. not anymore. but it's exciting this one big important people show up right like if it's a president like when i i was nervous, interviewing, bashar al assad that one may be nervous. he was pretty disarming shockingly and i was nervous interviewing arafat. but he was also very disarming maybe it's why they get to the levels they are at and there you know. scary i don't know, but otherwise i don't get nervous on tv anymore really i'm pushing my time limit here a little bit but i'm excited to be talking to you and about your show does the pandemic changed things a little bit can you get guess that you would normally be able to get because you could just maybe zoom with the queen versus trying to like flyer and to your studio. she's one the top of my for the moon. >>yeah, i'm so glad you asked that because i think that we all complain a lot about about the pandemic and the tragedy that we've all had to live through an end.
3:31 pm
>>as awful as that is there still some bright spots i think we're all becoming more creative. i think we're all finding other talents that we didn't know we had. and in this particular show. yeah i think i'm going to be able to book people. hu heretofore may have said i'm not getting in a car and going you know 30 miles to a studio on hair and makeup and using 3 quarters of my day. >>to do this. >>but i'll do it for my couch with my laptop, so i think yeah i think luckily for me i think i'm getting bookings that may be would have been really hard otherwise. >>we look forward to your show that debuts march 1st ashley thank you so much for your time. justin has been a pleasure i hope we can meet in person after the pandemic made 2 big hugs. u 2
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>>organizers of the recall governor newsome campaign say they have collected enough signatures to take their efforts now to the next level our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala spoke with the senior advisory, person for the recall campaign she's joining us live now with details. so what happens next now that they have enough signatures. >>right well we're actually still waiting to see if they have enough signatures validated by the secretary of state's office, but overall they do say they've gathered more than 1.8 million signatures and they still have 3 weeks left to collect. i did speak as you mention to the senior adviser for the recall gavin 2020 campaign his name
3:35 pm
is randy economy. he says the group is very confident there will be a special election later this year. >>it's not about to go sir when it goes through and it will go through of the effort to recall governor gavin newsome said they've collected one 0.8 to 5 million signatures as of thursday meeting about 1.5 million signatures validated by the secretary of state's office supporters say they're aiming for 2 million signatures to account for potential rejection rate of about 25% that having what is continuing and we think that there's going to be a special election later this year, the update comes after the governor spent 2 weeks touring various vaccination sites up and down the state with other local democratic leaders. newsome has said he's not focused on the recall effort against him recall proponents note shuttered schools, businesses and vaccine distribution delays have fueled the recent wave of petitions pretty pathetic if he said look about how he's tried to you. you know get out of the situation that he by.
3:36 pm
>>by doing these these mega events everything gavin newsom does is now under microscopes go times a 1000. >>and that's the way should be supporters say they plan to keep collecting signatures up to march 17th, the secretary of state has so far certified about 700,000 signatures and has until late april to go through all signatures collected we'll let the secretary of state do her job. >>and we're going to let the we'll let the process continue, but we are going to stay on top of them. every step of the way to make sure that nothing goes awry and to make sure that there are checks and balances and people and the accountability is taking place. >>i reached out to dan newman hu is the chief campaign strategist for governor gavin newsome and i asked him about the latest update and if you had a comment. all he replied back was that a few months ago more than 6 million californians voted for donald trump. that was it. reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you
3:37 pm
so much ashley let's go to the south bay because hazard pay is coming for some essential workers in unincorporated areas of santa clara county, the board of supervisors voted to force large grocery stores. >>with at least 15 employees to pay them. an extra $5 an hour the boost in pay begins 30 days from now and then it would last for 180 days. for your money, this afternoon costco is saying it will raise its minimum wage for hourly store workers in the united states to about $16 an hour. this will begin next week in the company says the move will affect 180,000 us employees, 90% of them are hourly more retailers have increased their minimum wage in recent years to $15 an hour that includes amazon and best buy there is a move in congress right now to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. and our as part of the coronavirus relief bill will have more on that status in a minute. but the number of americans seeking unemployment
3:38 pm
benefits fell sharply last week in a sign that layoffs may have eased though claims remained at a historically high level applications for jobless aid declined from the previous week to an adjusted 730,000 that's according to the labor department, it is the lowest figure since late november and the biggest one week decline since august. >>coming up move over wcax an upside down lawmakers. meet the newest animal that interrupted a zoom meeting that we just cannot get enough of. mister no more the changes coming this year to a very popular toy. >>and it's been a dry and sunny day here in the bay area
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>>it's time now to check in with news nation to see what they are working on for tonight show marni hughes is joining us live from chicago with a preview. hi marty. >>hey there i'm talking to jamie kern lima tonight, she's the founder of it cosmetics. she started that company in her living room and then sold it to l'oreal in 2016 for one 0.2 billion dollars. her incredible journey changing the face of beauty and trusting your instincts. also the night and day difference in crime and safety across the border, we'll have an inside look at life in the cartel tonight and the dangers migrants face hoping to enter the u.s.. plus what really went wrong during last week's
3:42 pm
winter freeze in texas, a live update on the blackout hearings and advice for folks if you get here with a massive a massive electricity electricity bill all that and the reward now up to $500,000 to get lady gaga has 2 dogs back after her dog walker was shot during an armed robbery that and much much more tonight on news nation back to you. thanks for any looking forward to it. >>and you can watch news at 8 o'clock our time it's on the channel's listed here we have more details on our website kron 4 dot com. >>still ahead we'll go live to washington dc lawmakers expected to pass president biden's covid relief plan without republican support why some say that's just not the right way to go about it stay with us we'll be right back.
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>>house lawmakers plan to vote on and pass the american rescue plan that's president biden's one-point-nine trillion dollar covid relief package and they plan to do so as early as tomorrow, our washington correspondent basil john joining us live now with more details on where lawmakers stand on getting this up and it past. good evening. basal. >>good evening. and yes, the clock is ticking now for congress as the covid relief package that they are working on hangs in the balance. >>i hope congress passes the american river rescue plan
3:46 pm
which have been pushing president joe biden remains hopeful his one-point-nine-trillion-dollar american rescue plan will make it to his desk white house press secretary jen psaki says passing the package is critical to help americans they clearly want money for vaccinations they clearly schools to reopen and funding to reopen schools and they clearly want direct checks. the need is great. >>the opportunity is there and e precision of this legislation to directly address the needs of the american people house speaker nancy pelosi expects the house to pass the american rescue plan by the end of the week. >>despite facing strong opposition from republicans both the house and senate 92% of the bill. is not connected to covid republicans like texas senator ted cruz argued the packages wasteful it simply. >>panel their political allies back home senate majority leader chuck schumer senate democrats are prepared to move with or without republicans
3:47 pm
the american people know we're in a historic crisis and the senate will soon take action on our plan to solve this crisis democrats are expected to use a process called budget reconciliation which only requires a simple majority. texas republican senator john cornyn says that's not the right way to go about passing more relief the correct ruling would be to say the budget process cannot be used. >>to pass substantive legislation. >>now despite the opposition democrats believe this is the direction to go psaki says republicans have not come with other options to the table. so they will continue with this route. reporting live in washington, i'm basil john. >>will just to get back to the basics here why are republicans opposed to the presidents relief plan. well, the main reason that people would site is probably because of the price tag if you remember the last covid relief package they were working on was coming in around about ballpark of one 0.6 trillion dollars. so now you have the
3:48 pm
relief package coming from the president that's nearly 2 trillion dollars that's one of the main reasons why they're against now they're not against the ideas that are within the package republicans have been outspoken thing they do support the idea of getting stimulus checks out allowing for more vaccine distribution throughout the country getting funding to schools so they can reopen, however the feel-like the price tag for it is too high probably if the president and democrats cut back on it then it would actually have a higher chance of bipartisan support but that's where it stands for now so is it realistic then that this would be a bipartisan effort. >>it's hard to say at this point considering many republicans have been talking about how they do not like how much of the bill itself does not have things that are related to covid spending is possible that we could see some republicans especially from the senate next week whom a flip and actually be on the side of approving that package usually we're looking at
3:49 pm
senators like senator mitt romney from utah as being one of those wild cards that flipping and siding with democrats for a certain factors such as with these covid relief legislation but that is something that we're going to have to see as to whether a simple majority will be available. we'll have to be attention to next week to see if just getting 51 senate votes will be applicable. they sold on live for us in washington. thank you. the biden administration is trying to speed up the release of immigrant children to their relatives in the u.s., this is coming as a new report found parents of 105 separated children. >>just happened in the last month with the long-term facilities nearly fall the u.s. is health and human services department authorized the operators of those facilities to pay for some of the children's flights and transportation to the homes of their sponsors. costs can run around $1000. officials say the parents of more than 500 separated children still have not been found. it's believed most of them. they have
3:50 pm
already been deported. a new poll is finding more americans are identifying as lgbtq than ever before and young people our driving that rise, according to a new gallup poll 5.6% of people surveyed say that they are bisexual transgender or non gender conforming that's up from 4.5% from the same poll from 2017. leading the increases generation z that's young adults from the ages of 18 to 23. in that group almost 16% say they identify as lgbtq plus experts believe young people are less feel fearful of pastic must and you issues of identity, the differently than past generations. and one of the last standing lgbtq entertainment venues in san francisco is on the brink of closing for good away says is a popular drag club it's been fighting to keep it open. but
3:51 pm
it's been really difficult for 7 years, it's been a special place for the community to gather oasis's owner is putting on a live telethon in hopes of saving the venue. >>we lose these places, san francisco is going to be got it it's not going to be the same city. it's really really hard and i think of all the sleepless nights and this year of the amount of stress and. i can have that be for nothing you know i can. >>you can tune in to the march 6th event from your computer at home or just go to our website kron 4 dot com. so you can get all the information. right after the break we will introduce you to the animal that has interrupted. >>a virtual meeting.
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>>just carpets call this is much more >>an unusual situation in northern ireland during a parliament meeting zoom meeting of the finance committee was interrupted. one unofficial giving testimony had to stop because his cat dragged a live pigeon into the house despite the officials setting everyone seemed to have a good laugh, there. there's 2021 for you. coincidentally the official hu
3:55 pm
had to remove the pigeon from his house. his name is colin pigeon. after 70 years mister potato head is getting a brand new name change and now will simply be known as the gender neutral potato head. the change will start appearing on boxes later this year, the company said this creates more of a blank canvas for children to be creative. toys will still offer both male and female accessories the move from hasbro follows similar ones from popular brands like thomas, the tank engine which has added more girl character is an american girl also sells a boy doll. well it's friday even before we sign off here, let's get one last look at our weather forecast with erica caturay and we can expect for the rest of the day and maybe a sneak peek into the weekend. >>hi justine while beautiful day along the coast looking clear no fog insight, they're seeing some serious clouds it's about 60 degrees out in pacifica right now breezy throughout the bay area but
3:56 pm
not as windy as what we saw yesterday as for temperatures you can see the difference we are lower than where we're at 24 hours ago hayward seen temperature drop of 8 degrees versus yesterday. so this weekend should be dry for us in the bay the northern part of the sierra we'll be getting some fresh powder monday night into tuesday, but other than that it's pretty quiet for the state until a week from this saturday, so 9 days from now is when we are probably going to see rain through the bay area as you can see again that is a week from this saturday, our next chance of seeing showers and some more snow in the sierra. so taking a look at our high temperatures for tomorrow you can see the numbers are pretty similar to what we saw for today's daytime highs throughout the 60's 66 for hayward 62 from mill valley tomorrow going to see mostly sunny skies winds shouldn't be too bad either. and here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast temperatures
3:57 pm
again pretty a steady the next few days we see it dip on tuesday as we do have a low pressure system pretty close by that will bring the temperatures down just a but as i mentioned looks like it's going to be driving next week until the following saturday justine sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny. well thank you so much for joining us here on fox. >>all then we'll see you tonight his 5, 6, prime time in the meantime we can connect on social media. find each other on facebook twitter and instagram. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now.
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people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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