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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 25, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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leader chuck schumer says senate democrats are prepared to move with or without republicans the american people know we're in a historic crisis and the senate will soon take action on our plan to solve this crisis democrats are expected to use a process called budget reconciliation which only requires a simple majority. texas republican senator john cornyn says that's not the right way to go about passing more relief the correct ruling would be to say the budget process cannot be used. >>to pass substantive legislation. >>now despite the opposition democrats believe this is the direction they should go psaki says that they have not received any ideas from republicans so they will continue with the way they're going with the planned. reporting live in washington, i'm basil john it just seems like it's not even realistic to think that this will be a bipartisan effort. >>well it's hard to say if a bipartisan effort will come to part of the reason why does minimum wage hike minimum wage
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hike will not go through is because republicans have been very outspoken. >>about not having this included in the covid relief bill now it just because is coming up that it is recommended that it will not be in does not necessarily mean that it will be need from the bill the parliamentarian has announced that it is it that they will possibly not added in, but democrats could still go ahead put this in the covid relief bill, if they are able to bring into that simple majority which is just a mere 51 vote the issue with that is that you do have west virginia senator joe manchin has been outspoken against the idea of a $15 minimum wage hike so even though the president has backed the idea even though majority of democrats have backed the idea. the fact that senator joe manchin has not sided with a $15 minimum wage hike puts this completely out about that means having the tie breaker with vice president kamala harris being that one deciding vote does that matter in this regard. this this would be one of the safe options were democrats
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actually turned down this minimum wage and save it for another resolution in the future so they can focus on getting the other pressing matters in the covid relief bill through and joe manchin has gained quite a bit of power in this 5050 senate. basal john live in washington. thank you basal. >>meantime on capitol hill just a couple of hours ago the house passed the equality act it is aimed at ending discrimination against the lgbtq community and our catherine heenan of inside bay area politics is here with details catherine well, the house did first pass the equality act in 2019 it was blocked in the senate democrats are now trying to revive its now that they have control of the congress and the white house. >>leading to today's house vote the debate often got very tense. >>i think we're seeing the consequences of rejecting got here in our country today. and this bill speaks directly against was laid out in scripture. our government through this bill's going to redefine what a woman is and what a man is it can be anyone identifies and that gender at
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any time. their attacks on trans people in the transgender community are just mean mean. >>and show a complete lack of understanding the complete lack of empathy. they don't represent our views and they don't represent the views of a majority of americans. they're despicable comments just make my blood boil with anger. >>today the drama spilled into a congressional hallway, representative marie newman, she has a transgender daughter put a transgender pride flag outside her office. she tweeted that representative marjorie taylor greene just across the way could look at it every time she opens her door green opposes the equality act. hours later this was her response tweeting her own video as she put up a sign saying there are 2 genders male and female trust the science, the equality bill has been a top priority of president biden and existing
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civil rights laws to explicitly include orientation and gender identification has protected characteristics. speaker pelosi says greene signed today. another reason the bill has made it. >>we are one people one family. we all live in the same house. >>pelosi quoting the late john lewis there, 3 only 3 house republicans joined democrats today in voting for the bill and it is expected to be a tough battle in the senate. critics argue among other things the bill would blurred gender lines and cultural activities like women's sports can. >>thanks catherine more news now from washington quote they want to blow up the capital and kill as many members as possible that statement made today by the acting us capitol police chief confirming that her department has intelligence on a new threat from some of the same militia groups that attacked the capitol january 6 today the
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acting chief to questions publicly for the first time since that deadly attack she told congress 35 officers are under investigation for misconduct and 6 have been suspended. >>but as our washington correspondent jessi tenure tells us lawmakers still have a lot of unanswered questions. >>no credible threat indicated that 10's of thousands would attack the u.s. capitol acting capitol police chief yogananda pittman told lawmakers her department wasn't prepared for the quote mob mentality that played out on january 6th. but pittman said her department does have intelligence on a new threat from some of the same militia groups they want to blow up the capital and kill as many members as possible. with a direct nexus to the state of the union that date isn't set yet but pittman confirmed that's why the security fencing around the capitol complex is still up. lawmakers who've lived through the attack nearly 2 months ago still demanded answers to other security failures there
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was no coordination and you could see the fear in their eyes during the attack washington congresswoman jamie herrera butler said the officers protecting them had no radio communication with leadership they saved our and i'm frustrated that i'm not hearing this is how we're fixing that on capitol hill today, house members also investigated how domestic terrorism happens in the first place the problem. >>they could get worse over time january 6 demonstrated to so many groups connecticut democrat jim himes in arkansas republican french hill are working to cut off funding from extremist groups to ensure that violence and hatred the deal the attacks not happened yet witnesses told them the government resources are available. but need to be deployed against the right people in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >>our 4 zone forecast and we give you a live picture of the golden gate bridge looking pretty nice as beautiful as always rebecca standing by saying it's going to get pretty windy tonight. >>you know really as we're
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seeing definitely more subsided than what we saw yesterday guys no wind advisory in effect for today or tonight, so that is the good news, but it's been a little bit breezy around the bay area today we're going to see it continue into this evening, but a gorgeous day around the bay area look at how clear it is this our camera in the north bay, temper and as a matter of fact and we can see all the way to the golden gate bridge towers. because it is so clear out there and just absolutely beautiful big it's going to be a little bit breezy for you. so here's how you can plan your evening. we're going to be temperatures mostly in the 50's and 60's low 60's by 6 o'clock and then as we get closer to the latter part of the evening, those clear conditions, we'll continue but temperatures of course are really going to start to taper off in fact we're going to be getting into the 40's and some are inland spots by 10 and then dropping into the low 40's in some spots overnight even getting into the 30's so the days of in beautiful, but the definitely going to be a quite cold. now what the winds could be picking up once again as we get into the weekend because that offshore flow is
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expected to strengthen. so that's one thing and then also maybe some rain in the forecast. we'll have all those details coming up in my complete weather check a little bit later pam ken. >>all right rebecca also coming up have you ever wondered where your food delivery was cooked. well, we'll tell you more about what's called ghost kitchens. >>plus costco says it will raise its minimum wage to $16 an hour how many employees will be benefited by that we have the answer. >>and is the johnson vaccine as effective as the other ones doctor fauci has an
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>>infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci is urging americans to take the very first covid vaccine that is available to them the fda may approve the johnson and johnson's single-dose vaccine for emergency use as soon as tomorrow, it is shown to be very effective against severe covid although slightly less than pfizer and moderna's but doctor fauci says we should not hold off for the more effective ones because the johnson and johnson vaccine will still help control the pandemic for your money tonight costco says it will raise its minimum wage for hourly store workers in the u.s. to $16 an hour that begins next week. >>the company says the move will effect a 180,000 us employees 90% of them. our hourly more retailers have increased their minimum wage in recent years to $15 an hour
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including amazon and best buy. there's a move in congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour as part of a coronavirus relief bill, but as we reported earlier that has been taken out of the bill has or pay is coming for some essential workers in unincorporated areas of santa clara county the board of supervisors voted to require larger grocery stores with at least 15 employees to pay them an extra $5 an hour. the boost in pay begins 30 days from now and it would last for 180 days still ahead kron four's honoring black history month we're going to tell you about an exceptional broke barriers in egypt in ed
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>>to celebrate black history month today, we are shining a light on a woman broke barriers at western michigan university across the country and even across the pond. reporter kyle mitchell has the story on a history of achievement set on lot of people know about. well in 10th grade as sonia hollins began researching is actually her high school graduating class in blanchard she never thought what started as an idea for a book would change her life and the lives of so many others to travel the world twice spoke 5 languages with the 4 right scholar in india and begin what know about this michigan woman or
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school burned down she was named valedictorian in the 10th grade and while the students were excited the school is over she's like no i want to go into college i need 2 more years of high school. >>so she moved to battle creek and worked as a maid before a black woman in the 1920's going to college was far from easy. she was accepted to university of michigan. when i found out she was african-american they denied her admission. and that the wall though who's the president of western michigan university found out about mers because he knew her employer in battle creek. and that's when he got scholarship to come here she graduated in 3 years with a four-year degree became a history teacher at a high school in indianapolis she started to travel club for students at that time was to graduate in 1927. they didn't allow african-american teachers to teach high school in michigan after teaching high school she became the first african-american to graduate from oxford and spent time traveling around he ends up going to a rally. there was a man speaking there and it was
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an odd german. and when she finished leaving at raleigh, she said, i'm leaving europe because this guy is going to really start some trouble here and that was a dog killer murders had a long list of degrees including a masters from columbia university. she was the first black woman to receive a phd in political science from harvard on a historically black colleges published many books became a millionaire to her skills in state. getting some money to wmu in 2008 pounds was inspired to start a travel club worse it explores program provides an opportunity for girls to see the world girls to particularly may not have had the financial means to do so i went to washington dc japan. >>i very you and then we sit on the we've been to all of that college learning about the legacy of mers tape by seeing the world she spent her lifetime exploring to change people's lives in the pass and changed my life and. >>i believe that she deserves
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recognition for this. >>and that was kyle mitchell reporting tonight for more stories like this one you can check our website at kron 4 dot com. >>crews are preparing to fill in a large gap across the roadway of highway one near big sur after a slide sent a section of that highway into the ocean officials say the project will cost 11 and a half million dollars and the road will be repaired and reopened early this summer the iconic roadway collapsed during the atmospheric river storm that hit the bay area and santa cruz mountains and big sur last month. crews say they plan to replace the main drainage system with a new one that will increase its capacity and help it withstand future storms that was quite a storm but there's no rain in the forecast right now at least not the last we heard had totally different story. rebecca yeah, definitely for now, we could possibly see. >>our maybe next weekend. i'll get to that in just a moment
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for now a live look outside we're seeing a gorgeous conditions of course all day today the entire bay area every camera shot that we've seen has been absolutely beautiful but check this out. >>this is half moon bay right now and a lot of folks around about because it's been such a beautiful day around the bay area a little breezy at times of right now current temperature. it's 54 degrees at half moon bay. definitely want to bundle up. but it's definitely beautiful and nice and clear futurecast for showing us is going to be into the weekend we could see that offshore flow though return once again and actually strengthen into the weekend. bringing wind speeds back to very similar. so what we saw yesterday so keep that in mind for friday saturday and even into your sunday, but we are seeing a very dry conditions and clear across the entire bay area. on monday though the snow could be falling though in the northern part of the sierra so we could see some fresh powder there, but it's still going remain dry for us here in the immediate bay area, however we are keeping
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an eye on this storm system right here coming out of the gulf of alaska that could be bringing us. some rainfall as early as next weekend so just to be aware of that and we're hopefully some good numbers because we need the rain right and that we could next weekend definitely wet around the bay area by 7 around the bay forecast a look at these temperatures really nice and nothing but sunshine over the next 7 days. and there we're temperatures says slightly taper off though as we get into early next week, mostly 60's but then will be dropping into the 50's as we get into tuesday it's as overnight lows that you really want to focus again, especially inland guys. - it's definitely going to get cold so hang on your hats this weekend but next weekend grab your all right. thank you. coming up next a new delivery phenomenon has popped up since the pandemic started
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has emphasized its intent put more focus on the challenges posed by china. even as the middle east threats persist president biden's decision to attack in syria does not at this point appear to signal an intention to widen u.s. military involvement in the region but rather to demonstrate a will to defend u.s. troops in iraq. defense secretary lloyd austin says he recommended the action president biden of course we'll have more information coming out on this story throughout the evening here on kron 4 news other news tonight since the pandemic began we've all been ordering more takeout food but do actually know where your last delivery meal was cooked in the age of covid it can be increasingly difficult to tell reporter lauren wood has more on the rise of so-called ghost restaurants. >>from friday the pandemic has many restaurants going all on takeout. spurring the growth of ghost kitchens delivery only or virtual brands that sometimes operate out of
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another brand's location. >>you can actually reach people. we're searching for chicken restaurant, a pizza restaurant, a burger restaurant salad restaurant. instead of trying to reach a wide audience and are just one brand name. >>just last week applebee's launch cosmic wings for delivery only other chains have their own virtual brands. but there has been some backlash online from confused customers. hu thought they were ordering from a new local business work around right now to understand whether or not you're ordering from virtual combat, this is just the idea >>most brands are transparent about any connection to existing restaurants. >>and many are truly independent businesses simply operating out of other kitchens it sufficient a country that's what it is it's it's dining room less restaurants. >>gen z which serves up chinese homestyle cooking is one of 9 small ghost kitchens in the recently launched virtual food hall zone kitchens in new york city. >>have been to many people you
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have to make sure that everything is designed efficient. >>seoul is part of the rise in calling mary innovators across the country, including garden state kitchen in orange, new jersey housing, 12 ghost restaurants. and the expansion of kitchen united now in pasedena california chicago austin and scottsdale arizona. >>because we're pickup and delivery only locations we obviously were able to stay open. in spite of all the restaurant closures. >>commercial kitchens hoping virtual restaurants will stay viable even after the pandemic. >>again storm would reporting for us tonight. well that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 but coming up tonight at 6 giving covid vaccinations as favors our san francisco based health care provider reportedly administered shots to people not eligible under the state's vaccination guidelines plus how long house lawmakers plan to vote on and pass that one 0.9 trillion dollar relief package as soon as tomorrow. we'll have a live report washington dc where lawmakers
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i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, a new push is underway to open schools in the south bay, san jose's mayor says science not politics should be driving the conversation as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now the mayor is calling for a collaboration between all of the stakeholders. >>but we do not to wait for sacramento. we can act here locally outside downtown san jose's horace mann elementary san jose mayor sam liccardo said it's time to reopen and the science. medical experts are telling us. >>that we can do this safely and we know that the children were suffering the most. i'm coming from the families who've already struggling the most and the mayor's three-point plan calls for vaccinations focused on elementary school communities. >>practicing equity with getting schools open first in less affluent neighborhoods and providing options for teachers, students and parents to continue distance learning if they're not ready to come back in person. >>covid


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