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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 11, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when prime time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> one of these meetings that she was the. >> you know, look at that. >> now at 10, the owner of an el serino car dealership says his employee was nearly run over during a recent robbery. good evening. thanks for joining us here at 10. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. that incident happening friday afternoon and
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tonight police are trying to piece together how it all happened in the sus subsequent assault. kron four's amanda hari live outside of that dealership tonight with the latest on how this all went down and how that worker is doing tonight. amanda. >> i'm told jonathan to the worker is a little bit shaken up tonight. he initially didn't feel much pain. he had a lot of adrenaline coursing through his veins. but over the last 2 days he's gradually start to feel more pain even today having to go to the a very a horrifying right. and this is very disturbing. shocking footage of an ek te motorsports employee trying to stop a man from taking a white 2016 audi s 5 coupe. >> you see the employee move in front of the car. >> that doesn't stop the suspect from trying to drive off the lot. the employee ends up on top of the car when the suspect accelerates he falls off back and then need to see is one of these actually was
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the, you know, owner danny son says it happened at 02:30pm in the afternoon on friday. you can see this video from before the incident of an employee talking with the suspect. i might. >> implore you to get comfortable. >> to get the keys out. then the suspect demanded to take the keys from employee basically at the end you know. >> that he got a gun used in his pocket and. the minute the key and he you know, carjacked a son says the employee that was hit by the car, then jumped in his own car to chase down the suspect. >> he did catch up with him a few blocks away. but the suspect hit the employee's car and then drove away the man was wearing a large winter coat. white t-shirt and dark pants to be put jail. son says he filed a report with the richmond police department. they told him a detective would be assigned on monday. >> i thought that it was just all of that case, but he's not. it's on robert. and we
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didn't want call and that assault with a deadly weapon. >> the owner tells me that the vehicle now has front and rear end damage. that's a white audi. if you see it, you're asked to call rich thing. police live. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> amanda, thanks. tonight. police in the east are looking for a robber who they say used a gun to steal a mountain bike yesterday afternoon. it happened near the cal berkeley campus on grizzly peak boulevard. police say after getting the bike. the suspect then took off in a car oakland. police are investigating yet another attack on a member of the asian community that was caught on camera yesterday morning. the family of a 57 year-old man says that he was attacked on 10th street between martin luther king junior boulevard and jefferson street. this is video of that incident sent to us by tiffany chuck. the man's family says that he was on his way to get coffee when someone attacked him from behind video shows
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the attacker throwing punches before the victim turns the tables and goes after him after a short chase, the suspect cops inside of a car drives away. family members say the man did suffer some bruises. but overall is expected to be okay. >> people in mountain view held the no anti asian hate rally today. the march started at the mountain view transit center that served as a processing point for japanese american internment in world war 2. >> marchers then went to the former chinatown neighborhood and organizers are saying that hate has no place in any community. >> let's talk weather. the sunday night's get ready to head out the door for the start of your monday. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the very warm week ahead. any rain. >> unfortunately, no, we're going to stay rain-free for at leaat the next 7 days. have your full 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a minute. but first, let's take a look at today's daytime highs
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because we were easily 10 to 15 degrees above average for our warmest and innermost inland valleys, specifically those of you in livermore unconquered warming up into the low 80's when you should be in the mid to upper 60's. so those of you in livermore almost 15 degrees above average slightly above normal temperatures for downtown san francisco warming up into the mid 60's today at 64 degrees and taking a live look outside downtown san francisco. we're starting to notice some clouds streaming through keeping temperatures. well, what of lee cooler along our bay area coastline mid to upper 40's out there right now. currently at 45 degrees widespread low to mid 50's as you begin to make their way inland. but check out antioch currently at 64 degrees. so still in the 60's, even at this 10 o'clock hour after warming up into the low 80's today and tonight overnight lows going to stay in the 40's for most bay area cities. but no surprise
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antioch just cooling down into the low 50's are currently being in the mid 60's right now. so temperatures tomorrow. very little change compared to the day going to see widespread low 80's. for those of you in concord n livermore once again, even the bottle warming up into the low 80's with mid 70's for san jose and redwood city throughout the east bay shoreline upper 60's for oakland and he were to peace and downtown san francisco once again in the mid 60's and for allergy suffers. if you are noticing your allergies, acting up. blaine either oak ash and mulberry or all of the above tracking medium to high amounts of those pollen counts and taking a look ahead at the next 10 day forecast. looking very grim. as far as rain goes, we're going to stay above average and dry for the next 10 days. back to you. jonathan justine, thank you, well, san francisco unified school district is set to reopen its doors to teachers and students for in person learning tomorrow.
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>> and then they'll be going back in class. 5 days a week. news definitely making a lot of parents happy tonight. the district is welcoming its youngest students first thing in the morning. >> kron four's camila barco breaking down the reopening plan for san francisco unified schools. >> it's almost like the first day back. it's cool. for the past year. the only contact students and teachers have had with each other is online may that the via zoom or microsoft teams. so on monday, francisco students are back in the classroom after more than a year of virtual school. but the return will be staggered and not every student will be seeing their teachers in person 11 education sntes will reopen on monday as well as 22 elementary schools and 3 county schools. >> pre-k through second grade students will be the first back in the classroom by april 26 all students through 5th grade will be on campus is 5 days a week. the district is requiring everyone to follow safety protocols. that includes wearing a face mask practicing social distancing and good hygiene. the district
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also has covid testing contracts in place. students will eat their lunch in the classroom instead of the cafeteria that distance learning will remain an option for students. now, if you take a look at your screen. these are the elementary schools reopening on monday. these include jefferson presidio san miguel alamo chavez and glen park for the full list. you can head over to kron 4 dot com district leaders expect to reopen middle and high schools for students. a majority of them. we'll have to wait until next year for in person learning. and they also say that they expect to have a 107 schools reopen by the end of the month and francisco camila barco kron 4 news. >> regarding how the school district reached agreements with the teachers, the president of the san francisco unified school board told kron 4 that all the schools have placed very strict safety measures. so that teachers will feel comfortable to interact with students.
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>> it was actually the work that was really important because these are the people who are holding our students and we want to make sure that when they're in the spaces, they feel the upmost safety. they're the ones who know the space. they know that education and we have to pair that with the safest possible measurements. so was constant communication. it was really ensuring that the school district takes safety really seriously. the understanding with our public education system says that often our school buildings haven't been the safest spaces and they haven't allowed for our families and our students to feel like they're in a safe environment. so educators saw that. and they really wanted to ensure that we were providing this for everyone. so is just a commitment to be transparent to be honest and to be ready to. come to an agreement that is something we can all be ok and of course, we're seeing an open up more and more so those conversations are continuing. >> the school district also allows students to continue
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distance learning if their parents have their concerns about sending their kids back to school. and the space, the first dose of vaccine appointments are available on tuesday through friday for anyone 16 and older in alameda county. you can register for an appointment in person at the berkeley mass vaccination site on buchan anna streets or conducted at vanderbilt university and that can include things like a sore arm a day of not feeling so great aches and pains. researchers are not certain why women react differently than men. some are wondering if it's because women have more estrogen. remains to be studied. still ahead here on
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kron, 4 news at 10, a southern california mother is accused of killing her 3 children. >> what role did a bitter custody battle play in their murders. meanwhile, kron 4 following breaking news tonight out of minneapolis. a man shot and killed by police this afternoon. >> now sparking protests in the streets. this all happening just miles from where the george floyd murder trial or george derek chauvin murder trial is taking place tonight. we'll have an update tonight. we'll have an update after the break. it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day.
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we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity.
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>> well, tonight and we're following the story of an army lieutenant who was pepper sprayed by police in virginia. and tonight we've learned that at least one of the officers involved has been fired. the police chief saying department policy was not followed. second. lieutenant coronavirus was pulled over back in december. this video has now gone viral. police say they approached his car with their guns already drawn and they say, well, says they refused to tell him why they were pulling him over the officers then sprayed him with pepper spray before pulling out of the car and arresting him. does ru has since filed lawsuits against 2 of the officers involved. again tonight, one of them has now been fired and virginia's governor released this statement reading, quote, the incident in windsor, virginia is just or bing and angered me and i'm directing the virginia state police to conduct an
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independent investigation adding, quote, we must keep working to ensure that virginians are safe during interactions with police. the enforcement of laws is fair and equitable and that people are held accountable. he went on and to invite lieutenant to meet with him to discuss police reforms for following breaking news tonight out of minneapolis, minnesota, where a man was shot and killed by police. >> after a traffic stop north of minneapolis this afternoon. police say they tried to stop that man for a traffic stop reportedly check the car that he was riding in found that he had an oanding warrant after pulling him over and trying to arrest him. officers say he then ran back to the car. got inside, drove off. that's when officers fired their guns hitting in killing him. the car crashing into another family members of that man identifying him tonight as 20 year old dante right. protesters have now flock to the police station. this is in brooklyn center once again north of minneapolis officers have fired tear gas and flash
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bangs to try and break up the crowds. tonight. we're getting reports that the national guard have also now been called in to help quell that situation, to help get things back under control. we're also learning of reports of several businesses being looted. there as well. and now a curfew we're told, will be issued. they're in that area after all of this unfolding tonight. we will continue to monitor the story for you throughout the night on air and online at kron 4 dot com. also new details tonight in the deaths of 3 small kids found dead inside of an apartment outside of los angeles yesterday. new court records show that the kid's mother 30 year-old lillyhanna creo had been in a custody fight with their dad. the kids death sought custody of the children last month and even petition the court for to undergo a mental evaluation. authorities arrested creo yesterday for the killings after fleeing the scene and leading law enforcement officers on a long distance chase before finally catching
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up with her near fresno. let's switch it up and talk about our weather forecast right now. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez who tonight is going to be a warm week on tap just how hot will things get reason. >> 5 to 15 degrees above average once again tracking widespread low 80's for inland valleys. first, let's take a live look outside for those of you in the east bay over berkeley. we are seeing a return of that low cloud cover with right now. visibility throughout the east bay shoreline up to 3 mile. so we're starting to see the low clouds moving in and even for those of you downtown san francisco in half moon bay visibility up to 5 miles. but we could see at or near 0 conditions during the overnight hours. impacting your monday morning commute. so just keep that in mind. those of you in half moon bay could see more clouds with sunshine, not arriving until later in the afternoon. so let's take a look at your microclimate monday outlook.
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plenty of sunshine for most bay area cities with temperatures once again above average for downtown san francisco's mission district warming up into the low 60's with widespread mid 50's for daly city am pacific up half moon bay warming up to 58 degrees and mid 60's returning once again for burlingame winds out of the west-northwest of going to get a little bit of that offshore flow keeping temperatures on the warm side, especially as you begin to make their way inland with redwood city and mountain view mid 70's for you. san mateo 67 degrees widespread mid 70's for most of the south bay santa clara and san jose 77 degrees. when you should be in the mid 60's for this time of year, same for livermore, 15 degrees above average today similar tomorrow once again back into the low 80's. so you're going to continue that warm weather has is concord and walnut creek berkeley and oakland flirting with 70's. but in the upper 60's vallejo 78 degrees
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and petaluma 75 degrees with nevado warming up into the low 80's and taking a look ahead at the next 10 day outlook. no rain in sight. tracking gusty winds. but fortunately, just in time with that cool down so fire danger threat. not going to be as extreme but use caution out there bay area because we could see gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour or less, which could pose fire danger concerns even throughout this month of april know april showers yet. the last time we did that was back in 1949 don't want to tie that record. saunders keeping my fingers crossed for some rain later this month. >> every drop once again will help it really does. i don't want to extreme drought conditions too soon. but time to invest in some sunscreen. yeah. there you go. you have been getting some nice you know, you know, need to get some reasons. >> all right. there are calls now for the mayor of windsor to resign and they're getting louder tonight. people are
10:20 pm
demanding the dominic foppoli step down after 5 women now alleged that he sexually assaulted them even for police own brother now calling for him to step down from office. >> but he says he remains defiant saying that he will not resign and that he never violated any of those women kron four's, gayle ong brings us the latest. >> outside christopher creek winery sunday >> supporters of the women who have come forward accusing windsor mayor dominic foppoli of assault are outraged as a community to >> this horrible monster in a position of power and he's still denying the accusations and we want him to know that we're putting pressure on him as a community and we're not going to stop until he resigns. this comes after the san francisco chronicle published an article last week with claims of 4 separate accounts of alleged abuse from incidents dating from 2000, 3
10:21 pm
to 2019 as of sunday. there are at least 5 accusations. one of the women speaking out. sophia williams. he says the police sexually assaulted her in 2006 the last 15 years i felt one way about my story that we're friends. there's drinking. it was a mistake. he probably doesn't remember. >> to come to hear all these stories and a lot having to do women being drugged and just recognizing that if that had been the case that my story could have been very different. williams joined the rally with her family. i wanted to bring my kids because we talk a lot about consent and like that. they don't have to. getting and they don't want to. so i told them just briefly that, you know, somebody touched me and i said please stop and he didn't listen. so i ran away and. and, you know, that it's not ok in light of the multiple accusations mayors of 8 sonoma county town signed a statement demanding for poli
10:22 pm
resign immediately. >> also at the rally, joe foppoli, the mayor's brother who agrees his brother should step down from office i believe that our elected officials should be held to a higher moral standard. >> for that reason. i believe that dominic should step down as mayor of windsor. >> his brother says the windsor mayor who also co owns the winery has been fired and is not allowed on the in the process of removing him as an owner and on all titles and everything else here as well and discussing this is my family business that i've worked so hard for over the years. >> it's completely unaware of what was. leslie going on after i'm disgusted by its been married for 15 years ago, 2 teenage children. >> i want this to be a place where they can come with families come. >> football. he released a statement saturday that reads in part, quote, i believe anyone who believes they have been victimized should have the opportunity to be heard. and i didn't want to cloud my
10:23 pm
accusers stories with an immediate response and therefore decided to give them time to be heard. but now is the appropriate time for me to address this matter. i am completely innocent of the conduct alleged and have not violated any of these women end quote. >> in the meantime, the sonoma county sheriff launched an investigation into the assault allegations against the mayor windsor. we're here in healdsburg gayle ong kron 4 news. >> still ahead tonight, how to tiny terrors. i mean, >> terrorized a bear from getting into their southern california home.
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>> hope you're having a great sunday night. bay area. let's take a look at a final check of your bay area forecast. >> we're tracking cold temperatures along the thanks to that cool sea breeze with novato right now at 45 degrees low 50's throughout the east bay shoreline. sorry catching up with the camera. didn't know i had to come to the pew all and widespread mid to upper 50's for inland valleys with pittsburgh at 60 degrees. and we are also seeing 40's throughout the north bay coastline as well with the label in napa in the low 50's when tracker por calmer winds. but we are seeing that classic example of
10:27 pm
that cool sea breeze with widespread westerly winds keeping temperatures cool along the coast in the 40's. but winds will gust on tuesday. 45 miles per hour. less. in addition to that, a cooldown riding on tuesday and then warmer temperatures next weekend, even heading 10 days from now. back to you, jonathan. just saying i want to show you these cute and little guard dogs that lived up to their names as they rushed. >> to scare a bear that walked right into their pasedena home yesterday. the bear just chilling there in the backyard wandering around the dax are stricken some of the water out of the fountain bull fancy thing there. >> that's when the 2 little terriers name scored and mimi jumped into action. start going that bear says, you know what. >> i'm out >> thank you so weekend on kron 4 news. we appreciate your time. i'm justine
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trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better hello and welcome to sports night live. the rook can't catch a break island. >> no, he can't. i mean, covid protocol so season a wrist
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injury. >> now this latest news it's been rough up and down season. rookie center. james wiseman. he has torn his in this case is just the latest setback in a roller coaster season for wiseman. >> he will likely miss the rest of the year, although that part has not been announced yet. it happened during this play right as you can see, comes down off currently on that knee. he went up for a dunk. he was blocked by the rockets kenyon martin junior. >> and that's all she wrote. kron 4 spoke with bay area orthopedic surgeon doctor nirav. near joe. tanya. i'm sorry. i probably butchered but anyway, he says without exact details on the injury fans should still be optimistic about wiseman future. i think short term issues won't be that profound for him. he'll get rehab. he's young. >> bigger tears and you worry about what that means. 10 to 15 years down the road in
10:32 pm
terms of increased pain and ability to kind of really compensate. but you take, for example, some like dwayne wade had multiple minusca surgeries and essential as play with in this case by the end of his career. based on what you hear. he was still able play at a high level. so i think that for basketball players assuming they don't have any other leg. an injury with a meniscus injury that heals well, i think we'll have a good career. look over the next 5 to 10 years. >> that's doctor nirav pandya my apologies. but yeah, it just you know, obviously there'sonever a good time for injury but it like every single time james wiseman sort of builds up some steam and momentum, right. he just had a great 18 point performance just last week and then. >> you have something like this happens. so it seems like like you said it always happens at the worst time, right. when he's getting on a roll yeah. i know you're a look back at this season with the covid stuff and then missing test by accident and then the risk. now. >> the knee. >> season almost a wash for him. you know, like when you look back is going add forget about ever season. i mean, it's basically developmental
10:33 pm
season for him at this point. the good news so like doctor doctor pandya said his age. he should be able to make a full recovery there. lots of players who dealt with similar injuries unable to come back strong. so if you like for people who are worried about his future. >> it seems like that's at least good news for says if he had suffered an acl or mcl tear something like that, right. i mean, hey, one of the other top rookies lamelo ball. he's out for the year 2. so it's not you know, it happens. everybody happen. unfortunate part of sports injuries yeah, absolutely. will. now let's head out to the ballpark. the giants breaking out the brooms that abreu how do you hold a broom gosh. thank you to work on my cleaning techniques anyway, oracle park. the rockies in town. a couple young fans enjoying some pizza at the ballpark there. they are highly yes, he's a fan big people can also bid for full park fan. i got to get out to a game this weekend for the first time all right. first inning action alex dickerson get things started with that solo shot to center field. he's high-fiving guys.
10:34 pm
>> and that was just the beginning of the rolling for the giants. that was his second, by the way, of the season. one. nothing giants at that point anthony day still funny was more than solid on the hill for san francisco. he gave up no runs in 6 innings. pitched striking out 8 rocky batters and bottom of the 8th 3. nothing giants at this point. 3rd baseman, evan longoria just nails that one up the middle. a nice little base hit there. he had 2 hits and 2 rbi for san francisco might discredit us from ski rather scoring on that last one, 4, nothing giants and that was the final scores for pitchers combined for the shutout. the giants improved to 6, 3, on the season. they host the cincinnati reds beginning tomorrow night after the game gabe kaplan praised his pitching staff as you would expect. and a lot of this facebook funny talked about a special music request he made well warming up to help him relax. >> i think we pitched very well starting pitching was opened tremendous job throughout the and, you know,
10:35 pm
we continue to learn that our team is as resilient. and i told bailey before coming up in the >> that we've got to make after sunday's. >> fall park and. >> and he's like, you want snacks in the bullpen and i was like. >> i like the speaker out. there's like this. let's put it on. so just warming up france mattress. >> what better to relax you then some classical music, some frank sinatra. he does have a very soothing voice. i'll give him that. >> a popular probably want to get roasted for this. i i don't think i've listen to frank sinatra song a day in my life. you have some homework to do. he is a legend. yeah. i mean, i know he's alleging i respect the craft. no shade. i just haven't gotten around to listen to. and i just feel like he has music but like anyone could list. it's easy. listening anyone can listen to
10:36 pm
and enjoy at least well aware if you're trying to relax for some people. maybe if you're trying to fall asleep, that's when i like it. but anyway, as you heard cap talking about the pitching that had to be the story of the game. jason, especially the stellar performance of day the first shutout for the giants in september of 2019. the starting pitching staff through their first 9 games has been spectacular, just every single game. yeah. you know. >> the open air you saw johnny cueto will just throw he was what, one out from a complete game and thailand. i know it's a long season. and what we're only 9 games in. but. i'm surprised that the giants are fairing better than the age right now. it's looking like the giants are going to be the best team in the bay area and last year, you know, they overachieved your this scrappy team and this year looks like a kind of building up on that. and you know, developing an identity definitely if their pitching staff continues to play that way. they're going to have a winning season because versus i know things are really clicking on offense right now gave capper also
10:37 pm
talked about that in the post game. >> but when you have great pitching, you can still find a way to win and every single team has some up and down in their offense. guys hit slumps in hitting. buy if your pictures are playing well, all season defense can win you a lot of games game. you know, your strengths key will heat up. he's a stud. so yeah, it's going to be a pretty good season over there on king street. all righty. >> a pillar in the organization. the warriors organization announced his retirement at the end of the season. this will be warriors president and rick well says last year with the team wells has been the mastermind behind the business side of the organization over the last decade. he's got the franchise through a 10 year stretch that puts them in nba history books. you know. yes, it is one of the wealthy teams in the nba. now in total wealth spent 46 years with in the nba with 3 different franchises. he became a member of the naismith hall of fame. that was press conference there
10:38 pm
that was in 2018, he and steve kerr actually both work together in phoenix before their time in the bay. i asked steve what rick has meant to his career. >> breath of fresh air. lights up the room. it's full of ideas and laughter and 10 need knows how to delegate and empower people. he always made me feel great. every time that i saw him and what a powerful trade in a leader and that's what i love most about rick. he just the way he lights up a room and makes everybody feel good about themselves and about the collective effort. >> the other big news breaking this week is that fans will finally be allowed back in the chase center. very exciting starting in april. 23rd. it's been more than a year since they've been inside the building after working with the city over the last several months. chase will now be able to open at 35% capacity and draymond green. a player who
10:39 pm
thrives off of fans, energy. right. he's ready to cede up nation. and the rain, you know, so. you know how fast coming back. you know, a on the tory leader stream. the excited excited for fans as well. you know, it is coming to games. is a huge part of some people lives, you know, so. you know, excited for them as well. >> all right. to the college level national champ final 4. most outstanding player has a nice ring to it and with accolades like that, i think it's safe to say that hayley jones is pretty much a household name in the college basketball world. that's fair, right? yeah. oh yeah. that's fair. she was spectacular in the tournament sure is now. >> that journey. it began. it has been years in the making and. >> there's a whole army of people here locally who have been along for that ride. >> the to. thank you for
10:40 pm
tuning it. that he can ok, and what am i now. and was like like white people it is a big deal like this changed a bit for haley jones. i went to trader joe's us today just going not pretty good. she's people are like talking mina's right after a workout. that is look so bonnie. >> and i just like, oh, this is not to look any to be had right it's a look that began to develop in the youth leagues of santa cruz in a ute ornaments littered throughout the bay area and haley met at the high school basketball game. and we're in like can you write it and they're like another side of the court that like a bunch of kids and just go like play during the game. just my partner months with the way the ball back and forth. and like just feel like i need you know, i the ball to interface actually. >> and keep the blood he noted the coach has to a timely she was like, yeah, everything's fine. and from there we just start talking like we're going to be best friends. well, eventually she learned how to catch and starred at archbishop mitty high school
10:41 pm
in san jose where she became the top ranked high school player in the country from day one. you could tell that haley >> really unique and special not only in her skill set coming in as a freshman that also prevents ball like you are most outstanding player haley jones. >> the success was but it came quickly. >> haley has taken it in stride. when you see here, you meet her. you wouldn't even know that she has all like mashed accomplish all that because we need here is just like a nice genuine person. and then all the courts, if headed seeing all shese articles and all these things and like it's just always the same old haley. the future is certainly bright and you can bet her community here in the bay will be along for the ride. you have someone coming out of santa but that city on the not just is doing so many big things in sports and issue a national title and i'm so happy for her teachers of the texan ii requesting your e-mail so they could center a note of congratulations. not only so proud of of all that
10:42 pm
accomplished. but the quality for character having heard just be on that big stage and put on like that. just performance and show. >> her talent. how versatile she is. >> jones hometown hero bright future in the all righty history was made today at the masters. we will tell you how after the break. >> plus, we have 2 interviews. you'll only see here on kron 4 just like that. last one. the new san jose state basketball coach explains why he's expecting to leave the spartans to success an nba champion usf legend bill cartwright talked with me about were the warriors are at the season and what he thought
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> welcome back to sports night live kyle and i saw your tweet i know you're i my mission to get you interested in it by the u.s. open, ok. all right. all right. so that's a good challenge. i just can't get into watching it. i just it's slow. i like teams for to all. >> i get it. you get it so anyways. i do respect what they do, though. the final round of the masters today was a historic one after some weather issues yesterday was a beautiful day at augusta check out that scenery bay area native will zalatoris was in contention until the end. in fact, he finished all alone in second at 9 under for that and


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