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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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god bless the great state of iowa. >> [ cheering ] >> senator ted cruz comes out on top tonight as the winner of iowa's republican caucus. >> a different story for the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. sanders called it a virtual tie. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the results are in from the first real test of the 2016 race. let's look at the numbers on the republican side, ted cruz is the winner with 28%, donald trump at 24, marco rubio a very close third, with 23%. all of the other republicans are in "sportsnet central" giggetts. ben carson at 9%, rand paul at -- >> hillary clinton and sanders are both at 50% with martin o'malley a distant third. o'malley has suspended his campaign. >> ross palombo is live in des
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there was an overflow crowd there. >> reporter: that's right, frank. that overflow crowd took a long time -- a long time to decide. the state had a tough time as well, too close to call, that in itself is a big surprise. a few months ago, bernie sanders was 40 points behind hillary clinton, tonight he of course is related. hillary clinton says she is relieved, perhaps because he did not get a decisive victory. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. join me, let's go win the nomination! thank you call -- thank you all and god bless you! >> iowa has begun tonight, a political revolution. >> [ cheering ] >> when young people and working people and seniors begin to stand up and say,
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enough! >> we were at a democratic caucus tonight. the turnover there was amazing. >> reporter: it was a record overflow crowd. beie beat hillary two one in that precinct. caucusgoers say sanders gives them hope and optimism. hillary supporters say she is practical, but no one used the keyword, inspirational. at the end of the day, that may have been a big problem. onto the republicans, cruz beats trump and rubio was not far behind. >> tonight, it's a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> i want to congratulate ted incredible candidates. we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie. >> here in iowa, the people of this great state have sent a very clear message.
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obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back! >> reporter: by all accounts, ted cruz put in all of the work just today, he finished going to all of iowa's 99 counties. he had 12,000 volunteers, a strong ground game and courted the single largest voting bloc in iowa, evangelicals. trump skipped the debate and apparently it cost him. the big surprise is how well marco rubio did, distant third before, now basically tied for second place, only one percentage point behind donald trump. martin o'malley by the way and mike huckabee did decide to suspend their campaign after the returns came in. they were doing poorly between 1% and 2% there. >> you mentioned the turnout tonight was made -- way more than expected. the caucus rooms were packed, so much energy. what was it like being there?
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in fact, in california, our primary system, you go into the building both alone and you make your choice. imagine if you were in the booth and you had two or three people with you and people were questioning you and saying, really? that's what a caucus is all about. you have to decide in public, people question your decision, you have to defend it. sometimes you try to move people over to your side. it keeps everyone very involved in the debate. a real sense of community in the ad there, frank. >> ross palombo, thank you. now to our panel of analysts on this first test in primary season, on the left side, political analyst brian zobel joining us tonight from petaluma. >> and james taylor, professor of political science at university of san francisco, thanks for joining us. james, first to you, what an interesting night on the democratic and republican side. cruz wins, trump second and
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third place. what do you make of this and what does this mean? >> a three headed monster in the republican party. looks like this is going to continue. new hampshire and nevada and south carolina were clearly -- will help clear the fray a bit more as iowa has recently cleared it of huckabee and carson and o'malley and others. but we have to go forward and see this process through. it's obviously not a victory for hillary clinton. she explained that she is enjoying a sigh of relief or not losing to someone who is an avowed socialist, predicted to win new hampshire. so hillary is facing a real challenge, facing a similar reality to 2008, this is not going to be an inevitability. trump learned that lesson tonight as well. >> brian, how disappointing a night was it for donald trump? he likes to be the winner.
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how big a deal is this for him? >> a much bigger deal than he's willing to own up to. there were two winners tonight, marco rubio who didn't win because he -- he finished third, but was not expected to do as well as he did. he almost nipped trump at the end. and of course bernie sanders. it really makes this race interesting as we move on to new hampshire. ted cruz did well, he had a huge ground game as ross pointed out. in iowa. and lots of volunteers. but very interesting results tonight. and again, i think the person to watch, i've been saying it for a long time, is marco rubio. >> professor sobel, james mentioned that -- excuse me, the democratic side, the hillary clinton nailbiter there, those two are essentially tied. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, i think clearly, clinton had the beer ground game, but her message is not
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bernie sanders is. he's got a lot of young people who are really rallying to his side. and he's giving inspirational talks whereas hillary clinton continues to talk in old terms. bernie sanders, to use the word, is relevant. >> professor taylor, marco rubio releasors tonight, finished on the heels of donald trump with 23%. he's the candidate that overachieved tonight. now he has a big boost and a lot of momentum heading toward new hampshire. new hampshire. what do you make of that? >> i predicted rubio would be the eventual nominee for the republicans. i still stand by that. i think he again, running from behind, you can't claim victory and coming in third place. he had a strategy that was similar to rudy giuliani in 2008, coming in third, second
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south carolina, rubio has to win the state and he has not won a state. he's even losing in the polls in his own state. this is not boat -- this does not bode well for the republicans nationally. ted cruz is despised by most politicians. the idea that he's the alternative for the republicans, this is a disaster of a campaign in 2012 unless they have some miracle strategy that we don't know about, right now, this -- tonight got worse for the republicans, not better. ted cruz cannot defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders nationally. >> brian, back to you, >> i differ a little bit. i think rubio is gaining momentum. i think iowa first of all, rubio didn't spend the kind of resources in iowa that ted cruz did, yet he came very close. trump of course is relying on his name getting big rallies as the professor pointed out and other things but at the end of the day, the winner and you are
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you didn't win but if you look at the bigger picture, as to how somebody performed against the odds and against what people said would happen, he performed very well. >> i agree with that. but i still think he is facing an uphill battle. evangelicals who left the carson campaign also the huckabee camp tonight, that's about 10,000 people, 10% of what rubio didn't get tonight, that is going to go over to i'm saying carson and huckabee voters are likely in the -- evangelicals that showed out tonight, likely to go to cruz. this is what we've been saying, those bottom candidates are weighing down the top candidates against trump. >> it's been interesting night, professor taylor, we appreciate you joining us. brian zobel, appreciate your thoughts as well. new hampshire primary is a week from tomorrow. then it's off to nevada and south carolina which both split their contests.
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for grabs is march 1. you can stay with ktvu for continuing coverage this election year on air, online and on your mobile device. we will have the presidential race covered. now to the south bay where a large tree fell over today in a san jose park. it killed one person. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon at isadora and messina drive in east san jose. sky fox was overhead shortly after emergency crews arrived. eucalyptus tree was estimated to be between 60 and 70 feet tall. >> it was kind of like an earthquake. the sound was very wild and loud. >> authorities haven't identified the victim yet but police say family members of an elderly man who was in the park came to the scene and told police the man didn't come home and they are worried he may be the previous -- the person killed. chp says an accident involving several vehicles in
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authorities say the suspect raced away from the shooting in a great altamira. it crashed into several other vehicles after taking the port chicago exit. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon. seven people were hurt including the three suspects. police say the injuries were minor to moderate. they still don't know if anyone in the target vehicle was hurt. that vehicle was not involved in the crash. now to super bowl 50, the denver bncos had a scare on the highway today coming back from practice at stanford, the highway patrol says three team buses bumped into each other after a toyota rav4 made an unsafe lane change right in front of the team's caravan. the bus driver slammed on the brakes, two buses in the front stopped in time, three in the back did not. it happened on southbound 101 near 237 in sunnyvale just before 2:00 this afternoon. chp says no players were hurt but you can clearly see the
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it had to be towed away. >> pretty much what you would expect for a minor collision here. vehicles are designed to save the passengers as opposed to sitting themselves. they look worse than they actually are. in this case it's a minor collision but the bus did what it was supposed to do and that is protect the passengers. >> chp motorcycle escorts also went down as a result of the accident but he says that officer is doing okay. tracking your tuesday forecast, we've got showers to talk about and it will have an impact on the morning commute. the south bay in the spotlight tonight to kick off super bowl week. we'll have highlights from fans including some of the
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opening night. ans and
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spotlight tonight for the super bowl version of "meet the press". >> used to be called media day. this year it's called opening night. mark ibanez is among those on hand, live right now in san jose where he heard from the two quarterbacks tonight. mark? >> hey there. we are outside the sap center. >> reporter: first of all, i want to say, great of the nfl to try something different, always looking for that innovative edge and all that. opening night, i might make a bold protection. i'm not sure the nfl is going to do this again. first time they've ever done the night event. of course "monday night football" has always been a sensational success. but for a lot of reasons, i felt like this was a step back as they were inside the sap center. and it felt confined. and i think it was far too loud . there were fans in there, some 2000. they had music up loud and
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and it wasn't as if you will, off-the-cuff as past events like this i've gone too. but one thing was certainly the same as it always is. the biggest lines, the biggest crowds around the athletes for both teams, always center around the quarterback. with regard to denver, they came out first, a little after 5:00. peyton manning and of course the inevitable question, is this your last go round? if you win the super bowl, is it over and out for you? here is peyton manning's response followed by cam newton talking about the troubles he's had in his early career. >> no. i haven't made my mind up. i don't see myself knowing that until after the season, like i said earlier. whatever clichi you want to use, but staying in the moment and focusing on the task at hand, just dealing with this week, that's what i've done all season. it's really served me well up
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i'm going to stick with that for one more week. and obviously have a big task at hand in the panthers in the super bowl on sunday. but i'm going to stick to that philosophy. >> i'm in the position where people critique every single thing i do, get i'll be the first to tell you that i made mistakes. and whether you are from atlanta or from california, from georgia, florida, wherever you are from, international, you could see that a person made mistakes but yet didn't linger on those mistakes. and i still have dreams and aspirations and conquered them all. >> reporter: very charismatic, cam newton, the always sturdy peyton manning. we'll have a lot more for you including two former 49ers who talk about what it's like to be elsewhere from the bay area and why they departed in the first place coming up in sports and joe will review the very unusual people who attended tonight's
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from the sap center in san jose. that's it for right now. >> peyton manning is trying so hard to stay in the moment and concentrate on right now even though everyone is asking them about moving forward, whether he's going to retire. it's got to be hard for him. >> yeah. i hope that they are able, the media that is, able to let him just enjoy this moment and stop hounding him with that question. you expected that to happen today and really, the first access the media has had to them here in the bay area. but peyton manning has had an illustrious career, he has lost a couple super bowls, he has won one. he knows both sides of the fence. let the guy savor every moment. i think it's pretty obvious he's going to retire, win or lose after sunday's game. what a class act he is and has been throughout his career. >> mark, thank you.
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was with the fans at the sap center. they told her this was the next best thing to the super bowl itself. >> reporter: from a fan perspective, let me tell you the mood inside the shark tank was electric as we mentioned, this is the first time in super bowl history this was held in prime time. at least for fans, it did not disappoint. estimated 7000 fans made their way to san jose for super bowl opening night at the sap center to take off super bowl week. >> i want to jump over when they're not looking. >> reporter: fans watched national, international media, interview players from the broncos and then the panthers. formerly known as media day, it's typically held the super bowl morning tuesday. but for the first time it was held in prime time monday night and it was sold out with fans paying $30 a ticket. >> i love it. it's awesome that it came to our neighborhood. i've been a big broncos fan
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>> reporter: besides catching the players, for fans, it was a chance to snap photos, some selfies, root for the players and get autographs. >> we don't have this opportunity much. so you have to sees these moments and appreciate them for what they are. >> reporter: john paul grew up in north carolina. he got his football signed by 49ers quarterback steve young. in terms of predictions for sunday's game? >> very strong carolina, if they played like they played with arizona, feeling very comfortable with it. both quarters. they've got two more halves of football to go, i want to see them play well. >> reporter: the winner in all of this at least for tonight could be the city of san jose. >> just like a lot of revenue and a lot of funds to the city. we are enjoying it a lot. a lot of good times for sure. >> reporter: most fans didn't know what to expect. they just wanted to be a part of a super bowl experience.
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ktvu fox 2 news. waiting on a couple showers tonight, there is rain in the forecast but not a heavy rain, sunlight rain that will impact the tuesday morning commute. here is the system i'm tracking, number 1, it's kind of weekend you see most of its motion into the northern california area. system number 2 is your wednesday afternoon commute, we'll get to that later. right now, showers showing up around clearlake already, showers showing up around north of point arena. everything spreads south as we head into the early morning hours. on tuesday, here is your san francisco forecast, which will work for san rafael and oakland for this timing. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, raining. that's the morning commute for most of us. san jose, driving this at about 7:00 a.m., picks up about 9:00 a.m. as the day goes on, this is one and done, it's gone. or it starts to go and get
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sprinkle. as we going to tomorrow night, a few clouds but overall, drying out. the story for tomorrow? morning commute, wet in the north bay early and south bay about midmorning. when i come back, we'll take a look at the long range forecast which does bring more rain in here as we head into wednesday. thank you, bill. new information about a slight hillside in san francisco. at 10:30, city crews find an underground water lead to the discovery unfortunately comes too late to save a $2 million home. we caught up with niners owner jed york today. he explained his biggest hope for super bowl sunday at levi's
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san francisco this week is super bowl city. a beautiful shot of the city skyline has the bay area plays host to super bowl 50 this sunday. >> football fans already
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jana katsuyama at the friendlies there, set up right in front of the ferry. jana? >> reporter: wrapped up a 9:00, a beautiful clear night, not a huge crowd. it was cold but really heartwarming to see how excited the fans got about this super bowl city. there was also a study released today showing how much of an economic impact the super bowl could have on the region. the bright lights and big city, that is, super bowl city, brought out the diehard football fans showing their best face and true colors, whether they were broncos, or panthers. >> raiders, panthers, warriors. >> reporter: fans got a chance to zip line over a mini golden gate bridge. they also could take a bicycle challenge to light the way for their favorite team. and the bonus of the night, outdoor concert by a grammy-
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called what else, let the games begin. raiders and 49ers, doesn't matter. we all get together and have a good time. and hope -- host the super bowl the way it should be hosted. >> reporter: a study released by pwc says hosting the super bowl will bring $220 million in spending to the bay area. already some local store owners say they have seen a huge boost to their business. ryan haarer with's ice cream shop is over the moon. >> for a few days, it's great for an ice cream shop in the winter. >> reporter: many expect the whole region to benefit. sonoma county planted itself at the foot of market street with a wine bar. >> talking about 1 million people coming this weekend is one week. saturday was our first day. we were slammed. we had such a big crowd of people in here.
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souls who dined alfresco in the cold? >> bud light, premium wine. >> it was more about getting a taste of the super bowl excitement. >> how many times do you get a super bowl in your city? regardless of what the traffic is or the food and drink, you've got to go. it's the super bowl. >> reporter: all of this is free but security is tight. you have to pass through metal detectors just to get in. there were a lot of police patrolling the entire area. all enclosed, it does reopened tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., through 9:00 tomorrow night. >> jana katsuyama, thank you. now the other big event is the nfl experience underway at the muscovy center. tonight it posted a big showdown between the nation's top youth flag football teams. these kids between the ages of nine and 14 are considered the best of the best in the country. take a look. >> look at this guy. incredible.
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four championship teams were crowned in different divisions for girls, boys, and two coed teams. the director said flag football is a good entry point for the game, especially for parents to learn about letting their kids play tackle football. new follow from a controversial police shooting, what the department of justice will be looking at as he conducts a review of the san
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man-made or mother nature? a broken water main may be to blame for a sliding hillside in san francisco and loss of a $2 million home that had to be demolished. new developments from debora villalon. wear that underground link has
10:28 pm
deborah? >> reporter: crews discovered a rupture in an eight inch main. it may explain why these properties are sliding but it doesn't explain why that leak persists for so long. when water department crews finally dug down in the right spot under the avenue, water from the burst maine was falling fast. >> i was there when they opened it up. like a river under the street. >> reporter: ronald muller -- martel owns a $2 million lot, the house he bought but had not yet moved his family into, torn down by emergency order. martel believes that slide was due to the ongoing water leak. >> experts came out with their reports, i think to me, it's pretty conclusive, we were the canary in the coal mine. >> reporter: patches where testing were done, but dropped without result after residents complained about spouting and pooling water. only after martel's house was
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weekend find. >> the investigation, was this cost -- was this caused? we wanted to review it, we'll help him. to expedite the permit. before that, we need to stabilize the heel and make sure everything is okay. before they can rebuild. >> reporter: even with the leak capped, the ground remains saturated, the soil still creeping. this neighbor is making extensive repairs. >> this was not el nio. this is what happens when nobody knew exactly what was going on or how much water -- that much water. >> reporter: who knew what and when? the homeowner who saw his investment vanish figures that will come out in time. he hopes to rebuild, relieved a root cause is found. >> we need to make sure we could save all the homes. now apparently it looks like
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so if that's the silver lining, we paid the price. maybe we can save the other homes. >> reporter: and another twist, several months ago pg&e dug up the street to lay a gas line next to the water line. now residents wonder if utility crews accidentally damaged the main. it's all fodder now for engineers, attorneys and insurance agents. live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> department of justice announced plans today to review the conduct of the san francisco police department has henry lee reports, this comes in response to the controversial police shooting death of stabbing suspect mario woods. >> reporter: protesters have been calling for a federal probe ever since police shot and killed mario woods in san francisco's bayview in december. today the fence said they are stepping in to take a look at sfpd from top to bottom. everything from training to officer misconduct and building community trust.
10:31 pm
requests made by the mayor from the chief, from elected city officials and community members , asking the justice department to examine the san francisco police department and their use of force and their practices. >> reporter: but the review will likely include only recommendations for how the sfpd can improve. some protesters have sought a higher level of federal involvement in the form of a civil-rights probe that could force court-ordered reforms. officials said the issues raised in the case so far do not rise to the level of a civil- rights investigation. although that could happen in the future. chief sir said he welcomes the review to help look for alternatives to deadly force in some cases. >> which is an issue as director davis said all departments across the country are struggling with especially with weapons short of a firearm, we have to deal with -- find a way to deal with folks with edged weapons or other
10:32 pm
are in crisis with something other than a firearm. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burris who represents woods' family says he supports the investigation so long as it's without limitations. burress wants the chips to fall where they may. police say woods was a stabbing suspect who confronted officers while armed with a knife. officers first fired bean bags at him to no effect. this video of the incident has sparked a lot of outrage. chief sir has announced the situation could have ended differently had his offices been allowed to carry stun guns. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a global health emergency, the latest warning about the zika virus and how to avoid getting it. the tuesday showers, now we push forward into the five day. there's more rain to talk about. i we'll let you know which commutes could be affected.
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peninsula where a train ki developing news from san mateo where caltrans has struck and killed a person tonight at about 8:15. caltrans says a southbound train struck a person who was on the tracks illegally. this happened at 25th avenue in san mateo. caltrans had to wait for police to say it was okay to move the train and warn passengers to expect lengthy delays. caltrain is single tracking trends through the affected area. the world health organization today declared the zika virus and international public health emergency. the rare move came at the who meeting in geneva and reflects the seriousness of the outbreak. officials say while there's no scientific link to babies being born with abnormally small brains, it is strongly
10:34 pm
most of the cases of the zika virus are in brazil. the zika virus is transmitted through mosquito bites. >> at present, the most important protective measures are the control of mosquito populations and the prevention of mosquito bites in at risk individuals especially pregnant women. >> california health officials are also calling for people who tried to avoid mosquito bites even though the zika virus has not been spread here. raiders owner mark davis says he wants to keep the team in oakland this year despite rumblings of las vegas. davis is hoping to get a one- year lease extension for the coliseum. las vegas is out for this year because it would take 2 to 3 years to build the stadium. he also said he isn't
10:35 pm
the authority is set checking back in under weather, showers working their way back into the forecast. lit up like it's the holidays, but essentially it's the holiday, super bowl right across the bay now with a city that's going to see temperatures tomorrow that will just be in the 50s. here comes the first, there is the second one, wednesday, tuesday morning, tomorrow morning a chance of sprinkles from this first of two systems. not much going on in terms of accumulation, but it will be wet on the morning roadways. even getting a little sprinkle reports around bodega bay, by the generator, like stuff. cold tse,id 4rie,
10:36 pm
ouds a ndsps,nggh drizzly morning. as you get going in san jose, the showers barely there, most of it north. like i said before, watch what happens. there come the shower through 10:00 in the morning. then the sun comes out, that's how most of our day goes. after lunch time, everybody starts to clear out. there's your forecast for san jose, basically the entire bay area. what morning. after 10:00, it starts to clear out and we should have dry commutes. commute number 1, there it is. showers and then the afternoon commute, drive. wednesday morning, or pardon me, midmorning and then wednesday afternoon, there's your commute. thursday and it's drive. tomorrow morning, wet, wednesday afternoon, wet. none of this is a big deal in terms of accumulation. it's slowing you down from where you are trying to get. 56 in vallejo, 55 in napa, 57 in concord.
10:37 pm
showers eventually her. so here we go, morning commute, wet. again, wipers on intermittent. then afternoon commute on wednesday, wet. maybe severe weather event but again, quarter of an inch, maybe a tent, something like that. as we go out into next week, or pardon me, early next week, sunday potentially, could be one of the nicest days we've seen in terms of temperatures and whether. >> lots of chances. >> what are the chances? we love where we live. it's going to be the perfect day. the air is going to be crisp, that's how it looks. 70 degrees. >> and all eyes are going to be on the bay area. >> great shots. coming up, mark ibanez and joe fonzi with a supersize edition of fox two sports wrap including jed york and steph curry. first, a trip down memory lane for joe. >> the first super bowl ever
10:38 pm
this business was super bowl xv. it was in new orleans. it was the raiders against the eagles. the raiders were going for their second super bowl championship, that was the week that john was out partying on bourbon street and the raiders didn't care about curfew. it was the old just win, baby, mentality. here is how naove i was, i was walking around bourbon street, super bowl week, noticing i've never seen so many attractive women with their fathers. no one had presented the concept of trophy wife to me before. but that was how naove i was. that was my first exposure to a life learning lessons at super bowl xv, which by the way once the game started, that was the game where the week where the eagles were on lockdown and they had a curfew and the raiders said, go out and have a good time, just show up and win.
10:39 pm
ha one of the first big event of super bowl week took place when the players met with
10:40 pm
>> mark ibanez and joe fonzi attended the event. they are standing by live. >> reporter: glad interrupted us. joe was just explaining the concept of trophy wives. >> [ laughter ] >> already did that. it was a little unique, top of the show, we were talking about the newness of this particular event. first time they've ever had opening night as media day. instead, i think we were in agreement, very different event, i don't know. i liked when it was outside during the day. a little free-form. >> i agree with you. the nfl like to orchestrate everything these days. big grandiose introductions for the players. it seemed a little bit over the top to me. i liked it better the old way. >> yeah. >> reporter: the denver broncos did make their appearance and there was a huge sculptor of the golden gate bridge here in san jose. so that didn't make a whole lot of sense but a lot of introductions to the players.
10:41 pm
to be a former 49er, landed on his feet with a chance to get a ring. >> reporter: sometimes things work out for you. vernon davis with a chance. here's what he had to say about this opportunity. >> i don't know. a lot of things happened. a lot of things happened. we had a coach that was fired, harbaugh. we had players retire and players leave. justin smith left. so you don't have the same components that you had before. but it changes things. it changes things a lot. >> reporter: a lot of things did change. a lot of things have changed for ted ginn junior. he came and of course with the panthers, he has made an impact, some huge plays for them. overcame the reputation for not having very good hands. he always could break a play, but i tell you what, he didn't want to talk too much about his
10:42 pm
>> reporter: if you think about it, there's two guys that three years ago both had a chance to win a super bowl ring. now one of them will for sure. >> reporter: my question to ted ginn, 40 -- the former 49er. did it surprise you the way things unraveled for the 49ers? they were at the pinnacle right on the brink for three straight years. were you surprised that the amount of troubles the 49ers have had on and off the field? kind of in the last few years? >> i'm going to stay away from that one. the only thing i can say is that every good thing comes to an end. that's all i can really say. that's a hard question. >> reporter: there you go. silence sometimes a says a lot. kind of glad he landed on his feet, he is a good dude. >> reporter: this night is always interesting because i think the goofiest question i ever heard asked at media day
10:43 pm
called, was if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? i heard some goofy ones here today, to luke kuechly, somebody said if aliens came down and you had to pick three of your teammates to defend earth, who with the other three be? those are the kinds of things that are asked on this night. but it definitely has evolved through the years from what we originally saw. >> reporter: now you have a look. somewhere along the lines, super bowl media day or opening night as it's now called, became almost as much about the people covering the spectacle as those who performed in the spectacle. how did you get credentialed for this? >> they just let me in. >> that's the only credential and eat right there. >> who argue? >> big boy from nickelodeon. >> i didn't. >> we are from austria. this is our favorite sport. >> reporter: what have you heard about the slalom course?
10:44 pm
>> the super bowl [ gibberish ] >> reporter: how would you be received at home if the colors you were wearing were silver and black? >> i might be booed out of dia. >> reporter: athletic young men are more likely to want to be interviewed by say, miss universe than a more traditional sports reporter. >> you think being miss universe might get you some -- get some answers that other people aren't able to get? >> with my charm, i hope so. everyone is fighting for attention. i thought sexy referee. it could work, right? >> reporter: do you know ed hochuli? >> no. >> reporter: has anyone committed a personal foul against you today? >> not yet but there's still time. >> this is my professional
10:45 pm
of the others i have planned. >> reporter: this is your conservative approach? >> it is. my most conservative approach. >> i'm rocky the colorado replica -- colorado leprechaun. this is my seven super bowl. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: what can you say? it's changed a lot through the years. no question. >> reporter: ever in search of the local angle, we take you back east where the warriors will play the washington wizards on wednesday night. steph curry as many of you know, a big fan of the panthers. he talked about why other than just the fact he hails from charlotte, north carolina. steph curry of the warriors on an off day. >> i've been rooting for this team since 1994-95. the second opportunity to bring a lombardi trophy back to charlotte. i'll be rooting for them. down at santa clara. all these guys, i know them on a personal level. so happy for what they've been
10:46 pm
wanted to see them succeed. >> reporter: all right. steph curry and the warriors will be visiting the white house. >> they play in dc on wednesday. >> reporter: there you go. i spoke to a couple of pr people with the raiders today. caught them off guard. that is the retirement of justin tuck, who brought a lot of veteran leadership to the team in only his first year. he was injured halfway through and he announces his retirement. caught everybody off guard. >> reporter: and 13 by all accounts that's on the rise. i thought we just heard earlier tonight, defect the raiders are looking for that one year lease now, and i think the city wants to get him here for two. there are still a puzzle and we have to wait and see how that turns out. >> reporter: going to be interesting next year, no charles woodson, no justin tuck. they have super bowl experience. a loss of veteran leadership on the team. he has officially retired. >> reporter: we are one night into this thing.
10:47 pm
from the sap center, joe and mark, back to you guys. >> that was fun stuff. thank you, guys. >> we were commenting on cam newton's fashion. >> if you were a tree, what
10:48 pm
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