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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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february 2nd, 2016. you are watching "news 4 today" on your side and in high definition. good tuesday morning. welcome to the last half-hour of "news 4 today." i'm samantha boatman. i'm bill frankmore. 6:30 on the second day of february, groundhog day. >> are you all right? >> i'm under weather a little bit. like punxsutawney phil, i saw my shadow. it will be a while before i feel better. we're talking about the caucus in iowa. close numbers on the democratic side. hillary clinton, 50.4% and bernie sanders, 49.6 percent. literally one tenth of a percentage point from being a tiny. >> not so much on the republican side. >> senator ted cruz came in
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to keep in mind. the iowa caucuses in the past, the last republican to become president and won the iowa caucus was george h.w. bush. george w. bush, excuse me. >> it will be interesting to seek candidates focus on new hampshire. that is where our focus will be. we will be talking political and was all morning and there's a lot to come on the "today show." we begin with education was. annual washoe county state of education address was highlighted with the district achievements this past year. 75% graduation rate is up 9% from 2012 in multiple programs served as national models, such as parent and teacher visits to home and social and emotional learning programs. they addressed the biggest challenges, and davis didn't sugarcoat the situation. she said overcrowding will force schools to have double sessions within five years if no
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davis also announced that a grant of $1 million per year was received for 13 years, for transforming youth recovery for protective program that addresses substance abuse, mental health and other things that prevent students from academic success. yours a new poll to reach 90% graduation rate by 2020. go to washoe for a run down. greater nevada credit union is accepting applications for the annual academic scholarship program. the plan to give away 20 scholarships for $2000, each. anyone living or working in nevada is eligible to apply. applications for the 2016/2017 school year are being accepted through march 31. they are awarded based on financial need, academic performance, community involvement and educational goals. took up an application at nevada high schools or greater nevada branches.
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on your tuesday morning, a new log requires state day care facilities to allow more time for students to exercise and eat healthier foods. news 4's, alex cannito, joins us. >>reporter: after looking at the numbers, nevada lawmakers decided obesity rates for kids at nevada were too high. a simple way to change the statistics were to create healthy lifestyle habits at a young age. i talked to one preschool who was already on board with this new bill. study show nearly one third of 4-year-old and five-year-olds in the state are overweight. nevada lawmakers decided to make a change. >> the balance of a good diet and exercise are one of the building blocks to their future. it is important that we incorporate exercise time for the children, as well. >>reporter: a new bill requires day care facilities to provide more active playtime and limit
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one reno preschool is on board to make sure students create healthy habits. >> if we grow our own foods in the backyard, we have children bring in tomato plants and vegetables and for them to understand how the process works of natural food to help their bodies be strong. >>reporter: kids at sunflower preschool get 2.5 hours of active playtime a day and two healthy snacks. parents are happy about it. >> it's really nice that we can rest assured and go off to work and know that she is being taken care of and they are not just letting her eats, they make sure it is nutrition first. >>reporter: it's important for children create habits not to be more successful mentally and physically later in life. >> we want the parents to understand the children -- the more they exercise -- their brains will develop better and they will be more attentive in classrooms. nutrition is important and exercise. >>reporter: it was fun to see
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about the importance of staying healthy. learn more about the bill and how it will be implemented across the state. visit our website at the winter weather brings moisture and sierra snowpack. how beneficial has it been for lake tahoe? we will see that whole going
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will have numbers. will come back, everyone. the snowpack on mount rose is the best it has been in four years. hydrologists measured the amount of water after the big storm over the weekend. the usda natural resources conservation service used the site to collect the data. it stands for snow pack telemetry and aids in providing information about water supply forecasting. hydrologists are excited for the amount of snow we have been
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we are only two thirds of the way to ideal snowfall. hydrologists that they we have a 7-foot deficit before lake tahoe is elegant and it it could take another couple of winters with the same snow pack to refill the late. >> good news, 124% of normal, yesterday. we are off to an awesome start. lot of people compare this. there was a story i was doing and they said this is exactly like 2013 where we had a great november and december and then the spigot shut off. >> that wasn't the case, here, for the month of january. >> we are off to a good start. >> we had a good october and november and december and january. right now, the short term and the seven-day, things are shutting off. that is only seven days, not to say it will do that, going forward. we will keep our fingers crossed for a good february and cap off the winter with march and april and may be into may. we could pull this off.
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well. for snow in the mountains, we are not only above average, we are above average for snow in the valley. at reno-tahoe international airport, we are above average for water. the water year starts october 1. we've got and 5.6 5 inches of rain since that day and melted snow. we measure the snow down and that is the total. 5.65 inches of liquid at the airport since october 1. that is above the average for that same timeframe. great news. last year we have 1.48 inches of precip in the gauge at the airport. about a 20% chance and better chance for tomorrow with chilly temperatures into the 30s.
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let's see how the morning commute is going. we have trooper duncan dauber. good morning. >>reporter: a good tuesday morning. we are looking better than yesterday. we have a disabled vehicle on u.s. 50 in the area of glenbrook, marker 11 on the eastbound side that currently is blocking the slow lane. we have chain requirements over the summit unmount rose highway. a few tips for traveling. traveling slow is key to your safety. at your travel on secondary streets, the and the right-hand lane and put your hazard lanes on to give people warning that you are traveling slower than the normal flow of traffic. it may be easier to stay at home and wait until it clears out. have a great day and keep your seat belt sign and your cell phones on. be safe and take care. back to you. >> trooper duncan, we
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[bells ringing] more volatility unrolled -- on wall street. the market opened down 244 points, right now, on the dowell. here are some stories making financial headlines on your tuesday morning. the market seems to have given up on a fed rate hike this year, at least for the time being. the mercantile exchange in chicago tool shows traders are now betting the fed will probably wait until 2017 before another federal funds target rate increase. the funds rate is what banks charge each other for overnight loans using money held at the federal reserve. the central bank uses the rate
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yahoos plans to turn around the struggling core business is said to dominate earnings reports. investigators are waiting to see if the ceo, marissa mayer, will push ahead with the proposed spin up or entertain calls for a complete sale. 200 uber drivers staged a noisy protest around san francisco. you could call it a honk in over a recent in pay. they traveled together for over two counties with one honking and hazard lights flashing. they say with the trip to international airport, the fair range has dropped to an unsustainable level. uber drivers in new york city protested, as well. that were manager in san francisco knowledges that they cut prices about 10%. uber cut fares to select cities last month. they said it will increase demand for the service.
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we have better roads, that is the good news. for the morning commute, not as much ice and snow. as a result, for the sunshine with a yesterday, we went through the afternoon and things got better on the area roadways. there could be slick spots. take it easy if you see a slick spot ahead. isolated snow showers are possibility, but they will be isolated in nature. most of us will not see those. 17 in reno with partly cloudy skies and calm winds with 81% humidity. temperatures are into the single digits in truckee and 9 degrees in smith valley. 18 and deighton and 24 in markleeville and 15 in fern lace. snow showers made their way southwest of pyramid lake over places like north valley and spanish springs. it is light in nature.
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your morning commute. we will have a chance for isolated snow showers into parts of the sierra with isolated chances for western nevada. and futurecast, things dry up later tonight and into tomorrow, an increase of snow in the mountains and snow showers into north-central nevada with dry spots. scattered tomorrow and isolated today and that is it for the rest of the 7 day forecast. to the 7 day forecast, we have a quiet 7 day forecast, other than isolated snow showers. quieter into thursday and partly cloudy skies and mostly sunny into the beginning of next week. temperatures warmer by the time we get to the weekend. we are back in the upper 40s. back in to the 50s by this weekend. watch for patchy freezing fog in the morning. over to you. 's presidential campaigns gotten many surprises and they
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night in the iowa caucuses. that republican ted cruz scored an unexpected win over donald trump, who came in second. marco rubio came in a close third place. >> hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by a razor thin margin and a nail biter. people were guessing into the early hours. the focus is now in new hampshire. the first vote takes place next week. here is more. >>reporter: courageous conservatives said, yes we can. >> ted cruz celebrated his big win in the iowa caucuses. if you thought it sounded like a victory speech, think again. this was a stump speech. crews looked ahead and there are more than 1000 miles east where new hampshire holds the first primary in one week. >> sunrises tomorrow. this campaign will take the
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great state of new hampshire. >>reporter: marco rubio came in third but exceeded expectations, raising the stakes ahead of the new hampshire primaries. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. [cheers and applause] for months, they said we had no chance. >>reporter: other top contenders also put iowa in the rearview and high tailed it. they arrived in the dark of night and others skipped new hampshire come all together. rick santorum is foregoing new hampshire to focus on south carolina, hoping his third- place seat in 2012 will help him during the primary later this month. we now, chris christie was not even in iowa on monday. the kit off his new hampshire bus tour. mike huckabee and martin o'malley middle returns and iowa and they decided to drop out of the presidential race. comedian bill cosby is expected to be back in gordon pennsylvania pennsylvania today. he will ask the judge to dismiss a criminal charge alleging -- alleging he sexually assaulted a woman in 2004. cosby said they encounter with the x temple university
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he said he made the promise a decade ago and if cosby testified in a deposition in the civil suit, it would never be used against him. prosecutors say there is no such evidence of this agreement and cosby's civil disposition was sealed for the past decade. a federal judge unsealed parts of it last summer and the prompted a new district attorney to reopen the criminal investigation against the 78- year-old actor. john kerry attended and anti-isis coalition meeting in rome today. officials from coalition countries fighting isis gathered in the italian capital to discuss coordinated efforts in combating the extremist organization. opening the session, italy's foreign minister praise the effort to regain isis controlled areas in syria and iraq. the meeting comes as a
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for the battle to take the northern iraqi city of mosul and the syrian city of raqqa, which isis uses or headquarters. stay with us.
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good morning. we will send this to the "today show." a
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what is coming up on "mornings the latest survey happen monday on mount rose highway. we will be live to show how the truckee river will be affected as well. there will be a big win in you about last week. we will talk about a sneak peek for some of the super bowl commercials. just to let you know, we will be looking at them. if you don't want to see them, turn away. that and more coming up in less than five minutes. super bowl commercials are funny. if you watch the super bowl, at a super bowl party, everyone will be talking during the game. when the commercial time comes, they watch. >> the opposite of what you would expect. now that the pats aren't in it, i might be one of those people. >> you will be glued to the tv.
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of snow showers are possible today and tomorrow. isolated in nature and more scattered tomorrow and drive for the rest of the 7 day
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thanks for jo all right. winners have been declared after a long night of voting in iowa. who
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we'll have the numbers for you.
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