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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 2, 2016 9:00am-9:30am PST

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one weird motive. a gyro copter is humming along until the pilot hears this -- why the next sound is this. plus, get the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. find out who wins when a dad takes on twins. and meet harper -- >> he's there, chilling on his little chair. >> see what it is that sends her over the edge. >> face plant. >> when you're out on safari, the absolute ultimate experience is to see a kill. the moment one of the big cats, a lion captures his prey and that's what we're seeing right here. while we're looking at the lions, we can tell that nick is staring at the two people sitting in front of this guy shooting the video. don't worry, nick, it gets better. >> thanks, ollie.
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the lion starts pulling this trees. but the crowd starts clapping. you're not down yet, buddy, you can do it. he's fighting for his life and fight he will. now he's there and he's got a head. weapon. that. he's saying no, today is not the day. right now. the throat. this animal is trying to fight back. but he's getting choked out. >> but not for long. out of nowhere, there goes the wildebeest, there goes the lion. he does not acknowledge the human beings. i'm just going this way, fine. >> if the lion was smart, he would have been like that dinner was a little too hard to get. but how about you guys?
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park in thailand, farsi, having the time of her life. she's broken one of the sprinklers. she has created her own pressure wash. everybody watching is just cracking up. as farsi goes for every little nook and cranny, it's awesome. >> that an elephant you can tell is enjoying every second of this. >> it's just so adorable. >> this is one of the videos that makes my blood boil. to see team attacking unsuspecting vulnerable people. see this woman right here in the red top? that's a 79-year-old woman who has just finished buying some stuff. headed to her vehicle. as soon as she puts her stuff away, watch this other person over here walk up behind her. and very quickly grabs the
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the woman that's just been robbed runs after the thief screaming and yelling, getting the attention of some of the other shoppers that were in this parking lot. who do come over to help. but watch this. that person manages to get in the car, one of the other people in the parking lot opens the driver's side door and as they're exchanging words, you gathering around. but that doesn't stop the driver >> oh! >> wow. process. and managing to take off. >> wow. >> this person has got all kinds of nerve to rob an easy target and risk running people down. all for what might be in a purse? >> police ended up arresting this woman, antoinette lapierdo. who had apparently just filed
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maybe that's what triggered her to attack this woman. getting away with $500 in cash and the value of her cell phone. >> silver lining. is she going to pay taxes in jail? >> she's going to be facing some serious fines, her bail is set at $24,000. she is going to be facing some serious charges because of this incident. fortunately, the 79-year-old woman that she attacked was not injured at all. since the wright brothers flew at kitty hawk, our lust for flight has never ceased and we've continued to build new things to fly. this is a gyro copter. it's got a helicopter rotor on top and a little pusher prop at the back. he's not very high up off the ground having a good time here. those good times come to an end when -- uh-oh, uh-oh -- >> abort, abort!
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>> he has to make an unpowered emergency landing. doesn't glide like a plane, but the rotor overhead still provides some bit of lift. it's not going to just drop out of the sky. he has a clear road below thankfully. >> oh! so close. >> right, so close. thankfully he gets down safely, he pops right back up. you see him briefly in the camera. but you know that caused quite a bit of damage to that gyro copter, which is a shame. >> but he's alive, so it's awesome. >> agreed. the next guy, a paraglider. and for the better part of 15 spectacular flight. but what you can't see in this video -- is the high wind shear. he's trying to come down, but the wind pushes him so hashed, giving him so much lift, he's not coming down the way he
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eventually he he starts to lose a little altitude. >> all those trees around. >> merry christmas. >> into the trees. it looks like it hurt. but -- listen to the guy. >> he's chuckling. he's laughing it off. >> he's alive. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need tuesday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz word is coming right up. we've seen a lot of road rage incidents on the show. this one boggles my mind. this is not an accident, it's intentional. this is a highway in russia. to the right of the screen is an ambulance. the ambulance has lights on, is trying to emerge. the taxi doesn't want to slow down or let it over. >> what? >> there's a whole lane right there. there you go, mate.
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ambulances merge, the taxis let the guy over. oh no, the taxi gets in front of the ambulance and brake checks. this man had a passenger, a woman and a small child in his taxi. but it doesn't stop here, you guys, he gets out of the taxi to see wants to have words with the ambulance driver. according to loose translation, suspect clipped somebody. he lost his temper and got out to talk to the driver. some other drivers saw what happened. they all get out of their vehicles and they want to politely shove the driver back into his taxi. >> oh wow. that's good, that's a good alternative. >> the taxi company was reached for a comment by a local media station and said the driver is prone to aggression and that the driver was fired. now the driver did speak out. he said he was worried that somebody had clipped somebody. and he said you know, he had to get out. if the car was clipped, he'd
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car had a scratch on it. >> blah blah blah, no, there was terrible behavior. >> what's inexplicable. you have cyclists riding down the road in their gear. one guy has a camera mounted on the back of his bike. you see the land rover, it pass by, the driver was angry about something, yells and backs up. he gets closer and closer. he never hits anybody, it's unclear what that man yelled or what he said. it looks like he pulls over to the side of the road. nobody was hit by that driver. but you saw how close he came. >> so peculiar. what could it even possibly be? >> we don't know what happened before that. but still you could kill somebody when your land rover is backing up like a bike. when it comes to fitness, this guy will pump you up. >> he's a beast! >> why his moves are seriously
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we're all family here. breadstick lovers, your new favorite lunch is here,
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giving people options base.. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by -- i love to show you a workout move that's going to not only impress you, it's going to make you drop your jaw in awe. >> man! come on. >> yeah. tell me that doesn't shock you. >> it doesn't shock me, it makes my arms and shoulders feel like they're about to tear. >> my triceps are crying. >> the big rope at the gym you're supposed to pull yourself up on -- watch him go. and core.
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>> this is zach, he's been a double amputee since he was two years old. he's a fitness instructor. this is a special wheelchair he uses in his fitness routine. there was a video put together by the official bar stars, they interview him and they talk about his passion for fitness. >> i like being strong. i like being active and i like being fit. so -- >> are you kidding me? >> you get to see just a little bit more of what he can do. >> he is balancing on that bar with a chair attached to his booty. like who can do something like that except this guy, right? >> i know all of us at this table have at one point or another been to a gym, some more than others, some more regularly. just keep that in mind next time you go and you think of this guy and think -- oh, i'm tired. i don't want to do another set. >> this video is full of amazing things this guy can do. if you want to see the entire thing, head over to
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tv show or see it on our mobile app. this is in aust and this man is sitting there looking at his phone. this dog has sniffed out a snake and it goes right to the guy's foot. >> it goes right behind it by inches and the dog is like hey, hey hey, the guy finally notice it is and jumps up. >> good dog. >> he backs himself and the dog up because that is a deadly eastern brown snake. >> right by his foot. >> look how quickly it moves. it's not like it's taking its time. >> i know. >> the dog was just like -- you look dangerous. >> i think we all agree the dog gets an extra treat for this one. the next one from australia, i have to say it's making me want to reconsider my vacation in a couple of months. >> about six minutes ago, a flying dockcockroach, a bunch of guys in the house, video gold.
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cockroach, they find her. look at the gnarly legs. >> what do you do? do you leave it there? >> no, you get the largest shoe in the house, smash it. >> the method they used to get that thing out of there is definitely nick-approved. first they got to get it into a position where they can get it out of there. when they pick up the box, one thing to remember, this thing has wings. >> it flew! >> but they eventually do catch up with it and that's when they break out the big guns. >> is that a nerf gun? >> yeah. they got a direct hit, but it had no effect whatsoever. >> it looked like they didn't want to kill it. >> after all that trouble, really just a nerf gun, you got to take care of the problem. >> nick was right. got rid of it out the front door. they didn't step on it, they didn't crush it. >> mission accomplished. >> it's out of the house, the door was slammed.
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then? >> i think they handed it in when they screamed as the flying cockroach landed. >> the workout you can't see. >> it's totally working. >> see the workout on the next "right this minute." and still to come, venus spicing things up. >> we're going to test the hottest ramen noodles in the world. >> see what happens when she digs in. >> plus don't miss the tuesday buzz word forni. at this point, i should just be a well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. does your makeup remover, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena makeup remover does. it erase with one towelette. need any more proof than that?
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kevin walker is walking, all right. he's walking over this frozen lake in switzerland. and it looks fricking marvelous. >> it looks so cool. and he also shows us some aerial footage of his walk on this lake. but then he does really cool stuff like this. it looks like he's flying right over the surface of the water. it's so cool. >> how can he walk on ice and not slip? he's walking like it's nothing. >> this is better than having a glass bottomed boat. >> like your stomach, just kind of look and see the kind of aquatic life he can see. >> i could seriously sit here and watch this video over and over again. every time you capture something that's different, sometimes he's walking a little fast. then just gliding over the ice. and it really does look sometimes like he's flying over it. >> that's so crazy.
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look how beautiful it is. i would be looking around me at this. where was this? >> this is in switzerland. >> i have to go to switzerland. >> cuckoo clocks, chocolate and this. >> this is one of those videos you could push play on, replay, over and over and over again. venus angelic is back to do an eating challenge. she was looking for the spiciest ramen noodles out there. what she found plain too easy. so in the youtube page some people suggested another kind of ramen noodles. she cooks them up and gets ready to scarf them down. >> i'm excited. >> now for the in-depth venus angelic review. >> mmm. >> ladies and gentlemen, venus angelic blows down these ramen noodles with hmmm. >> i was so hoping she would
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>> had this is processed has been narrow, it's probably not as hot as if she had actually put one or two or a few habeneros in the mix. >> don't you have any more challenging or hot here. because now i really don't know what to do after challenging the spiciest ramen in the world. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you're going to need the buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook facebook, twitter or both. >> let's reveal tuesday's bus word, it is -- >> illegal. >> get on over to, click on
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buzz word, legal, l-e-g-a-l. >> and one day we'll be having a bonus give-away. we'll be giving away a flat-screen tv so good luck to all of you. >> a little sloans all bundled up and ready do hit the slopes. >> cruising.
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>> why she's the lava lamp is back and college kids, stoners for decades. what's inside? what is that stuff? truly. >> wax? >> yes. the guys over at the what's inside youtube channel are going to crack open a couple of these lava lamps to see what is this stuff? what makes it work? first they take the cap off the top just beneath that you may have already known there's almost like a bottle cap right there. they crack the bottle cap off. once they've got one heated up, they suck out one of those globs of lava. what happens? if you put it into cold water --
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>> it instantly turns back into a solid form of wax. >> it feels like wax. >> i think that is wax. >> what's it floating in? is that water, goop? >> well the funny part is nobody really knows, because that liquid is a proprietary recipe that lava lamp has never released. >> it's just like wax from a candle. >> nice moooooove. [ laughter ] >> if you don't have kids, even if you do have kids, these videos are going to make you have another. >> no no no. >> they're going to make you want to have another. >> no. >> these videos confirm just how cute kids can be. the first two are dad versus twins. it's time to get them dressed. and while one gets his shirt on.
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walks around the bed. grabs the clothes, moves it. they start doing little baby gymnastics on the bed. >> like wrestling with a couple of monkeys. >> that's a lot of work with just one. >> they're adorable. >> this reminds me sometimes why i felt like getting out the door and going to the supermarket. >> how long can you leave them in the same clothes? i'm thinking i've succeeded. they are dressed for -- about two, three days? two, three minutes. >> that's pretty much going to be what they're wearing for the next 15 minutes until they spit up or have a diaper explosion. that's the first of five pit stops you'll be doing per day. >> the blueberry stain, paint their faces and fingers. >> it's an amateur jackson pollock moment. >> is the bib optional? >> no point. over to one of our favorite girls op the show. harper is is a daughter of one of our producers, betsy. she's there chilling on her little chair.
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>> face plant. >> boom, down she goes. >> how is she? >> it's funny. betsy dpos the same thing. >> she went face-first into the little teddy bear pillow. >> she's totally fine. gets right back up, right back on the chair and i'm sure she's figured out, that was fun. >> yeah. >> little sloan is one year old. but she is becoming a pro on the snoord. dad obviously is connected to the snowboard. so she can only go so fast. she does not at all faze her that she's going fast on the slippery thing. she did really good. >> you're a boarder! thanks for watching today, good luck winning the ipad mini.
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this minute"! a store owner knows he's about to be robbed. >> and he's ready to act, big-time. >> how going all mcgyver helps him fire up a flame-34thrower. >> dudes bet her get down that slope because there's something on his tail. >> it's not just one avalanche, it's a double avalanche. >> see if he can speed-fly his way out of this one. some teens find a dolphin in distress. >> it's so small, too. >> how some quick thinking sent
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