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tv   10PM News  FOX  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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late developments tonight involving a denver broncos player questioned at this motel 6 in san jose by members of a prostitution task force. the broncos have sent that player back to denver. the team says they want to
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no distractions. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. ryan murphy, rookie safety from oakland on the senate -- on the back to squad. murphy was detained late this afternoon by members of a human trafficking task force. he was not charged but sources tell us his brother and a woman recited. we get the developing news from ktvu's azenith smith, live in san jose tonight. at the motel where this incident took place. >> reporter: julie, police questioned murphy and his brother in this parking lot near the motel 6 after a prostitute went to their car. you could call it a case of wrong place, wrong time, wrong week for brian murphy as he was prostitution sting at this motel 6 in north san jose. a source tells ktvu a prostitute went to the motel, told undercover officers she needed to get something in her
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when they followed her to this parking lot, they found murphy and his brother waiting in the car. murphy's brother was cited for solicitation and released. murphy was questioned but not cited or arrested. >> a whole bunch of them, all congregation over here. within 20 minutes or half an hour, all of a sudden we had black vans, people in suits, all the stuff, but the sheriff send everything -- >> reporter: the gas station manager next door witnessed the incident playing out. the denver broncos are saying roughly 4 miles away -- staying roughly 4 miles away. >> they've got to understand that they are taking on a job. this is a job. they've got to meet a standard that the people want to accept. >> reporter: according to him, this was the car involved. it had broken down. they refused to talk and covered their faces. within an hour, someone helped
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in a statement, gary kubiak said although practice squad safety ryan murphy was not cited by police, we decided it was best for the team as we continued our preparations for super bowl 50 without him. he went on to say, ryan is returning to denver but his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time. murphy grew up in oakland, went to oakland tech and then oregon state. the denver broncos assigned him to their practice squad in november. julie? >> this incident was part of the santa clara crackdown on human trafficking during super bowl. you went along on an undercover sting a couple days ago. tell us about that. >> reporter: it happened last week. it was eye-opening. there were a dozen officers from san jose police, milpitas police and the fbi, all part of this human trafficking task force. it happened in a downtown san jose hotel.
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posed as a prostitute, men responded to this ad. officers then watched from a hidden police camera and then cited these men, later in the night, an undercover officer also posed as a john, then tried to find prostitutes on the internet who looked young into -- in hopes to help these girls. a dozen people were arrested. as part of this to day operation, i'm told that they often do these operations but with the super bowl in town, they are having an even more focus on this. and they want to make sure everyone knows that this is not going to be tolerated. >> azenith smith, live tonight in san jose, thank you. now to the countdown to the game itself, less than five days away from kickoff for super bowl 50. crews are working around the clock getting the feel ready. the nfl says everything is on schedule for the game on sunday. they say the field is actually
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the pattern of rain and sun has created perfect growing conditions. >> fans are shelling out big bucks for tickets. stubhub sold a single seat today for, get this, $28,000. and another also sold for that same price. stubhub told us it is expecting to sell 5 to 6000 tickets at an average price of $6000 apiece. the city of milpitas kicked off super bowl 50 celebrations. fans gathered for special city hall lighting ceremony. the building is decked out in super bowl 50 colors. the city also put up a banner to welcome tourists and fans. there was also a super bowl raffle tonight. the woman who won got two tickets to the super bowl. >> all i can say, this is really exciting. i'm still shaking inside. >> i'm a 49er fan, but because this is happening in our city,
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to be able to share in this. >> how about that? dolores is going to take her husband to the game on sunday. she was one of hundreds of people who took part in a shop milpitas 50. by doing that, they were entered into tonight's drawing. husband tonight. women. >> the lead hosted a ladies moscone center west. that's where we find christine rendon. pretty cool items for sale, aren't there? >> reporter: yeah. just like this had. this thing is going to cost you 20 bucks. we're going to talk about a limited edition new era cap debuting tomorrow in just a minute. nfl really knows how to cater to its female fans. take a look at all of the merchandise available. the nfl has glitz and glamour. >> there's a feminine touch. you know? to everything.
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to strop for boys but decided to hamper herself at ladies night. >> it's a wonderful idea. really a nice tribute to the ladies that are behind the scenes, beside the scenes and in front of the scene sometimes. >> reporter: the nfl treated women to tattoos, wine tastings and a guest appearance by reporter aaron andrews. >> i don't know if guys have anything like this going on. we are pretty lucky. >> reporter: there's plenty of items for women to spend money on. shirts, sweaters, hats, jackets and don't forget the high-end bling. designer anastasio was selling designer clutches. >> it's the ultimate gift for someone that comes to the super bowl. and -- >> reporter: a gift that costs about $3500. >> when you consider that a ticket could go as much as $5000, it's a bargain. >> reporter: if you're not a football fan, the nfl still
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souvenir. >> this is the place to get any kind of gift or any kind of token to say i was in the city when super bowl 50 came to town. >> reporter: here is a live look at that new era cap. 18 karat gold pin, it is on a black lambskin cap, this thing debuts tomorrow, only 30 of them are made. it's going to cost you about you can't preorder it. so i have a feeling that because of how special it is, it's going to go past. reported in san francisco, christina rendon. now to the 2016 presidential race, with iowa behind them, the candidates are off to the next battleground state of new hampshire. jana katsuyama joins us live with how the field is starting to arrow. >> it certainly is. there are only two democrats left in the race. republicans have 11 candidates but only three of them managed to find double-digit support in
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>> what a victory last night. >> reporter: in new hampshire, ted cruz tablet his victory topping donald trump by 3%. >> it is a movement of people who are furious with washington, dc, with the washington cartel. >> reporter: trump shrugged off his second-place finish. >> had i known we could have finished number 2, i would have spent more time there. >> reporter: three front runners emerged from iowa. rubio is considered a standardbearer of the gop establishment. expect more attacks on marco rubio in the coming weeks. >> what you're going to see now is a desperate last stand for jeb bush, chris christie, and john kasich. >> reporter: mike huckabee suspended his campaign i'll carly fiorina and ricks -- rick santorum will need strong showings to stay in the race. >> i am so thrilled i'm coming to new hampshire after winning
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>> reporter: hillary clinton won by less than 1% in what's called the closest caucus race in history. some precincts decided delegates bite -- by a coin toss. >> if it is heads, bernie. >> reporter: as clinton fights to energize our base, enthusiasm among bernie sanders supporters is giving him a double-digit lead in new hampshire. >> it's time we began the political revolution, not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire but all over this country. [ cheering ] >> sanders has to convince mainstream democrats that he has ideas that they can relate to and that he would have a chance in a general election. >> reporter: ben carson managed to place fourth in iowa and is still in the race but he blasted ted cruz's campaign for announcing that carson was exiting. the primaries begin with new
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today. of attention, another big turnout expected. thank you. today, yahoo announced it will lay off 1700 workers as plan. that's about 15% of its yahoo hasn't said where those job cuts will take place. ceo marissa mayer is reorganizing the company after reporting a $4.4 billion loss in 2015. mayer also said she's considering selling the company's nonstrategic assets with the hope of generating $1 billion in cash. on wall street, stock prices fell sharply again. the dow lost 295 points. the nasdaq dropped more than 100 and s&p 500 was down 36, oil prices also fell and analysts say that helped drag down the markets. chp officer is recovering from stab wounds tonight, late details on the officer's condition. tracking your forecast for
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for one of the commutes. a veteran chp officer stabbed several times tonight. that officer is in the hospital and a homeless man is under arrest. the highway patrol reported the officer underwent a successful surgery. a source told us he was slashed across the neck and trachea. he is expected to survive. as tara moriarty reports, it started when the officer and his partner approached the man at a homeless encampment. >> reporter: a steady stream of law enforcement has been pouring into sf general to check on the veteran of the chp who was stabbed. >> this type of incident shocks us. these officers, our officers, go out and put themselves in harms way. and it's a tough job. >> reporter: it began at 9:30.
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walking in the roadway on the essex street on-ramp to eastbound 80. >> reporter: when two officers a homeless man. mrs. say the man attacked the officers with a knife and ran off. the other officer started to his partner wasn't following. >> we saw that he was suffering from some pretty significant injuries. the officer stopped chasing the suspect and went back to render first aid to his partner at that time. >> reporter: the officer was stabbed in the upper torso. witnesses were able to provide police a description of the homeless man who was later arrested by officers in front of a wells fargo on fourth and brannan. that's where authorities recovered the knife as well. >> a very serious, violent attack. also very traumatic for our officers on the scene. who were there with their friends. >> reporter: as soon as suspect is booked into jail, police will be releasing his name as well as his mug shot. he faces charges including
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in san francisco, tara moriarty. san francisco police identified the stabbing suspect as 44-year-old knoll corp. is. they are not yet ready to release a booking photo. the latest report card on water conservation is out and water officials say we missed the mark for a third month in a row. instead of the 25% cut in water use mandated by the governor, it was just 18% in december. but the total amount saved since the mandate was issued last june, that figure is still just above the 25% mark. the mandate was set to expire this month but the water board extended it through october. in the sierra, monthly snowpack survey conducted shows water content is 130% of normal. tom baker tells us that is some promising news after four years of drought.
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we're going to do multiple. 54. >> reporter: phillips station near sierra tahoe is one of more than 300 sites where the department of water resources measures snowpack. that determines how much water the crucial snowpack will hold for use in the spring. the snowpack usually accounts for one third of california's entire water supply. today the snow here measured six feet two inches deep and contains just over two feet of water when it melts. >> that resent -- represents 130% of the average since 1966. >> reporter: the statewide average provides a better overall percentage. >> that's running about 116% statewide. higher in the northern sierra at about 120 but still above average for all areas. >> reporter: we have not had this good of results since the
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which was only slightly higher at this point in time. >> one good series of storms could put us on track to 2011, which would be quite encouraging in terms of reservoir recovery. >> reporter: no reservoirs are doing well, california's big reservoirs such as shasta and doraville have a long way to go. so measurement after measurement must go on. >> 75, 21. >> reporter: for now, this is a very good result. but mind you, we still have two solid months left. in the rainy season. it has to keep raining and snowing to put a real serious dent in the drought. if not, we're still in trouble. tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news.
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next system rolls in tomorrow afternoon, so that means a chance of sprinkles tomorrow afternoon on the commute. very similar to the sprinkles we had us morning. to the tune of 0.1, 0.05, it wasn't a lot of rain. very light and cleared up. tomorrow will be the same way except in reverse. we start off with clearing, clouds, then by late in the day, all cloudy, mostly cloudy and then spreckels develop. around 6:00 in the afternoon. here is how the current numbers are, 41 in novato, 41 in santa rosa. san francisco tomorrow morning, mostly to partly cloudy. afternoon breaks, this is the model now. watch what happens late in the day, the week system slides through, gives us a chance for light sprinkles as we head into your friday after -- order wednesday afternoon commute. we we'll let you know what you can expect beyond this and also take a look at some of the long range models. a big wish for a young
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show you the surprise visit broncos star made to a patient in a bay area hospital. 49ers colin kaepernick wants out of san francisco. so where would he rather play? ifif y youou'r're ightht bubut t fifindnd i it t hahardrderer a andnd h harardederr toto g get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, alalmomostst a allll n newew i incncomome gogoeses t to o ththe e totop p 1%1%..
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papay y ththeieir r fafairir s shaharere of taxes, prprovovidide e lilivivingng w wagageses for working people, enensusurere e eququalal p payay f foror women. i'i'm m bebernrnieie s sanandedersrs.. i i apapprprovove e ththisis m mesessasage because together, wewe c can make a political revolution anand d crcreaeatete a an n ececononomomy and democracy that works for all
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developing news, highway patrol has closed all lanes of southbound 880 near the 238 connector to investigate deadly accident. it was a two-car collision about 8:30, officers say the driver of a silver honda died. the other driver in a gold lexus had to be pulled out of the car and suffered major injuries. chp officers are looking for witnesses to try to determine what happened.
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soon but they are advising drivers, avoid that southbound 880 area if you can. traffic is completely backed up as a result of the closure of all those lanes. big rigs are being allowed to use 580 until the accident is clear. a sunnyvale man is under arrest after allegedly hitting a bicyclist while driving under the influence. it happened just before 5:00 near the uc berkeley campus on south fulton near bankrupt. investigators say they identified the driver as -- the cyclist was dragged under the vehicle for about 20 feet and became pinned under the toyota sedan. berkeley police have been reconstructing the accident scene trying to determine how the collision occurred. >> it's a little early to tell exactly where the bicyclist and vehicle were. but there's no protected bike lane here. so share the roadway. >> the victim was wearing a helmet. police say the 42-year-old lived in berkeley.
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now to walnut creek or two people suffered minor injuries when an elderly driver crashed right into a cvs store. it appears the 86-year-old driver may have mistaken the gas pedal for the break. his car hit an suv, then backed into the cvs store. the driver was hurt, so was a pedestrian, hit by flying debris. police say they don't expect the driver to be cited. firefighters battled a house fire in the oakland hills and found the body of an elderly woman inside. the fire started just after 11:00 last night at a home on hood street near the oakland zoo. firefighters say the flames were coming from the top and bottom levels when they arrived. the gas line was also leaking and needed capping. by the time they put out the flames, they found the burned body of a woman inside. >> we discovered loose gas lines, several other things that prohibited us from working
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>> the homeowner told neighbors he was trying to get the one to move out and had given her more time to find a place. damage to the home is estimated dollars. a well-known tourist destination in san francisco is months. alamo square will undergo a $4 million renovation starting in late april or early may. alamo square is famous for its views and a famous painted lady -- painted lady houses. changing the landscaping to cut water use by 37%. he was the inspiration for the movie jerry maguire. his reverie -- he represent itself the biggest names in football. >> troy aikman, steve young, warren moon. >> a candid conversation about hitting bottom and getting back in the game.
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meningitis case at super bowl city in san tonight, the festival celebrating all things football market street. it is free and attracting locals and a lot of visitors coming into town. >> it's amazing. we're from denver, not used to the crazy crowds. we are used to the small-town but it's awesome. >> this was day four of super bowl city. it closes on the afternoon of february 7. >> among the celebrities arriving is leigh steinberg. he was once one of the top representing some of the biggest names in sports. >> he was the inspiration for maguire. ktvu's johnson causing -- john sasaki sits down with steinberg
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alcohol. >> reporter: leigh steinberg isn't flashy like the athletes and sports agent has represented some of the biggest names in football. warren moon. >> reporter: he worked many other sports and even tv news. >> they were clients. >> reporter: so successful that he inspired the movie jerry maguire. remember the scene in which he tells cuba gooding, jr., help me, help you. >> helped me help you. >> reporter: that was something the agent actually said. >> i agreed with cameron. i would not talk about what screen. but when my wife saw it, she said, did you have to tell them everything? >> reporter: steinberg's world started to crash down around him. >> my father died a long, horrible death of cancer. and he was my rock, my inspiration.
10:26 pm
with incipient blindness. >> reporter: he later hit rock- bottom. >> so i turned to alcohol. and -- obviously the worst thing to do. >> reporter: but he had an epiphany that sparked his recovery. >> my dad had two core values. treasure relationships, especially family, and try to make an impact in the world and help people who couldn't help themselves. and i was failing in both those >> reporter: he's been sober since 2010. and he's back in the game. >> i feel awesome. it's like being reborn and having a second chance at life. >> reporter: steinberg is now five players. >> so this is our first big attempt to come back. and it's been really fulfilling. >> reporter: a bright future for the athletes and a bright
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john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. this was a day to remember for a young denver broncos fan. after a post on facebook led to favorite players. ktvu's rob roth was at the hospital when the special visit happened. >> reporter: alex walter is a toe. >> my cousins got me to the broncos. i liked them ever since. >> reporter: after enduring nine heart surgeries, including a transplant and now undergoing cancer treatment at the hospital, alex had one big wish . so the hospital posted this on his facebook page this morning. a photo of 18-year-old alex and a plea for a visit. alex read some of it for us. >> a cancer patient, the biggest denver bronco fan at our hospital. >> reporter: what do you think your chances are? >> i don't know.
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but i don't know. probably too busy to see it. >> reporter: just as our had a visitor. vernon davis, once a 49er, now a tight end for the denver broncos. autographed super bowl football to go with it. which he talked about with peyton manning. >> he's a great person. that's what matters most. >> reporter: and a lot about cars. >> lamborghini? >> do i have a lamborghini? what? no way. >> reporter: vernon davis made a new fan and vice versa. >> for me to be here, it means a lot to alex. it also means a lot to me. i'll cherish this moment. >> it feels good. great to meet him. and for him to come meet me, and take time out of practice,
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>> reporter: a happy moment for alex walter to remember in sickness and in health, now what he wants is a broncos win this sunday. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so nice to see alex smiling there. >> and vernon davis, such a great guy for doing that. smiles on both their faces. coming up, a $22 million settlement, the accusations of wrongdoing against toyota that could benefit thousands of car buyers. wednesday shot at showers, super bowl weekend. it's going to be something around here.
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can expect. the santa clara health department learned a second student was diagnosed today. health officials are urging anyone who may have had contact with these individuals to seek medical attention. the university is also planning on holding a news conference tomorrow to release additional information. texas health officials reported the first known case of the zika virus transmitted in the us. they say it was likely contracted through sexual contact and not a mosquito bite. the world health organization has declared the zika virus a global health emergency. officials say a texas resident was affected by someone who had traveled to venezuela. the virus is especially dangerous to pregnant women because of possible links to babies born with abnormally small heads and improperly
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bill cosby made his first appearance in a philadelphia courtroom today. he and his attorneys are trying to get a judge to dismiss a felony assault case against him. he is accused of drugging and assaulting a woman inside his home in 2004. he denies it happened. the former da declined to prosecute copy a gasquet to go and the defense says they made a deal with the prosecutor that cosby wouldn't be charged if he testified in a lawsuit brought by the victim. the current district attorney says there is no record of any such agreement. wells fargo faces a class action lawsuit californians who say they lost homes trying to get their loans modified. a judge approved the lawsuit today. the plaintiffs claimed wells fargo accepted government incentives to implement the home affordable modification program and accepted payments from homeowners applying for modifications. but the lawsuit claims the bank had no intention of granting
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for those payments and other release -- relief. toyota has agreed to pay $22 million to settle a race discrimination lawsuit. the carmaker is accused of charging black and asian borrowers higher rates between 2011 and 2016. on average black borrowers paid an extra $200 during the course of their loans and asian borrowers an extra $100. toyota denies wrongdoing but said it will pay up. the los angeles times estimates about 100,000 people were affected.
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what about the rest of tracking the forecast as we head into your bay area wednesday, some rain this morning, pretty light but we had some.
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ended up with, around the bay area, we had heavy spots pretty much along the coast and coastal hills, pacifica under a half-inch, your .3 or a little bit over san francisco, just under 0.2. san jose, 0.03. tomorrow's rain will be very similar on the later part of the day but very similar in terms of totals. some of the percentage average, santa rosa 92%, san francisco just under 105%. 111% in san jose. rain coming back and we'll get those numbers back up. this is the time of year if you go a week dry, you lose numbers the rain comes. percentages are moving more quickly. there's the system i'm tracking now, not a big one, looks like a big one that covers space. but i've got a lot of dynamics th are going to give us the rain we would like to see. so tomorrow afternoon, going to
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as we head into the evening hours is your best chance for a shower. i showed you san francisco, look at oakland, partly cloudy in the morning, mostly cloudy afternoon, the sun comes out. as we head into evening hours, that happens. again, at this point the models are pretty much back off on intensity. another look, the entire bay area, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, dry commute, unlike this morning. here comes some rain. look how diffuse it is, spread out, not well organized, 6:00 tomorrow, that moves through, now into thursday morning, cloudy, some fog, then thursday afternoon, now it starts to way. cell service clouds go off this way, winds go northeast. on friday, that's when the warm- up begins, winds start going this way which they will. on saturday and sunday,
10:36 pm
60s, maybe low 70s for super bowl sunday. the five-day forecast, the then a chance of shower, not a big deal. we could get the roads wet for the afternoon, but in terms of accumulation, not a big deal. thursday, starting to clear out, arms up as high pressure on saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon, pretty impressive system, a beautiful week ahead, after we get through tomorrow afternoon, showers, almost reverse. >> sunday sounds great. >> yeah. supersized edition of sports wrap is coming up next. >> mark ibanez with an interesting memory from super bowl xxiv in new orleans. >> [ music ] the super bowl in
10:37 pm
the denver broncos, 55-10, we're looking for all kinds of new orleans related stories. and i think it's a pretty good idea to go to a voodoo princess and get them to put a hex on the denver broncos. we asked around and we find out about this voodoo princess. she is supposed to be the real deal. so we go into her little place and there's candles and all kinds of spooky stuff. and she went into her whole act and trans. and she said she knew who was going to win. but she could not reveal it. so in my infinite wisdom and wanting a bay area team to win, i asked her to put a hex on the denver broncos. these people take this stuff very seriously. she absolutely refused to do it. at least on camera. but judging by the final score,
10:38 pm
hex on the denver broncos. this is history. 55-10. to this day, no one has lost a super bowl by a more embarrassing score. and i put it all on ms. jones,
10:39 pm
>> to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be...
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we give you five days to change your mind.
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so much of the talk has been about the super bowl. actually very interesting news concerning colin kaepernick. >> doesn't it seem like some kind of stories generated every super bowl week? maybe we will see this as the beginning of the end. the true and for the colin kaepernick error with the 49ers. every time kaepernick's name seemed to come up at the introductory press conference, the coach looked like he developed a twitch or something. ever answered one time a question with a straight answer when it came to his quarterback. maybe now we know why. a couple stories, one from cbs sports, the other from the daily news reporting that according to their sources, kaepernick wants out of the 49er organization, not only that but he apparently knows exactly where he wants to end up. new york jets. we'll see how that plays out. if kaepernick has problems with the laid-back bay area media, wait until he meets the folks
10:42 pm
tomorrow night, equal time for the broncos, but this evening we latch onto the local angle by way of carolina. a future hall of famer, jared allen, has clearly found a home with the panthers and in a roundabout way, winds up in his first super bowl in his own backyard. he will be chasing peyton manning come sunday as one of the best pass rushers around. more than happy to do it considering he missed much of the season due to injury and it could be his last as a matter of fact. although he clearly enjoys what the panthers have put together. >> we are like a big family. so funny because every position gets going. we've got a locker room and it is offense and defense oriented. that isn't the case here. everybody jokes with everybody. everybody respects what the guy has done wherever he's at in his career, the young guys are picking your brain, being a
10:43 pm
continue the game the way it is supposed to be. >> for a veteran who's been around, is he pumped up for what? very excited. always something going on in the weeks leading up to the super bowl. what does the nfl have as an encore for media night last night? there's always radio will -- radio row, journalists hustling for stories and everyone always seems to get what they want. joe fonzi takes it all in amongst other things. >> reporter: tuesday of super bowl week was a reminder this is in fact a commercial endeavor. joe staley and blaine gabbert were happy to tell about some bad habits in college while pitching an app that might fix that problem. >> down to the last two months, i had no money left. i'm kind of talking to all my friends. do you got four dollars? we need to get something to eat. there was an education right there about how important it is to manage your money. >> reporter: joe montana and drew brees hooked up with the tech guys in a presentation
10:44 pm
joe did get excited about a small camera that could show tv viewers what quarterbacks see. >> watching how the corvette uses his head and his eyes to move players around, or what great. there's no experience like it. >> reporter: on to radio row where only the aisle separated sports talk stations from denver and charlotte. >> people think we are all crazy here. >> we know you are crazy here. >> absolutely. >> not as bad as the people who hang around los angeles. >> people could not be nicer. everybody in san francisco, there are folks walking around a natural he would invite to hang out with us but i'm sure that's a different conversation for a different day involving your mayor and city council. >> reporter: part of a relatively uneventful day means you might be asked to explain california to the people of north carolina. in san francisco, joe fonzi,
10:45 pm
>> yeah. colin kaepernick, nowhere to be seen. johnny football is about to get drop kicked out of cleveland by the browns. team issues a harsh condemnation of the quarterback 's continued immature self destructive actions. johnny manziell, so many chances to pull himself together. but his problems continue. this past weekend involving another domestic issue, he liked to the team in the past about his whereabouts of the field, he's gone to rehab, you name it. the end appears near all those team cannot release him, until early march. the official cleveland team statement from vice president of operations there, johnny's continual involvement in incidents that run counter to the expectations undermines the hard work of his teammates and the reputation of our organization. sounds like don't let the door hit you. he's on his way out there, no doubt about it. time for fun with and is a
10:46 pm
contest continues. installment 7432, here for your viewing pleasure. let 'er rip. >> there's a safe over there. i don't know -- i don't want to be that close to it. >> got to scored. i've got to scored. going to scored. >> florida. florida is where disney world is. florida. >> girlfriend four or two? one. you've got to make up your mind to use a brush every day. >> one last thing, what does the big say? boink -- oink, oink. >> i could watch those for about an hour. >> the sharks had it rolling. i don't know if the time off helped but it didn't hurt them. the ducks slowed their role trailing, down 3-1 in the second, top shelf.
10:47 pm
2. the teal power even in anaheim didn't help in the end, plenty of chances, peppering the net late, the ducks goalie fredrik andersson with 30 saves. anaheim pulls it out, 3-2. it ends the 10 game point streak, the sharks were 8-0-2, leading up to the break. that comes to a conclusion. never a dull moment when it comes to the golden state warriors. through 48 games, the best record in nba history to this point. they will meet the president at the white house on thursday and today, paying a visit to a good old friend who could use some cheering up, chris mullin coaching his alma mater at st. john's. suffering through a miserable season, they get a look at how the best do it as the warriors workout on their court in exchange -- and they exchanged a good five or two. you best believe one of the
10:48 pm
history has a true appreciation these days. >> it's a treat to have the warriors here. the level of excellence, that's nice for my players to see. a lot of things i've been preaching to them, on how to play the game, how to approach good teammate and the warriors are the appeasement of that. >> that they are. earl watson will be learning the hard way, he is the youngest coach in the nba, taking over as coach of the phoenix suns. a team with major issues. they have lost 19 of 21, watson played 13 years in the nba. and boy, he may age a little bit before the season concludes. the warriors will be playing them in the very near future. whenever county stanford in any sport, even during super bowl week, it must be reported such is the case tonight. the bears have struggled all year, the theme continues on
10:49 pm
ron rivera wearing his covers on hand, first quarter, jumping out to an early lead, christine with us live, she is fouled. 17 points, second quarter, cal up a bucket, but breanna roberson, corner three, for stanford, they go into the halftime with a one point lead, cal falls apart in the fourth, seven straight shot, stanford takes advantage, carly samuelsson with a three. stanford wins 53-46. both teams will meet again come friday. tuesday night. seems like we've got a long way to go to that super bowl. >> that's interesting about kaepernick. do you think that's true? >> i definitely think he wants a fresh start. who can blame the guy? can you see him rehabbing so to speak, his career here?
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